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[[folder:Why Am I Here?]]
I stumbled upon TVTropes as a confused, angst-riddled youngster with a few convictions against [[{{No Social Skills}} socialization.]] Most of this has stayed the same. Sorry.

The short version of a long-winded, self-indulgent rant is this: I'm a mopey poet. I like long walks in the pale moonlight, incense, cuddling, being chased around in the dark by masked men, and bunnies. Pronouns are whatever (I usually use her/herself/she). You can call me Marie.
[[folder:Self-Applied Tropes]]

* {{Always Someone Better}}
* {{The Anti Nihilist}}
* {{Apologizes A Lot}} - As anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me can attest, I have a bad habit of apologizing for my misdeeds. [[spoiler: Fuck it. I'm not even going to go through with the ''obligatory apology'' joke.]]
* {{Asexual}} - Biromantic, [[{{If Its You Its Ok}} demisex]][[{{Singletargetsexuality}} ual]].
* {{Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny}}
* {{Boyish Short Hair}}
* {{Brilliant But Lazy}} - There's a massive overlap with {{Ditzy Genius}}. I'm very lazy, but YMMV on how brilliant I actually am.
* {{Chaotic Good}} - I tend to be good, but I am [[{{Humans are flawed}} not very nice]].
* {{Child Hater}} - Not ''entirely''... children are tolerable, I'm just severely tokophobic.
* {{Dark is Not Evil}} - Despite the [[{{Blatant lies}} deliciously]] goth exterior and penchant for morbid humour, I try to be as polite and courteous to others as I possibly can. I can also be a trifle [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} silly]] [[{{perkygoth}} at]] [[{{surreal humor}} times]].
* {{Deadpan Snarker}} - Moreso offline; especially prone to {{sarcastic clapping}}.
* {{Do Not Call Me Paul}} - "Marie Kill" is clearly a pseudonym. I don't like my real name.
* {{Does Not Like Shoes}} - Or socks either, really.
* {{Dye Hard}} - Currently sporting black locks, but my hair has been bright [[{{Fiery Redhead}} red]], purple, orange, blonde, and brown.
* [[{{Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette}} (Eerie) Pale Skinned Brunette]] - My natural hair color, anyway.
* {{Everythings Better With Bunnies}} - My handle, not me.
* {{Everybody Hates Mathematics}} - I'm a bit [[{{The B Grade}} bitter]].
* {{Hates Being Touched}}
* {{Hollywood Pudgy}} - I'm 5'7" and 130 lbs., but I'm about as athletic as a marshmallow and nearly have the same consistency.
* [[{{Hypocritical Humor}} Hypocritical Humour]]
* {{I Hate Past Me}} - [[spoiler: Haha. Self-loathing.]]
* {{Inner Monologue}}
* {{It Amused Me}}
* {{Jerkass}}/{{Jerk With a Heart of Gold}} - Depending on who you ask.
* {{Knight in Sour Armour}} - I'm an [[{{Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism}} optimistic pessimist]].
* [[{{sempaikohai}} Kohai]] - To my [[{{Platonic Life Partners}} best friend]], because he's an unabashed [[{{Vitriolic Best Buds}} weeaboo]].
* [[{{Sirswearsalot}} Lady Swears-A-Lot]]
* {{Large Ham}}
* {{Mad Artist}} - Clincally diagnosed with a handful of mental illnesses, but not necessarily "mad" per se.
* {{Manic Pixie Dream Girl}} - To my boyfriend, apparently.
* [[{{MasculineGirlFeminineBoy}} Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy]] - Justified in that we've discarded [[{{AmbiguousGender}} gender roles as a concept.]]
* {{Motor Mouth}} - Coupled with {{Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness}} outside of the internet.
* {{Nightmare Fetishist}} - I've a little bit of an infatuation with the horror genre, and have failed trying to step away from it on a number of occasions.
* {{Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant}} - Allegedly.
* {{No Indoor Voice}} - When excited, I chatter [[{{Understatement}} loudly]].
* {{Not A Morning Person}}
* {{Performance Anxiety}} - It takes a lot of nerve for me to be able to post things online where [[{{Shrinking Violet}} I know that other people are silently judging me behind their computer screens.]] It's a miracle that this page exists at all.
* {{Ridiculous Procrastinator}} - The main reason why [[{{TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life}} this site is a contributor to what will be my eventual downfall]].
* {{Saying Sound Effects Out Loud}}
* {{Self Deprecation}} - Roughly 95% of the snarky comments I make are directed at myself.
* {{Technical Pacifist}}
* {{The Ditherer}} - Empathic Fence-Sitter / Insecure Type.
* {{The Hyena}} - My laughter is an ''abominable'' thing.
* {{The Not Love Interest}} - Again, to my best friend.
* {{The Illegible}}
* {{Tsundere}} - Type A with a side of [[{{Sugar and Ice Personality}} Sugar and Ice]].
* {{Violently Protective Girlfriend}}
* [[{{Why did it have to be snakes}} Why Did it Have to be Spiders?]]

