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Ouroboros, God of Final Bosses in New Dimensions (The God of Destruction, The Harrowing, The Serpent That Devours The Horizon, Serpent Eating the Ground, The Devourer, His Malevolence, Airy's Master)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Ouroboros symbol
  • Theme Song: The Serpent That Devours The Horizon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Sealed Evil in a Can, Sealed away for 1,100,000,000 years, Devouring the servant who released him, Planet Eater, Ouroboros, Our Dragons Are VERY Different, A Form You Are Comfortable With, Final Boss, New Dimension, Evil Sounds Deep, Batman Gambit, Planet Destroyer, Apocalypse Wow, The Dark Aurora, The Infernal Realm, preparing an assault on Real Life
  • Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Bosses, Finales, Devouring, The Infernal Realm, Patience, Deep Voices
  • Followers: Mortamor, Corvus, The Sun-Eater, The crew of Starkiller Base
  • Allies: Airy, Albert Wesker
  • Enemies: The Bravely Default Protagonists, Io, Bahamut, Ophis, Spyro, Tiki, The Dovahkiin, Superman, The Warrior of Light, Thor, Mogo, Ornstein, Harry Dresden, The Nameless King, All Final Fantasy deities, all deities from Real Life
  • Rivals: Galactus, Unicron, Apophis, Beerus, Lavos
  • Unknown Rival: Zero (Kirby)
  • Annoyed by: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Ouroboros ascended when several major deities were attempting to limit villainous ascensions, and were tricked by Airy into letting her master into the Pantheon under the pretense that their course of action would keep him out forever. He has shown his gratitude by sparing her this time, rather than devouring her.
  • When Tiz, Agnes, Ringabel, and Edea found that Ouroboros had come to the Pantheon, they confronted him, but were held off by Airy while he exited the Infernal Realm. Sensing a draconic abomination ascending, Io came to learn what was going on. Ouroboros began to exit the Infernal Realm, devouring pieces of the Pantheon around him, and Io confronted him, driving him back into his new temple in the house of bosses and enemies. The dragon god's reason for fighting Ouroboros was simply, "That abomination should not be a dragon."
  • As a planet-destroying deity, Ouroboros is intensely disliked by Superman because the Man of Steel doesn't want anyone else to end up one of the only few survivors of their planet.
  • Ouroboros believes he should represent destructive deities rather than Beerus, but the effects of a battle between them is just one more reason that he is kept sealed in his temple. Beerus's suggestion that he can just use Destruction on Ouroboros was shot down: Ouroboros is immortal, and unless some way is found to seal his immortality (that is to say, another immortal is willing to sacrifice themself to do so), Destruction wouldn't work.
  • Nekron offered him membership in the GUAD, but Ouroboros scoffed at him. He sees the Pantheon as no more than livestock to be slaughtered and eaten, and does not want any other to consume his meal.
  • Holds Galactus and Unicron in contempt as inferior planet-eaters to himself.
  • Mogo, as a living planet, is afraid of Ouroboros, as he could devour Mogo with only an ominous gesture and a few seconds of freedom. Ouroboros is aware of Mogo, and thinks he sounds tasty.
  • Bahamut, Spyro, and Tiki collaborate to ensure that Ouroboros never gets the chance to leave his temple in his true form.
  • Since Ouroboros can reach across dimensions, and Bravely Default is connected to other Final Fantasy worlds, The Warrior of Light and all other Final Fantasy deities are interested in keeping him contained to protect their own universes.
  • Real Life authors and people are opposed to Ouroboros, as he threatens the real world. That means YOU, tropers.
  • The Dovahkiin and Dragonslayer Ornstein have been assigned the mission of Ouroboros's destruction, and consider the abomination their greatest challenge yet.
  • Both being mythological serpents of destruction, Apophis and Ouroboros have something of a sibling rivalry.
  • Zero is envious of Ouroboros's position and power, and has stopped attempting to kill Kirby in favor of plotting to usurp Ouroboros, who dismisses it as no threat whatsoever.
  • Ouroboros occasionally takes the form of humans and attempts to frighten or manipulate the Pantheon, but the fact that his appearance and abilities are limited to who is nearby restricts his freedom while using this power.
  • Harry Dresden has a habit of flipping him off, and although Ouroboros is usually aloof to the actions of "mortals," Harry has made him mad like no one else can.
  • Thor, as a dragonslayer and protector of Asgard, sees it as his duty to slay Ouroboros.
  • Ophis is aghast at the abuse of the power of the Ouroboros, and Ouroboros is none too pleased that she represents his name rather than one who bears it.
  • Wesker is impressed with Ouroboros's power, and the shared name with one of his creations has led to collaboration between the two. What ends might be achieved terrify anyone who knows either of them.
  • The Nameless King, due to his bond with dragons, feels revulsion at Ouroboros's existence much as ordinary people are horrified by Humanoid Abominations.

