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A Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend (in otaku terminology, kichiku megane, literally "brutal glasses") is a male love interest whose defining traits are that he is cold, cruel, and abusive to his romantic partner in a manner intended to be kinky and appealing to the audience, and that he wears glasses, which indicates that he is also smart, sophisticated, and successful.

This trope runs on Fetish Fuel, so don't expect anything close to a realistic depiction of abuse. This is purely a fantasy of a strong, very desirable, dominant man who has (or wants) complete control over his partner, especially sexually, and the domination and emotional abuse is intended to be sexy (and often an expression of romantic feelings). Thus, if you are a good-looking male character who wears glasses, some fans will turn you into this, regardless of your personality.


The character type requires that the character be a possible Love Interest; if there's no hope that the opposite party will ever reciprocate, he's probably just a Stalker with a Crush or a Jerkass.

A Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend typically has a cool, sophisticated, or commanding way of speaking, an evil little smile, and an expensive suit. They are popular in media directed at a female audience.

The parent trope is Bastard Boyfriend (the "kichiku" part of kichiku megane). See also Evil Is Sexy and All Girls Want Bad Boys, which are the foundations of this character. For calm, sweet guys with glasses, see Stoic Spectacles. For nasties in glasses minus the kinky romance angle, see Four Eyes, Zero Soul. Occasionally exhibit Scary Shiny Glasses, but also has a high chance of having Sexy Spectacles.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Hideaki Nakajima in Gakuen Heaven. Although this was seriously toned down in the anime, the manga version followed the spirit of the original game more closely.
  • Michio Yuki, MW's Villain Protagonist, torments his lover, Garai, quite extensively. It's debatable whether he's actually in love with Garai, however.
  • And another triumphant example from Osamu Tezuka's Darker and Edgier phase, Dr. Urabe from Ode to Kirihito. He is rather tortured and guilt-ridden about all the raping he did, though.
  • Takehito Koyasu plays these a lot. He played one in the Otome Game Tokimeki Memorial: Girls' Side, and was the first seiyuu for Seishirou Sakurazuka. Parodied on Sgt. Frog with Kururu, which he also voices. Sugou (another of his characters) tries to become this to Asuna from Sword Art Online - Not only does he want her beauty, he's also after her family's wealth. Good thing the hero delivers a more deserving end to him.
  • Ono in Antique Bakery, when in "predatory gay guy" mode. He's quite nice, otherwise.
  • Ryuji from Night Shift Nurses plays this straight.
  • The Student Council President of Haruhi Suzumiya plays one solely to provide Haruhi with an "antagonist" to keep her from being bored. He may have started to become a straighter example.
  • Class President Yuichi Hajitsume from Scandalous Seiryo University is a standard-issue BL example, played for screwball comedy.
  • Ryoki from Hot Gimmick, especially early in the series.
  • Kurt Godel from Negima! seems to be shaping up to be this. His backstory with Ala Rubra and his unrequited love for Princess Arika does nothing to explain his callous cruelty.
  • Satoshi from D.N.Angel is very much like this trope when he's first introduced, although it's later revealed that he has a reason for being cold.
  • Muraki in Descendants of Darkness: A Stalker with a Crush who has a definite thing for Tsuzuki; unfortunately for Tsuzuki, his hobbies include rape, murder, and cutting people up while they're still alive, and Tsuzuki is willing to pull a Taking You with Me to get rid of him (they both survive). He is, however, very pretty and sexy as long as he styles his hair correctly, so there is much Fanfiction where he is this trope instead. Tatsumi certainly looks the part, although, in practice, he is actually a decent person (if having quite the Sugar-and-Ice Personality). And since he cares a lot for Tsuzuki, Tatsumi is most unhappy about Muraki's little fixation with him.
  • Reisi Munakata, the Blue King in K, often evokes this type, particularly in his dealings with Kuroh Yatogami - for example, early in the second season, when he offers Kuroh's clan protection and Kuroh turns him down, and he backs Kuroh against the wall and tells him in a low whisper, "But I thought we had excellent chemistry together." Reisi is actually a good person who cares about others and protects them... but it's easy to miss than and think that he's this type.
  • Another comedic Boys' Love version: Student Council President Azuma from Love Is Like A Hurricane expresses his affection for Mizuki by molesting him relentlessly.
  • Extremely angsty and disturbing Boys' Love version: Wakae from The Night's Dew On Those Lips (published in French as Réminiscences).
  • Ritsu in Loveless proves to be one of these to a young Soubi, sexually abusing him and generally being a dick because Soubi's mother married another man over him.
  • Nawahara Bakurou from the H-Doujin Escape Creator. Every girl that shows up with him ends up being tied, raped, and liking it, and returning for more in the last chapter.
  • Ichinose Takumi from Nana.
  • The final character design of Ogata from Hikaru no Go looks like one of these, especially when wearing the white suit he apparently uses for all formal occasions, and is, at best, a Deadpan Snarker. Since he gets obsessed with the lead's connection to 'Sai', the netgo star who's really a ghost playing through the kid, he also gets pedo vibes, and that's enough for large segments of the fandom to see him as this.
    • He's actually visibly a very proud, deeply socially awkward, and highly selfish geeky guy in his thirties, whose personal life extends to his old sensei and his tropical fish, but as the only living, attractive, fully-adult male in the show, he became a bit of an Mr. Fanservice piece, and the fans invoked this trope.
  • Ah! My Goddess: Toshiyuki Aoshima.
  • Another Boys' Love example is in Kawabata's behavior towards Misaki in Hana no Mizo Shiru. He had a quasi-relationship with Misaki in the past, but left him for a woman - and afterwards, proceeds to call him constantly, interrogate him about any acquaintances he makes, taunt him about his sexuality, and nearly choke him at one point (though accidentally). And then in Chapter 11 he narrowly stops himself from forcing himself on Misaki. And yeah, sure enough, he wears glasses.
  • Subverted with Sweden from Hetalia: Axis Powers, who looks the part but is anything but.
  • Angel Crush: Daniel Thace Peregrine, AKA Cupid.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gendo Ikari counts in this case, though in the two on-screen relationships we see in him, he treats them both with an extremely cruel indifference rather than outright abuse. Completely averted with his wife Yui, who is The Lost Lenore.
  • Nishiki Nishio from Tokyo Ghoul is set up to seem like one, but actually subverts it. He's introduced as a hostile, snarky Ghoul with Scary Shiny Glasses that attacks Kaneki for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's next seen making out with a girl in a classroom, and plays it off casually. It's only later that we learn she's actually his human girlfriend, Kimi. While he's rude to even those he considers friends, he's hopelessly devoted to Kimi and would do anything to protect her. When Kaneki helps rescue her, Nishiki makes a Heel–Face Turn and becomes one of his close friends out of gratitude.
  • Mildly invoked by Kyouya in Ouran High School Host Club (as would be expected of a Four Eyes, Zero Soul character who spends his afternoons entertaining young women), particularly in the scene where he tries to persuade Haruhi to be more careful of her own safety by pretending to attempt to rape her. Haruhi is never fooled by this, and as time goes on it becomes increasingly clear that he's really only Stoic Spectacles at most, and any show of cruelty an act he finds useful to keep people from messing with him and his friends.
  • Both Osamu and Shibuya from Bokura no Hentai are deconstructions of this trope. They're handsome glasses-wearing middle school boys. Marika is infatuated with Osamu and Osamu has a crush on his senpai Shibuya, but neither relationships turn out well. Shibuya is a homophobic jerk who bullies Osamu and only wants to interact with him when he's crossdressing and he wants sex. Osamu eventually gets fed up with him and leaves him, not before breaking his glasses and calling him out. Osamu himself has a lot of baggage due to his Dark and Troubled Past. His relationships with Marika (and several of the male characters) are unhealthy and he is too sexual for Marika's comfort. Marika eventually gives up on him and has a Maybe Ever After with the Nice Guy Satoshi.
  • Katsuya Asano from In These Words looks the part but it turns out he's actually the one to receive the sadism, not the one to inflict it.

