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Surely, he's happy to be at her feet. And if not, the audience won't care.

This woman is a rapist, torturer, or Domestic Abuser. Her abusiveness makes her sexy; like her male counterpart, she is based on the Rule of Sexy.

There are, however, some differences in the way that the Bastard Girlfriend is portrayed from the Bastard Boyfriend. She is usually a temporary sexual encounter whereas he is usually a long-term significant other. His victims usually come across as sympathetic, whereas her victims usually come across as deserving of their abuse, due to the naive attitude that real-life abusers can never be female since all men want sex all the time.

Bastard Girlfriends often come in three character types that are distinct but too specific to have pages of their own:

In any variation, she may be a Manipulative Bitch. If she gets called out on her actions, don't be surprised if she pulls a Wounded Gazelle Gambit to get "rescued" from her victim.


One type of Romanticized Abuse, and thus a subtrope of Fanservice: sexual abuse not designed to be sexy and appealing is not this trope.

Also, it's not a matter of personal preference: when adding or editing examples that you personally don't consider sexy, please abstain from snarky comments about the authors/actors.

In many cases, also a subtrope of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male. Compare and contrast Casual Kink as well as Safe, Sane, and Consensual, for characters who live out BDSM fantasies and show the kind of ethical restraint needed in Real Life. Fictional characters who do not show such restraint are usually not intended to send a message that Bondage Is Bad.

