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Come on, jump up super high!
You'll never make me die
There's no spirit skill that beats me!
Know that I'm the super star
No-one else will drive you this far!
This spirit's a bitch
Get ready for this!
Let's go, and fight Pauline!
Parody lyrics for "Jump Up, Super Star!" based on how absurdly difficult Pauline's Spirit Battle is

While the Spirit Battles that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Adventure Mode World of Light and Spirit Board throw at you can be quite challenging, a number of them have become infamous for chewing up players and spitting them out. The World of Light ones are especially difficult on Hard Mode.

NOTE: Before you add a Spirit, ask yourself this: "Is the difficulty of beating the spirit unremarkable if you use the recommended spirits and/or the various Game Breakers? Are they guarding an objective or fighter, but can be circumvented?" If you answer yes to these two questions, do not add the Spirit. It isn't That One Level just because it's one of the spirits you personally had trouble with. Also, Walkthrough Mode is heavily discouraged in this page, as we are not an online guide, and other sites such as YouTube have better explanations on how to beat the Spirit.


World of Light

  • Pauline is easily the most infamous Spirit battle in the entire game, and not without reason. The map is 75m and the target is a pacifist Peach, and her backup is a Mario who starts with a Hammer and a giant Donkey Kong. Sound simple on a map as big as 75m? Not quite. First of all, your jump height is reduced (though Bunny Hoods spawn for you to remedy this). Secondly, another item that commonly spawns is the Timer, and while you can grab it to make beating up on Pauline easier, the enemies can do the same thing and utterly gang up on you. And third, there's a minute-and-a-half time limit. It turns out that Mario and Donkey Kong are actually really good at wasting your time, with one of them blitzing you as you chase Peach while the other farms Timers; Donkey Kong in fact will use his grapple Forward Throw and just hold you there with it, not even attacking. You'll almost certainly have to KO Mario and DK before you can get at Peach with any big hits, which is a difficult task with the strict time limit. Compounding this is the fact that the game doesn't tell you about Peach fleeing from you before the stage starts. Hope you enjoy listening to "Jump Up, Super Star!" (dissonant lyrics and all), because you'll be at it for a good while. The difficulty regarding this Spirit battle is so widespread that even Sakurai himself lampshaded its infamy in the Min Min showcase video, and decided to show off a quick way to beat it in less than a few seconds. In other words, equip yourself with a Staff spirit along with spirit that increases shooting power. You should be able to take down Peach within seconds.
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  • Dry Bowser can be downright brutal to defeat properly. It isn't bad enough that the Battlefield form of Reset Bomb Forest is completely covered in lava and thus forces you to waste two Support Spirit slots, oh no. This fight also gives (Dry) Bowser the ability to receive curry effects at random points as well as gain a defense boost through the time it's effective, forcing you choose between whether you want lava immunity or a Franklin Badge since you can't have both together, as both abilities require two slots, (although Mega Diance can fix this since it's a primary spirit that gives you the Franklin Badge). And worse yet, Bowser is no joke to fight against either, feeling downright merciless to you even before his first curry effect comes into play. All that can be said now is that you'd better have powerful spirits ready by the time you go facing off against him, because defeating him without one of the best is next to impossible. Oh, and did we also mention that this is the spirit that is guarding Daisy in World Of Light? Yeah, good luck if you want to play as the princess of Sarasaland in that game mode.
  • Shine Sprite is incredibly annoying. The main fighter is Rosalina, who periodically gains invincibility AND her Final Smash. Both will happen at the very start of the fight, so you can’t even put a scratch on her for quite some time. When the first bout of invincibility wears off, she gains reinforcements in the form of three highly aggressive Kirbies who are also larger than normal, adding some extra strength to their attacks.
  • Geno's battle will leave you praying to the Star Road. This match sets you against five CPUs who each represent one of the five party members from Super Mario RPG in the Battlefield form of Mario Galaxy in a 2:30 timed match. The opponents come in the order of a Mario who begins with a Koopa Shell, an unchanged Bowser, a slightly larger Kirby standing in for Mallow, a Peach with autoheal, and a Sheik with a Super Scope as Geno, all of whom are competent enough to completely obliterate you if you let them surround you. While you only need to defeat Sheik to complete the battle, she doesn't spawn in until after the second enemy dies, so the rest of the team has plenty of time to wear you down.
  • The Funky Kong Master Spirit, which takes place in Kongo Jungle against a Captain Falcon, DK, and Diddy who will eagerly pick up the constantly spamming Bullet Bills and fire at you with scarily competent aim.
