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"When you kill your enemy, you wanna look straight in his eyes so he knows that you're the one who beat him to death! It also gives you a chance to deal out some really zippy one-liners. Like, 'I hope you brought your wallet, 'cause the rent in Hell gets paid in advance!' Or my personal favorite, 'You just got Sarged!'"
Sarge, Red vs. Blue

What's better than killing your most hated enemy? Sending them into the afterlife with your voice in their ears and the proof of your badassery in their head, that's what.

Another common staple of the Action Hero, this finishing quote need not be a One-Liner, but the longer your little speech goes, the more likely the bad guy will find some way to evade your intended killing blow or worse, make you Talk to the Fist. Consequently, Genre Savvy heroes are advised to just Kill Him Already! and save the pithy quotes for immediately afterwards. Of course, sometimes (as in the Heroes and Matrix examples) it seems that a Pre-Mortem One-Liner somehow paralyzes your enemy while you deliver it, or maybe they're just courteous.

Alternatively, the quote can be said in that short window of time after the killing blow is struck, but before your enemy's consciousness fades, as a metaphorical way of adding salt to the wound. Be warned, however, that if your enemy still has motor control, the quote might spur them to pull off a Taking You with Me.

The monstrous equivalent is less articulate. Not to be confused with a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner, which is used at the beginning of a fight; these quotes are used to end the fight. Also related but different is a one-liner delivered when escaping from battle.

Give My Regards in the Next World and See You in Hell are subtropes. Compare Bond One-Liner (aka Post-Mortem One-Liner), which is said after the victim's consciousness has faded, and directed at the audience, to another character, or just to oneself. If the victim is the one speaking, it's Defiant to the End or "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • A deathless example from Attack on Titan, at the end of the first season. The Female Titan is trying to climb the Wall and escape when Mikasa swings in and severs her fingers. Then Mikasa lands on her face to look her in the eye and tells her, "Annie. Fall." And so, she falls, and is soundly defeated.
  • Guts from Berserk to Father Mozgus: "When you meet your god, tell him to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!"
  • Black Lagoon has a number of these, given it's a 26-episode love letter to 80ies Hollywood action. Revy vs the neo-nazi captain is a good example.
    Revy: Say hi to the Führer for me, would ya? *BANG*
  • Bleach:
    • After Avirama berates Kira for not fighting like a warrior should and Kira traps him with his sword underneath his neck, ready to decapitate him:
      Kira: A warrior does not beg for his life.
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi, after incapacitating Szayel Aporro Granz with the superhuman drug and a sword to the chest, not quite piercing his heart.
      Kurotsuchi: Alright, then. Enjoy the next hundred years.
    • Much later, in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, Yamamoto gives us this one:
      Yamamoto: [while being attacked by his deceased comrade's Bankai, which was stolen by a Quincy Chojiro... You must be so humiliated... Chojiro... I feel your anger... The bankai you honed... IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THIS WEAK!!! (He then incinerates said Quincy down to the bone at point blank range.)
    • A little after that, the new Big Bad Yhwach turns the tables on Old Man Yama:
      Yhwach: Farewell, Shigekuni Yamamoto.
  • Muska's "Goodbye! Enjoy the ride!" quip in the Disney dub of Castle in the Sky before dropping the soldiers to their deaths.
  • Code Geass gives us Luciano Bradley, who ask his victims, "What's the one thing you value the most? That's right — your life," right before tearing them apart with his Percival's Particle Drill Lance. Later Kallen Kozuki uses the exact same line before killing Luciano with an even nastier weapon: her Radiant Wave Surger.
    Kallen: Question... what do you value most? Your own pitiful life?
    Bradley: You think an Eleven can threaten me?!
    Kallen (under breath): Send a postcard. (sets Radiant Wave Surger to full power)
  • Death Note: Light Yagami likes using these.
    • "I win, Near." Unfortunately for Light, about five seconds after said one liner is delivered, we discover that Near is one step ahead of the game and has set events in motion to counteract Light's grand plan. The Pre-Mortem One-Liner instead becomes a confession.
    • "Good bye (Name of the victim)" several times, "Good bye Lind L. Taylor" "Good bye Raye Pember" "Good Bye, Naomi Misora" probably to gloat in the fact that he can kill them because he knows their names. Ryuk gets to say this to Light himself in the end after writing Light's name in his own Death Note.
    • "Why do you keep looking at your watch?" "Oh that? That's because I'm Kira."
  • Dragon Ball:
  • Elfen Lied: "You know who isn't human? You know who isn't human?! PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!"
  • Fist of the North Star:
  • In the manga of Fullmetal Alchemist, straddling the line between this and Bond One-Liner (being said after the killing blow but before actual death) is Major-General Armstrong's "You are among the weak who will become the foundation of this country," as she pushes General Raven into a wet concrete floor after stabbing him. Not only is it a pun, it echoes The Social Darwinist speech Raven had just been giving her.
    • Ed's defeat of the two brothers in Lab 5 fits this. Specifically, his line just before blasting their Animated Armor body in half using Scar's signature trick:
      Edward: "I just remembered this guy I don't like."
    • In Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Roy gets one before killing King Bradley, who has been revealed as a homunculus.
      Mustang: "I don't know how long you've lived, Fuhrer, or how many times you've cheated death, but not anymore." *sets Bradley/Pride on fire* "It's the end of the line."
  • Unexpectedly, one character from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet has this moment.
    Striker: [Chamber] you are clearly malfunctioning. You must reformat and reboot. This is your final warning.
    Chamber: Response to final warning: Go to hell, tin can!
  • The Major gets a good one in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig. After Gouda is informed that the Prime Minister has authorized any means, up to and including assassination, to prevent his defection, he says that it's a bluff.
    Motoko: You think so, huh? Well you're dead wrong!
  • Gintama had this memorable line by Gintoki before he defeated Oboro in the Courtesan of a Nation Arc and then used again by Takasugi before killing Sada Sada.
    Say hello to Sensei for me.
  • Hellsing
    • Alucard when he kills Luke Valentine: "I'm a dog? Then you're dog food."
    • Seras gets an excellent one as she's grinding Zorin's head against a wall after Zorin had Mind Raped Seras.
      Seras: How does it feel having somebody fuck with your head?! How does it feel, you BITCH?!
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation has one by Nepgear (Purple Sister) when she defeats Arfoire in Episode 5:
    Purple Sister (Nepgear): Disappear!
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stardust Crusaders: After Polnareff realizes that Vanilla Ice is a vampire, he taunts Ice into approaching an open window and says "Now go to Hell, asshole." Then he manifests Silver Chariot to shove him into the sunlight.
    • Diamond is Unbreakable:
      • When manga artist Rohan Kishibe defeats Cheap Trick by tricking it into getting dragged off to the afterlife. Before it goes, he uses his stand, Heaven's Door, to open Cheap Trick like a book and write in a command. "I don't know if there is a Heaven or a Hell. But just in case, I will write... GO TO HELL!"
      • Before killing Shigechi after the latter has touched a doorknob, Yoshikage Kira telepathically says "Sorry, but Killer Queen has already left its mark on the doorknob." before Shigechi explodes into multiple pieces.
    • Golden Wind: While he skips the face to face part, Giorno Giovanna says, knowing the moment Polpo would try to eat the gun Gold Experience turned into a banana, drops one heck of a zinger.
      Giorno: I took the liberty of changing one of your guns into your favorite snack. It's your last meal, Polpo. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Aya gets a number of these in Knight Hunters. Particularly notable examples:
    • "I am neither the devil nor Death. I am just a murderer." — just before killing Wunder X.
    • "Don't look. It's the death of a man whose life is not worth living." — to Kaori just before Ken unloads a shotgun into the villain's mouth in the OAV.
  • Macross Frontier at the end of Episode 24: "Be scattered to the ends of the galaxy." Delivered by Brera Sterne just before he blows a meter-wide hole in Alto's fighter, which explodes shortly afterward.
  • Medabots' Metabee ends his fights like this every time his Medaforce is activated in the dub.
  • Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory has this gem of a speech, right before an entire Earth Federation Fleet gets their asses nuked to Kingdom Come:
    Anavel Gato: "For the rebirth of the ideals of Zeon... For the success of Operation Stardust! SOLOMON! I HAVE RETURNED!!!"
  • Naruto
    • Shikamaru to Hidan:
      "Right now, the god you should be worried about isn't your stupid Jashin or anyone else; it's me... because I'm the one who's about to pass judgment."
    • Kakashi to Zabuza:
      "But to have a dream you need to have a future. You don't."
    • Yamato to Fudo, in an otherwise forgettable filler arc:
      "Now your Earth Style will become part of the Leaf Village's soil." [buries Fudo alive with the roots of a giant tree]
  • Ninja Scroll: Genma, BURN IN YOUR GOLDEN HELL!!
  • In Episode 21 of the gag spin-off series The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan, Ms. Mori the maid delivers the following line while in the air, just before drop kicking (and deliberately missing) Tsuruya:
    Mori: I'll respect your strength and give you a piece of advice: there's always somebody above you!
  • RahXephon: "A god that man can perceive is no god!"
  • At the end of the first episode of the Read or Die OVA, Nancy uses one of these just before she applies an anchor to Otto Lilienthal's glider, sending him spiraling to his death on the Statue of Liberty. "Thanks for flying the friendly skies."
  • Sailor Moon saw the perfect opportunity to destroy the Youma Castor and Pollux when the two demons started bickering amongst themselves. She also saw the perfect opportunity to tell them, "We'll show you some real teamwork!"
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    • Kaneki before he defeats Jason:
    • In the sequel, Tokyo Ghoul :re, Matsumae before she brings down a chainsaw quinque on Kijima's head:
      Matsumae: Fanculo!Translation
    • Later on, during the Rushima arc, when Marude confronts Yoshitoki Washuu over the latter secretly being a ghoul at gunpoint:
      Marude: They're just words from an old friend, you know. I don't like using them myself. But this is... Just my intuition.
  • In Wonder Egg Priority, each of the girls has a catchphrase that functions as this, being said every time they land the finishing blow to a Wonder Killer.
    Ai: Now I'm really mad!
    Neiru: I'm going to blow your mind. [BANG]
    Rika: I'll hit you with a shot to the heart!
    Momoe: Get lost!
  • Typically nonlethal variation in Yu-Gi-Oh! (first anime series): Yami Yugi would say "The Door of Darkness has been opened" when trapping his opponent in an Ironic Hell.
  • Kiyomaro is fond of using "Checkmate" for a while in Zatch Bell!.

