Tropers / Qmwne 235

Hello there, world.

I am a university student in the wonderful state of Michigan. I am actually a highly evolved tree. I prefer Mathematica to Maple, and I'd rather not acknowledge the existence of MATLAB.

Tropes that apply to me:
  • Always Someone Better - Something I've learned from my experiences in science research competitions.
  • Ambiguously Brown - Not really, actually, but some people mistook me for Mexican when I was younger. (I am Indian.)
  • Bollywood Nerd - Yep. In high school, I did all kinds of science competitions and did well at NAQT Quiz Bowl nationals. Now, in my freshman year, I'm preparing a mathematics paper for publication, even though I'm a zoology major. I would take this moment to brag further, but I'm trying to cut down on that.
  • Book Worm - I love to read. Unfortunately, hindered by my painfully slow reading.
  • Contemplate Our Navels - Something I enjoy. I'm a thinker, not a doer.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Some others seem to think so. I guess it depends on the situation.
  • Dreadful Musician - I'm a decent violist to the point that I can make an honest attempt at some of the major concerti and haven't been below first chair in an orchestra for years. I'm also an adequate singer. However, when I try to play contemporary music that is far too difficult for me, I fall into this.
  • Hidden Depths - Not many people who know me would be able to make sense of my fascination with the art and music scene of New York in the 70s. Not many people would even guess that I have a real personality behind my science/math obsession. I'm not even sure myself.
  • Intelligence Equals Isolation - Yeah, pretty much.
  • Kids Are Cruel - I was on both ends of this in middle school. I was bullied, but I managed to become good enough at comebacks to fend them off and even join them (although not in their bullying). I also did some pretty cruel things to a few others others, although not at a magnitude or time scale great enough to really be bullying. (I won't elaborate.) I became much more respected in the later part of high school for my intelligence and witty comments (well, at least I thought they were), as well as for my strange mannerisms that some for some reason found endearing.
  • Nice Guy - Only in the sense that I'm male, and I try to stay polite, with few of the other connotations of the term.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky - I am tall, I am dark, and occasionally, I am even snarky. Only the name of the trope applies, though, because I am certainly not charismatic, as the trope implies
  • Teen Genius - Relatively speaking. I'm not a genius, but I am pretty academically accomplished for my age, for whatever that's worth.
  • The Stoic - I avoid overt displays of emotion. In public, at least.
  • Troper - It's true. I won't deny it.


  • DragonForce - And any other band that is supposedly "epic."
  • Nickelback - Although I'm perhaps too self-aware for hipsterdom, I do have many hipster-ish traits, among which is hating Nickelback. Actually, they're really just mediocre, but I use them as a byword for the conglomeration of genres I do hate.