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Raekuul is not a trope, Raekuul is a troper. His Improbable Weapon is a flute. He has a deviantArt account under the same alias. He also beat The Guy after 1399 deaths on 4/7/2009 at 1:40 PM EST.
If you need to catch me, but you don't actually see "raekuul" anywhere, remember that I also use a number of Incredibly Laezy Puns involving "rae" or "ae" or "kuul" or "uul" or "uu" in some form. I also go by Balraeg, Relilia, Unseen, Rae|{something}, Slaykuul, Slaekuul...
Adventures Of Raekuul redirects here until I'm notable enough to get it its own page. It is presently found at this link. It currently suffers from

Raekuul also writes fiction from time to time. It is always found on his LiveJournal ( and DeviantArt ( accounts. LJ is random, dA is filled with crappy art.
Colora: Path of Color (my personal project) for the OHRRPGCE currently suffers from
  • Plot Coupons
  • Sealed Evil in a Can
  • Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Get on the Boat (later on in the game, in a part I haven't made yet, you have to subdue a gigantic bird to take you to the Southernmost Desert. For not-so-obvious reasons, that bird is incapacitated when you reach said desert)
  • Author Avatar (Disputable, as I'm actually relevant to the plot)
  • Cosmic Keystone (although it's debatable whether an alliance between 7 factions can count as a CK)
  • Big Bad and Man Behind the Man Pludes
    • Dragon Delmar Zuerst, AKA Monochromus
  • The Hub-slash-kingdom of Chromia...
  • Attempted aversion to Convection Schmonvection in the fact that the volcano is dormant until the local dragon wakes up, and if the town is not warned, the town is rendered uninhabitable due to excessive heat and poison gas (although said heat and gas can't travel a hundred yards further to poison The Hub) and the inhabitants will be dead as a result...
  • Improbable Weapon User Colora uses an Oar/Piece of Pipe, and "I" use my Flute (of course). The king is probably the most realistic, using his fists (that have been reinforced by Dragon Energy...)
  • the list goes on, I'm just giving you an overview of what I've seen so far in my planning and can remember at the moment...

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Epic Moment Of Epic Timing: Was starting read Suspiciously Apropos Music... when the song God Knows started to play.
Here's a rant inducing slight for ya:
Why in the bleeping bleepdamn hell do I always end up being the first on a new page EVERY bleepING FORUM I GO TO?