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Everyone is here, and everything is ultimate!

Every soul contains a whisper of light
Growing louder as it calls to unite
From the distance sings a chorus of souls
Rising slowly, stirring heat from the coals
Colors weave into a spire of flame
Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed
Bear this torch against the cold of the night
Light will guide you, on your way to the ultimate fight!
Lifelight, the theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Being the biggest Smash Bros game yet, it has their own awesome moments.

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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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Let the battles begin...

  • At the end of a Nintendo Direct Presentation on March 8, 2018, we are treated to the Inkling Boy and Girl fighting in an identical snippet from the Wii U trailer... only for Inkling Girl noticing that the lights have gone out, then both Inklings seeing a burning Smash logo with the original cast standing before them, their faces covered in flames.
    • A subsequent tweet from Sakurai also confirmed that this upcoming Smash title will be on the Nintendo Switch, which is something fans have been chomping at the bit for since the 3DS' performance issues and the Wii U's sales flop. Also stated in the tweet is that the game is under a Working Title, so it was not yet clear at the time if this is an Updated Re-release of 3DS/U, which is also something fans have clamored for... or a brand new entry in the series.
    • The trailer heavily teased the appearance of the Breath of the Wild incarnation of Link, who, while not a new character on his own, did imply some new costumes for certain characters.
    • A more meta example, but the fact that the announcement existed. Most people were taken surprised by this sudden teaser, since announcements this big are mostly done at E3, instead of a normal Nintendo Direct.
      • Not to mention that no one expected any news on a Smash Switch game this soon. The past few games weren't officially announced until a few years after their respective consoles debuted, with the game itself coming a year or two after that. This was announced literally days after the Switch's first anniversary and the game's coming out the same year. Nintendo has matured so much that they don't even need E3 to generate hype.
    • Though the real props have to be given for the animation in this trailer. Aside from the epic fire logo, there's also the crisp and bright animations of the Inklings and their ink. If it weren't for the Smash logo, you would've thought this was a port of the original Splatoon game.
  • The E3 presentation answered the three pivotal questions fans had about the game, and every single one of them sent the fandom into frenzy:
    • Is it a new game? Yes — packed with brand new stages, mechanics, and redesigns for many characters. There are also plenty of old fan-favorite stages such as Princess Peach's Castle, Kongo Jungle (now named Kongo Falls), Great Bay, Frigate Orpheon, and even Saffron City.
    • Who's coming back? Everyone. And we don't mean everyone from 3DS/WiiU edition — we mean EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER who ever appeared in the series. Yes, this includes the Ice Climbers and Snake! As of E3 2018, that brings the total number of characters available to play to 65, including Pokémon Trainer's three Pokémon and not even including Echo Fighters, which bring the total to 68!note  Talk about taking Massive Multiplayer Crossover Up to Eleven!
      • Snake coming back especially, considering that all of the Metal Gear content that was in Brawl was cut out from 3DS/Wii U, and the general consensus was that very few people were expecting him to make a return at this point. Also, Mario, Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Cloud, and Bayonetta can finally all duke it out together.
      • Ditto for Pichu, Young Link, and the Pokémon Trainer. Since the game is Switch-exclusive, it was only natural that the Ice Climbers would come back, and Wolf's following was more than strong enough for him to make a return as a fighter. In addition, there was just as much of a reason to make Squirtle and Ivysaur their own characters. People had little reason to believe that any of these three would be returning due to Pichu's status as an intentional Joke Character, Toon Link effectively replacing Young Link, and Charizard going solo in the last installment. But they're back in full force and ready to fight again, and the Pokémon Trainer even got rid of the penalty mechanic and made the process of switching much faster, allowing you to not only play as one main out of three, but also giving more possibilities for combos should you decide to main all of them!
      • Speaking of the Pokémon Trainer, not only has Red (re-)joined the battle... it would appear that he didn't come alone, either! After nearly a decade and a half of going without any mention to her existence whatsoever, Leaf makes a surprise appearance as a Palette Swap for the Pokémon Trainer!
      • Just like Red who brought Leaf along for the ride, Pichu also brought a 'plus-one' to the party as well! Spiky-eared Pichu (from Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life and Pokémon HeartGold Version and SoulSilver Version) makes a surprise appearance as a playable character via Pichu's alternate costumes, marking her first official appearance in any form of official media in nearly a decade.
    • Is there someone new coming? Of course — and it's none other than Ridley, one of the most requested characters in the series' history! Samus and her nemesis finally have a chance to personally duke it out!
      • Doubly so once you realize that Ridley was never playable in any Nintendo game up to this point, which makes it even more awesome; that fearsome Space Pirate leader, who provides amazing boss fights, an incredibly imposing influence, a kickass battle theme, and a mutual hatred for his Arch-Enemy? He's all yours. And his playable debut is the one place where he was requested to be in, from hell and back. Hell yes.
      • His introduction is nothing to laugh at either. In a beautifully animated segment, we see Samus, Mega Man, and Mario walking down a metal bridge, before Mega Man vanishes with a strike of lightning, and gets impaled. Mario gets snatched and and ends up on the receiving end of the stiff arm, leaving nothing but his hat, with a grossly nightmarish sound effect. Samus soon realizes this, and aims her gun at Mario's fallen hat. Then, Ridley bursts from underneath the bridge, ready to finally join the battle with a triumphant screech, taunting Samus with Mario's cap.
      • The end of Ridley's reveal trailer has one for Samus as well, leaping out of an explosion towards Ridley after losing her Power Suit and becoming Zero Suit Samus. Even when facing Ridley without her suit, she's not going down without a fight.
      • Ridley isn't the only one: Daisy is coming to the game as an Echo Fighter like Lucina and Dark Pit. After so long of just being an alternate costume for Peach, the princess of Sarasaland is finally ready to duke it out with Nintendo's greatest! That also means almost the entirety of the Mario franchise's big stars (Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Dr. Mario, Wario, Diddy Kong, Rosalina, Bowser Jr. (with the Koopalings), and now Daisy) are fully playable in Smash.
    • Take a look at Toad when he's summoned by Peach. He's now fighting alongside her instead of being held in front of her forcefully as a shield!
    • After so many years, Ganondorf has his sword for Smash Attacks now.
    • At the end of the trailer, we're treated with a big, beautiful panoramic artwork showing every damn character together at last. The ultimate crossover thus far has begun, and Everyone is Here.
      • The artwork itself is growing, as more newcomers are revealed.
    • Rather minor compared to everything else, but what we currently presume to be the game's main theme is just stunning.
  • With August 8th's Smash Direct, not only do we have two Castlevania characters, in the form of Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont, along with new Echoes in Chrom and Dark Samus, but as a much requested fighter, King K. Rool finally joins the battle after three years as a Mii Brawler costume, along with many years of demand!
    • The reveal trailer for King K. Rool was pretty neat, too. At first, the shadow of K. Rool looms over Kong House causing fright amongst DK and Diddy... but it turns out to be King Dedede dressed up as K. Rool, who proceeds to laugh his ass off to the shock of the Kongs. Then the all-too familiar shadow of K. Rool shows up right behind Dedede and swats him away with one hand... and the Kongs really freak out!
    • While this is K. Rool's trailer, DK gets a moment of badassery of his own near the end of the trailer: as he's sent sprawling at high speeds, he catches himself by slamming his bare hands into the ground, then starts charging at K. Rool on all fours, all in one swift movement.
    • The reveal also emphasizes K. Rool's status as DK and Diddy's Arch-Enemy, starting by showing off different images of Smash characters facing off against their respective enemies, then ending the trailer with a shot of K. Rool performing a Punch Parry with DK and Diddy after charging at each other at breakneck speed. Complete with anime-style shockwave.
    • And to top all of this off, a triumphant remix of "Gangplank Galleon", K. Rool's boss theme from the first DKC game, plays for most of the trailer, celebrating the return of the Kremling king in a grand style.
    • Also compared to other character reveal trailers which were mostly Curb Stomp Battles from either side. This feels more like a neck to neck battle between two arch enemies who hate each other and won't let the other overwhelm them no matter what.
    • The Castlevania reveals were both awesome as well. First we have Luigi exploring Dracula's Castle when he comes face-to-face with Death, who disembodies his soul and picks it up to harvest it... then a chain whip comes out of nowhere smashes into Death's face hard enough to dislocate his jaw. Simon then arrives, shedding his cloak to reveal himself, and begins to whale on Death.
      • Then later, Simon is face-to-face with Dracula, as he has been many times before. This time, though, he gets help. As a fire attack makes its way towards Simon, Richter arrives, his whip cutting through the roaring flames.
      • Bonus points for Richter delivering his famous line from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night:
        "Begone! You don't belong in this world, monster!"
      • The fact that Kid Dracula is teased as one of the monsters you can encounter at Dracula's Castle.note 
      • A minor detail, but the Vampire Killer used here is not a mere whip like the classic Killer was, but rather a variation of the Combat Cross from the somewhat contentious Lords of Shadow reboot seriesnote . Even with Simon's super-retro style harking back to the very first game, there is still that little extra tidbit for people who did enjoy the newer games for what they were. That is very much dedication.
    • Also hidden in the announcement was the Foreshadowing of another one: It was noted by a few fans that the backpack Luigi was wearing is pretty different than the Poltergust models in the Luigi's Mansion series. That's right, Luigi's Mansion 3 is indeed coming to Switch.
    • Luigi's Classic Mode reveals that he Took a Level in Badass after the reveal trailer because his final boss is Dracula, meaning he returned to the castle and won!
    • The Echo Fighter reveals were awesome in a minor way. First, it cuts to the Castle Siege stage, where a familiar character drops in to the tune of "Id (Purpose)". It shows off both Falchion and the Mark of Naga on his shoulder, before revealing that Chrom finally got his chance.
    • Second, it gives us a somewhat familiar-sounding Scare Chord before cutting to a black screen with a dark portal. And out of it comes a terrifying foe from the era of Samus's prime: the feared Metroid Prime, better known as Dark Samus, has joined in.
  • Rathalos has a banner year as he follows up his appearance in Final Fantasy XIV with an appearance here as an Assist Trophy...and as a Boss in a Monster Hunter stage! (more specifically, a Classic Mode/World of Light boss)
  • Another debuting Assist Trophy is Shovel Knight, breaking yet another threshold that not even 3DS/Wii U dared to touch: the inclusion of Indie game characters in gameplay. The closest 3DS/Wii U came to this was a single Commander Video trophy. While Shovel Knight is, as stated, an Assist Trophy (read: isn't playable), being one of those is in itself a huge badge of honor from Sakurai and Nintendo since he's now part of the biggest crossover in gaming history.
    • Shovel Knight makes his debut by tanking a falling Moon. Mind you, this is the game where Assist Trophies can be hurt or even defeated. But when the blast fades, he's the last one standing.
    • Another thing is that Shovel Knight is the first true western property to play a bigger role than a trophy in Smash. note 
  • As of the August 8th 2018 direct, it bears repeating that a large number of popular and highly-requested characters were showcased, both playable (Ridley, Dark Samus, Simon Belmont, Richter Belmont, Chrom, King K. Rool) and as Assist Trophies and Pokeball Pokemon (Waluigi, Bomberman, Shovel Knight, Mimikyu, Callie and Marie, Zero, Krystal, Gray Fox, Alucard). These were within the first two directs, and Sakurai mentioned that he's not done with character reveals yet. With the aforementioned Indie barrier broken, nearly anything could happen by the next four months.
