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  • Undertale:
    • The protagonist on a Genocide run quickly goes from hardened killer to getting "dunked on" repeatedly by the Final Boss, who counts every single time the poor child dies. A compilation of edited videos summarizing this Curb-Stomp Battle can be found here (spoilers!).
    • Mettaton, who doesn't even attack and only takes exactly one hit.
  • Bubsy the Bobcat is perhaps one of the most (in)famous examples in video game history. The complete failure of his own franchise, along with the character himself being insufferably annoying, has made Bubsy a common source of mockery among gamers (and the public in general).
  • Touhou:
    • Alice Margatroid, canonically the cold but well-meaning girl who happens to live next to Marisa's house, is constantly portrayed as being tsundere towards Marisa. She has an unusually large hate-base and is constantly shown being abused by other characters in fan-works. The worst of this is in the Yukkuri community...
    • Almost no-one in the fandom treats Hong Meiling as anything other than a joke, who is either getting knifed by Sakuya for sleeping on the job or being so terrible at her job in the first place that everyone in Gensokyo can get into the mansion whenever they want. It doesn't help that the Fighting Gaiden Games shows her route in Hisoutensoku being All Just a Dream while she... sleeps. But even through that embarrassment, she was ashamed of having fallen asleep (Sakuya even says she probably overworked herself, likely referring to defeating Patchouli in the library) and unlike most other gatekeepers, she at least functions by taking care of the flowers.
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    • Ran Yakumo is a nine-tailed fox (who are at Physical God levels in the relevant mythology) and EX-Boss. One of her roles in the fandom is restricted to getting teased by Yukari and squeeing over how cute Chen is. The other role is being a flasher. This is probably because her game of origin is the only one that features a Harder Than Hard "Phantasm" stage after the Extra stage, of which the boss is the aforementioned Yukari.
    • In canon, Kaguya Houraisan is an Immortal lunar princess with powerful time-warping abilities, and actually one of the harder bosses in higher difficulties. In fanon, she's a NEET who can't do anything but "HELP ME, EIRIN!!". Note that in the actual game, it's Kaguya who comes to Eirin's aid. However, also note that Eirin is canonically far more powerful than Kaguya.
    • Shou Toramaru will never live down losing the pagoda and having to get Nazrin to find it for her, despite it being her explicit ability to be able to find treasures. Combine this with Nazrin as her Beleaguered Assistant, and you have the perfect comedy duo.
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    • Cirno is a bizarre example who gets both the Memetic Badass and Memetic Loser treatment. On one hand you have those who think she has the power to freeze the world, and on the other you have those who think she gets beaten up by other low-level characters (or even frogs) on a regular basis. It helps that she really is weak by Gensokyo character standards, being only a stage 2 (out of seven) boss, and that's on a good day. She is, however, abnormally strong for her species, of which most members are mooks. She's also infamous for her special attack Icicle Fall which, on Easy Mode, can be completely dodged simply by sitting in front of her, even though on all other modes it's actually a very nasty attack.
    • Rika has absolutely zero useful combat powers and relies on using self-built tanks in order to fight. One would think that taking on the ridiculously powerful individuals of Gensokyo like this would be a formula for awesome, and she almost manages to take out the main character of the game, but her whiny personality and tendency to cry after being defeated, causes most people to characterize her as being a Bratty Half-Pint. Despite the fact that her Evil Eye Sigma tank is widely considered to be the hardest extra stage boss of the series.
    • Poor Reisen Udongein Inaba. Canonically a stage 5 boss (second-to-final) who can induce insanity, shoot Eye Beams, mold her enemies' senses like putty, up to and including becoming invisible, and whose ability to manipulate all kinds of "waves" apparently extends to soundwaves, making it unclear where her limits even lie. Fanon? Just a useless little bunny, only good for her sex appeal. It does not help that Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth does turn her into a massive Butt-Monkey.
    • Reimu Hakurei is often portrayed as absolutely destitute and hungry for money due to the fact that her shrine never receives donations. Less wholesome artists sometimes depict her as resorting to...certain activities in order to earn coin.