    Comic Books 
  • 52: Dr. Magnus gives us one epic one liner before unloading his gun into Chang Tzu: "You shouldn't have taken away my meds. I told you I do CRAZY things without my meds."
  • Black Dynamite: When Two Swole accuses Black Dynamite of choking during a fight, he strangles Two Swole to death with his nunchuks.
    Black Dynamite: Now get one thing straight, sucker! When Black Dynamite chokes, Black Dynamite is the one doing the choking!
  • Daredevil: Bullseye before killing a group of mooks with a handful of screws:
    Bullseye: Screw you!
  • Earth X: This exchange:
    Red Skull: I am God!
    Captain America: Then I'm Nietzsche.
  • Excalibur: Issue #80:
    recording of Stryfe to his android ex-minion Zero: Congratulations. You're human. For the next eight seconds. [base's self-destruct sequence activates]
  • Iron Man: From Extremis:
    Tony Stark: You people wanted Stark Micromunitions? Have some. [cue finger missile massacre]
  • Secret Wars (2015): Marvel Zombies: Battleworld has Elsa Bloodstone making clear to one undead that he chose the worst time to attack her: "You. Spilled. My. Tea."
  • Monsters Unleashed: Kei Kawade gives one to the Leviathon Queen before having Smasher cleave her in half.
    Kei: Sorry, Leviathon Mother, I'm cutting your trip to Earth short!
  • The Punisher: In The Punisher MAX story arc, "Long Cold Dark", Frank comes up with a suitable reply to Barracuda's endless chatter:
    Frank: Shut the FUCK up. [Empties an AK-47 into his head]
    • Earlier than that the story arc, Up Is Down and Black is White, gives us an even better example. When Frank Castle is fired upon by a pair of hoodlums who are aiming their guns sideways and each one of their shots misses him by a mile. Frank uses this opportunity to dispose of them with shots to the head. He then calmly walks up to the last remaining gangster and tells them this.
      Frank: "They put the sights on the top for a reason". [Bang]
  • Scud the Disposable Assassin:
    • Scud pulls off one before he wastes Voo Doo Ben for the first time:
    • And again when he's got a gun stuck in Nathan Twist's mouth:
  • Star Wars:
    • Star Wars Obsession: Subverted and played straight in succession. The Jedi Master Adi Gallia is dueling General Grievous and her attempted pre-mortem one liner is countered by his actual pre-mortem one liner:
      Gallia: You'd better hope they gave you deflector shields.
      Grievous: No. Just extra arms. [crushes her throat with aforementioned arms]
    • Star Wars Tales: In "Resurrection", Darth Vader says this to a Darth Maul clone, after he stabs himself to get to Maul.
      Maul: What could you hate enough to destroy me?
      Vader: Myself.
  • Superman: Played with in All-Star Superman, where Superman says the following before deactivating Solaris with a punch.
    Solaris: "Mercy."
    Superman: "You'll live."
  • X-Men: In Uncanny X-Men #150 Storm gave one to Magneto as she came across him holding Kitty Pryde’s body.
    Storm: (as she gathers her storm power to fry him) If you have a deity, butcher, pray to it.
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Downplayed in that no-one is killed, but as Hawkgirl swats Harpi out of the sky and out of the fight during "The Witch and the Warrior" she says, "Hey Harpi, you ever actually hit your target with those blast powers of yours?"

