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Prismo, God of Friendship with Cosmic Beings
  • Overdeity (Quasideity if awake)
  • Symbol: A jar of pickles in a Menger Sponge
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wishmasters, Friendly Cosmic Entities, Benevolent Genie Who's wishes are ultimately a monkey's paw, Nice Guy, The dream of an old man, Dream Apocalypse
  • Domains: Wishes, Pickles, Space-Time
  • Allies: Jake (best friend), Finn, The Genie, Hoopa
  • Enemies: The Lich, Freddy Krueger
  • The multiverse is a vast place. At the very center is a dimension known as the Time Room, and there lives the Wishmaster Prismo. An immensely powerful being, Prismo can grant practically any wish. Unfortunately, the wish always has some sort of twist to it, backfiring in some way. Fortunately, Prismo is a nice guy, and advises them on how to avoid backlash. Also, you only get one wish, so don't screw it up.
  • Originally rather lonely, Prismo struck a powerful friendship with Jake, and later Finn. He sometimes employs them for some major incidents, like dealing with an alternate Finn who became the Ice King.
  • In spite of his power, there are a few things too great for him to wish. Known examples are "affect the Holy Trinity/Endless", resurrect Margles and recreate Princess Bubblegum's "perfect sandwich". Prismo also doesn't grant wishes to affect Overdeities (especially figures like YHVH), but this is out of choice rather than inability; those wishes can't afford to backfire.
  • In order to destroy all life, the Lich stole the Enchiridion and went to Prismo for a wish. When that failed thanks to Jake, he simply bided his time to kill him, in order to get sent to the Crystal Citadel and control its inmates. To prevent a further incident, every method of entering the Time Room has been blocked except for the Pickle Jar he gave to Finn and Jake. Hoopa has been hired as a bouncer for Prismo. Anyone who somehow manages to sneak into the Time Room's dimension will immediately be sent to another through use of Hoopa's portals.
  • Despite his incredible power, he has a major weakness: his real body. Prismo is the dream of an old man, and will die if he wakes up. Such a crime would be worthy of the Crystal Citadel, but since the Lich bungled that up, they'll instead be sent for trial by the Court of the Gods. At least until a new, sturdier Citadel is made. He can be revived if someone sleeps on his bed, as a time-duplicate Jake proved. As a dream entity, Freddy Krueger and Darkrai are absolutely FORBIDDEN from being a hundred or less parsecs from Prismo. If they violate this rule, they will immediately be stripped of their ranks and become Persona Non Grata to the Pantheon. The consequences of him suffering night terrors is unthinkable.
  • is really friendly, and often invites other gods to his house for shindigs. He's is skilled at making sandwiches, but especially pickles. He'd made a side business of importing them into the House of Food. In spite of being pleasant, Prismo gets annoyed whenever someone wishes for something trivial, like a sandwich. Also, don't wish for pickles to not exist, he won't grant it no matter who you are.
  • Mentioning him has become a Berserk Button to the Lich; he really doesn't want to be reminded of his wish being changed. Still, the Lich knows that he can't mess with him again, as it got him trapped in a giant baby. Prismo still has nightmares of the Lich's stank breath turning him to ash.

    Vargas and Lava 
Vargas and Lava, Dual Gods of Fiery Rivals and Warm Friends (Vargas: Fencer Vargas, Burning Vargas, Fire King Vargas, Fire God Vargas, Holy Flame Vargas, Flame Legend Vargas and Ignis Halcyon Vargas. Lava: Fire Knight Lava, Fire God Lava, Sacred Flame Lava, Phoenix Wings Lava and Ignis Vestae Lava)

Greater Gods

    Lord Hater and Commander Peepers 


Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, Gods of Villainous Friendship(Lord Hater: The Universe's Awesomest Evil Doer, Skeletor 2.0, Lord Vader, Sir [Only by Commander Peepers], The Duke of Destruction, the Monarch of Mayhem, The Greatest in The Galaxy)(Commander Peepers: Mr. Peepers, C-Peeps, C.P., Squinty, Angry Little Smart Guy, Nerd, Pipsqueak)
Hater is the skeleton, and Peepers is the eyeball.


Intermediate Gods

    Aziraphale and Crowley 
Aziraphale and Anthony Crowley, Gods of Odd Friendship (Aziraphale: Angel | Crowley: The Serpent, Crawly)
Crowley (left) and Aziraphale (right)
"CAVEAT: Bringing about Armageddon can be dangerous. Do not attempt it in your own home."

    Son Goten and Trunks 
Son Goten and Trunks, Divine Duo of Best Friends (Goten: Chibi Goten, Mini Goku | Trunks: Trunks Brief, Present Trunks, Kid Trunks, Chibi Trunks, GT Trunks | Both/Fused: Gotenks, Trunkten, The Grim Reaper of Justice)
Trunks and Goten
  • Intermediate Gods (Greater Gods as Super Saiyans, and when fused as Gotenks, Overdeity as Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks)
  • Symbol: A Metamoran vest with the Capsule Corps logo on it (Trunks). An Orange Gi and his family Hereditary Hairstyle (Goten).
  • Theme Song: Boys' Section Final Match, Grim Reaper of Justice as Gotenks
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Trunks) and Neutral Good (Goten)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Fighting, Youth, Pride, Friendship
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Ginyu Force, Domon Kasshu, Master Asia
  • Friendly Rivals: Android 18, Fat Buu
  • Enemies: Majin Buu, Broly, Frieza, Dark Danny
  • Friendly Enemy: Boros
  • Opposes: Beerus
  • Trunks' Alternate Timeline Counterpart: Future Trunks
  • Following the defeat of Perfect Cell at the hands of Son Gohan, the Earth entered a period of peace and with that period a new generation of warriors were born. Trunks was born after a one night stand between Bulma and Vegeta, but fortunately for him his parents got married afterwards, while Goten was the second child of Son Goku and Chi-Chi, but unfortunately his father died in an attempt to stop Cell from blowing up the Earth and so during his early years he never actually met his father. The two grew up to become inseparable and both being half-Saiyans and quite the prodigies for their age, managed to become Super Saiyan at the ages of 8 and 7 respectively.
  • In the past, Trunks used to be sole holder of a temple in the Pantheon, but after Goten was insistent on wanting to be in the Pantheon, not to mention the numerous problems the two boys caused because of their mischief, the court decided to relocate Trunks and allow Goten to be his co-deity. Both were excited when they heard the news and Goten was warmly received by his family and friends.
    • Another positive side effect of their new shared temple and Goten's ascension is that the boys no longer need to use Aghanim's Scepter to fuse into Gotenks in the Pantheon.
  • Their relationship has a certain dynamic. Trunks is the arrogant and outspoken of the two, often being the one that decides what the two would get up to, while Goten is more laid back and nicer compared to Trunks but he is also very mischievous. Goten also happens to resemble his father Goku a lot in both attitude and looks when he was a child, adding to the coincidence surrounding his birth taking place after Goku's sacrifice.
  • These two are notable among the Saiyans from their group for managing to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation at such a young age, something that was totally different for their predecessors. They claim that they transformed one day just like that and didn't go through the emotional grief that the likes of Goku or the Future version of Trunks went through.
  • During the battle against Majin Buu, Trunks and Goten were taught the Fusion Dance, allowing them to become the hero Gotenks. While incredibly powerful, Gotenks has one massive Fatal Flaw: his incredible cockiness and idiocy, resulting in Buu's smarter "Super Buu" form kicking his ass and causing the deaths of many of their friends and peers, including their respective families. The half-Saiyan children ended up becoming rivals of Domon and Master Asia for this reason, as well as drawing the attention of Boros, who is intrigued by their potential.
  • Their relationship with Fat Buu was shaky at first but later he became a Friendly Rival to them, helped by the fact that Buu is even more childish than them. They haven't forgotten the fight where he kicked their butts as Gotenks (Admittedly, they were arrogant enough to believe that Super Saiyan wasn't needed to fight Buu) and they want to get back at Buu, even if they are being playful about it. On the other hand, the pure Majin Buu is someone they detest, not only for causing their deaths and destroying the Earth, but also for the unrepenting monster he is.
  • Another rival of theirs, even if a bit one-sided on their part, is Android 18. They fought against Krillin's wife in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament under the guise of Mighty Mask but she ended up exposing them and ultimately getting them disqualified and since then they have been eager for a rematch now that they have mastered the Fusion Dance. At first, Android 18 brushed them off as unruly brats but she warmed up to them overtime, mostly because they are good friends of her daughter Marron and she appreciates that. Her brother Android 17 on the hand is friendly towards Goten and Trunks after they did an outstanding job at taking care of his island when he was absent and considers them honorary park rangers.
  • One day roaming the House of Heroes, the duo stumbled upon Steven Universe who was very friendly towards them. He heard about their powerful Fusion Dance and said that he and the Crystal Gems were also able to fuse, something that caught the attention of the boys. Of the Crystal Gems, Garnet was the most interested in seeing Gotenks, considering that fusion means a lot to her, but was dumbfounded when she saw the expects necessary to perform a fusion in Goten and Trunks' world. The boys have remained friends with them ever since, both even interested in aiding them in a future mission.
  • Broly hates both of them almost as much as Goku; Trunks for for pissing on him and Goten because he looks exactly like his father. Trunks didn't take much notice, but after finding this out likes to taunt Broly about it and Goten still doesn't know what a Kakarot is. Their constant taunting of Broly only gets them in even more trouble, and even fusing only slowed down Broly until their friends had to step in. Their parents promptly grounded them after that.
    • When Frieza returned to the mortal plane, a lot of people were worried about the boys' safety. To a number of people's surprise, Freeza was notably restrained, with his cruelty focused on Gohan. Frieza doesn't pay too much attention to them, seeing as he is more focused on one-upping Goku, but he has considered going after his and Vegeta's sons after he is done.
  • Trunks has for the longest time been aware of an alternate counterpart from a future where Android 17 and Android 18 destroyed human society and almost brought humanity to extinction. Said Trunks never had a meaningful interaction with his present self until he returned after the appearance of the enigmatic Goku Black. Initially, Future Trunks brushed him off as a spoiled brat but then later both started to bond and understand each other throughout the conflict with Black, and in the end Present Trunks became a huge supporter of his alternate self. He also finds his sword super cool and wonders if his friend Tapion has something to do with it.
    • Considering the drastic changes in timeline and Future Trunks' heavy involvement in keeping order, the younger Trunks has been targeted by a few deities that have run into his older self and even some other counterparts for other deities. Dark Danny was one of those and that creeps out Trunks, making him glad that his future self is heroic, which ended up making him and Goten bond with Danny Phantom.
  • While nominally enemies, they find the Ginyu Force poses super cool and enjoy their antics. Ginyu believes that they lack style and substance but they have the right mind and attitude, but professionally he has to consider them enemies. Also Trunks has a sort of crush on Pilaf Gang member Mai and by proxy, he is still attracted to someone similar — Jessie of Team Rocket. Jessie has not returned his affections, and has commented that she likes Future Trunks more. It's unknown whether Jessie was serious or did it to annoy the Trunks, but either way it's created tension between his counterpart. Goten never lets Trunks hear the end of it.
  • Goten adores his older brother Gohan, much so that he wants to be as cool as him when he grows up. Although he did outgrow the Great Saiyaman phase already and considers it a bit ridiculous nowadays. Goten eventually bonded with other people that similarly look up to their older siblings, Mokuba Kaiba being one of them, who is similar to Trunks in personality.
  • Trunks also has a good relationship with some of his parents' other allies, such as Power Girl, who his father considers a worthy "honorary Saiyan" candidate, and Winry Rockbell, a scientist friend of his mother.

    Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto and Arata Kagami/Kamen Rider Gatack 
Souji Tendou and Arata Kagami, Gods of Bash Brothers (Tendou: Kamen Rider Kabuto, The Man Who Walks the Path of Heaven and Will One Day Stand Over Everything, Souji Kusakabe | Kagami: Kamen Rider Gatack, Kamen Rider TheBee II, Kamen Rider Kabuto II)
Souji Tendou and Arata Kagami
Kamen Rider Kabuto 
Kamen Rider Gatack 
  • Intermediate Gods (Greater Gods in their respective Hyper Forms)
  • Symbol: The Kabuto Symbol and the Gatack Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Next Level", "Full Force" (during battle), "Lord of the Speed" (when assuming their Hyper Forms).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good and Neutral Good respectively.
  • Portfolio: Bash Brothers, Japanese Beetle Brothers, "Cast Off"
  • Domains: Combat, Beetles, Technology, Teamwork, Heroism.
  • Heralds: The Zecters (especially Kabuto Zecter, Gatack Zecter, and Hyper Zecter).
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes, Smile Pretty Cures, Pretty Cure Splash Star, All Ascended Heroic Pandoras (especially Satellizer el Bridget, Rana Linchen, and Elizabeth Mably), Judai Yuki.
  • Odd Friendship With: Ryoga Kamishiro (Kagami only).
  • Friendly Rivals With: Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger, Hiromu Sakurada/Red Buster, Barry Allen/The Flash (Tendou only).
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King, Lord Brevon, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Ragyo Kiryuin, Frieza, Boros, The Flood.
  • Opposes: Gilgamesh (Fate) (Tendou only).
  • Souji Tendou and ZECT member Arata Kagami are two men who transforms through the use of their respective Zecters into Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider Gatack, they use these powers and they work together as a duo to protect Earth from the race of insect-themed alien called "Worms" in the year 2006. Their cooperation of protecting Earth as a two-man team is the reason why they managed to get a spot of the said trope.
    • Tendou is somewhat a talented person who is good at everything, ranging from cooking to sports, even hairstyling and being able to to handle the entire team alone in a sport game. He often spouts zen-like phrases that he supposedly learned from his grandmother, prefacing them with the words "My grandmother used to say..." to allies or enemies alike. He also tends to point his right finger into the sky, usually while he introduced himself or after defeating his enemies. In fact he has two sisters who he cares about, one of them is Hiyori Kusakabe, a chef who turns out to be a Native Worm, and the other is Jyuka Tendou, a schoolgirl.
    • Kagami is somewhat a naive-yet-hot-blooded person who will often act without thinking about the repercussions of his actions. Despite this he gradually develops into a more competent fighter and valuable ally to Tendou, which is the reason why he became a Kamen Rider up to this day.
  • Upon their ascension, they also brought the other Zecters with them which they're initially destroyed after their final battle against Masato Mishima, who turned himself into the Gryllus Worm. They brought them to the House of Technology as a means to repair it and to be use by its potential users for benevolent purpose.
  • The two beetle riders became bonded with the beetle Pokemons Heracross and Pinsir due to their similar aesthetics. While the beetle Pokemons were initially partnered with Kamen Riders Kuuga and Blade, they switched their partnerships with both Kabuto and Gatack.
  • Like many Toku heroes before, the two of them has gained the admiration of Judai Yuki due to the duelist reminding them of his Masked HERO deck whom in fact, modeled after the Kamen Riders. It is unknown yet if Tendou and Kagami would partake in playing duel monsters with him.
  • Both of them had a good relations with two Pretty Cure teams, particularly the Splash Star Cures and the Smile Cures, as the former happens to fight alongside them in the same time period while the latter is because they have the same writer in their respective series.
    • Tendou also happens to hangout with the veteran Pretty Cure Kaoruko Hanasaki after he was amazed with her doing the same pose and speeches as he does, no wonder that he found odd that he reminded her of his grandmother in the kind of way.
  • Due to their experience of battling the alien Worms back in their world, they became enemies with the likes of evil aliens like Frieza, The Flood, Lord Brevon, and Boros, as these alien beings also gives them a hard time as Tendou pointed out that they seemed to be stronger than the ones they fought. Luckily they found an unlikely allies with the Pandoras of West Genetics, particularly, Satellizer, Rana, and Elizabeth, since they also deal with alien beings called the Nova in their world. As such the two factions worked together in an effort to stop the invasion of these evil aliens in the pantheon.
  • Tendou has known Sol Badguy for a long time due to at one point he visits Sol's temple and he gained Sol's respect by explaining his past of him underwent hard work for 7 years in order to become a Kamen Rider to protect humanity from the invading Worms.
  • Tendou has been hanging around with the ninja Ryu Hayabusa as the two became friends due to their similar reasons of watching over the ones they want to protect.
  • Being and excellent cook, Tendou is often seen buying ingredients and cooking food in the House of Food, as such he also happens to hangout with fellow Supreme Chefs like Soma Yukihira, Megumi Tadokoro, Erina Nakiri, Mr. Champloo, Remy, Toriko and Komatsu, after they became impressed with his cooking skills. The same goes with fellow toku heroes Shouichi Tsugami and Oren Pierre Alfonzo due to their professions as supreme chefs like him. From time to time, Tendou also challenges them in a cooking match to determine which food has the best taste in the pantheon.
  • Tendou is having a friendly rivalry with a similarly rhino beetle-themed rider Shigeru Jo, better known as Kamen Rider Stronger, who he also considers his Showa counterpart and a mentor of sorts, as the two often having a duel in the House of Combat to tests their combat skills.
    • He also became rivals with fellow speedsters like Barry Allen and Hiromu Sakurada as the three of them often competes with them in a race who has fastest Super Speed powers.
  • Despite being self-centered, Tendou doesn't like Gilgamesh of all the people, considering that Tendou pointed him out of being a bigger douche than he is, mostly due to his actions in his own world.
  • Kagami became friends with Nodoka Miyazaki as the two were started as an incapable fighter until they gradually grows into a capable fighter after they finally found their resolved to protect the ones they care about.
  • Kagami became close friends with both Kamina, Sasha Blouse, and Yuma Tsukumo due to their similar tendencies. Kamina also seems to take a liking on the stag beetle rider due to his hot-blooded attitude and his sheer baddassery even thought he's not that smart to begin with.
  • Kagami is seems to be friends with Shark while he also sympathize with him since he came from a rich family and his true nature as a Barian reminded him of his old friend Tsurugi Kamishiro.
  • The two beetle Riders were not pleased that the terrorist organization SHOCKER has made their move into the pantheon, since the organization had successfully recruited the Worms in their cause for world domination. They also happens to become enemies with its employed members like Ragyo Kiryuin, Nobuyuki Sugou, and Junko Enoshima, considering that both Ragyo's betrayal on the human race and Sugou's personality reminded them of their enemy Masato Mishima, and they didn't like Junko at all after they heard of her actions during the "School Life of Mutual Killings" incident. Due to this, both Tendou and Kagami has started to work with most Kamen Riders and other heroes in the pantheon to stop the organization from any further.


