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Go To is a Japanese company specializing in otome merchandise, starting from 2009. It's well known for its visual novels, but its main export are Image Songs and Situation CDs. In 2020, Rejet debuted the Rejet Archive YouTube channel, where many of their older Situation CD series are stored and are available for public listening. However, the original Youtube channel was deleted and was reinstated in late 2021.

Their biggest and most well known project is the Diabolik Lovers franchise, started in 2012.

Notable Works by Rejet:

Video Games/Visual Novels


  • Criminale!
  • Jigoku Onsen
  • Kuro Yoshiwara Melancholia (KuroMela)
  • Oz to Himitsu no Ai
  • Tsukiyasha
  • Wasurenagusa
  • Yuugen Romantica


    Character Archetypes typically seen in Rejet stories: 

The Ore-sama: Proud and loud. Likes to take things by force, and the girl they like is no exception. Usually they have a softer side, but how soft it is depends on the series and tone. This one will usually be the frontmost boy in the main visuals.
The Charmer: A boy that gets along easily with women, or at least is noted to. He flirts constantly with the heroine and teases her about certain romantic prospects. In most series he'll fall head over heels for her demure nature and sweetness. Though it could just as easily be all an act in the end (just ask Nia in THANATOS NIGHT).
The Kid: Usually one of the younger people in the harem. He either has a youthful and naive outlook or a cynical outlook enhanced by his relative inexperience (sometimes bordering on overcompensating with cruelty). Has comparatively childish hobbies or desires, like a Sweet Tooth or a stuffed animal.
The Weird One: There's just something off about him. He has a gimmick that easily noticeable, and it's either physical (i.e. wearing an outfit) or mental (i.e. Mr. Imagination).
The Stoic: A boy of few words, or a boy that doesn't emote very well. Sometimes can cross over into the Glasses boy to make a character that seemingly has no concern for the heroine, but is very subtle about it.
The Tough Guy: The manliest of the cast, for certain reasons. They might be more violent, or they could just come off as the leader of the pack. Might not like girls and especially the heroine for her hyper feminine personality. Can cross over into Ore-sama if he's too overly confident in himself, or may lead into Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl.
The Prince: A boy straight from the pages of a girl's story book. He looks after her, protects her, treats her like a princess with nothing but a smile. Often pops up in the light-hearted series. May have a little overlap with The Charmer.

Tropes applying to the company:

