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The ethics of TV land are fluid and lackadaisical, and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of the Lovable Sex Maniac. This form of The Casanova goes above and beyond the average sleaze, engaging in the full spectrum of perversion — from dabbling in pornography to blatant sexual (or in some cases, bisexual) advances. May also come with an Extreme Libido. The only thing that keeps the Lovable Sex Maniac from being a truly disturbing Anti-Hero is that his antics are always Played for Laughs... and the odd thing is, it usually works.

The methods to succesfully soft-sell such a character are many, from making them a Chivalrous Pervert, to them being mysteriously successful at romance, to their perversions not requiring other people, to them just being unusually and extremely frank about sex, to them not minding striking out and just moving on to the next potential partner, to just having committment issues. Regardless, he (or more rarely she) is not interested in uninterested partners, thus making the "Lovable" part somewhat reasonable.

A Hard-Drinking Party Girl can double as the Lovable Sex Maniac with, interestingly, very little change just because she's female. Contrast Handsome Lech.

Compare to the Extreme Omnisexual, who is willing to sleep with anything, but might not have sex on the brain all the time. Compare and contrast the Extreme Libido for when this edges towards compulsive behaviour. See also Black Comedy Rape. Contrasts with both the Dirty Old Man and Handsome Lech.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Hakari from The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You tries to hide as the typical First Girl, but in reality she's a girl who knows she's attractive and really wants to catch Rentarou and go through all bases with him. Only his nature as a Chaste Hero keeps it from getting too far.
  • Maeda from Ai Kora is ultimately a decent and heroic guy, but his "parts love" frequently gets the best of him.
  • Tina Foster from Ai Yori Aoshi has "playfully" groped every member of the cast... including Kaoru.
  • Two similar characters in this trope are Keita from Inukami! and Kakeru from Akikan!. Both of them are absolutely shameless in their behavior, but they don't end up with much success either, often being struck with Amusing Injuries. Note that in both cases their Magical Girlfriends are at least somewhat excepted from their antics. At least initially. Also, in Akikan, Yurika and Otoya also fit this profile.
  • Make no mistake, Moe "Suzu" Suzuya in Asteroid in Love is one big lesbian pervert. When asked by Megu about how Moe is doing in school, what Ao can recall is her stalking, touchy-feely behaviour, and the suspicious photo exchanges between Moe and Mari. That said, the cast treats her as a great friend and have tolerated all these.
  • Tsuchiya Kouta of Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts. Well, everyone on the show calls him "Mutsurini" or "Voyeur". Besides being a Nose Bleed champion and Friend in the Black Market who can sell you fanservice photos of anyone at school, he's also a Camera Fiend and Peeping Tom who's always out to take panty/boob shots (although nobody really seems to bother). Yet, he's always there to lend a hand when Class F's inner circle needs it, albeit only when it gives him the opportunity to indulge in his perversions.
  • A literal case with Suruga Kanbaru of Bakemonogatari. Outside of being a lesbian, she also proclaims herself to be a fujoshi, lolicon and masochist. She is usually seen laying around nude in her household, has a large collection of yaoi literature, will get excited seeing younger female cast members like Nadeko and Shinobu, often sexually teases Araragi whenever they meet and in one infamous moment, would molest Araragi when he accused her of having become more modest.
  • B Gata H Kei centers around this in its main character Yamada, a rare example of this in a heterosexual female protagonist outside of hentai. She's obsessed with sex and constantly has dirty fantasies, although she's so afraid of intimacy and poor at communicating that she spends most of the series struggling to lose her virginity despite being the most beautiful girl at her school. She restricts her advances to a single target rather than flirting indiscriminately, however (planning to cast a wider net after she's deflowered).
  • Bleach:
    • Urahara has been known to refer to himself as a "handsome, perverted businessman".
    • Lisa and Love freely admit they're into pornographic manga.
    • Chizuru constantly tries to grope Orihime and convert her to the joys of women's love.
    • Kon and Keigo will attempt to molest any girl with large breasts. Kon will also attempt to molest Rukia. The fact that he's a stuffed animal may make it either more or less disturbing.
    • Haineko makes no effort to say otherwise when Tobiume calls her one.
      Tobiume: You jump on every guy you meet! It's pathetic!
      Haineko: Yep. Too bad.
    • Shinji will not hesitate to unabashedly state, with a completely deadpan look on his face, "That pretty girl over there is my FIRST LOVE." It's blatantly stated that Lisa was subjected to this when they first met. The only exception to this little quirk of his is Hiyori.
  • Ral from Blue Dragon: Ral Grad. Having grown up to the age of 15 without any sort of human contact, he becomes enamored with the very concept of "boobs" the instant he sees Mio (his female instructor for those 15 years). He then swears to protect the world exclusively for the benefit of women, on the off-chance they'd let him grope their boobs. Or, as he puts it, "tit for tat". The other characters only put up with this because he's a brilliant strategist, a formidable fighter, and is actually a good and kindhearted person (and he has the most powerful Shadow in the kingdom, natch).
  • The Elder from Chrono Crusade, who also happens to be a Dirty Old Man. He makes a game out of catching Rosette off guard and sneaking a peek under her skirt (the score at the beginning of the series is 10 wins, 4 losses) and then has the audacity to complain that her choice of underwear isn't sexy enough. He also sneaks into the women's dorm at the Order and steals their panties, and one time even sneaks into the women's bathroom to watch them shower. Did we mention he's a prominent member of a religious organization and all of these women are nuns? No idea why, whether it's the irony factor or what, but Japan likes to target clergy (originally Buddhist, but now any kind) for this type of gags.
  • City Hunter:
  • Grandpa Danbei from the new Cutey Honey animated series is a perfect example, taking any opportunity to get a look at the heroine in various states of undress. This isn't hard as every second fight scene and transformation leads to the heroine's clothes falling/blowing away.
  • Like everything else, deconstructed in Darker than Black. The second season has an Affably Evil Contractor named Genma who seems funny and sympathetic at first — but as things continue, the fact that he's actually really damn creepy becomes clearer and clearer.
  • Doctor Slump:
    • Senbei is absolutely girl-crazy, but it's greatly toned down once he's Happily Married.
    • Tsuruten is worse than Senbei. While Senbei is focused on single women, Tsuruten has no such restriction, despite himself being married to a beautiful woman as well — in fact, he once tries to grope Senbei's wife (it fails because Senbei's wife, who's quite acquainted with Tsuruten's reputation, keeps her guard up around him).
      Tsuruten: Your wife has sprained my fingers...
      Senbei: I'm sure you deserved it.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Master Roshi is certainly a pervert. Constantly commenting on women, asking them for a look at their panties in exchange for a Dragon Ball or something. He once was nearly defeated after someone threw a pair of panties on the ground near him, making him dive for them and forget all about the battle he was in. Perverted personality notwithstanding, he is a genuinely kind grandfather figure who looks out and cares for the young Z-Warriors like his own grandchildren. Later on in the Universe Survival arc of Dragon Ball Super, Roshi trains himself to resist those urges for the Tournament of Power.
    • Oolong likes to give as well as take. The less said about his Puff-Puff scene with Muten Roshi, the better.
    • Old Kaioshin near the end of the series is a would-be sex maniac except he never gropes any girls.
  • Erika Karisawa from Durarara!! is a rare female example, especially in the light novels. Far from just being a simple Yaoi Fangirl, she regularly fantasizes about most of her guy friends having sex, writes them into erotic fanfiction, loudly reads out said erotic fanfiction in their presence, collects ecchi figurines of either gender, and occasionally greets barely-legal female friends by fondling their breasts and hips. (Poor Anri.)
  • Allielle from El-Hazard: The Magnificent World is Princess Fatora's nymphomaniacal lesbian lover, and while Fatora is missing she manages to hit on almost every other female character in the series. So great is her love of women that when male Makoto disguises himself as Fatora it turns her on almost instantly.
  • Fairy Tail has Makarov and Loki. And Erza has been implied to read dirty literature.
  • Chloe "Kuro" von Einzbern from Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. Chloe is a strange magical clone of the titular heroine Illya that requires mana to survive, and one of the most efficient ways to collect mana in the Nasuverse is getting it from others via Sex Magic or at least kissing, and in desperate situations, she doesn't bother with getting consent. Illya herself gives her far more mana than anyone else due to their bond, which means Chloe gets intimate with her a lot. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that Illya and (technically) Chloe are 10 years old, and Chloe very clearly enjoys teasing and seducing people. Of course it's all Played for Laughs, but the censorship boards of some countries don't share the sense of humor.
  • Futaba-kun Change! Futana is a Genderbending example. Whether male or female, she'll go after anyone. In one chapter, she goes up against a male example who always beats her to cute girls because she has to go off and change. And her room is covered floor-to-ceiling with pin-up posters.
  • Eri from Fujimura-kun Mates, another female example, simply loves to imagine herself in perverted situations with the title character, and never hesitates to let him know. Doesn't make her any less cute.
  • Gantz:
    • Subversion: Kei Kurono is about as Unlovable a Sex Maniac as one can get short of casting a verifiable rapist as the protagonist. He's a selfish, amoral jerk, but fortunately, one who is forced to experience real loss and takes a level in Badass as a response.
    • Though Kei looks like a saint compared to Kuwabara Kazuo, an Osaka Gantz member who is so sexually obsessed and crazed he will rape female-looking aliens "because that's not against the law".
  • Ban Mido of Get Backers crosses this line often, though it's mostly an excuse to include lots of Fanservice, usually in the form of large panels depicting HEVN's physics-defying breasts.
  • Tadao Yokoshima, from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, is the lovable sex maniac male lead — who dares to climb up to the fifth floor to be a Peeping Tom, went through a well pre-planned route to furtively watch naked women in order to power up to win the tournament, and skirt-chased almost any female (human, non-human alike) when he had a chance.
  • Kazuharu Fukuyama from Girls Bravo. Though the "lovable" part's debatable, as with all his molestations and harassments you have to wonder why he is not in prison.
    • Given that his family is incredibly wealthy, he could probably just buy his way out of prison if he was ever arrested.
  • Kintaro Oe, from Golden Boy. Sex maniac? Oh yes. Lovable? In spades. Everyone who meets him, even those who know he's an incorrigible pervert, either love him or think of him as a true hero. But then, he's also amazingly kind, noble, and will work himself to the bone helping anyone who needs it.
  • Onizuka in Great Teacher Onizuka is an interesting case in that he's also, by his own admission, a virgin. Apparently all that ogling and fantasizing leaves too little time for any actual sex. He had a chance with one of the girls in his class during his training. After what she put him through, he didn't trust it, and when it was too late for him to act on it, she proves her willingness by showing him that she's not wearing panties. He promises to come back when he has a chance. He did have another chance to do it with Urumi who offered herself to him, but since he realized how serious she was about it and since he was too much of a nice guy to risk hurting her feelings, he knocked himself out to ensure his own underage student's safety and innocence.
  • Rika of Haganai, oh so very much. Offers herself to Kodaka shortly after they met — though to be fair, he did save her from a nasty chemistry accident — and flirts constantly with him and every other member of the Neighbors' Club thereafter.
  • Hayate × Blade:
    • Jun typically enters a scene by crawling out from under a table where she was looking up everyone's skirts.
    • In the same series, there's also Chiharu who acts as Hayate's kind, caring mother-figure, and also insists that she's going to be Hayate's bride some day.
    • For that matter, Hayate has elements of this, herself, and she and Jun get along very well, particularly in their shared appreciation of Hayate's sister-in-arms Ayana.
  • Tomoki from Heaven's Lost Property. He decorated his entire house with his childhood friend's panties and turned himself into a girl in order to get into the girl's baths and grope them... among many other perversions. Yet, he is always forgiven and still has girls falling for him left, right, and center because he's also a Chivalrous Pervert.
  • France from Hetalia: Axis Powers. He goes around groping various countries regardless of gender and frankly shouldn't be trusted around children. Then, there's the Christmas Episode.
  • Ms. Yoshinoya in the Hidamari Sketch manga. She's able to suggest going nude at the drop of a hat and commented that Yuno's small butt looks cute.
  • Issei Hyoudou in High School D×D is this seeing as he's lecherous towards women. Yet all of his harem are in love with him and are A-OK with him being as much perverted as possible. In his case, it helps that while he's an unrepentant pervert, he also has a strong sense of morals and he tends to get extremely angry at men who see women as nothing but a source of pleasure. To a lesser extent, so are Matsuda and Motohama and Kiryuu Aika.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: Keiichi's dramatic speech on how men are supposed to be perverts is an example.
  • The Ringo Kid from Humanity Has Declined, though he's calmed down by the time he became Grandfather when the vast majority of the story takes place.
  • Nene from Hyakko is as a female version. No girl around her is safe from her ogling eyes and she has no qualms asking a cute girl out on the spot. She doesn't do it quite as much to guys, even though she claims to be bisexual.
  • Inu × Boku SS gives us Nobara Yukinokouji, who, in her first appearance, fondly tells Ririchiyo, unabashedly, that she'd like to be in a sexual relationship with her.
  • Miroku from Inuyasha regularly asks women to bear his children, as well as constantly groping any reasonably attractive woman within reach. It's partially justified by the fact that his bloodline is cursed and he wants to have a son as a backup plan in case he fails to stop Naraku, we say "partially" because that doesn't stop him from having a genuine perverted side. Nor does he stop chasing other girls once he and Sango become an official couple.
  • The title character of Iono the Fanatics, whose favorite pastime involves enthusiastically trying to make her large lesbian harem even larger.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Jean-Pierre Polnareff, though his tendencies toward this trope are downplayed, mostly because almost all the female characters encountered in Part 3 are either enemy stand users or single-scene side characters appearing for Polnareff to show off to. In his Establishing Character Moment, shortly after he joins the Crusaders, however, he goes directly from explaining his tragic backstory to eagerly taking 'misaligned' photos of a pair of short-skirted female tourists who asked for his help with their camera.
