Tropers / Not Always The Hero

NotAlwaysTheHero is exactly that. He is sometimes the hero, but at other times, he is not. It is more accurate to say that Not Always The Hero is akin to a force of nature. Much like a tornado, he tends to forget what he was doing, and then turns in a completely different direction. Much like the ground, he doesn't make much fuss. Much like a small puppy, he finds many things entertai-ooh, what's that. Also, feel free to express your vandal tendencies with my page. It is a bit of a trollop, and enjoys a good frolic.
Some Tropes that apply to me:
Cloud Cuckoo Lander, as anybody who knows me will tell you
Ditzy Genius, or so my standardized test scores would suggest
Spectacled Sadist, sometimes
Stoic Glasses, the other times
* Legal Jailbait -Landstander
I am the God of Cliff-diving. Worship me! -pushes you off a cliff-

Things I have edited:
Sprint Shoes
Bare-Fisted Monk
Perfectly Cromulent Word

I just took your vandalism cherry. How does that feel, sucka?! >D ~Epitome

Sloppy seconds!
Let's put it this way: Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines, and brudda, NATH hurts people. He's a force of nature. If you were from where HE was from, you'd be [bleep]in' dead!Blackmoon

Boss, sorry if I stole your thunder for a while there. :) - Keybreak

Not always the hero, but forever faithful. - Krrackknut.

:O!! You and your sneaky, sneaky way of being a sweetheart! -TJ