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Everyone is here... to provide the laughs!

For Palutena's Guidance in this game, see the Smash Taunts page. For examples throughout the series, check this page.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    E3 2018 
  • The Super Smash Bros. part of the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct opens with Sakurai giving a very basic description of Smash within the space of five seconds. Immediately Smash Cut to a black screen with the words "THE END" in white text, quickly followed by a "(Just kidding.)" This is unique to the US version of the Direct, as other versions merely had stating "The End" or "Fin" without the "just kidding" remark.
    • And the snippet Sakurai uses to show what Smash is all about? A fight between Mario, Pikachu, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong. Sound familiar?
  • This game shows us that every single fighter in the Smash series will be playable... and Luigi and Yoshi are introduced last, with the former being eaten by the latter.
    • The fact that the trailer ends on this note as if Nintendo were thinking "Oh yeah, these guys are here too". Bonus points if you forgot too, which you most likely did amidst the likes of the Ice Climbers, the Pokémon Trainer, Wolf, and Solid Snake.
    • It's doubly funny in Yoshi's case as he was the last of the Original 8 fighters to appear in promotional material from Brawl onwards, leading to jokes that he'd been cut entirely.
    • In addition, right after Snake is announced and the big "Everyone is HERE!" blurb shows up, Pichu comes along as if the trailer is trying to say "yes, that includes him." Bonus points if that was the first fighter that came to mind.
    • We also have some more individual moments from the trailer, such as Kirby waking up to eat a Bomber.
    • Mewtwo shows up next to Meta Knight as if to say "you're not forgetting about me again, are you?"
    • An Inkling Boy jumps right behind an Inkling Girl and blindsides her with his paint.
    • Mr. Game & Watch starts counting Greninjas when he appears to perform a shadow clone technique.
    • During Bowser Jr.’s scene in Fourside, Lemmy hogs the ledge, causing Ludwig to fall.
    • Rosalina and Luma wake King Dedede up in the middle of a nap and proceed to startle him. His reaction seems to scream "aw crud, I overslept!"
    • Little Mac punching Wario's bike during their reveal shot, causing him to fall flat on his back.
  • Ridley's splash screen tagline? "Hits the Big Time". With Ridley twirling Mario's cap. Becomes outright Black Comedy if you realize that, since Mario has Odyssey traits in this version of the game, Ridley is technically twirling Cappy, a sentient article of clothing.
    • His first look in-game is a visual gag, with the perspective looking like he is as big as the stage he is standing on, but that is actually a small platform.
    • During his trailer, he's shown beating up various heroes... except for Pikachu, who waves when a Metroid lands on Ridley's head, and Kirby, who ends up staring down a fully erect Ridley eye to eye (and Ridley's tall enough to rest his beak on the platform Kirby's on) while wearing the Samus cap. Also possibly a Call-Back, as Pikachu was the person besides from Samus who fought Ridley in the Subspace Emissary.
    • He does his famous wall-grind on Sonic, then roars at him as if to say "WHO'S TOO SLOW NOW!?"
    • When Ridley defeats Link, the latter collapses onto the ground. Ridley crouches next to him in a similar pose and waits for him to die. He looks like a cat watching something playfully!
  • During the rest of the E3 announcement:
    • Wolf suddenly attacking the Ice Climbers and giving his famous "Bring It" taunt in front of Young Link, who just slashes right at him. He then gets attacked by Pichu's headbutt.
    • Snake shooting at Villager with a Super Scope while he's using his Balloon Fighter recovery move.
    • Link throwing a bomb and remotely detonating it on an unsuspecting Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
    • Bowser takes out Nana, leaving Popo at the mercy of him and Ganondorf.
    • When showing that Pikachu Libre is now an alternate costume, the thing Sakurai points out instead is "did you notice Pikachu Libre is a girl?"
    • Samus cancels her Charge Beam with a jump, only to suddenly reveal Bowser right under her, who promptly attacks and KO's her.
    • Wendy appears to hit on Snake, only for him to knock her away. He stares at her as if he's saying, "I miss one Smash game and everything goes to hell."
    • This bit when going over a souped-up Super Sonic: "Either you're too slow, or he's lightning fast!"
    • "Lon Lon Milk, anyone?"
    • Fiora showing up in her Mechon costume is this thanks to the spoilerific nature of the look.
    • Rodin shows up, beats up Captain Falcon, then hands Bayonetta a Drill and leaves.
    • The fact that the Wii Fit developers specifically requested the Trainer look less like a mannequin.
    • Luigi getting sneaked up on by a Metroid.
    • Waluigi is still an Assist Trophy. And he's also used to demonstrate that Assist Trophies can now be KO'd. Trollurai strikes again!
    • On Bomberman: "Maybe an unexpected guest will photobomb your battle." *cue explosions*
    • Bewear, true to its Fighting typing, is shown beating up Ryu with its own version of the Shoryuken.
    • Jigglypuff and King Dedede resting in a Healing Field.
    • Robin throwing Donkey Kong into Tortimer Island's waters, who proceeds to flail about and forget he can swim.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct - August 8, 2018 

    Nintendo Direct - September 13, 2018 
  • The trailer itself started with the same sort of Commercial Switcheroo as Rosalina's trailer from 3DS/U, beginning as what appeared to be a trailer for a new Animal Crossing game. It's only after Isabelle's character splash appeared that first-time viewers knew what they were watching.
    • Even better, it pulled another Commercial Switcheroo after the Smash segment of the trailer, promoting a new Animal Crossing game for 2019.
  • Isabelle's sheer surprise when she finds out she's been invited to Smash, making up the aforementioned character splash.
    • Before, Isabelle laments that the mayor has been too busy with the campsite and Smash to manage the town and wonders if she should be the mayor instead.
  • Falco prepares to use Fire Bird, only for Isabelle to extinguish him with a bucket of water.
  • When Diddy is drowning, Isabelle saves him by catching him with her fishing rod, before tossing him away.
  • Isabelle is on the Nintendog stage with a regular dog in the background. The dog even tilts its head as if it’s confused.
  • Isabelle pulling a stop sign on Sonic.
  • Kapp'n is driving Isabelle away with his bus while Villager tries to catch up by riding Lloid, only for Lloid to explode.
    • If you watch closely, Villager does catch up; Lloid explodes on contact with the bus.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct - November 1, 2018 
  • The pattern of an established character getting killed in a reveal trailer concludes with Ken knocking Little Mac out of the ring and through one of the broadcast screens, then taken even further with Incineroar doing the same to Ken in his own reveal trailer!
  • Wii Fit Trainer trying to tag in Incineroar, only for the Pokémon to turn the other way and pretend not to notice like the Heel it is.
  • After defeating Ken, Incineroar finds the Villager, Bowser Jr., and King K. Rool waiting to take it on, causing it to sigh in exasperation.
  • Ken appearing to hit on Zelda (even though he’s married), only to immediately get swatted away by Link.
  • One of the Spirit battles shown is Chrom with Owain's Spirit, giving him a Killing Edge at the beginning of the match, increased power to melee weapons, and an affinity to constantly taunt.
  • As transformative Final Smashes are either phased out or significantly reworked for this game, many were left wondering as to the nature of Yoshi's new Final Smash. Here, we finally see what it is: the opponent is sent to a desert canyon to be trampled by a stampede of multicolored Yoshis. Not only is it funny, adorable, and awesome all at the same time, it also serves as a nifty Call-Back to Melee's opening movie along with Mini-Yoshi's strongest attack.
  • To introduce Thwomp, we see one drop down on Snake, only to reveal that it's Kirby using his Stone ability... only to have the real Thwomp assist trophy come down on him.
    • Even funnier: in the next clip, Mario and Luigi are shown near the Thwomp. Mario successfully evades it while Luigi isn't so lucky...
  • Doctor Wily appears as an Assist Trophy in his Mega Man 7 Wily Capsule. In tradition, defeating the Wily Capsule causes Wily to beg for mercy. For the trailer, he does this to Isabelle.
  • Guile as an Assist Trophy does what he does best... crouching down in one place and not moving in order to either block projectiles while spamming his own Sonic Boom, or use Flash Kick if someone gets near him.
    • Once you remember Ken and Guile are brothers-in-law who loathe each other, you can only imagine their reaction when they find out the other made it into Smash Bros. as well.
    • It's also worth noting that before disappearing, he'll say "that was nothing." Given how he operates, there's a good chance of that statement being completely literal.
  • Sakurai makes the announcement that soon after the game releases, work will begin on DLC! The camera then holds a shot of Sakurai as he slowly, silently blinks and then he chuckles and asks if he'll ever get to take a break. Sakurai, we love you.
  • The final character reveal of the Direct. The camera pans across several Mario characters, who are stunned as if their shield was popped, while an intense rendition of the Dark Land map theme plays. Mario then appears, and walks slowly across the land until he comes across... a Piranha Plant in a pot. The music instantly cuts out when Mario sees it, and remains awkwardly silent as he tries to dash attack it, only for the Piranha Plant to sidestep, knock Mario into the air, turn into a Spiny Piranha Plant, and swing its whole head at Mario, knocking him offscreen. Yup, Mario just got curbstomped by a playable Piranha Plant.
    • For fans of Bowser's Kingdom, this inclusion means you get to play as Steve.
    • The over-enthusiastic way the Piranha Plant runs, with teeny legs scuttling underneath the pipe and its tongue hanging out of its mouth like a dog chasing something.