    • The Aki Sisters managed to score at the bottom of one popularity poll. The fandom had a field day with this.
  • Gundam Seed Destiny: Lunamaria Hawke, thanks mostly to her appearances in the Super Robot Wars games. While she missed a pretty big target once during the series (and the following times she opened fire during the series she had average marksmanship), the games turned it into her having outrageously bad aim (of the "wouldn't hit the moon if she was standing on it" variety) and she became a Joke Character.
  • Mega Man:
  • Mike Dawson from Dark Seed II. In the first game, he was fairly competent, but the sequel turned him into a whiny, ineffective, moronic, cowardly manchild who, among other things, spends a sizable chunk of the game finding ways to cheat at carnival games he can't win. One of the last "puzzles" in the game has him figuring out how to open his closet... by just realizing that his mother only pretended to lock it when he was a child and he had never considered that it might have been unlocked at some point in the intervening decades. If you mention this to his mother she makes fun of him. This is canon.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Tingle is a 35 year-old man who dresses in a green onesie and wishes to become a fairy. He's meant to be a Manchild and is loved by the Japanese fanbase... But the Western fanbase loathes him. When you have a trope called "Americans Hate Tingle" named after you, you know you're this.
    • The Hylian Captain from Hyrule Warriors is perceived by many fans of the game as being completely useless; fans claim that all he ever does is ask for help or get killed, and some sites like GameFAQs have come up with incredibly lame movesets for him to use if he were a playable character. That said, his Raid counterpart is considered to be an utter badass who can take on Ganon by himself and win.
  • Glass Joe, from Punch-Out!!, is a loser, no questions asked. Look at his win/loss record, though, and notice that he has a record of 99 losses... and one win. This begs the question: who the hell is enough of a loser (or is kind enough) to be beaten by Glass Joe? (Nick Bruiser, apparently.)
  • Spelunker will forever be remembered as one of the most fragile video game characters of all time for his inability to survive bat guano, pits anyone else could just easily climb out of, or falls greater than a few inches.
  • While the Silver Surfer is unambiguously badass in his usual appearances, his NES incarnation will forever be remembered as a weakling who falls over and Face Palms in shame if he does as little as nudge a rubber duck with his board.
  • Lester the Unlikely gets this for running in fear from sea turtles alone. While he does get better as the game progresses and fights off threats that would terrify normal people such as giant spiders and pirates, players usually never get that far and will always view him as a stereotypical, easily frightened nerd. Even some of those who did make it or at least know about his Character Development view him this way too.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Pokémon:
    • If there is a single Pokémon that is the most well known for being flat out terrible, it's Luvdisc, a pink heart-shaped Pokémon based on a discus fish. Its stats are comparable to basic Pokémon, but it doesn't evolve, nor does it stand out in any other way apart from occasionally holding a useful item. Whenever Luvdisc comes up on discussions about competitive battling, people will spend most of the article on how bad it is. Could've changed if Game Freak made Alomomola its evolved form, but they got kept separate.
    • Second to Luvdisc is Spinda, whose only defining characteristic is there are over 4 million possible sprites and textures for it.
    • There's also Delibird who, similar to the previous two, has stats comparable to a basic unevolved Pokémon, and has the worst Hidden Ability ever thanks to Department of Redundancy Department.
    • The Bulbasaur line, while not bad per se, got Overshadowed by Awesome with Blastoise and Charizard. Its typing (Grass/Poison, which, to say the least, gave it a lot of weaknesses) also made it a Tier-Induced Scrappy. Even when its final evolution, Venusaur, got Rescued from the Scrappy Heap in Generation V and VI, it's still portrayed as the runt among the Kanto starters by fans.
    • Pokémon that have fallen victim to a Nerf or the general Power Creep of the series are bound to be made fun of by at least part of the fanbase. The biggest victim of this is probably Flareon.
