Tropers / Luo

Luo is the most common online pseudonym of ... well, the lurker-turned-semi-troper named Luo. He has a bit of an Unlucky Everydude complex, which predictably has a tendency to make him bitter at times. Luo is a milder form of Otaku of the anime/manga and gaming varieties who is prone to bouts of Gratuitous (and occasionally inaccurate) Japanese. He was motivated to create a handle after reading the Troper Tales section, and while he's horrible at finding new tropes, he's gotten better at recognizing known ones since he started coming here. He's very slowly starting to come out his shell by adding to references he has particular knowledge of, his current addiction being The Prince of Tennis for some odd reason.

Luo may not be a hero, but he definitely has a thing for redheads, so he jokes about the trope when asked about that particular preference. Same goes for Meganekkos and Christmas Cakes (though the latter doesn't apply as much anymore since he got older). He has also stated jokingly that his version of a dream girl would be somewhat of a cross between a Magical Girlfriend and a Gamer Chick, though he admits the former is unrealistic and that his fixation on the latter is because he doesn't know any personally. Despite being commonly thought of as a geek or a nerd, Luo doesn't have any Geeky Turn Ons that he really knows of, but has been mercilessly teased a couple of times for his preference for intellectually stimulating conversation and cuddling at times (as opposed to the usual thing that happens when a man and a woman get together).

Luo hopes to make meaningful contributions, and discover more tropes that could become his favorites and get worked into this page somehow.