    • Duck Hunt throwing a discus past Piranha Plant as if to say "Fetch!", only for Piranha Plant to grab Duck Hunt and toss him after the discus as if to say "No, YOU go fetch".
    • Just the fact that a Piranha Plant is playable at all is this. Sakurai has a satisfying enough base roster and five DLC characters along the way, so just for the fun of it, he decided it'd be a good idea to make a basic mook playable as a total curve-ball. It's the perfect character for anyone who can take a joke.
    • It becomes even funnier when you realize that Waluigi got upstaged by a plant! And not just any plant, but the one he's often most associated with in the Mario Party/Kart and sports games. Waluigi may have just been upstaged by his own pet!
    • The results all speak for themselves.
    • The Piranha Plant also has feet peeking out from the bottom of its pot, which for some reason just looks hilarious.
    • Many people have noted that Mario looks utterly furious at the start of the trailer, as if he's personally outraged that a Piranha Plant got into the game.
  • While witnessing nearly every character being captured in the World of Light trailer is frightening and saddening on several levels, the ways some characters get caught are worth a laugh. Like the Inklings trying (and failing) to hide in the inked turf beneath them (with the terrain itself exploding to confirm it didn't work), or Snake hoping his cardboard box will hide him from the godly waves of light. Then there's Wii Fit Trainer, who performs a few poses before she's vaporized.
    Wii Fit Trainer: I’m going to die the way I lived.
    Youtube Comment (paraphrased)
    • In the same shot as Wii Fit Trainer, you can see Villager running around in circles.

    E3 2019 

    Nintendo Direct + Mr. Sakurai Presents Banjo & Kazooie - September 4, 2019 
  • Terry's Smash reveal involves an invitation of Smash, as a recreation of the intro for The King of Fighters '94note . True to the original intro, Kyo Kusanagi attempts to take it... and he fails, with the invitation just flying away from his hand. Ryo Sakazaki fails to grab it, too. As do Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi (who crash to the floor offscreen). And that is where the riot comes in...
    • The invitation flies to Geese Tower. Geese Howard is ready to claim it. He takes a leap to claim the invitation... misses... and falls off the tower.
    • The invitation somehow makes it to the past, where Nakoruru sends Mamahaha out to get the invitation... but the envelope slips away from his talons. Yeah, not even an immortal Nature Spirit can cheat this one out.
    • Finally, before getting to its destination, the invitation floats before Iori Yagami, who's ready with his blue flame... and the invitation once again slinks off. Iori's reaction? His signature Laughing Mad victory pose.
  • Sakurai encourages those watching the broadcast to play Banjo-Kazooie, noting the irony that the only modern console it's available for is Nintendo's competition: Xbox One. Cue laughter in the background.
  • Sakurai's descriptions of the Spiral Mountain cameos are filled with Black Comedy, as he calls almost all of them "poor souls" for one reason or another in the context of their home series. For example, he first introduces Gruntilda by mentioning that she was buried under a boulder for two years at the end of Banjo-Kazooie. He then introduces Bottles by mentioning that he was killed at the start of Banjo-Tooie. Sakurai also mentions Banjo's sister, Tooty, being the saddest soul of them all, specifying the Game Over scene from Banjo-Kazooie.
  • During the victory screen, Sakurai does his best imitation of Banjo's "Guh-huh!" and the background laughter returns.
    Sakurai: "Guh-huh!" desu yo.
  • Home-Run Contest makes a return, complete with a co-op mode! What does Sakurai do to demonstrate the latter? Control both of the characters with two separate pro controllers.
    • Before that, though, he demonstrates the new mode with Ness, playing it like one normally would before noting that you hit the Sandbag with the bat... not the one on Ness' taunt, though. And then came the sudden shift with Ness sending the Sandbag up into space soon after.
  • The comedy of this example comes purely from how unexpected it was: during the Mii Fighter Costumes section, we get confirmation of costumes of Goemon, Proto Man, Zero, and the Team Rocket Grunts... and then MEGALOVANIA starts up... as Mii Gunner Sans appears.

    Mr. Sakurai Presents Terry Bogard - November 6, 2019 
  • A few as Sakurai introduces the various cameos in Terry's stage:
    • Specifically noting that Geese Howard is known for falling off of towers.
    • Recalling his first impression of Iori Yagami, "Whoever created this guy must be a genius!"
    • Invoking the MST3K Mantra in regards to Rock Howard's presence.
    • Noting that Yuri Sakazaki learnt Kyokugen Karate not long after being rescued from her kidnapping. "In other words, she's a genius!"
    • Explaining that Mai Shiranui is not present because, "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is for good boys and girls of many different ages." Fortunately, at least he admitted they hit the rating ceiling on that one. Less fortunately, the admission did not stop it from immediately going memetic.
    • This one turns awesome when it was revealed in an interview later where Sakurai made some scathing remarks about the Japanese ratings board for being too strict about such things. The way he put it in the video was actually him being sarcastic and venting his frustration with CERO because both Sakurai and SNK wanted the Mai cameo.note 
    • The above is also funny and a bit awesome because Super Smash Bros. is the only series where getting snubbed can result in a boost of attention.
  • Sakurai also made sure to expressly note that "King of Fighters" is the name of the tournament within Fatal Fury, while it is the "The" that differentiates it from The King of Fighters series.
  • Sakurai lamenting how long it's been since he played Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition on his Hyper Neo Geo 64.
  • When trying to decide the music selection for Terry, Sakurai and his team narrowed it down to fifty tracks. And SNK OK'd ALL OF THEM. He even joked that the Fighters Pass DLC turned out to be higher value than first expected.
  • The stream itself is 47 minutes long, longer than any other Smash-dedicated presentation. By that logic, a lot of people assumed there would be something more than just Terry. Turns out a good chunk of the stream was just Sakurai playing through Terry's Classic Mode.
    • The Classic Mode run itself ends with a great Anti-Climax as Sakurai wanted to end it with Terry's Super Special. Instead:
      Sakurai: Yeah, but a Power Wave? Really?!
  • Do you remember that cute detail in Terry's reveal trailer that replaced the R in the opening text with S for Sakurai? Well, it turns out that Sakurai had no idea it was there until he saw the trailer himself, as it was added by the staff as a fun inside joke.
    Sakurai: The S stands for "Smash"! [Sigh] This is why I hate inside jokes.
  • Terry's full reveal trailer with gameplay footage has Terry appropriately using Buster Wolf... on Wolf.
  • At the beginning, Sakurai has an original Neo Geo...or so it seems. He later opens it up to reveal it was 2012’s Neo Geo X, a portable version that could be docked into the larger mold.
  • Sakurai mentioning how thoroughly confused Bandai Namco representatives get when he talks to them about their company's character.

    Mr. Sakurai Presents Byleth - January 16, 2020 
  • What makes Solon’s quote so hilarious is that he says it with the utmost seriousness.
    Solon: So joining Smash consumes even the darkness itself!
  • After being revealed, Byleth begins to duke it out with the other fighters... before being confronted and promptly smashed away by Link, Hero and Cloud. Cue Byleth limping back towards Sothis on her throne. Sothis' reaction is pretty funny, to boot, especially since it lampshades the common complaint of there being too many swordfighters:
    Sothis: So you've returned. And sooner than expected, I see. Too many swordsmen, are there? And you? You wield the sword as well? What will you do?!
    • Attentive players will notice the only other characters in the first half of the trailer are swordfighters.
  • Byleth's answer is to turn into the female version of themselves. Sothis' remark is as dry as ever, but she admits it was clever and as a reward grants Byleth Aymr, Failnaught, and Areadbhar to differentiate themselves. Solon's reaction to Byleth flying out again with the Heroes' Relics in tow this time is a gasp of shock.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Sothis explicitly states that there are "too many swordsmen". Byleth's response is to turn into a swordswoman.
    • Byleth's "response" is even more hilarious in the Japanese version due to Sothis' statement being more along the lines of "and you call yourself a man?!"
  • When female Byleth shows up, she gets her own splash screen: "BYLETH RECRUITS... BYLETH!"
  • After the trailer is over, Sakurai can be seen putting up several Byleth posters on his wall while giving a grin. He knew exactly what he was doing.
  • Sakurai mentions that because of how new the game is, he will avoid spoilers, and generally does his best. However, he accidentally ends up spoiling one of the biggest twists in Three Houses by accidentally referring to Rhea as the "woman from the intro cutscene of the game", aka Seiros, which is a major twist in the game. While likely unintentional, there were many who found it hilarious.
  • How does he start the presentation proper? By explaining to his viewers what Fire Emblem is. Seems like he got tired of all the "generic anime swordsmen" comments.
    • When doing this, he mentions how the title is hard to pronounce in Japanese and that the producer said it's okay to just say Fire Enblem.
      Sakurai: But when writing it, if you don't write Fire Emblem, the Fire Emblem police will come and get you, so please be careful.
    • Sakurai then proceeds to bring up Fire Emblem's Final Death mechanic:
      Sakurai: Characters could permanently die. (laughter can be heard) That's pretty direct language though, so perhaps we should just say they're..."sleeping with the fishes".
  • He then names every main series Fire Emblem game while counting up in binary. The binary number for 17, the number of Three Houses, shows the three fingers he had in the thumbnail of the Direct. Only Sakurai can be this cryptic with his hints.
