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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Home to probably the most resentful people you can imagine, The House of Vengeance is not a very friendly place at all. Those who inhabit this place have very personal reasons to pursue revenge on their wrongdoers, regardless if it's right or wrong.

It also has close ties with the Hall of Anger and the House of Hatred given the shared emotions between these three houses. In fact, many deities from the previously mentioned places have moved here and still wander there from time to time.


This house has the direct opposition of most Good-aligned members of the House of Justice. While both houses share the same idea, the latter doesn't condone the actions that some members may take to gain the revenge they want.

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The Trinity of Revenge

    Afro Samurai 
Afro Samurai, God of Neverending Revenge (The Number Two, Afro)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Number Two Headband below a large afro
  • Theme Song: Fury in My Eyes; Number One Samurai; When the Smoke Clears
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with heavy shades of Chaotic Evil, and sometimes Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Stoic, Afro Asskicker, Determinator, Scary Black Man, Villain Protagonist/Anti-Hero, Tranquil Fury, He Who Fights Monsters, Master Swordsman, Beware the Quiet Ones, Implausible Fencing Powers, No Name Given
  • Domains: Headband, Revenge, Swordsmanship
  • Herald: Ninja Ninja
  • Avatar: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Allies: Other than Ninja Slayer, not a whole lot due to his unscrupulous nature
  • Rivals: other Samurai and Swordsmen (such as Samurai Jack and Samuel Rodrigues), various Gunslingers
  • Enemies: Justice (Both of them), Tokiya Mikagami, Uncle Ruckus and anyone that pisses him off severely
  • Opposed by: Mace Windu
  • Difficult Relations: Sasuke Uchiha
  • Afro's journey started in a very brutal manner thanks to him witnessing his father get killed by someone named Justice. What followed afterwards can be accurately described as brutal, with Afro being driven by revenge to confront Justice. In fact, revenge is a very important aspect of all this as although Afro has a reason to fight, so do those around him. As Afro killed someone just to get the Number Two headband that allows him the right to fight whoever has the Number One headband (that being Justice), someone who cared about the person that Afro killed will be out to get Afro as well. Then again, owning the Number Two headband basically means a ton of people will want to fight the owner just so they can try and fight someone more badass than the Number Two headband's owner.
    • Even after achieving his original goal, someone was still out for revenge over what Afro did, prompting him to get back into action to get back at her. Keep in mind that before she came along, Afro was trying to live a peaceful life. Needless to say, revenge has been the key component of Afro's quests since day one.
  • If he isn't engaging others in battle, then he may be in the House of Craft carving wooden figurines of those he has battled before. It's probable that he has made a decent number of figurines based on the number of foes he has fought against and that number is bound to grow based on who he may fight against in the Pantheon.
  • Keep in mind that Afro does not fight others for the sake of fighting. He fights them because he has a goal in mind (especially if he was wronged by that person in some capacity). It hasn't stopped more than a few battle-hungry people from challenging him to fights just to see his skills.
  • After hearing that there was a House of Justice, Afro decided to head over to that place, mistakenly thinking that it was a house that was dedicated to his Arch-Enemy. Once he got close to that place, he was told that the House of Justice was something entirely different from what he had in mind, leading him to simply leave the place alone. While Afro was generally apathetic to the House's intentions after hearing about it, some of the members there took issue to the amount of killing that Afro did back then, regardless of his justification for such.
  • There is a bit of a tension between him and Sasuke Uchiha. Both of them went on a path of revenge, not caring about what happens to others. While Sasuke did eventually get over it, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not Afro will let go of his vengeance. Making things more complicated is that Sasuke sounds similar to Jinnosuke, whom Afro had known about for a while. Not only that, but Afro and Sasuke had a falling out with their respective friends.
  • Samuel Rodrigues heard about him and decided to fight him just to see how good the samurai really is. The fight between them lasted for a bit and afterwards, Jetstream Sam considered Afro to be a rather potent adversary. Samuel saw quite a bit of himself in Afro as well since he also embarked on a quest of vengeance for his father and succeeded (though he was a but surprised after hearing the circumstances of how Afro had to fight his own dad after the latter was resurrected). Samuel also remarked that it will be interesting to see what happens should Afro and Raiden cross paths.
  • Possibly a darker counterpart to Beatrix Kiddo in that they are both skilled katana-wielders who went on a quest of revenge and killed many in order to accomplish that goal. While Beatrix does have a daughter to tend to, Afro doesn't really have anyone except Ninja Ninja, and even then the latter is just a representation of his repressed side.
  • Mace Windu, another stoic black man skilled in combat, takes a lot of issue to Afro's mindset and goals, seeing them as a substantial-enough threat to stop him if Afro goes to dangerous lengths. Them sounding similar to each other has compounded the issue for Mace, though Afro mostly doesn't care about him.
  • One of the very few deities that can understand where Afro is coming from is Ninja Slayer, despite the opposite demeanor they express whenever they're in battle. Both had their vengeance driven by the murder of a family member and underwent a very violent journey that ended with more problems that they had to deal with.
  • He is largely disliked by other heroic samurai, mostly because of how his quest for revenge was strictly for himself and and not caring about what happens to others that get in the way. Some such as Miyamoto Usagi have tried to convince Afro to drop his vengeful mindset and use his skills for more altruistic purposes. Such a thing is very unlikely to happen given how Afro had to accept that revenge can't be stopped, no matter how hard he tried to be at peace with himself.
    • One particular samurai who has plenty of issues with Afro is Jack, partially since Jack has gone through a lot of trouble himself just to accomplish altrustic goals (and at one point, Jack lost his way and even had a voice talking to him; unlike Ninja Ninja, Jack's voice in his head made things much worse at that time). Jack does know how troubled Afro is in terms of what happened, but he is well aware of the fact that he'll have to fight Afro if worse comes to worst.
      • Eventually, they did fight, after encountering one another on a bridge.
  • Gunslingers are also a recurring problem for Afro, partially since his arch-enemy was one himself. It doesn't help that some of these gunslingers (such as Erron Black) are also bounty hunters and Afro does have a fairly good bounty on his head if the bounty hunters that have fought against him have anything to say.
  • It's hard to say whether or not Afro will truly get over his desire for revenge and be at peace with himself. After enough research by some, it turned out that if Afro fights against his inner demons in his minds, then he'll come to terms over everything that he had to deal with. That said, no one is sure whether or not to convince Afro to do such a thing, or if it's even possible at any given point.
  • Nothing personal. It's just revenge.

