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kingvideogames King me from SOMEWHERE down in Fullertown; don’t know where.. Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
King me
Sep 18th 2018 at 7:28:24 PM

@Cirno, have something about Peacock has a similar color scheme to her.

And yeah, Extrovert Flaws is a good place for her.

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Indeed; this is going in the King Of All Cosmo’s Katamari Collection
nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
Sep 19th 2018 at 7:41:28 AM

EDIT: All right. I'll just go on ahead and put her back, then.

Rework Mode

I'll need some serious help in reworking Odio. There's a lot to do, unless you guys think there can be some other candidate.

Odio, God of Evil By Expectation (Demon King Odio, O-D-O, Odi Wang Lee, Ode Iou, O. Dio, Odie Oldbright, Odeo, OD-10, Oersted)
Odio comes in many forms.
Odi Wang Lee 
Ode Iou 
O. Dio 
Odie Oldbright 
OD- 1 O 
Odio's face 
Pure Odio 
  • Rivals:
    • O-D-O:
    • Odi Wang Lee:
    • Ode Iou:
    • O. Dio:
    • Odie Oldbright:
    • Odeo:
    • OD-10:
    • Oersted:
  • Enemies: Nearly every human-like deity, Orobomaru, Anyone who fell far like he did ''yet still has faith in humanity (e.g. Ky Kiske, Siegfried Schtauffen, and Soldier: 76, Sans
    • O-D-O:
    • Odi Wang Lee:
    • Ode Iou:
    • O. Dio:
    • Odie Oldbright: All non-evil aligned martial artist deities, especially Sagat
    • Odeo:
    • OD-10: All Good-aligned robot deities, AUTO
    • Oersted:
  • Pities: Homura Akemi (Oersted only)
  • Once, he (as Oersted the Knight) was one of the champions of mankind. But mankind instead put him through such an emotional wringer and crushed all his hopes and faith, and thus Odio was born.
  • Has many forms, one for each of the eight time periods where his presence is at the strongest. Together, they serve as his symbol and as his different avatars, all of which can and do appear at the same time as a testament to his power.
  • Applies to Odio:
    • Despite having the official rank of Greater God, Odio has the ability to destroy all of space and time with the Armageddon spell, which is an Overdiety-level power. It's unclear why he only uses this power under certain circumstances, but one theory proposed by the heroes of Odio's universe is that fundamentally, Odio is still Oersted on the inside, and may still have just enough humanity to hold back his true power. Of course, with all the other Greater and Overdeities in the Pantheon, this is easily reversible.
    • Due to his time-space existences, he seems to have some kind of ability to cross in other worlds; due to that he's also often seen hanging around in the House of Time & Space.
    • He's more than glad to point out fellow deities who have been through similar problems, as if to prove his point.
      • He has taken interest in Sasuke Uchiha due to being a former good guy who powers up by using hatred. At least, until Sasuke reformed back.
      • He can't seem to figure out why Soldier:76 won't just turn out like him after all the betrayals he got. Their stories were so similar, and he could use an extra ally… The good Oersted is instead hoping that 76 won't end up like him.
    • He has certainly not overlooked The Great Upheaval and how it involved a Determinator hero causing evil and chaos, effectively causing her to become that's world devil, due to the good intentions behind her actions.
  • Applies to more than one of his forms:
    • As a whole, his current loyalities lie with Melkor, though his Apocalypse spell has drawn Nekron's attention. Also, OD-10 seems to be at home with the GUAM, though they are keeping an eye on her due to the rest's allegiance to Melkor.
  • Exclusive to O-D-O:
  • Exclusive to Odi Wang Lee:
  • Exclusive to Ode Iou:
  • Exclusive to O. Dio:
  • Exclusive to Odie Oldbright:
    • He's best interpreted as a more brutal version Of Sagat even prior to his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Exclusive to Odeo:
  • Exclusive to OD-10:
  • Exclusive to Oersted:
    • He was once old friends with fellow deities (knight-like ones) Ky Kiske and Siegfried Schtauffen, and envies how they didn't fall as hard as him.
  • '"As long as there is hatred, anyone can become a demon."'