  • After spending four years as an Assist Trophy, Isabelle joins Smash as a full-fledged fighter! And the fact that she doesn't get hit at all in the gameplay segment from her reveal trailer is itself a featnote . Realizing the rest of the revealed non-Echo Fighters, even Ridley, got hit at least once makes it astounding.
    • Banjo & Kazooie would later repeat this feat, as would Terry in his full reveal. Min Min also repeated it, even parrying and dodging hits in her trailer.
  • The November 1st Smash Direct begins with a boxing match with Little Mac and an unknown opponent... unknown, anyway, until he belts Mac in the face, at which point, the camera cuts to the opponent in question... Ken Masters. That's right, the original Echo Fighter is fittingly joining the fray!
    • Ken proceeds to pummel Little Mac before launching him into the large screen, but waiting in the wings to take on Ken is another fighter with power over fire. A large bipedal tiger from the Alola region... you guessed it, it's Incineroar!
    • Even better in Ken's reveal is how they establish him defeating Mac: recreating EVO MOMENT #37 (better known as the Daigo Parry) through parrying Mac's punch and going for Shippuu Jinraikyaku to send his opponent flying. If that's not enough, with the right timing thanks to the parry mechanic, it's possible for one to actually make this moment possible.
    • When Incineroar jumps into the ring, what does Ken say?
  • After tons of supposed leaks, speculations, well thought-out arguments, and flame wars all over the internet about who would be appropriate for Smash, the very first DLC fighter turns out to be the least expected character in the entire series. Going against the grain of every conceivable thought that fans could think of: a Piranha Plant. A humble Piranha Plant. A common Mario enemynote . Not Waluigi, not Bandanna Waddle Dee, not Geno, not Isaac, not Banjo & Kazooienote . Not anyone from the supposed "Grinch Leak" that was roaming out in the public eye at the time. Most of the fanbase was so smug that they understood Sakurai's thought process on how to design his own game, but most guesses turned out to be wrong. Well played, Sakurai. Well played.
    • Just the sheer bewilderment on everyone who watched the reveal showed that it'd done its job.
    • As a bonus, this makes the plant the first mook to ever be playable in Smash. A simple potted plant with teeth is able to go toe-to-root with warlocks, martial artists, master swordsmen, and even gods. This flower just scored one for the little guys.
    • What's more is that up until this point, the Piranha Plant had never been a playable character before. All of the mainstay Mario enemies (Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Boo, etc.) had been playable in at least one Mario game, but the plant? Nothing. Its first time out as a playable character, and it's in Smash Bros. There's Promoted to Playable, and then there's this...
  • At the 2018 Game Awards, we get this last surprise before the game launches. The lights go dark, and then...a familiar calling card stating "TAKE YOUR HEART" appears, followed by it turning around to show an envelope with an all too familiar logo as the wax seal. Ladies and gentlemen, Joker has come to steal the show in Super Smash Bros.!
    • What's even greater is that, at this point, there are now eleven third-party characters in total. And seeing how Joker was just the first character in the Fighters Pass, that number could possibly go even higher!
    • On top of that, it was stated by Sakurai himself that it was Nintendo who chose the DLC characters, showing that it isn't just Sakurai who knows how to surprise the fans. It also speaks about how much clout Nintendo has in the games industry as Sakurai has stated in past interviews that one of the most difficult things when it comes to producing Smash is securing rights to characters/IPs, as he's a freelancer and his company (Sora Ltd.) is still relatively tiny. These things are obviously much easier when you're a big company like Nintendo where other developers are practically begging to have their IPs included in the game.
    • Best of all, it's been implied that the DLC character selection was approved and done recently. Meaning that if Joker's appearance in Persona Q2 has been taken into consideration, the decision to include him was done before Ultimate's release.
    • The trailer has Morgana consider a Smash Bros. invitation "the greatest treasure of all", proving the point that getting in Smash Bros. is an honor for gaming overall.
    • To coin a phrase from Ridley's trailer, Joker's inclusion here following the critical acclaim Persona 5 attained well and truly meant that the Persona series had hit the big time after years of being a relative niche JRPG franchise. Consider also that despite just barely being over two years old as of Ultimate's release — beating Bayonetta out as the youngest third-party fighter (at the time of his reveal; the Luminary of Dragon Quest XI took this record due to his game being released a year after Persona 5, and then Byleth of Fire Emblem: Three Houses not long after their reveal due to it being out after Ultimate) and being the fourth youngest fighter overall just behind Incineroar, the Luminary (specifically him since he's the one that shows up in All-Star mode), and Byleth, Joker himself has become a gaming icon in the vein of his opponents here, further enforcing the idea of this being an honor for them and Atlus in general.


  • Fans of the long-running Dragon Quest series were in for a treat at E3 2019 — after all, it was announced that the hero of the series would be next to join the battle! Not (just) The Luminary, as shown in the trailer — the hero. As in, multiple incarnations of the character. His Final Smash also summons all the rest of them.
    • Their reveal trailer has Eleven, the Luminary, pulling a Big Damn Heroes when Link is about to be killed by Puppet Fighters. The way he does it is nothing short of badass: he jumps from horseback like Link would in Breath of the Wild and intercepts the Puppet Marth and Meta Knight midair, followed by the Dragon Quest Overture playing as he's revealed, the sunlight shining off his blade, as he readies himself for battle.
      • On a meta front, the fact that Eleven is able to save Link at all is this. Remember how a good chunk of the reveal trailers entailed someone getting killed (Mario and Mega Man in Ridley's trailer, Luigi in Simon's, etc.)? It looks like a similar situation as Link is getting absolutely destroyed by the Puppet Fighters... and Eleven arrives right in the nick of time. He really is the Hero after that.
      • However, the tables quickly turn on him as Eleven is knocked to Yggdrasil's Altar by several more Puppet Fighters. Just as they surround him, murder in their eyes, another light shines forth as Eight, Solo and Arusu (the fabled Erdrick) arrive to back him up. Eleven stands again, and the four of them proceed to rush the Puppet Fighters. Bonus points for Arusu standing in the background, the camera beginning to focus on him; it's fittingly implied that he's leading The Cavalry.
    • On a meta level, this has to be one of the most detailed newcomers yet. Not only does the Hero consist of four newcomers instead of just one, and not only do they retain Akira Toriyama's art style, but it even comes with a standard RPG menu interface full of spells to choose from. They spared no details whatsoever in making this one of the most faithfully represented fighters in Smash. Being unbelievably popular in your home country has its perks.
    • Speaking towards Dragon Quest's status, the inclusion of any Dragon Quest hero is a true CMOA for Sakurai. In the following interview regarding his inclusion, he openly admits to nervousness in approaching with this at all, and there's a damn good reason: if you look in any spinoff or crossover of the series, you'll notice that no main entry protagonist is ever featured. That's because they're off-limits, period. Nobody gets to feature them, not even the Square side of the company in Itadaki Street! Masahiro Sakurai has the chief honor of getting to feature not just one, but four of the Dragon Quest Heroes in his game, one of whom being the most influential of them all. He even got to request one of them specifically!note  For Super Smash Bros. to command such respect that a borderline-sacred cultural phenomenon will break one of its longstanding rules for it speaks the greatest of volumes for how far the series has come.
  • Then comes the very next character reveal, basically a sequel to K. Rool's. It generally hits all the same notes at first, but this time, King K. Rool joins the Kongs. Also, instead of King Dedede trolling them, it's Duck Hunt imitating a certain duo from a seemingly extinct franchise. Suddenly, that very same duo surprise attacks them from above. Oh, yeah, you saw that right. After being shelved by Microsoft for over a decade... BANJO & KAZOOIE ARE BACK!!!
    • For many, the jig was up (Pun intended) as soon as a Jiggy was thrown through DK's window. The bear and bird are iconic enough that a puzzle piece is enough to generate excitement.
    • As soon as their splash screen showed up, it is followed with DK, Diddy and K. Rool not in utter shock (like DK and Diddy were with K. Rool), but all three cheering and hollering at their reveal, likely mimicking the reaction of most western viewers who have been clamoring for their inclusion for years.
    • On a meta note, the fact that the video trolled everybody in the exact same way as K. Rool's, and it was still funny.
    • And of course, what better music track to use for a BGM here than a remix of Spiral Mountain's theme that turns into a triumphant orchestral masterpiece halfway through — and with Grant Kirkhope himself as composition supervisor, no less?
  • The reveal of two completely different characters admired by different sides of the Pacific on the same day is this for Nintendo. Though both characters still have their detractors, the east and west sides of the Smash Bros. fanbase were collectively brought together in one fell swoop, showcasing just how big the franchise has become across the world.
  • The fourth member of the Fighter Pass was revealed in the September 4, 2019 Nintendo Direct. It starts off with a little timeline showing Nintendo's consoles and the years they were released in reverse chronological order. However, the camera soon ratchets back up to 1991's SNES... then shifts to the right to reveal another console released that same year: SNK's Neo Geo. As the iconic Neo Geo intro starts up, an invitation is rendered in the olden graphics of the system, inviting someone from SNK's interconnected universe to Smash. As Sakurai's invitation floats throughout the various franchises of the console, Kyo Kusanagi, Ryo Sakazaki, Joe Higashi, Andy Bogard, Geese Howard, Nakoruru, and Iori Yagami all try to grab it — and all fail (in Geese's case, he falls to his death (again)!). The invitation soon lands on the ground, where someone finally picks it up. As the Neo Geo's graphics shift back to the Switch's, the challenger finally makes himself known with a "Come on!" Realizing who it is now? Joining the battle next, it's the Legendary Wolf himself, Terry Bogard!
  • Disappointed that the Fighter Pack is being wrapped up so soon? Well, don't be... BECAUSE THEY'RE ADDING MORE DLC FIGHTERS! Stop and take a look at how gigantic the roster is already (69 original fighters in the base game if the Pokémon Trainer is counted as three separate characters, 76 if Echo Fighters are counted, and 82 when Piranha Plant and the Fighters Pass are downloaded), and then factor in that there's going to be even more characters coming. Hell. Yes.
  • Then the unexpected happened: Sans of Undertale fame is here as a Mii Gunner Costume, complete with Gaster Blaster-shaped Arm Cannon and a brand new remix of Megalovania by Toby Fox himself! At this point, all three of the most famous Indie franchises (the others being Shovel Knight and Shantae) are represented in some way. Everyone may not be playable, but everyone most certainly is here.
    • The fact that Megalovania is in at all is this for Toby. It's essentially his Signature Song, being used for both The Halloween Hack and his work in the Homestuck fandom before making its way into Undertale. That one song made it all this way into an official game by Nintendo, let alone the biggest celebration of gaming ever conceived. Especially considering the fact that the former work was a ROM Hack of one of their own games, which is something that Nintendo typically dislikes.
    • The inclusion of Sans and Megalovania shows how much Sakurai's penchant for unexpected characters has borne fruit. Because he included Ness as a playable character in the first game, EarthBound went from "obscure game no one has heard of" to "beloved Cult Classic that inspires creators and games that get Smash representation of their own".
  • For fans of Konami's Ganbare Goemon series, fear not: though he's not playable, the Mystical Ninja also gets acknowledgement as a Mii Costume, this time for the Swordfighter.