      Joseph: He's the kind of guy who keeps his brain in his pants.
    • Stone Ocean has Jolyne Cujoh. How perverse is she? The first scene of the Part has her complaining about a prison guard seeing her masturbating! Another scene has Jolyne noting that snails can have sex with anything and that she's somewhat jealous.
  • Kanokon has Chizuru, a va-va-voom high school girl who is interested in Kouta, the timidest girl-like boy in recent anime history. Assertive and sex-crazed, Chizuru comes across as being stupidly over the top for a high school girl until you discover she's really a 400-year-old Kitsune. And then you meet her mother. If you believe Chizuru's Suspiciously Specific Denial that she is "a pure, young, and beautiful virgin", you'd be horny as all hell too after no sex for 350+ years.
  • Ma Kensei from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple wants the world to be peaceful and Ero.
  • Manabe from Kotoura-san is a raging pervert, but he is mostly excused for his behavior because, for instance, if you put him in a room with, say, a beautiful supermodel and Haruka in it, he'd ignore the supermodel and fantasize about his girlfriend without hesitation, which is heartwarming in a backhanded sort of way. For that matter, he doesn't actually mind taking it slow with Haruka.
  • Lupin from Lupin III, although his line with the ladies is more akin to a hit-or-miss James Bond; he also generally confines his amorous attentions to his female partner-in-crime Fujiko — at least in the anime. In the original Monkey Punch manga, he has a very active sex life with Fujiko and every other woman he wants to bed, regardless of how willing said women happen to be.
  • Hayate Yagami of Lyrical Nanoha, who the Sound Stages reveal to have a more perverted side that really likes breasts, even back when she was a 9-year-old ill girl, much to the horror of Signum. Remember, it's not sexual harassment, it's fun skinship between girls.
  • As is Kanako from Maria†Holic — or she would be if she wasn't always being bullied by Mariya, and getting Nosebleeds so bad they put her in the hospital at the mere sight of panties or breasts.
  • Sei from Maria Watches Over Us is clearly having the time of her life as the one fully outed lesbian at an all-girl institution, filled with lovely students.
  • Mei no Naisho: Every one of the Student Council President's scenes contains her either attempting to get in another girl (or Mei's) pants or successfully having done so.
  • Almost every member of the main Unwanted Cute Monster Girl Harem in Monster Musume has made at least one advance towards Kimihito Kurusu, despite there (initially) being a law against it. It's almost always just to show their love for him, however, as though he doesn't always have the best reactions Kimihito still tolerates their antics within reasonable boundaries.
  • My Monster Secret: Shiho is a rare female example, being an unrepentant pervert and Shameless Fanservice Girl at least until she realizes that she's using her overt perversion to mask her real feelings. There's also Shimada, who nails the "Sex Maniac" part of the trope, though the "lovable" part is a bit contentious.
  • Naruto:
    • Kakashi Hatake takes the intentional handicap to its extreme by engaging in hand-to-hand combat while reading Make-out Paradise. While this particular series seems to be little more than trashy romance novels, Fanfic authors take the same glee in writing lurid "excerpts" from the books that professional writers seem to take in coming up with fictitious porn titles. That said, he gets incredibly flustered when asked to read a few passages out loud, and he's one of the few characters who doesn't really respond outwardly to seeing Naruto's sexy no jutsu.
    • Jiraiya, the author of Kakashi's favorite porn, is one of the most powerful Ninja in the world.
    • The Third Hokage. According to the databook, his hobby is talking to young girls. He gets knocked out by Naruto's Sexy Jutsu and privately admits that he wouldn't even survive the Harem Jutsu.
    • Killer Bee appears to be this when he freaks out over Tsunade's breast size. At the time, it could have just been that he's really surprised by them (after all, those things are huge). Later, when fighting his former colleague Yugito, who at this point is a Demon possessing ninja zombie, he takes the time and effort to look down her exposed chest when an attack opens up her shirt.
    • Neji Hyuga becomes this in Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja. He spies on all the girls with his Byakugan... including Hinata.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Albireo Imma. Always ready with a plaster smile and eyes closed to hide his true intentions, he is able to spout an irritatingly bad joke even while being strangled. And like the trope dictates, he's not shy about outright lechery. It's best to assume that he's being perverted when his face is obscured via his hood (the smile is only for when he's trying to appear innocent).
    • Another member of the Ala Rubra, Jack Rakan, said to know no bounds with women, even going so far as to remove one of the enemies' underwear during battle. He did it so fast that she never noticed until he showed her. She was reasonably horrified.
    • Chamo. His introduction involves sneaking into a swimming pool with the 3-A girls and pulling their bathing suits off. And pretty much getting away with it, because he's an ermine. (At least until Asuna shows up.) He has stolen underwear from Asuna (which might not have been missed if they hadn't been thermals) and apparently got in trouble for the same thing in Wales.
    • When in the Magical World, Nodoka encounters a mysterious robed figure named Paio who's utterly obsessed with boobs and goes farther than any other character barring maybe Tsukyomi (who's definitely not lovable) when it comes to sexual harassment. Because Paio turns out to be a girl underneath those robes, though, it's usually Played for Laughs.
  • Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary: Itsuki has no filter and openly talks about sex and fetishes, often teasing and embarrassing Hitomi. They're never actually seen with a partner, though.
  • Nyarko from Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! crosses this with Single-Target Sexuality — she's only interested in Mahiro, but at least Once an Episode she's offering her body up to him, surprising him in the bathtub, claiming that she's already bearing his child, or otherwise attempting to make good on her assertion that she wants "enough kids to start our own soccer team". It actually hits the point of Deconstruction, since Mahiro has outright said that her extreme behavior makes him wonder if Nyarko is just messing with him, meaning she's having to work extra hard (and against her own energetic nature) to prove that she's telling the truth every time she says "I love you".
  • Muni Nunota of Omujo Omutsu Joshi loves diaper play and is not at all shy about it as she eagerly tries to get Shouta, who she thinks loves it too, to play with her. Her first encounter with him left Muni, in her own words, more turned on than usual and thinking she's found a wonderful toy in Shouta. In the following chapter, she gets Shouta into a restroom with her and tries to get him to change her. Shouta uses his ringing phone as an excuse to flee ASAP, much to her disappointment.
  • One Piece:
    • Sanji. He will do just about anything for any woman and cannot bring himself to even hit one, even if his opponent is really a male shapeshifter masquerading as a girl and he knows as much. He will, however, take any chance he gets to ogle a woman, to the point that he used to dream about eating the Clear-Clear Fruit, which would grant him invisibility and make it possible for him to peep on naked women. That being said, Sanji is more of a Chivalrous Pervert, going above and beyond to protect all women from physical and verbal assault and nearly killing several abusive male villains in the series. More serious situations will cause Sanji to drop his lovey-dovey act and when forced into engagement with ditzy but sweet girl Pudding, Sanji (though attracted to her) turns her down to be with his friends, causing the Crew to Freak Out in shock and amazement .
    • Also deserving of a mention is Brook, who, upon being introduced to a woman, will ask to see her panties. Remarkably, he seems to drop the issue immediately after being denied and has so far never brought it up twice with the same girl. It's implied that his behavior is mostly due to the years of isolation atrophying his sanity/social skills/self-control. Though he has no ill intentions a 99-year-old skeleton-man asking young women (often underage) to show him their panties is still pretty creepy.
  • Wakaba Kumura, of Otasuke Miko Miko-chan, who shamelessly molests protagonist Ayumu Mikoshiba whenever she gets the chance, dresses him up in all sorts of revealing outfits for her own viewing pleasure, and calls him her "wife."
  • Panty of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. She's an angel (well, technically, anyway) with a major case of nymphomania who gets it on with any guy she finds cute. Though said nymphomania does catch up to her, and in the Wham Episode she gets Brought Down to Normal.
  • Jouji "George" Koizumi from Paradise Kiss is a less comedic version, and his perversion is played mostly seriously. Right after his first kiss with Yukari in his car, he conversationally asks her where she prefers to be taken to lose her virginity (the options being a cemetery, a rooftop, and last his bed). He also makes constant comments about his friend Arashi's ass (he once nudges it with a pool cue), boasts about his proficiency with knots, and offers to tie Arashi's girlfriend Miwako up in front of her boyfriend.
  • In Patalliro!, Patalliro has a bad habit of groping people no matter their gender (though he mostly goes for guys). He also makes numerous sexual innuendos, taking advantage of the fact that he is only 10.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Brock is a G-rated version of this trope, who falls in love with every girl he meets (including every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny) and has to be pulled away by Misty or Max, usually by dragging him by his ear, or his Bonsly would tackle him to the sky with a painful move. In Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, his Croagunk uses Poison Jab on him when he does this. He seems to be aware of this, to the point where the one time he didn't fall for a Nurse Joy, he mused something was wrong; said Nurse Joy was actually Jessie of Team Rocket in disguise (despite being quite attractive in her own right, Jessie is one of the few women Brock has actually never shown an interest in). Interestingly, the one time he did try to settle down with a single woman (a Pokémon professor in the Orange Islands), the result was a mysterious, deeply-scarring incident that he refuses to tell anyone about and drove him into a depressive slump whenever someone mentioned it. He seems to have gotten over it since, but the exact details are still unknown.
    • It's heredity, Brock gets it from his father who, for only appearing about three times, also shows this, despite already being married. He and his wife have 10 children for a reason...
    • Pokémon the Series: Black & White: Alder, the Unova Champion, is also implied to be one. At the very least, he is attracted to Cynthia.
  • Kaoru from Psychic Squad. Note that Kaoru is a 10-year old girl. At first, this is limited to large-breasted women, but once Kaoru grows older she also shows interest in her classmates, to the point where everyone calls her a dirty old man.
  • Happōsai from Ranma ½. Functionally, Happōsai is more of a Fair-Weather Mentor version of the Old Master, spliced with the Dirty Old Man, but the way his perversions are treated in the series qualifies him for this. While he does often get treated as the villain, that's more because of his habit of A) throwing temper tantrums to try and break Ranma to his will, and B) stirring up trouble that Ranma and company have to solve than because of his lechery. Not only is he focused on groping and voyeurism, but he's also a Panty Thief — in fact, he's literally addicted to being a pervert, and goes into actual withdrawal symptoms if he doesn't get to sate his desires often enough.
  • In the epilogue of Rurouni Kenshin it's mentioned that Yutaro becomes quite the playboy when he grows up.
  • Shino, Aria, and Yokoshima-sensei from Seitokai Yakuindomo are female examples. No wonder Takatoshi is always exasperated and ready to answer them when one of the three comes with a perverted thought.
  • Sekirei: Out of Minato's Sekirei, Matsu is clearly the one with the strongest libido and biggest urges to seduce him, and the only reason she hasn't taken his virginity yet is because she's been threatened by Miya to get kicked out of the Izumo Inn if she engages in that kind of behavior. Despite being acknowledged as the most perverted, she's still a kind and caring person at heart and people genuinely like her.
  • Bonobo from Seton Academy: Join the Pack! is another female example. Well, female bonobo Little Bit Beastly example. She constantly proposes sex as stress relief to all of her fellow students, no matter the gender. This is actually in keeping with her species, as Bonobos also have sex for stress relief in real life.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Spirit Albarn, shameless flirt and fan of all things female. Of course, this has cost him his marriage and made his daughter rather frosty towards him. At least he tries to make up for it.
    • Liz and Tsubaki have been revealed to be Covert Perverts. More exactly... When the Spartoi group reaches the Lust part in the Book of Eibon, they all get gender flipped. Rules in the book say that the longer you stay gender-flipped, the more perverted you are. Guess who were the last two to get back to their original genders?
    • Well, last three. Blair is the most perverted (you should realize this by the end of the first episode), and admits to still being male after the other two change back to normal. It's just that Blair has a cat form so it's hard to tell exactly when/if she's changed back... it would make a nice Brick Joke if she's still transformed.
  • Analyser from Space Battleship Yamato is basically R2D2's embarrassing uncle.
  • To Love Ru:
  • Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo: At first glance, Megumu "Rotor" Udou seems out of place in the series' Dustbin School filled with delinquents. She's sweet, bubbly, and an all-around seemingly normal girl. However, Megumu gets her nickname, Rotor (or Bullet depending on the translation), because she has a vibrator inserted in her non-stop, one which the leader of her gang, Takano, holds the remote to. She's also often the first to notice something sexual, such as the Gag Penis of Torako's older brother, or celebrating that he's legal when he's revealed to be thirty-four despite looking younger than the main cast. In the final chapter, when Torako unwittingly inflicts Clothing Damage on her friends, Rotor is shown tied up in bondage rope instead of wearing underwear.
  • In a weird variation, Side Burn of Transformers: Robots in Disguise spends much of his onscreen time chasing red sports cars, even though he presumably knows they're not sentient. The woman usually driving said car finds this seriously unnerving, and has more than once crashed as a result.
  • Urusei Yatsura has two of these. Shuutaro Mendo is one of these, as well as a Lord Error-Prone Spoiled Brat - however, his suave, debonair nature makes him the most successful, arguably bumping him into Handsome Lech territory. And then there's male protagonist Ataru Moroboshi, who is such a flirt that he can become a Determinator if there's a pretty girl involved, and who wants nothing to do with his unintentionally gained fiancee, the beautiful alien princess Lum. However, he's quite heroic and generally likable.
  • Yuria 100 Shiki: Yuria is the very definition. She can't help it though, she's just programmed that way.
  • Parco Folgore from Zatch Bell! as demonstrated in his hit single "Chichi wo Moge (Groping Breasts)".

