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The residence of deities who represent letters, text, short phrases, specific words and the effects or usage of the words themselves.

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Janemba, The God With A Verbal Weakness (The Incarnation of Evil)
Super Janemba
  • Quasideity (Saike Demon), Borderline Overdeity (first form), full-blown Overdeity (second form)
  • Symbol: His Dimension Sword
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Saike Demon), Chaotic Neutral (fat form), Chaotic Evil (demon form)
  • Portfolio: Made of Evil, Breaking The Laws Of The Afterlife By Existing, Demons, Thinking Up Portals, Kind Of Like Majin Buu, Bishōnen Line, Rubber Man, Funny, Silent Villains, Reality Warper, Absurdly Sharp Blade, Words Can Break My Bones, Only Says "Janemba", Unskilled, but Strong, Psychopathic Manchild
  • Domains: Evil, Hell, Chaos, Life and Death(abused)
  • Allies (As Saike Demon): King Yenma (his boss), Goku and Vegeta
  • Allies (As Janemba): Majin Buu (also friendly with Fat Buu), Frieza (really, any DBZ villain), Melkor, Nyarlathotep, Aku, and (oddly enough) Vito Corleone
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Discord
  • Enemies: Goku and Vegeta (also worthy opponents), King Kai, Dhuum, Decim, Seymour Guado, Father Kerras and Father Merrin, Osiris, Samurai Jack, Killia, Marona, Gabriel Belmont
  • Opposed by: The House of Life and Death
  • Fears: Trolls
  • In the afterlife of the Dragon Ball universe, souls sent to Hell go through a soul cleansing machine. The process of purification leaves canisters full of evil, and one slacker Saike Demon managed to be accidentally coated with the stuff. The result was Janemba, a demonic entity who warped the afterlife and allowed the souls of both Heaven and Hell to return to Earth. Though believed destroyed by Gogeta, the GUAE worked to recreate him for a powerful ally. Their experiments succeeded, and Janemba has become a god in his own right. Many deities are trying to turn Janemba back into the Saike Demon, thus they try their best to not kill him since he's not entirely responsible for his own actions.
  • Remarkably similar to Majin Buu. Upon meeting the two became good friends, and you can see them causing chaos together. When in his first form he prefers to play with the fat Majin Buu, and the second form likes to hang out with Kid Buu. Melkor is keeping a close eye on Janemba, believing his ability to break the boundaries of life and death is a valuable asset to his cause.
    • Some deities have also reported that Janemba occasionally fuses with Kid Buu in his second form. The resulting Fusion, Janembu, is very dangerous and it often takes multiple gods to stop them.
  • Janemba's power is not to be underestimated; it took the full force of Goku and Vegeta using the Fusion Dance in order to stop him. Having become Super Saiyan Blues, they thought they could easily deal with the reborn Janemba individually. Unfortunately, Melkor has used the evil of several Hells to recreate Janemba stronger than before. He can't wait to duel with the Saiyans once more.
  • In addition to his Reality Warper powers, Janemba has a Dimension Sword; it's so goddamn sharp it cuts things from the draft swinging it. It can even cut through dimensions and create portals. Add to his natural teleportation, and it makes it hard to control him. Asides from the House of Life and Death spending their time trying to pacify him, he'll be more well behaved if he's promised a good fight. Some believe he plans to fight Beerus one day, though since he never talks this may just be gossip.
  • Frieza and the other Z villains owe him some gratitude, as by breaking down the boundaries of Earth and Hell they were free to run amok. Unfortunately, it didn't get that far the first time since they had no time to train and Gohan kicked Freeza's ass. The next time was more successful since Janemba empowered them. Now that he's trained, Freeza can't wait for another break as an undead body means stamina may not be as much an issue as before.
  • The living definition of evil, born from the purged evil of those reincarnated through Hell. Being Made of Evil, Janemba finds companionship with Aku and Nyarlathotep; the latter of which is almost certainly planning to use him in order to dick around with life and death. However while his nature as evil incarnate makes him a powerful force, it also means he's extremely vulnerable against literal forces of good. Despite the power difference, Killia and Samurai Jack can one-shot him if they manage to land a hit, particularly Killia's power to destroy enemy withouts. As soul stuff, he's at the absolute mercy of Marona and Gabriel Belmont.
  • Janemba requires a host of sorts, which makes him vulnerable to exorcisms. Despite their vast power differences, he's shown concern towards Father Kerras and Father Merrin.
  • Janemba is on the watch list of the House of Life and Death, and for a good reason; his mere existence causes the barriers between the living and dead to break down, making life and death seem meaningless. Granted, Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, but warping the afterlives simply by being is really worrying. Dhuum, in particular, hates Janemba for letting the dead return from the afterlife. Seymour Guado sees him as a blight on his plans to end suffering through omnicide due to breaking the afterlives.
  • Janemba and Discord get along, as they both love a good World of Chaos. Of course, since Discord is somewhat reformed, they don't hang out nearly as much as they used to.
  • Apparently the main soul of Janemba was actually a formerly living being. Namely, a crime boss from the Demon World. Because of this, he has a strange and surprising attachment to Vito Corleone.
  • For all his power, Janemba is ultimately a child. In his first form, he's incredibly playful and almost innocent in a way, which wouldn't be too bad if he weren't a chaotic Reality Warper. Even in his more serious second form, he reflects this by being hurt by harsh words or insults. For this reason he's scared of any and all trolls. Yuuki Terumi finds this hilarious that such a Physical God is weak to cursing at him, but luckily for Janemba Terumi's plans don't involve him.
  • Many deities feel sorry for the Saike Demon and have been trying to free him from Janemba's possession. However, it's not an easy task, especially because of how powerful Janemba is.

    R. Lutece 
Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece, The Gods Who Finish The Other's Sentences (Robert: A Gentleman, Male Lutece; Rosalind: A Lady, Female Lutece)
The Luteces, Robert (left) and Rosalind (right)

Greater Gods

Alduin, Nordic God of Words of Power (Destroyer Devour Master, The World-Eater, The Time-Eater, Firstborn of Akatosh, Harbinger of the Apocalypse, Bane of Kings, Satakal)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stone carving of his head, inscribed under which are runes in the Dragon Language reading, "AL DU IN".
  • Theme Song: Watch the Skies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Notable Dragon Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Resurrection Shout, Soul-Snare Mist, Dragon Storm Call
  • Portfolio: The World-Eater, Destroyer Deity, The Dreaded, Very Strange Dragons, Godly Dragons, Resurrecting Other Dragons, Devouring Souls, User of the Thu'um, Evil Overlord, The Most Powerful Dragon and Their Leader, A Malignant Aspect of Akatosh, Unable to Comprehend Mortality, Bizarre Standards of Morality, Hubris, Cowardice, Fearing the Dovahkiin, Evil Sounds Deep, Black and Evil, Sinister Spiky Scales
  • Domains: Words and Voices, Prophecy, Time, Immortality, Destruction, Dragons, Slavery
  • Followers: The Dragon Cult, Many lesser dragons of Tamriel
    • Former Followers: Paarthurnax (ascended), Odahviing
  • Allies: Maegor I Targaryen, Tiamat, Smaug, Dr. Weil, Darkseid, Vilgax, Teridax, Lord Voldemort, Ganondorf Dragmire, Apocalypse
  • Rivals: Grima, Ungoliant, Deathwing, Lavos, Tuska, Mordremoth, Unicron, Oryx, Zhaitan, Lord English, Hades, Nicol Bolas
  • Enemies: The Dovahkiin, Paarthurnax, Miraak, Hermaeus Mora, Arokh and Rynn, Donkey, Bahamut, Caim and Angelus, Daenerys Targaryen, Spyro, Malygos, Zinnia, Acnologia, The Nameless King, Ignitus, Nico Minoru, Zatanna, Maxwell, Nozdormu, Gwyn, Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen, Dialga
  • Opposes: Io, Death of the Endless, Melkor
  • Opposed by: Eru Ilúvatar, Guthix, Sheev Palpatine
  • Feared by: The Adoring Fan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nekron
  • Herald: Nahkriin (formerly Miraak)
  • While the dragons of Tamriel in general are widely feared, none inspire more terror than their leader Alduin, the World-Eater. Present in the Nordic pantheon as the God of Destruction, Alduin built the dragons’ civilisation and is prophesied to reawaken after a long absence with an intent to destroy all life as he had periodically done before once the following events have occurred: when misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world; when the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped; when the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles; when the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls; when the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding.
    • However, it is also said that he will be defeated by a hero known as the Last Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul of a dragon and gifted with the ability to wield the Thu'um with unusually little effort and absorb the souls of other dragons. Yet it is possible that Alduin will be allowed to return once again at the end of time, when the world is finally ready to be consumed. This is supported by the Dovahkiin being unable to absorb Alduin's soul when he finally was slain.
  • Alduin grew in arrogance due to his status as a god among dragons. Eventually, in the primeval Merethic Era, he shirked his fated role and instead cruelly enslaved the mortal races of Tamriel and Atmora, granting power to the dragon priests who ruled as kings. A rebellion soon erupted against the tyranny of the Dragon Cult, and eventually the dragons themselves. Alduin himself was overthrown when a trio of Nordic heroes subdued him with the Dragonrend shout, before casting him forward in time to the year 4E 201 using an Elder Scroll. What few of his kin remained unslain scattered and hid themselves abroad the world of Nirn.
  • The most notable distinction of the dragons of the Mundus universe from other dragons is the fundamental connection of their souls to a magical force known as the Thu'um, which causes words spoken in their language to affect the environment around them, and so a dragon that appears to be breathing fire is in reality saying "fire" in their own tongue. So integral are the Words of Power to these dragons that each of them has a name consisting of three of these words, which can be used by other wielders of the Voice to summon them. It is thus fitting that Alduin, the leader of these dragons, would become god of the Words of Power upon his ascension.
    • While each Word of Power can be learned almost instantaneously by a dragon (or a Dragonborn, provided that they absorb a dragon's soul or "absorb the knowledge" from another), a regular mortal can learn the words and put to use their effects through rigorous training and meditation. This fact allows the Thu'um to be turned against the dragons, as a group of humans invented the Dragonrend shout which forces them to experience mortality, a concept completely alien to them, and land to leave themselves vulnerable.
  • One of the main reasons why the World-Eater is so dreaded is because not only can he kill most other beings with ease, but he can consume their souls afterwards to replenish himself, thus destroying them both physically and metaphysically.
  • There is much debate about the precise connection between Alduin and Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time and chief deity of the widely revered Nine Divines. It is thought by many outsiders of Skyrim, such as scholar and High Priest Alexandre Simon that the former is an aspect of the latter, marking the Great Dragon as both the creator and destroyer of time, and Alduin himself boasts that he is the Firstborn of Akatosh. The Nords themselves, however, generally see the World-Eater as a similar but entirely separate deity, making such arguments as that it is illogical seeing as Akatosh is seen as a benevolent being while Alduin makes himself known through destruction and tyranny.
  • One legend has it that he was responsible for the corruption of a being then known as the Leaper Demon King as punishment for hiding parts of the world from him that he was "entitled" to consume. The Leaper was cast into Oblivion and could only make infrequent returns to Mundus through great effort, but would never be truly free until he found and destroyed what he had shielded from the World-Eater. The denizens of Tamriel recognise this being today as the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. If indeed this legend is true, this means that Alduin is indirectly responsible for the Oblivion Crisis which became the catalyst for the collapse of the Tamrielic Empire.
  • As they are both feared enemies of Tamriel, there initially was worry among the gods that Alduin would form a duumvirate with Hermaeus Mora. This did not happen, however, as Alduin hates Mora almost as much as the Dragonborn and Paarthurnax for turning a portion of the Dragon Cult against him, including their leader Miraak.
  • The Adoring Fan is terrified of him, even more so than he is of other hostile creatures. It is speculated that this is because if Alduin were to eat his soul then it would permanently stop the Fan from respawning. For some reason, not many gods seem very upset about this possibility.
  • In his quest to destroy most of the Pantheon and enslave what remains of it, he has allied himself with Darkseid. He is currently wondering if he can unlock a Dragon Language translation of the Anti-Life Equation in order to control the gods.
  • Is surprisingly amiable with Voldemort, since he approves of his contempt for apparently lesser and weaker beings, his garnering of respect through fear and power, and is impressed with how he put a taboo on his own name in order to seek out insolent enemies who try to use it freely, although he still considers spells to be inferior to dragon words. Voldy is also currently safe from having his soul eaten by Alduin, as there is so little of it left inside him that it would do nothing to sate the dragon.
  • Has rivalries with many other Destroyer Deities, Planet Eaters and Omnicidal Maniacs, as he desires as much for himself to destroy as possible.
    • His fiercest antagonism is towards Deathwing- while he has uncharacteristically praised the Destroyer for the magnitude of the destruction that he has wrought, and still fondly remembers the days when they slaughtered terrified villagers and smoked pipe-weed with Smaug, Alduin asserts that if there is going to be a dragon deity who will bring forth the end, then the right belongs to himself and himself alone.
    • Finds himself competing with Oryx since both feed their everlasting hunger through ruin and carnage. The Taken King has an advantage in that, while both of them are very difficult to kill, he can only die permanently in his throne world. He is, however, hindered by the constant threat of being consumed himself should he fail to keep himself satiated.
    • Became miffed when he came across Hades munching on a bowl of souls that could have been his. The Lord of the Underworld remained undeterred.
      Hades: Now, now. I know how tasty these are, but there’s no need to be greedy. There’s plenty to go around, and even more are being formed with each grisly, senseless death. Ha, why don’t we two go for dinner sometime and order the most exotic souls painstakingly prepared by the most esteemed cooks in the Underworld? You would like that, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would! Here, have one now to appetise yourself. *gulp* Whoops! Oh pity, it would appear that I’ve already eaten the las- OOAAAARRRRGHHHH!
      • To make a long story short, the collateral damage took quite a while for the gods to clean up.
  • Naturally, he receives little approval from other magic users who wield the power of words in their spellcasting.
  • Detested by Malygos due to reminding him far too much of Deathwing and due to his presence in the House of Magic.
  • Perceiving his own kin as the supreme race and seeing other life as slaves who are obligated to pay tribute to them (or more specifically, to him), he harbours disgust for any dragon who willingly forms bonds or alliances with lesser beings.
    • Considers Arokh a disgrace for going so far as to bond his soul with his rider. He is looking forward to making a meal out of their shared soul.
    • Was utterly repulsed upon hearing of the relationship between Angelus and her rider. She and Caim do not consider Alduin particularly pleasant either, and note that he does not help with their preternatural prejudice for black dragons.
    • For the same reasons as Caim and Angelus, he has no love for Donkey. The presence of the Dronkeys baffles him almost as much as the concept of mortality.
  • Upon hearing of Alduin's rampages, Daenerys Targaryen rode out on Drogon, accompanied by Rhaegal and Viserion, to confront him in the skies of the Pantheon. While remaining cautious, after enduring a blast of fire from Alduin and remaining unburnt, she became quite confident that by telling him that she was blood of the dragon, she could bring him over to her side as she had done with Smaug. She was wrong.
    Alduin: Kos nahlot, bein jul! You would abase yourself by likening your filthy mortal body to the flesh of a dovah?! You may have braved my fire, but can you truly assert your claim? Kod hi fin Thu'um? You will have the chance to prove yourself... after your insolence has been punished.
    • Alduin then blasted Dany off of Drogon. Immediately, the three Essosi dragons attacked the World-Eater in a frenzied panic. He simply subdued them with Frost Breath and said with a chuckle, "Your false master is dead. Now you will serve me." He then noticed a shadow pass over him, and looked up to find that the sun had been eclipsed by Balerion, carrying King Aegon I. This was the last thing he saw before he was rammed by both Vhagar and Meraxes, ridden by Aegon's sister-wives. After Daenerys was caught in mid-air and deposited back onto Drogon, the four Targaryens and their six steeds proceeded to charge Alduin who, while outmatching the other dragons in his intelligence and range of abilities, could only put up only so much of a fight against so many opponents at once and was eventually forced to flee, albeit with the belief that the six exhausted dragons would make useful servants once he had devoured their masters. The Targaryens then looked around and saw that the surrounding area was in ruins. In awkward silence, they flew away in search of deities who could fix the place up again.
  • Despite being an enemy of most of the ascended Targaryens, he has respect for Maegor the Cruel. Praising his oppression of his subjects and brutal treatment of his enemies, he has gone so far as to say that Maegor is "almost worthy" of being a true dovah and has considered inducting him as a dragon priest. He would never dare, however, to allow Maegor to use him as a mount.
  • While Gwyn and his knights are generally indiscriminate about the dragons they kill, they have taken special notice of Alduin due to him being uncontrollably destructive and knowingly malicious. Even the Nameless King, who opposes Gwyn in his crusade against dragons, agrees with him that he needs to be put down.
  • Is intensely disliked by fellow temporal dragons Nozdormu and Dialga. The possibility that he is an evil aspect of Akatosh reminds them too much of their own evil selves (Murozond and Primal Dialga, respectively).
  • While they do have a commonality connection in being deities who went against their duty for selfish and egotistical reasons, he is annoyed by Melkor's claim that he created dragons (as evidenced by the fact that he was known to breed them in his own world of Arda), claiming that nobody, not even a god, could make such great beings if they were not a dragon themselves.
  • In spite of his insatiable desire for destruction and dominance, he occasionally takes some time off from being the World-Eater, but not before hiring a carefully-selected substitute. Thomas adamantly denied any association with Alduin when he was accused of being a very naughty engine.
  • Also present in the House of Magic.