Lesser Gods

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy 
Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Gods of Big, Thin, and Short Trios (The Eds, Ed-boys, Dorks | Eddy: Skipper, Pipsqueak | Edd: Double D, Sockhead, Eddward | Ed: Lumpy, Horace)
From left to right, Eddy, Edd/Double D, Ed

    The Green Flu Survivors 
The Green Flu Survivorsmembers , The Collective Group that Never Splits Up (Bill: Namvet | Francis: Biker | Zoey: Teengirl | Ellis: El, Overalls | Nicolas: Doctor Nick, Gambler, Colonel Sanders | Rochelle: Ro, Producer)
From Left to Right: Coach, Nick, Ellis, Rochelle, Zoey, Francis, Bill, and Louis

    J.D. and Turk 
John Michael Dorian and Christopher Turk, Co-Gods of Life-Long Friendship
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: An I.D. tag.
  • Theme Song: Guy Love
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Can sense hookups, Salt and Pepper, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man
  • Domains: Friendship, Chaos, Good, Healing, Community
  • Followers: The Kratt Brothers, Harold and Kumar, Karen and Gretchen, Seth and Evan
  • Allies: All good-aligned deities in the House of Friendship, the subhouse of Couples Archetypes and Couples Relationships, Dr. Perry Cox, Mike and Sulley, Jak and Daxter, Abed Nadir, George and Harold, All heroic My Little Pony deities, Madeline, Amélie Poulain, Dr. McCoy, Spock, Many deities with best friends
  • Opposes: Felix, Akechi Mitsuhide, Penelope Mouse
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Janitor
  • Odd Friendship: Dr. Gregory House
  • For such a prestigious title, this particular temple has had a tumultuous past. Originally given to Jak and Daxter, it was ravaged due to the events of Project: Alternate!Gentaro. The ruin grounds were transferred to Mike and Sulley and for a time things were peaceful. Eventually, the two monsters decided to abdicate the role, seeking a couple that was defined by their friendship. It took the two several weeks, but they eventually decided to give the role to a couple of dormant gods. J.D and Turk had a brief tenure in the Pantheon before getting kicked out for the lack of a suitable title. The only thing that kept them together was their friendship, a bond so strong that Mike and Sulley couldn't find any better alternatives to give to. Thus marks their return to the Pantheon.
    • Their return to the House of Health and Diseases was greeted with mixed reception. Sure there were no doubt to be great doctors, but their antics can get on some of their nerves. Dr. Cox promised to take on the role of reigning them in.
    • To their surprise, they were greeted warmly... by Dr. House of all people. Long known for being a jerkish doctor, House has nevertheless grown fond of any older of Lifelong Friendships. Anyone that knows him can figure out it's due to his long lasting bromance with Dr. James Wilson. Even when J.D. and Turk refer it as the "ultimate bromance", House admits it with a smile. The trio were seen together for comfort upon the death of his dear friend.
  • Their arrival only spurred the Janitor to continue on with his pranks on the two. No one has figured out why the Janitor holds such an intense grudge on the doctors.
  • While not the most powerful deities in the House of Friendship, their temple is one of their most crucial as they represent the bond between two friends, an essential trait for partners. The amount of tribute they receive in the Pantheon would be countless, ranging from all over the alignment square.
  • Those in the House of Love were confused with the decision, with some thinking the two were more than just friends. Otherwise, they are whisked into the House to help determine whether a couple has actually hooked up. No one knows their methods of finding out.
  • The only person who initially objected to the choice was Abed, God of Savviness. He is one part of a well-known friendship with Troy Barnes. He eventually relented when he found out just how fun they were together.
  • The ponies made sure the couple received a warm reception once they entered the Pantheon. The doctors themselves were amazed to find a group that were so fond of friendship.
  • They don't have any ill will for the man, but they have no choice but to oppose Felix on principle, especially with the way he treats his friendships. J.D. and Turk have to constantly scan their followers to make sure there are no secret Felix clergy in their ranks.
    • They have also been wary of evil gods Penelope Mouse and Akechi Mitsuhide. The duo have been perpetrators of many a broken friendship.
  • Can see a lot of themselves in Harold and George, believing it to be a precursor for their friendship if they were childhood friends.
  • Madeline has officially picked them as her official doctors. No one has been as enjoyable to work with as the couple. They have been thourough in checking on her after Madeline's appendix surgery.
    • The same can be said with Amélie, especially when paired with J.D. Luckily Turk is usually around to bring them down to earth if things go to far. The rest of the House of Health & Diseases are just glad they finally got her to attend regular checkups. Their previous lineup didn't appeal to her.
  • They often get into philosophical debates with Spock and McCoy, with the doctor and the Vulcan siding with their like partners. Most of the time, J.D. and Turk hardly ever argue. The space officers see their friendship as hope that the two can work together without butting heads all the time.
  • They once auditioned for the Superhero Division, dressed as the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. It's safe to say that they didn't last that long. While Bruce shook his head in embarrassment, Dick at least appreciated their effort and homage to their glory days.

K.O., God of Positive Friend Influences (Kaio Kincaid, Peanut, Brush-Head)
  • Lesser God in Pantheon terms, Level 4 in Lakewood Plaza terms as of "Let's Be Heroes!"
  • Symbol: His very noticeable hairdo.
  • Theme Song: OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes Extended Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil as T.K.O.
  • Portfolio: Keet, Blue Is Heroic, Adorkable, Good Feels Good, Heart Is an Awesome Power, Cheerful Child, HeroWorshipper, Heroic Wannabe, Kid Hero, Momma's Boy
  • Domains: Kindness, Heroism, Punching Evil
  • Heralds: Fellow Lakewood Plaza heroes, especially his closest friends
  • Allies: All good-hearted members of the Sub-House of Children and most Heroes, Captain Planet, Raven, Garnet, Ben Tennyson, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails
  • Enemies: All in the House of Villains
  • Respected by/Respects: All in the House of Heroes, especially Superman and Saitama
  • Conflicted Opinion: Anakin Skywalker
  • Ascended due to how he has encouraged many of his friends to overcome their insecurities and weaknesses, such as his friend Enid's trouble with putting up a facade and acting as if she doesn't care, or his friend Dendy's trouble emoting and empathizing; he had been surprised that he didn't go into the House of Heroes but did not voice any complaints. Plus, he's allowed to visit said House whenever he wants to get some sage advice and villain-fighting training.
    • Would've been placed lower if it weren't for the incredible powers displayed, including his minor usage of toonforce and ability to go beyond his dimension because of the revelation mentioned below.
    • He at first was worried that his ascension was some sort of villain abduction and went on the offensive; luckily, it took very little to talk him down.
  • It has been found that, upon feeling especially helpless, he will go into a more aggressive and more angsty form dubbed T.K.O.. While in the Pantheon, he is capable of willingly switching back between these forms, along with their combined form P.K.O.; anger and helplessness will still unlock this form without his will, though, so it is best to keep him a good distance away from particularly manipulative villains.
  • In a recent event, K.O. came to the somewhat world-shattering realization that his world isn't actually real. Luckily, it has not affected his mental attitude. It also made him sympathize with others who have had similar realizations, like Deadpool and Neo; although he doesn't approve of the former's methods of dealing with bad guys, he still appreciates being in the presence of such a successful hero.
    • In contrast, he was a bit put off at first by the latter's general demeanor but warmed up to him, finding him to be a great hero, and finding some similarities between how they both combat evil technology (with key differences).
  • On one occasion, has teamed up with Captain Planet, using Ma-Ti's Heart Ring, after he and the other Planeteers (apart from Kwame) split up and got real jobs. Because of this, he has become good friends with both the Captain and the original bearer of the Heart Ring, especially since he seems to appreciate the usefulness of this attribute and takes the environment very seriously.
  • Won the respect of every Pantheon member residing under the Cartoon Network banner after he, Garnet, Raven, and Ben Tennyson stopped the hero-hating villain Strike from turning every hero to stone, and gave CN City a makeover. He's managed to jog his temporary teammates' memories of their little escapade and now sees them quite often when not busy, although he makes sure to give the brooding magic user her space.
  • Looks up to Saitama due to his origin story (a regular guy just wanting to be a hero and training to push his limits) reminding him of his own. He gave up trying to figure out how he's as strong as he is with the simple exercise routine he had, but still admires him. Ditto for Superman.
  • In an alternate reality, his life is simply a TV show that he is an actor in; when explained to him, it sounded pretty strange at first, although that was before he got acquainted with the idea of his world being fake.
  • Many speculate that his father might be Venomous, Shadowy Figure, or Laserblast (with who is who depending on the theory); he is unable to confirm any of these theories but they give him quite the panic attack no matter what option he goes with.
  • If asked about whether he and Dendy are an item, he will get incredibly red and exclaim they're just good friends. It is highly amusing, and does nothing to decrease the rumors.
  • He was surprised to find out that Scooby and Shaggy have met Enid's old school friends in the past, but gets along with them and the rest of the gang well; he was quite intrigued by the fact that Shaggy was once turned into a werewolf since he had a similar experience (and some would say he's still going through that, depending on what you believe), and finds the idea of uncovering mysteries very heroic.
  • Has a playful rivalry with Atsuko Kagari due to their respective major schools competing against each other in Mega Football, with his having won against Luna Nova Magical Academy. Luckily for everyone, it is all in jest; they get along quite well, and will often give each other demonstrations of their powers.
  • Gets along quite well with most children in the Pantheon, especially others with heroic goals like his, like Frisk, Steven, and Finn. Although they all differ in ideas of what the best ways to combat evil, it doesn't create any rifts between them.
  • For some reason, Dexter reminds him a bit of his friend Dendy, although he's not as easy to get along with as Dendy due to his larger ego.
  • He has noticed other members of the pantheon to sound similar to friends he knows; for instance, he's recognized Enid's voice in Tiny Tina, Cassie Cage, and Sasha Blouse, and Lord Boxman in a lot of Disney characters. It was an unfortunate predicament to have one of the few children he doesn't feel safe around sound vaguely similar to one of his friends, but he was amused thinking about the fact that so many cute characters shared a voice with such a grumpy villain.
  • Gets along great with Mario and Luigi for their love for spaghetti that he shares, their heroic tendencies, and the fact that they can get along so well with their arch-enemies (something he admires).
  • It has been noticed that he has odd ways of saying certain words, such as saying 'sorey' instead of sorry, or 'videos game' instead of 'video games.' When asked about this, he seemed confused, stating that's just how it's said, so it's best not to press further.
  • Recently learned about the identity of his father being the famous hero Laserblast. And then he was absolutely stunned into silence to learn that his dad became the evil Professor Venomous. Despite initial doubts, K.O. states that he's sticking on the path of being a hero, but he's weirded out by Anakin Skywalker and steers clear of him for the time being. This lead him to a friendship with Luke Skywalker though.
  • When pissed off, K.O is capable of becoming T.K.O but there is a risk of T.K.O. coming loose. K.O. has made multiple attempts to reign him in, but he realized that it's not possible and thus has locked T.K.O. into his subconscious.

