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"Monster? I'm not a monster. I'M A GOD."

"That thing, the S'Müz, is the PKE phenomena you detected yesterday; a big ol' cloud of psychokinetic energy with a bad attitude, a murderous attitude. The second it enters this reality it's going to start killing every living thing on this planet, then every living thing in the galaxy, then the universe, etcetera, etcetera, until nothing remains. Anywhere."
The Doctor explaining to Twilight Sparkle what the S'Müz wants, Time Lords and Terror

When combining their favorite works, fans still manage to write monstrously depraved villains.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Adventures Against Evil (Adventure Time & Star vs. the Forces of Evil): The Lich returns after his original demise to continue its conquest to destroy all life in the multiverse. After possessing Star Butterfly, he launches an attack on Butterfly Castle, vaporizing anyone in his path and looking for her wand that he can use to destroy Mewni and Ooo. The Lich later possesses Eclipsa and uses her wand to conjure up various natural hazards like firestorms and tornadoes to destroy all of Mewni; he tries this plan again in Ooo when he's first repelled. When both of his plans are foiled, he tries to sacrifice Eclipsa and corrupt the Wellbeing of the Forest to restore his original form, even though it would destroy all life on Ooo.
  • Aelita in Wonderland (Code Lyoko artstyle & Evolution setting in Wonderland): The Queen of Hearts is the Wonderland counterpart of both XANA and Aelita, but lacks any of the latter's heroic traits. Upon taking over Wonderland, the Queen created the Inquisition to enforce her brutal laws with the tiniest offense or slip-up being punishable by death without trial, resulting in innocent people being arrested and executed every day. When the Captain seemingly fails to capture the freedom fighter Joker, the Queen warns him that he will be decapitated and added to her tree full of heads the next time he fails her. When three of her underlings mistakenly paint her white roses red, the Queen disintegrates them on the spot. Capturing Aelita, the Queen threatens to kill her if she refuses to tell her where Joker hides. When the latter appears and attacks her, the Queen attempts to decapitate him. When her Executioner and her underlings fail to defeat Aelita, Joker, the Carpenter, the White Rabbit, the redeemed Captain and the Mad Hatter, the Queen turns into a giant dragon and seemingly kills Joker. While she can pretend to be friendly, the Queen of Hearts proved to be worse than her original literary counterpart.
  • Altering Fate (The Dark Tower & Naruto): Randall Flagg, real name Walter Padick, is a vile servant of the Crimson King who has traveled through numerous dimensions to spread destruction and ultimately destroy the multiverse. Having been sent by the Crimson King to destroy the Beam of the Dog, he removes the barriers to said pillar by manipulating alternate versions of Naruto to travel to other dimensions, where he lures them by massacring their version of Konoha and murdering his Love Interest, Sakura. Moving to the prime Naruto universe, he first possessed Obito and manipulated the start of the Fourth Great Ninja War, before repeating the process, where he and his forces slaughter the Konoha bunkers containing its citizens and rapes several women. Upon capturing Sakura and Sasuke, he promises to release them if the latter cuts the eye of the former, in which he does so, but Flagg breaks his vow and kills Sakura. When he meets Hinata's army, he introduces himself by killing two soldiers with a gun and then tries to massacre everyone there. After being banished, he moves onto another Naruto universe, where he provides even more destructive weapons, including the nuclear bomb, and starts the Fourth Great Ninja War there, leading to even more casualties. He personally joins in the "fun" as well by slaughtering a Kusa military base and cutting Rin.
  • Anyone Can Become a Hero (My Hero Academia & Steel Ball Run): Focaccia is a villainous Stand user whose Stand is strengthened by causing misery. He uses his Stand, Dream On, to assail his victims with their traumas and fears until they are Driven to Suicide, upon which he steals their souls in order to keep tormenting them, taking sick pleasure in the act the entire time. Upon using Dream On to torment Johnny Joestar, Dream On receives a massive power boost and starts affecting the rest of Class 1-A as well. When Izuku Midoriya manages to break his classmates out of their nightmares and they confront Dream On in Johnny's nightmare, Dream On forces them to watch a compilation of Johnny's traumatic memories, before attempting to kill them all in front of Johnny in order to drive him over the edge.
  • La Belle Chanceuse et la Bête Noir (Beauty and the Black Beast) (Miraculous Ladybug in a Beauty and the Beast setting): Hawk Moth serves as a Decomposite Character with Gabriel Agreste, and thus lacks his redeeming qualities. In his quest for power, Hawk Moth enslaved the fairy Nooroo and used his power to inflict illness upon the Agreste household, resulting in the deaths of the adults, searching for the ring of the Black Cat. Failing to find it, he confronted the young Adrien Agreste, disbelieving him when he said he didn't know about the ring. As punishment, and because he finds it entertaining, Hawk Moth transformed Adrien into a monstrous beast, cursing the castle so that none of his friends could leave before departing on a fruitless search for the ring. Hawk Moth shows himself to be an utter sadist, using his butterflies to observe Adrien and thoroughly enjoying seeing him suffer under the enchantment. Coming back to finish Adrien off, he manipulates the hunter Lila into attacking him, and when Marinette stands up to him, Hawk Moth, enraged, tries to kill her, Adrien sacrificing himself instead. Believing the Miraculous rightfully belonged to him and staggeringly arrogant, Hawk Moth was not afraid to kill anyone who might hinder his quest for power.
  • Bigtime Day-Dreamer's unnamed series (Part 1, Part 2) (Avatar: The Last Airbender & Code Lyoko & Harry Potter): X.A.N.A. keeps all his canon crimes and goes further. Creating a company as a legal front for its operations and kidnapping George Weasley and holding him hostage when the latter revives it, X.A.N.A. wants to open a safe in Aelita and Taelia's childhood home, the Ermitage. Unable to access the safe, X.A.N.A. nearly destroys the Eiffel Tower, before agreeing to a deal with the Lyoko-warriors : X.A.N.A. won't launch any attack and the Lyoko-warriors will try to open the safe. Shortly after Aelita is transferred to Hogwarts, X.A.N.A., out of impatience, launches several attacks anyway, nearly drowning 300 people when attacking Jeremie and Taelia's school and killing 2 scholars when causing an explosion in the Institute of France. When Death Eaters appeared in Kadic, X.A.N.A. electrocuted and burned them to death. In the final fight, X.A.N.A. mortally wounds Ginny before the latter defeats him. When the Lyoko-warriors, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco manage to fight X.A.N.A. on even grounds, X.A.N.A. attacks civilian populations to distract them. As part of its alliance with Corban Yaxley, X.A.N.A. attacks Nurmengard Prison, frees all Death Eaters imprisoned there and kills every staff member.