Also compare to Dominatrix, who keeps the "abuse" strictly consensual and in the bedroom. Contrast Domestic Abuse and Unsexy Sadist. Strongly related to All Women Are Doms, All Men Are Subs. May involve a Henpecked Husband, particularly in the Awful Wedded Life Dom Com subgenre. See also Alpha Bitch. If the unlucky guy somehow survives his break-up with her, she'll become a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Rumiko Takahashi's earliest rom-com series, Urusei Yatsura, can be best described as "pairing a Bastard Girlfriend with a Bastard Boyfriend". Ataru might be a poor catch, given he's chronically unfaithful... but, on the other hand, Lum not only declared herself as Ataru's fiancee by force, refusing to annul the decision even after the matter was clarified, but is a Psycho Electro who zaps Ataru when she's giving him a happy embrace as well as to punish him for chasing girls, and a Lethal Chef who refuses to accept that her Alien Lunches are dangerous to humans.
  • In subsequent Takahashi rom-com Ranma ½, listing which of Ranma's love interests isn't a Bastard Girlfriend is easy: none of them. Well, alright, maybe Kasumi Tendo, if you consider her viable due to the fact that the Saotome/Tendo engagement never specifies which Tendo has to become Ranma's wife.
    • Akane Tendo is a hypocrite with a blatantly sexist double-standard who beats the tar out of Ranma whenever he does something she doesn't like, has absolutely no faith in him, and refuses to ever trust him, no matter what he does.
    • Shampoo's willingness to resort to violence depends on the medium (the anime version is a lot less physical), but she's always perfectly willing to abuse her cat form to terrorize Ranma either out of anger or, more rarely, to manipulate him into doing something for her. She also acts like a conventional Bastard Girlfriend to Mousse, but that's actually playing with the trope: she is not Mousse's girlfriend, he's her Stalker with a Crush, and she's clearly acting that way deliberately to make him stop chasing her.
    • Ukyo Kuonji is generally the least bastardy of Ranma's would-be girlfriends, though she gets increasingly worse in the manga, but even so she's still willing to both physically beat Ranma and emotionally manipulate him.
    • Kodachi Kuno, on the other hand, is perhaps the worst of the lot, given she thinks that whipping Ranma, feeding him poisoned food, trying to feed him to her giant pet crocodile, blackmailing him, and playing sadistic mind-games with him is a legitimate form of expressing affection.
    • If one considers Kasumi viable, then that means that Nabiki is one of these. She never lays a hand on Ranma, but she takes erotic photos of his female form and distributes them for money without his permission or sharing the profit, loves to manipulate Ranma to show how smart she is, swindles him out of money, and generally makes his life a misery. And that's just as his sister-in-law-to-be; as shown in the storyline when the engagement is temporarily switched over to her, she gets even worse as his fiancee.
  • A serious complaint about Louise Vallière in The Familiar of Zero; even if Saito is lecherous and dimwitted, she's extremely abusive to him, referring to him as being some sort of animal during the early parts of the story (which she never does entirely grow out of), and her usual methodology for punishing him involves either blowing him up, kicking him in the balls, or thrashing him with a riding crop — in one particularly infamous Light Novel exclusive incident, she thrashes him to a bloody mess with a horse whip. It's been noted that the romance between Louise and Saito would never have been stood for if their genders were reversed. Their relationship is made worse with The Reveal that Saito's growing romantic feelings for Louise are genuinely a form of Stockholm Syndrome; part of his status as her Familiar means he is being Mind Raped into wanting to be with her, no matter how shoddily she treats him.
  • Early Haruhi Suzumiya. Using false incrimination as a means of blackmail for exclusively material gains is pretty despicable.
  • Athena of Hayate the Combat Butler used to teach Hayate with kicks to the gut (he complained), when he had to be able to support her for the rest of her life when they were both around 6 years old. Athena is of the ASB variety, who does get better and shows Hidden Depths (in her case, she's a girl driven into almost complete despair for being trapped in a Gilded Cage, and later, is the victim of Demonic Possession). But her haters love to ignore it for the sake of Ship-to-Ship Combat.
  • Haruka Hasegawa from Moyashimon constantly pummels Misato and Kawahama for being slackers or otherwise annoying her. However, while Misato and Kawahama both consider her hot, they're turned off and intimidated by her bad temper.
  • Mio of MM! intentionally plays this role towards Tarou in order to help him deal with his Masochism "problems" (though it doesn't seem to be far from her standard self). Mio physically and verbally abuses him in every way possible as a sort of "Shock Treatment".
  • In Tiger & Bunny, Karina's sponsors like to play her Blue Rose superhero persona up as a sexy dominatrix. Being a relatively normal teenage girl in reality, she's not exactly comfortable with this.
  • Practically the entire plot of Domina no Do!. Hikari, the main female lead, was raised with two very rich parents who are also into BDSM, and who make no effort whatsoever to hide this, even from their young children. This has colored her entire outlook on life — for example, she once offered to let the main male lead kiss her foot to cheer him up, and is flabbergasted when he reacted poorly.
  • In a chapter of the manga Torikago Gakyuu, one of the characters wins a contest to have a date with his favorite model. Except, he's too shy to actually go through with it, so he gets protagonist Mikage to take her out for him while he watches. Mikage gets the surprise of his life when the model puts a collar and leash on him and forces him to walk on all fours and eat from the floor. Turns out, the model isn't actually a Dominatrix; it's just her image. At the end, it's revealed that she was extremely uncomfortable treating Mikage that way.
  • Haganai has both Yozora Mikazuki and Sena Kashiwazaki. In Yozora's case, her tongue is sharp and her flyswatter swift, but she has a good heart buried underneath all of the jerkassery; in Sena's, she truly thinks stepping on someone is a kind of reward since her fanboys approve of it and fails to understand Kodaka's dismay at the idea, though she largely ceases making such offers as time goes on.
  • Yuuma Amano/Raynare in High School D×D, and unlike most other examples, she's not played for laughs. Her actions in the first volume are the main reason that Issei refused to believe that the female members of the Occult Research Club actually really loved him, having gained a fear that they will kill him just like she did for being a bore, and is driven to tears and sobbing upon revealing this to them in Volume 10.
  • Prison School, Meiko Shiraki punishes the boys a lot and provides pretty much most of the fanservice in the series.

    Comic Books 
  • In Pondus, Jocke used to have a horrible love-life before he found Camilla. Sometimes, he found a sexy woman instead of the regular flood of Abhorrent Admirers, but he usually ended up getting tortured by her rather than having a good time.
  • Emma Frost, the White Queen of X-Men fame, is made of this trope, including rampant patchwork apologism.
  • Pictured above, Mistress Mary, an alternate version Mary Marvel who also happens to be a Dominatrix. She takes great joy in beating up Guy Gardner (the guy pictured).
  • While Cheshire wasn't this when she was originally with Roy Harper even though she was still evil, she'd become this to him when they were both in Deathstroke's mock Titans team. Following their daughter's death, Jade began exploiting Roy's emotional deterioration and emotionally blackmailed him into joining Slade's team so they could gang up on Deathstroke and kill him. When she wasn't sleeping with Roy, Jade would frequently call him an idiot and berate him. Thankfully, the faux relationship ended when Roy and a newly revived Jericho destroyed Deathstroke's main plans and the team disbanded, with Jade not wanting anything to do with Roy.