I'd repost Lan and MegaMan, but Hotman X 32 has taken custody of that, and I don't know what else I should add for Odio's profile.

[down][down]I guess I just wanted to be absolutely sure. Then again, I think I did the same with the Enforcers. But then I was told sometime down the line to use the restructure thread.

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If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here
Sep 19th 2018 at 10:42:39 AM

[up] [tup] for Cordelia.

Strike Laser Claw!!
fasoman1996 Angry pure boi from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Angry pure boi
Sep 19th 2018 at 10:46:59 AM

[up][up] Why does she need reworking? Can't you add the flavour texts that are missing?

OW 2 hypemon
Sep 19th 2018 at 9:03:06 PM

[up][up][up]Like what Faso said, you really thought reworking her is necessary?

Fire Emblem Heroes Code: 4547311645
Sep 20th 2018 at 3:39:02 PM

Fredrik again. Anything more to add or fix? Otherwise, does this rework look good to go?

Lord Fredrik, God of Evil Walruses (The Snowmad King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Snowmad Emblem, and his horn
  • Theme Music: Volcano Dome
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil, Fighting Ruler, Agility in Spite of his Girth, Wielding a Magical Horn, summoning ice dragons with said horn, Endless Winter
  • Domains: Conquest, Ice, Walruses, Vikings
  • Heralds: The Snowmads
  • Allies: Bashmaster, King Hippo
  • Rivals: King K. Rool, Arthas Menethil, Jadis
  • Enemies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Elsa, Ymir the Tusk, The Lost Vikings, Popo & Nana
  • Lord Fredrik is the leader of the Snowmads, an army of animals that seeks to conquer anything that gets in their way. Armed with a magical horn that can summon ice dragons and freeze anything in its path, Fredrik initially took over Donkey Kong Island, but was defeated by the Kongs after the apes managed to make their way back to their home. While the Snowmads have some walruses in their army, Fredrik is very agile and powerful, befitting his status as leader.
  • It was just another normal day in the Pantheon as Pinkie Pie was getting ready for another party, presumably for someone's birthday. The festivities got interrupted by a lone snowflake that somehow extinguished the candle, much to Pinkie Pie's surprise. She and the other partygoers went outside to see what was going one and saw a few ships on the horizon and an ice dragon heading their way. All the partygoers got blown away as the ice dragon not only froze the place they were in, but a few others as well. It took the effort of a few deities, including the Kong Krew, to undo the damages, but by then Lord Fredrik, the one responsible, had already settled down and was already making plans for his next steps.
  • There's an intense rivalry between him and King K. Rool when it comes to who gets to go after the Kong Krew. K. Rool is furious about Fredrik being able to take over Kong Island without much effort, even if it was only temporary. Fredrik thinks that K. Rool is trying way too hard given the Kremling's tendacies to rely on different disguises and schemes that ultimately amount to nothing. If Fredrik or K. Rool aren't going after the Kong Krew, then there's a strong chance that the two are fighting each other's respective armies.
  • Fredrik managed to strike up a decent friendship with King Hippo, a portly king with great strength much like Fredrik. One time, the walrus managed to watch a boxing match between King Hippo and Donkey Kong and afterwards, Fredrik learned that King Hippo tried to attempt to cover his weakness a few times. This led to the walrus getting ideas on making sure the Kong Krew will have a much harder time fighting him again when it happens.
  • Elsa has nothing but contempt towards Fredrik. It's one thing to unintentionally cause an Endless Winter as a result of not being able to control ice powers, but to deliberately use it in such a dangerous way such as what Fredrik did with his horn is far worse, especially considering that Fredrik has some degree of royalty given his title. Fredrik hasn't taken Elsa seriously for the time being, but won't hesitate to fight against her if the time calls for it.
  • Jadis is another ice-centric royal figure that Fredrik has fought gotten into some fights against, though some of it is partially due to her selfishness. Jadis having a spell that can practically destroy the world, alongside having another that can petrify opposing forces caused Fredrik to see her as a potential obstacle in his conquests.
  • The Lost Vikings were originally minding their own business when all of a sudden, they encountered some animals wearing viking helmets. As the trio made their way through fighting these enemies, they eventually came across Lord Fredrik and were surprised to see that animal vikings were a thing. The walrus didn't take them seriously to say the least, and the trio is upset that someone like him would perform dangerous actions with his army and power. A quick skirmish resulted in the Lost Vikings retreating and Fredrik warning them not to see him ever again.
  • Despite being fairly powerful royalty with control over ice, there's a lot of friction between Fredrik and Arthas. The power gap between them is also very drastic, especially with what Arthas is capable of against Fredrik's girth and magic horn. A confrontation between the two ended extremely poorly for the walrus, especially since he wasn't prepared for Arthas' army while trying to take over the latter's place.
  • Upon finding out that there was another walrus present in the Pantheon, Fredrik decided to seek him out, hoping that he would be useful in trying to defeat the Kong Krew. Ymir the Tusk's ice powers were something that definitely got Fredrik's attention once he caught up to him and Fredrik tried talking to Ymir about joining him and using his powers to defeat Donkey Kong and his allies. However, Ymir had no interest at all in helping out Fredrik and a very icy fight ensued between the two. The two have harbored a significant grudge towards each other since that scuffle.
  • After his initial defeat by the Kong Krew, Donkey Kong used Fredrik's horn to undo the damages caused by the walrus. Fredrik wasn't told about it until after his arrival in the Pantheon and was enraged by this revelation of how his horn could not only be used by others, but could have other elemental properties depending on its potential user. He has made it a point to keep the horn tightly secured under his control and to prevent anyone from trying to steal it.