    Comic Books 
  • A number of A and B-list heroes fall into this. Notable examples include: Plastic Man, the Flash, and Major Disaster.
  • Weekly from Blacksad is the epitome of this trope. He's a complete and incorrigible perv but we love him because he's cute and he knows when to get serious.
  • I Luv Halloween: Take out lovable, and you got Mr. Kitty, a young trick-or-treater dressed as a cat who loves to ogle at women's cleavages. In the first volume, his head actually explodes when he witnesses a teenager flashing her bowling ball-sized breasts in anger.
  • Deacon from James Stokoe's Won Ton Soup, he's a space trucker and relates many Noodle Incidents involve encounters with a myriad of different aliens.
  • Toki in Albedo: Erma Felna EDF. She's a bubbly cute mouse girl who has a wide collection of lovers she is eager to romp with, but she's also deeply caring to her platonic friends as well and a consummate professional when on duty.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1: While they're just as eager to fight Nazis, space pirates and ancient villains as the rest of the Holiday Girls, Glamora Treat and, to a slightly lesser degree, Bobby Strong are quite hung up on attractive males, to the point that their professors and Etta Candy are sick of hearing about the boys they have and plan to get their paws on. Di is a bit concerned for Steve Trevor when he ends up on a mission with them given their propensity for draping themselves all over men they want or want something from.

