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Eisenblume is a Swede (the nationality, not the vegetable, although my mother says she wonders sometimes) and a proud one at that. He has a flare for drama and delights in Rule of Cool. He is an aspiring actor although so far he has gathered screen time for about 15 seconds in total. He plans to multiply this number with... another number. See, math is not a very good subject of his...

He likes to describe himself as an optimistic realist. Often he has the good graces to point out the flaws in plans and ideas, comment on the unlikelyhood of them suceeding, then optimistically going through with it.

He has a special place in his heart for history. His areas of interest is Swedish era of Grand Power (17th-18th century), Japanese Sengoku Jidai (15th-16th century) and German ALWAYS history.

He has a flare for creating Memes in his school, everything from refering to himself in third person, through being the resident Christian to being a Chivalrous Pervert.

He roleplays and figureplays, mostly Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000.

And computer games. Oh, the computer games...

But his nerdiness does not end there. He is also a man of the sword and an accomplished fighter. He has trained Kendo and European Fencing. He dual wields and is mighty proud of it. And no, it is not just for show, it is actually effective AND historical.

Proud creator of the Raharigan Series

Tropes in regards to his roleplaying characters:

Zacharias Vant:

Lawful Neutral: He is not concerned by right or wrong. His family, the House of Vant, is always in the right and he will follow their House Code until he dies. His family is the greatest good he will ever find adn the greatest good he ever wants to find.

Arranged Marriage: He's gonna get one. Everything for the family.

Daniel Didriksson Skarp

Neutral Good: Somewhat na´ve, somewhat unexperienced, but alwys trying to do what is right. This gets complicated as he is actually on the fascistic imperialist nations side. Essentially he's a villain who is neutral good. This ultimatly led to his...

Heel-Face Turn: He joined the rebellion against his own nation after he was forced to kill a friend of his for a minor breach of rules. But thanks to the rebellions unsuccesfulness, a threat to his family, a promise by a priest that The Empire is in the right and a good deal leads back to a...

Face-Heel Turn: Of epic proportions. He betrays his friend and, maybe more importantly, his principles. This also forces a change to his alignment into...

True Neutral: He turns his back on morals and just tries to make his own life, and the lives of those he cares about, not quite so crappy.

Cold Sniper: With a crossbow. Though he's somewhat to proud about it to be very cold. More so after his Face-Heel Turn.

Villainous BSOD / My God, What Have I Done?: After killing his friend in response to a minor rule-breach.