Greater Gods

    Epsilon (Mega Man
Epsilon, God of Climax Bosses (Unknown Energy Manipulator: Test Model, Commander Epsilon, Eject Epsilon)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Rebellion Army's wings and blade insignia.
  • Theme Song: Epsilon, 1st Movement or Epsilon, 2nd Movement
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral in methods, Neutral Good in goals.
  • Portfolio: Major Revelations Start Coming Before His Battle, Use of Force and Power For the Sake of An Ideal, Red-Eyed Imposing Black Reploid, Asskicking High Commander, Disc-One Final Boss, Unwitting Pawn of the Copy Generation, Posthumously Cleared of All Charges, Named After the Margin of Error, Eject Epsilon, Sole Survivor of Supra-Force Metal Testing, Visionary Leader of a Morally Ambiguous Rebellion
  • Domains: Leadership, Rebellion, Bosses, Power
  • Heralds: Ferham, Scarface
  • Followers: Aldrich the Saint of the Deep, Yhorm the Giant
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The GUAM Machine Council (Sigma, Ultron, Vril Dox/Brainiac, The Master Computer Program, HAL-9000, SKYNET, Trazyn the Infinite, Roboking), Lumine, Dr. Weil, M. Bison, Senator Armstrong, The Corpus, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Sombra, The Infested
  • Respects: Dr. Thomas Light, Mega Man, Proto Man
  • Former Enemies: X, Zero, Axl
  • Opposes: Dr. Albert Wily, Dr. Gero, Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad
  • Opposed by: Mace Windu
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Charlie Nash
  • Turned up one day reconstructed in the Pantheon using his old parts. He's not certain who could've rebuilt him fully intact.
  • Has long respected the Repliforce trio for being very similar to him in possessing a code of honor as well as lofty goals of forging an independent Reploid nation. Upon first meeting, both he and the giant General were a bit hesitant to fully trust each other, but once both realized the other was worried about manipulation by a nefarious figure, they opened up and got along famously. Epsilon has since also taken it upon himself to help mentor Colonel to deal with being questioned and Iris to handle tragedy so they don't flip out when said things happen.
  • Upon learning of his return in the Pantheon, the Maverick Hunters headed straight in his direction to confront him; however, as they were aware that he'd been manipulated in Giga City, they didn't immediately engage to fight. Once it became clear he wasn't looking for a fight either, they confirmed and explained in full the machinations of Colonel Redips. He affirmed his respect to X, Zero, and Axl, but maintained he would still pursue his goals — and would like their help in keeping him honest. X agreed to this earnestly.
  • Though Epsilon sympathizes with Charlie Nash knowing what it's like to be betrayed by human government/military agents, Nash hesitates to trust Epsilon. The ex-Air Force captain looks at Epsilon and the Repliforce with respect for their military orders and goals of independence and maximizing potential, but is wary of trusting them for the same reason they were initially hesitant with each other.
  • Was never a big fan of the copy chip "New Generation" Reploids, especially since their plan involved crushing "old model" Reploids including himself, but after learning how he's been played by Redips into becoming a political Maverick, he has a special dislike for Lumine — the last copy-gen 'roid who tried a takeover plot and was foiled by the Hunters before Redips — and Sigma — whose DNA is responsible for the sociopathy of the copy-generation.
  • He is eternally grateful to Dr. Light for creating the first advanced androids in his universe, which eventually gave birth to Reploids and, eventually, Epsilon himself. He also respects Mega Man and Proto Man for being the start of it all.
  • Dr. Wily, on the other hand, who often tried to corrupt the Robot Masters because he wanted to take over the world just to show up Dr. Light, is someone the High Commander finds contemptibly small-minded.
  • Similar to his objection with Wily, he considers Dr. Gero an abuser of power technology for wasting it all on his desire to destroy a single man as well as actually being an abuser of two human children converted into cyborgs against their will. Because of this he also has a special sympathy for 17 and 18, whereas the average human is more or less a complete stranger to him.
  • Epsilon is the first prominent Reploid designed with black humanoid features. Because of this, and his experience as a military commander, Vulkan took notice and approached him. While Epsilon would not join Vulkan's army due to his own goals for empowering Reploids, the two have come to an agreement to support each other when needed.
  • Mace Windu, another black leader, is outright distrusting of Epsilon and in particular finds his ambitions and the methods he resorted to in Gigantis dangerous.
  • Conversely, it is Epsilon who thinks Amanda Waller's tactics are dangerous. Not the part about leading a team of operatives who are less than morally upright, but the part where he has no clue whether she's vetted for who among her subordinates could be considered trustworthy and made sure to position them closer to her side. He sees this as a major tactical gap on Waller's part that could lead to her army being taken over by one of its more sociopathic members, and so can't bring himself to support the Suicide Squad.
