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UPDATE: 18/08/2011 - As of now I'm just a lurker and occasional writer, given that Troper Tales (which I enjoyed the most) was killed and I don't have much time for anything else. 'bye.

10 PRINT "Hello World!"

A 20-year-old troper studying and trying to do his research on electronics engineering, and a Linux/UNIX nerd which thinks Microsoft and Apple are TEH EVULZ - er, I mean, companies with overpriced, average-quality products. He discovered TV Tropes after someone on an IRC channel posted a link to Rouge Angles of Satin, and was instantly hooked, being the Cloud Cuckoo Lander that he is.

Being that English is not my main language, sometimes I end up talking or writing like Buffy Speak; sorry.

I might write more when pigs fly, I mean, I have free time. But for now, you can follow him around.

I sometimes hang around on TV Tropes' IRC channel using the same handle that I use here.