    Fan Works 
  • Ace Combat: Wings Of Unity Has these gems, courtesy of Derpy Hooves, Sunburst, and Flare Star:
  • The Heretical Edge fanfic Alma Mater has a Cold Open where the protagonist is cornered by several vampires while wearing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer T-shirt. After one vampire makes a rape threat, she drops this line after deciding to fight back.
    Felicity: I thought the shirt would be a warning. (electrocutes him)
  • Atonement:
    • Tether to Teacher, on how she was going to stop him from killing anyone else-
      Tether: Well, I kinda figured I'd give you the finger. [Touches Pandora's finger to Teacher, letting Pandora absorb him]
    • Because Ruin's power is voice-activated and very lethal (disintegrating all biological matter in front of her), anything she says is this. She's not one for snark, though.
      Ruin: No. [Kills a Me's a Crowd Birdcage inmate]
      Ruin: No more. [Kills Horde]
  • Brother on Board: Being armed with a rifle, Sabo often averts the 'nobody dies in One Piece' rule. Two notable examples thus far:
    • In Chapter 17, after Sabo ruins Nezumi's plan of robbing Nami's gold at Arlong's instruction...
      Nezumi: You... you'll pay for this! I'll place a bounty on your head! A big one! You'll regret the day you crossed me, pirate!
      Sabo: Oh yeah? Well, there's just one problem with that, chief. You have to be alive to place that hit.
    • Then in Chapter 34, he does Scar proud with the absolutely chilling one-liner he gives to Wapol: "Long... live... the king."
  • Captain America: Ghosts of HYDRA: Sharon Carter gives one to Winter Soldier Josef before shooting him in the head. Additionally, she gives this while Josef is pinning her down and is about to give the killing blow.
    Sharon: [managing to draw her gun] Can... your serum... beat this? [delivers headshot] Didn't think so.
  • Divine Blood: Eija Satomi to Hecate's ghost after realizing Hecate just killed Persephone.
    Eija: Do you wish to drown in blood?! Well, I can do that for you!
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Vegeta killing Zarbon. Probably the only time that "No Homo" has ever sounded badass.
    • Trunks gets several over the course of the series.
    "Hey, Freiza! You should split!" (Right before slicing Frieza in half)
    "WRONG ANSWER!" (Right before destroying Future Android 17 after he failed to remember Gohan's name)
    "GET OUTTA MY F***ING TIMELINE!" (Right before finishing off Future Cell)
  • A Hero:
    Kyubey: You?
    Kyubey: And what word is that?
    Dalek Sec: EX-TER-MINATE!!! *blasts Kyubey*
  • The Almanac Chronicles: Lorraine says "Party's over, Biff" before shooting him.
  • Bringing Me To Life: in chapter 20, Max's just beat up a would be mugger.
    Max: I never said I', bitch.
  • James Bond gets a drop on the Winter Soldier in Child of the Storm, and being, well, James Bond, he naturally tries for one of these. However, the moment he pauses for a witty one-liner, the Soldier just shoots him.
    Harry: Bored now.
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged:
    • Alucard has one before he frags Luke Valentine...
      Alucard: What's wrong, demigod? Just grow back your legs! Summon up your demons! HIT ME! FIGHT ME!! ...GIVE ME A HUG.
    • ...And one for Rip Van Winkle.
      Alucard: Oh? Haven't you heard the new sensation sweeping the nation? Bitches love cannons.
    • Seras has this line in the scene where she kills Sorin Blitz:
      Seras: Say My Name, you Nazi bitch! I said SAY MY FUCKING NAME! SAY IT! [death growl] SAY IT!!!
    • Walter gives one to the would-be betrayers of the Round Table.
      "Who wants daddy's belt?" [slaughters the mutineers] "Now, think about what you've done."
    • Sir Penwood also delivers a good one to the nazi general who corners him in a room full of C-4:
      "When you get to hell, tell 'em Penwood sent you! And then apologize on my behalf for the inconvenience!"
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Orion, has this to say before blasting Darkseid to atoms:
    "This has taken long enough," Darkseid complained. "Will you not simply die?"[...]
    "No, father," said Orion. "You will."
  • In Jonathan Joestar, The First JoJo, Jotaro gives one right before he and Jonathan kill Heaven Ascension Dio.
    "You're a joke, Dio. And your reality... it's all just a fantasy."
  • The Night Unfurls:
    • Original version:
      • Chapter 8: Kyril to Beasley, right before he hacks him apart systematically like a butcher chopping up a fresh piece of meat.
        Kyril: So ends another traitor. So ends another villain.
    • Remastered version:
      • Chapter 5: The One-Liner Olga says to Kyril as she tries to immolate him would've been a pre-mortem one. Emphasis on "would've".
        Olga: Die as you lived, human. Brave, but foolish! [encloses flames upon Kyril]
        Kyril: [dispels the flames with a Beast Roar, no-selling it]
  • In Old West, Rattlesnake Jake gives this line to Benjamin Hares before injecting venom into him.
    Jake: Burn, asshole.
    • In the climax, Jake makes another example before he fills with bullets the Big Bad who has just shot Sheriff Rango.
    Jake: My turn.
  • The Pony POV Series has several examples:
    • Dark World!Derpy gives one before finishing off her No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of the Valeyard by imploding his rib-cage.
    Derpy: Sorry, I'm the Doctor's friend. You're the Valeyard, the Doctor is out, but he'll be back in soon.
    • Dark World!Rarity has a nice one right before she tears out Fluttercruel's Element of Chaos and kills her.
    Dark World!Rarity: MINE!
    • Nightmare Purgatory (the one who became Nightmare Paradox) gives one to Discord in the first cycle just before impaling him and burning him to death with Hellfire.
    Nightmare Purgatory: Now, look forward to Hell.
  • One in The Tainted Grimoire.
    Dread Raven: I'm going to turn you into ashes.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series' coverage of Season Zero (the original form of the Yu-Gi-Oh anime), Yami Yugi knocks a lighter out of the hand of the man holding up the burger joint so that it balances on the man's hand - as he pours his drink.
    Yami: That's Russian vodka you're pouring all over yourself. If you were to shoot me, the lighter would fall from your hand and you'd be cooked to a crisp. It'd probably be the closest this restaurant would get to offering 100% beef.
  • Sergeant Corris gets two in the Warhammer 40,000 fan-film Damnatus:
    As he knocks out an enemy mook - "I can't see you any more."
    And upon coming face to face with the film's supposed Big Bad - "In the name of the damned Inquisition, I hereby adjourn this meeting!"
  • When the man who tried to murder the pregnant Johanna Smith-Rhodes is hanged for multiple crimes, the very last thing he sees before the hangman's noose goes on is the woman he tried to murder. She says nothing. She merely lifts her infant daughter into the air and holds his eyes for those last few seconds, making the point he has failed and they are still alive. Now go to Discworld fics Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Strandpiel by A.A. Pessimal.
    • Elsewhere, in The Price of Flight, Air Witch Olga Romanoff briefly contemplates the elf who has just stabbed her in the back. She points out that he has just ripped a huge hole in the back of her tunic. Then stabs him with her short sword. note 
  • Let the Galaxy Burn has a series of these heralding the deaths of Barristan Selmy, Arthur Dayne, and Rhaegar Targaryen.
    • Barristan's: "I am the death of your King. Now die, Barristan the Bold, and know you have utterly failed in your duty. Boom."
    • Arthur's: "The North Remembers, Arthur Dayne. When you see Aerys in hell, tell him his son will soon join him."
    • Rhaegar's: "Lord Eddard Stark sends his regards."
      • And the real kicker is who is speaking all these lines: Sansa Stark.
  • Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness:
    • Suika yells "Try this on and see if it fits!" before chucking a massive firebomb at Megas. Due to Coop successfully countering the strike, it doesn't take.
    • Coop later delivers one of these to Yuuka while in the middle of his final attack:
      "Got a message to you from one champ to another... ROOCCCK OONNNNNN!"
  • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire: Shiragaki delivers one to All Might before Izuku Midoriya (aka Mastermind) kills him:
All Might: What's wrong? Not attacking me? Didn’t you want to clear this level? Come and get me if you dare!
Shiragaki: Oh, I fully plan on clearing it, but you don’t face the big boss alone.
  • Scoob and Shag: When Dex kills the Preacher, he sends him off with "go to Hell".
  • Son of the Sannin:
    • Double subverted with Fu during the final stretch of the Kakuzu and Hidan arc. At first, she's too angry to deliver one-liners and decides to forget about it. Once she's finally defeated Kakuzu, she manages to come with one naturally, realizing she's better at it when she's calm, and tells him "Enjoy this natural remedy!" before clubbing him to death with a felled tree.
    • Konan during the Fourth Ninja war first tries to get Deidara to surrender, but the latter refuses. She traps him into an explosive paper cocoon and before detonating it says that "at the very least, [she'll] make [his] demise into a work of art" just to rub salt on the wound.
  • Harry and the Shipgirls has Myrtle Warren deliver an absolute zinger to the Diary Horcrux just before helping Harry Potter drive the basilisk fang through the diary itself.
    Simply holding the fang, Harry waited until Myrtle's hands were on his with the ghost looking right at her murderer. "I hope you find Hell nice and warm when you get there, Tom. Now you go there right now!"

    Films — Animated 
  • Anastasia: Right before Anastasia destroys Rasputin's reliquary, she says to him, "Dasvidaniya!", which is the Russian word for goodbye. Doubles as a bit of an Ironic Echo, as Rasputin also said the same thing during his Villain Song.
  • Astro Boy: When Zog turns against Hammegg, the latter frantically tries to invoke the laws of robotics, which prevent a robot from harming any human. Zog, who predates the laws by about fifty years, has the perfect responsenote : "I'm old school".
  • In Atlantis: The Lost Empire:
    Helga: You promised me a percentage!
    Rourke: Next time, get it in writing. (kicks her off the zeppelin) Nothing personal!
  • Bartok the Magnificent: "See ya next fall!"
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker: When the Joker has Terry pinned and tells him to "Laugh it up now, you miserable little punk!", Terry responds with this before electrocuting the chip that holds his consciousness in Tim Drake's body.
    Terry/Batman: Ha. Ha.
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood
    Joker: May I have some water?
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:
  • The Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Two from Victor.
    • When about to shoot an ordinary rabbit, he snarls "It's off to bunny heaven with you!".
    • Later, when about to shoot the Were-Rabbit with a golden bullet shaped like a root vegetable: "Eat carat, bunny boy."
  • In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Batman delivers one to his Straw Nihilist counterpart, Owlman, who was planning on destroying the entire universe in a Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum.
    Batman: There is a difference between you and me. We both looked into the abyss. But when it looked back at us... you blinked.
    [sends Owlman to an alternate earth where he's destroyed by his own bomb]
  • Kung Fu Panda: "Skadoosh."
  • The Lion King:
    • The Lion King (1994):
      • Scar to Mufasa: "Long live the king!"
      • Scar later tries to give a Pre-Mortem One-Liner to Simba with "I killed Mufasa" — but this only gives the would-be victim the Heroic Second Wind necessary to turn the tables.
      • The hyenas Shenzi and Banzai each deliver one to Scar at the end of the movie:
        Shenzi: "Friends"? I thought he said we were the enemy.
        Banzai: Yeah, that's what I heard.
        Both: Ed?
        [they both turn to the Laughing Mad hyena Ed, who only responds with a giggle far more sinister than his usual laughter.]
  • The Little Mermaid (1989): Ursula, having grown to gigantic proportions, is about to kill Ariel with the trident, and just before that, she declares...
  • The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea: After King Triton retrieves his trident from Morgana, he gives the following to Morgana just before permanently encasing her in ice:
    King Triton: Never again will you or yours threaten my family! There will be no escape for you... EVER!
  • Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge: Scorpion delivers one to Quan Chi before finally killing him.
    Quan Chi: My god...will avenge me!
    Scorpion: DAMN YOUR GOD.
  • Mulan:
    • After catching two imperial scouts, Shan-Yu sends them off telling them to tell the Emperor to send his strongest armies at him, only to consider something.
    Shan-Yu: How many men does it take to deliver a message?
    Sheshou: [draws bow] One.
    • Shan-Yu attempts "Then you will kneel in pieces!" before Shang appears for the Emperor, and ultimately goes out hearing one:
    Shan-Yu: Looks like you're all out of ideas.
    [he stabs at her with his sword; she dodges, catches the sword with the fan and twists it out of his hands]
    Mulan: Not quite. Ready, Mushu?
    [cue Mushu firing a large skyrocket at Shan Yu]
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: A particularly badass version is used:
    Jack to Oogie Boogie: "How dare you treat my friends so shamefully!"
  • Rango: After the corrupt mayor of Dirt has been tipped into a position where he's vulnerable, Rango kicks him over to Rattlesnake Jake — who the mayor had previously attempted to kill himself — and Jake proceeds to turn what the mayor had said to him before trying to shoot him right on its head before dragging him off:
    Rattlesnake Jake: What was that you said? "Pretty soon, no-one will believe you even existed."
  • During the climax of Return To Never Land, as Peter throws his dagger towards the rope to drop Captain Hook into the ocean:
    Peter: "Game's over, Hook. I win!"
  • In Rise of the Guardians, delivered by Pitch Black to The Sandman just as he has shot him:
    Pitch: I'd say "sweet dreams," but there aren't any left.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Flora gives one as the Three Good Fairies enchant Prince Philip's sword to pierce the Dragon Maleficent to death:
    Flora: Now, Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure, that evil DIE and good ENDURE!
  • The Transformers: The Movie:
    • First Megatron, to Ironhide trying to stop him.
      Megatron: Such heroic nonsense.
    • Then Galvatron to Starscream, after interrupting the latter's coronation as the new leader of the Decepticons.
      Starscream: Megatron?! Is that you?
      Galvatron: Here's a hint! (transforms into cannon mode and blasts Starscream)
  • Treasure Planet: Subverted then played straight in Jim and Scroop's confrontation; after Jim ends up hanging onto the ship's colors with the gravity turned off, Scroop shows up and drops his one-liner as he starts to cut through the rope, only for Jim to clamber back onto the flagpole and send Scroop off with his one-liner.
    Scroop: Do say hello to Mr. Arrow.
    Jim: Tell him YOURSELF! [jumps over Scroop and knocks him into the colors, causing the rope to snap and sending Scroop hurtling into the depths of space]
  • Wizards:
    Avatar: I'm glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch.
  • WALL•E: "AUTO, you are... relieved... of... duty!"