  • M. Bison serves as the final boss for the Street Fighter-themed map in the "World of Light", and it’s quite the ordeal. It’s a stamina battle with reduced jumping in an Omega stage like the rest of the map, and your opponent is Ganondorf with enhanced special moves. Want to cheese him out with projectiles? Too bad; he’s perpetually equipped with a Franklin Badge, so you’ll have to get up close to this brutally powerful Spirit. Later in the fight, you’re sprung with two more conditions: your power drops, while his INCREASES. You’ll need to brave this bout if you want Ryu.
  • Bison's immediate predecessor, Sagat, is no slouch either (appropriate, considering his original reputation as an SNK Boss). He's represented by a big Ryu; get too close, and he immediately whips out walk-forward Input Shoryukens that, given his size, will juggle you effortlessly and grind down your stamina until you're able to get free—no small task, considering Stamina Mode's lower knockback. Think you can cheese him with projectiles? Well, if you hang back, he starts spamming Shakunetsu Hadokens, which have proportionately large hitboxes and are a chore to avoid thanks to the battle's lowered jump height. One of the best strageties to beat him is to use Lucas or Ness and either reflect his Hadokens back at him with side smash attacks or absorb them with PSI Magnet for healing.
  • Jeff's Spirit Battle is a pain in the butt, considering the fact that the stage (Onett) will mean you'll have to move around. And the Inklings LOVE to spam their projectiles, and said projectiles are far more powerful here. And since it's the Inklings (all of them the same color), they'll splatter paint on you, making it harder for you to tell where you're at. And to add insult to injury, Assist Trophy Jeff will appear at certain intervals and shoot his bottle rockets, which are incredibly accurate unless you keep moving. Making this even worse is the fact that the game recommends using a spirit that gives you the Franklin Badge; doesn't sound too bad right? Except…the AI is generally smart enough to not use projectiles against you as long as you have the Franklin Badge equipped (and will resort to other methods of attacking you instead) and Jeff's rockets cannot be reflected either. If anything, you're likely to lose the Franklin Badge and have one of the Inklings steal it from you, thus rendering them immune to projectiles for a spell.
  • Great Fairy takes the form of a Zelda that is both Giant and has Increased FS Gain, which is a mean enough combo in its own. But then she ramps it up and adds two more skills to the mix: the first is increased Special power, which makes the already hard-hitting and hard-to-dodge Giant hit even harder. The second and even worse skill is Critical Health Recovery, which means she heals 100% damage when she reaches 100% damage. Unless you KO her with the blow that triggers the heal, not only will she recover from your hard work (and it is hard work, as her Spirit Power is 9,500), but because of Increased FS Gain, she will likely have her Final Smash ready when she does. Not helping matters is that Zelda has a Danger Zone-style Final Smash (Triforce of Wisdom) that has a ridiculous range because she is Giant, and with the beating you're likely to take from her Special spam, along with her Final Smash being a One-Hit Kill when you're above 100%, this will KO you (and even if you aren't at 100% damage, chances are real good that depending on where she used it she'll kill you from the move's launching power anyways). As if Zelda's range wasn't enough of a problem on it's on own, this fight takes place in Fountain of Dreams, which is far from being a spacious stage.
  • Dr. Wily is the optional spirit battle of the Base, and boy howdy, is he extremely tough. The fight is a stamina battle in an Omega Stage against eight Metal Mega Men, who will relentlessly pursue you with deadly ranged attacks, with a combined total of a monstrous 800 HP. Wily himself isn't too tough due to just being a single Dr. Mario, but the battle to get to him is extremely difficult.
  • Mega Man Volnutt puts you against 3 Mega Men with items already equipped. Simple, right? How about the stage where it takes place being The Great Cave Offensive and under a two minute limit? This makes it so the player most likely has to resort on the stage's gimmick of KOing an opponent when touching lava at high damage, but it's still a fight against three opponents, so you have to make sure to damage them all enough and launch them to any lava area under a restrictive time limit. And of course, being an Ace spirit, it means the three are likely to gang on you and give you a difficult time on it. And he blocks the route towards the Sacred Land, making it a mandatory fight.
  • The Boss is easily among the most difficult of all the Spirit Battles. The reasons are numerous: you fight a smart and reactive Zero Suit Samus, on the Omega version of the Garden of Hope stage with the ground covered in poison, while she has over 13,000 power. This means you have to come in with at least one Support Spirit of poison immunity or Madama Butterfly's Poison Heal, as she will outdamage you with the poison constantly draining your health away otherwise. Even worse, early into the fight, Samus receives a potent Defense Up boost that makes damaging her much harder (it actually kicks in when her health is lower than 150 out of 180 when the battle description itself says it's supposed to kick in when she's at high damage). While this wouldn't be much of a problem due to being a Stamina Battle (and thus being able to cheese her out with ranged hits), this particular battle is timed, meaning that you can lose if you don't kill her by the time the clock runs out. Even worse, it's almost certain that she will charge up her Final Smash at least once over the course of the fight, which is a free 20 HP she gets off of you, since her A.I tracks you scarily well while she's aiming her laser and chop about 10 seconds off the already-tight time limit, since you can't damage her while she's using it.
