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Headscratchers / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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  • How does Galeem have puppets of Kirby? It's specifically stated that Galeem made puppets of the captured fighters, and Kirby wasn't captured. Did Galeem modify puppets of Meta Knight, since he's implied to be of the same species as Kirby?
    • Most likely the answer.
    • Maybe he used Shadow Kirby.
    • There are canonically multiple Kirbys, shown in games like Kirby & the Amazing Mirror and Kirby's Return to Dream Land, so maybe Galeem got those Kirbys and only one escaped.
    • In an interview, Sakurai said that he managed to analyze him and made copies based on said information.
  • Why does the X Parasite Spirit evolve into Nightmare and not SA-X?
    • The X Parasite needed Samus's DNA to become the SA-X.
  • If Galeem (though maybe Dharkon can make them too, though it's less clear with him) is the only one who can make spirits...then how the heck did he and Dharkon become spirits (at least after the true ending)?
    • He isn't. If anything dies, it becomes a spirit just like trophies in Subspace Emissary. It's telling you that you just killed them.
  • Why is most of the music from Super Mario World unavailable for Yoshi's Island Melee, a stage based on Super Mario World?
  • Although Chrom was chosen as a playable character, Robin’s Final Smash has not been changed. This means if Robin is fighting Chrom, he can potentially summon Chrom... to beat up Chrom.
    • Similar logic can apply to both Samus and Zero Suit Samus considering the two are no longer able to switch between eachother. Meaning you can unlock Zero Suit Samus by fighting her as Samus.
  • In the Ice Climbers' Classic Mode, you fight various duos, ending with Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The last fight before that is Mario and...Peach? Wouldn't Mario and Luigi make more sense?
    • Maybe it's because one's a boy and the other is a girl.
      • It seems more like the theme is just "duos," since Ryu and Ken are the second fight, and Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are the fourth. Had "boy-girl teams" been the theme, they could've had any two of the Fire Emblem Awakening characters for one battle, and maybe two Inklings or Wii Fit Trainers.
  • So how is it that inanimate objects like power ups and vehicles were turned into spirits?
    • some religions believe everything possesses a god/spirit inside it even inanimate objects, guess they were right
  • Why was Random removed from Quickplay? It's in Arena, so it's not like they didn't bother to program in a randomizer.
    • It's most likely for one of two things. First off, Quickplay has the training room while finding a match, so the game may need to pick your character for the roster for both that and the actual match, so random may give you a completely different fighter than you practiced with. Second, even if that was not an issue or easily fixable, in Battle Arenas, picking Random changes your character on a match by match basis because there's some downtime in the Arena menu for the game to do that. In Quickplay, you're either picking a character, in a loading screen, in the practice stage while finding opponents, or fighting. Less downtime for the game to change your character between matches if you wanted random to give you some variety, or you don't care for want character you got.
      • Then why didn't they do it the way 4 did it? The character assigned for the practice stage is the character you'll play as for that match. The game does not show you which character has been chosen until you get to the practice stage, and your chip remains on the Random slot for the time being. (This also means you can leave your chip on Random and it will randomly pick again for the following match.)
  • At the start of World of Light mode, every fighter is ready to face off against Galeem and his army of Master Hands without any build up like it is the final battle? How did Galeem, and his dark counterpart, Dharkon, came to be and how did it all start? Also, how did all the fighters gather together to fight this evil threat?
    • We never really get an origin of any of the original smash bosses; Master Hand, Tabuu, and now Galeem and Dharkon all just come out of nowhere, because the smash roster isn't interested in explaining the bad guys lore, just kicking his butt. As for how they gathered, there's a massive angelic Eldritch Abomination with an army of massive flying hands in the sky. Kind of hard to miss, so any hero willing to fight them would have been able to meet up pretty easy. Plus the start of Subspace implies a lot of smash fights are friendly battles for entertainment so they likely know each other.
    • "Hey, remember that time a few years ago when we almost got killed by that weird dude who had managed to control Master Hand? Now there's an even weirder creature controlling hundreds of Master Hands, we better team-up ASAP. Call any new friends you met since then."
  • So why did Dharkon not use Hades for a commanding role against Galeem instead of turning him into a spirit? The lord of the Underworld fits very well with Dharkon's army, and Hades is considered the second strongest god in Kid Icarus Uprising and not a True Neutral as Dyntos is, he would have been a massive help for Dharkon beating Galeem, and the other characters.
    • It was Galeem that turned Hades into a spirit first. Besides, Hades isn't the type to take orders from anyone. He'd probably try to betray Dharkon to have all the power for himself.
      • Galeem did also kill every spirit and fighter on Dharkon's command as he stole them for himself. The rest of the point stands, though.
  • If Mega Man 11 was announced and came out before Ultimate, why is there no content from that game in here?