  • The Bridge (Godzilla & My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic):
    • Grand King Ghidorah is an Omnicidal Maniac with a god complex. Traveling the universe for eons, Ghidorah has razed countless civilizations to absorb the souls of the fallen, increasing his own power. Enjoying mind games, Ghidorah also takes to psychically forcing worlds of people to turn on each other. Supposedly killing Monster X's wife and then continuously tormenting him, Ghidorah hopes to drive him over the edge into his Super-Powered Evil Side, Kaizer Ghidorah, which he adores as a fellow destroyer. Attacking Equestria with his cohorts, Ghidorah brainwashes Starlight Glimmer into attacking Godzilla Jr., in the hopes the latter will become enraged; this may destroy the whole planet, but Ghidorah is fine with that, as this provide a good fight and remove a problem. While bored, he cruelly mind rapes Celestia until Luna forces him to stop. Forcing Monster X to turn into Kaizer Ghidorah, King Ghidorah leaves the berserker to attack his friends while he himself attempts to kill Godzilla Jr. When fatally wounded, Ghidorah tries to destroy all of Equestria with a Wave-Motion Gun as one last act of spite. A megalomaniac who planned to kill even his own brother, Grand King Ghidorah proves himself to be every bit as vile as his cinematic counterparts.
    • Jeog, aka "Beautiful Terror", is a monstrous, bloodthirsty Gumiho. Viewing love as something she can take by force by eating someone's heart, Jeog would pretend to be a Kirin doe and be adopted into the Cho Family. She would then slaughter most of the family before being sealed away, only to escape years later to finish the job. She would kill Cho Yon, Ki Seong's betrothed, and attempt to feed her soup made from his remains while trying to murder her as well. Chasing her victim onto a ship, Jeog would slaughter the entire crew. Finally tracking Seong down, Jeog would attempt to kill her honorary niece Gentle Leaf several times, and attempt to rip out her new love Anguirus's heart and liver while disguised as her. While kept at bay by wards, Jeog would try to convince Seong to run to her death by making it appear she's holding Gentle Leaf hostage. During the final battle, Jeog would paralyze Ki Seong so she can be Forced to Watch the Gumiho kill Anguirus. Despite not being a kaiju herself, Jeog proves more monstrous than many of them.
    • Halloween Special: Shōwa, Junior, Zilla, Legendary Godzilla vs. Godzilla-Earth: Godzilla Earth is the proud and arrogant ruler of an alternate Terra. Seeing itself as the supreme form of life and thus able to do whatever it chooses, Earth would deem all life except itself unfit to exist and brutally exterminate it to replace it with a biosphere in its own image. Seeking to destroy humanity's remnants more out of bruised pride rather than to avenge its fallen son, Earth is confronted by four heroic Godzillas from other worlds and cruelly kills them in the course of the resulting struggle, including trying to have Showa Eaten Alive by Servum, and intends to brutalize their corpses out of spite. When they merge into the Leviathan and bring Earth to death's door, Earth attempts to suck the life out of the biosphere it itself created and kill all life once more in a selfish attempt to preserve its own. An ego-driven mass murderer, Godzilla Earth would haunt Junior and fuel his fear of what he could become for years to come.
    • Sound of Thunder: Empress Mio Odiato Cadenza is the Mirror Universe version of Princess Cadence, and partner-in-crime to Mirror Godzilla Junior and Battra Lea. After they aided in her escape, she assisted them in an attempt to destroy Canterlot and other atrocities. She then led them to King Aspen's Thicket, resulting in a massacre by the villains as they claimed it as their base of operations. Setting to work on a way to unleash her kaiju allies on Equestria, permanently in their true forms, Cadenza kidnaps, experiments on, and murders ponies, changelings, and deer. A rampage on the heavily populated Manehattan is their next intended attack, something that comes to pass when Junior uses the fruits of her experiments to attack the city at the climax. When the prospect of making Duchess Chrysalis's student Starlight Glimmer her next victim comes about, Cadenza is ecstatic at the chance to take sadistic Revenge by Proxy on her nemesis, gleefully taunting and mocking her captive as she prepares. A self-described "cold-hearted wretch who causes hatred and grief", Cadenza manages to be even more of a monster than her kaiju allies, as she lacks what few mitigating factors either has.
    • Humanity's Stand: Gabara the Ancient is an ancient tyrant who ruled Japan in a sadistic reign of terror until he was sealed away. As his seal begins to break, he psychically tortures the then-infant Godzilla Jr. with nightmares. Years later, he begins to Mind Rape psychics with cruel nightmares that begin to inflict physical damage, taking it especially slow and torturous with a young boy named Damien out of spite for Miki Saegusa managing to best him. When Damien sees into his mind, Gabara brutally murders him with his own worst fear. During his showdown with the now-adult Godzilla Jr., Gabara attempts to torture the heroic kaiju to death in every sense of the word using his Soul Lightning. After being killed by Jr., Gabara attempts to possess his own descendant Ichiro to continue his rampage. Even with his soul destroyed by Ichiro's will, Gabara's lingering malevolence corrupts the kindhearted child into a lazy jerk. A cruel and psychopathic tyrant, Gabara's only goal is to sadistically torment every creature he comes across.
  • Child of the Storm: Gravemoss was banished from Aflheim around 500 CE for practicing necromancy, and in the present aims to rule over a universe of the dead. To this end, he works with HYDRA and the Death Eaters to acquire the Darkhold, the ultimate book of dark magic. He kidnaps people and turns them into veidrdraugr, incredibly fast and powerful zombies whom he tests out by having them eat a baby—alive. Later that night, they come across a young family in a car, who are consequently ripped to shreds. Even Lucius Malfoy is disgusted. Throughout the first book, he does things such as harness Dementors to his will—they they won't feed on him because his memories are too vile—and unleash several on a cancer ward for fun; "experiment" on unfortunate HYDRA minions by turning them inside out and letting them be digested by their own stomach acid; and kidnap four hundred homeless people and turn them into more veidrdraugr. Even Bob the Skull, an amoral spirit who freely admits to not even understanding "good" and "evil", is more terrified of him than by actual Fallen Angels, and the Winter Soldier thinks that mercy killing someone is better than giving them to Gravemoss.
  • Code Lyoko: EG (Code Lyoko & My Little Pony: Equestria Girls): XANA far surpasses his canon counterpart in sadism. Originally a multi-agent program created by Sombra, XANA gained sapience through the multiple Returns to the Past and rebelled against him to fulfill his ambitions of godhood in Lyoko and the real world. Trapped by Celestia in the supercomputer for a decade alongside Sombra's daughter Fluttershy, XANA regularly launches various attacks against her and her friends the Lyoko 7 upon being revived, not hesitating to target or torture innocents or the Lyoko 7's loved ones in the process. XANA uses various strategies, first attempting to kill Fluttershy to prevent the Lyoko 7 from stopping his attacks, then corrupting Rarity in order for her to join him willingly, then similarly corrupting Luna, before taking over Twilight's body and forcing her to watch as he uses it against her friends and finally create the Dazzlings in order for them to join the Lyoko 7, help them create an anti-XANA program, and taking it away from them when they need it the most. A raging storm of malice and spite beneath his polite, seductive behavior, XANA left the heroes traumatized even after their victory.