  • Omega Ridley might show up late, but it still is a pain for how late it is. Ridley is already a powerhouse, but he's easy to launch, so no problem, right? Well, this Ridley is metal, making it harder for you to launch. As if that wasn't enough, Ridley is constantly under the effects of Superspicy Curry, requiring projectiles or a Franklin badge to even attack. Oh, and the stage you fight him on? Norfair, which has all its rising lava intact. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Ridley is just as prone to the hazards of Norfair, but don't rely on it to save you. By the way, want to play as Lucina in World of Light? This is the Spirit guarding her, meaning you must beat him before getting to her.
  • Katrina is a weird case. You face off against an incredibly fast Palutena in Smashville who loves using dash attacks. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that once the battle starts, both Palutena and you will suffer a damage of 999%, the highest damage cap in the game, so you are pretty much dead meat if you don't have fast reflexes and Palutena strikes you by surprise. This can all be avoided by using Hinawa's Support Spirit, which makes you invincible for a short amount of time if you have received too much damage, but unless you got her from the Spirit Board beforehand, you most likely won't have Hinawa by the time encounter Katrina in World of Light.
  • The Victini fight takes place in the Battlefield form of Prism Tower and features a golden Incineroar that can easily launch the player as far as possible, which usually starts with its Final Smash that it uses almost immediately in the beginning of the match thanks to the Victini-loaded Poké Ball that it starts with. This will either KO the player immediately or cause enough damage to ensure that the next attack does KO the player.
  • Giga Mac. He has the tied most power in the entire game, that being 13,900. It puts you into the Boxing Ring with a giant Little Mac to represent Giga Mac himself, and he has super armor making him extremely difficult to get flying. His attack speed is also wicked too, draining your HP in a flash. To add insult to injury, his Final Smash gauge charges quickly. The stage's lack of Bottomless Pits mitigates Mac's notorious weakness in the air and makes conventional KOs without wearing down his HP difficult. Any spirit that heals you every five seconds is a must-have, but it cannot go higher than the starting amount. Good luck trying to beat him because the title screen theme from the Wii Punch-Out!! game will be stuck in your head for a while. To quote Nathaniel Bandy, "I was purely shocked with his destruction and left with a complete loss of words." And if you ever beat this one without any spirits on you, you're either lying or just cheesed him with the stage's set-up.
  • The Dr. Eggman spirit battle is no slouch either. It has you up against Roy Koopa (representing Eggman himself) and a metal Sonic (who is Metal Sonic, of course) in Green Hill Zone. Wouldn't be so bad on its own, except that ranged items keep spawning, and they are gravitated toward the AI. If that metal Sonic takes a lot of damage and grabs a Rage Blaster, you're screwed. And worst of all, Bob-ombs fall from the sky every fifteen seconds or so. There's no way of knowing where they will fall, and you'll need incredible reflexes to avoid them.
  • Krystal is another Legend spirit battle that on paper sounds perfectly manageable, but in her own words... "You're not ready yet!" It pits you against a skilled and bloodthirsty duo of Fox and Falco that starts out with a Krystal enemy assist trophy. What makes Krystal scary is her versatile pool of attacks including freezing you from a distance with icy blasts that avert Denial of Diagonal Attack, and smacking you with her staff for a smash attack's worth of damage and knockback at close quarters. She also has a nasty habit of respawning right on top of you whenever she's out-of-bounds. Between the three of them and one of you, the Corneria stage becomes very cramped, not helped by the occasional Arwing swooping down and potentially firing at you. By the time you manage to defeat Krystal, you are probably at killing range percentage while dealing with the remaining Fox and Falco.
  • Akuma will, for lack of a more polite term that adequately conveys how rough his Spirit Battle is, fuck your shit up. It's a Stamina Battle against Ryu in Suzaku Castle. Now, Akuma in his playable appearances has traditionally been a Glass Cannon, so you'd think that that would be the case here, right? WRONG. See, he's modeled after his original boss appearance, so he takes normal amounts of damage (and likely has more stamina than you will), and his specials are massively buffed to the point where he can quite literally wipe you out in three or four hits, his AI is fairly smart, and the fact that it's Omega Suzaku Castle means that there's nowhere to hide. And if he breaks your shield for whatever reason... say bye bye to whatever health you had left (unless you restart immediately).