  • Was met by Harpuia after his reconstruction and found the Sage similar to his own personal Cadres, Ferham (in both skills and design inspiration) and Scarface (in attitude). He asked Harpuia to aid him in his quest to unlock the potential of Reploids. Harpuia gave him two conditions: no initiation of violent force against innocents of any kind, and no recruiting Mavericks. Epsilon agreed.
  • Shortly after this Harpuia told him of Dr. Weil, the man whose hatred of Reploids almost distorted Harpuia's morality into helping destroy the future. The moment Weil tries to threaten their goals, Epsilon vows to destroy him.
  • Alongside his sympathy for Nash, Epsilon cannot stand Bison. With his commisar appearance and purity of evil, it's possible the Shadaloo Dictator might have directly inspired the Hunters' treacherous colonel.
  • The blade handle-like rods on his shoulders are actually restraints on his Supra-Force Metal powers. Once removed, they go into overdrive as he enters a second phase called Eject Epsilon. It works so well he effectively has to be beaten twice to stay down. The ones on his head, however, don't seem to serve any such function.
  • Has recruited Green Biker Dude to his cause, lauding GBD's Ride Chaser skills as an example of how ingenious Reploid engineering can be. Harpuia's loyalty to X was a big part in convincing GBD to come on board.
  • When they learned that the heroic scientist of Harpuia's time had ascended, Harpuia took Epsilon to meet with Ciel. He offered to research Force Metal as a possible solution to Neo Arcadia's energy crisis in exchange for her help with his resistance, making sure to explain what happened in Giga City so as to alleviate her concerns. She accepted his offer.
  • While it was always the plan for the movement to transition from a mere advocacy and research group into a true resistance against tyranny, as well as expand its focus from Reploids and their progenitors to all androids in the Pantheon, Epsilon, Ciel, Harpuia, and GBD all knew that they had to move faster on that plan thanks to a sudden surge of crimes involving machine villains. So while Sigma and Ultron commandeered a merging-of-worlds plot involving the Marvel Universe and Capcom Multiverse as well as started a mechanical outbreak in the Pantheon, with heroes including the Hunters stepping in to stop them on both fronts, the four gathered and reorganized their group's operations to fit the group's new goals.
    • During this time they also brought in Harpuia's brothers Phantom and Fefnir, who came with blessings from certain allies, including X himself, as well as Labrys and Lambda-11, who were recommended by Aigis after she had to turn down the invitation of Harpuia due to her duties with the Shadow Operatives, mainly in return for receiving proper failsafes against the Sigma Virus. Thus, following the defeat of Ultron-Sigma, the gang of eight announced the creation of Liberion Arcadia in the House of Justice, complete with a futuristic military base connected to the members' temples via teleport terminals.
    • While the likes of Repliforce, Proto Man, Grimlock, and Bass ultimately declined or didn't respond to invitations they'd received, a white-haired android girl approached them one day, claiming she had been considering the idea of forming a group just like theirs when she discovered the existence of Liberion Arcadia in the Pantheon and now she wanted in. After demonstrating her skills and explaining that she had been built to combat machine invaders, Epsilon and crew accepted 2B as their first non-Reploid member.
    • Per the deal with Labrys and Lambda-11, the antivirus failsafes became standard procedure for all non-Reploids who joined the team, including later newcomers Quote and Curly (who accepted invitations from Epsilon himself), ICEY, and presumably 9S.
  • In addition to the GUAM, companies such as Corpus and Desperado began going after certain Liberion Arcadia robots in order to take them apart, study them, and use them to advance their own technological interests, namely Corpus Proxy units and war weapons respectively. These corporations' approaches to freedom and dedication to moving forward come across as twisted even to him, so while he respects them to a degree, he stands against them alongside the rest of his team. He's even fought with Steven Armstrong on a number of occasions, usually being overwhelmed after a long while by the Senator's nanomachine-powered physical assault before putting up a greater fight after getting back up in Eject mode.
    • 9S's hacking and teamwork with 2B is a key part of the Commander's strategy to take these forces down as they continue to come after LA. Sombra, who tried to hack into the team's systems but was stopped by 9S and was forced to retreat following a rescue from her fellow Talon associates, can attest to this. It's also a large part of the reason Fairy Leviathan was finally able to ascend, giving Liberion Arcadia the full force of all Four Guardians.
  • Has taken note of the Technocyte Infestation which seeks to consume absolutely everything into its hive mind and are very much capable of hacking androids. Along with Ciel, he is working closely with the Medical Division of the Grand United Alliance of Good to help develop a reproducible cure for this horrible virus.
  • "I will not run from this fight. For I know that this bridge must be crossed to achieve our ideal. They will tremble before the power…of Epsilon!"