  • Sakurai decides to show Byleth in action with a Squad Strike tag team battle: the entire Fighters Pass roster vs. the Fire Emblem protagonists. Sakurai then proceeds to just self-destruct with everyone except Byleth while shouting their names as they leave.
  • To match the Sans costume from the Banjo-Kazooie presentation, the Indie character represented this time around is Cuphead. True to his series, the Cuphead costume uses his Finger Gun as opposed to any other blaster. Hilariously fitting.
    For Cuphead, there is no shortage of adventure on the Inkwell Isles. But when he received a prestiguous invitation to a friendly brawl in a magical new land, he knew it would be a good day for a swell battle!
  • After Sakurai announces Fighters Pass Vol. 2, he has this to say after so many years of getting requests:
    Sakurai: Furthermore, the new additions have already been decided. Even if I receive many requests regarding potential candidates on Twitter, I'm afraid it would be very hard to consider them.

    Mr. Sakurai Presents Min Min - June 22, 2020 
  • While summarizing ARMS, Sakurai takes out a slinky to demonstrate how the ARMS ability works. The video's final thumbnail even shows him stretching it out.
  • The reveal trailer has Kirby and Captain Falcon eating noodles, with the latter very enthusiastically slurping his bowl of noodles as Min Min watches on in the background with a smile on her face. At the end of the trailer, their positions are reversed, with Captain Falcon, dressed in ramen shop waiter garb, watching in the background as Min-Min slurps on a bowl of noodles.
    • Whereas Captain Falcon is simply slurping at his noodles, Kirby quite literally inhales his, bowl and all. He does it again with Min-Min.
    • The absurdly epic way Falcon finishes off his meal.
    • When Captain Falcon notices that the waitress has disappeared, his first instinct is to glare at Kirby in a "what did you do?" manner, with Kirby reacting like "Not Me This Time!".
    • According to Sakurai, this necessitated Ryo Horikawa to record new voice clips for Captain Falcon for the first time since the Nintendo 64 original. He came back 22 years later to voice Falcon devouring ramen.
    • Spring Man's ridiculous facial expressions upon seeing the Smash invitation letter and Ribbon Girl socking him in the face are glorious to say the least.
  • Why was Min Min the one chosen? Essentially, Mr. Yabuki just told Sakurai "I want Min Min" and that's it.
    • When Sakurai stated how Spring Man isn't the protagonist, he brings up the fact that putting Spring Man in the search engine actually reveals a similarly named character from a certain manga. Yep; Sakurai just shadowdropped a Kinnikuman reference. Becomes funnier if you know that the Kinnikuman Springman gets killed by a character named Ramenman.
  • A joke that didn't make it to the US version of the Direct was how, during a match where Sakurai points out how Kirby and Captain Falcon are too close to Minmin, he explicitly says how they're too close and then muses that this was the "social distancing" people were talking about nowadays. Even funnier, since he's referencing a meme that was popular at the time he did it.
  • After revealing costumes for Ninjaranote , Heihachi, Callie and Marie, it cuts to a black and white screen with Mario popping up for a S.M.A.S.H. promotion approval... before a Bob-Omb shows up and explodes Mario away altogether, leading up to the reveal of the famous Vault Boy as the last Mii costume for download in Round #6.
    • The simple fact that Ninjara was thrown in as the Mii Costume rep after Sakurai conferred to the given Creator's Favorite for the roster inclusion. If Sakurai wants his man on board, he's getting his man, goddamn it.
    • The fact that rather then being a gunner, Callie's Mii Costume is a brawler.
  • The video has an entire section dedicated to Sakurai teaching people... how to cheese the hell out of several frustrating Spirit battles, with a jab thrown in at the particularly infamous Pauline fight.

    Character showcase videos and screenshots 
  • Quite a few character trailers have this, such as:
    • Donkey Kong faking Peach out and kidnapping her.
    • Link throwing a bomb past an approaching Pikachu, who then proceeds to follow it until it explodes.
    • Link walking off with a Cucco while the "Cucco Revenge Squad" chases and attacks him.
    • Two Yoshis tossing a Mr. Saturn like it was Baby Mario.
    • Kirby turning into a treasure chest from Breath of the Wild, which Link attempts to open.
    • Pikachu throwing a Beetle at a blindsiding Mr. Game & Watch, then cheerily waving to the camera.
    • Luigi's Green Missile getting deflected by Dr. Mario, leading to him careening into a wall.
    • Luigi dodging Ryu's kick by just casually dropping.
    • Luigi kicking Mario's hand while he's grabbing onto a ledge is funny in a dark way.
    • Ness ducking with Jeff as he launches the Bottle Rockets.
    • Captain Falcon outrunning a race car with the Bunny Hood, then proceeding to get hit by it anyway.
    • Jigglypuff gets its shield broken by Marth, sending it flying off of Gaur Plains to remind us that it still has that instant kill shield break effect.
    • Peach throwing one of her Vegetables at Kirby, who proceeds to eat it.
    • Daisy kicking one of Duck Hunt's exploding cans, right into an unsuspecting Ness. The confident look on Daisy's face sells it.
    • Bowser attempting to eat a peach, only for Whispy Woods to blow him off balance.
    • Kirby eating Popo during an attack, leading Nana to have a Freak Out.
    • Sheik doing a spinning kick and Pikachu trying to emulate it.
    • Zelda calling to Link, only for the Great Plateau Tower to crumble onto him. It even looks like Zelda was the one making the ceiling fall!
    • Dr. Mario beating Luigi in a Cyclone contest and dusting his sleeve off afterward.
    • Pichu being asleep when its character trailer starts, leading to an expression of "Oh, is it my turn!? Hi, guys!"
    • Pichu attempting to pick up an exploding Electrode, only to fail and run away in panic.
    • Falco picking up various foods until he comes across a roast chicken and burns with rage.
    • Young Link beating the ever-loving crap out of Ganondorf is followed by him taking a swig of Lon Lon Milk. It just looks like a "Got Milk?" commercial!
    • Ganondorf picking up a Heart Container is funny for the same reasons it was back in Hyrule Warriors.
    • Mewtwo using Disable on Pichu before disappearing, leading the yellow rodent to wonder where the legendary adversary went.
    • Mr. Game & Watch getting tuckered out just from climbing a ladder.
    • The same fighter ringing his bell with one of the Game & Watch alerts.
    • Toon Link attempting to copy Meta Knight's Blade Spam attack, to no avail.
    • Dark Pit being dazed long enough for Pit to just run him over with the Lightning Chariot.
    • Wario jumping in front of the camera just to shake his butt.
    • Ganondorf attempting to hold Wario down, only for Wario to combo him and finish with a fart.
    • Snake planting a C4 bomb on a sleeping Bowser Jr., which is even funnier when one remembers the "You killed a child? Amazing!" meme from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
    • Diddy Kong lifting Snake's box, which he seems to have no reaction to.
    • King Dedede reaching a ledge, only for Ike to send him careening to the bottom with an Eruption.
    • Ryu slipping on one of Diddy Kong's banana peels.
    • Lucas attempts to use the Rope Snake on a Burrowing Snagret. It doesn't work, and then the creature in question can't reach him. Lucas then proceeds to casually shrug while talking to the snake. This could also be interpreted as a Lucas trying to introduce the Rope Snake to his serpentine brethren and shrugging when it turns out not to be one for conversation.
    • King Dedede hitting his head during a recovery.
    • Olimar getting knocked out after the End of Day Final Smash, leading to Alph having to check on him.
    • R.O.B. trying to match the pose of the giant R.O.B. in Port Town Aero Dive.
    • R.O.B. randomly chasing a Beetle.
    • The robot staring in alarm at a Bob-omb, complete with dramatic zoom.
    • R.O.B. fighting Sukapon, which itself is a reference to the latter's game about robots fighting.
    • Toon Link slashing at the Spirit Train's smoke, as if it'd do anything.
    • Wolf playing fetch with the Duck Hunt Dog.
    • The Villager beating Little Mac in a boxing match.
    • Followed immediately by him catching a Beetle like in his home game.
    • Mega Man blindsiding Ganondorf with Mega Legends while he's in the middle of beating up Bowser.
    • The Wii Fit Trainer doing a hula hoop twirl with Mr. Game & Watch judging her with a perfect 9.
    • Rosalina gathering a bunch of items with the Pull Star, leading to her looking ridiculous with a Super Scope, Bunny Hood, Super Leaf, Screw Attack, and Rocket Belt all at once.
    • Rosalina and Ness playing Luma Baseball.
    • Little Mac and Wario emulating the training sequence from the former's game.
    • Greninja sneaking around Shadow Moses Island and getting spotted, much to its surprise.
    • Palutena still has her scepter pole dance.
    • Pac-Man setting up a trampoline which Ike ends up breaking somewhat, followed by Pac pushing him onto it and making him fall off the stage.
    • Female Robin running out of energy for Nosferatu and throwing the book away... onto a sleeping Jigglypuff.
    • Shulk, once again, hanging around in his underwear next to the Island Turtle in Great Bay.
    • Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car eating a lollipop.
    • Three Duck Hunt dogs playing a round of "Hedgehog Ball".
    • Duck Hunt dog once again harassing his game bird Falco, this time by tossing a tin can at him after dodging Phantasm.
    • Bayonetta holding Peach in place while giving her a dirty look.
    • Simon hypnotizing Pikachu with his whip.
    • Diddy Kong trying to avoid Chrom's attack by dodging around him, and fails.