[[folder: Tropes Applied by Others]]



[[{{anime}} Anime]]:
* {{Hellsing}}
* {{Fullmetal Alchemist}}
* {{Black Butler}}
* {{Soul Eater}}
* {{Ouran High School Host Club}}
* {{Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei}}
* {{Death Note}}
* {{Elfen Lied}}
* {{Gurren Lagann}}

* {{Johnny The Homicidal Maniac}}
* {{Lenore The Cute Little Dead Girl}}
* {{Homestuck}}
* [[{{Webcomic/AvasDemon}} Ava's Demon]]

Television / Films:
Under renovation

* {{American McGees Alice}} (and its [[{{Alice Madness Returns}} sequel]])
* [[{{Videogame/FiveNightsAtFreddys}} Five Nights at Freddy's ]]
* {{Neopets}}
* {{Geneforge}}
* {{Dragon Age}}
* {{Rule of Rose}}
* {{Silent Hill}}
* {{Banjo Kazooie}}
* {{The Legend of Zelda}}
* {{Ratchet And Clank}}
* {{Touhou}}
* {{Alice Is Dead}}
* {{The Sims}}
* {{Irisu Syndrome}}
* {{Dementium The Ward}}

''Specific artists / bands'' include:
* {{The Birthday Massacre}}
* {{Queen}}
* Jack Off Jill
* Rasputina
* {{Evelyn Evelyn}}
* {{Rammstein}}
* Flogging Molly
* {{Creature Feature}}
* {{Florence and The Machine}}
* {{Tori Amos}}
* {{Scissor Sisters}}
* {{The Smiths}}
* {{Emilie Autumn}}
* {{Dresden Dolls}} / {{Amanda Palmer}}
* {{Imogen Heap}} / {{Frou Frou}}
* Miranda Sex Garden
* {{Mindless Self Indulgence}}
* {{Voltaire}}
* {{The Cure}}
* {{Korpiklaani}}
* {{Gorillaz}}
* {{Lords of Acid}}
* {{Hannah Fury}}
* Siouxsie and the Banshees
* {{Mercedes Lackey}}
* {{Nox Arcana}} / {{Midnight Syndicate}}

* {{All Hallows Eve}}
* {{Steampunk}}, {{Clockpunk}}, and a few other types of {{Punk Punk}}
* [[{{Everythings better with plushies}} Plush]] [[{{Girls Love Stuffed Animals}} Toys]] and [[{{Creepy Doll}} Dolls]]
* {{Victorian London}}
* [[{{Avenue Q}} M]][[{{Grease}} u]][[{{wicked}} si]][[{{hairspray}} ca]][[{{The Rocky Horror Picture Show}} ls]]
* {{So Bad its Good}} / {{Narm Charm}} / {{So Unfunny its Funny}}
* [[{{Alluring Anglerfish}} Creatures]] [[{{Everythings Squishier With Cephalopods}} of the Deep Sea]]
* {{Badass Longcoat}}s / {{Badass Labcoat}}s
* String Instruments
* [[{{Talking In Your Sleep}} Somniloquy]]
* [[{{The Need For Mead}} Fantasy Taverns]]
* [[{{Bioluminescence Is Cool}} Glowing Substances]]
* {{Melodrama}}
* [[{{Ravens and Crows}} Corvids]]
* {{Milking The Giant Cow}}
* {{Old Timey Bathing Suit}}s
* [[{{Of Corsets Sexy}} Corsets, Bodices, and Waist Cinches]]
* {{Tarot Motifs}}
* {{Western Zodiac}}
* {{Unusual Euphemism}}s
* {{Creepy Cool Crosses}}
* {{Psychopomp}}s (and [[{{Eldritch Abomination}} various]] [[{{The Fair Folk}} other]] [[{{Nuclear Nasty}} fantastical]] [[{{The Undead}} beings]])
* {{Lyrical Dissonance}}
* {{Ugly Cute}} thingies.
* {{Goth}} [[/folder]]

* {{Fandumb}}
* {{Gorn}}
* {{Hatedumb}}
* {{Misery Poker}}
* {{Nausea Fuel}}, especially {{Force Feeding}}
* [[{{Children are Cruel}} Miguided]] [[{{Teens are Monsters}} Youth]]
* [[{{Political Correctness Gone Mad}} Trigger-]][[{{MoralGuardians}} happy]] [[{{Bowdlerization}} Censors]], when they aren't being [[{{Narm}} unintentionally hilarious]]
* [[{{Dirty Old Man}} Perverted Old]] [[{{Dirty Old Woman}} Folk]]
* [[{{Mister Muffykins}} Small Dogs]]
* [[{{Spiders are Scary}} Spiders]]
* The {{Vocal Minority}}
* [[{{Im a Man I Cant Help It}} "I'm a Man,]] [[{{Berserk Button}} I Can't Help It"]]
* [[{{Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil}} Rape]]/[[{{Berserk Button}} Incest Jokes]]


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