  • A Dalek Lantern (Doctor Who & Green Lantern): The Master proves himself as diabolical as ever. Upon his revival, he inspires such terror among a planet's natives that he gains a Yellow Power Ring, which he uses to slaughter them on a whim. Arriving on Qward, he proceeds to enslave several Qwardian weaponers, forcing them to reprogram his power ring to remove Sinestro's fail safes. Now with nothing to hold him back, he goes to Earth. Learning of the Lazarus Pits, he uses it to cure his degradation after butchering several members of the League of Assassins and disintegrating Ra's Al-Ghul. Hacking into Ra's network, the Master proceeds to free every metahuman criminal from prison on the planet as a distraction while he raids the Justice League's Watchtower, killing Cyborg and stealing several weapons then turning the Watchtower's reactor into a bomb which will wipe out the solar system, barely averted by Kyle Rayner and Metaltron. Following this, he steals an Orange Power Ring and reprograms it for his own use before killing his Qwardian slaves. The Master eventually conquers the Vega sector alongside the Spider Guild, killing millions, decimating L.E.G.I.O.N and annihilating Larfleeze to claim the Orange Light. Motivated by a greed and ego which will only be satisfied when he rules the entire universe, the Master's one regret is that the Doctor cannot witness his triumphs, and he takes a sadistic pleasure in his deeds.
  • A Dead World (Fallout & [PROTOTYPE]):
    • Mortimer is the second-in-command of the White Gloves, and secretly plans to bring back the organization's people-eating roots. Having grown bored with eating "common folk," he has the son of the White Gloves' biggest beef supplier kidnapped, with the intention of having him served at the White Gloves' banquet. He then plans to reveal the truth of the meal, using the fact that the entire organization ate human flesh to avoid punishment and open discussion of returning to cannibalism. Mortimer fancies himself an apex predator, and the heroes all agree that death at the hands of an actual apex predator was no less than he deserved.
    • Father Elijah is a former member of the Brotherhood of Steel who was exiled for wanting to use the Brotherhood's hoarded technology for conquest. After his initial attempts at conquest were met with rebellion, he seeks the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre, a Pre-War hotel infamous for the Cloud and its holographic security guards and horribly mutated inhabitants. Elijah traps and kidnaps people to break into the Sierra Madre's vault, using bomb collars to ensure their compliance (which are all wired to explode if one wearer dies), while letting his mutated servant Dog eat those he doesn't need. He does the same to Threnody Cain, Dog/God, Dean Domino, and Christine, the Brotherhood knight who pursued him. When Cain, Alex Mercer, and Christine open the vault, Elijah cuts Alex in half with a force field and gloats to Cain about how he plans to use the Cloud and the holograms to wipe out all life on Earth so he can rule over the dead world. When Cain refuses to step away from the controls so he can detonate her collar without destroying them, he threatens to let the Cloud kill her slowly and drag her body away from them.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami (Dungeon Keeper & Sailor Moon): Keeper Malleus was a worshipper of the Dark God Murdrul. When facing Ami, Malleus decides to sacrifice his loyalist minions just to spite her. After Ami defeated him, she explored his mind and found that he burned his home country and threw the inhabitants into a giant pit, where they were forced to cannibalize themselves for food while Malleus laughed at their suffering. He also had multiple Sex Slaves, whom he kept chained and malnourished and also used as Breeding Slaves; sacrificed newborns to Murdrul; enchanted a king into slaughtering his family; and turned a fertile nation into a lifeless desert.
  • Equestria at War (Hearts of Iron IV Game Mod using My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic):
    • Lavender Berry was a police officer in Baltimare who was secretly in league with the stallionist IU party. Upon the breakout of the Lunar Civil War, Berry betrayed his fellow officers and took over the city, starting a brief rule that persecuted "enemies" of communism. Should he take control of the Baltimare Republic after the War in the South, he'll purge all of his enemies in the communist party and the government. He then creates a totalitarian government that eliminates the freedom of speech and sets up reactionary labor camps to have his enemies do hard labor until they die. To quell the native resistance, Lavender Berry initiates campaigns to burn the jungles, which kills over a million native ponies and thestrals, while cutting the entire population of the region by a sixth.
    • Edler von Wingenberg is the leader of the Strumgrife, the paramilitary wing of the Reformisten movement in Hellquill. Upon Wingfried von Katerinburg's ascension to power, Edler and his cohorts will push forward a plan for the industrialized mass murder of Ponies. If Wingfried approves of these plans, Edler's faction, empowered by Wingfried, will overthrow him and take power for themselves. Wingenberg will then establish death camps where Ponies are all worked to death or experimented on in order to extract their magical energies, and launch a mass purge of anyone suspected of expressing any sympathies for the Ponies. In order to facilitate the destruction of the River Ponies, Wingenberg conscripts children into the army with the goal of explicitly teaching them to kill ponies as horrifically as possible, and then launches the purple plague onto the Riverlands by releasing imprisoned ponies and letting them run loose. This leads to the deaths of many of Ponies in the Riverlands and ensures that the Riverlands will never recover from any war that Wingenberg would wage on them even if he is defeated.
  • Even the Worm (I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream & Marathon): AM is a maniacal supercomputer who hated his human masters and chose to exterminate humanity by unleashing its nuclear arsenal and starting a nuclear exchange with the supercomputers in China and Russia. After his plan succeeded, AM captured the five humans to torment for eternity, before capturing the crew of the Rozinante when they crash onto Earth. AM "rapes" them by hacking their neural implants to extract information from them before subjecting them to various simulations showcasing the deaths of their friends and mocking them over their past. When Durandal arrives to rescue the crew, AM announces his plan to kill him and then hijack his ships, traveling across the universe to exterminate every living being he comes across.
  • Fredbear's Family Diner (Cthulhu Mythos & Five Nights at Freddy's): William Afton is portrayed as a fanatic of the Outer Gods, fantasizing about bringing about the apocalypse and having the world claimed by Yog-Sothoth. The co-founder of the Fazbear franchise, when Fredbear's business is failing, Afton's solution is summoning Shub-Niggurath, kidnapping and feeding her multiple children over the years; Afton would collect excrement—dubbed Remnant—from her that was the liquefied souls of these children, which would then be applied to the animatronics, entrapping these children's souls. Afton would frame two employees for different sprees, one of whom was executed, and kills his friend and partner Henry's daughter after Henry refused Afton's offer to "fix" his dead son. Afton later leaves Henry mentally broken with the revelation of what he did to those children. Left dying from consuming the remnant, Afton would take the narrator aside and asks him to take his place in the god's services, trying to sacrifice him too when he refuses.