    Lissa and Maribelle 
Lissa and Maribelle, Goddesses of Girl-on-Girl Friendship (Lissa: Liz, Sprightly Cleric, Buttons, Princess; Maribelle: Mariabel, Dire Damsel, Twinkles)
Lissa is the left and Maribelle is the right
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Lissa's gown and Maribelle's parasol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Mages, Fragile Mages when Promoted, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold (though Maribelle hide the latter a lot), Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Friendship, Girl
  • Allies: Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Sumia, Kellam, Stahl, Alisa Bosconovitch & Ling Xiaoyu, Nagisa Misumi & Honoka Yukishiro, Sanya V. Litvyak & Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, Yuuki Konno & Asuna Yuuki, Lynette Bishop & Yoshika Miyafuji, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Tsubaki Yayoi, Chie Satonaka & Yukiko Amagi
  • Enemies: Grima
  • Opposes: Neptune, Vinny (Maribelle)
  • These girls are the best of friends and notably very close. Maribelle love her friend that she is constantly worrying when Lissa is off on a mission by herself. It's almost to the point of Les Yay given how clingy Maribelle could be to Lissa.
  • Lissa happily hugged her son Owain upon ascending into the Pantheon. What he told her about the Pantheon is all of the adventures and weapon naming. What he didn't tell her is his daughter, Ophelia, who looks so much like her grandmother. So she's already a grandma before she even became 30 years old (Hell, she could be a great-grandma for all we know).
    • Leo knew about Owain's secret as Odin but he agreed that for his mother's sake, Odin shouldn't mention her as that be too much for her, in his opinion.
    • It comes to no surprise when Soleil tried to glomp Lissa, thinking that it was Ophelia. Then she found out that she's her grandmother, even better. This eventually led Lissa to confront Owain about it, leading him to scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" before Lissa could point out that she's not even mad.
  • Lissa gets to meet her ancestors for real unlike the "Marth" that saved her life from a Risen. She end up dreaming about the "Marth" despite the fact that he was her ancestor. Even funny, it turned out that the "Marth" was actually her niece!
  • Lissa found a bit in common with Elise and Sakura, the young sisters of the Hoshidan and Nohr Siblings. Though she seem to resemble Elise more than Sakura.
  • The two found that there were several girls who bonded with each other much like their own friendship. They would get along well though Maribelle claims that her "darling Lissa" is a better friend than the other.
  • Maribelle doesn't like Neptune as despite them both having the same voice, Neptune is super lazy and has really casual speech pattern.
  • Apparently, Vinny screwed with Maribelle if she was Lucina's daughter (we don't have much confirmation on the identity). Somehow, Sumia would be at the reunion despite never doing it to other bachelorette's reunion. Maribelle is both furious and embarrassed by such joke.
  • When Maribelle isn't hanging out with Lissa, she would be with other rich ladies in the Pantheon. She could be a bit prejudiced with the lower class so she is a bit snobbish even toward the guests. Though she is trying to improve herself in treating them better as she would later become the new magistrate and help pass law aiding the poor.
  • Make Maribelle mad and she'll threaten to hit you with her parasol. She hasn't been studying self-defense on "parasol fu" for nothing. She decided to plan on forming a club who uses parasol (or umbrellas, what's the difference) as a form of self-defense. She didn't bother inviting the Penguin, for his appearance repulse her and he was trying to charm her.
  • Unlike her brother Chrom or her niece Lucina who bear the Mark of Naga, she doesn't seem to have one herself. She was at first frightened of being illegitimate until she saw one from Owain, in which she was relieved. Seliph could confirm that marks could be very strange in inheritance.
  • With the reports of NUNS WITH AXES from Lissa, or Maribelle sometimes, the Religious Bruiser thought that she was part of the Church Militant. She had to tell some of them like Alexander Anderson and Irina Shidou that it was just a joke that a small girl like her would hold a battle axe.
  • Maribelle is often asked to make a pass in the House of Schools to teach about 'how to be a Proper Lady, or just a proper high class people'. She's well loved, but she's noted to be an uber strict teacher, especially about the manners of speech, she gets a lot of remarks that she gets into a super Grammar Nazi level for that.
  • Also have a spot in the House of Love.

    Off the Hook 
Off the Hook (Pearl ??? and Marina Ida), Co-Goddesses of Friendship Beyond Race (MC Princess, Baroness of Bars, MC Foreign Policy, MC Reverse Psychology, MC Danger Noodle (Pearl); DJ Hyperfresh, DJ Cold Breakkfast, The Fuzzy Dazzler, DJ Catch-and-Release (Marina))
Left: Pearl; right: Marina
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their group logo as featured on their album art. Alternatively, this sigil can be used: a geometric figure with three tentacle-like projections extending off of its lower side. The left half of it forms one half of an equilateral triangle and is colored pink, while the right half is a semicircle colored teal. Both ends meet at what would normally be the apex and the bottom leg of the triangle.
  • Theme Songs: Ebb and Flow, Nasty Majesty for their undercover Mission Control role
    • Pearl would like for you to see this.
      • A fan had also made this for Pearl.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good Marina was rumored to be Lawful Evil at one point
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Squids (and octopi), Music, Newscasting. They are secretly Mission Control to a raid conducted on the Kamabo Corporation
  • Herald: "Eight" (a "friend of mine" according to Pearl) actually Agent 8, an Octoling who successfully undermined the Kamabo Corporation
  • Allies: The Squid Sisters,note  the Inklings, Captain Falcon, Daft Punk, Makoto Nanayanote 
  • Enemies: The Kraken, Ghiren Zabi, Lucifer, SKYNET
  • Opposes: Through their High Priestess, they hold a grudge on Jinx.
  • Respects: Octodad
  • Ambiguous relationship with: Orson Krennic; Illaoi; most, if not all, of the other deities from Overwatch
  • Background: An Inkling/Octoling musical duo based in Inkopolis Square, the two are the current co-hosts of Inkopolis News, taking over from the Squid Sisters. Their composition is interesting since at around the time they first encountered, both species were still relatively hostile with each other. In fact, one of the big reasons Marina decided to head to Inkopolis was because of the Squid Sisters’ “performance” in Octo Valley being such a life-changing event. She met Pearl shortly after arriving on the surface, and it is largely Pearl's help which made it easy for Marina to adapt to the Inkling society
  • Unfortunately, one of the biggest factors of their popularity is their exotic style, and the fact that the public is unaware that Marina is an Octoling in a time where relations between the two races are at a low. Not only that, she was a key factor within key events in the war between Inklings and Octarians, having designed and deployed several of the tactical Great Octoweapons against them, and key in the planning of the theft of the Great Zapfish, before having betrayed the Octarians through her desertion. The duo had one notable instance where they encountered this predicament, but Pearl reassured her companion that she'd still be welcome as a performer. The Court of Gods seconds this stance, as they "don't see species." Many of these concerns have been quashed following a mass exodus of Marina's own kind out of Octo Valley and Octo Canyon to Inkopolis as a result of the same "life changing performance" that impacted Marina herself, reducing any contempt either race has to the other.
  • At around the same time of the "Octoling Exodus," the duo gained fame (or notoriety) for masterminding a raid on the morally gray Kamabo corporation, owner of the Deepsea Metro operating nearby, but not within, Inkopolis. The duo traveled to the nearby Mount Nantai, and from there, they were sent to investigate the activities of the company. They uncovered a mass conspiracy involving a malevolent AI who planned to exterminate their world's sapient life in order to provide a blank slate for the Ultimate Lifeform. Needless to say, the AI and his efforts were suppressed thanks to Pearl's love for shouting powering a custom Beam-O-War to destroy the NILS statue and undermine the Kamabo corporation, as well as eliminate the threat ancient technology presented to the new society. Despite this, the Deepsea Metro is still in operation, having been taken over by the Inkopolis Municipal Subway. They also earned their herald through this.
  • Some people question the height disparity of the group. It is rumored that this is because as a child, Pearl was nearly lethally electrocuted while performing at a folk-singing contest. The electrocution stunted her growth.
  • Ascended in place of the former bearer of this post, Makoto Nanaya, as the Court of Gods deemed it was necessary that a noteworthy interspecies group fill in this post to better represent this title. Makoto has no qualms being relegated to High Priestess, even if only to escape dealing with the menace that is Jinx.
    • However, the Court of Gods recently offered Makoto a new post to represent. No new cases have been reported in regards to the Jinx incidents.
  • Their association with Captain Falcon also comes from the above, as in the words of one of his incarnations, "Only those who surpass Falcon may become Falcon."
  • They are friends of Daft Punk. Among Inklings, many of their music has been likened more to house/electronica music rather than the explicitly J-pop-like style of the Squid Sisters.
  • However, Pearl often pays visits to the House of Music in order to appeal to her metalhead side. Before forming Off the Hook, she was involved with a metal band, which sold about 1000 units per record. Active metal musicians do not know what to make of her voice, especially after this infamous gig. Her liking of Trent Reznor comes from having dabbled in Industrial Metal in particular.
  • They staunchly oppose Ghiren Zabi through his agenda and his acts in war, and how these misdeeds parallel those of Commander Tartar, whom they suppressed as part of the Kamabo incident.
  • Ditto with Lucifer thanks to his nihilistic attitude toward humanity.
  • Ditto with SKYNET, as he is also a malevolent AI hell-bent on executing humanity (or whatever sentient species he deems "unworthy").
  • Nobody knows what Pearl's last name is. Japan remedied that problem with supplementary material that would likely not reach Western shores.
  • Marina pays regular visits to the House of Technology and the GUAG robotics division, as she has a significant background with designing war machines in her time in the Octarian army. Currently pending negotiations with GUAG to instate her as a full member following evaluation of her background and technique.
  • Marina’s application to the GUAG White Hat is also pending, though the Kamabo incident would be a significant resume booster there.
  • They do not know what to collectively make of Orson Krennic. On one hand, similar to Marina’s own military background, he designed a core war machine within the Empire, but was betrayed by his superiors, who callously disregarded Krennic’s presence before firing it on him. Marina often pities him due to this, but Pearl notes that Krennic, despite all of his redeeming characteristics, is still a Jerkass.
  • They do not know what to make of Illaoi. On one hand, they claim that she represents the Kraken, though Illaoi herself denies any connection. Whether they are appreciative of her core "sink or swim" morality is still questionable. However, Marina takes a decent liking of her “Kraken priestess” aesthetic.
  • Likewise, many of the Overwatch deities exhibit an ambiguous opinion on the duo. On one hand, many of their Inkling co-deities often exhibit a Friendly Rivalry toward the Overwatch deities, but on the other hand, many of the neutral-aligned deities question their endeavors (particularly with Pearl's MC Foreign Policy handle, and especially the Kamabo incident).
  • They were proud to announce their final Splatfest: Order vs. Chaos, with Marina representing Order and Pearl representing Chaos. They have invited almost all Gods from the Pantheon to participate, except Galeem and Dharkon. They're still not very happy about the spirit incident, and it's rather obvious which side the two would pick anyway. The two Chaos and Order deities were not pleased by their exemption from the Splatfest, but Pearl told them to shove it.
  • They colllectively appreciate Octodad for his own Interspecies Friendship.
  • Don't get cooked...Stay off the hook!