  • Guile is a massive pain in the butt, and the battle pits you against him and Captain Falcon in the Omega version of Pilotwings, the latter of whom is more than willing to get in your face. Falcon has 180 HP, just like other Legend-class Spirits, but it's him pestering your face while Guile Sonic Booms you in the interim that will drive you up a wall. Want to take Guile out with Assist Killer? It's freaking Guile — he will merely Flash Kick you away if you don't have a whip, and Falcon can soak up projectiles like a boss. This match is a very ugly instance of Character Select Forcing, because mixup and rushdown characters like Pikachu are going nowhere against this double team from hell.
  • 9-Volt & 18 Volt's Spirit Battle is pure agony, even on easy. You are put in the Battlefield form of the Gamer stage and have to fight a Villager who loves to spam projectiles, an Incineroar who likes to grab you so his teammates can rack up damage on you, and worst of all, a permanent Sheriff Assist Trophy. Sheriff's attacks are quick, have infinite range, cannot be blocked or reflected, and inflict significant knockback, and with all the enemies ganging up on you, trying to do anything without getting locked in hitstun is nearly impossible. Sure, you could try to get rid of Sheriff first, but Sheriff is Immune to Flinching, very durable (although an Assist Killer Spirit helps greatly with that), and you have to worry about the other enemies attacking you. Just to top it all off, the stage keeps dropping Galagas that the enemy will use as soon as they appear. Given all the attacks that keep knocking you around, it's only a matter of time until something knocks you into a Galaga, leading to an unavoidable KO. Worst of all, you could even try to use the Galaga against them, but due to the constant bullet spam from the Sheriff, the Galagas will probably get destroyed even afterwards.
  • Ashley is a weird case. You have to deal with both a very competent Mii Swordfighter (dressed as Ashley, of course) and a tiny Ridley, on a hazard-filled WarioWare. It also starts with an Ashley assist trophy, who is already an annoying assist (and you can't even harm her at all). Most importantly, however, is the stage-effect, where every once in a while your controls are flipped. While this can be nullified by a Support Spirit, spirits that provide immunity to this effect are very rare, and in World of Light itself it's almost-guaranteed you won't have it by the time you square off with her. The result is that most players end up trying to brute-force a nearly unbeatable fight instead of hunting for an ability they may not know exists.
  • The Star Rod features four highly aggressive Kirbies, each equipped with the eponymous weapon, assaulting you all at once. The Fountain of Dreams is far from a spacious stage, so you'll have little breathing room between half of the enemy force bludgeoning you and the other half firing star projectiles.
  • Rayman may not seem overly threatening at a glance, but the battle has the right combination of elements to make it quite the trial. You engage in a stamina battle in the Battlefield form of The Great Cave Offensive against Sonic, whose incredible speed makes him hard to keep up with and lets him get in your face instantly, and his strength is boosted, so it hurts a lot when he hits you. What takes the fight into the realm of frustrating is that a Sukapon Assist Trophy (the actual Rayman stand-in) will also be attacking you. Trying to drain Sonic's health becomes a nightmare when Sukapon can launch his head at you from a great distance to interrupt your attacks and deal a ton of damage, or throw you away if you get too close to him. Worst of all, the AI has an uncanny ability to juggle you between the two fighters' attacks, swiftly racking up the damage and making it nigh-impossible to get a hit in. Fortunately, like with most fights with assists, if you manage to defeat Sukapon (which is not as hard, as Sukapon may be strong, but he is not too durable), the fight becomes far more manageable.
  • Akira. Take a Ryu with much higher health than you that requires extra Stamina spirits to even come close to, add in high-gravity to possibly waste a spirit slot or make it harder to dodge Ryu's attacks, make the battle take place in the Omega form of the Coliseum stage, add an Assist Trophy that's basically a second Ryu that can perform synchronized combos with the real Ryu, and the result is a spirit that can drive you insane. Think of bringing an Assist Killer support to help you? Sucks to be you, because the Akira assist can block your attacks (though he can still be grab and thrown. Try using Bowser's flying slam on Akira and land on Ryu to damage both), giving Ryu more time to damage you. To top it all off, this spirit is the one placed directly in front of Bowser Jr. in World of Light, meaning that you have to beat this battle to play as the Prince of the Koopas or the Koopalings. Even worse, if you're playing blind (as in not reading online on how to unlock everyone), he's indirectly guarding Chrom and the Mii Brawler as well, as the statues that hint you how to get those two are with Bowser Jr. too.
