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AATAFOVS / Blodmaw Simple

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Revenge Of Xanatos series Book Two. Preceded by Time After Crime, followed by A Prick In Time.

Blødmaw Simple by Philip K. Le Guin begins directly after the episode The Days Of Knight with the police aided by information given to them by the benders starting to unravel the devious conspiracy by the Brotherhood of the Cold Sun. The police refusing to believe anything about the Cro-Magnons they instead focus on the so called "academics" who are advocating global warming. From there at the first sign of the Gay Haitian Needle-Drug Yakuza the police start aggressively going after them because not only are they Japanese gangsters, but they are homosexual, black, drug using, Japanese gangsters, and what cop wouldn't want to bust them. With the non-Cro-Magnon elements of the BotCS in disarray and hounded by the police, Alucardiff convinces the GHNDY to seek shelter with Lord Blødmaw and his House of the 1000 Year Night. With the BotCS reduced to Cro-Magnons and the GHNDY controlled by the Hot1KYN Lord Blødmaw seems to have finally wrested undisputed control over the The Schizophrenia Conspiracy away from Al Gore.


  • Second book in the series of spin off novels The Revenge Of Xanatos.
  • It becomes aparent that Thag McLarg is The Mole secretly working for Lord Blødmaw against the Cro-Magnons.
  • Despite this being billed as an AATAFOVS novel, no bender appears outside of the prologue.


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