Jeanne, Goddess of Mirror Bosses

Onyxia, Goddess of Bosses who Fight with their Minions (Lady Katrana Prestor, Broodmother and formerly matriarch of the Black dragonflight, Former royal advisor to the King of Stormwind)
As Lady Katrana Prestor 
Onyxia reanimated 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Dragon, Weaponized Offspring, The Vamp, Death by Decapitation
  • Domains: Dragons, Dragonlings, Boss Fights, Manipulation
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Alexia Ashford
  • Enemies: The Dragon Aspects, Varian Wrynn, Sindragosa, Ornstein and Smough, Vulkan, The Dovahkin, The Monster Hunters, Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox
  • Banned from: The House of Royalty
  • Onyxia, eldest daughter of Deathwing and the Broodmother of the Black Dragonflight, has been an infamous force in the world of Azeroth. She was responsible for the dissapearance of King Varian Wrynn and later disguised herself as Lady Katrana Prestor to bring the downfall of Stormwing from within. After her guise was discovered, Onyxia fled to her lair where adventurers would fight her alongside her offspring, who came in great numbers. Eventually she was defeated and her head has been hung in stormwind ever since, a fact that she is not very happy about.
  • It is said that her brother Nefarian was the one behind her ascension. Not out of love or anything but because she would prove useful for his plans. He also once reanimated her sister using alchemy, but Onyxia doesn't recall this events at all.
  • If anyone wonders who is the father of all the children she has bred, then that would be Nefarian. Yes, her older brother. The black dragon culture doesn't seem to have a problem with incest.
  • Tiamat has welcomed another evil dragon to the pantheon, and is glad she is no longer the only female of the bunch. She actually gets along much better with Onyxia than with her family members.
  • She is banned from the house of Royalty after they learned of what she did back in Stormwind. Unbeknown to them, Onyxia has allied herself with Jafar and is planning to bring the house down from within. However, this time her guise as Lady Katrana Prestor is not going to work.
  • Being a popular boss fight back in her home series, Onyxia's temple is often raided by adventurers and dragonslayers that seek to end her for good. That's why Onyxia has been asking to be moved from her house to somewhere more peaceful but the Court of Gods has declined her proposition because they think she deserves it.
  • One time, she was raided by a group led by a very bossy commander. She of course defeated them but can't help but laugh at their pathetic attack
  • She originally auditioned for the spot of Weaponized Offspring but sadly that spot was already taken. Now that she is here, she is not happy about how Alexia Ashford doesn't do justice to the title, according to her at least.
    • She also has developed a minor alliance with Cell, only because she took interest in the junior copies he has created.
  • Because of being a black dragon and her ties to her father, Vulkan has also decided to target her. His army has been proved troublesome for Onyxia to deal with, but thankfully she has made a deal with the Stonemaul Ogres to keep the salamanders at bay.
  • Not a fan of head jokes. And she would like to not be reminded that her head hangs in Stormwind.
  • "You dare challenge the daughter of Deathwing?"

