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AATAFOVS / Ninety Xanatos Pile Up

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Revenge Of Xanatos series, Book Four. Preceded by A Prick In Time.
I watched the sky burn as the Fire Child danced, I stood alone in the ruins of Zurich and slew the Allroc in single combat, and I led a cohort of vorpal dragoons as we punched holes through time itself which will out last the heat death of the universe. But nothing compares to the sight of a vampire drinking itself.
Thag McLarg i/Turquoise

Ninety Xanatos Pile Up by Stephen Nealson is where things start getting complex as 17 of the Al Gore's independently launch Operation Xanatos against each other, Lord Blødmaw, Thag McLarg, and coherency. The novel, which ended up getting published in 14 volumes, is concerned with all of the schemes between the 60 different time travel created copies of Lord Blødmaw and Al Gore each trying to gain control of the other versions of himself and out scheme the copies of the other one. The 30 copies of Thag McLarg are either being manipulated by everyone, or brilliantly playing everyone against everyone else, it's not clear even he knows which he's doing.

A full summary using a 4d grid map of plot lines is forthcoming.

  • Fourth book in the series of spin off novels The Revenge Of Xanatos.
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  • Notable for using over 100 viewpoint characters.
  • Attempting to tell who was the victor here is rather difficult from an epistemological standpoint as:
    • Aggregated, the Al Gores clearly came out on top.
    • Taken individually, Lord Blødmaw 8/Crimson was clearly victorious.
    • It is unclear and contradictory whether the Thag McLargs' goals where anything beyond securing metallurgy and agriculture for Cro-Magnons in which case he was either an abject failure or a smashing success.
  • All of the incicents mentioned by Thag McLarg i/Turquoise happen in latter novels.


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