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Hi, I'm Koraki, and I don't tend to get involved in forum or YKTTW politics, so I doubt you've had a conversation with me on this site. That being said, I'm completely open to engaging in PM sessions with anyone who is so inclined.

Found TV Tropes in late 2010 through someone I knew on FFN, for which I am quite grateful.

As to how to find me on other sites, generally, if my username isn't Koraki it'll be whitelilysong. I was a member of the now-retired RP site The Warrior World from 2009 until its closure - I went by Annie. Also have a plethora of pre-2010 accounts on various sites under some variation of the handle Hawkfire/Hawkstar13 of NightClan.

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    • She's a Star (also known as dollsome)
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