  • Tetris finally gets some visual representation! Even if it's just the Tetriminos as event Spirits to promote Tetris 99, just seeing such an iconic franchise get anything after so long of being Screwed by the Lawyers is a huge bone to throw.
  • During the November 6, 2019 Direct for Terry Bogard, Sakurai plays through a run of Terry's Classic mode route and finishes up reaching 9.9 Intensity. He does it again for Sephiroth's presentation, which was a Boss Rush mode for his Classic mode route.
    • The reveal of not only twenty different cameos in Terry's stage, but the fact that the stage itself includes fifty potential music tracks from various SNK series.
  • Whether you loved or hated his reveal, you still can't deny the fact that Byleth is the final fighter of the first Fighters Pass!
    • While their trailer has a rather comedic slant to it (with the Smash invitation apparently having the power to cut through an endless void dimension), the reveal of the other Heroes' Relics is rather awesome. Sothis smugly states that she will reward Byleth's decision to become a swordswoman amongst all the swordsmen. A few glimmers shine in the dark sky, then WHAM! Three mysterious objects come crashing down in front of Byleth. The dust settles, revealing them to be none other than the House Lord's own Relic weapons, crackling and shining with unbridled power.
    • And that's not all — like Robin and Corrin before him, Byleth will be playable in both genders.
    • This was apparently kept a secret from even Nintendo themselves. How Sakurai managed that with one of the company's first-party characters, we'll never know.
    • You have to give Sakurai and his crew props on this character selection (whether begrudgingly or otherwise). Between an opening statement that pares down to "even if this wasn't what you wanted, please bear with us" and the Meme Acknowledgment in the trailer, he knew what the overall reaction to another Fire Emblem character would be. And yet he and his crew felt that Byleth was a worthy addition anyway and went through with it. And as proven by the above point, it was the choice of him and his team, not Nintendonote . Not only that, but by making them a Walking Armory, he's made them notably different than the other Fire Emblem fighters, despite lacking Dragon blood and spell books, and gave them a move set that looks actually quite fun for those willing to give them a chance.
    • And on that Walking Armory subject, Fire Emblem fans FINALLY get a character that wields the entire classic weapons triangle that makes up the core of the series' gameplay (with a bow added for good measure)! Byleth takes full advantage of the trend of making non-Echoes more unique than the last that Robin and Corrin laid out, fully realizing the series' potential when it comes to Smash.
    • Sakurai goes into Squad Strike for a tag team battle between the entire Fighters Pass roster and every non-echo Fire Emblem fighter. He then self-destructs as everyone but Byleth and proceeds to beat the Fire Emblem team with just her.
    • As the video closes, Sakurai notes that Ultimate recently became the best-selling fighting game of all time. He declares that this is open to debate (such as whether the many versions of Street Fighter II all count as the same game), and brings up the now familiar question of whether Smash can truly be called a fighting game. While the common phrasing of this question is usually with the unspoken, "Smash isn't good enough to be a real fighting game", Sakurai instead emphasizes that this celebration of gaming from all eras and numerous companies should not be considered a mere fighting game, but something more.
    • They came out swinging with the next batch of Mii Costumes, with Ubisoft's own Altaïr and the Rabbids getting acknowledged and the Megaman X and .EXE costumes returning from Smash 4. The biggest whammy was, like Sans before it, the inclusion of a Cuphead costume. And also like Sans, Cuphead comes with a song from his game as well.
    • Despite the mixed reaction, Sakurai's Byleth presentation managed to reach number one on the trending page for gaming and the top 3 in the general section.
    • When the map for Fighter Pass 2 is shown off, a sixth spot suddenly appeared, bumping up the current total of DLC characters to 11. It goes to show how much Sakurai wants to support the game and surpass himself. Despite no big breaks.
      • This now bumps the total number of Ultimate newcomers, including Echo Fighters, up to 23! Keep in mind, this was a game where the base newcomer count (11) started as less than the entire roster of the original game (12); it then grew to surpass the post-DLC newcomers from its direct predecessor (21)! There is no longer any doubt of this being the biggest crossover in gaming history.
  • The first fighter from Fighter Pass Vol. 2 is from ARMS! Sure, we didn't know which one when it was first revealed in the March 2020 Nintendo Direct Mini, waiting until June 22, 2020 to eventually find out who exactly it was, but that's still pretty epic!
    • So, who managed to get the esteemed Smash envelope? While Captain Falcon and Kirby are busy eating at a familiar ramen shop, Spring Man and Byte & Barq are fighting when the invitation arrives. After defeating Byte & Barq, Spring Man notices the envelope and tries to receive it, only to be stopped by Ribbon Girl. She tries to take the invitation, but Ninjara swipes it before she even touches it. As the rest of the ARMS roster arrives to fight for the invitation, the ramen shop's proprietress suddenly leaves, wanting to get in on the action. Eventually, only Kid Cobra and Twintelle are left standing. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of the ramen shop's proprietress. Transforming into her battle outfit, she wastes no time in defeating both the snakeboarder and the actress, allowing her to win a place in Smash. Proving that Spirits still have a chance to join the fight, the ARMS fighter is none other than Min Min!
    • Easy to overlook, but the fight over the envelope was a frenzy of stretching, tangling limbs, with every conceivable ARMS fighter using their full power. Min Min calmly grabbed the envelope with her normal, human hands, and only then transformed them into ARMS to take out her rivals.
    • The other ARMS characters join Min Min in her Final Smash, showcasing themselves as Graceful Losers from the reveal trailer battle.
    • Once again, Sakurai shows his Smash prowess by taking on Kirby and Captain Falcon with Min Min alone and, despite tanking both Final Smashes and losing a stock, manages to defeat both of them.
    • This really bears repeating: Min Min was already a Spirit in the game. Her ascension opens up so many possibilities for the rest of the Fighters Pass, the only appropriate term would be astronomical.
    • For her arrival, Min Min even got a special treat that hasn't been seen for other newcomers since the previous game: not just one, but two special pieces of guest artwork from the creators of ARMS!
  • Sakurai brings up how he got the voice actor for Captain Falcon to record voice clips just for a scene where he slurps up ramen. He then brings up that this is actually the first time he was brought in to record a new line for Falcon since the N64, even confirming that Final Smashes were going to be in the original Smash Brothers when mentioning the "Come on, Blue Falcon" line, waiting until Brawl for that feature to finally be implemented properly.
  • Following the surprise releases of Sans and Cuphead, we have a Mii Gunner Costume in the form of VAULT BOY!
  • After a rather long, arduous wait from Min Min's announcement (first hinted back at March before being confirmed by June), we finally got a new fighter revealed to us on October 1, 2020, proving that development for Wave 2 is not dead yet, despite COVID-19's best efforts otherwise.
    • And as for the fighter itself? Well... in the trailer, after Mario is pummeled by Sonic, he finds himself in a dark room, surrounded by glaring eyes. Soon, our new fighter breaks into the dark room — a certain man of blocky figure. That's right, they went there — it's STEVE! All those rumors finally paid off!
      • And he isn't alone — Alex, Zombie, and Enderman are all joining him!
      • With Steve's inclusion, the Super Smash Bros. franchise has finally reached a highly-anticipated milestone. After being represented by Assist Trophies, Spirits, and Mii Costumesnote , we finally have a proper playable Indienote  character in the series! And fittingly, they're from not only the most famous Indie title of them all, but also the absolute best-selling game of all time! We're not just getting any Indie characters: we're getting the Indie king and queen, plus some mooks for good measure!
      • The cherry on top? This is the second time, after Banjo & Kazooie, that a character officially owned by Microsoft got into Super Smash Bros.note  This is one of Nintendo's most long-standing competitors, having stood tall since the tail end of 2001, and they have two fighters to their name. Nintendo and Microsoft's now Friendly Rivalry has been made official.
      • There's also the backstory behind Steve getting in at all: After Sakurai explains what goes into making a character for Smash, including presenting the character in question and him determining if a viable moveset is possible, he recounts how one day, someone from Nintendo asked if he could put a Minecraft character in Smash. After describing his frustration that people think adding characters into Smash is done "by magic or something", he states that he agreed without hesitation. Meaning that, yes, Steve made it into Smash purely because Sakurai wanted to see if he could.
      • One thing Sakurai brought up about the seeming impossibility of bringing Minecraft to Smash, they had to go in and make adjustments to every single stage in the game to ensure that Steve and co's block dropping would work properly in all of them.
      • And just for the record, Steve's out of left field announcement caused such a colossal stir on social media that it temporarily broke Twitter, something that had never happened to the site ever since the death of Michael Jackson back in 2009.
  • Joining Steve are Mii Costumes of two highly-requested characters. The first? Bomberman, with a costume similar to Sans, Cuphead, and Vault Boy. It also comes in eight colors! The other character? Travis Touchdown, the No More Hero himself!
  • Early in the 2020 Game Awards Show, they revealed the third fighter in the DLC set. This one had Galeem preparing to destroy characters new and old in a cutscene similar to what's seen in the World of Light intro... only to then get cut in half! But who could possibly do such a thing? Why, it's SEPHIROTH, the One Winged Angel himself from Final Fantasy VII, ready for not just everyone in Ultimate, but also Cloud Strife for good measure!
    • What makes this moment especially awesome is that Sephiroth effectively just Worfed the same entity that Worfed the ENTIRE non-DLC roster sans Kirby. Badass doesn't even begin to describe it!
      • The sheer audacity of Sephiroth's One-Hit Kill on Galeem needs a bit more elaboration to emphasize just how insane this feat is. Galeem in World of Light is responsible for the immeasurable death toll of the multiverse (even beyond the world of Smash in-universe). Galeem wipes out billions if not trillions of lives, many of them being ominopetent being themselves, for the selfish goal of a world in their arrogant image... and Sephiroth comes uninvited to cut down the omnicidal murderous GOD like he's swatting a mosquito! This should tell you of the sheer frightening strength that Sephiroth holds!
    • And it doesn't stop there. Not only does he show up by one-shotting Galeem, but he proceeds to hand EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER WHO ATTACKS HIM their collective asses, barely even breaking a sweat before tricking Mario into thinking he impaled him, only for it turn out to be a feint, with him literally dangling Mario by one of his overall straps, then, if you watch carefully, he proceeds to block an attempt to take him out by Cloud with zero effort... WHILE MARIO IS STILL HANGING OFF OF THE TIP OF HIS MASAMUNE. And it doesn't even end there...
    • When Cloud tries to use Omnislash Ver. 5, the attack that's always managed to take Sephiroth out, it appears to have damaged the latter. But not only does Sephiroth get back up, he then proceeds to unveil his Final Smash, transforming into Safer Sephiroth, his final boss form from the original game! The Trope Namer for One-Winged Angel is here, and he's going to show everyone how it's done.
    • Crosses with Awesome Music: how does one introduce one of the most iconic villains in video game history? Well, with his Signature Song, of course. Many immediately knew it was Sephiroth being revealed only a few notes in, and it absolutely speaks to the strength of "One-Winged Angel" as one of the greatest music tracks in gaming history to be recognized as fast as it did.
    • Playable villains is nothing new, but Sephiroth is the very first non-Nintendo one in Smash... and it's hard to name a third-party bad guy more worthy of the honor. His inclusion also marks another important milestone: remember how King K. Rool's trailer depicted many Smash veterans facing off against their respective arch-nemeses? Well, Cloud and Sephiroth's long-standing blood feud can now lay claim to be the first true hero/villain rivalry from non-Nintendo games included in the series — a testament to how iconic their clashes over the years have been.