Anankos, Dragon God of Literally Forbidden Words (King of Valla, Silent Dragon, Dragon of Wisdom, Sacred Mystical Dragon, Dawn Dragon, Dusk Dragon, Hydra)
Masked Form 
Human Form 

    Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb 
Gai Kurenai, God of Heroic Creeds (Ultraman Orb, The Galaxy's Shining Star, The Shooting Star Flying Through the Galaxy, Hero of Light, The Sunset Wanderer)
Click here  to see Ultraman Orb's Origin Form

    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin 
Steve Austin, God of The Big "WHAT?!" (Stone Cold, The Texas Rattlesnake, The Alcohol-Fueled Whoop-Ass Machine, The Bionic Redneck)
  • Theme Song: I Won't Do What You Tell Me, Glass Shatters
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Middle-finger gesture (Stone Cold Salute) and/or skull with smoking eye sockets
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Professional Wrestling, Beer (and lots of it), Sociopathic Heroes (And Doing it in Comedic Moments), George Jetson Job Security, Stomping Mudholes, Lovable Jerks, Rebellious Spirits.
  • Domains: Strength, Chaos, Alcohol.
  • Allies: Jim Ross, Lobo, Mick Foley
  • Rivals: CM Punk (friendly though both with would immediately deny it),The Rock (friendly though), Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, The Undertaker, Kane
  • It is customary to quote Austin 3:16 — "I just whupped your ass!" when one completes such an act. "And that's all I got to say about that!" also has its moments.
  • Was unable to win the tournament that decided the God of Wrestling. He still got to kick CM Punk's ass, though.
  • In recent time, there has been many fights between him and the God of Straight Edge, CM Punk.
  • Whenever he is present in the House of Food, there always seem to be a large amount of beer missing along with a lot of broken glass covering the floor as well. Has become a good drinking buddy to recently ascended Andre the Giant, and the two can be shown having beer chugging contests from time to time.
  • Whatever you do, NEVER EVER hurt Jim Ross in his presence. It will end badly.
  • Is to be wary of seen in the House of Travel. That's because he'll drive off with a vehicle, drive it to a match in the House of Combat or Sports, get off it, and then start putting the Stone Cold Stunner on anyone he sees.
  • For not too long ago, a newly accended masked god began to hire people to hunt Austin, desecrating his places of worship and turning his life into a living hell. Austin managed to defeat his new foes before tracking down the god who has made an enemy out of him, demanding to know who it was. he was met with this.
  • "And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!"

Intermediate Gods

    The Batter 
The Batter, God of Deadly Euphemism
Click for his alternate form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His baseball bat over his three Add-Ons
  • Theme Song: Pepper Steak Avatar Beat
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral can easily be seen as Lawful Evil with a heavy dose of Knight Templar
  • Portfolio: Desire to "purify", Addressing the Player, The Blank, Terse Talker, Soft-Spoken Sadist, The Unfettered, Knight Templar, Determinator, Well-Intentioned Extremist, healing skills, Not Quite Human, Face Framed in Shadow, The Stoic (but not on rollercoasters), Defiant to the End, The Bad Guy Wins, Karma Houdini, Pater Familicide
  • Domain(s): Purification, Baseball Paraphernalia, Pride, Specters
  • Herald: Zacharie
  • Allies: Junko, Winston, Papyrus, Alexander Anderson, Artix Von Krieger, Luigi, Jotaro Kujo, Oriko Mikuni
  • Friendly Rival: Ness, Lucas, Junpei Iori, The Scout
  • Enemies: Azmodan, Oryx, Chang'e, Houyi
  • Opposes: The Entire sub-House of Ghosts, any deity remotely related to corruption, any Bad Boss, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposed by: Nox
  • Special Relationship: (Insert Name Here)
  • Uneasy alliance with: GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Respects: Papyrus, Big Boss
  • Pitied by: King Asgore Dreemurr
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sympathetic members of The House of Family, Incubators, those who claim "I Did What I Had to Do", Dokuro Mitsukai, Charlotte the Dessert Witch
  • Target of Interest of: the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The SCP Foundation
  • Under Watch of: Sans
  • The Batter appeared in the Pantheon suddenly one day, popping out of the fireplace in the House of Ambiguity. When questioned how he got there, he responded thusly:
    The Batter: I am the Batter, and I jumped down the chimney.
  • When Junko had learned that her High Priest had ascended, she immediately visited his temple. They frequently visit each other, and there are rumors that Junko is planning to use his presence as a way to finally get revenge on Chang'e and Houyi.
    • Reportedly, upon learning that Chang'e has Complete Immortality, the Batter let loose a Precision F-Strike. He denies ever doing this, though his grip on his bat shifts ever so slightly if the goddess is in eyesight.
  • The House of Family is divided on how it views the Batter. Many see his 'purification' of the Queen and Hugo as reprehensible in the extreme, especially since the former was his wife and the latter was a defenseless child (who depending on the source may either be his son or his father). Others point out how he went out of his way to comfort both of them in their dying moments, how the Queen’s attacks during their fight were purely verbal, and how the sight of Hugo was the one thing that made him hesitate in carrying out his sacred mission.
  • Banned from getting anywhere near the House of Ghosts, for obvious reasons.
    • He gets along pretty well with Luigi, due to their mutually negative feelings against ghosts.
  • Frequently visits the House of Sports to play baseball.
  • Depending on their viewpoint regarding the Batter, gods in the Pantheon literally see him differently. Those who sympathize with him reported seeing him as a pale man wearing a white baseball uniform and a black cap that hides his eyes in shadow. Those who don't have favorable opinions of him tend to scream something about a monstrous duck. For (Insert Name Here), it fluctuates especially since they either helped the Batter in his mission, or turned on him in the last minute.
  • Upon reviewing his world's main timeline, The Batter discovered that he was being used as a pawn by space apes, who wanted use the void he left behind to build giant robot factories to fight the flying brains from the planet Aurus. He didn't react much at the time, but shortly thereafter he visited the house of Mammals and barged into Winston's temple. After some initial confusion and sincere apologies, the two emerged on friendly terms.
  • Someone once joked that the Batter was a Magical Girl, what with the "Hero of Justice" vibe he initially invokes, his unusual weaponry and attire, and a few borderline In the Name of the Moon styled introductions…
    The Batter: Show yourselves, corrupted children! I'm the voice of forgiveness that will eliminate your calamitous forms.
    • After overhearing this, the Batter fell silent for several moments before marching off to the Magical Girl Sisterhood's temple.
    • Upon learning of what a Witch was, the Batter immediately set out to purify one, and had embraced the task of purifying them so enthusiastically that he even donned a Puella Magi outfit of his own.
    • The encounter resulted in a Grief Seed with a white orb instead of the standard black, lacking any etching or engravings, which refused to transform into a Witch no matter how much darkness was poured into it. While restoring Puella Magi from Grief Seeds is possible using this even with Madoka’s depowered state, the Sisterhood is hesitant to find out what happened to the soul inside. Especially since it keeps whispering…
    The Batter's Grief Seed: It’s better this way.
    • Naturally, he's come to hate Kyubey as much as anybody else, and offered to purify the Incubator immediately for his crimes against Puella Magi. Nearby gods quickly realized that, due to Kyubey's mission to stave off entropy, he technically counts as a Guardian for reality as a whole. Thankfully, the Batter decided not to go through with it - which struck witnesses as rather strange, given that he had ample time to try and purify the cat-like alien. Some cited Papyrus' influence as the cause for this behavior, but…
    • While the Batter had not explained the cause of his rage, or why he had reportedly talked to Kyubey when they had crossed paths, it was theorized that Kyubey reminded him of his wife. From reviewing visions of the Batter's world, it was determined that Vader Eloha's situation was oddly reminiscent of Kyubey's to the extents of: including her relying on the power of a child as the basis for preserving the world; how she distanced herself from the feelings of those she was to protect; and how her system—while keeping the void at bay—ultimately led to the suffering of all involved in its workings. The Batter has declined to comment on this comparison, though he did say something about birthday parties and forgetting who they were for.
  • The White, upon learning of the Batter’s ascension, began looking to recruit him into their mission of destroying the Reactor. Given his history, the other deities are trying to prevent him from learning of its existence.
  • To the surprise of the Pantheon, the Batter has struck up a friendship with Papyrus. It turns out that in an alternate timeline, the skeleton managed to gain the respect of the Batter to the point where he decided to save the world. Passively.
    • Speaking of Underground denizens, he has found an astounding number of similarities between himself and King Asgore Dreemur, something that the latter appreciates and is saddened by. They regularly meet for tea.
    • Because he can eliminate ghosts, Napstablook is very fearful of ever encountering the Batter. The same applies for Mettaton.
  • Upon learning that the Powerpuff Girls were made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, the Batter marched over to the House of Science to confront Professor Utonium. While it was assured that the Powerpuff Girls were NOT made from cremated remains, the prime source of sugar from the Batter’s world, the Batter keeps a solid grip on his bat when he sees the sweetener being consumed.
    • Trollkaiger once spread the rumor that Enoch had ascended. The Batter, not wanting the tragedy of Zone 3 to repeat itself, promptly stormed the House of Food and purified anything that could remotely contain sugar. Needless to say, this earned him the ire of many gods, particularly Stocking Anarchy, at least until explanations had been given.
  • Due to their shared affinity for mixing spirituality and ass-kicking, the Batter and Alexander Anderson get along like a house on fire. The Batter was willing to overlook the fact that Anderson used the corruptive power of the Nail of Helena due to how it was only to complete his sacred mission (killing Alucard), and actually commended Anderson on his commitment to seeing it through.
    • That said, he doesn't get along with every deity who throws themselves into their mission - case in point, his relationship with Sayaka Miki is shaky at best.
  • Jotaro Kujo once mistook the Batter's Add-Ons for Stands, and the Batter himself as a Stand User. The Batter had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but the two have since been seen together occasionally.
  • Respects Big Boss for multiple reasons, chief among these are how he is A Father to His Men. The Batter respects his dedication to his mission, sure, but combined with how he treats of his soldiers landed him solidly in the Batter's good graces.
  • The SCP Foundation is very interested in studying the Batter, as well as the process of purification and its aftereffects. They're also very interested in finding out what the Batter actually is, given the way he can appear in alternate, more clearly inhuman forms. Whether they also intend on classifying him as an SCP or recruiting him as an Agent [or perhaps both] is currently being discussed by the 05s.
  • Upon hearing that The Judge had ascended, the Batter immediately made his way over to the House of Justice. He was incredibly confused to discover a kindly old man instead of the many-fanged feline.
  • Oryx despises the Batter not only because he is able to "undo" the process of being Taken - the Mind Rape and transformation into an Eldritch Abomination - but because of the zeal he takes in purifying them. The Batter shares the sentiment, as he views the Taken with nearly the same level of hatred he reserves for spectres. And since he was banned from setting foot in the House of Ghosts...
  • The Batter, upon learning of so many other deities who use baseball bats as weapons, has taken to challenging them to sparring matches. It's rumored that he is also interested in starting a baseball league with them as well.
    • Upon seeing Lucas swinging a common stick instead of a bat, the Batter gave him one of his own to use instead. Their relationship is a little awkward, though…
  • That said, The Batter, upon being acquainted with her, hit it off well with Dokuro Mitsukai. He views her self-professed desire to curb Sakura's perverted tendencies as a noble goal in itself, and approves of her tendency to go into Pervert Revenge Mode in most cases. Depending on the perpetrator, he even assisted her in several of her assaults.
    • …up until he witnessed her take the spiky bat to Sakura's head. He very nearly started the process of purification before Sakura was restored. The Batter, in a surprising display of restraint, asked why she had attacked her charge. Upon learning that this was her self-prescribed "treatment" for his pedophiliac tendencies, he was visibly silent for a while.
    • Their relationship is still largely positive, though.
  • Upon the discovery of video footage of what looked like the Batter and Zacharie dancing together, several deities questioned him as he was passing the House of Music if he does indeed dance. The Batter's denial, coupled with the location it was delivered in, kickstarted a Spontaneous Musical Number.
  • Recently has been making rather extensive visits to Oriko Mikuni of all people. Other gods aren't sure what they discuss behind their closed doors, but during a session of Wild Mass Guessing it has been pointed out that they do share several things in common. Both have embarked on missions concerning the fate of the world with deadly amounts of determination and lethal force, remaining largely stoic about executing their missions, and remaining Defiant to the End when they were slain.There's also the fact that they both wear a lot of white.

