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Tropers: Softspoken
Softspoken. A little bent, a little broken. Is not a 30 year old woman.

I considered writing this in small or pale text for a joke, then figured that would get annoying. CRISISDISCOVERED


A fervent reader of TV Tropes, who feels that contrary to popular belief, TV Tropes will not ruin your life. After enough exposure, you become immune to links into TV Tropes... Which is a formidable ability indeed. YOUREMEMBERNOW?WHATYOUAGREEDTO?

Bragging Rights Reward: I've beaten every difficulty of cup and story mode in F-Zero GX.

Also, FFTA2:GotR. Long title, amazing results.

Recently played: Braid. I've done my part, now you go and play it. NOW. It is an incredible game, and the puzzles alone are creative enough to warrant playing.

I play Runes Of Magic, US Govinda server. Onehri, Savior, Caché and Auberge.

I have a slight case of Special Snowflake Syndrome. So sue me, I Just Want to Be Special.

Thought: Whenever you say "too many to count", rest easy in the knowledge that we will try to list them all anyways... And one day we might succeed.

Reads: Dominic Deegan, Johnny Wander, Penny Arcade, Megatokyo, Applegeeks, Digger, The Phoenix Requiem, Girl Genius, Earthsong, Fey Winds, and a few others.

By the by, since you're here, leave a message after the beep. I check this page CONSTANTLY, but I don't check back on discussion pages and things. So if you need my attention, please leave a message here!



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