    Comic Strips 
  • "Killer" Diller, from Beetle Bailey. He was a lot more successful with the ladies in the past back when the comic was deemed sexist.

    Fan Works 
  • Kara in Not In Kansas has so far attempted to sleep with (or at least hit on) almost the entire main and supporting cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all of SG1, and about half of the NCIS team. But this is because she was sexually abused as a child and her abusers made her addicted to sex.
  • Ignited Spark: Yui, Setsuna and Himiko are proud examples of this.
    • Yui is notorious amongst her friends as a total pervert despite her unchanging face, frequently mentioning checking out several characters. She blatantly peeks down Ochako's shirt when she was hunched over, casually mentions that she checked out Itsuka's chest when sitting down for lunch, and deliberately looks away from Tenya because she'd be tempted to let her eyes wander.
    • Setsuna, meanwhile, is very bold and confident in her appearance. She specifically designed her suit to look appealing, and rather than be offended by Hanta looking at her butt, teases him and admits that she in turn checked him out.
    • Himiko has the bad habit of working at the infirmary wearing the most scandalous Hospital Hottie outfits, as well bringing students to make out on the room when Recovery Girl is not around.
  • The abridged series Major League Pony turns Rainbow Dash into this: she's constantly bringing up her sexual exploits, (at one point, Applejack even has to tell her to shut up, after she goes on a long tangent at a completely inappropriate time), her signature move is the "Rainblow Job", and when the Shadow Bolts try to seduce her, she turns them down, because they only had two guys and she apparently needs at least three to get off.
  • Princess Molestia. She does (almost) everything that moves (mares preferred), but is quite cheerful and (mostly) harmless in every other aspect. She's surprisingly sympathetic. She truly does care for her sister and her protege Twilight Sparkle. And in a later strip, her mother (Lauren Faust's alicorn) makes an appearance, but Celestia avoids her due to the implication that she's rather embarrassed and a little ashamed of her philandering.
  • Emmett Cullen is commonly portrayed this way in Twilight fanfiction.
  • Ino Yamanaka is this in A Growing Affection. At one point when Sakura is in a funk, Ino considers seducing her to improve her mood (the only reason she doesn't is that she is dating someone else). Later Hinata refers to Ino as the biggest pervert in the Leaf Village, and Tenten can't disagree.
  • Headmaster Osmond (aka Old Man Osmond) in Star Wars Episode I: The Familiar of Zero spends a fair bit of his time having his mouse familiar look up women's skirts and tell him what kind of underwear they're wearing. Later subverted when it turns out he's using the academy as a slave-trading post by hiring particularly attractive commoners then let them get "hired" by other nobles "due to the high quality of their work".
  • The PreDespair Kids has both Teruteru (obviously) and Oceanis, one of the kindest and more unambiguously good Named Anons on the blog. She also really likes sex. At one point, she suggests that Kazuichi build a robot duplicate of himself... because she likes the idea of a threesome.
  • Suika, in Ranma ½ and Touhou Project crossover Carried Off. Unusually, this is only mostly played for laughs.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • Salem, immortal Queen of the Grimm and eternal enemy of humanity, has a very active sex life with her husband Nicholas Arc. They spend most of the story apart because he has duties elsewhere, but apparently when they're together they barely stop long enough to breathe. And everyone in the tower knows it. Salem justifies this by saying that she hadn't gotten any in thousands of years before she met Nicholas, but later conversations with her ex-husband make it clear she was insatiable even back then. After Salem and Ozma reconcile, she keeps bringing this up, mentioning that Nicholas is a better lover than him and remembering that Ozma running out of stamina was a recurring problem.
    • Coral, Salem's second daughter, inherited this trait. She's known for smutty books which she is happy to show to her siblings and the first week after she gets married her husband only leaves their room for food, Noodle Implements, and an unbroken bed.
  • Fate/Harem Antics: Sakura was a Covert Pervert in canon (with a good reason for hiding it), but here she hooks up with Shirou far earlier and has a chance to show off her insatiable side. When Shirou starts getting more girlfriends, he notes that being able to keep up with Sakura means he can keep up with anyone.
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Morgan le Faye starts as The Vamp, but slowly evolves into this. By the sequel, Mordred has taken to going on vacations every few years so that she can stay away from her parents when they enter a "Honeymoon" phase again.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Norman in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a sex-obsessed Dirty Old Man, but thanks to his friendly, non-judgmental, and kind nature these traits come across as comical and indearing rather than sleazy or repulsive.
  • Professor Plum in Clue puts the moves on every single woman in the movie except Mrs. Peacock and the singing telegram girl (and it turns out he already had an affair with the singing telegram girl before the movie began), gets very grabby with both Miss Scarlet and Mrs. White, doesn't even bother to hide the Male Gaze he gives Yvette, and immediately asks for the number of Miss Scarlet's brothel when she discloses its existence. Although part of his backstory involves having lost his medical license over a sex scandal, the whole thing is Played for Laughs and he never faces any harsher repercussions for his onscreen behavior other than a few snarky comments from the objects of his attention.
  • Sorceress: Pando, a satyr and peeping tom who's nonetheless on the good guys' side.
  • Austin Powers, though he does zig-zag with it. On the one hand, he definitely is a fun-loving womanizer who likes to shag whenever he can. On the other hand, he does have a chivalrous side as well. When he was living in the '60s, even though he really liked his partner Mrs. Kensington, he never took it past fun and harmless flirting because she was married. Then when he came to the '90s, while he really liked his new partner Vanessa (Mrs. Kensington's daughter), he didn't do anything with her at first because she was drunk at the time and he didn't want to take advantage of her like that.
  • Young Man's Fancy: The only interpretation of Judy - the girl initially wants to get together with Alexander despite never having even met him.