    • King K. Rool tries to attack Diddy by throwing his crown at him, only for Villager to jump in from offscreen and steal it. Diddy runs away with Villager when K. Rool gives chase.
    • Isabelle fishing, and somehow managed to catch Luigi.
    • Incineroar chasing a Bombchu.
    • The Piranha Plant makes its appearance by coming out of the same pipe as the Mushroom Kingdom stage's Piranha Plant as if it's saying "screw nomming people from Warp Pipes all my life, I wanna fight some guys!"
    • Piranha Plant blowing a spiked ball through a Red Coin Ring, only for Wario to jump up and eat it, immediately followed by Luigi walking to it and waking it up as a nod to Super Mario 64 note  before it proceeds to bite him.
  • Some of the pictures on the official website have these as well.
    • Donkey Kong attempting to save a bunch of grapes from being eaten by Kirby.
    • Link holding a Heart Container over his head like he does in his games.
    • Dark Samus attacking Dark Pit.
    • Yoshi attempting to eat a tiny Kirby.
    • Mr. Game & Watch attempting to cook one of Yoshi's eggs while the latter is right behind him. It's the "Oh, Crap!" look that sells it.
    • Fox attempting to catch a Frisbee with his mouth.
    • Pikachu furiously chasing a tiny Mario.
    • Squirtle and Ivysaur being intimidated by a golden Pikachu statue. "Try THAT on for size!"
    • Pikachu Libre beating Little Mac in a wrestling match.
    • Luigi with the Super Leaf being stalked by Bewear.
    • The idea of Luigi donning Waluigi's look and beating Wario is just amusing, for some reason.
    • A giant Jigglypuff telling Toon Link, Pit, and Marth to turn back in Great Cave Offensive.
    • Peach falling into mud which the Villager apparently dug up. Considering the Vegetable on his shovel, he was apparently going for that.
    • Daisy just having a grand old time with Conductor Link. It's enough to put a smile on anyone's face.
    • A blue Bowser imitating the Spiny Shell.
    • The Arcade Bunny grabbing Nana with the claw, with Popo freaking out over the event.
    • Ivysaur attempting to do a one-handed stand with Sheik.
    • Dr. Mario rushing to a collapsed Link with a fairy.
    • Falco flying off to the skies of Great Plateau Tower, mimicking Revali, who has been joked as "Breath of the Wild's Falco". Made even funnier by the fact that, in Revali's Spirit battle, the game uses Falco as a stand-in for the guy.
    • Young Link throwing a bomb into Wario's mouth.
    • Apparently, the Inkling Girl wants some of Young Link's Lon Lon Milk.
    • Ganondorf running away from a Bomber that's about to fall on Ness simply Crosses the Line Twice.
    • Shadow Mewtwo backing away from some Pikmin.
    • Chrom (with tanooki ears) crouching beside snoozing Wolf, Lucario, and Fox.
    • Mr. Game & Watch getting a 1 on the Judge move. The Duck Hunt Dog just looks at him like "really?"
    • Meta Knight appears next to Kirby's Palette Swap based on the former's unmasked form.
    • Pit running away from the Dark Emperor. Where's a goddess's guidance when you need it?
    • Snake getting a good look at Zero Suit Samus'... erm... assets.
    • Wario attempting to have a biting contest with a shark.
    • Wario standing atop the Spirit Train's engine as if trying to emulate Rose.
    • Snake attempting to hide under his box, which R.O.B. already catches on to.
    • Snake crawling up to a Ramblin' Evil Mushroom, presumably to eat it. Anyone who's fought one would know of the Standard Status Effects it causes.
    • Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard running away from a Burrowing Snagret.
    • Ness holding the banana gun (described below) and holding it to Diddy Kong who's begging him not to shoot.
    • Sonic stopping in front of a driving Shy Guy wouldn't be out of place in a Sonic Sez segment.
    • Sonic trying to grab Bayonetta in her butterfly form.
    • King Dedede attempting to balance a Poké Ball on his hammer.
    • Dedede ends up about to eat a Bob-omb.
    • Olimar using a miniature Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic with flowers on their heads as Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin, respectively. This is doubly funny if you remember that Sonic has Super Drowning Skills (or at the very least sinks like a rock; in fact, water hurts him in this game), while the Blue Pikmin are the ones that can tread water and breathe in it just fine.
    • Luigi tries to be one of the Pikmin.
    • R.O.B. observing Wario, who crash-landed into the ground.
    • Another R.O.B. observing a Bombchu, while two more are panicking and telling him to get away from it.
    • Toon Link running away from a Cucco.
    • A green, red, blue, and purple Toon Link all fighting over a Heart Container.
    • Wolf looking after a Nintendog. There's this Running Gag of him being associated with Nintendogs and the Duck Hunt dog as mentioned above (and in the Direct itself).
    • Wolf, in pink color, holding Fox, who is also in pink color. The camera is zoomed up on Wolf's face with a rather naughty smile.
    • The Villager trying to water Ivysaur.
    • Rosalina hypnotizing Pichu with her wand. Somehow.
    • Little Mac receiving medicine from Dr. Mario to heal up a bruise.
    • Greninja resting next to a Substitute doll. Considering that's its move, it's probably tuckered out from practicing it.
    • The Mii Fighters being placed right next to their respectively-colored Pikmin.
    • A Mii Brawler attempting to burst a treasure chest open with his head.
    • Pac-Man being distracted by a sausage Mr. Game & Watch provided.
    • Toon Link apparently teaching Robin how to conduct with his Levin Sword.
    • Shulk discovers Snake under his box, this time. Not so much of a secret anymore, is it?
    • Another Shulk picture shows him in his underwear. On the Summit. On the plus side, at least he seems to handle it better than Taichi Yagami.
    • Bowser Jr. using the Clown Car's fork to eat some tempura.
    • The Koopalings playing ball with a Green Shell, while Iggy has apparently fallen down.
    • Ike playing fetch with Duck Hunt... with a Smart Bomb.
    • Falco talking with the Duck. Birds of a Feather... literally.
    • Two particular dogs having fun while one particular sourpuss just lays there with a grumpy look.
    • Ryu failing a Hadoken, leading to Pichu laughing at him.
    • Ken giving King K. Rool an uppercut, leaving Diddy Kong awestruck.
    • The Villager attempting to catch Bayonetta while she's utilizing Madama Butterfly. Again.
    • Bayonetta chatting it up with a Mr. Saturn.
    • Squirtle washing away some Inkling ink, causing the Inkling in question to come out of hiding.
    • Ridley breaking a wall with a Hammer. Especially considering he doesn't even need one.
    • Young Link drinking Lon Lon milk along with Simon, who is trying to drink Holy Water.
    • Richter using Lip's Stick as a shield against a red Pikmin.
    • Villager sneaking up on King K. Rool from behind and stealing the crown right off his head.
    • King K. Rool doing a belly attack against Snake. This makes it funnier that the crocodile cap was a wearable headgear in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
    • Isabelle swinging a toy hammer at Builder Mario.
    • Incineroar playing with a smoke ball, as if it was a ball of yarn. As a bonus, it's even got a darker Palette Swap for the occasion.
    • Wario's about to eat a Maxim Tomato, unaware that the Piranha Plant is about to do the same to him.

    Challenge Board images 
  • Smash:
    • Yoshi pulling off his best Akuma impression in front of a defeated Ken. Doubly funny if you realize this is a repeat of a gag pulled in For 3DS/Wii U.
    • Cloud and Zelda recreate a famous scene with a certain flower girl, but Zelda's facial expression implies she is overdoing it.
    • For a bit of Black Comedy, Simon closing in on a terrified Pichu.
    • Bayonetta and Dark Pit ready to fight Palutena and Pit... with Luigi screaming in the middle.
    • Wii Fit Trainer about to pummel the crap out of Ryu, Mario, and Luigi, to the three's horror.
    • K. Rool throwing Villager off the pirate ship and into the jaws of three more K. Rools.
    • Captain Falcon and Incineroar locked in arm wrestling, as Judd and Li'l Judd spectate.
    • Two female Inklings covering Donkey Kong in ink while he just sits there with a look of confusion.
  • Adventure:
    • Mario and Daisy playing a crane catcher game, but with Bowser Jr. as the "prize" and Villager, Pikachu, and Popo cheering them on.
    • Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Villager, and Isabelle pushing Kapp'n's bus up a steep incline in Green Hill Zone.
    • Two Marios, each in a builder outfit, repairing Bowser Jr.'s clown car like a pit crew; only Bowser Jr. notices the Shy Guys speeding dangerously close to them.
    • Ganondorf of all people trying to save the Duck Hunt dog and duck from a giant Thwomp.
    • Fire Emblem Roy pushing Roy Koopa off a cliff in Garden of Hope.
  • Spirit Board:
    • King Dedede, Shulk, Kirby, and Zero Suit Samus casually resting on Great Bay.
    • Mewtwo playing bowling with a Yoshi egg for a bowling ball, and Luigis as the pins.
    • Snake and Ness about to play baseball with a grenade.
    • One image is basically a "Villain Group Photo"note , consisting of characters like Bowser, Ganondorf, Wolf, Ridley, Meta Ridley, and K. Rool. Also among them is a character representing Pokémon, who is a tall, humanoid feline Pokémon...except it's not the one most would expect to be grouped with the villainsnote . That Pokémon instead is Incineroar, who in its series is merely a Heel wrestler only pretending to be a villain.note 
      • Another bit of hilarity with the photo is that all the villains are facing towards the camera with their mouths wide open. Incineroar, on the other hand, is just grinning menacingly.