  • The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi: The villain of the book is a truly loathsome individual, so after foiling his scheme, Amina stabs him through the heart with a terse "You have taken up enough of my time".
  • In the Alex Rider book Crocodile Tears, Desmond McCain, the villain, is about to shoot Alex, and says "You're going on a short journey to Hell." Alex has, in fact, just sent a barrel of petrol with an armed explosive device rolling towards him, and just before it explodes, killing him instantly, he replies to this with "Let me know what that's like."
  • From The Bible (Judges 3:20-23): "Ehud then approached him while he was sitting alone in the upper room of his palace and said, 'I have a message from God for you.' As the king rose from his seat, Ehud reached with his left hand, drew the sword from his right thigh and plunged it into the king's belly."
  • Uttered by one Walking Spoiler to another in Black Legion right before gutting him with a chainsword:
  • Bored of the Rings: "...and this is your gall bladder, right above your chitlins!"
  • Horror novel Boring Girls has one that's simultaneously this, a Title Drop, and an Ironic Echo as Rachel strikes down Balthazar, reminding him of his earlier quip.
    Rachel: I thought you were sick of boring girls.
  • Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM, in Cain's Last Stand: "Commissar Donal sends his regards."
    • Which in some way also counts as Pre-Asskicking One-Liner.
    • From The Traitor's Hand: "Impersonating an Inquisitor is a capital offence."explanation
  • The Comfortable Courtesan: In her final confrontation with the State Sec blackmailer Osgood Clorinda draws her pistol and declares "Silence to the death!". Osgood assumes she's threatening suicide and mocks her because he thinks she won't go through with it. Clorinda declares "Not my death" and shoots him.
  • Discworld:
    • In Hogfather, Death gets in one when taking down the Auditors:
    And now there remains only one final question. Have you been naughty...or nice? Ho, ho, ho.
    • The Fifth Elephant sees Sam Vimes avert this trope, consciously so. As he takes down a psychopathic rogue werewolf who is resisting arrest, he refrains from making any quips about the manner of the werewolf's death because, in the mind of copper Vimes, to do so would cross a line from "the dangerous suspect died whilst resisting arrest" into "pre-meditated murder". note 
  • The Dresden Files:
    Duchess Adrianna: Cattle. You are c-cattle.
    Harry Dresden: Moo.
    • Although if his first shot had succeeded beforehand his phrase would have been "Bitch, Come get some." Which would have also worked well.
  • Forever and a Death: Bennett after torturing Jerry by shoving a sock into his mouth and keeping it forcibly shut to nearly suffocate him then proceeds to tell him that He Knows Too Much and remind him of an old saying about keeping quiet: specifically "Put a sock in it." After which he shoves the sock back into his mouth and lets him die.
  • Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus:
    • Percy gets an awesome one in on Polybotes.note 
      Percy: "I’d like you to meet my friend Terminus. He’s a god." *thunk*
    • Frank has a good one on Alcyoneus.note 
      Frank: "Welcome to Canada, idiot."
    • Nico has a cold one during his confrontation with Bryce Lawrence.note 
      Nico: "You're already dead. You're a ghost with no tongue, no memory. You won't be sharing any secrets."
      Bryce: "No! No, I am Bryce Lawrence! I'm alive!"
      Nico: "Who are you?"
  • A classic example from the Honor Harrington series in Ashes of Victory:
    Oscar Saint-Just: So now what? A big show trial before the execution? Proof of my 'crimes' for the Proles and the newsies?
    Thomas Theisman: No. I think we've had enough of those sorts of trials. Good-bye, Citizen Chairman.
    • Shadow of Freedom raises the stakes with this conversation between Sir Aivars Terekhov and Brigadier Yucel:
    Terekhov: I can’t say it’s been a pleasure speaking to you, Brigadier. Educational, yes, in a disgusting sort of way, but not a pleasure. In fact, I’m just as happy we won’t be speaking again.
    Yucel: Good. Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind and decide to shoot a couple of dozen of them to hurry you on your way!
  • InCryptid: Alex to an Evil Poacher (who has kidnapped several gorgon children) in the novella The Measure of a Monster:
    Poacher: Wait, Alex? Alex Price. What the fuck man? I thought your people were on humanity's side.
    Alex: We're conservationists. The human race is currently of least concern. Now give me the keys, before I make you extinct.
  • From Mickey Spillane's I, The Jury, the hero detective Mike Hammer has just shot the villain: "The roar of the .45 shook the room. Charlotte staggered back a step. Her eyes were a symphony of incredulity, an unbelieving witness to truth. Slowly, she looked down at the ugly swelling in her naked belly where the bullet went in. "How could you?" she gasped. I had only a moment before talking to a corpse, but I got it in. "It was easy," I said.
  • Johannes Cabal Johannes is a pithy man who usually only employs lethal force, or no violence at all. As a result he tends to have several of these. When stranded in a pocket dimension with no sense of time that has turned the other inhabitants into dull automatons who repeat actions over and over, Cabal takes a croquette bat from one, ostensibly to help take a shot. "Tricky shot." He says-before bludgeoning the man dead in one swing (it doesn't take).
    • In Johannes Cabal and the Fear Institute Johannes and a man are staring over a cliff edge, which , Cabal says, two things at the bottom. When asked what they are, he says the remains of the former occupant, then he pushes the other man and says "And very" (it also doesn't take).
  • Journey to Chaos: At the close of Dengel and Eric's duel at the climax, Dengel says "I would advise you to remember that for your next life but you are not going to have one." When Eric springs his trap and turns the tables, he says one in return as part of his "No More Holding Back" Speech.
  • Njal's Saga: Bergthóra's hitman Atli finds his target Kol tying packsaddles, and asks him how his work his getting on. Kol predictably retorts that it's none of his business. Atli then informs him that "The hardest job is ahead of you, and that is, to die!"
    With that Atli hurled his spear at him and pierced him through the middle.
  • In the Red Dwarf novel, Better Than Life, Talkie Toaster uses his signature line "Hey pal, you want some toast?" right before taking down a giant polymorph monster with a pair of super heated ashtrays.
  • Outcast of Redwall: "You have lived like a coward, now die like a soldier, sah!"
  • In the Repairman Jack book Fatal Error, Jack gets ambushed and held at knife point by some guys who describe how they're going to torture him to death. Earlier in the scene, he tells them that if you're in a fair fight it means you didn't prepare enough. When he breaks free and pulls a gun out, he says, "You didn't prepare enough" before shooting them. This is especially awesome because Jack doesn't usually do one-liners, being a pragmatic fighter.
  • In Return of the Living the ghost protagonist Alma is going to merge consciousness with the villain Professor, which they both know from the Professor attempting to merge ghosts with living beings could destroy either or both of them and which the Professor reminds her. Alma laughs off her attempts to disuade her and mocks her adversary's fear.
    What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.
  • From the Old Icelandic Saga of Grettir the Strong: Thorfinn had made a botched attempt on Thorgeir's life and left his axe behind. Years later, cue the following exchange:
    “Here I bring you your axe!”, said Thorgeir. Then he struck at Thorfinn's neck and cut off his head.
  • In the Sherlock Holmes story "The Solitary Cyclist," Carruthers tries to avert the scheme he'd hatched with Jack Woodley to gain the inheritance of a young woman named Violet Smith by marrying her to Woodley. Carruthers, Holmes, and Watson arrive just after the ceremony is finished.note 
    Woodley: You're too late. She's my wife!
    Carruthers: No, she's your widow. [BANG.]
  • In Sidhe-Devil, Rudi Bergmonk catches the man most responsible for him being forced to kill his eldest brother. The guy tries to surrender. Rudi, a crook who's working with Doc Sidhe only in order to avenge his brother, replies, "You've mistaken me for one of the good [guys]." Bang.
  • Spoofed at one point in the Skulduggery Pleasant series:
    Vaurien Scapegrace: Valkyrie Cain, welcome to death.
    Valkyrie Cain: That is such a stupid thing to say.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has several:
    • In A Game of Thrones Ned Stark recalls when he fought and killed Ser Arthur Dayne at the Tower of Joy. It is somewhat downplayed by the fact that Ned doesn't mean it as a boast or a taunt, but a sad and foreboding rumination on how even more men are about to die in battle in a war that is already over:
      Ser Arthur Dayne: And now it begins. (unsheathes his sword)
      Ned Stark: (with sadness in his voice) No. Now it ends.
    • A particularly dark one that later becomes a plot point from Roose Bolton before he slays Robb Stark.
      Roose: Jaime Lannister sends his regards.
    • Ser Gregor Clegane, before he crushes Oberyn Martell's skull.
      Gregor: Elia of Dorne. I killed her screaming whelp. Then I raped her. Then I smashed her fucking head in. Like this.
    • Littlefinger to Lysa. He tells her he has only ever loved one woman, and Lysa believes he means her and lowers her guard. Then Littlefinger adds a little addendum:
      Littlefinger: Only Cat.
  • A pretty awesome one comes from one of the A Song of Ice and Fire prequels, The Princess and the Queen. Hugh Hammer had betrayed the side he was fighting for in a war, and then tried to set himself up as a king because he figured that he could do anything due to being a Dragon Rider. He became so hated that Jon Roxton, a member of the side Hugh had defected to before attempting to name himself king, decided to kill him. Just as a battle was starting to break out and there was chaos all around, (and Hammer was far away from his dragon) Roxton walked up to Hammer, and we get this exchange:
    Jon Roxton: Lord Hammer, my condolences.
    Hugh Hammer: For what?
    Jon Roxton: You died in the battle. [cuts Hugh near in half with his sword]
  • In a Spelljammer novel The Maelstrom's Eye happened when a half-kender who "studied art of some kind" in "some place called Kozakura" decided she's a Combat Pragmatist after all. So she picked up a double-barrelled scro harpoon-bombard and walked to the thing's previous owner, about twice her height.
    Gaeadrelle Goldring: My sensei is going to hate me for this. Sayonara.
  • In the novel version of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, before Darth Vader kills Gunray:
    Gunray: Please! He said... we'd be left in peace!
    Vader: The transmission was garbled. He said you'd be left in pieces.
    • The entire scene is filled with these and Bond One-Liners, from the moment Vader enters the room:
      San Hill: On the behalf of the leadership of the Confederation of Independent Systems, let me be the first to...
      Vader: Very well. You will be the first. [seals the doors]
  • Adolin Kholin gets a very satisfying one at the end of Words of Radiance in The Stormlight Archive when he muders Sadeas, the man who has repeatedly tried to politically undermine and murder his father even with the end of the world arriving.
    Adolin: My father thinks I'm a better man than he is. Unfortunately for you, he's wrong.
  • From Tales of Dunk and Egg by George R. R. Martin: "I told you. I'm better with a sword"
  • In Michael Crichton's Timeline, the douchey Big Bad's attempt to mock the hero turns back against him. He had been telling the hero he would have to 'watch his death happen,' but when the hero finds a way to burn him alive before exploding him into pieces, he charmingly repeats the Badman's douchey line 'Watch it happen,' which sounds infinitely more badass in our hero's mouth.
  • "See you in Hades, fuckwit!"- Lucifer Niggerbastard, Chapter 12 (The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard)
    • Because of an empty cartridge, Lucifer does not actually kill Turnus.
  • Warrior Cats: One notable example is Firestar's final line before killing Tigerstar's spirit in The Last Hope:
    Firestar: You lived like a rogue. You can die like a rogue!''
  • The Wheel of Time
    Mat: "I've come to give you your gift back, Mordeth. I consider our debt paid in full."
  • A slight subversion in Eoin Colfer's The Wish List, considering both people involved are already dead. Meg Finn has earned her final reward and is on the fast track up the tunnel towards Heaven, but the dog/human hybrid spirit of Belch Brennan attempts to drag her in the opposite direction, prompting (according to Saint Peter afterwards) the first instance of violence in the tunnel, accompanied by this:
    Belch, you can go to Hell! (kick to the face)
  • In Stephen King's Wolves of the Calla, a character tells the legend of Lady Oriza, who, before killing Gray Dick, who killed her father, tells him this: "May your first day in hell last ten thousand years, and may it be the shortest."