  • Hester in A Prayer for Owen Meany, as a reaction to Owen's death.
  • G-rated example: Bingo Little from Jeeves and Wooster is infatuated with every woman he meets and, having the attention span of a month, forgets them as soon as the next skirt shows up (though eventually he settles down and gets married).
  • Bob the Skull from The Dresden Files, who mostly averts the creepiness involved with this trope by being, well, a skull. That being said, he did cause an orgy in a frat house one time when Harry let him out (he dismisses it, saying that he didn't do anything that a keg wouldn't have done). Harry bribes/rewards him for acting as Mr. Exposition by buying him trashy pornographic romance novels. This is largely explained by the fact that his personality is derived from his owner... when said owner picks up the skull. Harry was 16. Furthermore, it's made quite clear at several points that he is not human and thus operates on an amiable form of Blue-and-Orange Morality.
  • Fitz Kreiner, from the Eighth Doctor Adventures, is a fairly mild form of this. He has a Girl of the Week in every other book, kissed a girl against her will, and then set up a Did They or Didn't They? situation when she was unconscious in his bed (as a testament to the "lovable" part of the trope title, they become good friends), once ogled a thirteen-year-old girl (and mentally kicked himself for it), and has admitted to a couple of fetishes.
  • Prince Dharvish from The Fire's Stone. He's not just a lovable sex maniac, he's a lovable, alcoholic, flamboyantly bisexual sex maniac. Maintains a strict code of honor concerning consent and acceptable age, much to the relief of his celibate "treaty bride" and the disappointment of a too young servant.
  • Victor Mancini from Choke, though at times the lovable part comes into question. It's probably worth mentioning that he's also the half-clone of Jesus. But not really.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Anya. Whenever she'd get even slightly aroused, she would drag Xander away to have naughty time with him. And that's not even mentioning all of the times she would casually and innocently bring up how much sex she and Xander had, much to the chagrin of the group at large.
  • Game of Thrones: The only thing Bronn enjoys more than fighting is fucking.
  • Main character Eliza from Selfie, she's very into casual sex, and talks about it quite frequently, which is kind of a problem, as Henry points out she needs to have meaningful relationships.
  • Doctor Who
    • Amy can sometimes fall into this. She's only attracted to a few people but she's very blatant about it. Of course, there's the time she practically molested the Doctor after one particularly nasty situation was over, but her very first episode has this exchange when the Doctor is changing:
      Rory: You've just summoned ... deadly aliens, aliens of death, — and now he's taking his clothes off.
      Doctor: Turn your back if it embarrasses you. (Rory turns, Amy makes no move to do so)
      Rory: Those clothes belong to people, you know... (to Amy) Aren't you going to turn your back?
      Amy: (looking quite pleased with what she's seeing) Nope!
    • Not to mention the time that the TARDIS got trapped inside itself both spatially and temporally, and Amy and her time-displaced self started hitting on each other. Rory's response to this was to drool on the TARDIS floor.
    • River. At first, she seems to have Single-Target Sexuality but later episodes show her amused appreciation when she sees what she assumes to be one of her guards dressed as a Roman, note  cheerfully saying that they must have finally started reading her memos.
  • Otoya Kurenai of Kamen Rider Kiva is this normally, but when you threaten people he loves.
  • Jason Stackhouse from the HBO series version of True Blood. His antics constantly get him into trouble, but he's not portrayed as a bad person, just... dumb. His book counterpart didn't have most of HBO!Jason's vices: He was just a good-natured lunkhead of a Kavorka Man who tended to think with the wrong head. Recent personal tragedy has motivated him to clean up his act.
  • How I Met Your Mother
    • Barney is set up like this, but in a more reasonable way — the audience loves his antics, but his friends tend to find him crude. However, Values Dissonance means that 10 years later, his actions come across as much nastier, due to evolving views on consent, respect, and rape.
    • Lily is also an example of this, but monogamous. She once claims that if Marshall stopped having sex with her, she would be "giving it up on the street for a nickel." Of course, monogamous doesn't necessarily mean Single-Target Sexuality. Lily has frequently made comments about, and passes at, Robin to varying degrees of perversion. This could just be that she likes Robin in particular, or that she's bi in general.
  • Supernatural: Dean Winchester. Dude returns from 40 years of unspeakable torment in Hell and one of the first things he does is to check out the porn rack at the convenience store. Although, he does go for food and water and cleans himself up in the bathroom. It just seemed like the porn rack was there and he said: "Why not!"
  • Copélia from the Brazilian Sitcom Toma Lá, Dá Cá practically is this trope given flesh, to her daughter's chagrin. She's the principal source of sexual jokes in the show and is prone to tell stories of her past lovers and their adventures. Thing is, she's way past her age, being at least in her seventies, and still kicking.
  • Blanche Devereaux from The Golden Girls is one of the premiere female examples of this trope.
  • Fez from That '70s Show definitely qualifies: he has been caught peeping onto characters having sex many, many times, but nobody seems to dislike him for it.
  • Joey from Friends talks openly and often about his many, many sexual conquests, at one point admitting to deflowering an intern on the set of his television show. His love of pornography is also the target of numerous jokes. Phoebe is also a candidate; she is almost as promiscuous as Joey and is prone to inappropriate comments (e.g., upon catching a glimpse of Chandler's member in the bath, she comments cheerily 'Mazel tov!')
  • Gender inversion: Angela on Bones, never made more evident than in the recent arc when she tries to take a temporary vow of celibacy at the staff psychiatrist's suggestion in order to help her form "more meaningful relationships". All it seems to do, as Hodgins points out, is increase her libido.
  • Vince Masuka on Dexter: Also a bit of a Chivalrous Pervert, as seen in the Barrel Girls arc.
    Masuka: Chocolate Lava Cakes. My specialty!
    Debra: You have a specialty?
    Masuka: A river of chocolate love that melts in your mouth!
    Debra: You can make anything sound perverted!
    Masuka: (grinning) It's a gift!
  • Dr. Todd Quinlan, a.k.a. "The Todd" from Scrubs. The Todd largely avoids any serious consequences for his clearly inappropriate behavior, though it is worth noting that The Todd genuinely isn't malicious or sleazy so much as he is an idiot Manchild. In one flashback from when he was young, he would rather listen to Little Orphan Annie than to his father commenting about sexy girls walking by in the park. So he wasn't always that way.
  • Dan Fielding on Night Court. If you looked up "hornball" in an American Dictionary in the 1980s, you'd see his picture. By the last season of the series, he had plotlines that didn't involve attempts to get laid about as often as Captain Kirk had plotlines that didn't involve space travel.
  • Dick Martin's persona on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.
  • Chiana from Farscape. Her main method of learning information or negotiation generally involves a laaarge helping of extremely blatant flirting/sexual propositions. Upon meeting Crichton's 13-year old nephew, she is shocked to discover he's still a virgin (although this was mostly because the way the girls his age were dressed gave her the wrong impression; finding out 13-year olds are considered children but they were still dressing to attract male attention squicked her out).
  • Kaylee Frye from Firefly. Introduced to Captain Mal while having sex with the former mechanic, and totally open about her sexual frustration — to the point where in the movie she laments how it's been almost a year since she's had anything "twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!"
  • Howard from The Big Bang Theory. He calms down a bit when he gets into a long-term relationship with Bernadette.
  • Jay from The Inbetweeners is sex-obsessed and mostly a Jerkass, but he's quite harmless and his lies about sex often are so ridiculous (for example he claims that a blowjob means that you urinate into a girl's mouth) that one cannot really take him seriously and as such, he is the source of a lot of humor. The movie also shows that he actually has a Hidden Heart of Gold which makes the "lovable" part more obvious.
  • Many of (male) characters played by Benny Hill on The Benny Hill Show, whether he portrayed a Dirty Old Man, an Accidental Pervert, or a Hormone-Addled Teenager. Always played for laughs, of course.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Quark is a Ferengi, and wears the dual Ferengi hats of avarice and lechery, but he's good-natured enough to mainly be one of the heroes.
    • Grand Nagus Zek is the leader of the Ferengi, and his lechery eclipses even Quark's: his Establishing Character Moment entails him visiting Quark's bar to enjoy his holosuits, which are typically used for sex with sexy holograms, and when offered a choice of one of Quark's recommendations, opts to use all of them. He's also very affable and friendly (as much as a Ferengi can be, anyway).
  • The lead character in Fleabag is a Lovable Sex Maniac. Or at least, that's the persona she wants us to see. It's demonstrated throughout the series that she behaves this way to cover up for her absolutely massive self-esteem issues, and is shown to be a symptom of her detachment from everyone around her except her (deceased) best friend. Who (accidentally) killed herself after Fleabag had sex with her boyfriend. It's left ambiguous as to whether or not she knew what Fleabag had done, but boy oh boy, does Fleabag's guilt over the situation leave her spiraling.
  • Gail, the bartender from Letterkenny, rarely says anything that isn't a Double Entendre dripping with sexual tension, flat-out vulgar propositions for sex, casual confessions of kinks, previous sexual conquests, and masturbatory habits. This contrasts strongly with the show's main cast of Canadian hicks, who think it's generally impolite to kiss and tell.