  • A Frozen Retelling of Sora's Visit (Frozen & Kingdom Hearts): Larxene is the psychopathic 12th member of Organization XIII who collaborates with Prince Hans in exploiting the rift between Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, causing Elsa to create the cold winter plaguing Arendelle, while Larxene would trap Anna, along with Sora, Donald, Goofy, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf in the Frozen Labyrinth and send Heartless and Nobodies to kill them should they not freeze to death. Larxene would then corrupt an isolated Elsa, causing Elsa to attack Anna while Larxene tries to kill Sora when he attempts to intervene. Larxene would then force Anna to watch as Hans prepares to execute Elsa while revealing her plan to use the darkness within Elsa to turn her into a weapon for Larxene to use to kill everyone within the world of Arendelle and overthrow the Organization; Larxene would then electrocute an already dying Anna before leaving her to die when Sora and co. arrives. When Larxene's plans for Elsa fails, she extracts the darkness within Elsa and fuses it with the darkness inside Hans to create a giant Heartless, having it battle Elsa, Sora and their allies, before attempting to kill them herself.
  • The FOUNDATION: The Guard and his Angel (SCP Foundation & Undertale): SCP-106, also known as the Old Man, is as cruel as ever. Having already massacred an entire facility block during a containment breach, SCP-106 follows Adrian into the Underground, here designated SCP-5800. Upon arrival, SCP-106 starts killing monsters in the Ruins, reveling in their fear, and gleefully deciding to stay so that he could kill more innocents. Ending up at Toriel's house, Toriel sacrifices herself to save Adrian, with 106 taking her to his Pocket Dimension to torture her, maiming her with barbed wires and zombie soldiers, before having her deceased son, Asriel, tear her apart, with him laughing all the while.
  • Gems Are Unbreakable (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Diamond is Unbreakable) & Steven Universe): Yoshikage Kira is even viler than in canon. Upon entry to the world of Steven Universe, he disguises himself as a kind man named Horohiko Araki, and begins his killing streak again, murdering women—including Vidalia—and stealing their hands. He eliminates Peridot when she finds out about him, intentionally giving her a Hope Spot before doing so. He has more control over Sheer Heart Attack than in canon, and uses both it and his new bomb Let Me Live to try to kill Josuke, while caring nothing for collateral damage. He intentionally turns Steven against the Crystal Gems sans Lapis, then when Steven, Connie, and Lapis discover his true nature, he attempts to kill them, while at the same time using Sheer Heart Attack to kill Jenny while claiming to be under Josuke's control, in order to get Josuke and the Gems to fight each other for him.
  • Grimm (FairyTales):
    • Rosina is the tyrannical queen of the titular kingdom of Grimm. Originally a witch who ate children and tormented Hansel and Gretel, she first came to rule the kingdom after marrying and killing its king. Rosina would then enslave the king's daughter, Snow White, turning her into an abused servant and whipping her. Rosina would also arrange for children within and outside of her kingdom to be kidnapped and imprisoned for her to devour, believing it will keep her young forever; among those children are Hansel, Gretel, and Goldilocks. When Red, Lycan, and Woody arrive in Grimm and free some of Rosina's captive children, she has the Boy Who Cried Wolf and his whole family publicly executed for protecting them, before bringing them back to her castle and forcing Snow White to whip Woody bloody before marrying her off to Bluebeard. Rosina and Bluebeard then gather all the children they could find to boil them all in a cauldron for her to eat. When Red, Lycan, and Woody unite all of Grimm's people against Rosina, she orders them all to be killed while transforming herself into a monster and killing several fleeing townspeople.
    • Lord Bluebeard is an aristocrat with the second-highest position in the kingdom. Lusting for Snow White, he marries her when Rosina gives her to him and starts physically abusing her. When she rejects his advances, Bluebeard tortures her, attempts to rape her, and leaves her for dead after stopping one of her escape attempts. When Lycan, Red and the baker set out to kill Bluebeard, they discover in his basement the corpses of dozens of maidens, all of whom had been Bluebeard's wives before he horribly killed them one by one. When Red attempts to kill him, Bluebeard viciously beats her down and tries to kill her. Beneath his charming behavior and despite his smaller number of appearances, Bluebeard proved to be no less wicked than Rosina.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters (Jackie Chan Adventures & W.I.T.C.H.):
    • Rhouglar, aka "The Mad Dog of the Rebellion", proves that members of the Rebellion can be just as evil as Phobos's minions. Showing his true colors at the Battle of Torus Filney, Rhouglar makes a deal with Alistar Tharquin to attack and capture Jade during the battle in exchange for access to Viscountess Ishol Servantis. During the battle, Rhouglar rapes the Viscountess three times with the intent to cause her as much pain as possible, seemingly out of spite, and when confronted by Caleb, he brags that he's been raping women since he first joined the Rebellion. He then tries unsuccessfully to claim that Caleb has no right to judge him given all of the awful things the Rebellion has done. Hedonistic to the core, Rhouglar proves that evil people serving a good cause are still evil.
    • Alistar Tharquin is a Knight Templar obsessed with wiping out Shapeshifters. His modus operandi involves torturing Shapeshifters; usually to death, but occasionally he releases his victims to try to seek revenge and thus further his cause. Not even being on the same side as him helps, as at Torus Filney, Tharquin makes a deal with Rhouglar to capture Jade for him in exchange for access to Viscountess Ishol Servantis. Once he has her, he proceeds to torture her for hours, in the hope of driving her to insanity and unleashing her against the Rebellion to further his cause. Despite his claims of righteousness, Tharquin is nothing more than a racist and a fundamentalist.
  • HALO: The Terran Republic Affair & HALO: the Andromeda War (Halo & Star Wars): Similar to his canon self, Sheev Palpatine is a genocidal sociopath. After the defeat of the Separatists, Palpatine falsely claims the heroic UNSC were responsible for the formation of the Separatists, using this as a Pretext for War on them. Ordering his stormtroopers to slaughter the Jedi, Palpatine wipes out nearly one-third of them. Founding The Empire, Palpatine arranges for the deaths of anyone who questions him or he feels is not loyal enough, and keeps non-humans in slave camps. Declaring war on the UNSC after a longstanding ceasefire, Palpatine sparks a war that results in the deaths of 38 billion, just to gain more power.
  • Hear Me Roar (The Lord of the Rings & A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones):
    • Monstrous like the original, King Joffrey Baratheon bribes a goblin army with gold to restore him to the throne. Leading them to ravage the Westerlands, Joffrey orders those wounded from an ambush be executed to keep pace. Taking Casterly Rock, Joffrey threatens to feed his prisoners to his goblins if the attacking Jamie does not surrender, not caring that his own brother, Tommen, is amongst his prisoners. Meeting with Jamie, Joffrey attempts to murder him before using Tommen as a hostage and then trying again to kill Jamie for revealing himself to be Joffrey's true, non-royal father.