    Tabletop Games 
  • Lampshaded in Regimental Standard, a humorous marketing website for Warhammer 40,000 under the guise of in-universe military bulletins with an article about helping troops suss out Ork infiltrators. It states one of the things your Commissar should be saying before summarily executing a Guardsman is a final benediction for their soul with addition "Or at the very least, a withering/witty retort." in a footnote, instead of the Orkish Battle Cry "Waaagh!"

  • After ascending to Dark Messiah status in Black Friday, Linda gets a particuarly good one when her cult captures Frank and Lex.
    Frank: Please! Let me go! For the love of God!
    Linda: [chuckles] I've met God. He had nothing nice to say about you. [slits his throat with a boxcutter]
  • Jekyll and Hyde:
    "Bad news from God, Teddy."
    • Most of Hyde's victims get this treatment, including "General, I'm happy to inform you that you have been relieved from your duties... All of them!", and "You shouldn't wear your diamonds out on the street; you never know who you might encounter!", and all of them happen during short breaks in which the music gets softer in a big musical number.
  • In Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical adaptation of Sunset Boulevard, as Joe Gillis is attempting to leave Norma after telling her the truth about her "fantasies" of being a silent film star, she angrily sings out this line before fatally shooting him not once, not twice, but three times:
  • William Shakespeare's works:
    • In Richard II, the titular monarch gets a rare moment of badassery when dispatching one of his own assassins:
      Richard: Go thou and fill another room in Hell.
    • In Hamlet, when Hamlet learns that his blade is poisoned, he finally turns it on his Evil Uncle Claudius.
      Hamlet: Then, venom, to thy work! [stabs him]
  • In Puccini's opera Tosca, the titular character has sold herself to Scarpia in exchange for her lover Mario's life. Scarpia signs the papers for Mario's release and pulls Tosca in for the promised price. But before he can start anything, Tosca pulls out her previously stored knife and sticks him right in the chest, defiantly shouting "Questo è il bacio di Tosca!" (This is Tosca's kiss!) and as he dies on the floor she tauntingly asks him if is blood is choking him.

    Theme Parks 
  • At Universal Studios:
    • In The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad, before the title character kills Miseria by setting her on fire, he says, "'re fired!"
    • Subverted in the Jaws ride, the skipper says, "Eat THIS!" while firing at the shark while it's getting electrocuted, but it's soon after revealed that the shark survived this, albeit briefly.
    • EVAC in Transformers: The Ride says, "He wants the Allspark? He can have it!" before killing Megatron with the Allspark.