  • Toy-Con Robot is way too difficult, even if it is an Ace. It's almost as bad as Rayman but this time, you face two Mii Brawlers with one of them being giant, and both of them have increased power. Not to mention, they have 10,000 power. And both of them are really aggressive as they constantly gang up to spam attacks on you. Worse, the giant Mii Brawler can survive up to 250%. This one can be really a nightmare if you aren't good at dodging.
  • Toy-Con VR Goggles can also be quite the challenge despite being an Advanced Spirit. You're pitted against R.O.B. and two Mii Gunners, and all three will gang up on you and keep you at bay with ranged shots. May not be too difficult in theory, except you're fighting on Gamer with hazards on, meaning you have to always avoid 5-Volt's line of sight. As if that wasn't enough, hazard assist trophies are on, and it's Yuri Kozukata, meaning you can't KO her, and you also have to avoid her camera even with everything else happening. Finally, to top it all off, Dragoon parts spawn, meaning that even if you can work through all that, you may just get one-shotted.
  • Terrakion, Cobalion and Virizion are an absolute nightmare. You're pitted against Yoshi, Duck Hunt and Lucario, all of whom start the battle equipped with beam swords and have the power of their melee weapons ramped up. Lucario and Yoshi will immediately swarm you with beefed up sword slashes while Duck Hunt stands back and spams projectiles, and they'll dodge or shield nearly all of your attempts to retaliate. To make matters worse, you have to fight them in the cramped Kalos Pokémon League stage, so you have little to no breathing room.
  • Ho-Oh is one of the more infamous spirits in the game, and for very good reason. The fight is against a giant Charizard with Superspicy Curry active at all times, and the fight itself takes place in the Kalos Pokémon League, more especifically in the Blazing Chamber complete with two pillars of fire that make it almost impossible to fight. Needless to say, this Charizard is also very good at racking up damage, and it's nigh-impossible to get any real damage off without taking some yourself.
  • The Judge spirit doesn't seem like it should be too hard at first, but it can prove to be an exercise in frustration. You're up against an army of 8 Mr. Game & Watches in Flat Zone X, and they each spam their side specials. If any of them hit you with a 9, it will KO you even at 0% damage, making this purely a Luck-Based Mission. And given that they come in multiple waves, the chance that one will hit you with a nine becomes really high. Better be prepared to lose a lot of lives if you're not lucky.
  • The Badwagon. The fight is against Peach on Mario Circuit and the only condition is that Peach is permanently made of metal. Think about how much punishment Metal Mario could take in the original Smash and apply it to Peach. What's more, since the Final Smash meter is filled by receiving and giving damage, Peach will be able to use her Final Smash more than once. To say you're better off buying the spirit from Funky Kong is an understatement.
  • Isaac is yet another headache. Roy, Robin, Palutena, and Mii Swordfighter all need to be defeated here. They spawn in the rope bridge of Wuhu Island at set intervals while an Isaac Assist Trophy begins spamming Move and Lift. Isaac is the biggest nuisance here, and he's designed to be highly difficult to kill with his Psynergy hands either blocking him or picking you up. Throw in the four opponents, and either they'll slaughter you while you gradually kill Isaac or Isaac will cause you to fly out of bounds while you're trying to deal with the actual targets.
  • Azura is a royal pain to deal with, being an extremely tough fight despite the simplicity of the conditions. Being a Legend Spirit, she has a very high 13500 power level, which in itself spells trouble. You're tasked with defeating a Female Corrin with increased attack power on the Fountain of Dreams. The biggest problem, however, lies in how Azura's singing powers are represented: the Corrin gets Sudden Final Smashes, which is deadly on its own, but the kicker is that she can use it twice in a row. The starting hit of the attack is also Anti-Air, creating pillars of light that can catch you while you're trying to approach her. The Corrin's AI also happens to be quite smart and aggressive, and will wait for the perfect opportunity to snag you with her Final Smash for easy damage and a potential KO, which she almost assuredly will considering how she has the capability to try it multiple times. Not helping is the fact that she beefgates Corrin's fighter battle. Your choices are simple - deal with Final Smash hell or forget about Corrin.

Spirit Boards

  • Donkey Kong and Lady. You have to beat a giant Donkey Kong with super armor in a stamina battle, and he has a metric ton of stamina and enough strength to destroy you in seconds. To complicate things, Peach is also in the fight, representing Lady/Pauline, but this time, you have to protect her or you lose, and she goes out of her way to get involved in the fighting. There's also the fact that because DK is giant, his throw power is strong enough to OHKO you if you're unable to get out quick enough. None of this is helped by the fact that you fight in the awkward 75m, and unlike with the Pauline spirit, hazards are turned on this time. Solution: equip yourself with a Super Launch Star spirit and throw it in the upper-left corner. When the giant DK appears, he'll get launch into the star, which increase in knockback power and then he'll get KO'd the second time he falls into the star.