    Chris Jericho 
Chris Jericho, God of Proclaiming the Big "NEVER!"note  (Chris Irvine, Lion Do, Super Liger, Corazón de León, The Lionheart, Y2J, The Ayatollah of Rock-And-Rolla, Your Hero, Role Model and Paragon of Virtue, The Man of 1004 Holds, The King of the Loopholes, The Larger Than Life Living Legend, The King of the World, The Highlight of the Night, The King of Bling-Bling, Mongoose Mcqueen, The Crybaby, Doink The Clown, Le Champion)

    Daniel Bryan 
Daniel Bryan, God of the Big "YES!" (Bryan Lloyd Danielson, Daniel Bryan Danielson, American Dragon, The Greatest of All Time, Goat Face, World's Toughest Vegan, The New Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryrock)
  • Theme Song: "Flight of the Valkyries" (normally) and "Monster" by Imagine Dragons (Wrestlemania XXX).
  • Intermediate God (his fanbase wants to elevate him to Greater God/Overdeity levels though)
  • Symbol: A shirt with the words "YES! YES! YES!" on it, alternatively a flying goat.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with shades of Laughably Evil (as a face), Neutral Evil as a heel.
  • Portfolio: Those doing whatever it takes to win, epic beards, insane guys with epic wrestling skills, goats, being extremely hammy, being pretty normal amongst crazy wrestlers (formerly), Being ridiculously over with the crowd, The Yes/No Lock and Solid Knee Plus
  • Domains: Wrestling, Yelling, Beards, Determination.
  • Followers: The members of the #YESMovement.
  • Herald: Brie Bella (his wife)
  • Complicated Relationship: Kane
  • Allies: CM Punk, Zangief, John Cena (his brother-in-law, no seriously), Paul London and Brian Kendrick (was in a tag team with Paul back in their indie days), Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy, the ToQgers (especially Right/ToQ 1gou)
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, M. Bison, Kofi Kingston
  • Enemies: The Wyatt Family, AJ Styles, Ties
  • Commonality Connection With: Alex (Street Fighter)
  • Loyal listener of: Richard Wagner
  • CM Punk finally found a good place for Daniel Bryan to ascend. His ascension followed up with his mortal followers screaming "YES! YES! YES!" as he climbed up the stairs and made his seat in the House of Theater.
    • It's become a HUGE game for the Trollkaigers to make him do something that makes him scream "NO!" and then reply with the Big "YES!" of their own.
  • During his Heel days, Daniel Bryan was able to knock John Cena off of his feet screaming, "YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME!!!". Also had a thing for choking people with ties, thus ties are no longer allowed to be worn within a 500 foot radius of him.
  • Is currently in a Big "YES!" show-of against M. Bison. It is GLORIOUS.
    • When he and Steve Austin are together, the Ham-to-Ham Combat they generate is magnificent.
  • On the days he teamed up with Kane, they had to go through extensive anger management which ended with them usually having to "hug it out" after matches to show how much of a 'tag team' they became. This became comedy gold with not only the Trollkaigers, but pretty much everyone else in the Pantheon...except for those who teamed up with them and also had to go through those group hugs.
  • Hated being called a "goat face" for a time. Nearly put Animal in the Yes! Lock when the drummer had the audacity to call him that.
    • Also gets on Uncle Chan's bad side due to Uncle being irritated with his own goat nickname ("Billy goat").
  • Has a strange thing about wrestling bears for some odd reason. He tried to get Winnie the Pooh into the bear hug and was rewarded with poor Pooh-bear's "stuff and fluff" exploding on him from the pressure. It took the House of Craft days to get Pooh back together, all while Pooh snacked on honey as an apology from Daniel Bryan.
    • Gets along with Zangief due to this, after seeing how Zangief wrestled a group of bears on his way to a wrestling match.
  • Would like to announce that I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
  • Many of the good-aligned wrestlers in the Pantheon (particularly CM Punk) screamed a humongous Big "NO!" on December 30, 2013 after finding out that he's gone to join the Wyatt Family in despair. Bray Wyatt just grinned and asked whether that single heinous act would let them ascend into the Pantheon...only for the gods commence with a Big "YES!" when they found out that it was what he wanted all along. He wanted to get Bray Wyatt alone in a Steel Cate Match two weeks later and pounded him to oblivion, all while everyone screamed, "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"
  • Has gotten so over the top that any attempt to put him down just makes him liked even more. When it was revealed that he was not a contender in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation's Royal Rumble (the Number 30 was Rey Mysterio), the next thing that could be heard were people chanting his name, "No!" or booing everyone. Vince sort of cringed when he noticed that Rey Mysterio, of all wrestlers, was booed.
    • And then, at Wrestlemania XXX, he did the impossible and became WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The roof on the Pantheon exploded with people chanting "YES! YES! YES!" so loud that it caused all the windows in the Pantheon to shatter.
  • Met up with Miyuki Hoshizora after his Wrestlemania match, who explained that she prayed for him to obtain his happy ending. Bryan hugged her in response, and Miyuki ended up going "YES! YES! YES!" in response.
  • As being part of the initial group during "Project: Alternate Gentaro", he finds himself needed to stop the Friendship Asylum. He's glad that there's no Wrestling God corrupted (yet), because he's gonna need all his will-power to fight it. He ended up making things worse during "Muse Hysteria", mistaking Ricky Fitness of The Aquabats! of a brainwashed minion and caused problems when Ruby Rose (the real brainwashed victim) caused Mitsuzane to escape. Oops
  • Shocked the wrestling world in February 2016 when he had to retire from wrestling and ended up becoming the General Manager of the PWF...until 2 years later before Wrestlemania 34 when he was cleared to wrestle once more. Every single wrestler screamed "YES! YES! YES!" to the heavens.
    • And after being victorious in a Tag-Team Match, his first official match after that was against AJ Styles. "This is Awesome!" didn't begin to describe the feeling.
  • Turned Heel sometime after a match with AJ Styles and has been going off against those who promote consumerism. His biggest rivals have been The New Day (more specifically Kofi Kingston) and was absolutely aggravated on losing the WWE Championship to Kingston at Wrestlemania. The New Day have pointed out that Daniel yhas become nothing more than what he was six years ago.

    Hilda Berg 
Hilda Berg, Goddess of Written Sound Effects
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Clouds, Stars and Moons.
  • Theme Song: Threatenin' Zeppelin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blow You Away, Constellations, Faceship, Flunky Boss, The Hyena, One-Wheeled Wonder, Painful Transformation, Sinister Schnoz, Warm-Up Boss, Words Can Break My Bones
  • Domains: Weather, Space, Costellations, Blimps, Clouds, Planes
  • Allies: Betty Boop, Popeye, The King of All Cosmos, Roboking, Lunatone, Galaxy Man
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice
  • On Good Terms with: Cuphead and Mugman, Pearl
  • Respects: Moon Deities
  • Hilda Berg could be described as a Blimp/Zeppelin hybrid and one of the many runaway contractors that Cuphead and Mugman had to find and defeat in order to protect their souls from the Devil. She fought them in the sky, where her weather manipulation as well as being aided by small planes were though obstacles for the cupbros but they eventually defeated her. One of the special characteristics about Hilda is that she can literally use words to attack others, such as when she laughs launching HA HA! to her enemies.
  • Surprised to see Cuphead and Mugman in the pantheon as deities no less. She is very grateful that they defeated the devil, cancelled her soul contract and they all remain on good terms. On the other hand, not too happy that the Devil and his lackey King Dice are also around, and they will certainly go after her when they get their revenge on the mugs first.
  • Her temple is an observatory, often Hilda can be found napping above the clouds (which is pretty noticeable given her loud snoring) and she usually prefers to be by herself. Though she doesn't mind if other deities want to challenge her, she would gladly show them that she is no pushover.
  • Some people have noticed that she kinda resembles Pearl from the Crystal Gems, at first the latter thought Hilda was another Pearl just like her but it turns out she was an entirely unrelated being who happened to look alike and they remain on good terms.
  • Her attire and look reminds a lot of people of Betty Boop if she were a Zeppelin woman. Betty at first didn't think highly of Hilda but eventually warmed up to her and on occassion they like to talk.
    • Her slim build also made Popeye confuse her with his beloved Olive but was bummed out when he found Hilda was another person entirely. Though after a while, he also became friends with Hilda but prefers to not spend too much time with her in case Olive thinks he is cheating on her with a shoddy replacement.
  • Given that she comes from a pretty zany world, it was a matter of time before she met the King of All Cosmos given he created all the costellations of his universe. Hilda seems to respect him even though he can be a bit overbearing at times but after a while he met his robotic counterpart Roboking, who she is much more fond of, given she is also mechanical in nature.
  • If the situation is dire, she can transform into a moon, although the process is painful for her. There she can summon all assortment of things ranging from stars, meteors and even UFOs. Lunatone reminds her a lot of that form and so he considers it as if it were her pet and the other hand Galaxy Man found interest in the different flying saucers she can summon and wanted to investigate her abilities in more depth.
  • She may be a Zeppelin woman, but she claims she has nothing to do with the Hindenburg Airship. Her name just happens to reference it. On a different note, some people believe she is antropomorphic distant cousin from the Kirov Airship but she has denied any links to it.
  • Some people believe she is some kind of witch that has magic that controls the skies, given her elderly-sounding voice, being able to transform into constellations and a pointy nose associated with witches being the biggest point in favour of these theories. Other believe she is just an old prototype created by Dr. Khal that escaped from him and decided to live in the woods.
  • She somestimes can be seen mumbling the name Coleman. Turns out she could have been able to summon a creature by said name but in the end it never came to fruition.
  • "Fitting, isn't it? I'm a blimp — you're a wimp."