    Comic Books 
  • Gideon Gordon Graves from Scott Pilgrim, who is the seventh and final evil ex of Ramona. He is also the leader and founder of the League of Evil Exes, which is created to keep Ramona away from potential future suitors.

  • At some point, the main character in The Golden Feather fantasizes about being this towards his crush. Right in the middle of class, with a NSFW sequence and everything. Keep in mind his crush is 1) male 2) straight 3) the polar opposite of nice, and thus, of course, it all stays a fantasy.

  • Vocaloid's Kagamine Len gets portrayed as such with the PVs for his song "SPICE!", where he's portrayed as a womanizer slowly growing obsessed over the one girl who won'the return his advances and attempts to sexually assault her in her sleep before realizing that he's gone too far.
  • Kasane Ted, Teto Kasane's male genderbend, is this to such an extent that he has a BDSM parody song of Meltdown.
  • Adam Levine played one of these in the video for Maroon 5's "Animals", his character being a worker at a butcher shop who stalks a pretty customer (played by supermodel and Levine's real-life wife Behati Prinsloo) and later hooks up with her and is implied to kill her at the end. The latter bit turns out to be All Just a Dream on his part, though.

    New Media 

    Visual Novels 
  • The Boys' Love game Kichiku Megane, of course.
    • The game is named after the Japanese trope name and specifically invokes it in the most literal sense possible: a clueless dork who can't get a date receives magic glasses that turn him into a commanding Seme who gets whatever he wants, especially in bed. Check out the trailer (slightly NSFW) to see them in action.
    • While the main character, Katsuya, is the most prominent example, anyone who wears glasses in this series counts. Next best example is resident incubus Mr. R (who created the titular glasses) and, later, Sawamura, Katsuya's former childhood friend.
      • Also, it should be noted that the original game will punish you for crossing the Moral Event Horizon (it even has a very basic Karma Meter), in some cases, by having the abused lover kill Katsuya. The sequel Kichiku Megane R drifts in the other direction, with the best endings for Megane!Katsuya being those where he softens up and treats his lovers in a gentler manner.
  • Spray, the creators of Gakuen Heaven and Kichiku Megane, really love this trope. (Or, in these cases, scenario writer Tamami who wrote both games really loves it). It also appears in their other Boys' Love games Piyotan and Steal.
  • Kristoph Gavin from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, in lots and lots of fanfic. In Canon, he's the Big Bad.
  • Subverted in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The severely unstable Shrinking Violet and romance novelist Touko Fukawa desperately wants the rich, intelligent, and haughty Byakura Togami to be one for her. However, despite having the personality for this type, Togami simply doesn't care about Fukawa one way or the other. He alternates between being repelled by her advances and using her obsession to further his own (non-romantic) ends.
  • Bruno from Animamundi Dark Alchemist.
  • Silver Chaos 2: Artificial Mermaid features Brad Hiruma, who is added even further by using test tube as...and Love Redeems.
  • Shizune from Katawa Shoujo is one step away from being a Bespectacled Bastard Girlfriend.

    Web Original 

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