    • Talonflame became an even bigger example of this as of the 7th generation, where it suffered what can only be described as a Trauma Conga Line of nerfs. First, Gale Wings was nerfed to only work when the user is at full HP (meaning Stealth Rock, already a bad move for Talonflame, ruins it) Then, three Pokemon were introduced with abilities that outright block priority. (Bruxish, Tsareena and Tapu Lele) Finally, Talonflame's true nightmare, a priority Rock type move, was introduced. (Talonflame takes 4x damage from Rock moves) It quickly went from one of the most feared competitive Pokemon to the butt of many jokes.
    • Prior to release of Pokémon Black and White, Oshawott were seen as huge Memetic Losers who were ugly, sad-looking, and weren't as cool as "Smugleaf". This led to a near instant meme of portraying them as The Woobie. After release though, the meme died out due to the fact that it evolves into the reasonably Badass Adorable Dewott and then into the straight up badass Samurott.
    • Delphox in Pokémon X and Y, who is mocked for not being as good as Greninja. It mainly suffers from a middling offensive typing, a lackluster hidden ability and Poor, Predictable Rock (Which is especially egregious since it's a sorcerer, which normally have very diverse movesets in other games), but many now use the Kalos Fire Starter as an example of how far Psychic types have fallen since their reign of terror in Gen I.
    • Popplio had similar reactions to Oshawott upon their reveal prior to the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Just like Oshawott, this mostly dissipated when its evolved forms were revealed.
    • Out of all the Starter Pokémon though, the one considered to be the absolute worst is Chikorita. In its debut game, it does poorly against the majority of the challenges the game throws at you. It has no advantage against any of the Johto Gyms and Elite Four outside of one or two cases and does poorly against Team Rocket's Poison Pokémon. It also has poorly distributed stats (It's meant to be a Mighty Glacier, but its pure Grass typing leaves it with a myriad of weaknesses) and a shallow movepool. About the only thing it has going for it is that it's very cute and remains so as it evolves.
    • Out of the three teams of Pokémon GO, Team Instinct is the one that's most often mocked as stupid and weak due to being the smallest team and for having the least threatening-looking leader. The other teams are not immune to this, however. Team Valor is often stereotyped as being absurdly reckless and obsessive. Team Mystic (and Valor) can also be this in areas where they lack strength.
    • Most Pokémon Diamond and Pearl fanworks have the female protagonist, Dawn, as the main character. This leaves her Spear Counterpart, Lucas, left as a side-character. Lucas often gets shoved into a Butt-Monkey role because his role as NPC isn't really that important after the midway point of the game. His implied crush on Dawn turns him into an Abhorrent Admirer, if Dawn even notices it.
    • Speaking of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the Team Galaxy grunts are often made fun of because of their... unusual fashion style and hair cuts.
    • Red's Distaff Counterpart Leaf gets this due to being Exiled from Continuity. Red is a reoccurring character in the games and is both a Memetic Badass with fans and Famed In-Story with canon. Leaf on the other hand has been absent ever since her appearance in FireRed and LeafGreen, with implications being (unlike most other opposite-gender protagonists) she just doesn't exist in canon. Leaf is thus the object of many jokes and is portrayed in Red and Blue's shadows. However, this portrayal has also led to her being portrayed as an Iron Woobie. Eventually, Leaf does return after being absent for more than a decade after her debut as an alternate skin of the returning Pokémon Trainer (himself based on Red) in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • Arceus, despite essentially being God Himself, is constantly having arse jokes made about its name. This isn't actually how it's pronounced, but that doesn't remotely stop the jokes.
    • Of the Ultra Beasts introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the one that's easily considered the worst is Guzzlord. Despite having high stats, roughly half of it goes straight to Hit Points while a significant chunk of it left goes towards its attacking stats, leaving it unable to take hits and very slow. It's telling that while every other Ultra Beast are in the Uber, Over Used or Under Used tiers, Guzzlord is in the Never Used tier. Stakataka is also considered unusable by many despite its high attack and defense stats, as it is incredibly slow and has two crippling weaknesses to Ground and Fighting type attacks.
