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In the late 1990s, Rareware had an idea for a new game: Dinosaur Planet. It would be an Action-Adventure game based around an alien planet. The two main characters are anthropomorphic canines named Sabre (a wolf) and Krystal (a fox). Sabre is a knight of the Wolven Tribe, and the son of a powerful wizard named Randorn. Krystal is an orphaned Vixon and Randorn's adopted daughter. Somehow, the two end up transported from their home planet of Animus to Dinosaur Planet, which is threatened by the despotic dictator, General Scales.

Both Sabre and Krystal are playable characters that are used in different sections of the game. They play similarly, with Sabre wielding a sword while Krystal wields a staff. Sabre has a sidekick named Tricky and Krystal's sidekick is Kyte.

Dinosaur Planet was an ambitious title for the Nintendo 64. In development between 1999 and 2000, Dinosaur Planet pushed the hardware capabilities of the dying console. It would have been a swan song... if it had came out as expected. Instead, as the game was a late release title, it was ultimately decided that the game should be moved to the upcoming Nintendo GameCube. During this phase, Shigeru Miyamoto noticed that the two protagonists, Krystal and Sabre, looked a lot like Fox McCloud of the Star Fox franchise. This comment led to the game being reworked into Star Fox Adventures. As a result of being a Dolled-Up Installment with drastically different gameplay, Star Fox Adventures became an Oddball in the Series.


Dinosaur Planet was far into development when it was ultimately cancelled. Most, if not all, of the voice acting had been done, much of the game was finished, and it had been shown off at several events. No playable incarnation has ever been found, but you can watch an hour of gameplay including Krystal's first chapter here. If you want to play Dinosaur Planet, you'll just have to play Star Fox Adventures.


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