Tropers / Katrani

Katrani is a total geek and goody two-shoes. She hangs out with people she really shouldn't, as well as plenty of people she should (though not according to her family, if they knew everything). She loves anything remotely crazy. Also, the Distaff Counterpart to Katarani.

She intensely fangirls over Watchmen, The Dresden Files, Gurren Lagann, Trace Memory (a page she helped originally write!), Fullmetal Alchemist, FF4 and 6, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, Zelda, and most games from the N64 era or earlier.

She also is a bit masochistic, as she tends to love the stuff that makes her cry and become emotionally drained the most. Mommy issues put FMA and The 10th Kingdom into that category, and just plain being a bit of a bleeding heart did the same for most of the FF games and the Chrono games.

She tends to make small add-ons to different tropes, mostly for stuff that hasn't gotten a page yet. She would make the pages, but she is deathly afraid of causing some sort of exception to Wiki Magic to even try. Other tropers have commented she is also a real-life Meganekko and Woobie. She agrees with the first, but with hats instead of glasses.

Also, currently a teenager, and so part of the generation that will be tropers as they enter college and the adult world where they can REALLY confuse peeps!

Now writing/worldbuilding a bunch of stories at DA.

katrani2 is what happens when she switches computers and forgets her password.