Kilowog, God of Alien Curse Words (Green Lantern of Space Sector 674, The Dark Lantern)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Green Lantern emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Drill Sergeant Nasty (Only On The Clock, Usually A Gentle Giant), Pardon My Klingon, Boar-Like Alien, Sergeant Rock, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Last Of Bolovax Vik (And For A Time, Not Even That), Communism Leanings In Glorious Mother Russia, Gadgeteer Genius
  • Domains: Willpower, Justice, Space, Instructors, Sergeants, Survivors
  • Allies: His fellow Green Lantern Corps, along with the Indigo Tribe and Blue Lanterns, DC superheroes in general, Astral, The Doctor, Garrus Vakarian, Mace Windu, Tashkent, Izumi Curtis, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, SCP-516, Optimus Prime, Team Lightyear, the Tenno, the Eevelutions, Shokichi Komachi, Griffin
  • Enemies: Nekron and his associates, the Anti-Monitor, Krona, Parallax, Darkseid, YHVH, the 456 Ambassador, Fabius Bile, Professor Hojo, Tuska, Boris the Animal
  • Opposes: Nikita Dragovich, genuinely cruel teachers and instructors like Mori Motonari
  • Wary of: The House of Crime
  • Of the Green Lanterns, one of their most important members is the drill sergeant Kilowog. The Green Lantern of Sector 674, he was one of Bolovax Vik's greatest minds. During the training he tends to use "poozer" as an insult, or a curse word when angry. Sometimes even as a term of endearment. It's a versatile swear he got from his own instructor.
  • Comes off as an intimidating Drill Sergeant Nasty, however that's only because he's doing his job. He's a Gentle Giant otherwise. He learned he needs to be a hardass training newbie Green Lanterns from his own instructor. You can usually find him giving or taking advice from other military or police instructors in the pantheon. He gets along great with Izumi Curtis as they put their students under harsh training regiments, to make sure they're prepared for the hardship ahead.
  • He gets along with Optimus Prime as they're defenders of freedom for sentient beings across the universe, and leaders. Kilowog also learned about Team Lightyear and Space Command. As far as he's concerned, more enforcers of justice across space is always welcome.
  • Has spent some time talking to Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on how to prepare recruits for war. While he found him a bit more a prick than he'd like, he respects what he's doing. He also seems to get along with Mace Windu as they're both harsh but fair enforcers of galactic justice. What he doesn't respect are asshats like Mori Motonari who are actually cruel teachers and instructors.
  • His planet was destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, however he managed to preserve the souls of all 16 billion of his race through sheer willpower and his Green Lantern ring. Unfortunately, the planet they were sent to live their new lives was later destroyed to Sinestro. Due to the communal nature and physiology of his people he can still communicate with them on Mogo. The Doctor feels really bad for him as he knows what it's like to lose your entire race, and Griffin is happy that he can still communicate with his people. Kilowog does not like Boris the Animal for being a psychopath belonging to a race of planet destroyers, and is honestly glad that the Boglodites went extinct.
  • Was dead himself for a time due to a Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan, but the unusual nature of his species' afterlife allowed his spirit to be brought back as a force of vengeance. Eventually he was revived for real. He could've been made a Black Lantern because of this, but he wasn't on Earth at the time. He's deeply disturbed to learn that Nekron has an entire alliance working for the same goals of killing everyone as the Lord of the Unliving.
  • He is also deeply disturbed to learn about YHVH. The Mad God of Law reminds him of when the old Guardians of the Universe went rogue, and proceeded to perform a universe-scale Assimilation Plot so as to completely purge free will from the universe as they came to believe it's the source of chaos. While YHVH uses different methods, the results are almost the same.
  • Because of his job as Green Lantern, he always keeps an eye out for the House of Crime, and he has a position in the House of Justice. He was utterly disgusted to learn about the 456 Ambassador and how it has been using children as drugs. The Green Lantern Corps is working to shut down the 456's monstrous child-snatching organization.
  • Before becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps, he was a geneticist. Visiting the House of Science has revived an old passion in the field. He was absolutely disgusted to learn about the horrors Fabius Bile and Professor Hojo have inflicted on the world. He pitied the Tenno for the horrible experiments they went under. And lastly, he felt kinship with Shokichi Komachi for having to deal with an overcrowded homeworld and using genetic engineering for good. On a lighter note, he finds the Eevelutions to be adorable.
  • As a result of his species herd-like nature, he had an interest in communism and Russia. He can be seen talking with Tashkent about the subject, and spending some time in Russia again. Quickly found a dislike of Nikitia Dragovich for representing the worst of communism, and has been advised to never show any communist leanings near Chin. He also found some kinship with Astral as they've found interest in human activities.

    Tony Montana 
Antonio Raimundo "Tony" Montana, God of the F-Word (Scarface, The Bad Guy)

Trinity, Goddess of the Defiant "This"
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A red pill
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Cool Shades, Leather Clothes And Longcoats, Action Girlfriend, [Verb] This!, Female Hackers, First Mate on the Nebuchadnezzar, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, The Hero Dies, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice
  • Domains: Rebellion, Virtual Reality, Guns, Freedom, Action
  • Allies: Neo, The Oracle, Morpheus, Lisbeth Salander (as her former High Priestess), The Inception Crew, Yuuki Konno, Kevin Flynn, Major Motoko Kusanagi, Izumi Curtis, John Connor, Sam Flynn, the GUAG White Hats, the Lyoko Warriors
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, SKYNET, Metal Face, Ameno-Sagiri, Nobuyuki Sugou, Sigma, the Master Control Program, XANA, YHVH, the Cybermen
  • Ascended to the Pantheon thanks to Neo and Morpheus petitioning for her case, and for more help in stopping Agent Smith. Lisbeth Salander also helped in this, given that Trinity would be her former High Priestess once she gets her new temple.
  • As heroes in a virtual world, Trinity has become allies with Kevin Flynn, his son Sam, Tron, and Yuuki Konno. She and Morpheus have also been invited to join the White Hats, and they immediately accepted the offer.
  • The Inception Crew sometimes request Trinity's help during their missions, and she sees similarities in the dream-like world they go to and the Matrix.
  • She would make allies with yet another anti-robot revolutionary in John Connor. When he isn't under SKYNET's thrall, anyway.
  • As a badass female combat expert like herself, she's managed to befriend Izumi and the Major.
  • As deeply malevolent artificial intelligences, Trinity's come to oppose SKYNET, Sigma, the Master Control Program (and by extension the Grand United Alliance of Machines), especially Sigma (being a dangerous virus like Agent Smith) and the MCP (being the Big Bad in a movie that dealt with virtual reality).
  • Even if he's backed off for now, Ameno-Sagiri wanted to create a world of lies, which is in opposition to the free will/freedom of choice she, Morpheus, and Neo want to give to people. As such, shes' vowed to put a stop to him alongside the Investigation Team.
    • This goes for the Cybermen, too.
  • Because the Borg and YHVH desire an end to personal individuality, Trinity has become enemies with them too.
  • Sugou gained yet another enemy in her because he's a disgusting pervert and killer GM who would cause major harm with the Matrix.
  • The most issues she has though is with Metal Face, whose penchant for impaling reminds her of her own death.
  • Because of his similarities with Agent Smith (in fact, Smith helped ascend him to begin with), Trinity opposes XANA for his destructiveness in the real world (or "meatspace" as Shadowrunner deckers would say). And on account of them opposing XANA, she has allied with the Lyoko Warriors not unlike the other virtual fighters she's become allies with.
    • Notably, both the Lyoko Warriors and XANA alike oppose Agent Smith and will join forces to stop him. Trinity detests the idea that it would have to come to that.

Lesser Gods

    Akira Yuki 
Akira Yuki, God of Martial Arts Uniforms and Declaring Others They're Years Early
One of his alternate outfits

    Austin Powers 
Austin Danger Powers, God of Post-Mortem One-Liners (The International Man of Mystery)
  • Theme: “Soul Bossa Nova”
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bottle of his mojo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Hero, British Teeth, Carpet of Virility, The Casanova, Hurricane of Puns, Sex God, Extracurricular Enthusiast, Fiery Redhead, Bunny-Ears Spy, Parody Sue of the Spy genre, Spewing A Lot of One-Liners Regarding Deceased Enemies, Butt-Monkey
  • Domain: Charm, Good, Defense
  • Followers: The Midnighter, Garak, Chuck Greene
  • Allies: Mad Moxxi, Jiraiya, Panty Anarchy, Solid Snake, Captain Falcon, Yang Xiao Long
  • Enemies: James Bond, Bellatrix Lestrange, Cobra Commander, General Tarquin
  • Rivals: Charlie Harper, Johnny and Kagura, Shrek
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Evil
  • One of the few spies that didn't follow James Bond, Austin Powers struck it out on his own for a time. It was his constant use of the Bond One-Liner that forced the gods to give him the title. Bond may be the originator, but no one else could use it in the same frequency.
  • Now serves as a spy for the GUAG. Unforunately, few gods have been able to tolerate his one-liners upon the death of an enemy. He's been known to quote as many as 7 for one man. Though some believe it can be used as psychological warfare against the GUAE.
  • One of the few gods that can handle his puns has been Yang. In fact, she hopes to one-up on him by dishing out puns of her own. Expect the quips to fly whenever the two are together. Some say the two are planning to ascend a true Pungeon Master into the fray.
  • The reason he's not a follower of the God of Secret agents? Bond secretly despises him for parodying his adventures to the point that no one takes the classic take on him seriously anymore. It took a new film with a different avatar to shake off the dissent among his followers.
    • Unfortunately the situation was brought back to him: When his old foe Blofeld was stirring up trouble in his latest film, his nemesis revealed a terrible secret: the two were actually foster brothers, with him killing Bond's parents. Now that would have been a devastating reveal... if Austin hadn't had the same reveal with Dr. Evil 13 years ago.
  • His ascension has put him at a confusing situation with Dr. Evil. Although the two resumed with the usual antics with each other, it's not with the same intensity. It has been revealed that the two enemies were foster brothers, separated when their were toddlers. Although there is one timeline where the two make amends, it doesn't appear to be the case with the two in the Pantheon.
    • There was one time when Dr. Evil teamed up with Cobra. Surprisingly, the duo were far more successful in capturing Austin. The Commander insisted in finishing him off, but Dr. Evil decided to put him in a trap instead. This tactic had predictable results. The two have broken up ever since.
  • His Chick Magnet capabilities is legendary, and thus he's a huge draw in the House of Lust. It's no doubt that he's made rivals out of the various male gods in the pantheon.
    • The lone exception appears to be Jiraiya. He may be a pervert, but he only seeks out smut, but ask women out. Thus, the two often talk about their exploits.
    • Is also big favorite of Panty Anarchy for obvious reasons, though she does give him flack for serving under authority.
  • Some people can see through his silly nature to reveal an agent that's pretty damn good at his job. Snake has received some criticism himself for some of the sillier antics he went through. It's no surprise that the two became closer partners.
  • A deity that ascended sorely on his memetic and outlandish antics, Captain Falcon encourages the spy to continue what he does.
  • Most female villains scoffed at the idea that he can make any of them fall in love. It's only that the two meet face to face that they figure it out, and by then it's often too late. Not even robot women are immune to his antics. Tarquin made a new section on his book to help alleviate the problem.
    • The only goddess that seems to be immune to his charms is Bellatrix Lestrange. The reasons? One: She hates all muggles equally, especially ones who think they are equal to wizards. And two: the only being she's ever loved will always be Lord Voldemort. His attempts at seduction backfire hard, barely escaping with his life.
  • Was disappointed when he couldn't find any Japanese twins that fit the bill upon reaching the House of Family. Time will tell if he can achieve that last part of his bucket list.
  • Although he was considered for a minute, Austin was deemed to flamboyant to be considered for the God of British Accents. However, he has offered his help in finding a more suitable candidate.
  • When Shrek found out there was another deity with the same voice as his arch he was in no rush to make friends, unfortunately for him, Austin had other plans. After a throughout inspection, Austin ended up thrown out of Shrek's temple.
    "Yeah baby!"

Felix, God of One Word Vocabularies (Experiment 010note , Oscar)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A broom with "010" as a logo on the handle
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Felix), Chaotic Neutral (Oscar)
  • Portfolio: One-Word Vocabulary ("Dirty!"), Designed for Cleaning Purposes, Gets a Bigger Role In Video Games, Neat Freak or Trash of the Titans depending on programming, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Shout-Out to The Odd Couple
  • Domains: Aliens, Genetic Experiments, Utility (in general), Cleanliness or Dirtiness (depends on personality)
  • Interests: The House of Healers (as Felix)
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch, his cousins, Felonius Gru, E.T, Daniel Lamb, Dr Jekyll, Ryou Bakura
  • Enemies: Dr. Hämsterviel, Babidi, Leo Kasper, Mr Hyde, the Spirit of the Millennium Ring, Dark Marik
  • Opposed by: Durant
  • Wary of: The SCP Foundation and The Global Occult Coalition (one-sided)
  • Under watch by: The Men In Black
  • Experiment 010 was one of the earliest illegal genetic experiments by Dr. Jumba Jookiba. The 0-series was made primarily for household use, and this experiment was designed to clean things and keep the house nice and tidy. Unfortunately he was a Neat Freak quick to regard living beings as dirty. Along with 623 other experiments, his pod was released upon the island of Kauai and sought after by Lilo and Stitch.
  • Applies to the experiment as a whole:
    • Named Felix, and to avoid his neat freak personality was reprogrammed to the dirt-loving Oscar. Sometimes he'll return to his old personality, just less extreme. He only says "Dirty!", with disdain as Felix and joy as Oscar. As he resembles an anteater, Durant doesn't like the experiment. Felix/Oscar don't mean any harm, but given Durant's relationship with Heatmor this is more a one-sided Animal Jingoism than anything.
    • Neither personality has a real opinion on the other, but they don't seem to be in conflict. Despite their differences, neither like it when good people have to suffer from evil personalities. Naturally, they don't care for Dr. Hämsterviel (though he found little use in Felix/Oscar), nor do they like Babidi since he feels their former past as an "evil experiment" makes them potential Majin mind control agents.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick once had a fight over whether being clean or dirty was better. Felix agrees with SpongeBob, Oscar agrees with Patrick. When the friends reconciled after getting dirty and clean respectively, both personalities of Experiment 010 still wouldn't tolerate dirtiness/cleanliness, but could understand the other's reasoning a bit more. For starters, they usually don't go after each other's allies anymore.
    • Avoids the SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition, as Felix/Oscar is afraid his "anomalous" nature and status as aliens make them targets. This was laughed out as they find the various experiments both non-anomalous and Felix/Oscar not being dangerous. Elsewhere, the alien likes hanging out with Felonius Gru due to reminding him of his creator, and E.T for being a friendly alien. As with his cousins, the Men In Black are watching over them.
  • Applies to Felix only:
    • The more responsible of the two sides, Felix is happy to help in the House of Profession, though he has gotten in trouble for using his nostril-based laser beams to eliminate old books because they were gathering dust and spiderwebs. He works the best with Roll.
    • Agrees with Double D on how he meticulously sorts out his house and keeps things clean. Felix hates the House of Diseases, due to how he tries to sterilize any germs and other pathogens with dirt. Initially he considered mostly any living thing germs, but isn't as severe in his judgement. The House of Healers believes that eh can help with their cause.
    • While Reuniclus and the Amoeba Boys are relatively harmless, as enormous microbes they're really dirty to him. Particularly the Amoeba Boys due to the one time they accidentally spread a plague around Townsville. The Great Mighty Poo was the dirtiest of them all. Tellingly, even Oscar felt he was too filthy.
  • Applies to Oscar only:
    • The messy Oscar loves dirt, and as Felix eliminates it with nose lasers and vacuums, Oscar spreads dirt by expelling it from his nose. While Felix's one true place is that of a janitor, Oscar spent some time causing mischief for Gantu. Zim hates Oscar due his fear of germs, and he's not welcome with the other neat freaks in this state.
    • Ed likes Oscar because of how dirty he makes things and the fact that he's an alien, given his enjoyment of sci-fi and B-movies. He likes the room habits of Eric Hartmann as well, and how Barroth covers things with mud. He can be found playing in the mud Barroth spreads.
    • While Felix doesn't like Reuniclus and the Amoeba Boys, Oscar feels that his alter-ego is being unfair on them and gets along with them. Still, along with the Great Mighty Poo even Oscar finds Nurgle far too dirty to enjoy, despite his dirt-loving programming.