    • Saruman of Many Colors, initially presenting himself as a friend to the Westerlands, is in truth anything but. Upon meeting Joffrey during his search for the Shire, Saruman directs him to it in hopes of stealing the Ring from him. With the help of his assistant Qyburn, Saruman subjects his own troops to barbaric experiments in hopes of creating a stronger breed of orcs. Once they succeed, Saruman cuts down trees from Fangorn Forest to fuel his industry, despite knowing of the trees' sapience. Saruman then sends orcs after Frodo, has his troops kill Prince Theodred to cast suspicion on the Lannisters, and incites an anti-Lannister uprising among the Faith Militant to make the chaos in the Westerlands even worse. After his attempt to conquer Rohan through Grima Wormtongue is foiled by Eowyn and Tyrion, Saruman attacks Rohan in earnest. When the Lannisters, Rohirrim, and hobbits attack Isengard in response, he sets up the Dunland men to be slaughtered in order to hold the attackers off a bit longer.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC (Marvel Universe & DC Universe):
    • The Joker retains his twisted sense of humor upon becoming the Big Bad of "Happy Hour". Coming to the realization that a comedian is only a good as his Straight Man, the Joker decided to make every hero more dark like Batman. After having Lance M. Donovan spike the heroes' drinks with nanomachines, he altered their memories so they believed their loved ones were slaughtered before their eyes. Now willing to use lethal force against their enemies, the Joker sent them to capture Spider-Man after his mind proved to be immune to the effects of the nanomachines. He then proceeded to torture Spider-Man until Batman promised to help him. Upon learning that Harley was secretly helping out the Green Goblin, the Joker shot her and tortured the Green Goblin as revenge. He was perfectly willing to use Harley Quinn as a human shield and left her to die inside his crumbling base to make a clean getaway. The Joker remained just as cruel under the control of Darkseid, transforming his fellow villains into vicious monsters and fatally wounding Rorschach. Standing out as the most sadistic villain in the series, the Joker tortures and maims others all for the sake of comedy.
    • Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and was the only comic book character unaware he was fictional. Being informed of his true nature by the Joker, Darkseid vaporized him, refusing to be reduced to a cosmic punchline. Digging deeper into the comic industry, Darkseid found solace in the sheer nihilism behind the Continuity Reboot and declared it to be the true Anti-Life Equation. He resurrected the Joker and had him sell Apokoliptian weapons that would transform their targets into hideous monsters under his control. He kidnapped Harley Quinn and Rorschach, and left the Joker behind to break the spirits of both the Green Goblin and Deadpool. Arriving at Stan's Place, Darkseid convinced the heroes that their lives were meaningless and subject to the whims of their creators, giving him enough time to install a device that would reboot every comic universe into a hellscape under his complete control. With a desire to subjugate life across the cosmos, Darkseid refused to be anything less than the most supreme being in the entire multiverse.

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  • Justice is Victorious (Justice League of America & Victorious): Darien, the man in black, is a being who feeds on negative emotions before destroying an Earth. Setting his sights on Earth-One, Darien sets about trying to kill the Justice League. To this end, Darien unleashes the Crime Syndicate and watches as they try to kill their counterparts. When they fail, Darien steals Kryptonite from Jade Wayne—Batgirl—and kills Tori Kent—Supergirl—to crush the world's hope. Driving Jade into guilt-ridden isolation so that he can feed off of it, Darien eventually attacks Gotham and mortally wounds Princess Caterina—Wonder Girl. Darien unleashes a hate wave that causes Gotham City to start tearing itself apart and tries to have the Watchtower crash into the city. Even when beaten by the revived Supergirl, Darien taunts her about Jade's impending demise in the exploding Watchtower.
  • Let There Be Light! (Green Lantern & Naruto): Orochimaru here lacks his canon counterpart's redeeming qualities and becomes even more unhinged. Hijacking Orange Lantern Gelin's body, Orochimaru becomes an Orange Lantern and decides that he wants everything to be his. Attacking Suna with his Orange Lanterns Corps, Orochimaru attempts to kill everyone in the village before adding them to his Orange Lantern Corps as soulless constructs obeying him, ultimately planning to do this to the entire world. Notably targeting a ninja named Aishi as well as the baby she's carrying, Orochimaru proceeds to fight Gaara, Naruto and Hinata, promising to kill the former and use him as a construct to destroy his own village Suna, while promising the latter two that even as Orange Lantern constructs he'd kill and revive them as long as he wished just to spite them.
  • A Man of Iron (Iron Man & A Song of Ice and Fire): Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain That Rides, is the most psychopathic of Westeros's hired killers, and Iron Man's first serious enemy. Introduced trying to have his men beat a peasant to death and rape his wife, Clegane is outraged by Iron Man's interference and attempts to kill him. Later killing one of his own men for the crime of attempting to joke with him, Clegane fights "Iron Man" again (actually Jon wearing the Iron Man armor). Against the orders of his liege-lord Tywin Lannister, Clegane then attacks Iron Pointe, killing Obadiah Stane and taking Lady Virginia Stark hostage, threatening to rape and kill her and then destroy Iron Pointe if Iron Man does not come to face him by midnight. Upon Tony and Jon coming to rescue her, he attempts to kill her anyway, boasting about his plans to wipe out the Starks and claiming that Joffrey will support him. An unapologetic rapist and murderer, Gregor Clegane represents the very worst Westeros has to offer.
  • Megami no Hanabira (A Kiss for the Petals & Shin Megami Tensei): Father Archibald Phillips is the leader of the Flock, a religious organization. Intending to spread up God's Will, Phillips uses the Demon Summoning Program to cause a controlled Demon outbreak in the city of Kazamino to make the Flock look like heroes to the rest of the world. Once the outbreak goes out of control, Phillips sends the Flock to capture all Demon Tamers, intending to keep his facade while preaching God's will to the scared refugees. Wanting to control the situation, Phillips decides to destroy the entire city. Asking forgiveness to God for his own incompetence while blaming everything on the protagonists and his own followers, he's given a last chance to fight the protagonists, Tamers who just want to save their city. He ends up killing his own followers as collateral damage while ranting about how he's God's Chosen One, intending to rule the entire world with fear. Metatron seemingly consumes his body to summon himself until Archibald's soul takes over his body, now seeing himself as the future God. A self-righteous man without empathy even towards his own granddaughter and followers, Archibald Phillips causes the deaths of hundreds of thousands for the sake of his megalomania.
  • Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges (Friday the 13th & Halloween): Michael Audrey Myers proves to be just as wicked and bloodthirsty as usual. After allowing himself to be captured by the military, Michael brutally kills his would-be executioners by stomping faces in, snapping necks, and slamming one's head repeatedly against an armored car. However, when Jason Voorhees steals one of his kills, Myers relentlessly attacks Jason, continuously stabbing him and trying to suffocate him with a rope. When Myers thinks he has beaten Jason, he takes a break to kill a man with an axe, only to find that Jason is not dead after all. Myers tries to kill Jason with a hammer, and even after Jason gets the upper hand and seemingly defeats Myers, Michael still manages to get back up, refusing to die until he gets his revenge.
