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About me? Well I live in Sumerville MA, and work at MIT in Cambridge MA.I have a girl friend again so my activity on this site is some what down, though I did just log in for the first time in a while to find some one had messed with my magnum opus! In other news I like cats, I have number/letter-color synesthesia, and I have dysgraphia so while I try, I don't always spell everything 100% correctly, so just mock me constructively, my biggest bane is similar looking words (e. g.similar length, color, and letter shape, but that aren't homophones so I haven't learned the distinction by rote, but don't pop up in spell check.)

Iwrote a short story. Please comment, critique, mock, etc. It would be much appreciated.

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Looney Toons: Memo to The Bad Wolf:
  • "Women" is a plural. If you have only one, she is a "woman".
  • Invest in some punctuation. It will reinforce the illusion that you are writing in standard English.
  • Learn to conjugate verbs.
  • Apostrophes are never used in plurals. Ever.
  • Use a dictionary: For example, "latter revels" means "more than one party afterward", not "eventually tells a secret".
  • If you use an open parenthesis ("("), it is generally considered good form to eventually use a close parenthesis (")").
Thank you.
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