    • Raichu is the butt of many jokes in the fandom because it lives in the shadow of its pre-evolutions Pichu and especially Pikachu. Most non-fans don't even know that Pikachu does evolve, resulting in a fan joke that Game Freak probably regret creating Raichu.
  • Fire Emblem
    • In the Japanese fandom, Snipers tend to be mocked for their Crippling Overspecialization. Common targets tend to be pre-promoted units such as Jeorge and Innes, with the former being made fun for his "Greatest Sniper on the continent" title due to being Overrated and Underleveled in the remake. An example of this can be seen in this fan art where Innes is shocked his country's legendary bow being given to a unit who isn't bowlocked instead of him.
    • Male Manaketes are also mocked for their tendency to be evil villains or redshirts as opposed to the playable females of the race.
    • Dorcas from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade gets mocked a lot for getting killed in the English trailer via eating some poisoned mutton. In an odd example, the sheer number of jokes surrounding him wrapped around and made Dorcas an Ensemble Dark Horse as well as this trope, and one of his Heroes quotes even references the mutton jokes.
    • Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening is a very competent unit. But unfortunately he's become the butt of many jokes because of Lucina and Robin's trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, where he spent the whole video down for the count. He apparently lost to Captain Falcon, so the common joke is that Chrom got Falcon Punched so hard that he was knocked out of the roster. This got worse when the newest DLC fighter was announced... Corrin, the main character of a game that, at the time, was out for six months in Japan and not even released in the West, whereas Chrom's game had been out for three years at that point. If Falcon knocked Chrom out of the roster, Corrin stepped on him on his way into it. Though this seems to have receded just in time for him to actually make it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Echo Fighter for Roy.
    • Glade became notorious after ending up in the last place in Choose Your Legends 2017, the franchise-wide popularity contest of Fire Emblem Heroes. That is, in a series with about 800 characters. Subverted in Choose Your Legends 2018, which saw him gain 30 times as many votes as the previous contest and rise to the 352nd place, while giving the same dubious honour to Bloom.
    • Gromell, a minor boss from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, is notorious in the Japanese fandom, and to a lesser extent in the Western fandom, for his bizarre and terrible choice of weaponnote  and for potentially being killed by his own troops' boulders if he cantos to the wrong place with low enough HP. He ended up with a Cipher card despite being a one-time minor boss because of his infamy, and it's one big reference to how much of a meme he is - his artwork shows him oblivious to the fact a boulder is about to squish him and his poor wyvern, his Bolt Axe skill reduces his attack by 60%, and his Falling Boulder skill tells you to discard him at the end of the turn if he's in the front lines.
    • Seazas, a minor boss in Fire Emblem Gaiden, got thrown into this trope once the remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released, due to being the only boss who got Adapted Out. "Remember Seazas?" became something of a fandom-wide meme once this was revealed.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Similar to Chrom, King K. Rool is also the butt of many Smash-related jokes when it was revealed that he'll be included in the game... As a Mii costume. Chrom also received this "honor" as well. Much like Chrom though, he eventually became a playable character in Ultimate.
  • Metroid:
  • Monster Hunter:
    • The Jaggi are notorious for being Too Dumb to Live; they'll happily bully the nearest large monster in hopes of keeping control of their territory, only to wish they had not done that a few seconds later.
    • The Great Jaggi, the first large monster that the player faces in the third- and fourth-generation games. In 3 Ultimate, the first victim of the nomadic Extreme Omnivore Deviljho is a poor Great Jaggi. The "R.I.P. Great Jaggi ;_;" video shows a Great Jaggi falling into a Pitfall Trap and then getting destroyed by four Gunlance users and Barrel Bomb L+'s in less than 10 seconds. In 4 and 4 Ultimate, the Great Jaggi serves as cannon fodder for the training quests.