fasoman1996 Angry pure boi from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Angry pure boi
Sep 21st 2018 at 6:52:58 AM


Fire Emblem Heroes Code: 4547311645
Sep 22nd 2018 at 1:44:43 PM

Alright, is there anything else to add here?

Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, Dual Gods of Unwanted Teamwork (Kyo: Scion of the Flame, Iori: Unbridled Instinct, Miss X; as Wild Iori: Orochi Iori, Tsuki no Yoru Orochi no Chi ni Kurufu Iori/Insane Iori with Blood of Orochi Under the Night of the Moon)
  • Lesser Gods (Iori becomes Intermediate under the Riot of Blood)
  • Symbols: The Kusanagi Sun crossed with the Yagami Moon.
  • Theme Song: Remix of "ESAKA?" (Kyo); "Arashi no Saxophone 2", Control Crisis when under the Riot of Blood, VS Miss X as Miss X (Iori).
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Kyo); Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil when under the Riot of Blood (Iori)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Rivalries, Fire, Destiny (Defied).
  • Allies: Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Ryu, Ken Masters, John Cena, Randy Orton, Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha... the list goes on.
  • Rivals: Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri, J.D. and Turk, Recca Hanabishi
  • Enemies: Rugal Bernstein, Light Yagami, Billy Kane (the latter two for Iori).
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Leona Heidern and Chizuru Kagura (Iori)
  • The two fighters have shared a temple with each other for so long that not even they remember how they ended up with each other as both would have gladly taken different positions. What matters is that Kyo and Iori represent those characters who team up (willingly or forcefully) in order to take on a task neither of them can take on alone. It just so happens that this has happened to them a lot.
  • They're constantly fighting each other. Reasons may vary between things. But should they team up, asses will be kicked. Why, ask Orochi for details.
    • Tensions did simmer down a bit with the arrival of Chizuru. It is often her who gets the two to settle their differences against a common enemy, most notable against Orochi. While the trio successfully banished their version of the monster from the Pantheon, there is still the matter of dealing with another in a different world. Kyo has recently accused her of bias due to... unresolved tension with Iori. Not one to make friends, Iori violently refused such an thing exists.
  • There has been plenty of comparisons to go with in the world of fighting games, from Ryu and Ken to Scorpion and Sub-Zero. It's actually one of the few cases where the two agree to work together. Neither fighter wants to be the one responsible of losing against them.
    • The two are more familiar facing the former due to joining in on a few crossover games. Kyo called dibs on Ken while Iori settled for wiping the smirk off Ken's face.
  • Outside of that realm, there were plenty of other duos who seek advice from them. The most prominent being Naruto and Sasuke. The two make a great team... if they don't end up fighting each other. But things calmed down as they reached adulthood. Now, they have grown to tolerate each other.
  • Both fighters can sympathize with that Drizzt had to do in order to stay in the Pantheon. The drow had to allow his eternal rival Artemis into the Pantheon and share a temple with him. It took a lot of adjustments in order for the new partnership to stay stable. Still, the two groups have been competing for followers into their temples. They even come to blows though it is usually for charity.
  • Also competes with the likes of J.D. and Turk though for different reasons. The two doctors are responsible for helping rivals to become good friends instead. As such, Kyo and Iori strive to keep their followers motivated against their rivals.
  • Exclusive to Kyo
    • Kyo is a notorious individual in the Pantheon Academy, for his record of skipping classes, which is nearly everytime. Yet despite this, he's a pretty chill guy to hang around and is in no way a bully. In fact, he spends as much time beating them down as he does spending time in class.
      • It was a joyous occasion for him when a God of Japanese Delinquents was finally chosen. He was quick to make friends with Daigo Kazama. Despite his darker tendencies, the two can be seen together frequently.
      • Things quickly went sour when a God of bullies was also chosen. Not only was a disappointment that such a title was given in the first place, but also that Biff wasn't much to sneeze at in the fighting department. Still, that meant a lot more bullies for him and
    • Don't insult his girlfriend Yuki, or he will burn you to crisps. The fact that rabid fangirls insult Yuki to death is considered unforgiven.
    • Rugal still holds a grudge for Kyo handing him both his defeats as well as his life. His hatred was even enough to appear in 2002 as vengeance.
    • Kyo had sought to face Recca on multiple occasions. This was both in order to test his abilities as well as to see if he could dethrone the God of Fire of his title. As neither participant is immune to flames, their bouts are an exciting spectacle. So far, Recca has won on all of his occasions, but Kyo has sought to keep getting stronger.
  • Exclusive to Iori:
    • It comes to the surprise of everyone that he is actually a pacifist. But once one makes an observation of the character, he never seems to be the one who starts fights. It's usually an idiot trying to poke the bear and get him to fight. It only takes a minute to realize how much of a mistake that was before Iori sends his opponents running away in fear. Kenshin took it up for himself to help Iori keep his emotions in check.
    • Leona is another character who deals with the Orochi mark inside her. With the two in the Pantheon, some of their followers have hoped the two can hook up. Both fighters were quick to shoot that down.
    • If anyone's assuming, while he damn well won't be having any chat time with him anytime sooner or later, Iori is not related to Light Yagami, but will still beat him for stealing his laughter. That, and Iori really looks down on Light for being a coward who isn't worthy of holding the surname Yagami, only killing people with a notebook rather than his bare hands.
    • If there was anyone who is around that has grievance with Iori, that would be Billy Kane. You see after the first King of Fighters tournament, he and the ninja Eiji needed one more partner to qualify. The two ended up picking Iori. After an initial success, the red haired one went berserk, crippling Billy and killing Eiji. Billy has sworn revenge for the betrayl ever since.
    • Iori was once asked what he was trying to gain by posing as a woman and hosting an all female fighter tournament. He has yet to give a reply for that.
  • Kyo: "My flames are beckoning you!" Iori: "Then burn out bravely!"