    • How did Sakurai reward early adopters for those that bought the Wave 2 DLC Pack (or Sephiroth's specific DLC only)? By giving them a special, limited time challenge dubbed the "Sephiroth Challenge", which pitted whatever character you manned best by that time going up against Sephiroth in a special Stamina battle. The battle is a stamina match where you're stuck at 150 HP, but Sephiroth is given 100 HP on easy, 150 HP on normal, or 200 HP on very hard mode. If you won your fight against Sephiroth between December 17-22, you could unlock him and his stage and songs (but not yet Spirits) early for all to see! Now that's certainly a nice gift to give a week before Christmas Eve!
    • For five years, Final Fantasy was notorious for its very limited representation (one fighter, one stage, and two songs in Cloud's Smash debut, ripped straight from Final Fantasy VII). Ultimate didn't help matters initially, with no new songs or stages being added and only two Spirits from the series added—those being Cloud's official Smash renders for both the original game and his Advent Children variant. Square-Enix apparently listened to those complaints, because the DLC accompanying Sephiroth has nine new songs from both FFVII and Advent Children, including four brand-new remixes! Additionally, the DLC also comes with over ten confirmed Spirits from FFVII—this time taken from Tetsuya Nomura's official artwork. And yes - the DLC even retroactively gives Cloud his original artwork as well. Not bad for a franchise that used to have only two songs there!
    • Both Square-Enix Mii Costumes from Smash 4 (Chocobo and Geno) return—and with them come three brand-new costumes based off of characters from FFVII—Barret, Tifa, and Aerith!
    • Sakurai plays through Sephiroth's Classic Mode, which ends up being a Boss Rush, and not only clears it without taking a single loss, but manages to get a 9.9 score before even taking on the final boss of the run.

    Gameplay and Mechanics 
  • Special Zoom and Final Zoom. When landing a particularly powerful attack, the background will flash blue and the game itself will freeze for dramatic effect. It's fairly simple, but it makes landing the moves that trigger it (which are often Awesome, but Impractical) magnitudes more badass — especially since the zoom more often signifies a KO. Final Zoom is similar, except it only triggers when a game-ending blow is dealt — which, more often than not, makes every game's finish absolutely spectacular.
  • Once again, the new Final Smashes are absolutely stellar:
    • Mii Brawler's hard-hitting Omega Blitz is surprisingly brutal, with pumped-up audio that makes it sound like they're breaking bones with every punch!
    • Both Donkey Kong and Giga Mac both flat-out pummel their opponents into a pulp at blindingly fast speeds with Jungle Rush and Giga Mac Rush. As a bonus, DK finally has a move that flat-out references Donkey Kong Jungle Beat!
    • Link's new Final Smash, Ancient Bow and Arrow, switches out his Triforce Slash for the titular bow and arrow from Breath of the Wild, which functions much like Zelda and Sheik's Light Arrow. It also makes sense, considering he originally wielded the Light Arrows in Ocarina of Time and the Silver Arrows in the first Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past.
    • Dark Samus' Phazon Laser is pretty much the same as the Zero Laser, but this time you're hitting everyone with a massive amount of Phazon.
    • Remember the massive herd of Yoshis from the opening movie from Melee? Yoshi now summons them to form a Stampede! Trampled by a Call-Back.
    • All three Star Fox fighters retire the Landmaster... and instead shoot at everyone with an Arwing/Wolfen formation with the rest of Team Star Fox/Team Star Wolf! Falco really does prefer the air.
    • Volt Tackle and Super Sonic got quite the overhaul. Now, those two attacks zip across the screen at blindingly fast speeds! As Sakurai put it:
      "Either you're too slow, or he's lightning fast!"
    • After Poo apparently taught Ness how to use PK Starstorm for Smash, he and Paula show up to help Ness finish the job.
    • Additionally, Kumatora and Boney arrive to help Lucas! As a bonus, this is their first (official) western appearance not as stickers, but as characters! Complete with their own 3D models!
    • Daisy Blossom is much like Peach Blossom, except instead of giant peaches appearing on the battlefield, it's giant daisies.
    • Just because transformation-based Final Smashes were streamlined doesn't make them any less awesome. One example? Bowser still has Giga Bowser as his Final Smash, except he grows bigger than the stage itself (with Sakurai directly referencing when Bowser first did this as a child), moves behind it, and pulls off his own version of the Dragoon where he aims and punches any unlucky fighters he strikes away, or, if they have enough damage, directly at the screen, completely ignoring the blast line! note 
    • The Ice Climbers' Iceberg now moves across the stage instead of remaining stationary the entire time. What kind of training have our little mountain climbers been doing between Brawl and Ultimate?
    • Sheik drops the Light Arrow and instead opts for cutting foes to ribbons with her kunai with her brand-new Sheikah Dance.
    • Zelda also swaps her Light Arrow for using the Triforce of Wisdom to trap her foes within, delivering a One-Hit KO if their damage is high enough.
    • Pichu's Volt Tackle manages to be more awesome than Pikachu's in the fact that it's risking a great deal of damage in doing so. The little guy's giving it everything he's got to ensure that the opponent is out. Of note is Satomi Koorogi's delivery of Pichu's scream during the attack, who manages to make him sound utterly pissed off during the attack. Even Maximilian was impressed with it.
    • Ganondorf's Beast Ganon form, now called Ganon, the Demon King, now borrows from his Ocarina of Time look instead of Twilight Princess, meaning he comes with his dual-wielded BFSes. Not only does he ram into opponents, but he also slices them right up!
    • Chrom slices up his opponent(s) to keep them stunned, then does a backflip and delivers a powerful blow with Awakening Aether. Doubles as a Call-Back to his game of origin.
    • Mr. Game & Watch's Octopus now grabs its enemies and drags them clear off the screen.
    • Meta Knight's new Final Smash, Darkness Illusion, is just VICIOUS. He grows an extra pair of wings, then launches any opponents near him into the air before ravaging them in mid-air and launching them away with one last strike. Who hurt you, dude?
    • Pit retires the Three Sacred Treasures and straight-up rams into opponents with the Lightning Chariot in a similar fashion to the Dragoon item. And since the Dark Pit Guidance is unchanged, that means Viridi is still in possession of it, meaning they've at least gained enough respect for one another for her to let him use it.
    • Zero Suit Samus puts her armor back on, hops on top of her gunship, and unleashes the Zero Laser, using the ship to rotate her aim and chase down anyone that tries to run from it.
    • Wario-Man now engages in a Big Ball of Violence with his opponent before finishing his combo with a super-powered Wario Waft.
    • What's better than Snake using a grenade launcher? Throwing a smoke bomb? No, that's just the start of it. That's just so a Macross Missile Massacre can barrage anyone Snake targeted. Ladies and germs, you just witnessed Covering Fire.
    • Triple Finish apparently got quite the upgrade. Fire Blast and Solar Beam remain the same, but Hydro Pump looks more like a raging whirlpool!
    • Diddy Kong's new Hyper Rocketbarrel involves him zipping across the screen, but this time he dive-bombs one of the opponents for the finishing blow!
    • King Dedede's Final Smash was first him spawning Waddle Dees to tackle everyone, then it went to him smacking opponents and then blowing them up with a bomb. Now he REALLY takes his revenge with Dede-Rush by sending any unlucky fighters he catches to his caged boxing ring, showing up as Masked Dedede, launching missiles at them, then using his original jet hammer to pound them into a paste, which ends up denting the cage.
    • Aura Storm returns, but this time, Lucario Mega Evolves before doing so.
    • R.O.B. comes bringing a brand new toy: the Guided Robo Beam. In it, he locks onto his opponents before firing small lasers at them, then blasts them with a powerful green beam of light!
    • As if Mega Man's Final Smash, Mega Legends, consisting of him launching a Black Hole Bomb and teaming up with his four other incarnations to unleash a technicolor firestorm on anyone who got trapped, was already epic enough, now Proto Man and Bass get in on the fun!
    • The Wii Fit Trainer's Final Smash, Wii Fit, appears to remain the same, as the trainer summons numerous silhouettes to attack the opponents. Then he/she summons a huge silhouette that pushes them even farther back!
    • Greninja's Secret Ninja Attack is now preceded by using Battle Bond to turn into Ash-Greninja to do the job!
    • Pac-Man's Final Smash was reworked, ultimately giving the player less control over it. Why? A good reason. Rather than being traditionally controlled like the original arcade games and 3DS/Wii U, Pac-Man outright abuses the edge-warping mechanic used in both games and charges straight forward as Super Pac-Man, leaving the player to control which way he'll turn.
    • Even though Chrom is playable, he still does double-duty as part of Robin's Pair-Up! Never underestimate the Exalt of Ylisse again.
    • Shulk's Final Smash still has Dunban and Riki assisting him for a Chain Attack. This time, Fiora joins in the fray, not only adding another one of Shulk's True Companions, but exceeding the limit on playable party members in Xenoblade!
    • Like Ryu, Ken gets to choose between two Final Smashes — a Marvel vs. Capcom-style giant Shinryuken summoning a pillar of flames, or a brutal sequence of kicks with his Shippu Jinraikyaku.
    • With the Sephiroth DLC, Cloud gets a new Final Smash if you use his "Cloudy Wolf" costume: Omnishlash Ver. 5. This has Cloud surround the opponent with the Fusion Swords, then dart to each one and cut the foe to ribbons with them before driving the opponent into the ground.
    • The Inklings bring out a Killer Wail which blasts any enemies in its path! And just like the Zero Laser, you can actually guide it.
    • Ridley's Final Smash, Plasma Scream, is astounding to see! It's simply him smacking someone onto Samus's ship and then firing a beam at the ship, causing it to explode!
    • Simon and Richter trap the opponent in a coffin, grab the coffin with their whip, and unleash a barrage of energy crosses that bombard the opponent under the moonlight. Looks like Richter taught Simon how to use Grand Cross!
    • King K. Rool's Final Smash? After dashing into the opponent, K. Rool reappears in the Blast-o-Matic, laughing maniacally. And unlike its source game, we actually get to see the effects of the Blast-o-Matic, which is unfortunate for the player since they're stranded on Kong Isle, which promptly is destroyed by the laser blast!
      • Side note: This is the first time the Blast-o-Matic has ever been depicted firing. Think about that for a while.
    • Instead of building a Dream Home like Villager, Isabelle instead builds and blows up a Dream Town Hall with her victims inside.
    • Incineroar unleashes a souped-up version of its Z-Move, called Max Malicious Moonsault, throwing its opponent into the turnbuckle of a wrestling ring, launching them towards the ceiling of the wrestling hall, then landing on them and dunking them into the ring. Which then explodes.
    • In a callback to the Subspace Emissary, Piranha Plant's Final Smash is to summon Petey Piranha with two cages, just like he appeared in that mode, and catches two of the players in said cages. After ensnaring the unfortunate foes, he then proceeds to breathe fire on the cages before slamming them on the ground!
    • Joker slashes through his opponents before calling his partners-in-crime and performing a good old All-Out Attack from his original game— complete with his signature "THE SHOW'S OVER" splash screen! For added attention to detail since this is a "KO at 100%" Final Smash, if All-Out Attack ends the match, the splash screen sticks around and becomes the results screen just like in his home game.