    • In games up until the fourth generation, the Plesioth was treated as a Memetic Badass, boasting an infamous disjointed-hitbox hipcheck that can hit you if you so much as stand within a few meters of it. But in 4 and 4 Ultimate, the Plesioth becomes little more than a catchable fish in the Fishing Machine Mini-Game, where catching it causes it to die landing on the wharf.
  • Azmodan from Diablo III. The characters describe him in-game as the finest tactician in the Burning Hells, but he spectacularly fails at backing up this reputation. Fans mock him for having his entire legions defeated by a lone nephalem hero, and constantly screwing up his own tactics by warning you about them in his gloating. Blizzard apparently is aware of this, since this got some Lampshade Hanging when he became Promoted to Playable in Heroes of the Storm.
  • For some reason, Reflec Beat Series Mascot Pastel-kun has become a Butt-Monkey amongst BEMANI fans on social media, who like to tweet images and make Vines of Pastel-kun plushies undergoing all manners of abuse.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge of BlazBlue. Perhaps unintentionally, as he's a badass on paper due to his powerful Azure, but due to all the times he gets Worfed and the fact that every character who isn't Taokaka or Celica is all too eager to snark at his expense, he's really hard to take seriously. On the other hand this may be intentional, to show that his '90s Anti-Hero attitude just doesn't work, as he becomes more heroic and less of a punchline as the games go on.
  • Poor, poor Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing CPU opponent. To call it Artificial Stupidity would be incorrect, as that implies that it has any AI at all; it simply sits at the starting line, and can't even be pushed to victory. You could install a patch that does make it move, but it still stops short of the finish line. To top it all off, there is no victory state for it! Its only purpose is to allow the player to effortlessly win. YOU'RE WINNER!
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • Every person who wears a Gibus will serve as the ultimate Butt-Monkey of the game and its fan animations. Bonus points if they also wear the Pyrovision Goggles (and optionally the Mercenary badge). As these are basically the only cosmetics available without spending actual money, wearing them automatically designates you as a free-to-play and therefore a noob.
    • Pyro is pretty much written off as the go-to class for noobs. While the Pyro has a decent set of skills such as airblasting, the "W+M1" strategy is something that the Pyro couldn't shake off.
    • Sniper and Spy are this to a lesser extent as they have a reputation for being poorly utilized by new players and clogging a team with multiple Snipers/Spies when a Medic is much needed.
  • Dark Souls: Pinwheel, a mid-game boss. In a game filled to the brim with extremely challenging boss fights and powerful, intimidating enemies, Pinwheel can often be killed within ten seconds by players who aren't even trying that hard. Granted, Pinwheel does have legitimately powerful magic attacks, and tries to mitigate his weakness by spawning clone decoys of himself, but most players are strong enough by the time they get to him that they kill him before he can do either one of those things.
  • The titular villain in Batman: Arkham Knight. Ironically he was the inverse prior to the game's release. But since it was discovered that he's Jason Todd and a whiny bitch, he's now this.
    • Deathstroke from the same game. Unlike in Origins where he got a boss battle fitting of his canonical skill as an assassin, in Knight he's taken down in one hit after a tank battle. The fact that The Riddler, of all people, got a better boss fight than him is the subject of many jokes.
    • There's also Black Mask. He's supposed to be a powerful and intimidating mob boss, but here's the extent of all his significant appearances in the series: an easily missed cameo at the start of City, where he gets tasered and beaten up by guards. Getting Hijacked by The Joker in Origins and turning out to not be the game's Big Bad as was advertised, and finally getting unceremoniously killed by Red Hood in Arkham Knight's DLC.
  • In Total War: Warhammer, Heinrich Kemmler is universally ridiculed for his horrible stats and useless campaign bonuses, making him absolutely useless to many players.
  • With the many delays, growing pains, and the infamous launch for Mighty No. 9, Beck had changed from the face of successful Kickstarter games, to the face of what can go wrong with a Kickstarter game. Not helping matters was that this game was meant to be a Spiritual Successor to Mega Man without Capcom's involvement, only for Capcom to promptly make the very well-received Mega Man 11 in-house and only a fairly short time later, making Mighty No. 9 look like nothing more than a pale imitation.
