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Tear Jerker / Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Every soul contains a whisper of light
Gleaming faintly as it dwindles from sight
No escape, no greater fate to be made
In the end, the chains of time will not break
Lifelight, the theme of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The fact that this is the first and only Smash Bros. game to get its own page should speak volumes.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Pre-Release, Trailers and Meta

  • Ridley's reveal trailer shows him literally murdering Mega Man and Mario. It's kind of hard to watch when you see many peoples' childhood heroes unceremoniously killed brutally. Granted, Mega Man could easily be repaired given he's a robot, but Mario? If it weren't for the fact that the characters are all alive and playable, everyone would have to assume the worst.
  • Simon Belmont's trailer is not much nicer to our Smash Veterans. Luigi is exploring Dracula's castle only to find his tools are not useful on the foes he stumbles across and then stumbles unto Death himself! Simon doesn't show up in time to save Luigi and Death slashes the soul out of poor Luigi. It's sad to see Luigi stuck in a situation where he is incapable of defending himself and then die as a result.
  • On November 1, 2018, the same day of the final Ultimate Direct, Sakurai tweeted that Incineroar's voice acting in Japanese is done by the late Unshou Ishizuka who passed away in August of that year. He asks for people to pray for his soul. The recency of his departure at the time was still close to the heart, and this could very well be his last performance.
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  • June 23rd, 2020, when Min Min was announced as the fighter for the 2nd DLC wave, fans of Etika (who committed suicide a year ago and was a huge fan of hers), began posting fanart of the two in honor of his memory.