      • And, unlike Shulk's Final Smash, Joker's will not summon the same set of party members every time. Any three other Phantom Thieves (Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana or Yusuke, Makoto, and Haru) can join in on the All-Out Attack and either Morgana or Futaba can cheer them on.
    • Disappointed your favorite Dragon Quest hero wasn't playable? Snatch that Smash Ball and bring all the other heroes in to supercharge your sword for a mighty Gigaslash!
    • Banjo & Kazooie summon the Mighty Jinjonator which, along with the other four Jinjos, flies around and absolutely decimates his target(s).
    • Terry combines several of his iconic moves by first launching his victims with Triple Geyser, then knocking them back down with Power Dunk, and finishing the job with the one and only Buster Wolf. In his own words, "Here's a big one"!
      • On a related note, Terry also has two Desperation Moves: At over 100% damage, or down to a third of his Stamina, you can do the Power Geyser or Buster Wolf alone by inputting their commands like in his own games.
      • What's more, Terry is the first character in the history of Smash to have TWO different side specials, one pressing toward his opponent (Burn Knuckle) and one pressing away from them (Crack Shoot).
    • Byleth summons the power of their friend Sothis to perform the Progenitor God's Ruptured Heaven, brutally whipping their foes six ways from Sunday before blasting them off the screen.
    • Min Min launches an opponent outwards with her dragon ARM followed up with attacks from Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Twintelle, Mechanica, Ninjara, and Master Mummy. After all this, she finishes it up with a giant laser from the same ARM, complete with a loud gong sound effect.
    • Steve places a giant piston in front of the opponent, launching them into a dark jungle temple and locking them inside with an iron door. As they look around, a group of mobs (including three Creepers) come towards them...and then we get an outside view of the entire temple exploding. While Steve eats a "victory steak."
    • Sephiroth slices through opponents, before showing why he's the Trope Namer for One-Winged Angel by transforming into his Safer form. Then he casts his ultimate magic spell: Supernova! Cue a comet hurling through space and destroying Jupiter before it collides with the sun, which then explodes and turns the Earth into a pile of space rubble. For extra detail, the equations used for the spell are kept for the animation, and the move inflicts all manner of Standard Status Effects on foes that are hit, just like in the original Final Fantasy VII game.
  • Sudden Death now involves the screen slowly closing in with a flaming border around the fight. It makes the idea of the concept seem a lot more tense and epic.
  • The mural for Classic Mode slowly ramps up the badassery as you travel further to the right of the image. For an example of just how elaborate this is, it starts out with Daisy, Isabelle and other cutesy characters befriending some confused dark spirits in a forest, to K. Rool and Incineroar locked in combat while the spirits get mischievous, Bowser and DK working together to hold a serpent in place for Bowser Jr., Mii Brawler, and Sonic to take it down, to Link and Corrin leading the charge against an army of hostile spirits, and it ends with Simon, Mega Man, Palutena, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Mii Gunner, Marth, Cloud, Lucario, Falco, Ken, Mario, Yoshi, Zero Suit Samus, and, of all people, Princess Peach fighting the huge demon from the intensity gauge for 3DS/Wii U.
  • For the first time in the series, you can stun Master Hand and Crazy Hand, rendering them helpless while you safely pile on the damage to (maybe even) defeat them.
  • Mixed with Funny, the reveal of Sephiroth leads to some incredible gameplay awesomeness. Not only do you get to slaughter your opponents with the single most powerful character in the game, you can fight and even defeat an entity that can One-Hit Kill a Physical God beyond Physical Gods. Even better, you can defeat him as anyone. Want to humiliate Sephiroth with Pichu or Jigglypuff? Or how about having Cloud and Link team up against him? You can even give Mario some cathartic revenge by setting Sephiroth to Level 1 and going to town on him... or have Sephiroth finish what he started. Or better yet, how about taking on Sephiroth with Steve and fighting one of the most feared and revered villains in all of gaming with an ordinary, blocky man that has nothing at his disposal but what he can mine out of the ground?

    World of Light/Spirit Board
  • The trailer/intro for "World of Light", which is the main "story" mode:
    • It starts with Fox leading the entire roster against a fearsome sight: An entire army of Master Hands. All of them being led by some angelic thing known as Galeem, who is an incredibly bizarre malevolent being.
    • Marth estimates that they're all outnumbered by 10-to-1 (meaning there are over 700 Master Hands). Zelda's response is basically Bring It!
      Zelda: Stow your fear! It's now or never!
      • According to Sakurai, Zelda's line was intended to indicate that the heroes have already been battling Galeem for a long time and this was his last-ditch effort to stop them. So he just didn't show up out of the blue one day and destroy everyone — the heroes beat him back with all their might and he ended the world out of desperation.
      • Also, the fact that Marth is able to calculate how much they're outnumbered in a split second should be appreciated. It's also a really cool call-back to his home game. Of course a Fire Emblem character would be able to size up the enemy numbers—Robin himself states he has that ability in Fire Emblem Awakening!
    • Then the mysterious entity absorbs all of the Master Hands, and Shulk has a vision... Of an attack he has no hope of saving anyone from. Cue the massive One-Hit Kill attack overwhelming mortals, legendaries and gods alike. Only Kirby escapes by a hair's breadth. The story basically starts with the Smash cast's Darkest Hour and a Near-Villain Victory, as the fighters are imprisoned to be used as casts for evil copies with red eyes or turned into spirits either wandering the world aimlessly or used by the copies as tools in battle.
    • On a brighter note, the World of Light trailer also features another Indie cameo, who made her debut on the Game Boy Color years ago — Shantae!
    • While Link ultimately gets captured, his Hylian Shield actually manages to block three of the beams of light, something even magic, psychic powers, and gods are helpless against. Truly, the Hylian Shield is Made of Indestructium.
    • Zelda and Mewtwo stand their ground and try to reflect the beams back. Even though they fail, their attempts are admirable.
    • Sonic slows down to try and help Pikachu. As a guy who's often arrogant and cocky, he puts himself in even greater danger to help out someone who is slower than him. Bonus points for the fact that he could have at least bought a few more seconds by going ahead at full speed and even more points for the fact that Sonic often has animal buddies and was likely thinking of them.
    • Bayonetta manages to dodge one of the attacks with Bat Within.
    • Bowser and the Pokémon Trainer also get huge points in that they don't try to evade the beams like most other characters, but they actively try engaging in a Beam-O-War with the beams of light. What's even greater is that the both of them show positively no fear whatsoever — the most reaction Bowser shows is when he gets inevitably blasted into dust, and even then it could just be him feeling the disintegration. It almost seemed as if that they knew they were going to get blown to hell, but immediately decide to pair up and simply fight back like the others, to see if they can at least do something to the beams. They failed, but their efforts were valiant. Out of a slew of Defiant to the End characters, Bowser and the Pokémon Trainer stood out quite a margin.
    • Captain Falcon attempts to escape in the Blue Falcon.
    • Palutena trying to block the beams so that Pit and Dark Pit can try to escape.
    • And after the dust has settled and everything has been consumed, we see that Kirby beat the odds and escaped the assault. The super-tough pink puff is the last hope to free the other fighters and push back the darkness... and, knowing the little guy's track record, if anyone can pull it off, it's him.
    • To top it off, the second half of the trailer is set to "Lifelight" — a beautiful, vocal version of the game's main theme.
  • Just the sheer effort that went into crafting each and every spirit battle goes into this category. The Mythology Gag count is so huge that they got their own subpage for it. And then that subpage got a subpage!
  • The moment you discover that Spirits can help you in a different way. Even after losing their bodies, that won't stop them from fighting for your cause. You could go through the adventure alongside Bomberman who blasts rocks in your way as well as Hal Emmerich hacking into a computer terminal so you can storm a military base to potentially save his friend Snake and fight against Galleom once more.
  • Let's just cut to the chase and say that fighting and defeating a Legend Spiritnote  is undoubtedly this. But for specific examples:
    • Both Geno and Mallow appear as Spirits. The Geno battle in particular is especially a great one as you fight against representatives of all of the playable party members in Super Mario RPG. It's a tough fight, but well worth the victory.
    • Trevor Belmont comes equipped with Grant, Sypha, and Alucard as a proper Shout-Out to his game. It's only fitting that one of the oldest-recorded Belmonts get treated with such respect.
    • Another good one is The Boss, whom you have to beat within a time limit while your health is ticking down from a poisonous floor. It's a beautifully-crafted reference to her fight, and a real testament to your skills as a fighter.
    • From the same series, the Naked Snake fight takes place in the rain, with a tree-frog, and he's joined by three clones in the battle.
    • Viridi is technically no longer The Unfought; she comes assisted by Cragalanche and manages to actually put up a decent fight. Oh, and you have to beat her before she Reset Bombs the arena. Bonus points if you beat her as Pit (or Palutena).
    • The original Link from the very first The Legend of Zelda. He's represented by Young Link with a red tunic, referencing the Red Ring from that game, and is among the most powerful fighters in the main story. You will feel like the ultimate hero after defeating him.
    • James McCloud has you fighting him atop the Great Fox in Venom, with boosted stats when he gets into the high percentages. Trust your instincts, and you'll be fine.
    • Akuma is a straight one-on-one fight in Suzaku Castle. And he hits like a truck, without being a Glass Cannon, meaning you're dealing with his original Super Street Fighter II Turbo Bonus Boss incarnation. Oh, and bonus points for him being located in the Dark Realm (specifically in the Castlevania section), because of course he'd be there, wandering around looking for a good fight.
    • Tabuu is back, and the fight is every bit as difficult as the real deal. You fight a Giant Metal Bayonetta in a Stamina battle, taking unavoidable damage every so often, on Final Destination.
    • Dr. Wily is a Stamina battle against not one, not two, but eight Metal Mega Men, two at a time, before the doctor himself. It's an endurance match like no other, and you will feel like a champion after landing the final blow on the Doctor.
    • Kaptain K. Rool is one of the last spirits fought in Adventure Mode in a Stamina battle, and not only does he do stronger damage with his blunderbuss AND turn invisible just like in his boss fight in Diddy's Kong Quest, he's even brought his boss theme Crocodile Cacophony with him. Truly worthy of a four-star legend.
    • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts each have a detailed spirit, complete with their own Persona backing them up as well as an environment representing their Palace. However, the spirit for all of them at once is something else entirely. It consists of Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke and Makoto as they all start to pile up, little by little, and team up to kick your ass six ways from Sunday. The whole thing becomes a gauntlet with Joker himself waiting at the end, and he's just as formidable as you'd expect. By the end of the whole thing, you'll feel much like a Phantom Thief yourself. As the icing on the cake, this spirit gives you the "Item Autograb" ability (something exclusive to this spirit), allowing you to enact swift thievery in battle.
    • The Hero's Comrades has something similar to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts spirit fight earlier, where the spirit representations of Erik/Camus, Veronica, Serena/Senya, Sylvando/Sylvia, Jade, Rab/Lord Robert, and Hendrik (played by Link, a small Robin, Zelda, Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, a small King Dedede, and Ike respectively) all come after you bit by bit, trying to take you down through any means necessary, with little help beside one Maxim Tomato accompanying you along the way. As a gauntlet run against seven different characters under a stamina battle, the Hero's Comrades gives off everything they represent while also providing quite the challenge to boot.