    • Peach and Pichu teaching Daisy how to swim on Tortimer Island.
    • Toon Link about to try and shoot an apple on Luigi's head with his bow. Although considering how short Toon Link is, it doesn't look like it'll end well.
  • Spirits:
    • Young Link completely surrounded by milk bottles, as Isabelle cheers him on.
  • Classic Mode:
    • Wily tries to beg as usual, but Mega Man just shoots a Crash Bomber at him. Made funnier by the fact that said Crash Bomber goes right over Wily's head.
    • Incineroar gives the command to its tag-team partner K. Rool to body slam poor Luigi on the mat. A shirtless Shulk meanwhile tries to tag in but can't.
    • A bunch of Wii Fit Trainers kneeling and worshipping Palutena as a pillar of light is seen behind her.
    • Two Donkey Kongs looking at each other, one smiling and the other seems rather terrified, while Pauline is at the background with a...rather suggestive look on her face.
    • Richter charging towards Dracula whip-first, riding on Kapp'n's bus.
  • Games & More
    • Luigi, Mega Man, Zero Suit Samus, Charizard, Sonic, and Wario skydiving off the Great Plateau Tower. Luigi looks noticeably scared, while Wario can't even jump.
  • Online:
  • Other:
    • Peach, Zelda, Palutena, and Rosalina going shopping, except with Bombers standing in for bags.
    • An extreme close-up of Ness's eyes. It's a surprisingly effective Jump Scare.
    • Rosalina rather excitedly wearing Cappy, to Mario's joy.
    • Kirby, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, and two Villagers singing and having fun while Snake is under his cardboard box in a vaguely unsure manner.
    • Snake looking at a Mii Fighter with a Labo Robot Toy-Con cardboard box with a strange, scary glee.

    Congratulations Screen images 
  • Donkey Kong looking absolutely puzzled as bananas rain from the sky.
  • Luigi running the hell away from Ridley, King K. Rool, and Incineroar in the Spirit Train's wagon, with only Incineroar seeming to notice Luigi. Of note is that all three opponents in the image are villains in some way and are the only three villainous newcomers in Ultimate who are neither Echo Fighters nor DLC characters note .
  • A pink Captain Falcon dashing towards Peach, Daisy, and Zelda, to the princesses' shock.
  • As Daisy, Peach, Luigi and Mario are posing on 3D Land, Luigi is barely visible; only his head is in the frame.
  • Bowser kidnapping Mario for a change, while Peach tries to reach out to him.
  • Kirby disguising himself as Nana with Popo none the wiser.
  • Pichu hiding with Snake under the latter's cardboard box, while Captain Falcon tries to lift the box off of them.
  • Falco being attacked by the dreaded Cuccos.
  • Lucina posing proudly with her mask next to Pikachu Libre.
  • Young Link looking panicked as he tries to outrun the Spirit Train. The face he makes is what really makes it, though.
  • Ganondorf and Zelda casually waving hello to the Old Man gliding around the Great Plateau Tower.
  • ''Fire Emblem'' Roy and Roy Koopa becoming friends under the sunset; though the heart between them and Roy's expression makes it easy to interpret it as something more.
  • Chrom being startled by Lucina, Mario, Marth, Ike, female Robin, and female Corrin congratulating him, most likely for him finally getting his chance to be playable in Smash.
  • Wario attempting the Tree Pose with several Wii Fit Trainers.
  • Snake looking curiously at a Super Scope-toting Ryu. It's like the video game version of The Expendables.
  • Alph's Pikmin abducting R.O.B.
  • Toon Link has a massive Oh, Crap! face as Ganon is standing right behind him while he tries to pull the Master Sword from the ground.
  • Fox and Wolf sitting casually yet awkwardly next to each other.
  • Wii Fit Trainer gets an extreme close-up of her eyes; likely to catch players off-guard in another Jump Scare.
  • Little Mac leaping off New Donk City Hall in triumph; the pose he has can easily make you imagine him screaming "YEAH!".
  • Pac-Man is casually resting on Great Bay, gleefully unaware of the Four Giants behind him struggling to keep the Moon from crashing down.
  • Ryu trying on Tanooki ears with a surprisingly cutesy pose, as the Ice Climbers watch.
  • Ryu and Ken wrecking Kapp'n's bus in a reenactment of the bonus game from Street Fighter II, to Isabelle's dismay.
  • A giant Ridley roaring a challenge to Rathalos on the Bridge of Eldin... while a tiny Yoshi looks on in the foreground.
  • Richter poses for Vince's painting, but Vince is drawing a cat instead.
  • Isabelle reeling in the huge fish from Summit as Villager cheers.

    World of Light/Spirit Board 
  • One of the Spirit battles is against Ness' father, represented by an invisible Snake. The Spirit itself is just a picture of a phone and is classified as a Legend, the highest rank a Spirit can be. The ability it gives you is Running Start.
    • Another hilarious EarthBound Spirit of the Black Comedy kind is Buzz Buzz, represented by a tinier-than-tiny Mr. Game and Watch...with 300% damage. As soon as you can land a hit within the time limit, it's a guaranteed KO.
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, Paz's spirit battle has the occasional rain of Bob-ombs, and her ability is to allow you to spawn with a Bob-omb equipped. note 
    • In a very similar vain, The Three Mage-Sisters's spirit will give fighters a boost in battering items. While this could be a reference to the weapons they use, it could also be one to the role they played in Hyness's boss fight, where Hyness drains them of their energy and uses them as clubs.
  • The Calamity Ganon spirit has you fighting against a giant Ganondorf, naturally. Despite being a legend-class spirit, the fight can be made hilariously easy if you bait Ganon into using his Flame Choke against you in mid-air off the stage, since it results in a Taking You with Me attack that KO's him before you.
  • You can find a Snorlax spirit in the World of Light. It puts you in a stamina battle up against an overly gigantic King K. Rool... who does nothing but stand in place, healing a little damage every few seconds, presumably from resting. The challenge here is depleting the enemy's massive 500 HP in one minute; K. Rool also has super armor, so he doesn't react to attacks. As a result, you're treated to a spirit battle of you just wailing on this big giant unflinching K. Rool standing there taking it. Bonus points if you manage to shove K. Rool onto the boat that appears on the dock on the right side of the stage. The boat eventually leaves past the right side of the screen, which means the enemy will be defeated, since it stands still and makes no attempt to avoid being KO'd this way. Unfortunately, this trick has been patched out.
    • A similar spirit battle is the battle against The Imprisoned, which puts you up against an unmoving giant King K. Rool with 140 HP and super armor. The challenge here is defeating K. Rool while the Ghirahim Assist Character impedes you. However, since Ghirahim takes a while to appear and K. Rool doesn't bother to jump, and since this game removed the ability to run through characters unlike the previous games, and since the stage is a walkoff stage, you can choose a character like Bowser and just shove the enemy offscreen.
  • Kraid appears as a Master Spirit. Since Master Spirits need to explain the activities they run, this means that Kraid (for the first time since Captain N: The Game Master) is given dialogue... and it consists entirely of roars and grunts. Fortunately, translations are provided... but Even the Subtitler Is Stumped.
    ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! (That's probably a greeting.)
    Gaaaaahhh! (That's a... happy noise?)
    Ga-rurrr... (That's basically "what now?")
    Gurru... (He isn't listening. Quit training?)
    Gug yaaah! (See... you... later?)
    • Keep in mind that this is the only Nintendo game where Kraid receives any form of characterization, and he's... just a normal person who's eager to train others in his fighting style. Probably not canon-compliant, to say the least.
  • Slowpoke is another Master Spirit, who makes your spirits forget styles they've learned. The Dopey Pokémon naturally does nothing but stare at you, probably forgetting what it does.
  • Continuing the Meta Game joke presented by Guile's actions as an Assist Trophy, his Legend class spirit is a Shield type who grants you higher damage with any attacks involving the character's foot.
  • Attempting to delete a file in World of Light shows a picture of Galeem being put into a trash can.
  • Spirits are represented by puppet fighters which are their closest equivalents in their home series, but it's not uncommon to see a spirit who is juxtaposed with a puppet fighter from a completely opposite setting, causing Soundtrack Dissonance to occur. This means that you can have a Darker and Edgier character in the body of a cartoonish or cute character, or a lighthearted character possessing a badass character's body. Here are a few examples:
    • The Swords of Justice are a trio of badass and heroic legendary Pokémon. In their spirit battle, Virizion is represented by fellow badass Pokémon Lucario, while Terrakion and Cobalion are respectively represented by... Duck Hunt and Yoshi?! Even though they offer just as much of a challenge as the original Swords of Justice, you can't help but laugh when you're being challenged by a toon dinosaur and smug dog. These aren't the only Pokémon-based spirits like this; the Legendary Birds are all represented by Lucas (granted, he's the only fighter who can use fire, ice, and lightning simultaneously, but he's still a young kid), while Giratina is represented by Mr. Game and Watch, who looks absolutely nothing like the Satanic Archetype seen in the games.
    • The Ice Climbers were used as the puppet fighters for Kyurem and former boss Duon, due to their ice powers and two bodies, respectively. However, it's still weird to see a pair of cute-looking Fun Size people being an icy Dracolich and a giant Subspace killing machine.