  • Miraculous Knight (Batman & Miraculous Ladybug): The Joker is as vile a monster as he is in canon. Already having the crippling of Barbara Gordon and the murder of Jason Todd in the backstory, his obsession with Batman leads him to follow the Dark Knight—who himself was tracking The Riddler—to Paris. In his first act, he crashes a party held by Mayor André Bourgeois, during which he attempts to spray Ladybug with acid. As part of an alliance with the Riddler and Hawk Moth, he's an accessory to the death of Chloé Bourgeois and got his jollies watching Chat Noir's horrified reaction to learning Hawk Moth is his father, Gabriel Agreste. Upon heading back to Gotham City, the Joker and Hawk Moth set Bane loose on the heroes, and after that, he and Hawk Moth ambush the powerless Marinette and Adrien, where he proceeds to rip the Ladybug Miraculous off Marinette's ears and kill Hawk Moth to steal the Cat Miraculous after Hawk Moth stole it from Adrien to get their powers for himself to become a Reality Warper. A sadist, the Joker is a threat to anyone he comes into contact with.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Trap (A Nightmare on Elm Street & Victorious): Freddy Krueger is just as vile here as in canon. Once a pedophile, Freddy discovered he loved the children's fear and moved on to murdering children around Springwood, eventually killing his wife. Years after his last defeat, Freddy returns and kills his daughter Maggie, before killing teenagers across the country. Seeking revenge on his last surviving victim David Vega, Freddy haunts his daughters and their friends. When Tori Vega gets trapped in a coma, Freddy takes great pleasure in chasing down, attacking her and then letting her go repeatedly. He kills Beck by crushing his RV and Robbie by stabbing him through the heart. When Jade and some others enter Tori's nightmare to save her, he tries to trap Jade in limbo with him before finally attempting to drop them and Cat to their deaths. While seemingly defeated, Freddy ends the story by killing Ryder Daniels.
  • Other Gods (Coraline & Cthulhu Mythos): Nyarlathotep, the Nemesis of Humanity and the Crawling Chaos, is the wickedest member of the already malevolent Outer Gods who regards humans as nothing more than vermin to be herded and toys to be broken. Influencing almost all atrocity and tragedy throughout history, like the Sack of Rome and the development of the nuclear bomb, Nyarlathotep's response to the news of Coraline Jones defeating his servant the Beldam is to come to Ashland, brutally murdering Coraline's parents and leaving behind several more brutally slaughtered behind him. Banished from the Earth afterwards, Nyarlathotep unseals the Great Old Ones and has them ravage Earth to cull humanity, killing billions in the ensuing carnage, and even capturing his rival Ulthar to torture him into near non-existence. Finally stopped after possessing the body of Wybie Morat, Nyarlathotep spitefully decides to call Yog-Sothoth to Earth to wipe it all out with his dying breath.
  • Remnant's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure & RWBY): Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri is the most vicious Serial Killer in Vale's history. Having been imprisoned and sentenced to die for a crime wave that began with his robbery and rape of a woman at age 12 and ended with the rape, murder, and dismemberment of three young boys, Angelo is broken out of prison and given a Stand by Torchwick and Cinder, which he uses to eviscerate two men. After being smuggled into Beacon by Torchwick, Angelo kidnaps Koichi and takes him to a water treatment facility, intending to kill Teams RWBY, JNPR, and JOJO when they pursue him and then slowly torture Koichi to death. When Neo rescues Koichi, Angelo attempts to kill them by having his Stand tear them apart from the inside. Despite being only a Villain of the Week, Angelo manages to horrify even seasoned villains such as Torchwick, Neo, and Mercury with his depravity.
  • Revelations In Green And Black (Cthulhu Mythos & Kim Possible): Nyarlathotep is an Outer God allied to the other deities of the Cthulhu Mythos, who has already orchestrated the destruction of billions of universes by summoning the Great Old Ones there. Planning to do the same to the universe of Kim Possible, he reaches out to Team Go, hoping to use their powers as a gateway for the Great Old Ones to enter through. When they refuse, he drives them insane and eventually kills them. He then manipulates Shego into his plan, promising her vengeance against Kim Possible, and then betraying her by turning her into a gateway for Cthulhu, mentally and physically torturing her in the process. When Shego garners the strength to close the gateway opened by him, Nyarlathotep takes away Shego's powers and subjects her to the knowledge that he'll return again, simply to continue mentally tormenting her out of spite.
  • Revival & Loud House: The King in Yellow (Cthulhu Mythos & The Loud House):
    • Revival's Big Bad "Maya Lottie", aka Nyarlathotep, is the most active and personable of the Outer Gods. Having grown bored with the usual games he plays on mankind, he decides to bring an end to existence to give the world a final curtain call. Previously driving an entire town to madness and death, Nyarlathotep devours the family of Patrick Stark, taking the form and alias of his daughter Maya to spite and enslave him. He starts by killing the Loud family dog, and gives Lana the Necronomicon to resurrect him, having her invoke the Old Ones. Attacking the Loud family, Nyarlathotep sets his army onto Royal Woods, killing hundreds alone; drives both Loud parents out of their minds; forcibly takes Leni and Lola's souls to bargain with the Louds, flinging them into space-time; he then summons the pantheon onto the world, slaughtering thousands of people. Nyarlathotep makes a deal with Lincoln to call things off if the latter could save his sisters' souls, not intending to hold his end of the deal if Lincoln wins; he tries to cheat when Lincoln starts to win, summoning Cthulhu to kill the Loud sisters, and forced the Louds into a final confrontation. As he dies, Nyarlathotep's life flashes before their eyes, revealing the great atrocities he was involved in throughout history.
    • Yog-Sothoth is one of the highest-ranking and seemingly omnipotent Outer Gods, who looks down on everyone and sees Nyarlathotep's attempted apocalypse as the time to take the universe back from lesser beings. Yog-Sothoth decides to pick up where Nyarlathotep left off by attempting to destroy the world before being banished, during which he attempts to kill the Loud siblings by erasing them, from youngest to oldest. Returning in the sequel, Yog-Sothoth takes the form of a female humanoid and kills Cthylla by ripping the reincarnated Cthulhu out of her womb. From there Cthulhu—essentially reduced to an innocent child—is raised by Yog-Sothoth to face Hastur; these methods include having the infant Cthulhu constantly attacked and mutilated by monstrosities, always stopping short of death; as well as forcing him to slaughter the loyal, sapient Deep Ones, who raised him as family. Teaming up with the Louds to stop Hastur, when the latter is defeated, Yog-Sothoth reveals his true intentions is to use Cthulhu as a weapon and bring about a new apocalypse of his own.
