Creator: Emma Roberts

The daughter of Eric and the niece of Julia, singer/actress (but mainly actress) Emma Rose Roberts was born on February 10, 1991. Given her first break by Nickelodeon thanks to Unfabulous, she's gone on to hang around mermaids, English boarding schools, canines, and Hayden Panettiere (both advertise Neutrogena, both appear on the soundtrack to Ice Princessnote , and both have key roles in Scream 4).

Emma provides examples of:

  • Playing Against Type: She plays a homicidal fame whore in Scream 4.
  • Those Two Actors: As shown above, spends a lot of working time with Hayden Panettiere although they've only made one film together so far; on the other hand, she's also made three films with Rory Culkin (Lymelife, Twelve and the aforementioned Scream 4).

Appearances in American Horror Story

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