    Visual Novels 
  • At the end of every class trial in Danganronpa, right before the killer's execution, Monokuma has one.
    Monokuma: "Let's give it everything we got! It's... PUNISHMENT TIME!!!"

    Web Animation 
  • From the Grand Finale of Broken Saints:
    Oran: I BELIEVE!
  • In the season 3 finale of Five Nights at Freddy's: Forgotten Events, William Afton is about to use the device but nothing happens, only for him to see Springtrap in possession of the Power Stone before he gets wiped out by him.
    William Afton: I am the king of the world. (uses the device, but it doesn't work)
    Springtrap: (shows the Power Stone in his hand) And I... always... come back.
  • Lobo (Webseries): Just after Lobo put an Explosive Cigar to Tubo's mouth and before he detonates it, he says "Don't forget to floss, fatass!"
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • After Donut throws a grenade halfway across Blood Gulch and it hits Tex in the tank: "Hell yeah! Three points, you dirty whore!"
    • Parodied in episode 33 when Church pulls off a string of these at O'Malley while Tex mutters in the background — "You're a real headache—" "What?" "—and I've got a gun full of aspirin." "That was terrible!" "It's time to split—" "Now that's just embarrassing." "—personality..."
    • One of the bonus videos, called "Sargeisms", is entirely dedicated to Sarge giving off large quantities of Bond and Pre-Mortem One-Liners.
    • From Church's string of one-liners: "I've got half a mind to kill you— and the other half agrees."
    • Subverted in episode 3 of "Revelation". Sarge aims his gun and begins to deliver his one-liner, only to fire before he's finished the sentence. The target ends up surviving as well.
      Sarge: Agent Wash, you just got— [explosion] Aw, damn it! I messed up my one-liner!
    • Sarge does eventually get one out when Grif and Simmons help him take down the Meta by using a jeep to drag him off a cliff. Doubles as a Brick Joke.
      Sarge: Hey, Meta, settle a bet. Does that thing kinda look like a big cat to ya?
    • At the end of Red vs. Blue: The Chorus Trilogy, when the Blood Gulch Crew has Felix pinned down and unable to redirect his shield:
      Tucker: Hey, Felix! Catch. [tosses a grenade at Felix's feet]
    • In Season 16, Sarge's pre-emptive kill of Season 15's Big Bad (who actually is an actor playing him in a movie):
      Sarge: Hey, Temple. Sayonara, dirtbag!
  • A few examples appear in RWBY:
    • After their climatic battle in Volume 3, Cinder Fall prepares to kill Pyrrha Nikos, but not before her victim asks a question.
      Pyrrha: Do you believe in destiny?
      Cinder: Yes.
    • In "The Lost Fable", Salem and her husband end up fighting to the death when the husband tried to abandon her to continue his Mission from God. In the end, as he's slowly bleeding out, she pins him in place and bitterly berates him for giving up their chance at being the god rulers of the world.
      Salem: We finally had freedom!
  • In Alphabet, G somehow delivers one before shooting who he believes is F.
    G: GG.

  • Parodied in 8-Bit Theater, where the Light Warriors are attempting to come up with a pre-mortem one-liner. Black Mage says one so bad that it kills the very enemy he was attempting to taunt.
    "Astos? Mo' like, yo' ass is toast!"
    • Red Mage is worse:
      "I think 'ass toes' is very appropriate. Because, you see, we're going to kick your ass, and that will put our toes in close proximity to..."
    • So is Fighter:
      "We will fight to the death! (It will be your death)"
  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: This quote at the end of a two page scene where the Doctor educates and demonstrates proper one-liner delivery:
    "A properly-executed pre-mortem One-Liner is vital to our health. It intimidates our enemies, pumps us up, and most importantly, that little satisfaction from some quick wit goes a long way in keeping us from buckling under the stress of it all."
    • Further parodied when Gordito tries to put this advice into practice and starts giving one liners with every kill.
    • It even gets used as a Brick Joke at the end of "Punch Dracula": Gordito says nothing when he shoots the Ghost Wizard, but that's because he's saving the one-liner for much later. The Alt Text even lampshades this.
    • An alternate-universe Chuck Goodrich has a good one in this panel
  • In Concerned, Gordon Frohman almost succeeds in sneakily killing Gordon Freeman, if not for his inability to come up with one of these.
  • Crimson Dark, Chapter 01: Page 22. Kari takes control of the Niobe's guns as the enemy closes in. Doubles as The Triple.
    Kari: Sorry, guys, but this is what happens when you destroy my ship, kill my friends, come after my rescuers, and fly level while in formation.
  • Curse Quest Mogarth, says "Good night, little bear" before he kills the ulvorn trio.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: Gast Carcolh to Frieza: "He who lives by the sword... will perish by the sword!"
  • In El Goonish Shive, just before Magus kills Sirleck, the killer points out their own suspicious behavior from earlier — specifically, gratuitously not noticing the victim's suspicious behavior. "Should've been a red flag."
  • Zola of Girl Genius, when pulling her ass from the Death Trap of "the Other" delivers one for each of the two remaining conscious people in the underground lab she thinks she's leaving to their deaths:
    Zola: Later, Tarvek. Oh, well, maybe not. 'Bye, auntie! I'll tell your other selves "hello" from you!
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Belkar to a goblin mook:
      I got a riddle for you. What's green and black, squeals like a pig, and has two pieces of steel where its lungs used to be?
      * stab*
    • Unnamed cleric to Old Blind Pete (encouraged by Belkar):
      Maybe we ought to start calling you... Brainy Pete.*
    • Lampshaded when Haley is about to kill Bozzok. She gives a rather boring one liner ("End of the road for you"), but Belkar interferes:
      Belkar: WAIT!
      Haley: Ugh, what?
      Belkar: Don't you think you should make some kickass one liner before you finish him off? You know, Arnie style?
      Haley: Oh yeah, right. I forgot.
    • Elan delivers one to Kubota after the latter killed Therkla, though Kubota surrenders before Elan can actually kill him: "You were her captain... now you're going down with her ship."
    • Redcloak gives the Resistance one of these, right before he wipes them out completely.
    • In strip #906, Nale gets one by nonchalantly commenting on the weather. It must be seen to be understood, but as a hint, he's about to kill a vampire.
      Nale: Beautiful day, don't you think? Not a cloud in the sky.
    • Tarquin, just like his sons, gets one: "As you wish, son."
    • Haley gets to deliver such a one-liner to Crystal twice, due to Crystal being revived as a flesh golem after the first time.
      Haley: IF Bozzok raises you, tell him the deal is off. I'm not paying him one copper piece ever again. NOT ONE. And I'll kill anyone he sends after me. (first time)
      Haley: The other reason is that I’m about to kill you again because you’re a sadistic unrepentant murderer who's a danger to, like, everyone. (second time)
  • Problem Sleuth kills the Eldritch Abomination Fluthlu by using Trusty Knives to cut the power to a portal through which Fluthlu peeks in, thus causing a Portal Cut, but not before this gem:
    "Hate to cut and run..."
  • Used in this questionably existent strip of Questionable Content.
  • Rusty and Co., when Prestige Perkins shot a Badger into the mouth of V'innie:
    Buon Appetito.
  • Sgt. Schlock almost had one... (too bad his gun's auto-targeting software wasn't smart enough for the rotating reference frame):
    Ebbirnoth: Sorry. Captain's orders. We need to keep collateral damage down. The shotgun is a good compromise.
    Schlock: I didn't grab the shotgun. I grabbed the shortbarrel rotary fifty and six cases of ammo.
  • Unsounded: When Irma is about to blow up an Aldish secret keeper, who as a Konn is modified to be bigger than a regular human with an expanded lifespan, she tells him;
    They say you giants live 400 years...that's really a best case scenario isn't it.
  • Parodied when xkcd suggests various phrases ordered by their "probability of becoming action movie one-liners", going from "You're going down the memory hole now, asshole." (deemed the most likely) to successively more absurd ones, such as "Guess you should've scrolled all the way to the bottom before clicking 'agree'."
  • Zokusho Comics: After killing a room full of mafia henchmen and standing in front of his former boss, Serge gets an excellent one.
    Giovanni: "Last words... I have a few if you're willing to listen to them."
    Serge: "I think I just did."