    Edmond Dantes, The Count of Monte Cristo 
Edmond Dantes, God of Revenge and Forgiveness (The Count Of Monte Cristo, King of the Cavern, Edmond Dantès, Avenger, Dangan Dantes)
As a Servant 
  • Lesser God (Greater God in Grand Order)
  • Symbol: the isle of Monte Cristo
  • Theme Song: "Hell To Your Doorstep"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with good tendencies, Chaotic Evil in the Grand Order
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Best Served Cold, British Teeth, Byronic Hero, The Chessmaster, Cultured Badass, Determinator, Manipulative Bastard, Psychotic Smirk, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domain: Revenge, Chaos, Knowledge, Redemption
  • High Priestess: Emily Thorne
  • Allies: Every deity that has sought out revenge in his name, Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride, John Wick, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Raiden (Metal Gear Solid), Homer Simpson, Katara, Zuko
  • Rivals: Afro Samurai, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Enemies: Marge Simpson, Enrico Pucci
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice, Steven Armstrong, Dan (former holder)
  • Pities: Sasuke Uchiha
  • A showdown of epic proportions was brewing in the House of Vengeance. Two deities held the title God of Revenge: The Count of Monte Cristo and Dan. And neither of them were willing to share. Things boiled over when Dan's car and Edmond's carriage crashed into each other. Both swore revenge, delivering every prank and dirty trick imaginable over a period of days. In a showdown in the House of Nature, Dan emerged victorious, tossing a batter Count into a river. Thus, Dan laid claim to the title himself.
  • But that would not be the end of the Count. A couple months was all it took for the Count to enact the most sadistic, debilitating and downright cruel plot of revenge the Pantheon had ever seen. The Court of the Gods had no choice but to hand it over to the Count once more. And yet the Count saw to it that Dan was reinstated into the Pantheon, earning the title of forgiveness as well.
  • It's safe to say that many deities in the Pantheon owe it up to the Count to enact their revenge on those who wronged them. From Beatrix's Roaring Rampage of Revenge upon her former teammates to John Wick's path of destruction for the death of his dog to the Punisher's manhunt on criminals, various patrons have called upon him to strike down on their perpetrators.
    • Raiden personally thanked the man for helping him hunt down those responsible for betraying him. Likewise, Armstrong was not pleased with his demise, demanding the Count to bless him in seeking vengeance in the Count, Edmond declined the offer, declaring the deed done. He would have to go to the God of Endless Revenge instead.
  • Such tactics have been condemned by the House of Justice. Those in their ranks would prefer to let the law decide the fate of those under arrest.
  • The five main alliances have all agreed not to interfere with his temple. They are well aware that all are dependent of his blessings to enact revenge on their fellow rivals. The GUAG is least comfortable with that stance, but even they recognize his importance.
  • Bumbling Dad Homer Simpson spoke out about how much of a fan he was of his revenge story when he told it to Lisa. Marge is less than enthusiastic with the man, using his story as a cautionary tale about the consequences of revenge.
  • Saw to it that Katara was given peace for her past, confronting the man who killed her mother and ultimately forgiving Zuko for his initial betrayal. Likewise, Zuko thanked him for allowing Iroh to forgive him for all of his mistakes.
  • Unlike most others who either like or hate him, The Count only feels pity for Sasuke. He helped guide the man to exact his revenge on Itachi, only to look on in dismay as he acted like a complete jerkass afterwards. When Sasuke asked why people didn't approve of his forgiveness, the Count stated that such forgiveness can not be given so easily. There are many who still feel that his half-hearted apology wasn't enough for what he did. For him, time will only tell if he can improve his likeability.
  • Has tried to talk Afro Samurai out of continuing the Cycle of Revenge he put himself in, knowing that it would eventually get him killed, to no avail. To the samurai, one can only accept that revenge breeds more. Only when one embraces that fact that one would find peace. The two debate their conflicting philosophies in the House of Philosophy.
  • He may oversee the revenge of most deities, but has seen many of his followers flock to Enrico Pucci instead, mainly villains. Their followers are the source of constant battles and retaliations to the point that their deities decided to back off, letting their followers decide.
  • While Captain America was grateful for his return (especially focusing more on forgiveness than most other Gods of Vengeance), he still believes revenge isn't the main answer to problems. Not even the brainwashing of Bucky was enough for him to seek out revenge. The two are likely to remain at odds for ages to come. Complicating things further was the announcement of Emily Thorne as high priest, who looks a lot like Sharon Carter, an agent Cap was seeking a romantic relationship with.
  • Is also found in the House of Emotions as the God of Forgiveness.

    Eric Cartman 
Eric Cartman, God of Extreme Revenge Plots (Grand Wizard and King of Kupa Keep, The Coon)

Since his ascension, Naughty Bear has been placed as one of the house's go to allies to help with their plans of revenge.


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