    Sanae Kochiya 
Sanae Kochiya, Goddess of Human-Deity Companionships (Deified Human of the Wind, Lady Sanae, Miracle★Sanae)

Anybody order a MASCOT GOD???

Teddie, God of Wanting to have Friends (Kuma, Kumada, Teddie Teddie, King of the TV World, Teddy-chan, The Beast in Heat)
Click here to see his human appearance 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Kintoki-Douji surrounded by an assortment of items.
  • Theme Song: Kuma Kuma Circus
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Having a Persona, Being proficient in Bufu spells, Making un-bear-ably bad puns, Ending his sentences with -kuma, Wanting to score with the ladies, Crossdressing, Having an attractive human male form, Needing friendship, Dark Is Not Evil, Badass Adorable, Confusion Fu, friendly bears, Ascended Shadows, Facing one's own Shadow Archetype.
  • Domains: Friendship, Personas, Shadows, Ice, Healing.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, The Master, Tohru Adachi, The Psycho Rangers (particularly Psycho Blue)
  • There were many individuals who were fit to have this position, but it was given to Teddie by virtue of him being a creature born from negative human emotions who eventually turned himself into a cute clown bear then grew a human body out of nothing just to get people to like him.
  • After ascending, Teddie tries his best to be friends with anyone in need of one since he can relate to how they feel and wants to help them the same way the Investigation Team helped him.
  • Occasionally goes to the House of Love to try "scoring" with the ladies, much to Yukiko's eternal chagrin.
    • Makoto Nanaya, however, finds him cuddly cute and is very okay with Teddie scoring with her. This was met with a LOT of nervous sweat and pervy urges on Teddie's part.
  • Faust was pleased to hear that Teddie finally made it to the Pantheon. They meet up in the House of Combat every now and then to further improve their unpredictability in combat.
  • Once went around the Pantheon dressed up as Alice. He was so convincing that once the truth got out, some male deities started questioning their sexuality. Belial and Nebiros are…less than fond of the bear after he successfully tricked them into thinking he was the genuine article.
  • A number of good aligned gods (Philemon in particular) see Teddie's ascension as a colossal "fuck you" to Nyarlathotep since it proves the even Shadows have the capacity to become good. Nyarlathotep was not pleased.
  • Of course most of the time, everyone thinks that his bear puns are just un-bear-able… GYAH! Now you Got Me Doing It!
  • Having played the tambourine when he was mortal, will occasionally visit the House of Music to polish his skills with the instrument in question and other auxiliary percussion instruments and even perform as a band alongside his teammates… when lead singer Rise isn't being interrupted by I-No.
  • Should the need arise, Teddie can double as Mission Control in battles. Just… don't expect much from him.
    I hope you're beary prebeared for this unbearable bear of a battle!
  • Met up with Winnie the Pooh and get along quite well. Pooh laughs at Teddie's bear puns and Teddie is more than delighted to share a pot of honey with Pooh.
    • Also hates Mr. Monokuma, as Monokuma is the complete opposite of Teddie, wanting to spread despair instead of friendship. The first time the two met, Teddie immediately froze Monokuma and his Mastermind with a Bufu spell. To quote what was heard when they met… "I'M GOING BEAR-ZEEEERRRRKKK!!!"
  • Deeply sympathizes with Mami Tomoe's yearning for friends. Mami gets along with Teddie reasonably well, but finds his advances a bit annoying at times. Teddie finds Charlotte a kindred spirit as well, as the Dessert Witch was a being born of negativity that had gained sentience through her bond with Mami. She even managed to regain her human form, Nagisa, in a manner much like Teddie. Teddie himself is curious to know if this means he looks like the human he spawned from. The two of them spend a lot of time together.
    • Also deeply sympathizes with Coyote Starrk's desire to find comrades. They can genuinely enjoy each other's company, though Starrk is somewhat annoyed with all the bear puns and Teddy often loses his patience with Starrk's attitude. However, the Espada is perfectly willing to help him whenever things get rough, including shooting Mr. Monokuma in the face.
  • Can also be seen hanging out with Greed since they're both ascended monsters with mischievous tendencies who are ultimately driven to good by their desire for true friends. Unlike most people, Greed doesn't mind the bear puns so much since he talks about his own avarice all the time. In fact, Teddie can be seen as an occasional mascot in Greed's bar.
  • Once he learnt of Labrys' ascension he rushed over to the House of Technology to declare himself her 'Knight' in front of all the other gods.
  • Despair was felt by some of his friends once it was learned he was being tutored on puns by Ms. Fortune. Their friendship goes deeper than that, partly since Fortune sympathises with him because of her having lost friends and moved on.
  • Has become friends with Enju Aihara since she also wanted to have friends like him. He also pities her because of her disease that is slowly transforming her into a monster.
  • The Master is something of a sore spot for him after the Immortality Gate Incident, even after its resolution. Teddie and Marie, being a Shadow and a goddess respectively, were immune to the Gate's effect, but their human friends — all seven of them — were not, and were briefly turned into clones of the Master, thus forcing Teddie and Marie to fight their friends to stay alive until the transformation was reversed.
  • Was very happy to find Nanako in the Pantheon, but he hoped that she never learned about the Persona world. Unfortunately, she did, and was sent into the TV World by a wave of darkness, only to be rescued by the Investigation Team (and the Cutie Mark Crusaders). Nanako faced the darkness and obtained her Persona, and was given a long talk about what the Investigation Team had done. Ever since then, Nanako trains with Teddie to use her Persona better.
  • Teddie accompanied Greed to a party being hosted by Greed's friend Asami Sato in honor of Avatar Korra's transfer to a new more fitting seat in the Pantheon. He repeatedly tried to flirt with Shizuku Ashuu, Nana Habutae, and even Korra and Asami, only to be rebuffed each time.note  Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama, in between kisses, took Teddie aside and explained that the girls he was trying to "score with" were together like they are, and his cheap flirtations gave way to wholesome curiosity which was much better appreciated. When Greed was asked to stay behind after the party, Teddie called Yu and the Investigation Team to take him home.
  • Apparently has his own "program" in the Midnight Channel.


    Jade Chan and Tohru 
Jade Chan and Tohru, Deities of Friendship Amongst Age Gaps (Jade: T-Girl, Queen of the Shadowkhan, The Chosen One, Jade-Zilla, ChanTastic4, Shrimp, Cihuacoatl | Tohru: Big T, Tiny, Mr. Apprentice)
Jade Chan
  • Demigods (Jade is a Lesser Goddess if she uses the Talismans and borderline Intermediate Goddess as "Queen of the Shadow Khan")
  • Symbol: Uncle's Antique Shop
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Jade) and Neutral Good (Tohru, originally Neutral Evil as part of the Dark Hand)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Both: Combat, Adventure, Good, Friendship
    • Jade: Recklessness, Sleuthing
    • Tohru: Magic, Protection
  • Heralds: Scruffy (Jade's pet dog) and Tohru's mother
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Ghestis Harmonia, Relius Clover, all gods in the House of Villainy, Hatred and Magic (the Evil ones at least), Trollkaiger, evil gods in the House of Crime, Majora's Mask.
  • On good terms with: The Enforcers
  • Exclusive to Both:
    • Jade, having heard of her uncle being in the Pantheon, decided that he needed her help and made her way here. Tohru came to keep an eye out on her, but even he has trouble when she starts going on crazy adventures.
    • The gods were mighty impressed on Tohru's side of things. Back when Tohru was part of the Dark Hand he held no hesitation to cut Jade in half with a sword to retrieve a Talisman she (accidentally) swallowed. Jade, on her end, has forgiven him, and their friendship cemented their position here.
    • Both of them look at Lex funny due to him looking, and sounding, similar to their friend Captain Black. Lex makes no comment on this. They also had to double take on Sun Wukong due to them encountering a demonic puppet form of the Monkey King many times. Fortunately, this Monkey King is more benevolent and hops in from time to time to say hello.
    • The two were amused to find their enemies, The Enforcers, in the Pantheon. They don't have a lot of antagonism as they do now as the Enforcers are trying to leave their life of crime for good.
    • Due to the Tarakundo incident, Jade and Tohru have a dislike for evil masks, especially Majora's Mask since it's much worse than putting on an Oni Mask.
  • Exclusive to Jade:
    • Jade has been trying her best to create the "Pantheon J-Team", much to Jackie's chagrin. Many of the gods humor her in this regard. Jackie has also had to pull Jade away from all Crime goddesses not named Vi (especialy Jinx) due to how dangerous they can be. At the very least, she found El Toro Fuerte as the Follower of Rey Mysterio and she's amazed that, despite Rey's height, he's been crowned world champion in The Universe.
    • No matter how many times someone tells her to just stay where she's at, Jade will always find a way to into the action. It's gotten to the point that people just give up on it.
    • Was slightly worried upon seeing Quetzalcoatl in the Pantheon, since the last time they encountered, the Aztec god mistook her as a literal goddess. Thankfully, this Quetzalcoatl didn't make that mistake, but she's still keeping an eye on him/her.
    • May or may not be The Chosen One by a group of monks, due to her skillfully using the previous chosen's cane to protect Tohru. The House of Prophecy aren't revealing that any time soon.
  • Exclusive to Tohru:
    • There was slight confusion with Tohru seeing that he shared the same name as a goddess in the House of Shape. Tohru Honda got along quite well with this Tohru seeing as they had many similarities (having to deal with things related to the Eastern Zodiac being the prominent one)
    • Tohru once ran afoul with one Genta Umemori due to the fact that Genta is a sushi chef and Tohru doesn't like fish. Genta would've been offended by it, but seeing that Tohru is a giant, he relented and has started serving vegetarian sushi on the side.
      • That dislike of fish was also the reason he had to decline King Dedede's Gourmet Race, despite his appetite.
  • Tohru spends lots of time in the Houses of Knowledge and Magic to continue his studies on being a Chi Wizard. Jade, meanwhile, can be seen in the Houses of Combat and Travel always looking for adventures and fighting (much to Jackie's chagrin). Unfortunately, Jade can also be seen in the House of Magic, but even she knows better than to mess with Bernkastel.
  • If there is one thing that Tohru hates, it's stairs. No, it's not the climbing that troubles him, it's him tumbling down that he dislikes. He's made friends with Po in that regard. (That and Po is known to be an expert in using Chi in his world).
  • Many gods were confused as to Tohru's reason to make a Heel–Face Turn ("I heard it's Donut Day on Tuesdays") but it was also probably how he was thrown out of a skyscraper by a talisman fueled Shendu that made him realize that it was time to quit. Needless to say, he's glad that Shendu is locked away in the Treasury, never to reawaken.
  • Has struck a friendship with Edmund Honda — E. Honda was amazed at how Tohru fought a sumo wrestler three times his size and won, stunning everyone in the process.
  • Tohru is descended from a line of samurai so, that little hiccup with Genta Umemori aside, he's friendly with various good samurai.
  • Every now and then, a small woman can be seen in the temple — said woman happens to be his mom. Don't let her size fool her; she can kick just as much ass as her son, and Tohru can become even more aggravated if anything should happen to her.