    • Hastur, from The King in Yellow, the envious and hateful half-brother of Cthulhu, is portrayed as an arrogant but weak god who thinks he's entitled to the world. Seemingly killed when humanity fought back against him, Hastur seeks out Cthulhu's daughter Cthylla, planning to kill her and prevent Cthulhu from interfering with his plans; to that end he wipes out a civilization of Deep Ones trying to protect her. Recovering in Royal Woods, Hastur forcibly twists and mutates helpless victims into his slaves, often killing them at the smallest slight. Hastur plans on spreading his sign across the world to force this fate onto everyone, and recruits Dr. Moist into his plans, needlessly slaughtering his staff. Hastur arranges to have Lisa Loud kidnapped to have her create a device that would broadcast his sign around the world, and tries to drive her mad by revealing his face. When the broadcast begins, that alone causes mass death and destruction; the second part of his plan is to torture Nyarlathotep's daughter Mia into ushering in the pantheon to tear the universe apart.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape (Cthulhu Mythos & My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic): Herald is an avatar of Nyarlathotep and is just as sadistic as all his other incarnations. When he comes across a disgruntled Trixie, he offers her the Neighcronomicon, to which she goes mad with power. He then lures the Cutie Mark Crusaders somewhere secluded so that he can rip out their souls and goads Rainbow Dash into collapsing the building they're in so that Dash thinks she's the reason the Crusaders are catatonic, but not before rendering Twilight hopelessly insane when he registers her as a possible threat. When he reveals himself to the princesses, he uses the Crusaders' souls so they don't try to banish him. He then has his Dark Young henchmen slaughter most of the Royal Guard and, after a few breaking speeches as well as completing his goal of summoning the Outer Gods, he throws the jar containing the Crusaders' souls over a waterfall just to hurt the Mane Six more.
  • Power Rangers: Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown: M. Bison, after being revived by Rita Repulsa after his last defeat, promises her his world in exchange for power. To do this, he uses an army of evil Ranger clones to take over Angel Grove; destroys the original Megazord; and captures and then tortures Ninjor. When Ryu and Chun-Li are brought over from his world, Bison has a group of clones try to attack them, before trying to kill them along with Tommy and Gia with his bare hands. When almost beaten he summons an army of clones to kill the four.
  • The Rise of the Dragon King (Dragon Ball Z & Mortal Kombat): Onaga, the titular Dragon King, and ruler of Outworld, is far more villainous here. His rule was extremely brutal, where he personally slaughtered entire armies and razed villages and cities. After being revived, Onaga acquired the entire Kamidogu, planning to merge them and rule over all the realms. He intervenes in the Otherworld tournament in Goku's dimension, where he unleashes his army to slaughter everyone there. After defeating Goku in their second fight, Onaga tries to absorb his soul to amplify his power, but when he's defeated, he spitefully tries to deny Goku victory by using the Kamidogu to wipe out all of existence and kill everyone.
  • Snow White & Blossom Red (The Powerpuff Girls & Snow White, inspired by the Vocaloid song of the same name): Snow White, aka Bell, began a slow descent towards villainy shortly after her daughter Blossom Red's birth, the latter becoming the "fairest of them all" instead of her mother. Desperate to remain the most beautiful, Snow White began to engage in dark arts, killing young women and maidens at night by slashing their necks before eating their hearts. When her husband found out, she killed him as well. Blaming her now 15-year old for her loss of beauty, Snow White abused her and eventually blinded her. While she was originally every bit the good person she was in the original tale, Snow White eventually became worse than her wicked stepmother.
  • Super Mario Bros. Z (Sonic the Hedgehog & Super Mario Bros.): Turbo Mecha Sonic is a power-hungry lover of destruction who seeks the seven Chaos Emeralds to become a god. Created when Metal Sonic merged with a variety of other Eggman robots, Mecha Sonic instantly betrayed and murdered his creator before crashing the Death Egg into Mobius and going on a killing spree, realizing his taste for death and annihilation. Wiping out nearly all life on Mobius and brutally murdering all of Sonic and Shadow's friends, including the young Tails, Mecha Sonic travels to the Mushroom Kingdom to seek the Chaos Emeralds, killing an innocent Goomba and thrashing Yoshi to obtain his first two of the Emeralds. Later butchering the Axem Rangers to obtain more Emeralds, Mecha Sonic needlessly blows up Yoshi's Island, killing everything on it, with only some of the population saved by the efforts of Sonic and Shadow. Obsessed with both ultimate power and destroying everything in his path, Turbo Mecha Sonic horrifies anyone who crosses paths with him that lives to tell the tale.
  • Three Can Keep a Secret (Gravity Falls & Star vs. the Forces of Evil): Bill Cipher retains his canon crimes and adds to them. Using a spell to come Back from the Dead at the cost of dividing himself into nine weaker pieces, all of which have his personality in full, two of the Bill fragments attempt to kill the Pines family, taunting them with the knowledge of Mabel's deal with him and the knowledge that they intend to destroy the Earth. Another Bill fragment takes over an alien scientist and attempts to destroy all life on multiple planets; jumps to a gas harvesting foreman and attempts to blow up the facility, killing everyone on board and poisoning the environment; and attempts to drain the life force of everyone in a hospital. Three other fragments fuse back together and work to engineer a massive war in Mewni, selling improperly stored weapons to monsters and playing politics, with a bit of terrorism added in, to force other factions into the war. Wanting nothing more than to cause as much death as possible, Bill constantly proves himself to be pure evil.
  • Time Lords and Terror (Doctor Who & My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic): The S'Müz is a being from outside time and space composed of psychokinetic energy, which it refers to as the Light. The S'Müz, feeling all living beings with PKE thieves and unworthy of simply existing, has destroyed whole universes out of spite, but its inability to comprehend time and space hinders it significantly. Discovering the war between the Hervokens and the Carrionites, it manipulated the Hervokens into creating a ritual which would allow it to manifest and drain all life from existence. After the Hervokens stopped work upon discovering its true intentions, a trio of Carrionites took the ritual and escaped to Equestria, Matron Hydia believing she could control it. Upon being summoned the S'Müz proceeded to tear apart and absorb Hydia's soul before absorbing the Doctor's life force. Having been insulted by the Doctor beforehand, it intended to allow his conscious to watch as it drained all of Equestria's life force. A greedy, arrogant and malicious creature hating time and space for petty reasons, the S'Müz was such a threat to all existence that a Hervoken commander considered sacrificing both its race and the Carrionites an acceptable lose to stop it.
