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Hello, my name is witchdoctor. I live in Upstate New York. I enjoy Anime, Reading, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and pretty much anything with a good plot.

I would best describe myself as a Hollywood Nerd with a leaning towards being a Deadpan Snarker. I tend to be crazy but I swear that it's the good kind, you know the type. The type that tends to start going on random tangents about pretty much anything. I also am a bit of an Extreme Doormat, sadly, and tend to bend over backwards for people for no good reason. Personally I think Nerds Are Sexy but hey, who doesn't like glasses but personally I think they're hot. But sometimes I do have a tendency to be The Quiet One, especially in new situations. I would also say that thanks almost solely to TV Tropes I could probably be considered Dangerously Genre Savvy in most situations. I'm also a World of Warcraft player but do make efforts to make sure it doesn't get to the point that it's an addiction, that wouldn't be good for anyone. I'm also a huge fan of That Guy with the Glasses, I think the videos on there are hilarious. I'm also a regular on Darth Wiki, I know what you're thinking but hey they had cookies and they were delicious.
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Contributed To: Too many to count, and this is not a cop-out. I literally lost count at around 40.

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