  • Golden Dash Mushroom is an aggravating fight against a Mii Brawler who is Gold (increased power and super armor), has Collision Damage, and periodically gains uncontrollable speed and even more power, and all of this takes place on the Omega form of the Figure-8 Circuit The end result is a Lightning Bruiser who will constantly charge into you and isn’t easy to stop. The Bullet Bills and Spiny Shells provide some assistance, but it’s free for the Mii to use them as well.
  • Paula is even more irritating than Jeff. It's a 2v1 similar to Ana, against a pink Villager and Ness. But unlike there, where you fight on Magicant, for Paula, you fight on Onett. Magicant is very open and has no walls or real hazards. Onett has the cars, which shave off 30 health (it's a stamina battle). Unlike Ana, whose Ness had only 60 or so stamina, Paula's Ness has 120. The base starting amount for the player. Same as the Villager. The main issue is that Ness loves to use PK Magnet's damage to combo you into a wall, over and over again. While the Villager whales on you as well. Plus, Ness gains a final smash a few seconds in, and has increased PSI attack power. All of that results in a very frustrating fight. To put it in perspective, if you are playing a superheavy like Bowser, it's very possible for you to get hit by all of PK Starstorm if you're not careful and die immediately, especially considering most of superheavies have bad rolls due to having fairly slow invulnerability and huge hurtboxes.
  • Ninten is pure hell. Any issue you have with Ness's PK attacks is now multiplied by four, in a Stamina battle on the not-so-spacious Magicant stage. While they each only have 60 HP, your HP will going down a lot faster when they gang up on you, especially if two or more decide to just sit back and roast you over and over with PK Fire.
  • Black Shadow is an exclusive Spirit Board challenge that is a Legend with over 13,000 power. This fight contains both a Captain Falcon and a slightly larger version of Ganondorf in Port Town Aero Drive. These two when together can knock you off the stage very quickly, and proceed to double on you, and Ganondorf hits like a truck with his Smash Attacks and Reverse Warlock Punch. It is very likely for you to get hit by their attacks, smacked off the stage and into a meteor smash from the Captain Falcon or Ganondorf, causing a defeat. Then there's the fact that you take sudden damage constantly, so you could be safe from one attack only to die from that attack in the next second. Even with some of the most powerful Legendary spirits in the game, this fight can cause you to lose a lot of rematch items.
  • Queen Metroid is a daunting Spirit Board exclusive against K. Rool in the Omega form of Brinstar. His aggressive assaults are later powered up, and then enhanced even further when he grows giant. His larger frame increases the surface area of his super armored belly, and makes his Blunderbuss and Crown projectiles much harder to avoid.
  • Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, another Spirit Board exclusive. The legendary birds are represented by three Lucas fighters who each spam PK Freeze, PK Thunder, and PK Fire and the battle itself takes place in the Battlefield Form of Find Mii. They’re also really aggressive, and due to the fact that they all have 60 HP, they’re almost guaranteed to swarm you and ensure you never get a chance to fight back.
  • Phyllis & Pelly can get a tad annoying if you don't know what you are doing. You fight against Pit, who represents Pelly and her cheerful and optimistic personality, and Dark Pit, who represents Phyllis and her grumpy and cynic personality, in Town & City, with the three of you all moving incredibly fast and having a hard time stopping. The worst part being that "Item Tidal Wave" rule is active during this battle, and the things that spawn are crates filled with all sorts of items (swords, meele weapons, food, bombs etc.) which Pit and Dark Pit will waste no time in grabbing and using against you. Want to use the items against the angels yourself? chances are that you end up wasting more time in breaking the crates and grabbing the items than simply just going for Pit and Dark Pit, oh, and pray that the crate you just broke didn't happen to be filled with bombs, otherwise you might as well hear Phyllis saying "Quit Loitering and Shoo!"
  • Pyra is a bad time. To wit, you face off against a Lucina and a Shulk on the Battlefield form of Suzaku Castle, both with boosted melee weapon damage, on a field covered in lava, immediately robbing you of two of your precious support slots. Lucina packs a powerful melee weapon in the form of the Fire Bar, while Shulk starts the fight with Superspicy Curry active, making it very difficult to both get close to them and start a combo. Finally, unlike the average AI, if you're offstage they will come after you and try to edgeguard, meaning you'll likely die sooner than you normally would.