    • Gruntilda is certainly a treat, especially if you're playing as Banjo & Kazooie. It's a stamina battle like the fight in the original game, with a giant King Dedede representing Grunty and some giant Dr. Marios representing Klungo trying to take you down. In addition, a Smash Ball will appear partway through the fight. If Banjo gets it, you can finish her off with the Mighty Jinjonator like way back then.
    • For SNK fans, Terry Bogard's Spirit Board has quite the treat for them. Not only are most of the usual Fatal Fury crew displayed prominently (with Mai Shiranui missing due to her being a naughty girl), but there are also Spirits showcasing The King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, Samurai Shodown, Ikari Warriors, and even Psycho Soldier as a part of SNK's history. Geese Howard's spirit fight is also fitting as a real bout worthy of the Fatal Fury series with a giant Mii Brawler fighting on an omega version of Fourside, loving his grabs on you. Beating him with Terry Bogard as he knocks the brawler off the stage makes for a fitting conclusion for Geese's fight.
    • Byleth's Spirit Board is also a loving treat for the fans of Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a bunch of characters from Three Houses being spectacularly represented in-game. However, the Legendary spirit battle against Sothis is something that really tests your body and mind as one as the big spoiler of the game not only heals Byleth up after taking enough damage but can also activate Byleth's Final Smash early and use it multiple times, if necessary. Beat Sothis, and you really can say your will and mind truly are as one.
    • Min Min's upgrade to playable fighter means that not only does the earlier characters from ARMS have some new content included, either with new fights (for Ribbon Girl and Ninjara) or sporting some of the same ones from earlier (excluding Min Min's own spirit fight, we have Spring Man and Twintelle moving there), but it also comes with new spirits from the game showing off the entire, base cast of the original game. However, the Legendary fight against Max Brass, the champ of ARMS in-game, brings out King K. Rool with his brute force and power (and growth of size for the initial Hedlok addition) as the perfect choice for Max Brass. Beating him with Min Min will showcase why she's not only the ARMS fighter for Smash, but also the in-canon new champion of the game.
    • With Minecraft's Spirit Board for Steve, Alex, Zombie, & Enderman, it not only is a loving tribute for the highest selling video game of all time, but it also features a few of the hardest Advanced level Spirits yet with the Skeleton, a Ghast, and the Piglin fights in mind, especially if you're playing as one of those characters mentioned above. However, with the Ender Dragon's spirit fight, you not only have a giant Ridley to take care of in the Find Mii stage, but also have to deal with a couple Enderman fighters for good measure, with all of them regenerating health if you don't take care of the Endermen first. Still, if you beat all of them, depending on which character you might have used from Minecraft, you'll have either finished your journey similar to the main game for Steve & Alex, showcased your might as a Zombie to be the new big bad there, or proved your rebellion as an Enderman and show the Ender Dragon off as your own master in the end. (Bonus credit is also in mind if you used one of Minecraft's Mii costumes there as a pig, a Creeper, or a diamond armored swords person.)
  • For those who didn't like Adam Malkovich in Metroid: Other M, beating the crap out of his Spirit manages to be a massive Catharsis Factor. Especially if you do so as Zero Suit Samus, who was constantly portrayed as childish and naive in light of him. And to top it all off, he's just a Novice Spirit, meaning he's piss-easy to beat. Any objections, Adam?
    • As a bonus, Young Samus from the same game is an Advanced Spirit. Even back then, Samus was superior to her former boss.
  • The Rathalos fight. An epic boss fight that involves lots of weaving/dodging like its origin series and waiting at the right moment to deliver strikes. Rathalos even goes into the background for some cool looking attacks. The fight is also on point with Rathalos' tail and various other body parts stunning it and deku nuts drops acting as flashbangs.
  • The battle against Marx. On top of being a faithful, lovingly-made recreation of his fight, down to the battlefield, he has been given new attacks that further emphasize how horrifyingly, yet awesomely creepy Marx is. And yet, longtime fans of Kirby need not fear the psycho jester—the cutters, the ice bomb, the laser, the shadow uppercut, the teleporting, the vines and even the black hole are all back, so if you’ve had experience fighting Marx before, you’ll have no problem teaching him a lesson once more.
  • The various dungeons implement several of their home game mechanics very well, especially Dracula's Castle. It is a faithful recreation of the map layout of the first Castlevania with excellent fights, transitioning music for each area/stage, a fun puzzle, and the climactic fight against Dracula himself at the very end. The dungeon itself is easily a solid highlight of World of Light.
    • The Street Fighter map is a sight to behold: several fights against many famous fighters from the franchise, culminating in battles against all of Shadaloo's members from the second game before coming to a head with M. Bison. And the terrorist group's leader is not going down without a fight. At the end of the whole ordeal, you finally get to fight and rescue Ryu.
    • The moment when you get the Master Sword in the Legend of Zelda map. The music reaches a triumphant swell as the sword strikes the clouds from the Gerudo Desert portion of the map, destroying them and revealing the whole section.
  • Before taking on the true final boss, the player finally gets the chance to play as Master Hand in cleaning up most of the rest of the clone armies created by Galeem and Dharkon. Even better, it's Master Hand vs 50 Puppet Fighters at once, seven at a time. Master Hand wins, implying the only reason the Fighters are able to beat him is that he lets them.
    • Master Hand was controlled once already by Tabuu, and as soon as he was free, he launched an attack on his captor. Now that Master Hand has been freed from control once again, it’s not hard to imagine the Aspect of Creation, the architect of the World of Smash, upon seeing his domain perverted into a battleground for two invading deities, as just a little bit ABSOLUTELY LIVID.
  • The true final battle against both Galeem and Dharkon. The first stage is a Rise to the Challenge while avoiding their attacks and dealing with a few fights of clones. The second is a Boss Rush against the six main bosses, those being Galleom, Giga Bowser, Ganon, Dracula, and the previously-mentioned Rathalos and Marx. And the final fight is against both Galeem and Dharkon at the same time while they try to kill each other as much as they try to kill you, creating the true climactic fight that began as a Back from the Brink moment with Kirby as the sole survivor from Galeem's initial onslaught.
    • The music that plays during the entire battle (even including the boss rush!) is a tremendously epic composition that incorporates both boss themes and the Lifelight theme — female voices represent Galeem, while the male chorus represents Dharkon. The composition perfectly emphasizes the destructive battle between two godlike titans; which is interrupted in the midst of the chaos by a powerful surge of the main theme, beautifully performed by a lone viola before being accompanied by the entire choir, all representing the player, the heroes, and the villains as they attempt to end the conflict once and for all.
    • The player can choose any three characters for the final battle, allowing for many awesome potential thematic team combinations. Want to see heroes teaming up? Villains saving the day? Heroes and villains uniting? A Captain N reunion? Third-party characters saving the Nintendo universe? Nintendo, Microsoft, and (sort of) Sony characters working together as a team? Or even Lethal Joke Characters taking down Eldritch horrors? You're free to make whatever dream team you can imagine!
  • As awesome as Kirby being the sole survivor of Galeem's beams of light may be, the way they've integrated the DLC characters into World of Light brings up one other possibility. While they still need some leg work to be done by having a certain amount of characters join the party, the fact that Piranha Plant, Joker, the Dragon Quest heroes, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry Bogard, Byleth, Min Min (though she was a spirit at first), Minecraft's Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman; and Sephiroth can be recruited without being fought or even Spirits who use clone bodies based on them is enough evidence to point towards them have also survived the near-destruction of the Smash Bros. universe.note 
    • Really, that bears repeating. The beams swarmed the entire universe. Sonic couldn't outrun it. Palutena couldn't block it. Bayonetta couldn't dodge it. Only Kirby warping space and time via his Warp Star gave anyone a fighting chance. Escape otherwise should have been impossible. But a freaking house plant, an outlaw high school student, a gaggle of magic swordsmen, a lazy bear and sarcastic bird, an American man with nothing but his chi, a mercenary-turned-professor, a girl with spring-like ramen arms, some creative, cube-composed survivalists and dastardly antagonists, and a former hero-turned-psychopathic doombringer did it anyway.
    • Min Min herself is a very special case. Why? She's already in the game as a Spirit—and one that could be fought in World of Light, mind you! Given the context of the story and Spirits as a whole, Min Min shouldn't have been playable, given that her body was destroyed and she was then forced to possess a Puppet Fighter of Corrin... and yet she managed to become playable anyway!
    • Zombie and Enderman (two alternate costumes for Steve) are even more impressive, as they were announced as playable characters... then were revealed to have their own Spirits on the Spirit Board a couple of days later! This makes Zombie and Enderman the first post-launch characters is to be playable characters and fightable Spirits!note 
    • With Sephiroth's reveal trailer, it turned out he not only survived Galeem's first attack somehow, but he also stopped a second wave from happening in the first place! Kind of explains why no one else outside of Cloud became spirits the first time around if that's the case.
  • With regards to the Min Min reveal, one thing that should be noted is that it revealed a surprise update to the Spirit List. Mainly the fact that in addition to listing every single Spirit available, any Spirit that has a battle that you could actually fight in for either the entire World of Light or somewhere on the Spirit Board, regardless of whether it's in the original Spirit Board or is a DLC Spirit Board fight, will be available for rematches at any time! Remember, this was at a time where Sakurai stated that the Home Run Contest would be the last big thing included for future updates of the game. Now if you've shown any genuine interest in a certain Spirit for whatever reason, you no longer have to resort to waiting for the Spirit Board to get you the right fight or wasting any rematches on a bad fight or even have to travel all over the World of Light to find that one Spirit in question. As long as your Spirit had a fight, you can rematch it at any time you wish, which is a Godsend for anyone wanting to get 100% on all Spirits.
    • Note that in addition to no longer having to wait on the main spirit board, any battles exclusive to World of Light, like Dr. Eggman, can now be played without having to travel all the way to that spirit.
  • Disappointed earlier that Final Fantasy had no Spirits for you to unlock outside of Cloud? Well, worry no longer! With the addition of Sephiroth, expect some new Final Fantasy VII Spirits (and music) to finally come over to the party!

    Other in-game Moments 
  • The opening. Is it just gameplay interspersed with story cutscenes? Yes. Would we have liked an original cinematic a-la Melee? Of course. Is this still an astounding showcase of what Smash Bros. is all about? HELL TO THE YES.
  • Several of the Challenge Board posters have some awesome pics for some of the harder challenges.
    • Zelda utterly destroying Ganondorf and Ridley with a blast of fire while wearing an expression that just says "I'm done playing nice".
    • A determined Link and Zelda standing side by side.
    • Mewtwo radiating with intense power.
    • Link facing off against both the Fierce Deity and the Black Knight at the same time. And given the steam coming off of them, he's winning.
    • Little Mac and King K. Rool clashing in the boxing ring.
    • Lucina, Inkling, and Shulk taunting over their defeated enemies.
    • Ike jumping up to face Galeem.
    • R.O.B. using his Final Smash against Dharkon.
    • The Inkling girl reaching to grab a Smash Ball. While it sounds mundane, the effects give it a triumphant feel.
    • A recreation of Ryu and Ken's special intro from Street Fighter 3 in front of a sunset.
    • Yoshi pulling off his best Akuma impression in front of a defeated Ken.
    • While also funny, Incineroar charging the Spirit Train is a damn good metaphor for taking on opponents stronger than yourself and winning.
    • Snake armed with his RPG-7 defending a wounded Zero Suit Samus and Bayonetta.
