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Tropers: A Rabbit Filled Nightmare
An accurate representation of what I'm probably doing right now.
You seem to have gotten very lost, indeed. Don't you know that this corner of the internet is inhabited by very dangerous beasts and other unpleasantries?

Well, then.. To those of you who wish to stay, allow me to spin you a tale.

    Why Am I Here? 
This particular page is home to a girl who is often referred to as "A Rabbit Filled Nightmare". She's young, often confused, and laughably bad at communicating with others, but that should come as no surprise to any of you.

In addition, she is prone to frequent bouts of silliness, self deprecation, unusual euphemisms, expository rants, and brandishing the ever-so-popular mighty blade o' sarcasm. With this small arsenal, she strives to amuse and astound the masses.. or at the very least, thoroughly baffle them with her bullshit. Regardless of your opinion on her, one thing is certain: She is an acquired taste. Now, don't say that we didn't warn you.
    Self-Applied Tropes 

This section is currently under Heavy Construction. Please excuse the mess.

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Television / Films: Under renovation


Music: Specific artists / bands include:

Genres can range anywhere from Alternative to Waltz, as long as it pleases the ears.



Vandalism, AHOY!

  • Welcome and have fun here! —Morven
  • Can never have enough Canadians here! — Kirant
  • HEY YOU! Hope to see you around more often! <3 ~Bella (Yoshicookie)
  • The faeries are impressed that you beat them to a vandalization. Also your username reminds them of a friends nightmare except it was filled with kittens. XD - Stolen By Faeries
  • Hey there! You are officially part of my "Cool Rating", even though I've never met you. A Rabbit Filled Nightmare is an awesome handle. Inhopeless Guy
  • Supposedly Everything's Better With Bunnies. Mmmm...
    • A girl can dream, can't she?
  • Nightmare eh? You can fix that with some delicious cake. - Spirit
    • Hmm.. I might have to take you up on that offer. *grabs fork*

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