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Mexican 30 31 yo troper. Happily married for 5 years and many more to count from here.

Mostly a lurker on the fora, known for Non Sequiturs and that everybody asks "Set who?" when they see him around.

Name suggester in the translation effort. Not much of a translator


  • Music making
  • Videogames and videogame development
  • Software Development
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Sculping

Favorite Videogames:

Favorite Books

Spanish Trope Name suggested:

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Feel free to add comments!

Felt free, added comment, left. Mason

So Cool He's Awesome. - Kinkajou

Ozbourne was here. (We think.)

Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICE. Set is awesome. -OuttaTheBLAM

Set's awesome. - Iverum

Hello there, Set! Just wanted to say "Hi~!" ~ Arcadiarika

MissHedgey baked you a brownie mix ice cream sunday! Hope you adore it.

Set's twice as awesome. - Iverum

Steambro! Now with 400 percent more AWESOME. —Shlapintogan

Awesomeness levels are >9000 now - Mapi

Long live the Non Sequitur! Say hello to the taxi drivers convention for me. - Amused Troper Guy

Tengo el gato los pantelones - Silveratus

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