  • Splatoon:
    • Many players use male inklings, however they get poked fun at due to not being as "cool" as the female ones.
    • Callie was this for a short period after she lost the "Callie vs Marie" Splatfest. It quickly became a Discredited Meme after it became Harsher in Hindsight when Splatoon 2 supplementary revealed that the Splatfest indirectly led to the Squid Sisters separating over time.
    • Pearl was originally hated by western fans for her design leaning towards Ugly Cute, with her perpetual frown and big forehead. Over time she's gained her fans, however it's still common to poke fun at her. She has the most fans in Japan however she also loses most of her Splatfests there. This was eventually referenced in the Japanese-only "Sakura Flowers vs. Dumplings" Splatfest. During the intro Pearl is upset that she's lost so many Splatfests and Marina tries to cheer her up. Pearl, ultimately, ends up winning the Splatfest.
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle:
    • Hyde Kido has been getting the Butt-Monkey treatment for being the lead character from the least known/recognised of the four franchises represented, and for having a boastful hardass attitude while having the least battle experience of the four protagonists - yes, Adorkable Perky Goth Ruby is actually more experienced than him, and she even snarks at him in their battle intro.
    • Yukiko has been getting this rep due to her status as the players' makeshift punching bag in the beta. As a result, many pictures of Yukiko being badly bruised/beaten up have surfaced.
  • Battletech: Dekker, one of the starting pilots, is notorious for constantly managing to get himself killed.
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • Partner characters in Shin Megami Tensei IV are infamous for attacking enemies with skills that they're immune to, triggering enemy Smirks and allowing them to easily obliterate the player's party. Walter in particular has it the worst, as he tends to spam Agi and the first major boss, the Minontaur, is immune to fire-elemental attacks and is already a hard enough challenge, meaning that if the game randomly picks Walter to be your partner for the fight, you can bet that that Walter will try to cast Agi on it and get your party splattered all over the ground of Naraku.
    • While Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse does improve the Partner AI and allow you to pick whoever partner you want out of the ones currently available, Gaston is infamous for randomly cutting in at the start of your turn to use your turns to attack, and unlike when he acts during his turn, he will disregard enemy resistances and potentially get his attacks blocked or miss, costing you turns. And he is the only Partner who uses your Press Turns, much less waste them, i.e. No! One! Fights like Gaston! No one interrupts like Gaston! No one steals your Press Turns like Gaston!
    • Persona 3:
    • After the Female Protagonist from Persona 3 was confirmed in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the protagonists of the first three Persona games are now getting this treatment with jokes about them acting disappointed that they are not in this game.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Arianrhod, better known as the legendary Lianne Sandlot, is one of the most powerful characters of the Kiseki Series who uses an impressive lance that she can use one handed, a 24-Hour Armor, a Super Robot, and is a One Woman Army who can take on pretty much everybody. Then Cold Steel IV came out and it shows that Lianne Sandlot had terrible luck when it came to romance as she died and came Back from the Dead but her First Love moved on and married someone else, she found his Reincarnation in Osborne who married Kasia and had a son named Rean, then Osborne's life gets destroyed in an instant with Osborne making a Deal with the Devil while she wasn't looking, and when Rean gave her a chance to live with them in order to stop the war that was about to brew, Rufus swoops in and back stabs her when she's weakened after fighting both Rean and Crow in their Divine Knights. All of a sudden, she ended up becoming the butt of many jokes and most of her dignity as one of the most powerful characters in the setting is treated as an afterthought.
  • Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2 is the main (and sometimes current) sufferer of this thanks to her supposedly nondescript personality, even after "The Passing" update. Fans often use her as a Butt-Monkey for almost every Garry's Mod videos.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • The shoddy reputation of the franchise's games has led to Sonic, the character himself, becoming the butt of many jokes amongst gamers.
