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  • Casting director Andrea Romano has made an award-winning career out of casting gags and a huge Production Posse. She's probably the fourth most important person in the DCAU after Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.
    • Batman: The Animated Series
      • Arguably the best casting gag of the DCAU was in Batman: The Animated Series when Adam West was cast to play a washed up, Type Cast actor by the name of Simon Trent, who resents his prior role as a live-action TV hero.
      • Thomas Wayne is voiced by Richard Moll; who also voiced Harvey Dent and was one of Bruce's few friends in Gotham. Another gag is seen by the roles of Martha Wayne and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (both of which are some of the most important women in Bruce's life; judging from The Cat and the Claw) played by Adrienne Barbeau.
      • In the tie in comic Batman Adventures, an in-universe example occurred as Bruce Wayne had some creative control in producing a new Grey Ghost movie and chose Simon Trent to play the mayor.
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    • Batman Beyond
      • In the Batman Beyond 2-parter "The Call" which featured the Justice League, Christopher McDonald voiced the older Superman; MacDonald also notably voiced Superman's father Jor-El in Superman: The Animated Series. There's also another gag in the episode with the aquatic heroine Aquagirl, who's voiced by Jodi Benson of The Little Mermaid (1989) fame.
      • In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Dean Stockwell played the adult version of Tim Drake. Given the Tim is made into a child version of the Joker, it refers to the film, The Boy with Green Hair, where Stockwell as a child actor played the title character.
      • Henry Rollins, an anti-authoritarian and passionate rock musician, was cast as Mad Stan, an anti-authoritarian and passionate villain with a penchant for high explosives. He even quotes part of his "Information overload" monologue as Spider from Johnny Mnemonic.
  • Justice League
    • Not to mention Nathan Fillion as Vigilante... a cowboy who flies a spaceship with Gina Torres' character, Vixen. Vigilante is also very unhappy about the events of a previous episode's war-scale crisis.
    • Also Arte Johnson was brought in as Virman Vundabar, who voiced him essentially as his Wolfgang character from Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, complete with a "Very interesting ..."
    • Another joke was the casting of the Royal Flush Gang (Justice League version). All of the voice actors cast were the ones that played the principal characters in Teen Titans.
    • Speaking of which, Kid Flash has the same voice actors as his Justice League counterpart, Michael Rosenbaum. This was flipped when Speedy appeared in Unlimited as Mike Erwin also reprised the role.
    • A somewhat obscure but particularly clever example of this was casting Fred Savage and Jason Hervey (the brothers from The Wonder Years) as Hawk and Dove, only reversing the relationship dynamic by casting Savage as Hawk and Hervey as Dove. Legend has it originally Savage and Hervey had the opposite roles, but for one take they decided to switch characters, and the director decided it worked better.
    • Another involving Michael Rosenbaum: the episode "The Great Brain Robbery" saw The Flash (played by Rosenbaum) accidentally switch brains with Lex Luthor, who was portrayed by Rosenabum in Smallville.