Zatanna Zatara, Goddess of Wizards Disguised as Magicians (Zatanna, The Mistress of Magic, Zee)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Magician Hat with the letter "Z" in it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Wizards-as-Magicians, Magician Detectives, Women Who Provide Fanservice, Lack of Secret Identity, Always Wearing Stocking Filler, Hot Witches, Escapists, Backward Magic Words.
  • Domains: Sorcery, Stage Magic, Legacy, Fanservice, Superheroics.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Former Enemy: John Constantine, Draco Malfoy, Trixie.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi.
  • Out of the superheroes in the Pantheon, Zatanna Zatara is one of the most peculiar examples. Unlike most superheroes, people not only know her secret identity but also uses it for a profit. That hasn't stopped for from fighting crime or joining the Justice League. The magician was honored to be among her peers and providing a legacy that matches that of her late father.
    • Was previously deemed for the God of Stage Magic, but an upstager named Oscar Diggs snuck under her to claim it. However, Oz is impressed with her welcome and they're good friends. They occasionally work together in show magic in conjunction or to one-up one another.
    • She also has to compete with Barney Stinson, who would very much prefer the company of villains. But unlike Oscar, she is usually able to outstage him.
  • Is well known amongst her peers in The DCU, but a few stand out:
    • The one with the most history with her is John Constantine. The two have dated various times, with Zatanna wondering how she ended up roped up with him every time. Yet she does admit he has a style that is irresistible. Otherwise, the two team-up in many occult missions, most notably when they formed their own superhero team.
    • Is also good friends with psychic Madame Xanadu. Of course things are complicated with Constantine because Xanadu hates his guts. Expect her to be mediator whenever the two are together.
    • She has been familiar with the Swamp Thing since the days of working under her father. This culminated with their teamwork in Justice League Dark.
    • Is part of Batman's long list of lovers. Having known each other from childhood, the two are usually on good terms with each other. The Dark Knight tends to turn to her whenever magic is involved in his cases.
      • The one time when they had a falling out was in one case when she decided to wipe Dr. Light's memories. When Batman refused to go through with it, she wiped his mind too. This extended to other members of the villain world, Catwoman among them. This caused a bunch of problems down the road that ended with Batman dismissing her. While the two heroes made up, Catwoman has yet to forgive her for the Mind Rape. This rivalry is further complicated with Selina's own feeling for Bruce. Zee was forced to place a restraining order on Catwoman to prevent further beatings. She does hope that the two can resolve their differences one day.
    • As a fellow fan of fishnets, she has a natural bond with Black Canary. The two make a good fit; Canary works great up close while Zee can wreck havoc from afar. Some villains joke that the two can be neutralized the same way by having them Bound and Gagged. Zatanna countered that she has ways around it; she's a skilled escape artist. Even then, she has a red belt in Martian Karate and has shown ways to use her magic without her mouth.
  • Zatanna sees herself as the DC representative of magical superheroes. This has pit her in the company of Doctor Strange. While flatted with her presence, their relationship is mainly platonic.
  • While she can technically cast multiple forms of magic, her main focus is that of somatic black magic, making her a typical Lady of Black Magic. As such, she had allied herself with Jaina Proudmore. She also came to the blonde's aid when she went through some rough times in her world.
  • Now in the Pantheon, she has extended her heroics against other sorcerers in the Pantheon. Among the ones that has set their eyes on her are Quan Chi and Shinnok, both of which are wary of her powerful magic.
  • She took a softer method when it came to Draco Malfoy. Initially angry with what he has done, she felt a bit of pity of what he went through in life. Eventually, she went over to tutor the man in the ways of magic. She figured this would be the best way to steer him away from the teachings of Voldemort.
  • Nine the Phantom employs many enemy magical supervillains that Zee has to fight against in her world. And yet Zatanna has yet to be able to pin her alignment. She understands the witch's desire to make amends with her daughter, but she could not condone her current actions in doing so.
  • Appeared in an alternate universe, where Superman jumped the slippery slope and becomes a tyrant who reigns with iron hand. In said universe, she keeps prisoners in the Tower of Fate after the Regime's downfall when a jury recommends the death penalty. She didn't take it well.
    • She's not happy to see said version of Superman in the Pantheon. Fortunately, the Superman she knows best is still a reliable teammate.
  • Has taken note not to go anywhere near Lord Tirek. While her magic is word-based, there is still the chance that the unicorn could absorb that talent from her.
    • Also among those in the My Little Pony universe, she had been bugged by Trixie to become a protege. Knowing that the pony only wanted to use that skill to overthrow Twilight Sparkle, Zee refused. It was only after Trixie had a bit of a change of heart that Zatanna reluctantly agreed to show her a couple tips.
  • "Magic is easy like one... two... three!"

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Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Sep 23rd 2018 at 3:55:09 PM

So I've been busy collecting profiles but I wanted to share my first draft of The Three Stooges rework. Let me know what you guys think and what can be improve upon.

