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Revenge Of Xanatos series, Book One. First, followed by Blodmaw Simple.

In this spin off novel written by by Franklin W. Appleton the gang get trapped in an Enemy Mine with Doctor Jorgenheimer who has just used his futuroscope to get a terrible vision of the future and thus enlists the gang to Set Right What Once Was Wrong, namely rig the Florida election so that Al Gore, secret Cro-Magnon High Deacon loses.


The first section of the book deals with the gang working with Doctor Jorgenheimer to perfect his Time Machine. He has created a Timecop-type gateway, but no living thing can go through it and survive. He also has a Primer-type device and a Niven-type dilation generator, but obviously those are of no help. The stroke of genius comes from Nerdly who comes up with the idea to send the Primer-type through the Timecop-type gateway while running the Primer-type which is then recovered and is used to go back in conjunction with the Niven-type to make the time frame manageable.

The second section involves the gang deviously giving LSD to elderly Jewish voters so they accidentally vote for Pat Buchanan and using sophisticated nanotech to make chads hang. Cumulating in an epic battle with Powered Armor clad supreme court justices before finally defeating Al Gore through Nerdly's knowledge of metallurgy, a skill all Cro-Magnon's lack.


An epilogue features Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and as the King of Sweden gives him a knowing wink, Al Gore strokes his medal and says "All according to Plan."

  • This novel, along with the second series episode The Days Of Knight set up the epic rivalry between Cro-Magnon High Deacon Al Gore and the Vampire Archduke Blødmaw.
  • The Novel is narrated by Sue using her own laissez-faire view of spelling. Appleton's use of a phonetic accent was hailed by critics as not a remarkably bad idea.
  • First book in the series of spin off novels Revenge Of Xanatos.


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