  • Judith Snodgrass-Fessbeggler of Saving Silverman is older, taller, smarter than her naive boyfriend (the "Silverman" of the title) and she bullies him into changing all of his personal habits, and makes life hell for his two friends, as well. Through it all, Silverman never stops loving Judith; after the two buddies kidnap her, stash her in a basement, and tell Silverman that she died, he is inconsolable and builds a shrine to her memory.
  • The librarian in Tomcats. The Jerkass protagonist seduces her, believing her to be a frail and naive little woman who he can use for sex (by pretending to care for her and want to become her boyfriend) and then discard. She turns out to be a crazy sadist with no interest whatsoever in playing Safe, Sane, and Consensual. So is her Grandma.
  • Gloria in Wedding Crashers has her methods: first, scare the shit out of him by acting crazy, then tie him up against his will and rape him. Of course, he eventually learns to like it, and their relationship seamlessly develops into normal roleplaying.
  • Haley in Hard Candy pulls off a lot of nonconsensual sexual sadism against Jeff.
    • YMMV on this one, though. For starters, Haley is 14, and Jeff is 32, so even if they wanted to, they couldn't legally be in a relationship. Secondly, her sadism towards him has a purpose other than her own enjoyment (she is getting revenge against him for the rape and murder of a kidnapped girl, whose photo he keeps in a safe in his home as a trophy, along with many other photos Haley calls "sick", presumably of other underage girls. Her sexual torture of him is payback for what he did to his victim(s).)
  • In Psycho Beach Party, Chicklet's second personality is one of these, screaming at men for sex, and organises one of them to wear a corset, writes "Ann Bowman was here" in scars on his bum, and spanks him.

  • In Slave World, most female aristocrats qualify with Lady Isobel being the most prominent example. It should be noted that her attitude of cheerfully taking whatever she wants without even wanting the partner to consent is what makes one of the main characters fall in love with her in the first place.
  • Estella of Great Expectations is molded into becoming one by Miss Havisham.
  • Zsadist's mistress in Lover Awakened beats and rapes him (he is the vampire equivalent of a young teen at the time) and permits her other enslaved males to rape him too. She keeps him chained to a pallet in a dungeon holding cell, on his back, ready for 'use' at all times. Then she can't understand why he'd rather starve to death than submit to her.....
  • J.K. Rowling has given us Cormoran Stike's Rich Bitch ex-girlfriend Charlotte Campbell in The Cuckoo's Calling.
  • Night World has Blaise Harman as this to her numerous dates and boyfriends (though it’s usually in the form psychological/emotional abuse rather than physical abuse). They all still find her incredibly hot. In her case it's deconstructed a bit as her treatment of one of her boyfriends led him to have Sanity Slippage, which is depicted as disturbing.