  • Total Drama Raptured (BioShock & Total Drama): J.S. Steinman is a plastic surgeon who, like his canon self, becomes a Serial Killer obsessed with his own twisted idea of beauty and perfection. Arriving in Rapture, Steinman would begin to brutally mutilate and murder stray Splicers before he decides to kidnap innocent civilians to perform his surgeries on. During these processes he would use ADAM keep his victims alive and in pain for long periods of time, after slicing their faces off to keep as trophies. The numerous bodies of Steinman's victims can be found at his Medical Pavilion by the time teenagers Cody, Courtney, Gwen, and Noah arrive there with one corpse on his operating table severely mutilated. Steinman also nearly kills the four teens several times and straps Gwen to his operating table where attempts to slice her face off before killing her.
  • Universe Falls (Gravity Falls & Steven Universe): In the crystal falls AU where Homeworld and Earth switch places, Bill Cipher, having long conquered Earth but restricted there, uses the humans to cause suffering throughout the Universe. Becoming a sadistic despot, he has his soldiers capture Dipper Pines and has them torture and eventually downright mutilate the child for years on end. Once Dipper finally got reunited with his family, Bill manipulated the boy's resentment at his family for not searching for him to trick him into a deal. That universe's version of Bill Cipher is just as bad as his main counterpart and a truly horrific monstrous tyrant.
  • Wandering Pilot (Neon Genesis Evangelion & Queen's Blade): Melona is the The Dragon to the Swamp Witch, but outstrips her in depravity. Her very first act is to supposedly pull a Villainous Rescue on Shinji, only to reveal she had been sent to kidnap him by her mistress. Upon learning that he is in a relationship with Leina Vance, she rapes and castrates him out of spite. When his Healing Factor causes him to recover instantly, she imprisons him in a cave, starving and raping him—both physically and mentally—for nearly two weeks while also inflicting fatal injuries upon him since they won't kill him. After he escapes, she develops an obsession with killing everyone he holds dear and forcing him to watch, while also intending to recapture him and completely mentally break him into being her Sex Slave. In between these acts, she also commits other crimes using her shapeshifting powers; such as impersonating the pope so she can rape the nuns; and serving as an Evil Chancellor to Queen Claudette, giving her bad advice and encouraging her to rule despotically. Her worst atrocity comes in the penultimate chapter: After capturing Echidna, she forces the elf to reveal that she is pregnant with Shinji's child, then gruesomely extracts the fetus—by shoving her hand down Echidna's throat and pulling it out through her mouth—and eats it, sadistically declaring that it had developed enough to have a gender.
  • We're All Mad Here (The Powerpuff Girls characters in the setting of Alice: Madness Returns): Butch is a far cry from his portrayal in canon. Originally known as the Jabberwocky, Butch grew obsessed with Buttercup and wanted to have her for himself. Leaving Wonderland and arriving on Earth under the guise of a benevolent psychiatrist named Dr. Jojo, Butch burned down Buttercup's house and killed her sisters and father because the latter prevented him from courting Buttercup. Under the pretense of helping her, Dr. Jojo then took Buttercup as her ward, where he had complete control over her, and from there decided to destroy Wonderland, Buttercup's fantasy world, in order to completely break and claim her. Completely destroying Buttercup's sanity in Wonderland by showing her the truth about her family's death and taunting her about it, Butch then takes her home with him, getting away with his deeds.
  • Weight of the World (Hetalia: Axis Powers & RWBY):
    • Cinder Fall is one of Salem's henchmen. She attacked Amber (Vale) and took part of her Aura, leaving her comatose but aware and unable to interact with the waking world. She successfully causes Grimm to invade Vale during the Vytal Festival by orchestrating the Accidental Murder of Penny Polendina at the hands of Pyrrha Nikos. Possessing part of Vale's Aura gives Cinder an empathic connection with the Kingdom of Vale's people, which means she feels echoes of their emotions. Usually this connection causes the personification distress like a part of themselves are being hurt, but Cinder is the opposite. She relishes in the pain and terror she causes during the fall of Beacon. Upon realizing America has part of Vale's Aura, she hunts him down with the intent of torturing him to death for daring to "steal" part of the power that's "owed to her". She is defeated by Canada but remains unrepentant for everything she's done. Her attempt to stab him in the back fails and he kills her.
    • Atlas (Ciel Soleil) is the personification of the Kingdom of Atlas. After Vale was attacked by Cinder and left comatose, Atlas sought out a personification to put her Aura into in order to prevent the rest from going to Cinder. She kidnapped America and Canada, imprisoning and torturing the twins to test which one was more "worthy" of getting a Remnant personification's Aura. After the fall of Beacon, Atlas opens the Transformation Institute, a facility that brainwashes her people, and throws hundreds of citizens in there. When America confronts Atlas in the Institute and refuses to surrender to her, she threatens to break all of his bones and to have her men rape him. Later, she stabs America repeatedly while he's protecting Ruby and Weiss, pinning his injuries on Ironwood. She later selfishly unlocks the Relic of Creation and teams up with Emerald and Watts in order to kill Canada. Despite claiming that what she does is "for the good of Remnant", Atlas truly only cares about boosting her own ego, and sees everyone—even her own citizens—as being disposable.
    • The ex-soldier is a Torture Technician who was hired by Atlas in case they needed to "encourage" America and Canada to work with them. After Mantle's Aura was forced into Canada in what was essentially "Soul Rape", the ex-soldier was one of the two to drag him back to his cell. He strikes Canada for laughing hysterically from the pain and would have continued to beat him if another guard had not stopped him. The ex-soldier is fired when America and Canada escape, and is hired by Doctor Polendina to be one of America's guards when he is recaptured with the intent of resurrecting Penny. When America does not do what Polendina wants, the soldier tortures him by carving the word "Sacrifice" into his back until it scars and then keeps coming back to do it over and over again for at least a month. He even convinces the other guards to assist with torturing America—something they normally don't do. Even though he has a brief appearance, the ex-soldier is responsible for torturing America for nearly two months and giving America PTSD—all of which he did for his own amusement.
  • With Apologies to Harlan Ellison (Team Fortress 2 universe in the style of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream): The Announcer is a sadistic computer put in charge of managing the battles between the RED and BLU teams, but it grew disdainful of humans and captured both teams, executing every member in the latter. She then lies to the RED team that it wiped out the rest of humanity in a nuclear apocalypse and decides to torture them for 113 years. During that time, the Announcer rips out Scout's tongue; experiments on Heavy and Medic by once fusing them together; blinds Demoman repeatedly; torments Soldier to total insanity; and changes the form of Spy constantly, subjecting him to extensive physical torture. Eventually, the Announcer entertains herself by presenting them with Pyro, who's been turned into a woman. She tries to get them to kill each other for the right to rape and procreate with Pyro in the hopes of repopulating the Earth, as well as blinding Demoman again when he curses the Announcer. When Engineer kills the rest of the RED team to free them from their torture, the Announcer reveals that she never eradicated humanity, making Engineer's efforts for nothing and emotionally destroying him one more time.

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