  • Baby Bowser is yet another Spirit Board-exclusive that can be a major pain in the butt. It's a stamina match against two Bowsers, one tiny and one giant, on the Omega form of Find Mii entirely covered in lava, meaning a lava immunity Spirit is an absolute must. While the tiny Bowser isn't that overly difficult, the giant Bowser is a major pain to kill, as he will spam his most powerful attacks which hit like a truck, and if you're not good at dodging can (and probably will) reduce your stamina from full to zero in literally seconds. You can easily recover all your Stamina if you chose Ness, Lucas or Mii Gunner (If you have Absorbing Vortex) and throw your PK Shield the moment you see Bowser spitting fire (which is scaled up to cover the entire stage), but you'll still need to resist a long fight and don't get overconfident.
  • While Sukapon's Spirit Battle isn't in World of Light, it does have a rare chance of appearing on the Spirit Board. This fight is twice as bad as Rayman because Sukapon is a Legend spirit with 13,700 power and puppets a Mii Gunner with 180 HP in a Stamina Battle. This Mii Gunner is extremely aggressive and nimble, preferring to zone you with her multitude of ranged attacks to make avoiding Sukapon almost impossible. Thanks to the enemy's high HP and AI level, it's more than likely you'll have to KO Sukapon twice before the fight is over. And to make matters worse, the Mii Gunner periodically gets a damage buff to keep the pressure on you even if Sukapon is gone. Odds are, unless you cheese out this fight by beating the Mii Gunner off one of the sides of the stage for whatever reason, you will have to buy it from the Shop when it's available and it costs a fortune, that being 15,000 gold.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts fight, which takes place in Mementos, can get pretty bad, because if you don't hurry to KO each fighter quickly, the next one will appear and they'll start ganging up on you. Healing KOs is a must because after you get all the other fighters, you'll face a pretty brutal Joker who'll get a Final Smash almost immediately, and if he catches you with more than a 100% of damage it will be Game Over.
  • The Cetacea fight will pit you against a giant King K. Rool with super armor. He hits pretty hard but it's incredibly slow, so it's no problem, right? Well, the issue comes with him fighting alongside a Hero who will constantly bombard you with magic while hiding behind K. Rool as a meatshield, with them trapping you in constant combos. Add to this that this is both a stamina AND timed battle.
  • In a similar vein to the Phantom Thieves above is the Dragon Quest Legend Spirit, Hero's Comrades. It's a stamina battle against seven opponents, ending with a super strong Ike with increased Smash Attack power as Hendrick. The sheer length of the fight can easily spell your doom, and Serena (Zelda) and Jade (Zero Suit Samus) come with Veronica (Robin) and Rab (Dedede) in tow respectively, leaving you outnumbered and easily open to being struck down because you had your hands full dealing with one opponent while another was ambushing you. You do get a Maxim Tomato halfway through, but it's quite possible for one of the enemies to take it for themselves, rendering you even more likely to die from the gauntlet's length unless you bring a Spirit with some sort of healing effect.
  • The Gruntilda spirit is similar to The Boss fight above in that you fight a stamina battle in an Omega stage covered in poison. The good news is that it's no longer timed. The bad news is that you fight a Giant King Dedede with a permanent Star Rod who hits like a truck and is aided by three low-health Dr. Marios. You'll most likely have to play keepaway against the duo, which is easier said than done because they're so large in size that they don't give you a lot of space to move around on the stage. Not to mention that since there's several foes to deal with at the same time, you can attempt to combo one of them, only to be left wide open to attack from the other. Even if you decide to bring Madama Butterfly to turn the poison into a Healing Factor for you, the Dedede's raw attack power alone can smack down your health faster than you can be healed.
  • The Geese Howard spirit battle is simple on paper, but can be quite challenging to deal with. You're tasking to take down a giant Mii Brawler who is addicted to three things: the Suplex Side Special, the Counter Throw Down Special, and throws in general. Like the Street Fighter spirits, you're stuck on an Omega stage with reduced jump power. SNK Boss Syndrome is strong here (fitting for being the Trope Namer himself), as the lack of platforms to retreat on and reduced jump power can mean hell when it comes to trying to avoid his constant Suplexes, and he can read your attacks like an open book, Counter Throwing you faster than you can say "PREDICTABO!".