The Three Stooges, Members  Gods of Hitting People with Pies (Moses Horwitz, Louis Feinberg, Samuel Horwitz, Jerome Horwitz, Joe Besser, Joseph Wardell)
Moe, Curly and Larry

Time to explore the world!
nightelf37 The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker from Hadithi (it's Swahili for 'story') Relationship Status: Brony
The Keyblade, Mermaid, and Pony Seeker
Sep 23rd 2018 at 7:04:48 PM

[tup] for Zatanna once you add Trixie Lulamoon as a rival, and maybe as a protégé.

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here
Sep 23rd 2018 at 9:15:58 PM

[up][up]You better change Click to whoever you are specifying.

Fire Emblem Heroes Code: 4547311645
Muundeis Just Kidding Simmons from punishing myself for listening to Clean Bandit. Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
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Sep 24th 2018 at 7:44:49 AM

@Patrick: [tup]s for your profiles! Zatanna should be enemies with Lord Tirek, who power of draining mana proves troubling for her.

Mizerous Fallen Maiden from Remnant Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Fallen Maiden
Sep 25th 2018 at 3:13:08 PM

@Zatanna Mention something about Natsu or Zeref and [tup] from me.

Burning with revenge.
Sep 27th 2018 at 12:12:16 AM

I was given permission to merge them since they have the same trope:

Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat, Divine Triumvirate of Dragons (Io: The Ninefold Dragon, The Concordant Dragon, The Great Eternal Wheel, Swallower of Shades, Creator of Dragonkind, World-Shaper, Sire of All Creation, Asgorath, Bahamut: The Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons, Grandfather of Dragons, Lord of the North Wind, the Dragon King, Justicemaker, Draco Paladin, Xymor, Tiamat: The Chromatic Dragon, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, the Avaricious, the Dragon Queen, Nemesis of the Gods, the Dark Lady, Queen of Chaos, the Undying Queen, Bane of Bahamut, the Primeval Mother, Takhisis, Lotan)
Clockwise from top left, Io, Bahamut, Tiamat
  • Overdeity (Io), Greater Deities (Bahamut, Tiamat)
  • Symbol: A multicolored metallic disk (Io), A star above a milky nebula or A blue shield with a white dragon's head (Bahamut), A five-headed dragon representing the primary Chromatic Dragon types (Tiamat)
  • Theme song: Dragon Lord's Requiem (Battle with Tiamat) (Tiamat)
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Io), Lawful Good (Bahamut), Lawful Evil (Tiamat)
  • Portfolio: Dragonkind
  • Domains: Dragon (All), Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Travel, Wealth, Spell (Io), Law, Good, Protection, Light (Bahamut), Destruction, Evil, Greed, Hatred, Law, Scalykind, Trickery, Tyranny (Tiamat)
  • Followers: ALL Dragons
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Rivals: Smaug (Tiamat)
  • Herald: Aasterinian (Io)
  • Io is the progenitor of dragonkind, all dragons that exist in the multiverse, including his children exist in some manner thanks to him. Melkor claims to have created dragons but in actuality his were simply corrupted versions of Io's dragons. He reclaimed his seat from his son Bahamut when the House of Dragons was formed. Or, to be precise, Bahamut called dad because he needed experienced help dealing with a large amount of dragons with vastly different personalities (and sanity levels). While Io rules dragonkind, Bahamut and Tiamat rule the good and evil members respectively.
  • Io has little love for Ornstein, due to him making a living off of hunting dragons. It's the one thing Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat can agree on unanimously.
  • Exclusive to Io:
    • Io's true form is unfathomably large; it is said the largest dragon who ever lived is no bigger than a single one of his scales. He can, and does, appear as any age or breed of dragon, however.
    • Io, for the most part, cares for nothing but his children, dragonkind, as a whole. If an individual dragon jeopardizes the safety of the draconic races, he will oppose it. He prefers to remain aloof from conflicts between dragons, however.
    • It is said by his priests that Io existed before the Shadow Void, which is known to us as the multiverse. He existed in the First Void, the hidden domain of pre-creation. And, if they are to be believed, Io existed alone in the First Void until he shed some of his own blood and created the potential for other things to come into being.
    • He has nothing to do with that Io, so please tell the Radiant Heroes to stop bugging him. It's getting on his nerves.
    • Due to being the primordial dragon, the original, the Alpha, Io has the unique station amongst Dragons. Because of this, Io has command of all dragons, mattering not if they're a deity. Which is one of the main reasons why he's the overall leader of the House of Dragons, as no matter how strong a dragon deity thinks they are, they still answer to Io.