    Live-Action Television 
  • Amanda of the new Nikita, Division's resident Torture Technician.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Vampire Willow and pretty much every other female vampire who doesn't get staked within an episode is this. (Okay, not Harmony.)
    Vampire Willow: "That's right, puppy, Willow's going to make you bark..."
    • Faith especially, who (at the absolute nadir of her sanity) holds a protesting Xander down in her bed, and seems entirely undecided about whether she's going to rape him, murder him, or both. However, they were never girlfriend-boyfriend.
    • Even Buffy herself with Spike in Season 6. Buffy actually breaks down crying when she discovers she didn't come back wrong, as it means that all the twisted things she's been doing for the past few months can't be blamed on some 'demon' part of her.
      • Spike gives as good as he gets though, given Buffy's the only human he can be violent with at this point without the chip punishing him, so it's less this trope and more Destructive Romance.
      • Spike never hits her first, nor does he physically abuse Buffy, unless it's a clear fight. Buffy beats him a lot, once into a bloody pulp in "Dead Things", and uses him solely for sex despite the fact that he loves her. Spike, on the other hand, uses manipulation and psychological abuse. Both tropes apply.
  • Farscape: Grayza is an interesting case. Her treatment of Crichton is played as a major aversion of Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male.
  • In the season two episode of Titus, Christopher goes to the funeral of his ex-girlfriend, Noelle, who, despite her verbal and physical abuse, he stayed with because "the booty was great".
  • Lila in S2 of Dexter. Completely abuses her position as an addiction sponsor with Dexter and even sets her own apartment on fire when she senses she's losing his attention in favour of Rita and the kids. Acts the doe-eyed damsel in distress when it suits her, but turns violent when thwarted, and is definitely the aggressor in any sexual relationships she indulges in. After Dexter leaves her, she engages in rough sex with Angel, dopes herself with Rohypnol, and files rape charges, telling Dexter she'll drop the charges if he takes her back.
  • In Doctor Who: Rose is forced into the role when she gets possessed by Lady Cassandra in New Earth. While graceful, Cassandra is much more aggressive than Rose when it comes to telling The Doctor what to do and likes to show off her sex-appeal. Since she is a high-class lady and Rose is a working class heroine, they fit the "sexy lady" and "sexy bitch" versions simultaneously due to being merged together in New Earth.
  • The Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time: after finding out he let Snow White live, she strips the Huntsman of his free will and keeps him as a Sex Slave, promising to kill him if he ever tries to escape.
  • Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries fulfills this to Stefan in the 1860s.
  • Long-running soap opera Coronation Street gives us the relationship between hapless gentle nice guy Tyrone Dobbs, and the megabitch from Hell Kirsty. Even deep into the pregnancy she routinely beat him up (Kirsty is an ex-policewoman so it can be taken as read she knows how to deliver a deniable beating to a suspect). She has smashed up his mementos of his loved foster-parents, forced him out of a job he loves, has repeatedly smashed a big heavy door into his head, and goes psycho at any perceived or imagined, the ex-policewoman refreshes her delivering-a-beating-to-a-suspect-with-a-truncheon skills. In the eyes of the world, however, she is the perfect wife and mother...
  • Almost Live! had a recurring skit starring Tracey Conway as "The Worst Girlfriend in the World."

  • Use Me by Bill Withers.
  • In the song "Poison" by Alice Cooper, the protagonist perceives his Love Interest as being this trope.
    Your cruel device
    Your blood, like ice
    One look could kill
    My pain, your thrill

    I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch)
    I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
    I want to kiss you but I want it too much (Too much)
    I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison
  • Played for laughs in Tom Lehrer's songs "The Masochism Tango" and "She's My Girl" on his album An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer. "The Masochism Tango" is about an Abusively Sexy Lady, while "She's My Girl" is a gender-flipped parody of the more traditional kind of Bastard Boyfriend love song.
  • The music video for Maroon 5's "Misery," appears to start as this and gets progressively worse for innocent bystanders.
  • Miserable describes a woman like this, if the line "You make me completely Miserable" is anything to go by.
  • Goldie Lookin Chain song Your Missus Is A Nutter. The girl in the song apparently likes getting into fights with police officers and putting them in headlocks.
  • "Self Esteem" by The Offspring also plays the trope for laughs, with the singer completely aware that his girlfriend is awful but being too much of an insecure loser to leave her.
  • "Hair of the Dog" by Nazereth is about one of these who has fallen for her male counterpart(hence the line "Now you're messing with a son of a bitch").

     Music Videos 

    Tabletop Games 
  • Drow society in Dungeons & Dragons runs on this trope. The race is comprised completely of sadists, but women rule. Women of noble houses have the right to take any man they want — consent doesn't enter into the equation. Men can be put to death for refusing advances.

    Video Games 
  • Juri Han from Street Fighter IV. Sexy, fearless, powerful, Ax-Crazy, ambitious, smart, and very domineering towards people of both genders. One of her ultras even has her briefly stopping the brutal Curb-Stomp Battle she's giving to her victim, to sensually caress his/her face (while upside down), before finishing them off.
  • Iris Heart in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. Let's just say she loooooooves abusing enemies (and her allies) a bit too much. In her first scene, Iris Heart gets a protracted Establishing Character Moment when she put her own allies through an extended S&M begging routine (not even a case of Does This Remind You of Anything?, that's exactly what it is) before handing over the artifacts that will save everyone's lives.
  • Jack is one of the romance options in Mass Effect 2, and completely different from any other in the series, if not any BioWare game. Unlike Ash, Liara, Tali, Kelly or any way you can play Fem!Shep, Jack is a Jerkass, especially if you're male (and thus eligible to romance her.) A casual sex scene is available early on, and going for it will stop the romance cold and eliminate any further character development. Try and show that you're caring and she becomes even more of a bitch in an effort to drive you away. She has an excuse for her bad attitude - torturous lab experimentation from when she was an infant, including conditioning to find violence pleasurable, and frequent sexual assaults, betrayals, and imprisonment - but the player could be forgiven in assuming that she needs a counsellor rather than a romantic relationship.
    • One of the bigger complaints after the game's release was that the only way to follow-through on helping Jack was to romance her - otherwise there's not much in the way of closure within Mass Effect 2.