  • Lemmy of Motörhead brags to have slept with well over a thousand women. They kept coming for him 'til the day he died.
  • There was Pop Culture Urban Legend for twenty years about British musician Sting that claimed he could have sex for five hours straight due to his practice of Tantra. His wife, Trudie Styler, eventually publicly debunked it, claiming it was an exaggeration that came out of something he had said to a friend while both of them were drinking.
  • Most, if not all members of Hollywood Undead are portrayed as such in certain songs. Charlie Scene, however, is definitely the worst offender, even getting an entire song based around this concept:
  • It was said by bandmates that in the year leading up to his death, original The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones had sex with an average of two, sometimes three, groupies per day. Keith Richards allegedly begged him to slow down as he couldn't keep up and it was making the rest of them look slow, except for bassist Bill Wyman, who was also notorious for his activities with the ladies. Most appropriately, during their early tours, Jones and Wyman were roommates on the road.
  • In the world of Vocaloid, it's become something of a running joke that Len Kagamine is this, with outrageously and hilariously dirty songs being written for him.

    Myth & Religion 
  • Quite a few examples from Golden Age Greece, but the unquestioned king of this, is the oft-questioned king of Olympus, Zeus. Though more perverse than lovable by modern standards, the ancient Greeks saw things like date rape and adultery as monocle-popping at worst.
    • Dionysus, god of revelry was near the embodiment of the id unleashed, something his followers found/find utterly charming, which includes yes, hitting on anyone who passed by that he was not directly related too.
    • Aphrodite goddess of beauty was extremely promiscuous, proud of it, and well-liked for it. Several of her temples were art, charity, and sex houses at the same time.
    • Eos the goddess of the dawn was sex-obsessed and often kidnapped lovers, yet she wasn't potrayed as antagonistic for this.
  • In Ancient Egypt we have Hathor, or at least her clergy, who is often shown to represent this - who equates frequent sex with spreading goodwill.


  • Asmoraius from Brimstone Valley Mall is a lust demon who is completely unabashed in his flirting with everyone and love of sex, with his tastes frequently being implied to be quite kinky. (He met Hornblas at an orgy, for one thing.) However, this is never portrayed as a character flaw, he's generally quite friendly and fun to be around, and he's shown to have genuine feelings for at least two of his onscreen partners.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Jerry Lawler. Despite being old enough to be the father — or, in some cases, grandfather — of the female wrestlers, still inevitably leers over them on commentary, often to a disturbing degree. Even his broadcast partner is uncomfortable sometimes. Oddly, none of the women seem to watch the tape and complain about his behavior in public. These days he's not quite as bad about it as he used to be, possibly due to WWE going PG, and he has lampshaded his formerly perverse nature on at least one occasion (suggesting that it's mostly a product of Kayfabe). Even at his worst, he was also known for getting in the ring and defending women, when other wrestlers physically threatened them. Even if it meant getting beaten up, which makes him a Chivalrous Pervert.
    • In June 2014, cameras on Raw caught Lawler staring at the backside of a 21-year-old Paige and he tweeted about it later. Fortunately, it seems that Paige took it in stride, and a backstage picture was taken of Paige staring at Jerry's behind.
  • In Progress Wrestling there's Jack Sexsmith, who debuted on the main roster by being accompanied to the ring by a gimp and uses a song called "I Touch Myself" as entrance music. His Finisher is a variation of Mr. Socko but with a condom instead of a sock.