  • Audio Play: Most of their works are these. The releases are themed each year.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Criminale! revolves around this. The six main boys are mafiosos tasked with protecting the heroine, their boss's daughter, following his death, and have the chance to fall in love with her first or vice versa depending on the guy.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: 99 percent of their works have one. Even their more masculine boys have a pretty face.
  • Character Blog: Their music series have one for each of the characters, which sometimes interact when it comes down to plot important things for the next installments. Otherwise they serve as advertisement.
  • Compensated Dating: The Ookami brothers in The Ookami Brothers' House have to resort to this in order to pay off their parents' massive debts. They also rent out their enormous home, but at the latest only the heroine has taken up the offer.
  • Cute Monster Boy: Youkai, Vampires, and in between, they're usually present, and all of them pleasing to the eye.
  • Double-Meaning Title: The Ookami House refers to both the Ookami brothers as they are, but also to their compensated service, where they act the part of the "Wolves" to their clients' "Red Riding Hood".
  • Dysfunction Junction: Every so often you'll get a series of boys with problems. DEAR♥VOCALIST has some of them suffer through severe codependency issues, bipolar episodes, or depression, and a series where the heroine is brought into a household (like DiaLovers or VANQUISH BROTHERS) will have the family be at odds with each other because of opposing opinions or unstable personalities.
  • Excuse Plot: DEAR♥VOCALIST's plot concerns six different bands under the same label hosting invokedwhat could be their band's final concert and hoping it will boost sales enough for them to be kept afloat. While a lot of that stuff is mentioned, the main series CDs are usually about being the girlfriend of one of each band's vocalists and how they support their boyfriends and handle their love lives.
  • Fairy Tale Motifs: The Ookami Brothers' House has a heavy Little Red Riding Hood motif, with the brothers (of course) being the Wolves to their dates' Little Reds, as they call their clients. Another one-off CD series, The Princes of Grim Town (Grim-machi no Ouji-sama) has all of the love interests mirror the usual Grimm tales (i.e. Little Red, Cinderella, etc.)
  • Idol Singer: You'd better believe it. From the Pythagoras Production boys to Forbidden Star to the idols of the HAPPY SUGAR series, they have many. And if it's not this, then it's a Boy Band instead, as in the case of DEAR♥VOCALIST. They released a whole game of idol boys later on, titled Star Revolution.
  • Hemo Erotic: DiaLovers and Midnight Jiangshis ultimately have their love scenes coincide with a good blood sucking. Everyone involved audibly get more excited too.
  • Hero Secret Service: What the original six love interests of Criminale! are for the heroine.
  • Hotter and Sexier: A lot of Rejet's series have a romantic slant, but most never go any further than a kiss. There are a few exceptions, though it's like erotica in that it's not explicit in detail. VANQUISH BROTHERS, for example, has its whole premise hinge on having the heroine being deflowered, and the last/penultimate track is the sex scene. Wasurenagusa is also an exception.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Criminale! is, as you'd expect, littered with Italian. The official websites title everything in the language, and in the dramas themselves a word or two will be said in Italian as well.
  • Iyashikei: Quite a few of their CD series are nothing but isolated incidents with the main focus being a boy taking care of his girl and the pair spending time together. HAPPY+SUGAR is one of the longer running ones, and relaxation CDs like Yotogi HOLIC come to mind.
  • Lucky Charms Title: Their series will typically have a symbol in the title, often hearts or stars. Some of the more unique ones go to Marginal #4 and the √HAPPY+SUGAR= series.
    • Marginal #4's song names, like OH MY WOLF❤BOY!.
    • DearVo's character names (or stage names, at least). (2)You (pronounced "Yuu"), A' (pronounced "A-dash").
  • On One Condition: The six siblings in VANQUISH BROTHERS are given one bride as their shared inheritance from their deceased father. One of the siblings can get their father's entire estate if they manage to take the bride's first time, thereby also netting them their own wife. Nowhere on the will did it say they couldn't do this by forcing themselves on her, so some of them take the opportunity.
  • Put on a Bus: They rarely do it in their long running series, but DEAR♥VOCALIST took Ciel away from the later installments by announcing that he was taking a tour in America. His Twitter account was still active following his leaving the lineup, but he and his band Die Fledermaus were replaced with Joshua and his band Brave Child from the third installment onwards. He is brought back, ever so briefly, for the fifth anniversary.
  • Romance Game: Their bread and butter. The CD sets have an otome-game or fandisk like feel to them.
  • Recycled In Space: The premise of THANATOS NIGHT is primarily the same as that for Seventh Heaven, an older CD series of theirs. The boys the listener runs into are supernatural beings that find her about to kill herself/die, and then spend time with her until the next full moon in order to sing the girl to death. The only real difference is that it takes place at school rather than in a mansion, and the focus boys are fallen angels instead of shinigami.
  • Romantic Vampire Boy: Two: they have their main vampire export in the Diabolik Lovers franchise, and Jiangshis in the Midnight Jiangshis CD series.
  • Sadist Teacher: Both in the emotional and in the literal sense with the teachers of BAD MEDICINE.
  • School Idol: Many of the works take place in high school, so there's one floating around somewhere. the LIP ON MY PRINCE series takes this up to eleven, having the love interests be the school princes from six completely different schools.
  • Series Mascot: After their appearance in 2013 RejetFES, the Pythagoras Produtions boys became this, Atom more specifically.
  • The Seven Mysteries: Yuugen Romantica follows six (later eight) youkai responsible for the supernatural rumors going around Nanakiri High School. They're dateable too, and have a human form.
  • Sibling Harem: Yotogi HOLIC, VANQUISH BROTHERS, The Ookami Brothers' House, and DiaLovers all count as these.
  • Strictly Formula: Rejet will release a series of six characters vying for the protagonist's heart. If it is successful, usually they'll add at most two more people (and only two) for a total of 8 in the cast, and if they're feeling generous another two or so boys will join in the third installment. But you'll get a Rainbow Motif either way by the full cast listing.
  • Themed Harem: You'll see most of their works themed around certain things, such as Vampires for Diabolik Lovers and Midnight Jiangshis, Sengoku Jidai for VANQUISH BROTHERS, School Idols for Lip on My Prince, RPG classes in Dot Kareshi, and various undead/necromancers for Corpse Heart.
  • Too Hot for TV: Of all the series uploaded to the first Rejet Archive channel, only VANQUISH BROTHERS gets hit with this. The most straightforwardly sexual of the volumes, Shingen's (Vol. 2)note , is the only one of the set to be omitted entirely. Keep in mind that the whole series is about trying to take the heroine's virginity and the penultimate/final track of most installments involves having sex with her. Ultimately applied to the whole series, as the first Rejet Archive was eventually flagged and taken down for untagged age inappropriate content, which means they likely reconsidered VANQUISH BROTHERS as well.
  • Wall Pin of Love: LOVE★DON!!★QUIXOTE has this as its entire selling point.