      • Alternatively, since the scene is sometimes said to actually be recreating Snake's having just killed Sniper Wolf (who Zero Suit Samus would represent here while Otacon is represented by Bayonetta), it brings a morbid sense of awesome in that the relatively human (albeit supersoldier human at that) Snake was able to take on the galaxy's strongest warrior who is far above superhuman and win.
    • Wario taking on all of the Fire Emblem fighters at once.
  • Mario’s Classic Mode. It has him face off against Nintendo’s biggest seriesnote , and his archenemiesnote , proving once and for all why he’s the face of Nintendo.
  • Bowser's Classic Mode The Red One. Ever Red One! has Bowser facing various red-colored fighters on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Mario. On the way, he faces a RATHALOS, who is not even a final boss like he is in other Classic Modes.
  • Terry's Classic Mode. He faces multiple teams with three fighters each, on his own without any backup, and wins. Even better when you realize that he has 50% more stamina than each individual fighter, implying that from the viewpoint of the teams, he's a (reasonably balanced) SNK Boss.
  • Byleth's Classic Mode. After dueling with all seven of their franchise predecessors, the Professor of Garreg Mach faces off against the Hand Brothers... but they're not alone. The Fire Emblem theme blares out, overriding the Final Destination music as the entire FE crew all spawns in beside you. Sure, they have much less health than you and will likely perish mid-battle, but they will definitely rack up loads of damage in the process... so long as the hands don't do a particularly devastating attack on you early, of course.
  • Bayonetta's Classic Mode, where the opponents represent her first game's plot. Dark Pit is an Applaud, Falco is a Fairness, Ridley is an Allegiance, Charizard is Fortitudo, Meta Knight is the Masked Lumen, The Pit swarm are Affinities and Palutena is Jubileus, The Creator.
  • Sephiroth's Classic Mode doesn't have him fight a single playable fighter, not even Cloud. Instead, he fights every mini boss and actual boss from the game in a row.

  • One for Sakurai himself. He knew that licensing every third-party character would be a challenge, and yet he was determined to make sure that every character that was in the series would return for this game. When he announced this to the development team, the whole room was in Stunned Silence.
    • To emphasize: the current roster meant that he would have had to approach Konami for Metal Gear and Castlevania (twice if you include the echo fighter), Sega for Sonic, Bayonetta (with PlatinumGames) and Persona (sometime during development for DLC with Atlus), Capcom for Mega Man and Street Fighter (twice for including the echo fighter), Bandai Namco for Pac-Man, Square Enix for Final Fantasy (twice) and later Dragon Quest for DLC, SNK for Fatal Furynote , and even rivaling gaming company Xbox Game Studios for Banjo-Kazooie (with Rare) and Minecraft (with Mojang) with regards to playable characters alone. Smash has the rare distinction of getting these many varied third-party franchises and companies under a single roof, giving a lot of credence to the fact that the series itself has well and truly evolved from being something that simply celebrated Nintendo's history alone to celebrating the history of gaming as a whole.
      • And that's not even taking into account other properties not represented by playable characters, such as Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games), Shantae (WayForward Technologies), Virtua Fighter (Sega), Monster Hunter (Capcom), Bomberman and Ganbare Goemon (Konami), Rayman, Rabbids, and Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft), Fatal Frame (Koei Tecmonote ), Undertale (Toby Fox), Cuphead (StudioMDHR), Warframe (Digital Extremes), Super Mario RPG, World of Mana, and Octopath Traveler (Square-Enix), Fallout (Bethesda, ZeniMax Media, and later Xbox Game Studios), No More Heroes (Grasshopper Manufacture), and all the various Namco games such as Galaga, Tekken, and The Tower of Druaga and SNK representation beyond Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters. In total, that's at least 30 different franchises with 17 different companies and one sole individual to negotiate with. And they did it.
      • Just the fact that there are ten third-party fighters (Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Ryu, Ken, Cloud, Bayonetta, Simon, and Richter) at launch. Compared to Brawl's two and 3DS/Wii U's three, six if DLC is included, that's already a staggeringly impressive count. Then the first Fighters Pass gave everyone four more (Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, and Terry), with the second one giving even more (Steve & Sephiroth), bumping the number up to a whopping 16 (22 if the Hero's skins from III, IV, & VIII and Steve's skins of Alex, Zombie, and Enderman are included).
  • The fact that Sakurai had been working on the game undercover for a lengthy time; even with his tendinitis, he had worked himself to hell and back to make the game all in secret; initially just revealing its existence... and then E3 came, as he unveiled the majority of its mountains of content and its gameplay, in one massive burst, to show that it was already at a playable state. He quite literally showed a Smash Bros. game, playable and already mostly completed... just straight out of the blue. This man is a legend.
    • When did he start planning this game? While he was working on the DLC for the previous game. A video game producer who sees a lukewarm reception to his previous effort and responds by immediately planning a crowd-pleasing followup is as wonderful as it is rare. After Bayonetta was released and we all thought, "well, that's it for Smash for a long while", he was hard at work.
      • The reason the game exists? It was a personal request from Satoru Iwata himself, which makes the whole game an even bigger Moment of Awesome, as one could see it as Sakurai's tribute to the late head of Nintendo. But also consider that due to Iwata's death in July of 2015, it means that the game had probably been in development since around the time of E3 2015, when Ryu was released. This game had been in development before the last game's final three DLC fighters had even been revealed, and only a few months after the Switch, then known as the NX, had been announced to be in development.
  • The infamous tournament battle between MKLeo (Bayonetta) and Plup (Ridley) for one big reason: they were playing in front of Sakurai himself, essentially playing the role of beta testers and showing him point-blank how broken the Umbra Witch truly is. Despite all the boos from the crowd, MKLeo ended up taking one for the team. Sakurai allegedly shook his head after seeing Bayonetta pull off a 0%-to-KO combo, and come the game's final release, the nerfs make it very apparent that he was paying attention.
  • Many pro players considered Pichu to be the best character in the entire game. Though patch 3.0.1 nerfed him severely, a character originally added in Melee as a joke was upgraded so much he had to be nerfed. Could anyone imagine the sentence "Pichu OP, please nerf" being uttered unironically before it happened?
  • The franchise's current treatment of Konami in general, especially when considering the less-than-favorable treatment of two of their top franchises during The New '10s. When Snake was removed from the fourth game, he took his entire franchise and any and all potential Konami-related material with him. Konami's return in Ultimate is seen as a huge makeup for that. Not only has Snake and all Metal Gear-related content returned, Bomberman (who is now owned by Konami following Hudson Soft's demise) finally makes his Smash debut as an Assist Trophy (and later on, a Mii Fighter costume). But the biggest bombshell of this is the debut of the Castlevania franchise. With two playable characters, over 30 songs for their stage, several enemies for that stage, and least one item, boss, and Assist Trophy of their own (Death's Scythe, Dracula and Alucard, respectively), Castlevania ends up having the biggest Smash debut of any other 3rd-party franchise (including Mega Man, Sonic, and even Metal Gear, itself), and also pushes Konami to (so far) have the biggest presence of any 3rd-party company in Ultimate. This is an outstanding feat, but it's also fitting considering that Konami is the first 3rd-party company to have a Guest Fighter in Smash to begin with. It's all come full circle!
  • Ultimate really is one major Crowning Moment of Awesome for both the series and Sakurai himself. The first game started as something Sakurai would work on his own time that didn't have Nintendo characters, and even once Nintendo got involved they gave him a small budget and didn't plan to release the game outside of Japan. Things sure have come a long way since then.
  • Some of the combinations of legendary video game music composers and the iconic tunes from across video game history have been nothing short of astounding. Ever wanted to hear an over-the-top Eurobeat version of F-Zero music done by the composer for Daytona and Virtua Fighter? Here ya go! How about some Mega Man tunes performed by the guitarist behind some of Sonic's most memorable ballads? Enjoy! Didn't know you wanted a heart-pounding rendition of "Gangplank Galleon" by the high energy composers of the Xenoblade series? Well you've got it anyway, with a rap verse to boot! It's almost like the Ultimate crossover of video game composers!
  • It says a lot about how much good will Sakurai has built up in the video game industry that Nintendo would let him kill off their flagship duo and that Capcom would let him do the same with their beloved blue bomber in trailers for the game.
    • It's brief and very obviously non-canon, but must be emphasized that in a scenario where Mario's old rival is buried in mandates (the Post-Reboot Archie/IDW Sonic comics being a good example) disallowing him to fail or die for a lengthy period of time owing to a strong backlash against the most controversial aspects of the game that tanked the franchise's image, Nintendo and Capcom having so much certainty in their mascots' good standing that they can actually show them getting killed on-screen is rather daring.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the first cutscene for the adventure mode World of Light, where almost the entire roster is killed off. Not turned into statues: Killed, including the mandate-buried Sonic mentioned above. Sakurai had the permission from Nintendo, Sega, Square-Enix, Capcom, PlatinumGames, Bandai Namco, and Konami to put their characters in a Curb-Stomp Battle where 99% of them are brutally turned into ash on-screen. If that doesn't prove that companies trust Sakurai and his vision, nothing will.
  • Nintendo's history is on fully display in Spirits mode, but not only are they representing the game's biggest series, they're paying respects to Eternal Darkness from the Gamecube era, with Alexandra Roivas as a spirit. The fight you need to win to be able to rescue her even incorporates an Interface Screw as a reference to that game's infamous "Sanity Effects"!
  • Some Call Me Johnny decided to do an interesting mashup of the "World of Light" opening cutscene and Final Fantasy XIV's legendary "End of an Era" cutscene. It wouldn't be a surprise if Sakurai based that cutscene off of it.
  • At this reaction video at Nintendo NY, when the watchers saw Kirby drop out of the sky, they immediately started chanting "KIRBY! KIRBY! KIRBY!" knowing he's the last hope for our fighters.
  • The sales figures for the game have arrived, and boy did they smash records. In Japan alone, the game managed at least 1.2 million sales, making it the highest debut of the series and the biggest for a non-Pokemon game.
    • Speaking of sales, it also managed to do surprisingly well over in the UK, a place where Nintendo doesn't exactly have a strong foothold in the market. In its debut week, it not only managed to become the fastest selling Switch game, it also managed to top the sales charts not just in individual games, but also for all games that week, period. Considering it's an exclusive game in a land where multi-platform games like FIFA dominate the charts on a regular basis, that's an impressive feat in its own.
    • Smash Bros Ultimate also sold 5 million in its weekend, making it the fastest selling Nintendo game on a console of all time. In addition, it sold better than God of War (PS4) and was 7 million less than Red Dead Redemption 2's opening weekend, which was on multiple consoles, and the PS4 sold over 91 million compared to the Switch's 32 million. Smash Ultimate is certainly a system seller!
    • This isn't even getting into the best part. The game later sold 12.08 million copies from December 7th to December 31st. It is outright the fastest-selling game that is exclusive to a console ever! This also puts it at Brawl’s level in just under a month, meaning it has likely outsold Brawl already — and Brawl was the best-selling game in the series if you count the Wii U and 3DS version separately.
    • Near the end of April 2019, Nintendo announced that Ultimate had sold 13.81 million copies, meaning that not only has it surpassed the sales of the Wii U version of its predecessor, it has outsold the Wii U console itself (which only sold 13.5 million units around the world, but any single piece of software outselling an entire console is still an amazing feat). In addition, it's now both the best selling game in the series AND the best selling fighting game of all time!