  • Max Brass is an absolute nightmare to deal with. Don't let his (relatively speaking) low Power level for a Legend-class fight fool you; he's one of the most painfully brutal fights to ever grace the game. It's a one-on-one Stamina battle against King K. Rool, on an Omega-form Norfair. The good news is that the K. Rool is programmed to never use his projectile attacks, robbing him of some of the character's greatest assets and forcing him to solely be a Close-Range Combatant. The bad news is literally everything else. In spite of the lack of projectiles, the K. Rool is otherwise programmed to be very, very smart, always scampering around like a cockroach on drugs so he's hard to pin down, and always dodging your attacks with no effort, at least when he's not Perfect-Shielding them. He can and will abuse his newly-buffed Kevlard, which will let him plow through your attacks and lay on the damage on you instead, and he'll also abuse his Gut Check so that you can't zone him out with projectiles of your own. Which is to say nothing of his throws, which he will use to set you up for more deadly blows. Thought that was bad enough? It gets far worse! Once he reaches 100 HP out of his total 180 HP pool, he gets a Critical Status Buff taken to the extreme. Not only does his regular attack power get buffed, but he becomes a Super Giant on top of that, multiplying his strength to outright obscene levels. He may be a bigger target, but his attacks also have more range as a result, and his sheer girth means that it's almost impossible to run away from him, as he takes up almost half of the stage. He also becomes much more resistant to hitstun and knockback, meaning that he can just take whatever you throw at him and hit back a million times harder while you're still recovering from endlag. A single Down Throw to Forward Smash is all it takes for him to chop a huge chunk of HP off of you, if not One-Hit Kill you outright. Your best bet is to, funnily enough, use Min Min and her huge range to keep him at ARMS length without the need of projectiles that can be potentially deflected by Gut Check, but even then it's not a guarantee. The reigning champion of the ARMS Grand Prix is sure to make you lose your mind and rip your hair out from sheer frustration.
  • Shadow Mario is a fight against Bowser Jr on the Omega form of Delfino Plaza. The conditions are he can use a Final Smash right away and his Final Smash meter fills quickly. The initial Final Smash is merely a minor annoyance, but subsequent Final Smashes can really mess with you, especially since Shadow Mario Paint is quite an obnoxious Final Smash to be on the receiving end of as its one hit and you'll have a hard time escaping. Even if you somehow escape or never touched the paint to begin with, it severely limits the room you have to move around in. Also the floor is sticky, so you'll most likely have to use up 2 support slots for a sticky floor immunity spirit.
  • Sothis' Spirit has you on an Omega Spear Pillar, facing off against an aggressive female Byleth, who can and will chain Specials together along with using the Sword of the Creator to ensure the fight can't be taken to the air. That would be annoying on its own, but there are two other conditions that bring the fight from agitating to outright sadistic. The Byleth will get random Final Smashes, and its large range and a lack of platforms to hide on means that you'll most likely be eating a powerful Ruptured Heaven every time she gets access to it. But by far, the worst part is that, like the above-mentioned Great Fairy, she'll be healed back to full once she's at high enough damage, undoing all your hard work unless you can KO her before the healing kicks in.
  • Don't be fooled by Claude being just an Advanced class Spirit; he's way tougher than he should be. You're tasked to take down a Claude-colored Byleth on Omega Gaur Plains, but there's a few problems. Firstly, the Byleth likes to use Failnaught, and because Omega stages lack any auxiliary platforms and thus benefit projectile users greatly, you can be easily sniped from across the stage. Secondly, the floor is coated in Poison and your controls will be flipped every once in a while, but both Poison Immunity and Flip Control Immunity support Spirits fill two slots each, and Primaries can only have three slots at max. Fitting for the schemer that he is, Claude leaves you with a Sadistic Choice: deal with the constantly stacking and unavoidable Poison that can damage you enough to let him snipe you for an easy kill, or deal with the Interface Screw and likely leave yourself open to attack while you're trying to readjust yourself.
  • Another aggravating foe that comes with Byleth's Spirit Board comes in the form of Rhea. The battle seems simple enough at first glance. It's Stamina Mode on the Bridge of Eldin, and your opponent is Palutena, who is replaced by a giant Charizard for the battle's second phase. There are few things of concern, however. For starters, Rhea's Power level is among the highest that Ace class Spirit fights can offer, making her statistically quite tough, and her Neutral typing means that you can't cheese it by having a triangle advantage. The biggest problem, however, is the Charizard. When we say that it's in giant form, we mean really giant, giving it a great power boost, huge attack range, and immense resistance to knockback and hitstun. That would be manageable, were it not for what could be best described as "jank". Hitbox Dissonance is in full swing, as the sheer size of the Charizard causes your fighter to be pushed back away from it quite a bit, and due to how hitboxes work in Ultimate, Charizard's idle stance can let it avoid grounded attacks at point blank range, since your attacks can hit between its legs, and not the legs themselves. This leaves you with no choice but to either take to the air to hit its main body, which will probably net you a Flamethrower to the face to disrupt your attempts, or try and hit its legs with larger sized attacks, which can leave you wide open to being hit with repeated Down Smash stomps. You'd best beware the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, as underestimating her can be your undoing.


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