    Web Original 
  • In Tribe Twelve, Milo Asher gives one to his evil mother before shooting her with a gun.
    Mary Asher: There are things I still don't know like, how to kill Mr. Slim or who Mr. Scars is...!
    Milo Asher: Well, I got news for you, mom. I'm Mr Scars!
  • The Adventure Zone: Balance: Say it with me: "Abracafuckyou!"
  • Scott The Woz gives one in the episode Anime Games, as he finishes off Dr. Anna May by using his copy of Mighty No. 9:
  • Matthew Mercer, the DM of Critical Role, always identifies the killing blow of a fight with the phrase "How do you want to do this?" This leaves it open for the players to come up with all kinds of great one-liners:
    • Scanlan decapitates King Murghol after failing to enchant him into doing a headstand:
    • Slightly post-mortem, but one of the most beloved ones, against Clarota:
      Percy: Some people have no sense of fucking honor!
    • Guest-Star Party Member Zahra against one adult White Dragon:
      Rimefang: You...can't!
      Zahra: Yes, I fucking can!
    • And another good Percy one, when he goes a little Ax-Crazy in Episode 25:
      Percy: You fool, your soul is forfeit! DIE! DIE!
    • Yet another excellent Percy line when he kills Professor Anders, his personal tutor who betrayed his family to be slaughtered:
      Percy: You're the face I saw when murder entered my heart.
    • Kerrek gets in three words—simple, blunt, and tearjerkingly earnest—as he slays Raishan at last, bringing an end to the unquantifiable damage she's done to Vox Machina:
      Kerrek: No. No further.
    • Eternally the master of this, Percy finally gets one in on Delilah Briarwood seconds before painting the walls with her brains in Episode 102:
    Percy: Delilah! Even if we all die was fucking worth it.
    • In Season 2, Caleb cinches a moment of glory with a fantastic one of these as he burns monstrous Hero Killer Lorenzo alive:
      Caleb: You shouldn't have killed my cat.
  • Tallis of Dragon Age: Redemption, after interrogating a killer in Chapter 1:
    Tallis: Your god here's called Andraste, right?
    Killer: The brave and beautiful.
    Tallis: Sounds like we'd get along... Say hello for me. [knife through the neck]
  • Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged:
    • Polneraff gives one to Vanilla Ice after Ice bisects Iggy and kicks him away.
      Polneraff: Vanilla Ice! You're about to be...Under Pressure.
      Vanilla Ice: Man, that didn't make a lick of sense-OHMYGOD!
    • Dio Brando gives one to Kakyoin upon using The World.
      Dio: I think I'll end your life with class. (The World punches through Kakyoin's side) Guess your kung-fu couldn't help you now!
  • From Taralynn's web-story Magical Girl Policy, we have Robert recently transformed into the newest magical girl cheerleader Spirit Guard Serenity, show off her gamer background as she gets ready to use a magical girl-style attack on the now helpless mannequin-monster, Day LaMode: "Good game. Well played."
  • Subverted in Entry #86 of Marble Hornets:
    Alex: Everyone is dead! Sarah, Seth, Jessica, Amy, Brian, Jay, and now you!
    (Alex strangles Tim, Tim ends up stabbing Alex in the side of the neck)
    Tim: You missed someone.
  • From Ninja the Mission Force, before Gordon strangles the boombox ninja with cassette tape note : "I hope you're into death metal."
  • Subverted in Rooster Teeth's "Let's Play Minecraft". One episode had Jack spotting Gavin walking along in the dark and decides to ambush him. As he does, he cries out "Surprise, motherfucker!". He, then, proceeds to fall into a hole right in front of him, prompting him to say "Oh, goddammit, I fell!"
  • Shadowhunter Peril has this awesome exchange between Umbra Darkholme, an Ascended Demon, and Azazel, an evil Voluntary Shapeshifter. Umbra even turned Azazel's One-Liner around.
    Azazel: You're old. Washed up. Your power is MINE.
    Umbra: I don't think so. [puts Azazel in a Neck Lift] I'm a Greater Demon. Absorbing me won't kill me. But, you're just an Eidolon. Granted a powerful one, but not a Greater Demon. Not a Greater Demon at all. [proceeds to begin drainig Azazel of his life force] Your overconfidence is your undoing. [drops Azazel, who falls into a Crucified Villain Shot and turns into dust; Umbra walks away without a word]
  • Smashbits Animations's If Undertale Was Realistic:
    • "So you're turning on me too. Great, I guess I'm having fish for dinner!"
    • "You made a great snail, Sans, now it's time to make a great corpse."
  • In the RiffTrax of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, when the Enterprise launches its homing torpedo, Bill cracks out "Now is the winter of kick your ass, made glorious summer by my foot."
  • A rather dark one is given by David in This Is War when he puts the barrel of his gun into the mouth of a vampire younger than him, and says "Your fault" before pulling the trigger.
  • In Worm: One passes when a hero has a villain at gunpoint.
    Calvert/Coil: You're not a killer.
    Taylor/Skitter: No... but I suppose, in a roundabout way, you made me into one.
  • ZeroLenny: Robolenny gets a big one fighting the final boss of Code Vein:
    Robolenny: It's finally over, you big stinky weeb. I've got one last thing to say to you; DO YOU WANT A FUCKING SLAP!?
  • Puppet History: After Ryan successfully wishes the real Professor back, their reunion is cut short when the hologram Professor who took over for Season 5 (it's a long story) still tries to kill Ryan. Beef Man however has none of it, and casually grabs him before giving this gem of a line and yeeting the hologram out the window.
    Ryan: Class dismissed you little blue ballsack.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time: Lemongrab, just before destroying Matthew in "The Mountain":
    If you are the head that floats atop the ziggurat, then the stairs that lead to you must be infinite! Infinite stairs are UNACCEPTABLE!
  • Amphibia:
    • In "Anne-sterminator", when Anne is about to finish off the Cloak-bot for good, she calls out: "Not on my watch!"
    • In "Froggy Little Christmas" when Anne is about to use her float's tree to destroy Andrias' prototype drone:
      Anne: Hey, Andrias! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
      Andrias: Hey, thanks! You too!...Wait, no!!!
  • Archer: It's a Running Gag that eponymous hero and James Bond expy Archer is terrible at these. He usually winds up pausing and saying, "Wait ... damn. I had something for this." On one occasion when he was stumped he went with "Eat grenade, stupids!"
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender Subverted in the Grand Finale, when the Avatar makes it very clear it intends to kill Ozai, but Aang stops what would have been the last attack before it hits Ozai. Even with the subversion, it is pretty awesome.
    Avatar: Fire Lord Ozai! You and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world! And now, you shall pay the ultimate price!
  • Used frequently in The Batman.
    The Joker: (after feeding Mayor Adam West spicy chili and putting a hose full of gasoline in his mouth) Now remember, chili gives you gas!
    • This instance was subverted in that Batman saved the day, so don't worry.
    • And in The Batman vs. Dracula.
      Dracula: I am the Prince of Darkness!
      Batman: Rise and shine. [activates a solar machine]
      • The true Pre-Mortem One Liner comes just after he activates the solar machine as Dracula realizes how he got the solar machine.
        Dracula: "You are... Bruce Wayne!"
        Batman: "And The Batman. And you're dust". (Cue bat-silhouette with the cape, then a final drop kick.)
  • From Batman Beyond, when Mr Freeze was revived, he went on a rampage, and killed the doctor who revived and later betrayed him, using an Ironic Echo of her own words.
    Mr. Freeze: Remember: There may be some momentary discomfort.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold being the kind of show it is. Has a lot of these.
    The Joker: Hey boys! Stop me if you've heard THIS ONE before! *Fires his gun while doing an Evil Laugh*
  • Awesomely, awesomely subverted in Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys. The villainous Rhesus-2 (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) has our heroes cornered. He says, "This is the moment where I say something clever, then kill you." (Beat) "Sorry. Nothing clever comes to mind." (Rhesus fires his blaster into the camera; cut to commercial).
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • Parodied in "Operation: L.I.C.E.". Numbuh Five is just moments away to pressing the (nacho) cheese purge button (which is the poison to the lice) as a giant mother lice is eating her ponytail. All of the sudden, Numbuh Two comes in, all battered and covered by baby lice, screaming:
      Numbuh Five & Lice Monster: Huh?
      Numbuh Two: You gotta say something cool first! Like: Say cheese, bub! Or Cheez to meet you! [Numbuh Five reaches over to press the button] Waitwaitwait! How about this one? Cheese! (BOOM!)
    • Zombified Numbuh 86 delivers one towards Numbuh 2 as she transforms him: "You're about to become as old as one of your jokes!" Numbuh Two again tries to give her some better ones to use until he's shut up by Facepalm Of Doom.
