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23 years old Tropess from God-forsaken Poland. Came her due to her lurker friend and was instantly mesmerized by this site. Seems that everything she has ever spied in any work had already been submitted by someone else in this site. Still she keeps trying, one day she will make some good edit and help this site.

She writes - a lot of people say that she is good at it, but she does not believe them. Sadly the Tropers can not verify this because she writes in Polish.

Maybe one day she will translate her works to English (she is bilingual, almost a native speaker [Conditionals? What? Ah, the "if" thing!], but she still makes some mistakes). Maybe.

Yeah, she likes translating. Loves it. Like music. And science. And cats, and reading, and playing guitar, and roleplaying, and playing video games. Did something here

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Vandalized FOR GREAT JUSTICE. Trigun? Sweeney Todd? Cats? You sound like my kind of person. a vandal

Fooly-Cooly? - Krrackknut.

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Listen all y'all, it's sabotage! Is this gimmick getting old yet? —goodtimesfreegrog


HERRO! - Spaďn Sun

Greetings! - Kinkajou

Spillin' some Bad Blood here. - Not-So-Badass Longcoat

I came, I fixed some red-links, I said "Marry me". - Lemurian


Wryyyyyyyyyy! :3 ~ The Lucky Star

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Somebody else who likes Lem and (some of those anime). Cool.

Aw, everything is in color... I wanna play too! :P Hello. - Keybreak

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You can speak more than one language? I wish I knew how to speak another language! I only know bits and pieces of a few... :-) ~Fuzy2K

*blinded by the rainbow few graffit ago* ~Spooky Mask

Witam. Jak się masz? Well that's about the extent of my skill in Polish; figured I'd get to know the person who edited my page. See you around the forum. -Kino

Cześć! Studiuję Polsku, ale nie znam dużo! :3 —Anne Beeche

Great page of Lem. If you answer this, do it in Polish (with a translation). - Amused Troper Guy

You're from Poland? That's actually very awesome. - Stolen By Faeries