    • One limited-time Spirit had a Spirit fight representing the Support Spirit of Professor Riggs, Plaise, and Lerna (named in-game as Professor Riggs & Plaise & Lerna) from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit. In the Paper Mario stage, Professor Riggs was represented by Dr. Mario, which made good sense. Plaise was represented by Young Link, which was a bit weird, but also fine. However, Lerna... was represented by Bayonetta. As in her original Bayonetta design. Quite a representation for the last character, huh?
    • The Shantae series gets two spirits. The title character gets Zero Suit Samus, who is decently fitting, with some of ZSS's alts giving her a similar clothing vibe to Shantae, as well as both having long hair. Who does Shantae's Arch-Enemy, Risky Boots, get? Daisy, a princess, who, while still sassy, is almost nothing like Risky.
    • When you see Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door pop up as a spirit, who are you expecting to see? Zelda as both are Cute Witches? Possibly Mewtwo or Bayonetta for her shadow powers(and for the latter, again, being a witch)? Nope! She gets Mr. Game and Watch.
  • As creepy as the little bugger is, Marx still has moments of levity. Mainly, his KO animation involves him being sent careening off the edges of the stage like a screensaver, his superpowered form shattering from the repeated impacts before he finally faceplants into the ground. If one looks carefully, his eyes are still open, meaning it's possible that he's either out stone cold from the cranial trauma, or he's awake, but too frustrated to even bother standing back up.
  • While also dramatic, there's something comical about the fact that Galeem and Dharkon form an Enemy Mine against the heroes for the True Final Boss fight... and they can't actually cooperate for a nanosecond, to the point where their minions fight each other as well as you, their attacks can and will injure each other (with neither entity making any effort whatsoever to avoid Friendly Fire), and each's reaction to the other being stunned is to actively and intentionally Kick Them While They Are Down, with Galeem stabbing Darkhon with its wings from the background and Dharkon using a cluster of vines to hammer Galeem into the ground. Even with the army of heroes who, at this point, have beat each of them once being right there, the two can't stop fighting for five minutes to deal with you.
    • Also, fighting these two as one of the more unassuming-looking fighters, particularly Pichu or Isabelle, automatically counts as this. They just look so hilariously out of place fighting two divine Shin Megami Tensei rejects, one with a body made out of black murder spaghetti.
    • Another somewhat comical moment is during the cutscene before The Very Definitely Final Dungeon. Both are waging war against each other... and then turn to the fighters, as if to say, "Oh, yeah, you guys are here too."
    • Speaking of minions, one of their shared moves is summoning a pair of minions that battle you for a bit before exploding. The problem is that they usually end up fighting each other while you sit on the other side of the stage.
    • Even more than that: It's entirely possible via Deadly Dodging to have the two kill each other, with the only time one actually needs to attack being to land the killing blow.
    • It's also entirely possible that, if their positioning and the timing of the final attack is just right, one of them (likely Dharkon, since his death animation is longer than Galeem's) will fall on top of the other.
  • Another great Spirit Battle is against Mr. L, who is represented as Luigi in Waluigi's colors. It feels like a playful Take That! against a character who is seen as a faker pretending to be the real thing.note 
  • During your time in the Mysterious Dimension, you're supposed to answer a few trivia questions, with your answer being fighting the correct Spirit. One optional one asks "Who fought alongside Alucard to defeat Dracula?". The correct answer is Trevor Belmont, but one of the wrong answers is Kid Dracula. If that were true, then technically Alucard would've defeated Dracula alongside himself.
    • Another one of the wrong answers is Gabriel Belmont who ends up becoming an alternate universe version of Dracula. Meaning that if that were the correct answer, Alucard would've fought Dracula alongside another Dracula.
  • On the Castlevania board, you'll be coming across a ton of horror-themed spirits, including one of the title's own bosses — The Creature and Flea Man. The Creature has always been a knock-off of Frankenstein's monster in appearance, while Flea Man is an annoying, fast-moving jumpy character that compliments his partner's slow, inexorable style. The latter spirit controls a tiny copy of Diddy Kong's body, which is rather fitting, but as for The Creature? A slow-moving, gray-toned Mii Brawler — wearing a Jason-esque hockey mask!
  • Dan Hibiki is a Primary Spirit. And true to his status as the Trope Codifier for the Joke Character, he's the weakest spirit in the entire game. When you first gain him, his power is at a very weak 400 points. At his absolute strongest, his Power is a measly 2,003. To put that into perspective, Alm and Celica (Young), the second-weakest spirit and literal children, are stronger than him at 3,632 power (and they're enhanceable, while Dan is not). That and you actually start the fight with 30% damage, and unlike other Spirits that give a similar demerit but also add a buff, he has none to speak of.
    • At another point to his Joke Character status, Dan's Spirit fight is one of the easiest matches of the entire game as well. Much like most other Street Fighter Spirit fights, you and your opponent (in this case, Ken) are both at 120 HP, but with Dan's Spirit fight... he likes taunting you. Likes it a lot. In fact, throughout most of the fight, Ken just taunts you, with a majority of them being him telling you to "get serious!" As for when he does fight, his punches tend to be at rare moments of time (or in some cases, recovering if he falls off the stage), and they rarely, if ever, hit you. With Dan, Sakurai certainly got him right down to the letter.
  • Struggling to beat the Bullet Bill Spirit? Here's a cheap but hilarious method: 1: Find and use a Spirit that gives you the Franklin Badge. 2: Let the Captain Falcon puppet fighters pick up the Bullet Bill items. 3: Laugh as said fighters crash into each other and sometimes off the screen. Alternatively, if you don't have a Franklin Badge but you have Fox, use his down-B (same effect of reflecting projectiles). And no, it won't break under all that fire.
  • Dr. Eggman can potentially be summoned as a spirit. One of the cores required? A Chansey. Suddenly, Sonic's comment of "Look! It's a giant talking egg!" becomes Hilarious in Hindsight in the most literal way possible.
  • Want a great way of defeating the Villagers in the battle for the Pocket Football Player spirit? Get in the center of the arena, with two soccer balls surrounding you, and use down-smashnote . This will eliminate most of the Villagers at once.
  • How do you summon Paper Mario? Well, with Cut Man and a Cardboard Box, of course!
  • Among the generic Nintendo spirits is none other than the highly-requested character, Goku! ...From the Japan-only Famicom game Yuyuki (he also appeared with co-star Chao in Kirby's Dream Land 3). His Name's the Same because the game has the same source material as Dragon Ball Znote . While this Goku is a legitimate Nintendo character and there is nothing keeping him from being a spirit normally, we all know there is no way Sakurai didn't have a grin on his face when he greenlit that one.
  • Among Galeem's extensive kill list, one spirit is a cardboard box. While non-sentient characters like the Metal Gears or the Halberd aren't unheard of, a mere cardboard box was iconic enough to qualify as a character.
    • The most likely explanation is with the opening cutscene, where everyone else is trying to run away and protect themselves or fight for their lives... and yet Snake's hiding in his cardboard box for reasons. So in a weird way, It Makes Sense in Context.
    • It gets even better when the Labo spirits were introduced. Just consider this, Galeem thought that a pair of VR goggles and a RC toy car were not just worthy enough to be turned into spirits, but also actually made them possess puppet fighters.
  • A small one, but the burning floor condition in Spirit Battles is described in such direct terms that it's hard not to snicker: "The floor is lava".
  • In fights where your swimming ability is disabled, the rule is described as "You can't swim". The fight against Linebeck has the unique modifier where both sides drown quickly, and it instead gets the description "Nobody knows how to swim". It creates the silly mental image of Linebeck and Toon Link never taking swimming lessons, despite being sailors by trade.
  • If you're struggling with the Shedinja, Jiggy, or Liquid Metal Slime battles, there's a way to turn it into a Zero-Effort Boss if you're using the Spirit Board: Use a Health Drain item and then start the battle. Congratulations! You've just won by doing absolutely nothing!
  • To round off a hilarious reference, Futaba Sakura's spirit battle forgoes the usual terms of using a fighter's alternate Palette Swap and just uses the default Inkling.
  • The Fire Attack spirit's effect is — you guessed it! — Fire Attack+.
  • One of the various events in the Spirit Board was called "Mum's the Word!", which focused on motherly spirits. For the most part, it has spirits that are to be expected; Hinawa, Kangashkan, The Boss, Deirdre, Wrinkly Kong, 5-Volt and Kaitlin & Katie. But then there's the last two spirits: Queen Metroid and Mother Brain, the latter of which is only a mother in name. It's funny to think how amongst all these caring (and in some cases tragic) mothers, they are also grouped with two Eldritch Abominations .
  • To mimic Geese Howard's younger self seen in Art of Fighting 2, he is represented by a Mii Brawler wearing a business suit... and a Zelda wig.
  • For Seteth's spirit battle, you first have to kill a female Villager before being confronted by Dr. Mario. Three Houses fans will immediately recognize that the Villager represents Flayn, Seteth's younger sister or rather, his daughter, whom he is notoriously overprotective of. In other words, you have to kill off Flayn in order to provoke Seteth into attacking you.
  • Zero Suit Samus' awakening battle is fought at the top of a volcano. This is worth at least a chuckle if the infamous Metroid: Other M hell run (in which Samus already has her heat shielding equipped but decided not to turn it on until she got to the topmost part of a superheated area, consequently taking damage the whole time) left you scratching your head at Samus' actions.