    Web Comics 
  • PeeJee and Aubrey in Something*Positive used to put their friends in hospital on a regular basis and sought out random strangers to assault when they got bored of that. Usually, they preferred to attack men, but they had no qualms against violence towards their fellow women. Both seem to have settled down somewhat recently, though. Rarely in the comic do men harm women, and usually, they got called out for it, but, admittedly, Davan did beat the two up with his cat once. Kim outdid them all, though, when she raped an unconscious Davan. He seemed remarkably calm about this, but then Davan remains astonishingly detached in a lot of situations.
  • Homestuck:
    • Vriska. Her method of seducing Tavros involves paralyzing him, making fun of his disabilities and building his house so that it is physically impossible for him to navigate, and then uses Mind Control to force him to love her. And after all that she murders him simply for having the guts to stand up to her.
    • Snowman/The Black Queen (both versions), particularly in her interactions with Jack Noir/Spades Slick. Very often, she abuses him in various ways, including putting a cigarette holder in his eye, removing an arm with a whip, forcing him into various costumes in the kids' Session, and having a particularly violent "hate snog" with him. It's even flat-out said that they have a blackrom thing going.
    • Marquise Spinneret Mindfang has Non-Mammal Mammaries and is a psychopathic, murderous pirate queen whose Establishing Character Moment is using mind control to have sex with a female slave in front of her rival. She's been humbled quite sharply by the time she meets her actual destined paramour, however.

    Web Original 
  • Zaboo's girlfriend in season three of The Guild.
  • Whateley Universe: Envy's mother, the supervillainess Strega, who has a specialty in mind control and love charm magics. The hot blonde in the kitchen in "Envy and the Gilded Cage"? An FBI field agent captured by Strega, mind-controlled, raped and turned into The Mole. Did we mention that Strega offered to let Envy 'share' her?
    Strega: "You can have her if you want."
    Envy: "EWWW!"
    • It gets worse: after Envy went from male to female, Strega's idea of helping her daughter get used to her new body was to suggest a 'mother-daughter threesome' with a man they'd just met.
  • Tamara (the character) from The Nostalgia Critic's show. When she tortures him with a Groin Attack in her first episode, he offers her a job because views go up when he's in pain.

    Western Animation 
  • This perfectly sums up Callie on Ugly Americans. Her relationship with the show's main character, Mark, basically involves breaking into his bedroom whenever she's in the mood to jump his bones and/or brutally torture him. In the first episode, she writes "See you in Hell" on his bedroom wall in his blood, and the wall is still stained whenever his room is seen in later episodes. Mark puts up with it because she's hot and it's sex. Of course, she's a succubus and literally from Hell, so it's possible she doesn't know how to be gentle. She's been working on not being like that.
  • Season 3 of Castlevania the animated series, gives us a type 1 example in the introduction of a woman vampire named Lenore. She's well dressed, classy, and very charismatic. She is one of the four members of the leading council of female vampires who rules, and calls herself the diplomat, believing in making deals instead of using violence out of the four. When her colleagues decided to kill their prisoner, Hector, because they believed that he wouldn't willing become their forgemaster out of resentment for Carmilla, Lenore decides to use seduction and deception to trick Hector into submission. She does this by breaking down his own beliefs about Dracula, making him believe that Carmilla's No Holds Barred Beat Down was for his benefit. That they all believe in the same thing about humans being a plague on the world that needs to be controlled. And finally, that she is truly falling in love with him. Once she sees that Hector is buying her deception, she uses a Honey Trap to make him say the Exact Words of a spell to force him into servitude, with cost of great pain if he refuses by the spell cast. Afterwards, she makes it clear that she saw him as nothing but her pet from the beginning, and because he was surprisingly good at sex, she is going to make him her Sex Slave as well.

Alternative Title(s): Abusively Sexy Woman, Abusively Sexy Bitch, Abusively Sexy Lady, Abusively Sexy Girl, Bitch Girlfriend


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