    George Carlin 
George Carlin, God of Black Comedy and Patron Saint of the Seven Dirty Words (That Old Fuck, Mr. Conductor, Rufus)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A microphone with seven particular words encircling it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but loves playing as Chaotic Evil for the audiences
  • Portfolio: Acceptable Targets, Knowing How Far to Push a Joke, Swearing, Age-induced cynicism, Nice People Who Play Mean Characters, Enjoying Suffering, Refuge in Audacity
  • Domains: Dark Comedy, Swearing, Ranting
  • Followers: Many, many mortal comedians.
  • Upon ascending and having it explained to him what it meant, he proceeded to launch into a twenty-five minute long rant about how ridiculous the idea was that now he's the invisible man people pray to, what the hell sort of universe is this, although if it's for real, now that he's a god he can have fun playing with the mortals, especially the ones who were assholes to him while he was alive on earth. He concluded by saying "fuck the pantheon, fuck the gods...and fuck everyone now that I think of it!"
  • He still performs his famous routines on-stage every week for packed audiences. When it was once asked how he can continue to mock religion now that he himself is a god, he replied "You're just gonna have to figure that shit out on your own". He's eagerly waiting for the final battle between good and evil, as he think it's funny when a lot of people die — now a lot of gods dying, that's hilarious.
  • Is actually a very nice and gentle man, and is happy to receive visitors and chat with them when he isn't on stage.
    • In fact, when Ringo Starr of the Beatles isn't telling stories to child deities about Thomas the Tank Engine and friends, Mr. Carlin is happy to take over.

    Jesse Pinkman 
Jesse Pinkman, God of Profanity for Emphasis (Jesse Jackson, Diesel, Jesse Driscoll)

    Kimmy Howell 
Kimmy Howell, Goddess of Declaring They’re the Biggest Fan
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Dual Bladed Beam Katana which is doubles as a flute
  • Theme Song: Dose of Innocence
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Yandere Fangirls, Totally Radical, Girlish Pigtails, Laser Blade, Waif-Fu, Exploding bubble attacks, Killer Rabbit, Bonus Boss, Planned to behead her idol, Spared until she graduates
  • Domains: Assassins, (Crazy) Fans, Beam Weaponry, Flutes, Music
  • Biggest Fan of: Travis Touchdown
  • Allies: GUAC Yandere Squad (except for Yuno Gasai)
  • Specators: Howard and Kreese (slight contempt on Kreese's end)
  • Rivals: Henry Cooldown, Margaret Moonlight, Destroyman, Travis' rivals and other assassins, Jedi and Sith
  • Enemies: Syndrome, Sakura Kasugano, Anyone targeted by her
  • A seemingly ordinary and ditzy university student who's good at playing her flutenote , there's more to Kimmy Howell than appearance alone. She's a big fan of Travis Touchdown, claiming to be his number one fan, and in order to prove it she herself has to become an assassin as strong as he is. Winning the National Student Assassin championship, she would then go on to meet the Crownless King in the flesh where Kimmy told Travis in her love letter (that he had to read out loud by the way) that she plans to defeat him and keep his head as a trophy. Travis ended up knocking her out exclaiming "he can't kill a co-ed", one of the few assassins he spared the life of made more prominent by the fact that she fought Travis after he got over his inability to kill women.
  • Travis went about his usual business training with Shovel Knight when the sounds of a flute started playing. Travis was skeptical at first, but the two continued on until they heard a girl calling out for Travis along with a bunch of nicknames, the most common being "Travis the Great". Having heard his suspicions being confirmed, Travis turned around to see Kimmy Howell with her double beam katana activated asking for a rematch, one that involves her fulfilling that promise. Shovel Knight offered to help but Travis refused on the grounds that he's going to school her again, this time with the added experience from being in the Pantheon. Sure enough, he won again and told her to come back again sometime later.
    • Now, he expected her to be out of the Pantheon for a while but unfortunately for him, onlookers decided to nominate the girl for ascension. The Goddess of Declaring They're the Biggest Fan being her title. At the very least, she decided to go train and get stronger in an effort to keep up with him. Not exactly out of his hair, as from time to time she'll challenge him again and again, but at the very least they're infrequent.
  • Though a lower ranked assassin than the others from her world and certainly not as experienced like her idol, she did win a championship for students aspiring to be assassins (even if she admits herself there was some luck involved) in addition to holding her own against Travis with her more elegant style of fighting, Groin Attacks aside. Not to mention she proclaims herself as a quick learner which holds a bit of water as she is one of the few young assassins with the other being Travis' self-nominated Herald Shinobu. And Shinobu grew up to be a very skilled assassin in Asia after Travis' retirement in the span of three years. It's no surprise that she considers herself a rival to other assassins both from Santa Destroy and here in the Pantheon.
  • Setting aside the fact that all beam katanas resemble lightsabers, her choice of weapon gets compared to Darth Maul's. At least, when the beam's colored red, sometimes it can appear green or blue-ish. There are some who think she underwent some training under him but he denies such claims. His only Padawon was his brother, Savage Oppress, but he ended up being killed by Darth Sidious when he realized Maul lived. Many point it's much more of a safety hazard than Maul's own lighsaber considering it doubles as an instrument and it would be much easier to harm oneself if you were to, say, wanting to play it.
  • It should be pointed out that, despite never giving up on taking her idol down, she still continues her life as a student outside of her work of cold-blooded murder and attends the Pantheon's Elysium Academy despite, y'know, her repnote . As long as you stay away from the topic of Travis, especially if you're a girl and including any word that references being a fan of him, you're pretty golden. Not quite as extreme as some of the other Yanderes here, but it couldn't hurt to be careful. And speaking of Yanderes, she once thought of joining up with the Yandere Squad but ultimately dismissed the idea to keep her options open as an assassin. That said, she sometimes lends them her aid even if Yuno, the Division's leader, doesn't really like Kimmy all that much having moved past those tendencies.
  • Originally was seen wearing glasses but she seems to have ditched them at some point before her confrontation with Travis with no explained reason as to why. Acena thought that was a shame, and is currently persuading her to wear them again. She really can only be seen wearing them when Acena's around but it's a start, anyways.
  • Has some similarities with other fans in the Pantheon. For example, Syndrome back when he was still a fan of Mr. Incredible, and Kimmy aren't all that different. Both are self-proclaimed greatest fans to their idols to which neither really looked at their fans like they wanted to. Difference is, Syndrome got his dreams crushed by his very idol and consequently became a Hero Killer while Kimmy got to duel with her idol and still continues with her dreams with Travis not doing that much to dissuade her. Syndrome thinks it's pretty pathetic she's still in that phase like he was in, as far as he's concerned you can't count on anyone, especially your heroes. Finding the supervillain annoying and too much like Destroyman, she avoids him and wouldn't be hesitant on offing him when the time comes.
    • Another deity she has similarities to is Sakura Kasugano considering she too was inspired to fight after seeing their respective people in action. Not to mention, there's also the fact they have a crush on their respective heroes and learned how fight as well as they could have by just being determined enough while also being quite the quick learner. While Kimmy would of liked to interact with someone with the same as she has, Sakura would rather not be associated with her for reasons already listed above. She's not that crazy of a fan, and wouldn't dismiss the idea of Kimmy taking on a hit against Ryu.
  • With her surprising amount of skill and continuing off of their commentary for Travis, Howard and Kreese sometimes spectate over Kimmy's hits seeing the potential of her participation in both Death Watch games should it be reestablished. Kreese is a bit bitter when it comes to her and her "wienie-ass hate sabers", given his experiences with the Masters, Thunder and Sun, engraving their initials in his pancreas with weaponry similar to hers. Plus, there was that one time in the Pantheon that he met her and it ended with one swift Groin Attack using her beam katana. If he had to be honest, it wasn't the worst Groin Attack he endured. That honor goes to Jude the Dude with his spurs. He was still unable to jerk off for a couple days, in that his will was lacking in that time frame, it took way longer to heal of course.
  • "Yeah, I'm legit! And way tougher than I look! So, um...don't hold back, 'k? Because one mistake, and you're over. This is for real. Tehehe."

Napstablook, deity of small letters (Dapperblook, Blooky, NAPSTABLOOK22, Spooky DJ)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A pair of Headphones with the phrase "REALLY NOT FEELIN UP TO IT RIGHT NOW. SORRY." written below
  • Theme Song: Ghost Fight (their boss theme), Pathetic House
  • Alingment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: being very softspoken, no given gender, very apologetic ghost, the eeyore, mini-boss, posses a real nice hat, actually dangerous if they are upset, multi-purpose tears, warm-up boss, a ghost in the form of a bedsheet
  • Domains: Ghosts, Music, Hats, Spooky stuff
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dark Danny, Freddy Krueger
  • Odd Friendship: The Mann Co's mercenaries
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Ghostbusters, Luigi
  • Scares: Ragna the Bloodedge, Mako Reizei, Nao Midorikawa/Cure March, Alice
  • Employed by: Spooky
  • There was one time where people reported there was a ghost pretending to be asleep on the main floor in the Pantheon. The Ghostbusters were ready to deal with said ghost until Frisk stepped in to stop them. It turned out that it was Napstablook, a ghost that they befriended back in the underground.
    • After that, Frisk asked the Court of Gods asked if their ghost friend could stay in the Pantheon. After a long session, they decided to let them stay thanks to their softspoken ways. Napstablook reaction was quite special:
    "oh no...i'm a god now... that's nice... bye..."
  • They hail from a family of Ghosts that anytime they want, they can go corporeal. They were the only one that still didn't find a suitable body when they have other cousins that already found theirs. One of them became a Training Dummy while the other one became a famous star under the name of Mettaton. This is pretty much the reason why they are always seen alone.
    • However, they have come to accept the company of other more friendly ghosts they befriended in the pantheon and they are always seen hanging out in the Ghosts sub-house.
  • They like to spend their time sharing their music on the internet. People are sometimes afraid of coming to their temple because they find their music very spooky.
    • The only human that approached their temple was Koume Shirasaka, who was in complete awe with the Ghost's tunes. Napstablook was glad they were able to find a singer and they both are preparing to release a new collaboration album for Koume's career.
    • Other fellow DJs that also approached them were Vinyl Scratch and Sona Buvelle. After they are done with Koume's album, Napstablook is also planning another collab between the three.
  • They have forged an unlikely friendship with Isaac, especially because they both can use their tears offensively. Plus, Isaac really likes the Ghost "Dapperblook" look.
    • Also helped that Isaac met him on a trip of an accidental trip to the Underground. While his trip was cut short by Sans realizing that Frisk must have been in Isaac's basement by accident and going out of his way to save them, he still got to meet and befriend Isaac as he made his way through the Ruins. He, along with the other Undertale characters, actually go with Isaac from time to time to help him out on his basement quests.
      • Their friendship also helped Isaac as Napstablook decided to help Isaac cut his trip in Spooky's mansion short by spraying the door he came from with acid tears, unlocking and opening it. When scolded by Spooky for letting Isaac leave, he apologized softly, commenting on how he thought Isaac wouldn't like it here, vanishing as he softly called out "oh no...............................". Despite this, Spooky still keeps him and his CDs in her house but is also going through background checks to see if any other ghosts she has befriended anyone on the outside.
    • The Mercenaries also got interested in the "Dapperblook", since it reminds them of the Ghostly Gibus. They have been trying to trade their other hats for the Dapperblook but the Ghost hasn't given a final answer yet.
  • In their free time, they actually like to spend it doing a family tradition they call "Feeling Like Garbage". Rumors say that anyone that has also "felt like garbage" state that it is an "enlightening experience" and it opened their minds into a great future.
  • Even for a ghost, Napstablook tries to be as nice as possible with everyone they meet. They indeed were upset when they scared a few people they tried to befriend.
    "umm... you do know you cant kill ghosts, right? we're sorta incorporeal and all. i was just lowering my hp because i didn't want to be rude. sorry... i just made this more awkward... pretend you beat me... oooooooo"
    • Even then, there are few people they personally dislike. For example, they aren't very fond of Dark Danny or Freddy Krueger for giving ghosts a bad name.
  • After accidentally bumping into her once, Napstablook now is employed by Spooky in her mansion as a Specimen 1 (They just lay down on the floor and block the path). They say she isn't that bad compared to what other people say, and she actually has bought all of their tunes they made in order too "smoothen the atmosphere" as she says.
  • They also transferred their snail farm to the house of Sports since it didn't make sense to leave their cousin's farm without a caretaker. Many people enjoy participating in the Thundersnail race and has slowly become a popular activity. One of the most frequent attendants is Spongebob, who later became friends with Napstablook.