    Video Games 
  • Margus from Rondo of Swords. If it looks female, he'll flirt with it. When the party hears at one point that a girl has been kidnapped, Margus presses the witness for some very important information: was she hot?
  • Persona 4: Shadow Rise, though it's debatable exactly how lovable she is, being evil and all. She does seem unable to say anything that isn't an innuendo, so we guess it counts. Actual Rise on the other hand is a more subdued example as she reserves her affection for Yu alone but is quick to jump to strange conclusions about the boys.
  • Endless Frontier
    • Haken Browning is this trope, though considering bloody near every woman in the game (even the flat-chested ones and the lolis) are always some form of walking (and often fighting) fetish, one would wonder about his sexuality if he didn't act like this, and despite him being adopted by John Moses it's also In the Blood. Interestingly enough, a minor NPC gets into a bit of one-sided Ho Yay with him, and despite the fact he's clearly not interested, he's also pretty even-tempered about it.
    • There is exactly one woman he will not hit on: the combat gynoid that's been by his side since he was a baby. Mind you, he's happily chatted up every other Fem Bot he's come across, just never her.
    • Straight Man Reiji is a bit more even-tempered despite the insane amounts of Fanservice. Then again, he might have a slight aversion to it because his main enemy, Saya, takes the term "foxy lady" and runs with it.
  • Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins and Isabela from Dragon Age II.
    Carver: Why is it always about sex with you?
    Isabela: It's not! Sometimes it's about sex with other people!
  • Rab in Dragon Quest XI is a kind-hearted Dirty Old Man and Master Roshi Captain Ersatz, who's shown to have an impressive collection of dirty magazines. As a boy, he went through Training from Hell in magic and martial arts under the beautiful Grand Master Pang and was infamous for having been paddled by her over 10,000 times over the course of it. It's revealed in one sidequest that at least some of those he intended to have happen.
  • In I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, Rex is as friendly as a dogboy could be and is always down for a "good time".
  • Ken Donnelly in Mass Effect 2, much to the eternal annoyance of Gabby. Also because he never makes those sort of comments about her. In the third game they can finally get together near the end if Shepard pushes them.
    • Joker is a notable example despite the fact that were he to have actual sex he would likely break his pelvis due to his brittle-bone disease. It doesn't stop him from ogling EDI's new well-endowed form, having a VERY impressive porn collection, and telling Shepard to "take pictures" when Jack and Miranda get into a Cat Fight.
  • Zelos Wilder of Tales of Symphonia, who even has a special in-game skill that lets him flirt with female NPCs for free items and money. He earns a special title for flirting with every girl in the game. There are also many (hilarious) Z-skits about his womanizing, including one where he thinks about hitting on Celsius.
  • Morte in Planescape: Torment, being a disembodied skull, can't do much to act on his lecherous streak, but that doesn't stop him from admiring and making passes at female bodies, living or dead. The Nameless One can set him up with a prostitute for a gratifying skull-polishing, or send him to learn new obscenities from a dominatrix.
  • Master Hentai from Grand Theft Auto IV's Show With In A Show, Princess Robot Bubblegum, who is a very exaggerated parody of this trope. He carries a very phallic walking stick around, strokes his beard in a suggestive manner when he is thinking, likes to put the title character through various training sessions while she is wearing very skimpy clothing, during which he will frequently take pictures, and mentions in passing that he is a registered sex offender because of a "misunderstanding" about an "innocent swimming lesson". He still manages to qualify for the lovable part, since he is portrayed so ridiculously over the top.
  • Taokaka from BlazBlue has an intense, seemingly fetishistic interest in breasts, going so far as to randomly grope girls and to be dismissive of any girl that doesn't have a sufficiently large chest. This is in rather dramatic contrast to her otherwise innocent, childish personality. But when you think about it, it seems extremely in line with her childish personality when you consider that she likes them since they're "bouncy and squishy", and is possibly outright oblivious to the sexual connotations of it. More to the point, she is the most cat-like of the cat people depicted. She's not groping so much as kneading.
  • Touhou Project fandom has declared that Marisa Kirisame is this trope, flying around Gensokyo and stealing everyone's Precious Things. Of note is that Marisa has one of the biggest shipping harems in the Touhou community with about a dozen frequent pairings and fanworks often acknowledge the fact that she Really Gets Around.
  • Andrew, the resident sexist ninja mecha pilot with sideburns from the old SRPG Vanguard Bandits. Flirty with every woman in the party even when they turn him down, loved so many women another party member was in tears over it, and loves his buddy Bastion in an entirely platonic way.
  • Taiga in Duel Savior Destiny falls in here, though the story's opinion of his behavior tends to flip flop between Ethical Slut and The Casanova.
  • Gaige the Mechromancer, the first DLC character for Borderlands 2, flirts with her teammates, her pet robot, and her guns.
  • Hiravias from Pillars of Eternity mentions an interest in virtually everything that's female or female-looking save for Grieving Mother (whose Perception Filter makes him barely notice her) and (if female) the Watcher. His comments on the brothel suggest a particular interest in trying a threesome while spiritshifted.
  • Believe it or not, Mileena comes off as this, with Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat: Deception her high points. Although "Lovable" may be stretching it...
  • In Baldur's Gate III, Token Evil Teammate Astarion is a campy Depraved Bisexual who embraces Vampires Are Sex Gods, trying to flirt with Shadowheart early on before quickly moving on to the Player Character and making a point of telling them I'll Be in My Bunk if rejected. He ends up being a sympathetic example, as his behavior is a coping mechanism for two centuries of sexual abuse by his vampire master and he's terrified of emotional intimacy.
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has Crassius Curio, a Depraved Bisexual with Camp Gay dialogue who doesn't discriminate between gender, race, or even species and who also wrote a Stylistic Suck pornographic play about a Lizard Folk maid. He's also a Councilor of Great House Hlaalu who is a Guile Hero Obfuscating Stupidity while weeding out the extreme and dangerous corruption in the House. Sure, if you want to advance in the House Hlaalu questline or gain his support as Hlaalu Hortator in the main quest, he'll want to see you naked and you'll need to give him a kiss (or bribe him 5000 gold), but he's one of the most supportive and least corrupt characters in the game.
  • Kyu Sugardust, the Love Fairy from HuniePop, is quite the female pervert; she pervs after her own gender, especially black and Asian chicks; she also masturbates a lot and isn't the least bit ashamed to let you know that she does (she particularly loves the "High" setting on the protagonist's washing machine). She says her favorite season is Summer, mostly because she can lounge around in her underwear all day.
  • There are two "Mr. Libidos" in Yakuza 0 for Kiryu and Majima to interact with and befriend, both hopelessly sex-obsessed to the point that even after they temporarily burn out, rather than moving on to other pursuits or even just taking a break, they're concerned with being able to get right back into their old habits (one of whom does so by expanding their horizons by visiting an okama bar). Majima's Mr. Libido even spends the entire game out in public in nothing but his underwear, and is initially referred to as "Walking Erection."

    Visual Novels 
  • Monster Prom:
    • The main character is an Extreme Omnisexual monster that tries to get on with one — or more, or even all — of their classmates, but they're also a goofy, nerdy high schooler.
    • Polly is a fun-loving party girl who is very open about her love for sex and kinks.
    • Zoe is an Adorable Abomination girl who's focused on shipping everyone, real or fictional, in every way she can possibly think of. Even the hint that someone might be engaged in hot, kinky sex with someone else tends to cause her to emit an excited EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Particularly if the characters have a rivalry or outright hostile relationship.
  • Minor character Nene, the school nurse, from Kara no Shoujo apparently "helps the female students relieve stress", and when Reiji comes in right after they've finished makes a similar proposition to him.
  • Kurugaya from Little Busters!, who occasionally gropes the girls around her, often teases Riki, and refuses to be considered for Kud's roommate because she doesn't think she could hold herself back against someone so cute.
  • No, Thank You!!!: Upon meeting new people Haru usually assesses their sexiness (and almost always has something nice to say). He spends most of his workday thinking about groping his coworkers, except during his breaks when he offers casual sex to people at inappropriate times.
  • Danganronpa:
    • Teruteru Hanamura from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. He makes a lot of suggestive comments, sometimes using culinary metaphors (what with him being the Ultimate Cook and all), and spends most of his time on the island perving on the girls (and sometimes the boys, he's not picky). He even lampshades it:
      Teruteru: Hoh hoh... I may be a pervert, but I'm the lovable type of pervert that people just can’t bring themselves to hate!
    • Miu Iruma from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is a female example, spouting lewd jokes every chance she gets and being very open about her own kinks and sexual habits. Her perversions are a source of a lot of comedy in the game and she's also a dorky science geek who makes amazing inventions that are as perverted as she is. On the other hand, it is strongly suggested that despite her bluster and acting like a slut, Miu is actually a virgin who wants actual love and not just sex, as she would insist on being offered a romantic gesture before going further. In addition, her Love Suite Event shows Miu nervously allowing Shuichi to have his way with her, further indicating that Miu had never been in a serious opportunity to have sex before.
    • Downplayed with female example Mikan Tsumiki in 2, a Reluctant Fanservice Girl and Covert Pervert who often acts provocatively for attention as a result of being severely abused her whole life. She's a much straighter example in the anime where she's far more open, coming onto Peko, "Byakuya", and even Teruteru.
    • Yūto Kamishiro from Danganronpa Zero was an attempt at this trope, but he was so universally despised by the fans that even the creators admitted they consider him a failure.
  • Minotaur Hotel: Luke is a huge pervert and he doesn't hide it one bit, but he's also a fun guy to be with regardless of whether or not he's talking about sex.
  • NU: carnival: The protagonist Eiden has nigh constantly sex on the brain. He enthusiastically has sex with all members of his clan on a regular basis and is invariably Distracted by the Sexy everytime he sees them dressed in new outfits, internally gushing over how attractive they make them look. However, he is utmostly considerate of the feelings of each and every of his clan members, going to great lenghts to establish healthy relationships with them beyond just sexual ones. He also has proven himself to be quite the selfless guy, braving many dangers to ensure the safety of the Klein Continent in his duties as the Grand Sorcerer.
  • Misaki Hotori from Nukitashi is obsessed with anal masturbation and smutty novels, and openly gushes over them. As her sense of decency is skewed from being raised in Seiran Island, she also doesn't mind being stared at the breasts or caught masturbating.
  • Claude Trilleo from Sunrider makes it quite clear that she wants to get into the pants of Captain Kayto Shields. She’s flirty with him right from the get-go, drools over him while giving him a medical examination, and even tries to molest him during it. He’s not the first person she’s done this to, either: Ava digs into her background and quickly discovers that Claude lost her medical license due to a long history of malpractice and sexual misconduct. Her behavior quickly gets her arrested, but since the Sunrider doesn’t have anyone else to fill the position of medical officer, she doesn’t stay incarcerated for long.
  • The Fruit of Grisaia: Amane is aware that the impression she gives off is the ‘horny big sister’ type, which isn’t helped by breaking into Yuuji’s room early in the morning, not finding him, and then starting to sniff his clothes and sheet because the ‘manstink’ smells good. Goes downhill from there.
  • Grisaia: Phantom Trigger: Rena Fukami. This trait of hers was most prominently seen in the manga, where she's shown to enjoy sexually harassing her female classmates, which includes groping them and/or forcefully stripping them nude — even in front of Haruto. On one occasion, she was even caught masturbating in an empty classroom.
  • Sex Advice Succubus: The online sex advisor Qmin is very easygoing and makes sure her clients feel safe and comfortable before discussing anything embarrassing. Once they get comfortable, though, she is not afraid to let loose her perverted side.