    • Shadow is both this and a Memetic Badass due to his status as a Base-Breaking Character. While his many fans adore him, he's also the poster child for much-mocked "edgy" characters. He's never escaped the stigma of his Shadow the Hedgehog-era persona, so he's often portrayed as constantly wangsting over his past an being overly violent. Even his fans playfully poke fun at him.
    • Tails' portrayal in several games has led to him being seen as weaker than he is. Sonic Forces only made it worse with the infamous scene where he cowers in front of Chaos and cries for Sonic's help.
    • Speaking of Sonic Forces, the new villain Infinite already received a lot of jokes from fans for his "edgy" design but the Episode Shadow DLC made fans mock him even more as it was revealed his entire motivation for being evil was because he badly lost a fight against Shadow trying to avenge his teammates' failure and then threw a huge tantrum at Shadow gloating over him, making him come across as unintentionally comical, less a Tragic Villain and more a child throwing the mother of all temper tantrums.
  • Chihaya Kisaragi from The iDOLM@STER video games also becomes a butt monkey to the fandom due to her canonical flat chest size.
  • Destiny: Crota is canonically one of the most powerful and dangerous enemies you face in the whole series. Unfortunately, players have discovered that his raid is, for some reason, incredibly easy to cheese. This has led to numerous videos of him being curb-stomped with ridiculous joke weapons like Necrochasm or killed while the player has silly self-imposed handicaps like being blindfolded. It got even worse when a later lore entry insinuated that he’s actually the Dumbass Teenage Son of his family, and downright hilarious when another raid has you crash his funeral and steal a chunk of his soul.
  • Star Fox:
  • Age of Empires II:
    • The Chinese get mocked repeatedly for being denied Hand Cannoneers, Bombard Cannons, and Block Printing, despite being rather well known for inventing all three of those in real life.
  • Dawn of War: Soulstorm:
    • Indrick Boreale's bizarre and clunky exposition speech in his stronghold mission made him a Fountain of Memes amid the game's poor reception, to the point that he was canonically made one of the losers of the Kaurava campaign in Dawn of War II (and if Cyrus is the traitor, cites Boreale's incompetence as part of the reason for his betrayal of the Chapter).
    • General Vance Stubbs is, oddly enough, both this and a Memetic Badass due to a Beam Me Up accusing him of losing 100 Baneblades (he's informed that a shipment of 100 Baneblades just left the planet, forcing him to rely on importing the parts via transport during his stronghold level) but surviving getting his province overrun. Fanon widely held him to be the real winner of Kaurava, until Dawn of War III revealed the canon winner was fellow fan-favorite Gorgutz 'Ead'unter.
  • Overwatch:
    • Reaper is a dark, threatening Hero Killer with dual shotguns, inexplicable ghostly powers, a creepy skull mask, a chilling distorted voice and his Ultimate is an area-wide mass shooting that can quickly melt anyone caught in the line of fire. All of this is legitimately nightmarish, but at the same time everything about him is so "edgy OC" that he is very easy to make fun of. It's why he has so many fans. The fact his motivations and backstory boil down to wanting the other heroes to pay attention to him makes him even more pathetic.
    • Hanzo is considered as such. This is because he's a sniper, so typically he's far away from the Payload/capture point; the fact that he's HARD to play does not help. As such, Hanzo is generally stereotyped as an overconfident Miles Gloriosus who contributes to absolutely nothing and blames his team for screwing up.
    • Reinhardt also tends to be the butt of jokes, but for different reasons; he's generally stereotyped as the long-suffering Only Sane Man who is constantly being driven up the wall by incompetent teammates.
    • Genji, the resident green cyborg ninja, may by all rights be a patented formula for "cool". He's also one of the harder heroes in the game to play well, meaning that he's instead better known for repeatedly screaming "I NEED HEALING" after losing 2 HP out of 200 or ending up on the wrong side of the enemy team, pissing healers off to no end.
    • Zenyatta is often affectionately made fun of, for his near-total lack of lore and general unimportance to the plot beyond being Genji’s teacher.

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