  • Incineroar being the 69th fighter is pretty amusing, considering its many Accidental Innuendos in its home series and its massive furry appeal.
  • The panoramic image contains the following...
    • Pokémon Trainer sending his three Pokémon after Wario and King Dedede, who are visibly panicking. After their respective reveals, Incineroar's and Min Min's portraits show them joining in, making one wonder just what Wario and Dedede did to make the group angry enough to gang up on them.
    • Robin quietly reading his book in the corner, ignoring all of the chaos behind him. The Direct places Chrom next to him, with an expression as if he's wondering how Robin could even read with everything else going on.
    • Dr. Mario apparently doing his proper job by checking Mr. Game and Watch's pulse with his stethoscope, in spite of the latter being a two-dimensional figure that somehow exists in a three-dimensional world. Someone even provided what Dr. Mario's seeing.
    • R.O.B. and Luigi flying sideways in the background.
    • Villager simply chasing a butterfly with his net.
    • The Duck Hunt dog is clinging to the duck by biting its tail.
    • Olimar is directing the Pikmin to carry a Mr. Saturn, which doubles as a Mythology Gag to Pikmin 2.
    • Isabelle sets off a party popper next to Cloud, who doesn't even seem to notice.
    • Piranha Plant is added to the panorama, and what is it doing? Watering a Pikmin sprout in a pot next to it.
  • So the game finally has Ridley, a fearsome mass murderer who keeps coming back from death no matter how badly he's mangled and enjoys gloating about how he's eaten his victims. So how do they represent The Cunning God of Death in his official art? They have him doing a Boobs-and-Butt Pose! The juxtaposition between such a horrific character and the pose is ridiculous, to say the least.
  • Up until the version 3.0.1 patch nerfed it, Pichu, the Joke Character from Melee, ended up being the resident Game-Breaker. Yes, even in spite of its mechanic remaining intact. Even after the patches, it's still pretty hilarious to think that Pichu had to be nerfed.
  • A few of the characters' Final Smashes can be pretty hilarious to watch:
    • Jigglypuff's Puff Up move now includes a pouting face from the anime.
    • Giga Bowser turns as giant as his baby self used to and just punches people into the screen once they go beyond 100%.
    • The Ice Climbers' Final Smash still summons a giant iceberg, but this time, it slowly rotates around. On the back of this iceberg is a Polar Bear trying to keep balance while this is happening.
    • Mr. Game & Watch's Octopus move involves him picking up his opponents and carrying them right off the stage.
    • Wario's Final Smash has him transform into Wario-Man and trap his opponents in a Big Ball of Violence, complete with written sound effects, before capping it off with a loud "PFFFFFFFFFT!" blast.
    • Ridley's Final Smash involves him throwing the opponent onto Samus' ship and blasting it to smithereens. Yes, even if the foe involved is Samus. That means she somehow had to remote-control it near the arena for Ridley to smack her onto.
    • For other characters with cutscene Final Smashes, like King Dedede or Captain Falcon, it explicitly shows them taking their opponent to another location before unleashing their attack. However, this is far less noticeable in King K. Rool's Final Smash. The characters are still present, right in the eyes of Donkey Kong Island, but the view is very zoomed out to make most of the island clearly visible. As a result, to many it appears as though K. Rool's entire Final Smash consists only of tackling his opponent... and then he randomly takes a break from Smash to blow up DK Isle for no apparent reason.
    • The Adventure mode skill tree and the spirit of Judd can grant you the ability to use your Final Smash twice in a row. Meaning, K. Rool and Ridley can blow up DK Isle and Samus's ship (respectively) two times a match.
    • A slightly subtler example: when Ness uses PK Starstorm, he summons Paula and Poo as Assist Characters, which is reasonable enough, seeing how the two of them are PSI users as well. When Lucas uses PK Starstorm, he summons Kumatora... and Boney. How an (almost) completely ordinary dog manages to help his master perform a psychic Limit Break isn't really explained.
    • Snake's new Final Smash has him create a smoke signal for someone to fire missiles at his opponents. If one of the targets is Star KO'd during his Final Smash, the missile will follow that character into the background.
  • One of the new Assist Trophy characters is the Nintendo Badge Arcade Bunny. Players who wasted a lot of money on the app (like Serebii webmaster Joe Merrick) reacted as could be expected.
  • Several Star KO lines fall under this:
    • The Inklings re-use the voice they make after being splatted for their Star KOs. The problem is that these make them sound like being sent flying is more annoying than anything, especially for male Inkling.
    • Byleth's Star KO has them shouting a shortened form of their death quote, "MY BATTLE ENDS HEEEEEEEERE!!!!!". Female Byleth's delivery is the more urgent of the two.
  • One of the new items is literally a banana that functions like a gun. The projectile it shoots (the banana itself) does an absurd amount of damage as well.
  • The icon for the Metal Gear series has changed from the FOX Unit's logo to the iconic exclamation point.
    • The fact that characters' names are paired with their icons on the official site and videos makes it look like his name is "SNAKE!", which not only resembles the most memetic line from the games, but was no doubt what every player said upon his reveal.
  • The game is rated E10+. Doesn't sound odd at all, but it gets funny when you realize that this is the game where Snake, Bayonetta and Joker are playable, a stage is based on Dracula's Castle with plenty of Castlevania monsters rendered in full detail, and famous Nintendo heroes die on screen in the trailers and in World of Light's opening and bad endings. Meanwhile, Melee had only comparatively less violent Nintendo characters and it was rated T (granted, if only because the E10+ rating didn't exist yet).
  • In Joker's reveal trailer, Ann Takamaki's reaction to the Smash invitation is an extremely loud, extremely high-pitched "WHAAAAAAAAT?!"... which is pretty much the same reaction that everyone watching had, including Ann's voice actress, Erika Harlacher.
    • Not to mention Morgana subtly implying that the heist Joker's pulling off is the theft of a slot on the roster.
      • While Morgana claims that they were invited, Nintendo of America says the invitation was stolen, which immediately triggered jokes about how the invitation was supposed to be Waluigi's or the Square Enix character that leakers like Vergeben were almost completely certain was going to be the first reveal.
    • Ryuji's reaction also deserves a mention.
      Ryuji: Smash Bros?! Is this for real?!
  • The voice actress singing the English version of "Lifelight" is Abby Trott, who also voices Maya Fey. In other words, a song about spirits is being sung by a spirit medium.
  • The green background in Hanenbow can become a green screen, letting you put anything in the background using green screen technology. Funnily enough, people have been inserting anything into the stage.
  • In a Crosses the Line Twice way, winning a team match with Isabelle and King Dedede can cause the victory pose to be Dedede crushing Isabelle with his hammer.
  • For fans of the Ice Climbers, you are likely aware of the fact that they were cut out of the previous installment due to the 3DS' hardware issues. Now that they're back on stronger hardware, feel free to hold a battle with 16 fighters at once.
  • K. Rool's Up Special involves him using the Propellerpack brandished by his Baron K. Roolenstein alter ego. Unlike something like Duck Hunt's, this one can actually deal damage. Try using this on something like Dharkon as a finisher move for maximum hilarity. Bonus points if it's the true final battle.
  • One of Simon's victory screens features him where he grabs a Red Orb and then spends the rest of the screen time jumping up and down while flailing his whip at nothing, much like how players of the original NES game would hold the A and B buttons down after grabbing the Red Orb while waiting for the next level to start.
  • When Wolf is Star KO'd, he whimpers like a dog. Yes, the ruthless, eyepatch-wearing rival of Fox whimpers like a sad puppy.
  • As in Brawl, watching Pokémon Trainer run back and forth across the stage to keep up with their Pokémon is pretty amusing, but on Mushroomy Kingdom, where they'll be stopped by its famous antepieces and bottomless pits, resulting in being left behind by the side-scroll, controlling the camera will reveal that the Trainer actually teleports to beyond the screen's right edge and run back into it!
    • While on the subject of Pokémon Trainer, they are completely unaffected by any possible stage hazards that could occur. Even if the building they're standing in collapses on them in Wrecking Crew, the floor is covered in lava for Spirit battles, or if the stage is draped in poison fog, they'll run around, gesticulate, and give encouragement to their Pokémon like nothing's wrong!
  • Normally, Incineroar's side special, Alolan Whip, has three outcomes after grabbing a target, depending on when the player hits the attack button afterward: too early, which initiates a backdrop; too late, which causes the opponent to damage Incineroar; and perfectly-timed, which leads to a powerful lariat. Turns out that there's a fourth outcome: If the target gets hit externally after being rebounded or doesn't come back in time due to being slowed down somehow, such as with the Stopwatch item, Incineroar will crouch down and shrug while making a baffled-yet-amused expression right at the camera which would make Guzma proud.
  • The characters now have new facial expressions while under the effect of Superspicy Curry, most of them absolutely hilarious because of their tendency to blush. But the fun doesn't stop there! The pause camera now has the option to remove all the visual effects, leaving the characters alone looking like they are reacting to seeing something really lewd.
  • The loading screen tip concerning Wolf's origins explains that he originally appeared in Star Fox 2, but "that title got delayed a bit." note 
  • A glitch was found involving two Isabelles, where if both of them were to grab the Assist Trophy with their fishing pole, one of them will continue spawning the same Assist Trophy to the point of destruction to the other Isabelle (it works for all Assist Trophies). Apparently the Assist Trophies weren't happy being excluded out of the roster and are getting their revenge on Isabelle of all people. This has since been patched out.