    • Io is slow to act, and even slower to anger, (except when Dragonkind itself is in danger) due to his habit of thinking out any action carefully in advance, he is however a truly terrible sight to behold when angered. One particular facet of his power is his breath: All dragons have a breath weapon, Io has all breath weapons and may use them all at once. The specifics: Fire, Sleep Gas, Repulsion Gas, Lightning, Acid, Slowing Gas, Combustible Gas, Ice, Paralyzation Gas, Flaywind sand, Caustic Ooze, Corrosive Gas, Psychotropic Vapor, Force, Blinding Light, Deafening Sound, Panicking Sound, Dehydration, Freezing Crystals, Pulsing magnetic energy, Superheated sparks, Sleep Gas, Superheated Sand, White-hot fire, Hold monster Gas, Razor-sharp thorns, Dismissal effect, Scouring Dust, Sonic energy, Fear Gas, Confusion Gas, Poisonous Insanity vapors, Antithetical energy, Whitefire, Ectoplasm, Inebriation Gas, Apathy Gas, Howling sound, Maddening wails, Tranquility Gas, Pyroclastic, Disintegration, Rusting liquid, Stupefying Gas, Disruptive force, Will-sapping Gas, Sludge, Energy-draining shadows, Electrically-charged Gas, Incarnum energy, Sun Blast, Prismatic Spray, Poison, Elemental energy, Strength-draining Gas, and Negative Energy.
    • Acnologia attempted to usurp Io's position by using his ability to absorb all magic to No-Sell his Breath Weapon alongside his Dragon Slayer Magic. Io just threw him through a mountain in response.
    • Despite viewing all dragons as his children, there are some... problem ones. He does not approve of what Deathwing has done to Azeroth, as not only was it jeopardizing the world itself, it was also endangering the Dragonflights, and lead to the near-extinction of the Black Dragonflight.
    • Creatures that look like dragons, but aren't really dragons, are not his descendants, and more often than not annoy him.
  • Exclusive to Bahamut:
    • Some dragons, sadly, have taken to the path of evil. Bahamut is always on the watch for their actions and will take wing to combat them if they get out of control, but mostly leaves other beings to their own matters.
    • Bahamut governs his throne with several aides created by others in his image, including Paladine, another dragon named Bahamut, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Seven golden dragons guard the entrance to his throne.
    • Upon learning of the Dovahkiin's ascension, he immediately arranged for a third party to very carefully explain he was not evil and had no intention of pissing said Dragonborn off. Thankfully, the Dovahkiin got the message and agreed to live and let live so far.
    • You do NOT want to be near him when his eyes are dark blue, as it’s a warning sign that he's pissed off. Anyone who tries to provoke Bahamut in this state ends up as either a bloody smear on the floor, reduced to ash by his primary Breath Weapon, or a popsicle via his secondary Breath Weapon.
    • Very fond of polymorphing into something seemingly weak and defenseless to bait evil people into attacking him. It never ends well as the aggressor receives the wrath of eight (including himself) angry dragons as their reward.
    • One of his greatest rivals is Shinryu. While Shinryu desires Bahamut's throne, the king believes Shinryu to be one of the most powerful evil dragons in the multiverse. It is said when the final battle of good and evil occurs, the skies will be torn asunder by lightning and fire as they battle for dominance of dragonkind. He has found another enemy in the form of Grima.
    • Became fast friends with Alexstrasza as they had quite a lot in common.
    • Despite being allies with him, Bahamut has mixed feelings for Issei: he knows he's a really good person at heart, but is mortified by the fact that he's called the Chichiryuutei due to his perversion. Nonetheless, the two still remain good friends no matter what.
    • Has nothing but contempt for the self-proclaimed Dragon King Acnologia, seeing him as nothing more than an usurper who took it over the corpses of his fellow dragons, many of them innocent. This only increased when he learned that he Was Once a Man, which means he doesn't even have the honor of being among the dragons birthed from his father, Io. As such, Bahamut would have no objections to putting an end to the Black Dragon's rampages personally if he gets out of hand.
    • Those who prey upon the weak and defenseless are his Berserk Button, which is why he has joined with Alexstrasza to protect Madoka in the Pantheonic Rebellion. He has ordered all 5 of his dragon flights and his aides to the defense front while he and his retinue fight in the Deep Strike front.
  • Exclusive to Tiamat:
