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Tropers: Hunter 1
Describe Hunter1 here.

How does one describe themself? I know, cut and paste from my Wikipedia User page!

"Not much to say, really: I'm mostly on, the Anime Addventure, and a couple forums/webboards as "Hunter 1" (or some variant), and on EvE Online as "Van Flyhight". I hang out a few other places, but those you don't need to know about.

I'm mostly interested in computer/video games, anime/manga, and fanfiction."

You may be able to find me on the #tropers, as Hunter_1 (EDIT: Made Halfop/% on 11/01/08, and lost it when we moved to And on at Now, if only I could write at a decent pace...

I'm currently running a game of Maid on the forums, here. It's also my first game of Maid, period, so...

Steam ID: Hunter_1

360 Gamertag: Hunter1tht

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