  • One of the new attacks that Master and Crazy hand can do together is to make a two-handed dog shadow puppet which attacks by barking (said "bark" is simply the first part of Master Hand's laughter, making it as silly as it sounds).
  • You may remember how Sonic tried and failed to save Pikachu in the intro cutscene for World of Light. Moments after the November 1 Direct ended, Sonic asked Pikachu if he was okay via his official Twitter account. Trust us, we couldn't make this up if we tried.
  • In the cutscene that precedes Dracula's boss fight, he can be seen sitting cross-legged on his throne with a wine glass in his hand before tossing the glass aside, much like in the prologue of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. He doesn't say anything, but with the way he presents himself, he may as well have said his "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!" line.
  • It is such a hilarious joy to see Rathalos get magically sucked into the ground where the pitfall trap was laid and remain buried for some time, being one of the very few non-characters you can actually use the item on for full effect.
  • Some of the Classic Mode set-ups are inherently hilarious.
  • Sandbag returns as an item, but has an additional reaction; now, if left alone for a few seconds, its eyes suddenly change, making it look like it's smiling. Completely pointless, but hilarious all the same.
  • How do you improve King Dedede's already very funny crouching animation? By giving him a smug expression, of course!
    • Another moment of King Dedede's hilarity is this amazing glitch which results in Dedede having permanent hysterically-looking face until he loses a stock, when you swallow a character holding a Bob-omb and then immediately press the A button on that character's controller to have them throw a bomb while being sucked in. The funniest part is that Dedede's face doesn't change at all, even if you use taunts or attacks that would have his facial expression changed.
  • As part of Toad taking a more proactive move in Peach's moveset, he now appears as part of her grab and throw animations. In Peach's forward throw, she prepares the same Armor-Piercing Slap she used in previous games, only for Toad to headbutt the opponent and send them flying before Peach can attack, leaving her looking genuinely surprised. For the cherry on top, Toad ends the attack animation by Face Planting onto the floor.
  • The song "Ring a Ding" from Style Savvy: Styling Star made it in much to people's surprise. The song is ridiculously unfitting especially when it plays as, say, Ganondorf and Ridley are fighting on the Find Mii stage.
  • Step 1: Hack Giga Bowser to playable status. Step 2: use Dede-Rush on him. Step 3: Groin Attack. No, seriously.
  • The way Pyukumuku uses its innards to attack is hilarious, in a slightly gross kind of way, shaping it into a fist to slam at any opponent who comes close. Best of all, keeping the hand shape, Pyukumuku waves goodbye to the camera before leaving!
  • Peach's Classic Mode ending has her getting married to Mario with Robin officiating the ceremony. When someone on Tumblr asked if Robin's even qualified to do that, fans retorted that making marriages is all Robin does in his original game.
  • With the right Spirits, you can turn Little Mac into Saitama, as demonstrated by Alpharad in his World of Light playthrough.
  • The menu has pictures for every mode and sub-menu you can access. The picture for the challenges is King Dedede using a golden hammer to clobbah dat dere Kirby.
  • One of Piranha Plant's victory screens has Mario, regardless of whether or not he was in the battle, run up to it only for it to bite him in the ass... literally. Plant does this all with a cheeky grin.
  • Joker's gameplay trailer has the Phantom Thieves banter as Joker shows his moves. At one point, when Arsène is summoned, Ryuji questions why Joker would opt to use Arsène (his first and weakest Persona without some serious Level Grinding and mass Persona sacrificing) instead of a Persona that's stronger. Ann's response?
    Ann: What're you talking about?! Arsène is awesome!
    • Futaba's comment regarding the functionality of Joker's Tetrakarn/Makarakarn special:
    Futaba: A counter that's also a reflect: Is that even allowed?
    • Futaba's comment quickly became funnier when fans remembered that Palutena was already doing the exact same thing with her new Down-B. King K. Rool has a similar move as well.
    • At the end of said trailer, Joker steals King K. Rool's crown, follwed by Wario's bike, and ends up getting chased around by both.
    • One of Joker's taunts is "Looking cool Joker!"
  • If Kirby copies Joker, he obtains a gun. An absolutely tiny gun. It's hilarious on two levels: firstly, Kirby has a gun; secondly, the gun looks ridiculous thanks to how inexplicably small it is.
  • Kirby's Joker hat gives him his hair, thief mask, and blood red anime eyes underneath, a jarring change from Kirby's own cartoony oval eyes.
  • Whenever a character is afflicted by Joker's side-B special attack "Eiha/Eigaon", or is affected by the Yuri Kozukata Assist Trophy, the target will normally make an expression of intense pain (Link), anger (Mewtwo), sadness (Isabelle), or fear (Diddy Kong). However, one particular hilarious example that was quickly noted when compilation videos of the subject went up is the face that the Ice Climbers pull, which looks more like a face of slight disappointment/annoyance rather than any of the emotions above. It's hilarious because where it looks like all the other characters are actually suffering badly from the effects of the spell, it seems like the effects only mildly bother the Ice Climbers, whose only response seems to be an apathetic "really?". Yoshi's reaction to Eiha, on the other hand, makes it look like he's on some sort of drug (which wouldn't be the first time).
  • The Hero livestream came, of course, with the reveal of several Mii Costumes based on Dragon Quest. One of them is a Brawler outfit based on the Martial Artist class. Considering Sakurai has had several requests over the years to include Son Goku, another character created by Akira Toriyama, you can just tell that Sakurai was up to his old tricks again. For bonus troll points, the outfit itself looks more like Yamcha's than Goku's.
    • In the beginning of the reaction, Sakurai explains how there's usually a script for the directs. Instead, he's doing a livestream. There's an awkward pause before he explains that they don't have as big of a budget for this (as laughter is heard in the background).
    • When discussing the music selection for Ygdrassil's Altar, Sakurai smiles calmly at the camera and notes that it would be "unfortunate" if Dragon Quest was represented by only one or two songs, a not-so-subtle Take That! at the notoriously poor music selection of the Final Fantasy VII stage, making his own feelings clear on the debacle. An "oh snap" moment if ever there was one.
  • MKLeo had an interesting observation about Hero: if a Hero main went to a tournament in a country that didn't use English, such as Japan, they would be completely countered by the fact that their entire spell menu will be in Japanese.
  • After much semi-joking fan demand, Sans from Undertale is in the game... as a costume for the Mii Gunner. He even comes with a remix of "Megalovania" as battle music, and they even gave him a mock reveal trailer featuring him fighting two Villagers (one with a stick and one with a "knife") and a yellow Piranha Plant.
  • If Kirby inhales Banjo and Kazooie, what does he use in place of Kazooie? A plushie of her!
  • In December of 2019, Sakurai started tweeting some of the pictures he made in Ultimate that he would send to other members of the team. Behold, Kazooie and Plush Kazooie apparently having a nice chat.
  • The ending of Byleth's Classic Mode: It's a fight against Master Hand and Crazy Hand per the norm, but every Fire Emblem lord in the game fights alongside Byleth, turning the normally difficult boss fight into a total Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • On the flipside, everyone's health is low enough that a particularly devastating attack will curbstomp them instead. And Byleth's route is specifically supposed to be a celebration of the Fire Emblem series, and Sakurai made sure to note one of its trademarks is permanent character death... (Though thankfully, you can revive them all... once you die and use up a continue, that is.)
  • The Cuphead outfit has resulted in many snapshots of characters drinking through the straw, which may or may not be squicky depending on how you look at things there.
  • One tweet by Sakurai shows Inkling and Pit on Battlefield... that is to say, the variant from Smash 4. When fans began speculating about Battlefield skins being DLC, Sakurai took to Twitter to specify that this was from an early build of the game. What makes this interesting is that Sakurai tweeted the response in English, which he only does on very rare occasions, giving the impression that he knew that most of the speculation was coming from western fans and switches to using English when he wants them to settle down.
  • While Fallout being represented by a Vault Boy Mii Costume isn't this (though the way it was revealed can be considered funny), there is something quite humorous about the fact that he'll be available at the exact same time as Min Min, the 76th fighter.
  • Min Min's official promotional artwork has a few amusing details:
    • Min Min and Captain Falcon getting into an eating competition.
    • Donkey Kong apparently scarfing down his ramen, having already devoured four other bowls beforehand.
    • Isabelle using chopsticks, despite having no fingers due to her cartoony design.
    • Samus being the odd one out by having fried rice instead of ramen.
    • Spring Man irritatedly looking through the shop's window as Biff stares at him.
  • Sometime after the song list for ARMS was revealed, the song "[NAME REDACTED]" trended on Twitter due to many players not familiar with the game thinking that it was a secret song to be revealed on Min Min's launch, when in actuality it's the official name of Dr. Coyle's stage.
  • With the Version 8.1.0 update, it allowed for every single track included in Ultimate to be used for not just the new Small Battlefield stage, but also any match for any other Battlefield type stage or even Final Destination without question! While it's a very awesome moment in its own right, what makes it funny is that you can take any sort of song that's included in the game and put in Final Destination (or one of the Battlefield stages) while acting like it was meant to be there all along. That means if you wanted to troll around with your song selection for whatever reason, just select any song from the Animal Crossing series or any other lighthearted song in Smash and say that's your song for Final Destination! Any fight that has a song like "Forest World - Athena", for example, may be considered a jarring contrast to the mood set at the Final Destination, but hey, it'll make for a great laugh nonetheless!

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