    • Tiamat is the five-headed queen of the evil chromatic dragons. She has one head for each of the most common colors of chromatic dragon (Black, Blue, Green, Red, White), and each head has the powers of a member of the respective race of dragonkind.
    • Tiamat had an immediate enemy in Squall Leonhart, as he did battle against one of her Avatars.
      • Optimus Prime also made her an enemy of his due to her once sounding like Megatron. Though it was also pointed out that Prime sounded like the other villain in the cartoon. He chooses to ignore that.
    • Tiamat HATES Alexstrasza, seeing her as a shameful excuse for a Red Dragon, and focused too much on others rather than survival. Alexstrasza in response views Tiamat as a ruthless despot, one who focuses on plans to subjugate and control as opposed to aiding others. Tiamat thanked Alexstrasza for restating the obvious. Another reason is their differing views on the mortal races. Alexstrasza views them as having incredible potential that should be nurtured. They've turned their short lived nature into the drive behind their greatest strength. Tiamat however, views the mortal races as merely pawns at best, and food at worst. Another reason is that Bahamut dared to mistake Alexstrasza for her. An insult like that, Tiamat will never forget, nor forgive.
      • Due to this, the sisters Alexstrasza and Ysera attempted to do battle with Tiamat. The combined strength of the Green and Red Wyrms was great, and sundered the surrounding area. But Tiamat is a crafty dragon, and didn't get to her station through a lack of cunning. As suddenly as the battle started between the three She-Wyrms, Tiamat revealed her four other heads. Acid and Corrosive gas struck Ysera, while Lightning and Ice buffeted Alexstrasza. The combined might of Tiamat's five heads drove the twin Dragon Aspects off, though all three suffered injuries. To both themselves and their pride.
    • Tiamat has a mostly friendly, if cool, relationship with King Ghidorah. Their relationship is mostly because of their shared trait of multiple heads.
    • Has a rather positive relationship with Acnologia. Despite having once been human, she believes he is the very definition on what a true dragon should be: Proud, feared, battle-ready, and uncaring for the mortal races. It helps to the fact that he considers her a Worthy Opponent and is content with leaving her with her title... for now. Some wonder, more seriously than others, if their relationship isn't just suffering from Unresolved Sexual Tension though...
      • She also looks favorably on Deathwing, laughing with relish when she learned about his entrance across Azeroth as well as the grief he gives to Alextrasza and Ysera. Some believe that if it weren't for his... condition, she'd gladly mate with him.

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@The Three Stooges, maybe some interaction with the other comedy group, The Impractical Jokers?

Indeed; this is going in the King Of All Cosmo’s Katamari Collection
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Welp. Time to rework one of my own profiles.

Quote and Curly Brace, Conquerors of the Bonus Level From Hell (Quote: Mister Traveler, Soldier From The Surface, Curly: Mimiga Ally, Ally of the Mimigas)
Curly Brace

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here
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Remember, profiles that merge a couple of deities or adds a new character to an already existing profile can be worked on the main thread

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@Ferot:[tup] for the dragons.

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[tup] @the dragons

Cue the show! Zatanna is officially back in business.

@Three Stooges. I can see a rivalry with the Seinfeld group over who is the funniest group in history.

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Redoing Lady Shiva

Sandra Wu-San, Patron Goddess of Asian-Themed Villainesses (Lady Shiva, Sandra Woosan/Woo-San/Wusan (formerly), Jade Canary, The Paper Monkey, Tengu/Tengu Mask, Master Woman, Agent Silver)

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