    Noriko Takaya 
Noriko Takaya, Goddess Of Attack Calling
  • Lesser Goddess/Greater Goddess When piloting Gun Buster
  • Symbol: A blue headband or a picture of herself and her father. Alternatively, Gun Buster with its arms folded.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Calling Your Attacks ( Because she's a fangirl), Hard Work That Pays Off, Stopped Crying, Adorkable, Hot-Blooded, Older Than They Look, Person of Mass Destruction, Gainax Pose, Determinator.
  • Domains: War, Words
  • Allies:
  • Followers: Pretty much every Studio Gainax and Studio Trigger character.
  • Enemies: Arael, Gendo Ikari, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Flood, The Anti-Spiral, the Incubators
  • Ascended to the Pantheon by constantly calling out her attacks, matching the average Shonen in under six episodes.
  • Upon ascending, she was greeted with a tearful hug by her old mentor/surrogate sister, Kazumi. The reunion between the two caused many a tear to be shed.
  • She is beloved by almost every Gainax and Trigger deity since she is not only the main character from the former's Breakthrough Hit which allowed for the latter's existence but also being the basis of quite a few of them, including Shinji (and by extent Naota) who inherited her initial weakness and tendency to run away as well as Simon who inherited her levels of Badass.
  • Despises Both Gendo and Ragyo for their treatment of their children, stating if they ever go near Shinji and Satsuki plus Ryuko, She'll give them a firsthand demonstration of Gun Buster's power.
    • Similarly, She is not fond of the Anti-Spiral, whose goal would ultimately negate her and Kazumi's sacrifice. Likewise, The Anti-Spiral takes her presence in the Pantheon as a sigh that The Spiral Nemesis is fast apporaching.
  • She gets along very well with Asuka, whom reminds Noriko of another red haired mecha pilot. Upon hearing of her Mind Rape, she has vowed to protect the German girl from the glowing angel. Because of this, Arael stays away as it does not want to face a woman who blew up 250,000 aliens without any reinforcements.
  • She has also taken it upon herself to help Shinji overcome his crippling low self-esteem, working alongside Simon to boost his spirits. They have noticed some improvement but has since returned to his previous state. Though this hasn't stopped them from trying.
  • She's also quite fond of Kamina, who both share a Hot-Blooded passion used to hide their inner fear as well as a certain cockiness Because of this, he sometimes invites her to join him in making speeches at his gatherings. Upon saying yes, attendance skyrocketed again.
  • Outside of her studio's characters, she's likes to hang out with Steve Rogers under the mutual banner of being displaced in time. Steve has said that being displaced for forty years is rather different than being displaced for twelve thousand.
    • She has a mutual alliance with Master Chief against the Flood. Both acknowledge each other as capable warriors and people who have sacrificed a lot for those they care about.
  • Upon seeing Ryoma Nagare, she immediately squeed and struck up a conversation with him. This, along with a request from her good friend Ruuysel, caused her to joining the GUAG's Super Robot division, which, due to her Gunbuster being one of the most powerful mechs among super robots and the fact that it's the precursor to the Gurren Lagann itself, her skills as a pilot and her natural charisma make her a very dangerous opponent. Not to mention what will happen if she is attacked in front of Ryoma.
  • She's rather amicable with the Puella Magi, partially because she was part of a crew of young women like them and partially because their creators respect one another. upon hearing about Kyubey and his lack of respect for human life being reminiscent of the aliens that once threatened her home, Noriko has promised a swift blast from her Gun Buster should he harm another Magical Girl. Naturally, Kyubey doesn't care.
    • She has been seen around Mami's temple in an attempt to learn more about the man who inspired her to fight, Smith Toren. Unfortunately, Mami has not heard of him but has promised to inform her should she come across his story.

    The Smurfs 
The Smurfs, Gods of Using a Word in Multiple Ways
From top to bottom: Papa, Smurfette, Grouchy, Clumsy, Brainy
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A white hat
  • Theme Song: The Smurfs Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Papa Smurf), Neutral Good (Smurfette, Brainy Smurf), Chaotic Good (Clumsy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Good, Animal, Community, Protection, Law (Papa), Chaos (Clumsy, Grouchy)
  • Followers: All of the other 100 Smurfs
  • Allies: Asterix, Obelix, Lucky Luke, Tintin, The Care Bears, The Mane Six, Billy, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Huey, Duey, and Louie Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Michelangelo, Tigger, Anger (Grouchy), Chrom (Papa Smurf), Goofy Goof (Clumsy).
  • Enemies: Zobek, Scourge, Archibald Snatcher, Count Olaf
  • Odd Friendship: Garfield
  • Annoys: Barney Stinson, The House of Knowledge (Brainy)
  • It's little surprise that Grouchy Smurf is usually in a bad mood. He has a good reason for it though; he is the only Smurf to represent his kind in the Pantheon and he's sick of it. One would think he liked being alone, but he has secretly missed his friends. As such, he was determined to bring in the Smurfs. That day would come with the arrival of their latest adventure. While the movie did not make that much money, it did much to redeem the series after the mediore previous forays. With faith restored, the faithful granted Grouchy his wish, bringing in four of his friends as fully fledged deities, with the others allowed limited entry in their temple.
    • The term is used to describe how they love to use the word 'smurf' to place certain other words all the smurfing time! The Smurfs turned it into an art form, helped by the fact that nearly every Smurf uses the word as their last name.
    • Gamers have been entering the temple, mistakenly believing the term to be when high-level players make new accounts to play in lower-level games.
  • Their origins reside in Belgian, where first created them. Their success was accidental, as the creator preferred other works. The Smurfs regret the loss of their brethren and erected statues of Peyo's other works in their honor.
    • As such, they get along well with their other Belgian deities. Tintin, Luke, and Asterix all came by to congratulate them on their ascension as well as voice their support.
  • The Smurfs were relieved that their Arch-Enemy Gargamel had not ascended. Yet with the group's increased presence in the Pantheon, it may only be a matter of time before the wizard finds a way to enter.
    • For now, Gargamel will have to settle for the temple of Zobek, God of Deadly Sorcerers. The necromancer was not impressed with the track record of his pupil, but does see a lot of potential in the wizard. He is willing to help Gargamel reach the Pantheon proper provided he can prove himself.
    • Likewise, the Smurfs are understandably wary of any evil cat deities. In that case, Azrael hired Scourge to harass the Smurfs by any means necessary. The Social Darwinist was happy to oblige, thinking that the small blue creature did not fit into his image of "survival of the fittest".
    • The sole exception is Garfield. Usually a carnivorous cat, he does have a soft side towards certain creatures such as rats. Turns out the Smurfs were close enough to that analogy to consider them friends. He did meet two of them after all.
  • Many of their followers see a hidden rivalry between the Smurfs and the Care Bears. As the two involve cute looking creatures with successful cartoons, many have argued over which had the better franchise. There are no such arguments between the two groups themselves as they are merely happy to formally introduce themselves at last. Grouchy Smurf and Grumpy Bear in particular have been thick as thieves for a while. The two were the first of their kind to enter and held the fort for the rest of their friends to arrive later.
  • Likewise, the Smurfs also enjoy hanging out with the Mane Six. Pinkie Pie has tried to cheer Grouchy Smurf on several occasions with birthdays... which only made him grumpier. Upon the ascension of his friends, he agreed to let Pinkie celebrate with a party... just this once. The ensuing celebration lasted well into the night.
  • To their surprise, Billy had thought that he had met them before. The Smurfs clarified that he mistook them to the more antagonistic Schlubs. So far, they have failed to convince him. Grim surmised that at least these blue creatures aren't trying to eat him.
    • Papa and Brainy Smurf were involved in a massive crossover to help a couple of teens to quit using drugs. Once those two managed to make a more permanent stay in the Pantheon, they saw a lot higher number of cartoons visit them.
  • Confusing the Smurfs to Trolls, Mr. Snatcher grabbed a number of them in order to destroy the pests. That did not sit well with Papa Smurf, and he managed to amass much of the subhouse of Fantastic Races to help track him down. The resulting fight was a one-sided affair on the side of the heroes.
  • It's true that their live action foray was not that highly regarded, but it did cause some odd interactions. What they thought was their friend Pat Winslow was actually Count Olaf. Well known for his disguises, Olaf saw an opportunity to use an avatar of his as entertainers for the orphans. His plans were stopped by none other than... Barney Stinson. He may usually condone evil acts, but hurting children (outside of laser tag) is crossing the line with him. But he wouldn't really call the Smurfs friends. In fact, Barney has been working to find a way to ascend Gargamel to deal with those annoyingly cute pests. Alas, the Smurf have yet to find someone of Pat's looks that's actually nice to him.
  • Exclusive to Papa Smurf
    • Is widely seen as the leader of the 100 Smurfs. A kind and overall Nice Guy... that is until anyone threatens his family. Then he wouldn't be above smacking said intruder down.
      • There's no surprise that he would be friends of Divine Patriarch Chrom as a result.
  • Exclusive to Smurfette
  • Exclusive to Grouchy Smurf
    • Has been around for longer than any of the smurfs, holding things down for his perpetual frown and his hatred of... well pretty much everything. Still, his loneliness overcame his annoyance of his friends and it forced him to try to bring more of his smurf brethren with him. Now that he has succeeded... he has gone back to grumbling at his friends' attempts to cheer him up.
    • Allows the emotion Anger to control his functions most of the time. With that said, he's willing to allow the other emotions a bit of control if he's in a good mood.
  • Exclusive to Brainy Smurf
    • Brainy was the only smurf that tried to ascend without the help of Grouchy. He thought that his intelligence would earn him a spot in the House of Knowledge. The Seeker of Knowledge replied that the only way they would let him in is if they ascended him for his utter lack of knowledge. Incensed, Brainy tried to find other ways to ascend with no luck. Eventually, he had to swallow his pride and let the others help him ascend.
    • Do note that his later appearance has made him look smarter, which would prevent him from using that title anyways. Brainy is at least grateful he won't have to resort to that option anymore.
  • Exclusive to Clumsy Smurf
    • Is the resident klutz of the Pantheon. As such, he was a follower of Goofy before his ascension. The first meet up between the two caused a ruckus that wrecked the subhouse of Introvert Flaws.
    • A special note is his relationship with Brainy. While the others consider the Know-Nothing Know-It-All as a handful at best, Clumsy seems to be the only one who can tolerate him. The relationship is symbiotic, as Brainy appreciates having someone who would listen to his ideas while Clumsy likes how Brainy can handle his clumsiness.

    Veigue Lungberg 
Veigue Lungberg, God of Name-Yelling
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His pet Zapii.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Ice Powers, BFS, Really Loud Name-Calling Flanderized as an Ascended Meme, Stoicness, Mighty Glaciers, Loners Are Freaks, Deadpan Snarking.
  • Domain: Ice, Quirks, Battle.
  • Allies: Eugene Gallardo, Tetsuo, Sanada Yukimura, Heero Yuy, Squall Leonhart, Ange, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo.
  • Once upon a time, there were a lot of name-yells in the Universe of Tales. Loud, but not to the point of quirky... Until Veigue came in and ended up cranking that Up to Eleven with his yells of his girlfriend to the point that it became a memetic trademark of that universe. Crediting that, they ascended Veigue here.
  • There hasn't been one hour in the Pantheon that didn't have Veigue yelling "CLAAAAAIIIRRREEE!!!!".
    • Well, he did once and someone approached him. Except that it's not his Claire Bennet. He proceeds to sulk and tries to not yell so much again
  • Essays his yelling with Yukimura a lot.
    • Nobody yells better than him. Well it helps that his lungs were made from the King of Braves' voice.
      • At one point, he decided to make his yell into his Mystic Arte. Turns out, it was so powerful that it damages even his allies, even on par with Black Bolt's whisper. He ended up cancelling his idea of new Mystic Arte.
    • In spite of that, when he's not riled up, Veigue is a very taciturn boy all around. Just... don't get him riled up.
  • In spite of his portfolio, underestimating him can be a severe mistake, they don't call him the Rebirth Hero for nothing. Veigue is very adept swordsman and his control over ice makes him a foe not to be underestimated. Even Siegfried noted that he's got huge potential.
  • If anything, there is one thing Veigue absolutely cannot stand: Fantastic Racism. He's dealt with that kind of shit his whole life and even fought against something of its personification. If he sees someone doing racist stuffs, he'll at best give a "What the hell is wrong with you!?" scolding, or at worst... ass-kicking. This is also why he strikes alliance to those who have been mistreated due to racism, such as Ange.
    • And also why he's very relieved with his reunion with his good friend Eugene Gallardo.