    Web Animation 
  • The hornier gods of Overly Sarcastic Productions tend to be this, as even as such deities as Zeus and Poseidon make it their duty to sleep with every humanoid in Ancient Greece or only find out in hindsight that rape is a crime, their antics are just rendered so hilarious you find yourself finding them hilarious.
  • Red vs. Blue
    • Sister is a lovable (or annoying, depending on your viewpoint) ditz who does things like mistakenly enlisting in the wrong army in an attempt to follow her brother, agree to have sex with Tucker on the battlefield so he won't "die a virgin", and hold raves in an empty military base.
    • Tucker himself is worthy of mention. This is a guy who hits on almost any woman he meets, including Tex, who could easily kill him if she so chose, and has admitted to punching him while he sleeps. And who can forget his almost memetic catchphrase? When you hear the words "Bow Chika Bow Wow!" you know Tucker is around. And the less said about Junior's origin, the better.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School:
    • Tristan Mckie. He's very lovable, and he's got gay sex on his mind all the time.
      Tristan: (in Episode 56) No thanks, I enjoy [the letter] P! Like penis! Get it? I'm adorable!♪
    • Jenna Dapananian also counts, and she swings both ways.
  • Boomstick from DEATH BATTLE! is utterly crude and lecherous, and he is hilarious for it. If there is a female combatant on the show, you can bet he'll make some comment about her at her expense. He does have some standards, though - he didn't make lewd comments about Toph Beifeng when Wizard reminded him that she's twelve years old, and presumably this is also the reason he refrains from making any jokes about the seventeen-year-old Yang Xiao Long, contrasting with the constant innuendo given to her opponent Tifa Lockhart in her own rundown.
  • Jay in Deep Space 69. Give him a mission — any mission — and things will get kinky real fast.
    Web Video 
  • Lucy Pyre is a Virtual YouTuber with a persona built around this. She attributes it to her conservative grandmother catching her playing The Sims and, after seeing her sims woohooing, screamed at her.
  • While there are many perverted Virtual YouTubers, VShojo's Projekt Melody is a stand-out example. Aside from being a camgirl, she also openly discusses Hentai and other types of porn on her Youtube channel and often does let's plays of H Games (although with most of the NSFW content censored). It doesn't really come off as a surprise as her existence owes to The Internet Is for Porn being fully on play.
  • In SwordCat Princess, James Barrington is sex-obsessed, which he demonstrates by peeking up under Julia's t-shirt after her shower to see if she is wearing underwear (she is not). James' sense of chivalry makes him a lovable lech, though, such as when he caters to Julia's ignorance of her own need for modesty in New York City by shoplifting a dress for her.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl
    • Paulo, to an extent — he certainly plays himself off this way and likes to think of himself this way. But when he actually is presented with the opportunity to have sex, he is reluctant.
    • On the other hand, Rachel actually is a gigantic slut.
  • Kiel'ndia from Drowtales is a prepubescent/larval version of this, having declared her intentions to gather a harem of princes (and one princess) and blatantly hit on not only Nau'kheol, but also expressed interest in his sister Chry'stel.
  • Jerry from El Goonish Shive., the Immortal who invented a Hyperspace Mallet spell just so women could harmlessly "punish" men for lewd jokes instead of doing something that would actually discourage them.
  • Dabbler from Grrl Power, justified since she's a succubus and has several magic powers that are fueled by sex. That said, she also seems to overplay her hypersexuality deliberately to rile up those around her. In recent chapters, she's toned down the sex-trolling toward Halo, suggesting a more serious respect for her. (Or that she's realized Halo is much more emotionally vulnerable there than the rest of the bunch.)
  • From Homestuck, a few of the trolls are this, with Meulin Leijon being the biggest. Equius and Damara also count, though are more Creepy Cute than either Meulin or Nepeta, who does not count.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Elza is a nymphomaniac hermaphrodite who Sleeps With Everyone But Mifi and goes into withdrawal without sex. Rindou is a shameless lolicon who constantly proposes to or sexually harassing little girls.
  • The entire cast of Ménage à 3, a modern Sex Comedy, are more or less completely sex-obsessed while mostly remaining fairly likable. On occasion, notably perhaps with Yuki in her early appearances and in relation to Zii, they fully manifest this trope.
  • Zig Zag from Sabrina Online, and any other comic or media where she guest-stars (such as her Lust Lass persona in Supermegatopia).
  • Dillon, the title character of Sticky Dilly Buns, seems to be designed to fit this trope. When he isn't actively pursuing his neighbor Jerzy or yearning for the unattainable Gary, he's using his room-mate Ruby as a straight guy detector, trying to impress Richie the handsome pet store owner, rubbing up against Andy the (non-gay) swimming instructor, and generally flirting with every attractive male in sight, while being blond, cute, and ditzy.

    Web Original 
  • Marion Williams from Survival Of The Fittest Mini
  • What Is This Black Magic You Call Science? has the villain Polly, a quite pretty candy witch who tries to bed every handsome young man she sees... but only her partner-in-crime Jack gives in [since he doesn't care].
  • Zaboo, the Stalker with a Crush from The Guild, is usually portrayed sympathetically. In fact, many fangirls wonder why Codex doesn't hook up with him — "he's so attentive".
  • Agent Luxury of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, though she's not very lovable from the point of view of her glomping victims.
  • Doctor Rights from the SCP Foundation is this trope in spades. This flow chart shows her containment procedures, which amounts to this: if it's not cute (or if it is but you can't have sex with it), call the containment team. If it's cute and you can have sex with it, place it in her office.
  • The Nostalgia Chick is a horny little bugger. And much like Quagmire from Family Guy, her stalker-rapist-dominatrix tendencies are Played for Laughs.
  • Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party and Game Grumps qualifies if the stories he tells are true (stories involving threesomes, experimentation with food, and being invited to an orgy club for beautiful people). Then again, with a name like Sexbang, one should know what to expect.
  • Trap-Deezy has recently taken to uploading short videos with extremely... interesting connotations, mostly involving molestation, domination, rape, and defloration, also those who know him personally take to note his polygamy, love for eroticism and especially lolicon, obsessive tendencies, and a generally shameless attitude towards sex and his own exploits in general, those who do not know him personally may remember the "Let's Play: Super Deepthroat" video that was up on his channel for a week or two, gaining a gigantic amount of views in a short time, it was eventually taken down with almost 5,000 views, Trap-Deezy was even confused by the popularity it garnered. Although, that video was hardly him being perverse at all and was him making an overly convoluted metaphor to what Bioshock Infinite basically was, so it doubles as a TakeThat in some way.
  • Tom Brady's role in NFL Quarterbacks On Facebook, where he would state an unwritten rule in which he gets to sleep with the losing quarterback's wife or girlfriend whenever he wins.
  • Random Assault: Matt.
  • One Not Always Right customer prank-called a video store asking for pornography... only for them to say that the more famous titles were rented out, but the sequels were in stock, along with some newer videos. After getting over his shock that the video store actually did have a porn section, the caller became a regular.
  • Escape the Night: Timothy can't help but flirt with every girl he comes across, but he's too endearing and funny to truly be disgusted by his actions.
  • Linsday Doe of the YouTube channel "Sexplanations" is a rather sweet case. She's a clinical sexologist whose channel is all about sexual things, and also comes across as quite a kind and wise person.

    Western Animation 

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