    • Just because it came out before Ultimate doesn't mean Capcom gave everything to Nintendo with enough time to integrate it into Ultimate. They're separate companies and Capcom would likely not want to send its as-yet-unreleased assets to another company.
    • Development schedule started in 2015, which is why they weren't able to get Rex & Pyra/Mythra playable. Mega Man 11 came out even later than Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The game would have had to be significantly delayed or Mega Man 11 content would have to be DLC.
  • So Galeem slew everyone (except Kirby) and used their trophies to build an army. The thing is that Galeem kept half of the playable characters out in the open in the World of Light which means that the other half was kept in reserve. Probably someplace safe and inaccessible that Kirby couldn't possibly reach. So how did Dharkon take the other half of the roster from Galeem??
    • It could be that upon Galeem's defeat, Dharkon took the fighters that were not on the Light Realm map and submaps from Galeem's capture, or Dharkon secretly took some of the fighters Galeem was keeping.
    • The game outright says that Dharkon took control of the spirits and fighters that were still captured after Galeem's first defeat.
  • WHERE are you legs, Piranha Plant? No, seriously. Where are his legs? Was the option to have vines for legs not taken into consideration at all?
    • He has legs. You can see them in his running animation.
    • It was probably decided that a potted plant was more representative and made for a more unique fighter.
  • How did galeem manage to create another army if his spirits and fighters were either freed by Kirby and the others or claimed by Dharkon?
    • He may have had other spirits and fighters stashed away somewhere safe.
  • Why do the Pokémon Trainers use their Ultimate renders for their Fighter Spirits instead of their official artwork from FireRed and LeafGreen? Did they just have something against using Ken Sugimori's artwork considering the artwork for the other Pokemon Spirits or something?
    • It's likely to do with both legal issues and consistency. The Pokémon Company is very stingy when it comes to representation in Smash, and it seems wanting it to be represented at its most generic status rather than it to be tied to specific instalments like other characters do, and Sugimori's artwork has drastically changed over the years. Just compare Red in the first game to the Let's Go! protagonists and you'll see the difference. It's the most likely reason why with Detective Pikachu and the Let's Go Spirits exception, all the other Pokémon use Dream artwork, being the most uniform and generic they could find. As a result, restriction to no Sugimori artwork made them have to use their Ultimate renders.
      • The "legal issues" aspect makes sense, but the "consistency" aspect is kinda irrelevant because characters like Ridley and Wolf have Fighter Spirits artwork that don't even match their Ultimate appearances.
      • Ridley and Wolf's designs are amalgams from multiple appearances, are both fully owned by Nintendo and are from franchises mostly restricted solely to video games. Pokémon is a multimedia empire that can be recognised by most people around the world, gamers or not, and that has multiple owners (Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc.). That's the difference, it's easier to use whatever artwork they want with those Nintendo has no shared ownership of, and that more casual fans won't know from where they come from, than one of the largest franchises at global scale, where they might want to be as consistent as possible with the artwork to make the brand be at its most generic and recognisable state.
  • How come that despite Dr. Wily being an assist trophy, he doesn't appear at all in his spirit battle?
    • Because said Assist Trophy has a spirit fight of his own where he appears.
  • If Galeem doesn't actually need the Smashers or Spirits to make Puppet Fighters...why bother with his World-Wrecking Wave at all?
    • Because he still needs to analyze the Smashers in order to make Puppet Fighters based off of them. Additionally, the Puppet Fighters made from pure light are Action Bombs when directly defending Galeem and are significantly less powerful when they appear on their own. It's likely that the solidified puppet bodies require Spirits to pilot them, meaning Galeem needs at least the Spirits to maintain the power of his army.
  • How does Toon Link manage to be the fastest of all the Links with those stubby little legs of his? Toon Physics?
  • After going solo in the previous title, the Charizard once again tagging out with the Pokemon trainer's Squirtle and Ivysaur in SSB Ultimate like they were doing in Brawl. So then why is Zero-suit Samus still a separate character from her armored counterpart like in Smash 4 rather than going back to alternating between both armored and Zero-suit mode?
    • Because of the "Everyone is Here!" tagline. Pokémon Trainer can't return without Charizard being reincorporated in the team as his whole concept is to have different Pokémon to fight with, and Sakurai has the principle to not change the movesets of characters too drastically to alienate people who mained them in previous entries, so replacing it with another Pokémon would've been a no. Zero Suit Samus works much better as a solo character as in Brawl she had a much different moveset that didn't turn her into her Power Suited self unless she did her Final Smash; and unless you knew of button combinations that aren't mentioned in-game, you could only use ZSS after waiting for a Smash Ball to appear and be lucky to use it, which is tedious and makes her being separate to be more convenient.
  • Spirit battles are you fighting puppet fighters controlled by spirits, but how do the battles take place as in, how does your character and puppet fighters get there?

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