Tropers / Mythsage

Mythsage is an Nietzsche Wannabe / Heroic Sociopath / Big Bad I don't know what else. At least, that's what he thinks of himself. In fact, he's a geeky teenager with either delusions of grandeur or an overactive imagination and a love of designing characters. Mythsage will mass-produce infinite numbers of characters/story snippets with little provocation, resulting in an ungodly number of Heroic Sociopaths , zombies , demigods, Magnificent Bastards at least one Marty Stu, and God-knows-what-else. He will abandon these stories with the slightest amount of boredom, though he hopes to create at least one published story by the time he dies alone, drunk, and miserable. He also has the goal of eventually achieving godlike power . Mythsage is often a fanboy of various bands, webcomics, and books, and will kill anybody foolish enough to insult aforementioned objects of his worship. This is a bit of a misconception, though, because Mythsage is a total wuss, physically and mentally. Mythsage wants music to receive more attention on TV Tropes. Mythsage has no sense of organization. Mythsage refers to himself in the third person way too much. Mythsage has never heard of his friends' favorite bands (Snow Patrol? What the hell?), and his friends have never heard of his favorite bands (Unless he forces them to listen to them. But apparently Amorphis is a bit of an acquired taste). Mythsage is looking for a good textbook on Finnish.

Mythsage hasn't done much actual editing in recent times.

Mythsage once came close to having his life literally ruined by TV Tropes. And yes, he does mean literally in the genuine sense.

Mythsage should be working now.