World of Light/Spirit Board

  • The new Adventure Mode starts with a big Player Punch: every single character, playable or not, is wiped out and turned into a spirit after the new villain, Galeem, unleashed an attack similar to Tabuu's Off-Waves despite their best efforts to fight off the attack. The Sole Survivor of the entire ordeal is Kirby, while everyone else is turned into a shadow of their former selves. And we thought Subspace Emissary was dark...
    • Even worse is that Kirby crash lands onto the ruined world, only to see the barren wasteland before him. Sure, Kirby's been in tough situations before, but starting off this time? He is truly alone, with no Helpers in sight, nor even a supporting character assisting from the sidelines. The pink puffball starts his journey to restore the world with nobody to guide him.
    • Look closely and you'll notice that Sonic reached out to Pikachu as if he wanted to save him before Pikachu was caught by the pillar of light. Sonic even looks distressed that he failed to save Pikachu.
      • What’s worse, as many have noted, is that Sonic is the fastest thing alive; while he may not have outrun the beams, he certainly stood the best chance of doing so out of all the heroes. He only gets caught because he slowed down to try and save Pikachu.
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    • Palutena stays behind and tries to protect Pit and Dark Pit by creating a barrier to slow down the pillars of light. Not only do the pillars consume her without slowing down at all, the moment Palutena is captured, Pit and Dark Pit lose the Power of Flight, causing them to get captured too. Worse is that she's all too familiar with the sensation of powerlessness. And considering they're all getting Trapped in Villainy, that means she's also getting possessed right afterward. As if Palutena wasn't reminded enough of the Chaos Kin...
      • Even worse? Palutena's one of the last four characters you can save in the story mode. And as Pit is obligatory to unlock in the Light Realm, before the Dark Realm is accessible, he has to go throughout his journey without his beloved goddess with him. At least the Viridi spirit is available as company...
    • Shulk has a vision of the attack and attempts to warn everyone to run for their lives. And as the cutscene entails, it was All for Nothing. He knew it couldn't be stopped... Even worse is that Shulk is all too familiar with being unable to prevent his visions.
    • The Duck Hunt dog is shown cowering as the duck tries to pull him to safety, to no avail. In the same shot, all the Villager can do is run around in circles in pure terror.
    • If you look closely, you can also see an expression of either resignation or dread on the Wii Fit Trainer's face as she does yoga poses beside the Duck Hunt duo and the Villager before being taken down alongside them, giving off the impression that the reason she's just standing there doing yoga poses is because she knows what is coming and can't escape this and is choosing to Face Death with Dignity by going out doing what she does best.
    • When the Inklings see what’s coming, they freak the hell out and desperately try to hide in their ink. They get taken anyways. Similarly, Snake tries to use his box trick to outwit the attackers... and just gets hit at a slightly slower rate.
    • Seeing several characters running instead of fighting is definitely heartbreaking because most of them are not running away with their friends. Falco is by himself in his Arwing quickly jettisoning himself away from the massacre. Similarly, Diddy Kong is flying away via his Rocketbarrel Pack as fast as he can alongside Rosalina & Luma. The only reason we can assume that they didn't try escaping with Fox and Donkey Kong respectively is because they already just watched their closest friends murdered.
    • Even the new theme, Lifelight, sounds a bit somber as it details everyone's fate, as well as being a Dark Reprise of the previously triumphant main theme. The lyrics at the top of the page are particularly noteworthy.
    • Note that many of the spirits are friends of the fighters, having been reduced to nothing as well only to be shoved into statues of their defeated friend to control an evil clone of them. Think about that: someone like Otacon or Jeanne being forced to use the body of their best friend to attack people they don't even know. And I Must Scream doesn't begin to cover it.
      • Otacon probably does know who all of the fighters are. But being both a fan and a Non-Action Guy, this can't be fun for him. Especially with his fight being reminiscent of his Reluctant Mad Scientist days. No wonder the guy tries to avoid fighting.
      • Fridge Horror: Huey tried to use young Hal as a pilot/Wetware CPU for Metal Gear Sahelanthropus. Fast forward a few decades and it pretty much happens.
      • Also, Snake and Otacon have a child. Where the hell is Sunny? Otacon and Snake have to go through the whole ordeal of light not knowing if their daughter is alive or if she's suffering the same fate.
      • On a related note, Bowser and Chrom are both fathers too, but they don't even have the cold comfort of ambiguity— their children got vaporized right in front of their eyes.
    • In a meta sense, a lot of the characters seen as spirits haven't been seen in years or even decades, because their series is dormant, because of rights issues preventing them from making, or for any other reason. Imagine being an avid supporter of Chibi-Robo, Geno, or Lip, then seeing that your beloved character, the one you've always wanted to see as a playable fighter, is finally going to appear in Smash Bros....and it's only so they can be killed by the villain and be used as an ancillary for the playables. Talk about a Player Punch.
  • In the True Ending, all of the Spirits fly away into deep space after the main threats are vanquished once and for all. No words. No bodies. No nothing. They simply... leave the universe behind.
    • Of course, Sakurai's lore stated that heading to the real world is the goal of everyone in the World of Imagination, so one could say that it's a Bittersweet Ending or even an Earn Your Happy Ending for them.
    • The game specifically says that dismissing a spirit sends it to its homeworld. That's what's happening — all the spirits are being dismissed, their jobs done, so they go home.
  • Some contexts for the Spirits, either in-battle or displayed on the world map, can get downright heart-rending.
    • Claus and Hinawa, the late brother and mother of Lucas (even before Galeem's Apocalypse How) are found beside each other as separate spirits; Hinawa on the light side of the final map, Claus on the dark side. In a stroke of Video Game Cruelty Potential, Lucas' recruitment fight can be found relatively early in the campaignspoiler , so it's entirely possible to make him fight his own family. Even worse, you have to fight at least one of them to reach the True Final Boss, as they're each blocking the path on one side.
      • To twist the knife even further, when you beat Adventure Mode, you'll unlock a spirit as part of a challenge. What spirit is that? The Masked Man.
      • And as if all of this gut-punching to the Mother Fandom isn't enough, the gimmick for Hinawa's spirit battle is "All fighters are more easily launched".
    • Young Link's recruitment fight is hidden away in a copy of The Lost Woods, behind some impassable terrain. To remove the roadblock, the owl statues give the hint of "someone who is waiting for the hero", and you must find and defeat the hinted spirit hidden deep in the forest to reach Young Link. The spirit in question is Saria, Young Link's Only Friend. She's still waiting for him. The mood changes depending on how you view it: it's a Heartwarming Moment if Saria and Link are still looking out for each other even as Brainwashed and Crazy puppets, or a heartbreaking case of Dramatic Irony wherein Saria didn't even know she was Young Link's Barrier Maiden - or worse, they were fully aware and now Young Link is trying to repay Saria's assailant in kind.
    • Alm and Celica as children appear as Spirits at around the middle of the game. Anyone who has even touched the game know that at the very beginning, the two are running for their lives (and are even instructed to hide away from danger), which ends up kicking off the game's plot. What's the battle objective for this one? Kill them, while they're running away from you. Really gives you the role of the bad guy here.
    • Right near where you recruit Isabelle, you can battle her brother, Digby. While not quite on the same level of Video Game Cruelty Potential as the Claus and Hinawa example above, you can still make the sweet, innocent Isabelle fight against her own twin brother, whose spirit is trapped in a copy of her body.
      • Similarly, Ike can be recruited very close to where you can battle his sister, Mist, and as a result have him battle her. This is especially harsh when one remembers that he almost killed her when they were children while in madness from seeing their father kill their mother. Likewise, Elincia is in the same place as Mist.
    • Remember the ending of Pokémon Heroes? Well considering the stage in which you battle Latios and Latias imitates Alto Mare, it's implied that the two dragons from the movie are possessing the two Charizards you fight against. So the two are reunited... but unless you KO both of them at the same time, they will have to go through losing their beloved twin sibling all over again thanks to you, especially if you kill Latios first.
      • Just in case you haven't seen Pokemon Heroes, just consider Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon where both of the Eon Duo were outright killed off together and pretty much suffered a Fate Worse than Death in the Voidlands, which is essentially the PMD world's equivalent of Hell. For all we know, this could be the PMD world's Eon Duo, and the two have to suffer yet again.
      • In fact, in relation to PSMD, Galeem annihilating all the fighters at the start of the story draws rather depressing parallels to Dark Matter proceeding to petrify the rest of the hero and partner's allies.note  In fact, a good majority of the legendary spirits in World of Light just so happened to be among those turned to stone,note  so for all we know, they could be reliving rather harsh memories upon being turned into Spirits.
  • In a very weird way, the deaths of Galeem and Dharkon assuming you don't fight them both: the other kills them rather brutally. Sure, they deserved it, but still...
    • What makes their deaths a little harder to watch is that they are some of the only times we see them with anything resembling emotion: in the light ending, Dharkon's eye actually widens in utter panic when he sees the light beams barreling towards him, knowing they will rip him apart, he's unable to escape them and there's absolutely nothing he can do about it, and then he immediately gets blown apart and slowly vaporized into fine dust. In the dark ending, Galeem similarly closes his wings around his core in what looks to be a gesture similar to someone blanketing themselves out of a sense of retreating vulnerability, visibly struggling not letting Dharkon's chains pull his wings open. The way his body is just held up like a hunter's fresh kill and looking as angelic as he does in such a dark hell never paints a pretty picture. The Master Hands Galeem controlled actually turn to look at him whenever he is injured as well, implying that despite everything, they are concerned for him.
  • While it in no way completely mitigates the Fridge Horror of their friends and loved ones turning into Spirits; there is still some solace that some characters from the same franchise still have each other regardless if they were friend or foe. However for characters who are the sole representative of their franchise, they may as well be the Last of Their Kind.


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