      • On top of that, this latest figure means that Smash as a franchise has surpassed Tekken as the best selling fighting game series of all time, too!
      • Tekken is developed and published by Bandai Namco. Bandai Namco also helped develop Smash 4 and Ultimate. A moment of awesome for them when you realize that they have bragging rights to having developed the two best selling fighting game franchises of all time.
  • With this game, Charles Martinet officially holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Video Game Voiceover Performances as the Same Character." He has voiced Mario in 100 different games.
  • It took them an hour and a half, but Youtuber Alpharad and his friends abused spirits, Ganondorf and Incineroar's revenge to deal 999% damage in a single move.
  • Ultimate being selected for the EVO 2019 and EVO Japan 2020 lineups.
    • Heck, Ultimate being such a good and balanced game that EVO retired Melee.
      • Not only that, but it was later announced that Ultimate would be the headlining game of finals night, and as a result, it would be the headlining game of EVO 2019. To put this into perspective, the headlining game of EVO for more than a decade has been Street Fighter. This is the first time in a very, very, very long time that the headlining game isn't an installment in the Street Fighter series. Not only that, but Ultimate is the game with the highest attendance at EVO.
  • During a stream by Yacht Club Games, they consistently screwed around with Assist Trophies because they were looking for one specific character; their beloved Shovel Knight. Upon finding him, they basically let him finish off the match. Even as an Assist Trophy, seeing your character in Smash at all is enough to entice hype.
  • Andrew Wobeck made an entire catalog of all the spirits in the entire game in a single website and each of them have their very own flavor text and descriptions just like the trophies from Melee onward! You can visit the site here. Spoilers inbound for all spirits unlocked!
  • While Dragon Quest is an immensely popular franchise in Japan, in other countries such as the States its popularity is more niche especially compared to its sister series. With the inclusion of the Hero in Ultimate, overseas fans were hopeful that Dragon Quest would receive a decent Colbert Bump in the West thanks to a Smash inclusion, like Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles before it. Sure enough, shortly after the Hero's release, Dragon Quest XI S shot up to #1 on Amazon's Best Sellers list of Switch games.
    • On a similar note, it also helped gain similar traction for Banjo-Kazooie and the Xbox in Japan when the duo were first announced and showcased in Japan.
  • AQWGhostFace makes videos involving amiibo training since the Smash 4 games, and in Ultimate, the amiibo training continues. However, one instance involved him getting his preorder of the Pichu amiibo...and that reminded him of a certain Pichu duo from the Pokemon anime and Pokémon Channel known as the Pichu Brothers. With that, he got a second Pichu amiibo to train, resulting in him doing Team Battles with those two Pichu on the blue team, thus making something similar to a Dual Boss.
  • Toby Fox gets one for just hanging out with Sakurai. They played some Smash, listened to some music and before we knew it, Sans was a Mii Costume in Ultimate. The fact that two of the most respected individuals in the market just got together one night is a meeting never thought possible, but it just happened so casually.
    • The fact that Toby beat Sakurai at his own game more times than Sakurai beat him. It becomes better in hindsight after the Terry Bogard showcase direct, in which Sakurai demonstrates in spite of his modesty, he's actually good enough at the game to get a perfect Classic Mode score while multitasking with commentary.
  • Fan reception for the Sans costume has been surprisingly positive compared to most other costumes. His detractors are happy because that means he's not taking up a fighter slot, and his supporters are just happy that he's in to begin with. Considering several other Mii Costumes were met with vitriol upon their reveal, such as the infamous King K. Rool costume, it's an example of the Mii Costumes succeeding in what they were intended to do: provide a suitable alternative to having the character as a fighter.
    • It's also worth noting that, even if it is just as a skin for another fighter, Sans is the first playable Indie character in Smash. Not the first Indie overall, considering Shovel Knight is an Assist Trophy, Shantae is a Spirit, and later Minecraft made its iconic characters actually playable over a year afterward, but still the first Indie fighter (even if only by technicality). Small steps from Trophy to Assist to Mii Costume - the future truly looks bright for Indie representation in Smash Bros.
    • Cuphead would join in on the fun four months later, proving that there's more plans for Indie representation in the near future.
    • Fallout's Vault Boy also received positive reception, showing that the costume love isn't limited to Indie characters; even Triple-A characters can get some appreciation this way. Not only that, but at the time of the costume's reveal, Fallout 76's infamous reputation was still fresh in people's minds. For Vault Boy to get this level of positive reception despite everything really speaks volumes as to how beloved the Fallout franchise really is.
  • Terry's inclusion becomes one from a long-running Meta perspective. In one of his Famitsu columns, Sakurai not only admitted to being a fan of old-school 2D fighters, but got the idea from Smash partially because of one incident: when playing in the arcades in the mid-90s, he had amassed a large win streak against an opponent who he was clearly better than, but upon finding out that he was playing against a young couple out on a date who appeared to have little to no experience at it. The game they were playing? The King of Fighters '95. That one incident helped Sakurai try to create Smash Bros. as a fighting game that could easily be accessible by anyone, and putting the flagship mascot of the company responsible for The King of Fighters now looks a lot more fitting in retrospect.
    • Not only that, but consider many of the staple game mechanics of Smash: side dodging, rolling, the Rage mechanic in Smash 4 onwards as a Comeback Mechanic, etc. — all of which were introduced by games developed by SNK themselves.
    • On the topic of Terry's inclusion, SNK themselves deserve a lot of credit for the sheer scale of what they let Sakurai use. Sakurai presented a list of 50 song ideas to SNK for them to choose which ones to use. Their response? All 50 of them. That's not even including the massive amount of character references they let Sakurai use for the stage and spirits, with only one character, Mai, being unable to show up, and that was only because they couldn't find a way to get her past the ratings board. When SNK gets repped in other games, they make sure to go hard. To put it another way, the amount of representation seen here means that Terry isn't just representing Fatal Fury or KOF, he's fighting on behalf for SNK as a whole. Not that many characters in the roster get to say that they utterly represent the library of their entire company's output, and even the ones that do don't have the sheer depth seen with Terry and SNK.
  • Despite being a 2018 game, the game still got nominated for three categories in 2019’s The Game Awards! Including Game of the Year! Even though Ultimate didn’t win that category, it still ended up winning the award for Best Fighting Game!
  • The sheer fact that Sakurai managed to keep Byleth's inclusion a secret from literally everyone outside his development team, even most of Nintendo's own staff. Little wonder all the leakers had zero info to work with when even all their possible sources didn't have a clue, either.
    • Even better, he managed to keep the specific details for Min Min a secret until her June 2020 reveal. While some had guessed Min Min would have been chosen in the end due to the Nintendo Direct Mini lead-up going from a near limitless amount of options to a 1/15 chance of being correct all alongnote , it's still rather impressive, nonetheless.
      • Furthermore, he managed to keep the inclusion of Minecraft's Steve, Alex, Zombie, & Enderman as a major secret to the public eye until the official reveal on October 1, 2020. While people had speculated the inclusion of Minecraft's Steve at various points, discussion had started to wane a bit after Banjo & Kazooie's reveal, with development worries starting to come to light after Min Min's reveal due to the amount of time in between character reveals for Wave 2. However, not only did Sakurai manage to keep the character a secret to the public for so long, the reveal of some characters from the best sold video game of all time helped reinvigorate character discussions for Wave 2 going forward.
      • Same can also be said with Sephiroth's reveal at the 2020 Game Awards Show, especially with Nintendo only announcing the introduction on the very day of the event. For added context, his reveal was over two months after Steve's reveal, which took many more months to complete properly!
  • In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the game's staff had to transfer into a work-at-home structure for most of the Wave 2 DLC development, leaving Sakurai with more limited direction for a time while Japan was steadily recovering, so it was uncertain that he'd be able to do his presentation for Min Min at all. Undeterred, Nintendo shipped some recording equipment directly to his house so that he could be able to pull it off.
  • Nintendo's ability to hold onto archived audio for future use is impressive by industry standards — but it's in the Min Min showcase that Sakurai reveals just how impressive it is. Namely, when discussing Captain Falcon's VO session, he states that it was a one-time thing, for the Nintendo 64 original, and there'd never been any new Falcon recordings until the Min Min trailer. But wait, how does that account for...? That's right: Final Smashes were a concept as far back as the very first game, and the Blue Falcon line was recorded for it way back then, three console generations apart before it'd actually be implemented in Brawl!
  • In Ultimate's 8.1 update released on August 4, 2020, the developers released a nice stage called "Small Battlefield" to the game, making it the first time the game released a new stage without a new character joining first. The stage itself is simple enough, with its best description being "Battlefield" with minor changes or like "Final Destination" with two platforms on the left and right side of the stage. But that's not all they did. With this update, they managed to not only add both "Random Battlefield" and "Random Ω" (Random Final Destination) buttons next to the Battlefield stage, but also allowed for every single song in the game to be playable in all Battlefield stages and Final Destination without limitations! Now instead of being limited to just a certain amount of songs on those stages, you could play any song there to your heart's content. Combine that with improvements in their online mode to help improve the game there, and you got a fantastic update given out of nowhere in a time where employees still had to work-at-home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic! Not a bad surprise there, Nintendo.
    • Made more impressive once it was revealed that in order to allow for every song to be played on those stages, Sakurai needed to get permission from ALL of the IP holders involved! And possibly also the individual owners of specific music, such as the first two Sonic the Hedgehog games, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy VII, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Toby Fox's Undertale! Not to mention agreements with future DLC included from games like Minecraft as well. Considering how many companies have content in this game, it seems like an extremely daunting task, but thankfully, it was one he was able to pull off.
  • In his rather extensive career, Yūki Kaji has considered two particular possibilities to be dream jobs: A role in Dragon Quest, and a role in Smash Bros. In voicing Eight for Ultimate, he managed to score both jobs at once!
  • So what caused a Minecraft character to finally get into Smash? Why, nothing more than an inquiry from a Nintendo employee on making it happen, which Sakurai took as a challenge to make it work for them! Keep in mind, that also included things like rewriting code for existing stages to allow Minecraft's Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman to place their blocks on said stages properly. Despite how challenging creating the fighter and his costumes were, he still managed to do it while still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic at hand and make it work for a proper release in 2020.
  • The extremely unexpected reveal that Steve, Alex, the Zombie, and Enderman from Minecraft were joining the party caused such a traffic spike on social media that it lagged out several platforms such as Twitter for a brief time.
  • With the reveal of the Sephiroth Challenge, people across Twitter have taken to posting their times, what characters they used and the sheer glee as the community set out to absolutely humiliate the One-Winged Angel, especially on Very Hard. One Twitter user by the name of Jacabbage03 nailed him with a lucky Thwack from Hero and defeated him in TWO SECONDS. Another one beat Sephiroth in 1.51 SECONDS, saying this has to be a world record! Yet another person had Sephiroth beaten in LESS THAN A SECOND!
    Cabbage: Hero mains, we rise again
    • A common character to use against Sephiroth is, of course, Cloud. And people have certainly had some fun with that; one Twitter user said to have defeated Sephiroth as Advent Children Cloud... while It Has To Be This Way blared from their speakers. A fitting choice for such an awesome duel.
    • Anyone beating Sephiroth in Very Hard mode in their first try there certainly earns special praise in their own rights there, regardless of who was used or what methods were done there.


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