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Hi. I'm Mike, and I have absolutely no creativity when it comes to making up names. You might have guessed that already.

Personality stuff:

I'm an Intellectual Non-organized Thoughtful Procrastinator. Oh, and the Meyers-Briggs thingy, too.

I like anime, although I don't really like the most popular shows (That's not to say I don't like popular shows—I'm not that "zomg be a rebel"—but things like InuYasha, Naruto, and the other "huge" series have generally failed to hold my attention). Evangelion might be one of the few exceptions to that (I'm a big fan, but it doesn't seem to be that popular anymore). I am a not-that-incredibly-poor college student, but I prefer to spend my money on avoiding the cafeteria "food" instead of buying anime, and that really adds up.

Being a Computer Science major, I have totally failed to avert the stereotype of the gamer nerd. I play WoW, Eve (People who know of both probably didn't see that one coming), assorted RTS games, and tabletop games (The munchkin in me loves Exalted...).

I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi. Also, I think Grammar Nazi is a pretty cool guy. He uses proper English and isn't afraid of anything.

As for stuff I watch...I don't actually watch much TV, ever. I watch a few hours of Discovery a week, generally, but that's it. It is (possibly) good that the focus of this website has broadened like it has. Anyway, I read quite a bit, I play some videogames, I get my anime online (from streaming feeds, on the basis that if the people with the rights want it gone they can have it taken down).

If you want to drop me a message, go ahead and use the space below. If you want to discuss one of my edits, here is probably the best place if you want me to see it.
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