    Jay and Silent Bob 
Jay and Silent Bob, Divine Catch-Phrase Spouting Duo ( Bluntman and Chronic)
From right to left: Jay and Silent Bob
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A marijuana leaf
  • Theme Song: Jay's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Heterosexual Life-Partners, Those Two Stoners, Anti-Hero,Wacky Guys, High School Rejects, Fat and Skinny
  • Domains: Drugs, Chaos, Friendship, Silence (Silent Bob)
  • Allies: Bill and Ted, Beavis and Butthead, Jeffrey Lebowski/The Dude, Abed Nadir, all Star Wars deities
  • Rivals: Walter White
  • Enemies: Pinhead, Omar Little, Satan (Castlevania), All Lord of the Rings deities.
  • Odd Friendship: God (God, the Devil and Bob)
  • While they enjoyed their position as High Priest to JD and Turk, they felt it wasn't enough. They appreciated the bond the two shared, but it felt tame compared to what they are used to. The God of Life-Long Partners decided to put them through a trial. They are to place a nickname on every temple in the House of Friendship. It only took 15 minutes. With those terms satisfied, they agreed to give them a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Jay... is not the brightest of bulbs. Most of his plans have either fallen flat on his face or succeeded out of sheer luck. Silent Bob on the other hand has some Hidden Depths. He doesn't speak much, but when he does it is often pretty damn good advice. Jay has had to keep people away from Bob just to stop bothering him about questions about their lives.
  • The very first gods that they visited were those from the Star Wars universe, Jedi and Sith alike. It has been their favorite franchise to watch of all time. While they declined to take sides on the Light Side vs the Dark Side, they did love to diss Lord of the Rings.
    • Even if their archnemesis looks a lot like Luke Skywalker, they still like his character as well as the avatar.
  • Speaking of which, Frodo and his allies disapproved of their ascension. While the friendhip between him and Sam has been seen in a better light, there are still those turned off by Jay's suggestion of something more happening between them.
  • Loves hanging out with Bill and Ted as they are the only ones who would let them use their time machines. As such, they defend detractors who don't think the teens should keep their time machine.
  • Thinks Beavis and Butthead are a hoot to hang out with. They also like that the Gods of Laughing at Innuendos have become their most consistent weed customers. Expect a lot of rough housing with these guys.
  • If there is one thing that these two strive for, it's to be as mellow as the Dude. Sure they need to do work in order to make money from time to time, but the Dude makes it look easy. And without a high school degree to boot. Jay has convinced Silent Bob to hang out with him to see if they could find out how he does it.
  • There have been rumors that Jay and Silent Bob almost had a runin with the Hellraisers led by Pinhead. It appeared that Pinhead had the perfect form of torture for them: a rehab clinic. Now that the two are in the Pantheon proper, he wants to put them in the same situation. This is one crossover neither stoner wants to be a part of.
  • There has been a feud of sorts with Walter White. One of the most prolific drug dealers in the Pantheon, Walter initially hoped to recruit the two as distributors of his stash. He was surprised when Jay through the deal at his face. They may love drugs in general, but they will not let the business go organized. The two have stated they support individual sellers and won't let Walter turn it into an empire.
  • They have also drawn the ire of Omar Little. Someone who is against the selling of drugs in general, he has drove them off every time he's spotted them. In response, they got training from Obi-Wan Kenobi in order to learn the Jedi Mind Trick. It didn't even make him flinch.
  • Much to everyone's surprise, Jay actually does have a girlfriend. Ironically named Justice, she is currently in jail serving a reduced sentence to get her boyfriend out of prison. Jay may be a pervert, but he has been adamant to wait out her sentence until she comes back. For that he earned respect from the House of Love.
  • Now that they have been deified, they hope to go practice superheroics as Bluntman and Chronic. They even brought along their own costumes. The House of Heroes implored the duo to leave the job to the experts. That hasn't stopped them from trying. They can be seen teaming up with Abed dressed up as Batman. His intricate knowledge of plot has helped them be more successful than one would think.
  • One would think that these two would be the last people to be friends with The Almighty himself, but he just so happens to owe a favor to them for preventing Armageddon. She even gave Jay a kiss, one that promptly caused him to faint (not even Justice was all too upset about it). They were disappointed that this one is a dude and has no intentions of becoming a girl.
    • Their slaughter of many Fallen Angels has caused them to endure the wrath of Satan, who was not pleased in their efforts. He knows he has the power to wipe them out, but is not strong enough to take on their vengeful benefactor. Satan would have to wait until he becomes an Overdeity.

    Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada and Joaquin Mondragon Jr. 
Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada and Joaquin Mondragon Jr., The ¡Three Amigos!
From left to right: Joaquin, Maria holding her pet Chuy, and Manolo
  • Rank: Demideities (Joaquin used to be a Lesser God when he had the Medal of Everlasting Life with him)
  • Symbol: A guitar and a sword crossed together (Manolo); Her necklace (Maria); the Medal of Everlasting Life (Joaquin)
  • Theme Song: I Love You Too Much and The Apology Song (Manolo); No Matter Where You Are (Manolo and Maria)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for both Manolo and Maria; Chaotic Good for Joaquin
  • Portfolio: Freudian Trio, Love Triangle, Single-Target Sexuality, Two Guys and a Girl (the trio), Betty and Veronica, Friendly Rivalry, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man (Manolo and Joaquin), Childhood Friend Romance (Manolo and Maria); Did Not Get the Girl (Joaquin and Maria)
  • Domains: Friendship, Love Triangles, Stories
  • Allies: La Muerte & Xibalba, Hector, Princess Cadance, lot of deities in the House of Love, Zorro, Inigo Montoya, Donald Duck
  • Enemies: Vega, Lysandere, Shinobu Sensui, Handsome Jack
    • Manolo: Matador
    • Maria: Thanos
    • Joaquin: The House of Villains and other supervillains that aren't in that house
  • Respects: The House of Heroes and other superheroes that aren't in that house in general (Joaquin)
  • Two best friends, Manolo and Joaquin were both in love with Maria, which caused La Muerte and Xibalba to make a bet on which boy will successfully marry her. While Maria was studying abroad, Manolo became an excellent bullfighter, but never killed a bull as he aspires to be a musician, and Joaquin became a hero to San Angel thanks to the Medal of Everlasting Life. With Maria's return, this caused the two boys to settle their rivalry once and for all to eventually marry her. Although Manolo won her heart, Xibalba cheated by using a two-headed snake to kill Manolo. Although because his story wasn't finsihed, he was brought back to the dead and fought alongsode with his best friend and love interest to save San Angel form Chakal. After that, Maria chooses to be with Manolo and eventually marry each other, while Joaquin decides to give up the Medal of Everlasting Life, as he learns to be selfless thanks to giving the medal to Joaquin to save himself from performing a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Their ascencion was heard about by La Muerte and Xibalba, the former being overjoyed to see them. She hopes that Manolo and Maria will continue to find happiness in the Pantheon, and that the same goes for Joaquin which they both appreciated. Manolo still doesn't appreciate Xibalba's way of cheating the bet it seems that he forgive him and the two are now on rather good terms.
  • Being that he also lives in a world where there is a Land of the Dead, they are visited by Hector. The trio were moved and sympathized hearing sbout his story of being murdered whose music was stolen by Ernesto and being disowned by his now alive entire family back in the living land, especially for Manolo, as he thinks that his some of his problems are similar to that of Hector and had been to the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten at the time. This caused Hector to easily with Manolo, along with the fact they are both musicians who love to play guitar. The trio hoped that he'll find everlasting happiness along the way.
  • Princess Cadance is happy to here an another happy couple that have ascended. She respects Maria's respectfulness of who Manolo actually is and wants him to be himself. She also is impressed with Manolo's willingness to be with Maria even if it means it might result on death. They are thankful of hearing these kinds of words from here with them hoping she'll have a successful marriage with Shining Armor. She is sad to hear of Joaquin's failure of not getting the woman he loves, but she hopes that he will find someone that matches for him.
    • Following Cadance's statement, a lot of the deities of the House of Love support Manolo and Maria's marriage and are happy that they are happy together. Tey feel bad for Joaquin never getting the lover of his dreams, but they admired the fact he wants her to be happy with the man she loves. They hope that he'll find someone that could make him happy someday.
  • Due to being Spanish, they became allies with fellow Spanish heroes, Zorro and Inigo Montoya, which also helps that they know how to fight specifically with a sword, but Joaquin relates to them the most as they all lose their father at a young age. They try to smoothen relationships between themselves, but so sure there isn't any progress being made.
  • Hearing about their friendship and dynamics, Donald Duck visited them as it reminds him of his friendship with Jose and Panchito. Manolo is somewhat amused to hear that Donald is the only member of the trio that doesn't really sing and Joaquin is impressed at their heroics in a certain universe. They decided to meet Donald from time to time, wanting to hear more about his adventures as a member of the Three Caballeros.
  • Since they value the concept of beauty, they hate Vega due to having a messed-up perception of the concept. Vega easily finds Maria a beautiful person, which heated the antagonism between Manolo and Vega since he and Maria are married.
  • Lysandere and Shinobu Sensui's misantropy causes them to become enemies with them since it is extremely remeniscent of that of Chakal. It doesn't help that they all wanted to destroy the world since this means the entire human race would be in the Land of Forgotten.
  • The way Handsome Jack treats the villagers and seeing them as similar to bandits is what causes them to become enemies. He thinks that they similar to the bandits, which really insulted since they never do evil things in their lives and took great pleasure to protect San Angel.
  • Excluding to Manolo:
    • Matador is ashamed to hear of Manolo not continuing his family legacy of being a bullfighter and aspiring to be a musician, seeing that he is a skilled swordsman and a bullfighter thanks to years of training, only to waste it. In return, Manolo despises him for killing bulls with no consent and it doesn't help that he is not a nice person. Matador usually challenges him to a swordfight to see who is a better fighter, which Manolo refuses every time.
    • Hearing that he is a bullfighter, Blaine Bloodhoof stays away from him, but after hearing that he doesn't want to become one, he decided to visit him. He is suprised at his kindhearted personality, admires his desire to become himself instead of listening his father's wishes, and that when he was forced to kill a 1,000 bulls transformed into a giant bull, he uses a guitar and apologizes to the bull for his family killed ever single one of them. Likewise, Manolo admires his wisdom and that he is not like other bulls he had met in his liferime.
    • The blanks of his story while being dead at the time means that he could change his own fate, causes him to gain allies in thr House of Opposing Fate. He is mostly close with the Nephalems as they are immune to fate and because of this, they are ready to take down his enemies.
  • Exclusive to Maria:
    • Is shocked to hear that Gamora has the same voice as her. Gamora is impressed to see that Maria is capable of fighting her own despite being a Proper Lady. Maria is sad to hear of what kind of father Thanos is and how he killed her family and in extension, her own racecl and stated that Thanos makes her father a living saint, causing her to become enemies with him as a result, not helping in that in one incarnation, he wanted to destroy half the universe, and worse, in Earth-616, he wanted to commit genocide to the entire universe to court his Lady Death, which doesn't help her case thanks to how cultured she has become. She is happy to hear that she is notl in alliance with Thanos anymore and hopes that she'll be safe along the way.
      • This is the same case with Neytiri. Neytiri warmed up to her after hearing Maria's desire to not hurt people unless it's necessary. Maria hopes that she could teach Neytiri human values and behaviors while she is in the Pantheon. For Neytiri, hearing about her skills in swordmanship and combat, she hopes that she could teach her in more skills to better defend themselves and wanted her to visit her world when she hears how much she loves animals and nature and how she thinks they deserve freedom.
    • Chun-Li doesn't know what to think of Maria knowing kung-fu because it was stated that in her time period, it was impossible to learn something like that and would be unrealistic. She will say that she is impressed at being able to master a skill like that despite the fact that the reason why Maria stuided abroad is to become a Proper Lady and hoes she'll continue using her skills in the face of danger.
  • Exclusive to Joaquin:
    • Seeing that he is San Angel's hero, he wanted to have a position in the House of Heroes even if he mellowed down, which won't happen anytime soon. He had respect to the House of Heroes and superheroes in general because of their heroics and dedication to their job and wanted to face them with his sword, despite the fact he could easily get injured as he doesn't have the Medal of Everlasting Life. Of course because of this, he hates the House of Villains and supervillains and wanted to face some of them to protect people from danger.
    • As they are both admire heroism and wanted to become one, which Joaquin succeeded at, he bonded with K.O. The child is fascinated upon hearing the Medal of Everlasting Life, but is bummed out upon hearing that he abandoned it. K.O. hopes that he'll strive harder as a hero after losing the medal, as he is now vulnerable to harm, and to continue his duties as one.
    • Joaquin actually loves writing and calligraphy and is pretty skilled at it. Because of this, he becomes friends with a lot of the writers in the Pantheon, who are impressed with how he writes his letters. Although it's very clear he doesn't want to be a writer, he seems to get along with them.
  • "No retreat, no surrender!"

    Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin 
Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, Patron Saints of Headbutting Best Friends (Napoleon: Cowboy, Mr. Solo; Illya: Tovarisch, Red Peril)
Left: Illya Kuryakin; Right: Napoleon Solo
Solo's film counterpart 
Kuryakin's film couterpart 
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A male silhouette beside a globe, with the initials U.N.C.L.E written below
  • Theme Song: Man From U.N.C.LE Suite, alternatively Escape From East Berlin
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, with shades of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Both: Badass in a Nice Suit, Chick Magnets, Men who Provide Fanservice, Deadpan Snarkers, Vitriolic Best Buds, True Companions, Odd Couple
  • Domains: Espionage, Cold War, Agility, Infiltration
  • Herald: Gaby Teller
  • High Priests: Art Ridzik and Ivan Danko
  • Allies: The GUAG, Nick Fury, Solid Snake, Roger Thornhill, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, The entire House of Love, Anastasia
  • Enemies: HYDRA, Any evil authoritarian figure in the Pantheon, especially those afilliated with Nazis, M.Bison, The GUAE
  • Friendly Rivals: Selina Kyle, Felicia Hardy (Napoleon Only)
  • Opposes: Liberty Prime, Chin
  • Opposed by: Ethan Hunt (Napoleon Only)
  • Odd Friendship with: The Lone Ranger (Illya Only)
  • Pities: Elena (Napoleon Only)
  • Confused around: Lara Croft (Illya Only)
  • Conflicting Opinions on: James Bond
  • It was a calm day on the Patheon, until a alarm could be heard on the distance. The Gods were puzzled at first, but soon figured out that someone was breaking into the safes of some houses. They finded the culprits: Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, two of the best U.N.C.L.E agents, who wanted some information on nuclear weapons and their storages, were infiltraded in the Pantheon. The agents realized what they were doing, and soon apologized, after finding out that the Pantheon was the wrong place for finding something like that. They soon found themselves with a seat on the House of Friendship, as a pardon from the gods.
    • Their origin is mostly unknown, but the more accepted theory is that they were a CIA and a KGB agent ensigned together relutanctly by their superiors to a mission in Rome to track down a scientist who worked for the Nazis during World War II that was now with a family affiliated with Italian Fascists, the Vinciguerras, on a new nuclear superweapon. At the same time, they were encharged of protecting his research files at any cost. Even if it meant to kill each other. They Take a Third Option and burned the tape that contained those files. Waverly were also in Rome and was taking part on this mission, and when he saw their exploits, he was motivated to establish his own intelligence service by recruiting them: U.N.C.L.E.
  • The entrance to their temple is a tailor's shop, much like the entrance to U.N.C.L.E's headquarters in New York.
  • While they can get along pretty well (He may or may not might helped them during a mission and his superior Ian Fleming collaborated in some of the concepts to their TV series), they both disagree on some things with James Bond, especially his treatment of women. They respect women who doesn't correspond their affections, and think that sometimes Bond can be somewhat forceful and brutal in this matter. Nonetheless, Bond was the first deity to congratulate and welcome the duo upon their ascention.
  • Their infltration abilities didn't past unoticed. The GUAG soon realized that they could be useful on the next time that they launch an offensive against Melkor, mostly to gather important information and are planning to recruit them to the Intelligence Service.
  • Due to their status as Chick Magnets, the House of Love soon started to drool over them. Napoleon was flattered, while Illya was mostly indifferent. Solo can be seen frequently on the house, when they are off-duty. Illya actually can't step there without having a miriad of gods fawning over him. Believe it, he tried.
    • Though, he grew annoyed by Claude Frollo, due to his forceful behavior towards Esmeralda, saying that she doesn't deserve someone like him and that he was a repulsive man.
  • Since their arrival, Illya struck a loyal bond to the fellow Russian god Viktor Reznov, despite him having a strange relationship with the House of Friendship, due to Illya holding a position in the Soviet Navy, and the fact that both of them have gone through a lot of unamusing things on the hands of their former bosses (Reznov being made a guinea pig, Illya being threatened to be sent to a gulag if the mission didn't work). Reznov even introduced Illya to other good-alligned Russian gods.
    • But Nikita thinks that Illya is a "traitor" simply because his best friend is an American. Illya also don't trust him much, being disgusted by his ruthlessness and his immorality (what he did to Reznov might have collaborated to this) and because he thinks that Nikita's plans to restore the Soviet regime is 'nonsensical' and he really should realize that the end of the era is over.
      • Vladimir once tried to deflect Illya from his position, but figured out that Illya is completely loyal to his and Napoleon's obligations, considering him then one of his sworn enemies.
  • Like many other spy deities, they have a good relationship with The Spymaster, Nick Fury, considering him a lot like their boss, Waverly. Very often Fury assigns them to many missions within the Pantheon.
  • Napoleon gets along well with Superman, due to the fact that in his other portrayal, The Man of Steel looked like him.
    • And for that same reason, Henry VIII mistook Solo with his best friend, Charles Brandon. He had already done that to Superman.
  • They can be found taking part on missions with fellow spy Allies: Natasha Romanoff and Solid Snake. Natasha and Napoleon on infiltration missions, Illya and Snake on stealth missions.
  • Napoleon met fellow burglars Selina Kyle and Felicia Hardy. They established a rivalry due to their status as a Gentleman Thief and Classy Cat-Burglars respectively that usually ends up with them stealing from one another, but they get along well. Very well. There are rumors that in one point the three of them have slept together, but neither deity denies or confirms this.
  • Illya met and forged a friendship with NCIS officer Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs thinks that he reminds him of his friend, NCIS Historian Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, when he was younger.
  • Upon hearing about her relationship with Gentaro Kisaraginote , Napoleon felt sorry for the Kenyan Street Fighter and wishes to help them reconcile, due to his matchmaker reputation. Elena appreciated his help, but said that for now, he doesn't need to worry about it as her relationship with Gentaro is on a temporary hold. At the very least, the two are still close friends.
    • When Gentaro heard about this story, he thanked Solo for the gesture and gave him his signature handshake.
  • They also don't trust Liberty Prime too much. Liberty was built to eliminate Communists on American soil. Napoleon, himself having his best friend who is a Communist, tries his best to stay away from the robot.
    • They also oppose Chin for that same reason, for fear that, if one day they come near him, he might want to kill Illya with one of his energy beams.
  • Recently, they have been helping Roger Thornhill in clearing his reputation, since his story became a sort of inspiration to their's own and they have been known to help inumerous others civillians caught amidst international affairs during their missions.
  • One time, during their visit to Nick Fury and their other allies in the House of Professions, they were surprised to see their friend, fellow U.N.C.L.E. agent Gaby Teller, there. But it turned out to be Lara Croft, the Goddess of Adventurer Archaelogics, whose appearance was the same of hers. Since he grew infatuated with Gaby during their mission in Rome while they were Undercover as Lovers, Illya felt nervous and distraught while near Croft, but mostly was confused as to why she could have such a striking resemblance. Napoleon was also miffed about it, but not as much. Of course, Lara had no idea as to why two secret agents were talking to her about a mission in Rome.
  • In their spare time, Illya can be seen on the House of Combat, training his Judo and Sambo skills.
  • Since U.N.C.L.E's primary objective is to end any major threat to world peace and to prevent any kind of mass conflict, they caught the menancing eyes of H.Y.D.R.A and its associates. The fact that they reminded the duo of the greatest of U.N.C.L.E's enemies, T.H.R.U.S.H., did not help matters. Frequently their primary missions are preventing H.Y.D.R.A's evil plans from working.
    • They also drawed the attention of the criminal organization Shadaloo and it's leader, M.Bison. He views them as a potential threat to his plans of world domination, and since then, ordered them to be killed if someone of Shadaloo finds them. Fortunately, the duo have succeded in foil Shadaloo's plans most of the time.
  • Despite his political views, Illya gets along pretty well with Anastasia, saying once that he saw no difference between him and aristocracy. Though she thinks that her royal status doesn't really matter, Anastasia was still wary of him at the start (he is a Red, for Pete's sake), but eventually saw that he wasn't like the other Communists within the Pantheon who wanted her dead or viewed her as a threat and warmed up to him. Illya even introduced her to Napoleon, who naturally started to lowkey flirt with her. When she told him that she was already in a relationship with Dmitri, he apologized and understood, but nonetheless became her friend too.
  • When they are out on a mission, Art Ridzik and Ivan Danko assume their places at their seat, protecting it from any casual threats. Just like Napoleon and Illya, both of them were an American and Russian officers paired up together on a duty to their dismay amidst the Cold War-era tensions. The fact that their partnership also started as a conflicting alliance and evolving to a still conflicting, but true friendship also helps.
  • Ethan Hunt doesn't like Solo that much, due to the fact that he thinks Solo values too much his trust over Kuryakin, to a extent that he can risk his own life over the Soviet's. The other reason is that he reminds him of August Walker, Hunt's rival and enemy of his latest mission. It isn't antagonistic, though; Hunt really just avoids Solo most of the times and don't talk to him frequently.
  • Also, please don't mention to them that one time when Solo had to dance with a man obviously dressed on a gorilla suit neither when Illya disguised himself as a Yeti. While it seems that Solo would only have a good laugh at remembering this incident, Illya's reaction would be... less funny and not pretty, to say at least, due to his Hot-Blooded tendencies. He tries his best to control it, but sometimes is not successful.
    • Speaking of past incidents, do not, I repeat, do not mention anything about Illya's past if you don't want any limbs of yours broken, or worse. Well, if you insist, his father had been declared guilty on charges of embezzelement of state funds and sent to a gulag, while his mother had to resort to... ahem... another job to support herself and Illya. There, now you've been warned.
  • Recently, the House of Food let some restricions regarding Solo entering there, as he is known to put ketchup on almost everything he eats, much to Illya's annoyance. He can stay in there, as long as if they keep ketchup bottles away form his reach. Sometimes it works, but eventually he ended up always discovering where the bottles are hidden. The deities ended up hiding it in some safes within the House of Food itself, but that also failed, given Solo's reputation as a thief and breaking into safes.
  • Since their ascention on the Pantheon, The Lone Ranger formed an unusual friendship with Kuryakin. When asked about that, he said that it was because sometimes, the Russian sound a lot like his film version.


    Will Truman and Grace Adler 
William "Will" Truman and Grace Elizabeth Adler, Co-Deities of Platonic Life-Partners
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Will & Grace logo.
  • Theme Song: Will and Grace Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Will), Chaotic Good (Grace)
  • Portfolios: Was part of his Last Het Romance, The Not-Love Interest to each other, Deadpan Snarkers, Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy, Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl
  • Domains: Friendship, Good, Community, Law (Will), Chaos (Grace)
  • Allies: JD and Turk, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Jack Harkness, Logan/Wolverine, Varric (Grace)
  • Rivals: Archie Bunker
  • Enemies: Trollkaiger, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, Buck Hughes
  • Pities: Noel Vermillion (Grace), Juzo Sakakura (Will)
  • Fears: The Beatles (specifically Ringo Starr)
  • Special Relationship: Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Amane Nishiki (Will)
  • JD and Turk had decided that it was time to bring another group into the fold. And it wasn't long when they found candidates. Grace Adler had dated Will Truman in college. At the time, Grace did not know he was gay, and Will hadn't come out of the closet yet. When he did come out, it did not go well with Grace refusing to see him for a year. Thankfully, the two became lifetime friends ever since. It was even decided that the two had more stories to tell. For that, the two ascended for one of the few of such couples to stick around as friends.
  • As with most sitcom deities, the two received the blessing of the Ricardos. Granted it wasn't the type of relationship Lucy was accustomed to, but she is fine with supporting them all the same.
  • Trollkaiger was primed with source material to harass the couple. Much of it came from a mortal called Karen, a woman who has somehow continued to be involved in their lives even in the Pantheon. The group eagerly awaits the day of her ascension.
  • Their friendship appeared to be particularly vulnerable by one named Frank-N-Furter. Wanting to have some fun, he began dating ''both'' friends to see how long he can keep up the charade. After some time, the ruse was eventually discovered with the fallout potentially destroying their relationship. With some help from others within their house, the two managed to mend their friendship. Their next order of business was to put a restraining order on the homewrecker.
  • Which isn't to say they haven't done so before. They both enjoyed dating Jack Harkness, seeing him as a charming fellow. With that said, they refuse any attempt of having a threesome between the two. They respect their friendship too much for it to be muddled in a relationship. Yes, Grace considers gay porn to be hot. That doesn't mean she's willing do the same to Will.
  • A constant threat to the two has been Buck Hughes. Liking what he saw in Will, he set up an ambush set to kidnap him. Grace was there at the time and was prepared to fend him off, even is she was no match for him. The few seconds was enough for the Chick Magnet Quartet to arrive at the scene to ward him off. Both were grateful for the save and are now wary of Buck's presence.
  • Was given a shoutout from Logan of all people. Then again, it isn't as surprising as one would think. He has been in touch with more female X-Men than any other member by far, mentoring many other deities such as Jubilee and X-23. He still thinks Will is a dork, but one that knows how to treat a lady.
  • Exclusive to Will:
    • Both Alfonzo and Amane are befuddled over where Will. Will initially acted as is he was on team Straight Gay, as one of the few gay people at the time who didn't act like the stereotype. Over time, his personality changed to the point that he would be considered Camp Gay, even with the reboot. As of right now, Will would rather not exchange loyalty to either person.
    • Is rather glad that people in the House of Justice consider him good-looking. He has long been the punching bag of his former boyfriend Jack, who has insisted that he should lose some weight.
    • His portrayal may not have been seen as much today, but it paved the way for more gay representation in Western fictions. Some of the old guard remain uncomfortable of that. The most prominent of those is Archie Bunker. Of course, he was involved in one of the most prominent episodes regarding gay characters. While he isn't ready to make friends with Will any time soon, he is willing to admit the show is high quality.
    • Goes by to check on Juzo every once in a while. He initially thought he would dislike someone who dislikes his secuality, but he realized there's a more tragic story behind it all. He is willing to help the boxer any way he can.
  • Exclusive to Grace:
    • Has long lamented her small breasts in comparison to her arch-nemesis Karen. Noel came by to state that she understands her pain and hopes she can undercome her shortcomings.
    • Was a welcome addition to those in the House of Food. She has proven to be a Big Eater, downing large amount of meals at a time. She really enjoys downing on cakes.
    • Will not for the life of her go anywhere near the House of Health and Diseases. Deathly afraid of needles, she strives to stay as healthy as possible. The fear is so bad, she even strives to avoid the Beatles if only because the name reminds her of 'needles'.
    • Was seen exiting Varric's temple with a few books at hand. When Will confronted her about it, Grace admitted that she had heard that Varric writes romance novels, so she asked him to make some custom stories with her. After that request, Varric is reconsidering if those types of books were an Old Shame after all.


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