    • Ashely from Sector Z says "This is going to be delightful!" before she and her friends/team fight the zombified Sector V.
  • In The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Victor, about to shoot the Were-Rabbit with a golden bullet shaped like a root vegetable: "Eat carat, bunny boy." Fortunately, it was subverted.
  • Disney's Doug pokes fun at this with the movie-within-a-show Target Man. The lines are particularly cheesy. "Don't lose your head over it. <blam> Oops. Guess you did." "Breaking up is hard to do. <Blam>" "Make a wish. <Blam>"
  • Elena of Avalor:
    • Shuriki destroys or kills anything in one blow by calling out, "Vadisima!"
    • In "Song of the Sirenas", Elena yells, "BLAZE!" prior to unleashing said power with the Scepter of Light to destroy Shuriki for good.
  • In the Family Guy episode "The Big Bang Theory", Stewie fights his half-brother, Bertram:
    Stewie:: Hey, Bertram! What's your favorite kind of bottled water? Mine's Arrowhead! (shoots him in the head with a crossbow)
    • In "Emission Impossible", a shrunken Stewie chases a housefly:
      Stewie:: I'm afraid you're in a no-fly zone.
    • In "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", just after a cult leader has shown up at Stewie's birthday party looking for Meg:
      Cult Leader: What the hell is this?!
      Stewie: It's a boy!
    • I choke myself every day, you bastard.
  • Gravity Falls: In "Soos and the Real Girl" as Soos is about to defeat .GIFfany by destroying the Romance Academy 7 game disk:
    Soos: I say...GAME OVER, GIFFANY!
  • Journey to Saturn has "bund eller resten i håret" Translation.
  • In the first episode of Justice League Unlimited, Green Arrow pulls one before firing a carbon rod with an arrow at a giant nuclear-powered robot to disable it, allowing Supergirl to punch its head off.
    Green Arrow: Say ah, dirtbag.
  • Kim Possible: Used right before Kim kicks Shego off the roof of Drakken's latest evil lair, Bueno Nacho World HQ, into the radio tower transmitting the signal for his army of transforming mecha in So the Drama:
    Kim: Do you know what I really hate?
    Shego: That your... date melted? [takes fighting stance]
    Kim: Nah... you!
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: In "The Return of Raggedy Android", Jenny gives this to the Exo-Skin just before destroying it and returning to her true normal robot self.
    Exo-Skin: You're just a girl! It's not normal for girls to save boys!
    Jenny: Well, it's normal for THIS girl... to SAVE EVERYBODY!
  • The Legend of Korra: Zaheer gets an amazing one just before he murders the Earth Queen.
    Earth Queen Hou-Ting: You wouldn't dare attack a queen!
    Zaheer: Maybe I forgot to mention something to you. I don't believe in queens.
  • Rick and Morty:
    • One episode has Jerry delivering both Pre-Mortem and Bond One-Liners to a mutant praying mantis, neither of which had anything to do with the mutation.
      Mutant: You're not Morty.
      Jerry: [brandishing a crowbar] No, I'm Mr. Crowbar, and this is my friend, who is also a crowbar!
      Mutant: That's... stupid.
      Jerry: [after killing the mutant] Yeah, well look where being smart got you.
    • Earlier in the show, Poncho had a good one when he used a gas explosion to kill a giant pathogen:
      Poncho: [holding a lit match] Hey, gonorrhea, how's THIS for a burning sensation?!?
    • Summer, of all people, gets one in "Rickmancing the Stone" after crashing an Immortan Joe Expy's car.
      Joe (bleeding to death): K-kill me...
      Summer: Okay. But not because you told me to. (Boom, Headshot!)
    • Morty delivers one in "Ricky and Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular" just before torching Spider-Mutant FDR:
      Morty: How's this for a fireside chat?
  • Scooby frikin' Doo gets one in Episode 10 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. And it is awesome.
    Scooby (after running over the Fright Hound with a forklift): "Play dead."
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Itchy & Scratchy Land", before Bart dispatches a robotic mascot with a camera flash he says: "Hey mouse... Say Cheese!" He immediately lampshades this by saying "With a dry, cool wit like that, I could be an action hero..."
      • And is further parodied later when Homer, doing his own fair shake of robot-mascot-slaying, yells "Die, bad robots! Die!..." and then chuckles and says "With a dry, cool wit like that, I could be an action hero." Everyone ignores him.
      • In fact Bart cuts him off before Homer finishes.
    • In "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie", Bart is impersonating a Bond villain while melting a plastic 007 action figure in the microwave: "Stick around, Mr. Bond. Things are really starting... to cook."
    • In "Beyond Blunderdome", when Mel Gibson did his remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and goes on a shooting rampage: All those in favor, say die!
    • In the "Treehouse of Horror III" story "Dial Z for Zombie", Homer delivers some one-liners while taking down some zombified historical figures. These include, "Eat Lead, Einstein" and "Show's Over, Shakespeare".
    • Being a thinly-disguised version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rainier "McBain" Wolfcastle uses these.
      • The best was from the episode "The Bart Wants What It Wants", where Wolfcastle played a CIA agent posing as a nerd for some reason or another. After getting taunted by some jocks, he quips "The geek shall inherit the earth!"...and throws one of them through the other.
      • In "Last Exit To Springfield", McBain bursts out of an ice-sculpture of Venus DiMilo: Ice to see you! This was before Batman & Robin too.
      • In "The Heartbroke Kid", Rainer goes to a fat camp, and one exercise is throwing ice cream into a garbage can.
        Rainier: Here's the scoop: Your Haagen days are over! (throws scoop into garbage) I'm baskin' in your pain as I'm robbin' you of life! (throws scoop into garbage)
    • Double subverted in the Treehouse of Horror XXVI: when Sideshow Bob shoots Bart Simpson in the chest with a Harpoon Gun, and Bart tells him in a weak voice that he has made some stupid mistake:
      Bob: Not this time. [yanks the projectile from Bart's chest]
    • In the "Treehouse of Horror IX" story "Hell Toupée", Homer gets possessed by Snake, whose hair he'd picked up in his transplant, and goes after all the people who'd squealed on him. When he confronts Apu, Apu says "Snake? But, you're dead!", to which Snake!Homer says "I know you are, but what am I?" before murdering him.
  • In the Grand Finale of Sofia the First, Sofia delivers one as she uses the bright light of goodness in her heart to destroy Vor inside the Amulet of Avalor during the song "On Your/My Own".
    Sofia: My love will be...the!!!
  • South Park:
    • After Stan, Kyle and Kenny have weakened the ganker in "Make Love, Not Warcraft", Cartman's character's left foot stomps into view as the ganker falls to his hands and knees. Before smashing the ganker's head with his dwarf hammer, he sends him on his way with gamer talk.
      Cartman "Looks like you're about to get pwned."
    • PC Principal has this to say just before punching through Leslie's head in "PC Principal Final Justice":
      PC: You're expelled.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "Rookies":
    • Rex mockingly says "Roger, Roger." to the commando droid that opens the base doors before headshotting it.
    • Hevy does this twice. Firstly, after the reinforcing droids order him to open the bay doors, he retorts "Didn't say "please"!" before opening fire. Later, after being incapacitated, the droids wonder about whether they're supposed to take prisoners and he replies "I... don't." before setting off a set of hidden explosives and destroying the base.
  • Steven Universe:
    • In Season 3 opener "Super Watermelon Island", Alexandrite delivers one of these to the unstable fusion Malachite as she prepares to shoot her with an arrow.
    Alexandrite: [after lining up the shot]' You two should spend some time apart.
    • In the Future episode "Fragments", Steven gives one to an immobilized Jasper after overpowering her and preparing to finish her off:
    Steven: You're right, Jasper. I HAVE been holding back.
  • SWAT Kats; a minor villain announces "I'm outta here!", prompting Razor to level a bazooka at him from about ten feet away. "You said it." Bang. Did it get mentioned that SWAT Kats was completely kickass for a 90s kid's show?
  • VeggieTales: Mr. Nezzar has two in "Rack, Shack and Benny":
    • When he has the title characters on the Conveyor Belt o' Doom leading to the furnace, just before he has the "bad bunny" detector shunt them into the flames, Nezzar says, "I understand that you're BAD BUNNIES!"
    • Later, just before he has Mr. Lunt dump the title characters into the furnace, Nezzar says, "My truck seems to be full of garbage!"
  • On Teen Titans, Terra before knocking Slade into the lava says "You can't control me anymore!"
  • Xavier: Renegade Angel: In the episode "Chief Beef Loco," Skeeter-Beast gets one while throwing Shiny, a drug dealer who has metallic skin from having every cell in his body platinumed, into a vat of lava.
    Skeeter-Beast: That oughta give you time to reflect!


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