    Bubsy the Bobcat 
Bubsy the Bobcat, God of Questioning Fate
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: His exclamation point T-shirt
  • Theme Song: Title theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Stupid tendencies
  • Portfolio: "What could possibly go wrong?", Fourth-Wall Observer, Fun T-Shirt, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, Mascot with Attitude, Memetic Loser, No Indoor Voice, Polygon Ceiling, makes a lot of puns, Sphere Eyes
  • Domains: Bobcats, Puns, T-shirts
  • Allies: Gex, Sakaki
  • Respects: Timmy Turner
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario (formerly)
  • Enemies: Most Caustic Critics, Especially JonTron and SomecallmeJohnny
  • Opposed by: Mighty the Armadillo
  • Odd Friendship: Dan (Dan Vs.)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Johnny Turbo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: I Hate Everything
  • Bubsy used to have a somewhat decent following, but after his infamous third outing, his franchise was dead in the water. It was believed that there was no way that he would ever make a comeback, but his next game (which took 21 years) was more enjoyable. The gods were surprised by this, and he was ascended.
  • When Bubsy entered the Pantheon, he was dissed by Sonic for multiple reasons: he didn't like how he insulted him, his creator's inspiration for him came from playing Sonic's first game for fourteen hours per day, which he felt disturbed about, and he always saw him as a weak rip-off of him. Bubsy's response?
    Bubsy: "You know, you were the Former Trope Namer for Polygon Ceiling."
    Sonic: "Said the same guy whose series was killed when he went 3D."
    • While the potshots were light at first, it turned into a fight on who had the worse 3D game, Bubsy 3D or Sonic'06. To settle this, the house of Gaming hired The Angry Video Game Nerd, JonTron and SomecallmeJohnny to decide on who had the crappier game. The AVGN claimed both games were equally shit, JonTron said that Sonic'06 was a little better and Johnny felt the same. Bubsy claimed bias on the latter two critics, knowing JonTron had more experience with Sonic's game when he played it with Egoraptor and SomecallmeJohnny is a huge fan of Sonic's games.
    • Mighty opposes Bubsy for not only being an rival of his friend, Sonic, but also for being careless to his pet armadillo, Arnold. As mentioned below, he prefers to forget that moment.
  • While Bubsy will usually defend his games from the critics, even he'll admit the time he went 3D and his animated outing weren't up to his standards.
  • Bubsy finally found a friend in the form of Gex. Expect them to make a lot of random one-liners when they hang out. He's currently learning tips from the wisecracking gecko on how to make a decent 3D Platformer.
  • Noticed that Timmy Turner has the very same Catchphrase as him. For obvious reasons, the court is trying to ban them from saying it.
  • I Hate Everything doesn't like him for being nothing but a cheap attempt at cashing in on Sonic's (whom he already hates) popularity. Bubsy, noting IHE's dislike of the hedgehog, shared his thoughts with him on how he always wanted to beat Sonic and hates his fans for how they constantly make fun of him. While it didn't completely redeem Bubsy in IHE's eyes, he does respect someone who also despises Sonic and his fanbase.
  • When Johnny Turbo met Bubsy, they seemed to get along at first. They both dislike Sonic and were originally banished to Retconnian. But later, Johnny flipped when he realized his games were released for the Genesis, and not the Turbografx. Bubsy explained that his system was losing popularity by the time his first game came out, but Johnny called him a hypocrite since Bubsy had an exclusive game for the even more unpopular Atari Jaguar. With that said, Mr. Turbo still partially respects him.
  • Surprisingly, Dan doesn't seem to mind the bobcat. He can relate to how Bubsy feels that the world seems to hate him. It helps that Dan's a cat lover.
    • Speaking of cat lovers, Sakaki mostly enjoys Bubsy's company. Though, he can be too annoying even by her standards.
  • He once tried to compete with Mario by putting Bubsy 3D on the PlayStation against the plumber's 3D debut on the Nintendo 64. Let's just say it didn't go over so well.

    Horatio Caine 

Looks like the Pantheon's about to get *Glasses Pull* quippy


Horatio Caine, Divine Wielder of the Quip to Black
  • Theme Song: YEEAAAAAAAAAAH! You know the one.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His sunglasses
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Master of the Glasses Pull, Hard Boiled Detective, Hard on criminals yet friendly towards kids, Can't keep girlfriends from dying.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Isolation, Protection, War
  • Heralds: His CSI Miami Crew
  • Allies: Gil Grissom, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto, Dirty Harry, Daniel Bryan, Angel (Buffy), Chris Jansen the subhouse of Pantheon/Children
  • Rivals: Guzmo, Jake Peralta (friendly)
  • Enemies: Jack the Ripper, Wesker
  • Frankly, the only thing keeping Horatio from entering the Pantheon were those who found his quips to be annoying. Nevertheless, Gil found the time to bring his old friend from Miami into the Pantheon. Upon gazing at his new domain, he took out his glasses before getting back to work.
    • It is difficult to understate just how well-known his antics became. He may actually be the most recognizable member of the CSI team just on his quips. Of course, his detractors used this as proof of the decline of the franchise. Still, he has plenty of fans to go around. As of right now, Gil takes care of the paperwork while Caine goes out in active duty. The later has always prefered to get his hands dirty than his predecessor. The two hope to find ways to get more from their world into the Pantheon.
    • While the two never got to meet during their mortal lives, he is by far one of the most beloved partners for Gibbs and Abby. Gibbs is probably the only other Cop Show that has gained the same popularity. Gibbs has had constant praise among his constituents while Horatio's fame mainly comes from the internet. The two of them dismissed any debate over who would win in a fight. While Abby sides with Gibbs, she couldn't help but feel enamored by Mr. Caine.
  • Loves the fact that there are many cops like Dirty Harry who are willing to do whatever it takes to take down the bad guy... more than most in the House of Justice. Harry in turn is thankful for Caine for letting him bend the rules a bit. This has gotten them in trouble at times from Judge Dredd who would rather not have lawyers get in their case.
  • No one is calling him soft with the way he treats perps, bringing him in good company with Scooby member Angel. While he has his misgivings about his past, Caine hopes that he can stick with his redemption arc.
  • To Jake Peralta, Caine represents the type of cop he inspires to be: a no-nonsense kind of guy who is dedicated to his job. He also likes to compete with Caine for who can do the best puns. Holt suggested not to do it so often as to become a tryhard. To Holt, the reason Caine does it so well is because he can do it seamlessly. Jake took the advice to heart in order to be as cool as Caine without looking like a dork.
  • Given his cold and withdrawn demeanor, it may surprise a lot of people at how well he does with kids. Some theorize that he had always wanted to have a family... if only his girlfriends stop dying on him. Nevertheless, deities in the subhouse of Children are grateful of him for looking out for them.
    • Was happy to lend his services to Chris Jansen. While the detective's ability to track down child predators is uncanny, he does have trouble with some of the more dangerous folks in the Pantheon. This is where Caine comes in as the enforcer to track down and capture assailants to put them on the hot seat.
  • As the series' MO seems to be Always Murder, one can expect him to run into Jack the Ripper multiple times. Caine would want nothing but to send the man on Deaths Row, but the enigma has proven to be an elusive target.
  • May well be one of the most famous fictional characters who sports their sunglasses at all times. So much so that he wears them even when such eyewear isn't needed. With that said, he has no intentions of taking that Guzma's position. That hasn't stopped the Team Skull member from trashing his 'inferior shades'.
    • Wesker doesn't see him as any serious threat, but his followers did not take kindly to Caine rivalling their patron in terms of shades. Of course Caine would rather shut down Wesker's labs than to go into blows ever who have the cooler shades, a plan that Wesker laughed at as absurd. Not like the man stands a chance against him anyways.
  • Caine couldn't get credit with the Big "YES!" as that came from the singer of his theme song. There is however a deity known for chanting "YES!" Daniel Bryan always have time to meet those known for that chant.

    Jack McCoy and Adam Schiff 
John James McCoy and Adam Schiff, Co-Gods of Closing Morally Ambiguous Quips (McCoy: Jack)
Jack McCoy (left) and Adam Schiff (right)
  • Theme Song: The Law & Order Theme
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Law & Order font
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Team Dad, Parental Substitute
  • Domains: Law, Good, City, Protection
  • Allies: Lennie Briscoe, Perry Mason, Horatio Caine, Miles Edgeworth, Judge Dredd and the good aligned deities of the House of Justice, the subhouse of Detectives, Fraiser Crane, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto, Gil Grissom, Jed Bartlet (McCoy)
  • Enemies: Manfred von Karma
  • Headbutting Heroes: Phoenix Wright
  • Respects: Juror #8, Atticus Finch
  • Pities: Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Lennie was happy to make his return to the Pantheon and has been hard at work trying to bring back his colleagues. He found his chance to bring back Jack McCoy for his ability to make closing quip. This was complicated by the fact that Jack refused entry without recognizing Schiff, his long-time mentor. The two decided to make their case to let both of them into the Pantheon. Their prosecutor was none other than Manfred von Karma, the person Jack initially took the God of Prosecutors title from him. Their lawyer? The legendary Perry Mason. In an intense case, the Court of the Gods sided with Jack, granting the two of them equal status in the Pantheon.
  • Is longtime friends with Miles Edgeworth, who has been his apprentice for many years. Edgeworth was instrumental in helping Jack ascend the first time, wrest Manfred of his first title. To his surprise, Miles himself has ascended by the time he arrived a second time. The two now help each other putting perps behind bars.
    • Is not exactly as chummy with Edgeworth's friend Phoenix Wright as the later is a defense attorney. Still, he knows that the two are generally on the same side in delivering justice.
  • That doesn't mean there aren't defense attorneys they respect. The two looked into the case of one Atticus Finch and were impressed with his work in the face of racism.
  • As with in their mortal lives, both rely on an array of psychologists and detectives to get the job done. Fraiser is probably the only psychologist he currently trusts, but there are a vast number of detectives he depend on, all with their skills and drawbacks.
  • Horatio Caine drew a bit of inspiration to his quips from them. There may be those who groan at his wit, but he feels right at home at this temple. The prosecutors stated that the detective lieutenant is welcome at any time.
  • There was a time when McCoy thought he had the right man behind bars and had the evidence to lock him up. All it took now was the jury to make their decision. Yet one juror thought something else was up. That juror managed to convince the others that the person was actually innocent. A quick going over on the case proved the man was innocent after all. Now back in the Pantheon, both McCoy and Schiff were shocked to see that the juror now has a temple of his own. The two shook hands with Juror #8 and thanked him for realizing their mistake.
  • Then there are the ones who disappoint, as with the case of Harvey Dent. His demeanor was rough on the edges, but he had a great determination to lock up criminals. His tenure looked promising... until he had half his body burned off and was driven insane. The prosecutors see Dent's case as a tragedy for what happened to him.
  • When it comes to examining evidence, the duo go over to Gil in order to find any clues they can use in court. Results may vary as some people point out how unrealistic some of the methods of finding evidence can be. Abby can be seen alongside him for assistance.
  • Gibbs is often tasked in helping them find suspects and bringing them in. They like his dependability and his ability to strike fear into the eyes of perps.
  • Exclusive to McCoy:
    • Some see him as the face of the Law & Order franchise, even more so than Briscoe. He has been humble about the distinction and wants nothing less than to bring as many of his friends over as possible.
    • A Raised Catholic, he gets along fairly well with those of the faith. Former president Bartlet once said he would have had McCoy as his attorney general if given the chance.
  • Exclusive to Schiff:
    • He may not have been the first one to use this skill, but he certainly turned it into an art style copied by many others after him.
    • A practical man, he prefers to cut deals with criminals so as to expediate the judicial process. It may stand in contrast with many other prosecutors, but he believes in getting criminals to see the error of their ways and to receive a lighter sentence.

    Joey Styles 
Joey Styles, God of the Big "OMG!" (Joseph Bonsigore, The Extreme Announcer, The Voice of ECW, The Unscripted, Uncensored Loose Cannon of Commentary)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The ECW Announcers Table.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: His Catchphrase OH MY GOD!!, Saying whatever he wants and getting away with it, Being a Combat Commentator (With or Without a Partner), Yes Men.
  • Domains: Commentary, Wrestling.
  • His Boss (Technically): Vince McMahon.
  • Allies: JR, Osaka, Joseph Joestar.
  • Rivals: John Bradshaw Layfield, Tony Schiavone.
  • His Ascension it's rather hard to say but a notable moment would be when Edge speared Foley through a flaming table at Wrestlemania. Though he's been doing it before that
  • He has joined the PWF Commentary table and since he punched out JBL once. JBL wisely doesn't do anything that could piss him off.
  • Has no problem calling matches by himself if all of his fellow broadcasters are unavailable.
  • Whenever he screams his Catchphrase, everyone in the pantheon knows some serious shit just went down.
  • He is one of the very few English speaking Gods, that is considered to be an acceptable replacement for JR.
  • Though lately he spends his days as Vice President for the Pantheon Digital Media Content making sure the gods, good or evil get the best clips that exemplifies their heroics or villainy.

Philoctetes, God of The "Two Word" Miscount (Phil)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His horn
  • Theme Song: One Last Hope
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Trainer of heroes, Satyr, Miscount many times, Pervert and Flirt, Humiliated by Achilles' failure but trained Hercules as his last hope of redemption, Deadpan Snarker, Grump and Cynic
  • Domains: Word, Miscount, Trainer, Satyrs
  • Allies: Hercules, Pegasus, Zeus (Disney), Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Rivals: Chiron, Batman, Charles Xavier
  • Enemies: Hades
  • Opposed: The House of Heroes (by name alone)
  • Philoctetes (though he like being called Phil) was a trainer of heroes, like Odysseus, Theseus, Perseus, a lot of -euses and Achilles, but none of them gone the distances. He grew cynical of his abilities and retired, believing that he'll never achieve his dream of his star hero appearing in the constellations. He returned from his retirement when a young demigod named Hercules needed his training to become a true hero, believing that he is his last hope of achieving his dream. Phil have been known to some for his inability to miscount his words with the "two words" clause.
    • Even some of the dumber deities question his counting skill, such as Goofy.
    • That said, his first miscount ("Two words: I am retired.) really is two words…when translated into Greek.
  • He is pleased to see Hercules again as a true hero, along with Pegasus, despite not liking animals initially.
  • He was a rival of Chiron due to the fact that he trained many great heroes. Ironically, Phil also trained many of the heroes that were Chiron's students.
    • He meet other trainers of heroes such as Batman and Charles Xavier. Often times, he buttheads with them due to being more successful with training heroes than him.
  • He meets with some of his students again, like Odysseus and Perseus. To say that they don't bring him up at times, besides not recalling receiving training from him, should say that Phil and his students didn't get along well.
  • In spite of the House of Heroes being a renowned house, Phil doesn't considered them real heroes since none of them went through hero training.
  • A pervert, a trait as a satyr, Phil is known to make many advances with many of the women in the Pantheon. Many are disgusted by this and reject him, mostly physically. The only woman that he managed to impress is Aphrodite, though that isn't surprising as he got a hero's kiss from the goddess.
  • He meets with Sora and his companions once again after their initial visits to the Colosseum. He is still skeptical of the Key Bearer's potential as a true hero, even still thinking he's a rookie.
  • Once stumbled upon the Penguin, and both were shocked at how similar they look.
  • When his presence is made aware by Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, he was surprised to hear about demon-worshipping satyrs in Azeroth when they grew suspicious of him. Apparently, he was nearly shot by Tyrande's arrows twice, one for the first impression and the other was him trying to make advances on her.
  • Do not mention anything about Achilles. He once beat up a guy for bringing it up.

Q*bert, God of Symbol Swearing (@!#?@!)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: (@!#?@!)>
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: 80's Video Game Character, Speaking Simlish, Speaks when messing up
  • Domains: Platforming, Symbol
  • Allies: Wreck-it-Ralph, Fix-it Felix, Vanellope von Schweetz, ROB, Game & Watch, Pac-Man, Mario, Donald Duck, Cranky Kong, Tony Montana, George Carlin, Jesse Pinkman, Tiny Tina
  • Enemies: Jafar, Lady Vashj, Napoleon, Venomancer, Roadhog, M. Bison
  • Opposes: Master Viper, Miia, Alice
  • Not many people know what Q*bert is suppose to be saying, but considering that he say his Catchphrase whenever he gets hurt or messes up, some people just assume he's swearing.
  • Q*bert and the NPCs was found without a game due to being unplugged many years ago. It has since found a home in Fix-it Felix, Jr. as a "bonus level." He thanked Felix for making him and other homeless characters a new home and Ralph for giving them a piece of Pac-Man cherry.
  • As an old video game character, he was seen in the company of many characters from the 80's like Mario and ROB. Though he is a bit saddened that of them, he is the most forgotten compared to them who left some sort of legacy. Though he is happy with a bit of resurgence in popularity.
  • He went into some short-lived adventures and heard that Donkey Kong was part of them. He tried to greet with the Donkey Kong, but he was confused about it and found that it was his grandfather Cranky Kong.
  • Among Q*bert's enemies included a snake named "Coily" who constantly harass him in his levels, even when he falls off a level as he will return to keep being an obstacle. He doesn't like any evil snakes in the Pantheon that would harass him.
    • Another of his enemies was a pig-like character named "Ugg" who also harass him. As such, he is unhappy of evil pigs like Napoleon and the pig-motif man like Roadhog.
  • Donald Duck has swear several times in this kind of format, so Q*bert isn't the only one who speak their mind when they are in a bad mood. Felix is not a foul-mouthed person but he could speak "Q*bert-ese" and a bit rusty at it.
  • He often joins in several people like Tony Montana and George Carlin in heavy-languaged rants because of their specialities. In his own words, he would say them as if he could swear them.
  • In a script gone wrong, M. Bison got himself lost into one of Q*bert levels and when he was using a disc to climb back up a pyramid, Bison punched him out. Q*bert didn't appreciated that moment after.
  • <(@!#?@!)

    Quick Draw McGraw 
Quick Draw McGraw, God of Telling Others Not to Think (Queek Straw, El Kabong)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but rather Stupid)
  • Portfolio: Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, Idiot Hero, Uses a Guitar as a Weapon
  • Domains: Horses, Disguises
  • Herald: Baba Looey
  • Allies: Yogi Bear, Rango, Lucky Luke, Applejack, Zorro, Puss in Boots, Maximus (with a bit of Vitriolic Best Buds)
  • Enemies: Rattlesnake Jake, Yosemite Sam, Snidely Whiplash
  • Quick Draw Mcgraw is a lawman that travels to various Western towns alongside his faithful companion Baba Looey to put a stop to whatever dastardly criminal that town is dealing with. Quick Draw always has good intentions, but the ways he's tried stop villains leaves a lot to be desired. Baba Looey attempts to provide the voice of reason to Quick Draw, but is frequently shot down by Quick Draw, who tells Baba Looey that he does the thinking and not to forget it. Besides using his gun poorly, Quick Draw sometimes takes on the role of El Kabong, a vigilante that goes around whacking wrongdoers on the head with a guitar.
  • As the Pantheon went about its own business, a horse and his burro were walking around and found themselves at the gates of the Pantheon. After explaining themselves to the gatekeepers and that they were there to handle criminals that they believed were hiding at a place called "The Pantheon", the two were allowed entry. Quick Draw confronted the criminals and prepared to apprehend them, but his incompetence resulted in his targets getting away. It took a few more tries for Quick Draw before he could truly catch those criminals and even after that was accomplished, he still suffered a mishap that resulted in him falling off a cliff. Quick Draw then believed that "The Pantheon" was home to many more criminals that he couldn't catch and decided to stay there to continue his work, with Baba Looey sticking around.
  • Compared to a majority of cowboys that patrol the Pantheon, Quick Draw isn't taken that seriously by them. Much of it is due to Quick Draw's bumbling behavior and despite being quick to pull out his gun (hence his name), he often makes the mistake of shooting himself in the face. Arguably the only cowboy that's willing to be friends with Quick Draw is Lucky Luke, who is similarly fast with getting his gun out and has had comical misadventures in the Wild West. Both Quick Draw and Lucky Luke have worked together to stop criminals from going after towns in the deserts of the Pantheon, with plenty of mayhem occuring in the process.
  • Yosemite Sam and his various criminal endeavors got the attention of Quick Draw, who saw the former as very much similar to the criminals he's stopped in the past. With Bugs Bunny too busy to take care of Sam at the moment, it was up to Quick Draw to thwart Sam's plan. Sam didn't really take the horse seriously as Quick Draw made a number of unsuccessful attempts to catch Sam, but what Quick Draw lacked in wits was his persistence to catch Sam. Even though Sam was eventually captured, he would later escape, prompting a few additional confrontations between him and Quick Draw whenever Sam isn't dealing with that wabbit.
  • Rango heard about Quick Draw and his supposed reputation for stopping criminals of the Wild West and wanted to meet up with him. The horse ended up finding a chameleon while going to another part of the Pantheon during another mission of his and found out that chameleon was able to talk. Rango befriended Quick Draw decided to tag along with him for a bit, with the chameleon offering a bit of "guidance" via telling Quick Draw the story of his adventure and how he became a successful Western hero through unconventional means. By the time Quick Draw, Baba Looey, and Rango arrived at their destination, they ended up finding Rattlesnake Jake waiting, who wasn't amused at seeing another animal lawman wanting to take him in and ended up giving Quick Draw quite a challenge. Jake ultimately saw Quick Draw as little more than a persistent nuisance after their confrontation.
  • For some of his crime-fighting escapades, Quick Draw takes on the mantle of El Kabong, a vigilante who dresses up like Zorro and delivers justice via swordfighting and/or bonking others on the head with a guitar (or kabonger as he describes it). The real Zorro caught wind of the copycat's capers following a bungled attempt by El Kabong to capture a criminal. Zorro stepped in and after a daring swordfight, the criminal was captured and Zorro talked to El Kabong, unaware of the latter's real identity of Quick Draw Mcgraw. While Zorro was understanding of El Kabong's dedication of thwarting evildoers, it was clear that the latter's efforts didn't reach what Zorro was hoping for, especially when it comes Kabong's lack of subtlety. Despite it, Zorro didn't have any ill will against El Kabong and hoped that Kabong would improve gradually.
    • Puss in Boots heard about Kabong from Zorro and wanted to know about another animal that's trying to copy Zorro's character in an unorthodox way. Puss had much of the same reaction to Kabong that Zorro did, though Kabong's use of a guitar as a weapon got Puss' attention a bit more since he ended up whacking Kitty Softpaws with one the first time they met (much to Softpaws' annoyance). He's also wondering where Kabong gets his guitars from (and without any case to store them in on top of that) given that they break as soon as they hit someone on the head.
  • Kabong usually springs into action whenever he hears the cries of help from a damsel in distress, generally after (poorly) singing from his "kabonger". Snidely Whiplash had kidnapped another damsel and Quick Draw heard her cry for help, prompting him to become El Kabong and save her as Dudley Do-Right somehow got caught up in an unrelated matter. Snidely was greeted with a guitar to the head and got into a battle of wits against Kabong. It took another whacking to stop Snidely's attempt and Kabong was able to save Snidely's victim. Whenever Snidely doesn't have to put up with Dudley, there's a chance that El Kabong will step in and become his adversary at the moment.
  • Some of his adventures involved using a bloodhound that's obsessed with dog treats to sniff out targets. Looking to find a canine to fill in a similar role (the dog treats part is presumably optional), Quick Draw has tried to get along with other dogs in the Pantheon in the hopes that one of them would be willing to spend their time with him catching crooks. Some of these attempts didn't go as well as Quick Draw hoped for, with some of these canines attacking him out of irritation following his usual idiocy.
  • He's made frequent visits to Applejack, another equine with behavior similar to that of a cowboy. Quick Draw is noted to be fond of the various apple-based treats that Applejack has made and she sometimes gives him advice on how to improve his heroics. While he still has a ways to go in terms of not bumbling around, some of Applejack's advice has stuck with him.
  • Quick Draw found out that he wasn't the only white horse with a sense of justice as he heard about another of his kind going around performing such activities. His search for that horse led him to meet Maximus, who was far more competent in his job than Quick Draw was. Their first meeting together led to some confusion seeing as how Quick Draw is a talking horse on two legs and Maximus stands on all fours and doesn't really talk, with most of his gestures providing his thoughts. While Maximus isn't above mocking some of Quick Draw's failures, he still sees said failures as a result of Quick Draw trying too hard and not taking advice from others seriously. Maximus has also seen El Kabong a few times and seems to be partially aware that Kabong and Quick Draw are the same thing. While both Quick Draw and Maximus aren't in any real conflict with each other, Quick Draw's attempts to get Maximus to work with him have gone nowhere.

Need a Pantheonic god? Why not Zoidberg?

Zoidberg, God of Exclusion by Mention (Dr. John A. Zoidberg, Johnny)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: The Chew Toy, WOOP WOOP WOOP!, Extreme Omnivore, Genius Ditz, Desperately Craves Affection, Back-Alley Doctor, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Space Jews, Nice Guy, Bizarre Alien Biology, I Just Want to Have Friends
  • Domains: Lobsters, Doctors, Jewish(?)
  • Allies: Phillip J. Fry, Bender, Homer Simpson, Bob Belcher, Kyle Broflovski, Pluto, Chuck, Almaz, Teddie, Mami Tomoe, Coyote Starrk, Enju Aihara
  • Opposed By: Eric Cartman
  • Odd Friendship: The Three Stooges
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith, Stewie Griffin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zapp Brannigan
  • Zoidberg is a space lobster who is also a doctor, though the doctor thing is a bit questionable since he's not quite good with human anatomy. There's also a weird tendency by people to not lump him into a group when making sentences. Strangely enough, he's done it to himself a few times, so it'd be safe to say that he's more or less used to it.
  • The way his ascension played out wasn't that surprising given that the speech began with "My fellow Pantheonic deities! And Zoidberg". Though there were some that was hoping the opening line was something along the lines of "Gods! Goddesses! Weiss."
  • Made a visit to the House of Health and Diseases, where he was asked to explain his background as a doctor. Although the doctors there were a bit reluctant about hiring him given the fact that he accidentally killed human patients while performing operations on them, they decided to let him work there occassionally when it comes to alien anatomy.
    • Black Jack has offered to teach Zoidberg lessons on human anatomy so the lobster-alien can improve his surgery skills on such. It's taking quite a bit of time, though there's a fair number who's convinced Black Jack will succeed in making Zoidberg a much better surgeon.
  • He may or may not be Jewish, though given how he acts, most deities are inclined to think the former. Regardless of such, he is good enough friends with Kyle Broflovski, though his tendencies made him a target of Eric Cartman, who didn't care if Zoidberg was Jewish or not.
  • By default, he is a rather nice guy, though there have been instances where he has acted uncharacteristically cruel. That said, Zoidberg does actually feel remorse about acting in less-than-savory ways. It's not really stopping the more malicious pranksters from setting him off for their own amusement.
  • Is one of the very few deities that Robot Santa doesn't consider as naughty. Many, including Nicholas St. North, are still wondering why that's the case.
  • He is a frequent visitor to the House of Food and tends to eat a lot of the food there rather fast. Of particular note is his affinity towards anchovies to the point where the house often calls for a restock of said items after he eats all of that food up.
  • His woopwoopwoopwoop noise is noted to be a bit similar to the Three Stooges' own woopwoopwoop. He's good enough friends with the three and oddly enough, whenever a pie fight happens in the House of Food, Zoidberg will usually eat the pie from his face after said food gets thrown at him.
  • Many suspect that if a new Pokemon were to be revealed, then this is what Zoidberg would be hoping for. It's a long shot to say the least, and Wobbuffet isn't saying anything about it.
  • As someone who's suffered quite a bit of abuse back in his own universe, he's able to relate to other victims of comedic abuse such as Pluto, Chuck, and Almaz.
  • Since he is largely interested in making friends, Zoidberg tends to talk to Teddie frequently because of their shared desire to have friends, even in unfavorable circumstances.
    • Zoidberg also hangs out with Mami Tomoe, Coyote Starrk, and Enju Aihara due to all of them wanting to have friends. The five have expressed interest in giving advice to others who want to make friends.
      • The lobster has also provided interest in finding something to treat Enju's condition. Most aren't willing to take a chance on Zoidberg working on an operation, but he is more than willing to help others find something to, at the very least, mitigate whatever it is that Enju has.
  • Apart from hanging out with Fry and Bender, Zoidberg can be seen alongside other Fox animated sitcom stars Homer Simpson and Bob Belcher. Although Zoidberg is friendly with fellow alien Roger Smith, the latter often performs outrageous actions against Zoidberg at completely random moments. A similar situation occurs in regards to Stewie Griffin.
  • For whatever reason, whenever someone asks Zoidberg to do some cutting, he does the cutting. Don't tell him otherwise.
  • Apparently has a doctorate in art history in addition to being an alien surgeon. No one can really say for sure if Zoidberg is a competent artist or not, though there are rumors that the House of School is considering him to be a substitute teacher for art history classes there.

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