Xemnas, God of Sequential Bosses (Superior of the In-Between, Number I, Xehanort’s Nobody, Unknown, Mansex, Sexman)

Yiazmat, Deity of Marathon Bosses (Ultimate Mark, The Terror of All Ivalice, Guardian to a Sacred Blade)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The runes what is seen on its horn, wings and tail
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bosses What Take Hours to Defeat, Superboss, Large Boss in Small Arena, Fell Wyrm, Physical God, One-Hit Kill, Cyclone, Allows One To Save Mid-Battle, Driven to Madness with Power
  • Domains: Wyrms, Bosses, Health, Magic
  • Followers: Trillion
  • Allies: Shinryu, Deathwing, Baal
  • Enemies: Balthier, Penelo, Ashe, Monster Hunters
  • Rivals: Naoki Kashima, Jaraxxus
  • Legends talk of a creature called Yiazmat, a wyrm created by the Creator Himself to rule over all other dragons. However, the power it was granted drove it into madness, becoming the single most dangerous being in Ivalice.
    • There exists an Esper called Yiazmat, who was created by Feolthanos, but was too powerful to be controlled so it was sealed away. Though it is most likely that the two of them are not the same creature.
  • Upon the wyrm's ascension, a group of brave gods went ahead and tried to fight against the behemoth. What ended up happening was a drawn-out battle what lasted for 12 hours. Then Yiazmat casted Regen on itself, healing from near zero to full health, demoralizing the gods to the point where they allowed Yiazmat to finish them off rather than go through that ordeal again.
    • While whom each of those warriors were, some say one of them was at least Ornstein. Mainly as he seems to be willing to go after Yiazmat for now, at the very least.
  • Yiazmat governs this throne in place of Pandemonium Warden. For while it can take hours to defeat Yiazmat, it is generous enough to let any daring adventurer to rest if they so wish to.
  • Being the Deity of Marathon Bosses, it is the polar opposite of Jaraxxus, God of Rush Bosses.
  • Yiazmat does not want to talk about the time when utterly defeated in less than a half of a minute. Some consider it being rage-fuelled karma.
  • Due of the metallic outer appearance of the wyrm and the ability to use a freezing breath attack, some consider it being the corrupted form of Bahamut. This bothers the Platinum Dragon greatly. Though the fact that it outranks Ivalice's own Tiamat does give him a bit of a chuckle.
    • Gajeel on other hand thinks that Yiazmat is some sort of bent out of shape Metalicana, what bothers him greatly.
  • As both of them are dragons driven to madness by power, it and Deathwing seem to get along decently. Some gods fear the moment the two dragons decide to team up, as battling both of them would probably take days.
  • Interestingly enough, Yiazmat is weak to darkness-based spells. Forget about attacking it with Holy, though, as it absorbs Holy damage.
  • The "Sacred Blade" it is guardian of, the Wyrmhero Blade, is a powerful sword told by legends. Unfortunately, even if someone would best Yiazmat, they wouldn't be able to receive the blade from it.
    • There does exist another blade, Anastasia, what grows in power every time Yiazmat is slain, though since it was forged way after Yiazmat's birth, it couldn't be that blade.
  • Is in good relation with a fellow Superboss Baal. Though it is more rivalling the Demi-fiend. Though it might not consider Demi-fiend being that much of a threat. After all, his strongest attack would only deal about 5000th of Yiazmat's max health. And that is not counting its ability to put a damage cap of 6,999 per hit onto its foes.
  • It has some sort of hatred forwards Creature-Hunter Organizations or Adventure Guilds due of the only reason why anyone went against it was because someone created a guilt for the purpose of finding someone to take Yiazmat down for the sake of revenge.

    Yu Yevon 
Yu Yevon, God of Bosses Requiring No Effort To Defeat (Sin, Founder of Yevon)

Intermediate Gods

    Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein 
Geese Howard and Rugal Bernstein, Gods of Cheap and Powerful Bosses (Geese: Nightmare Geese - Rugal: Omega Rugal, God/Ultimate Rugal)

    King Dice 
King Dice, Harbinger of the Boss Bonanza (The Gamest in the Land, The Devil's Right Hand Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Cards, Chips and of course, Dice
  • Theme Song: Die House, All Bets Are Off, Casino and The King's Court
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Card-Carrying Villain, Dastardly Whiplash, Death Dealer, The Devil's Second-in-command, Evil Laugh, Evil Sounds Deep, Faux Affably Evil, The Gambler, Green Eyes, Lean and Mean, Man of Wealth and Taste, Non-Human Head, Purple Is Powerful, Sharp-Dressed Man, Slasher Smile
  • Domains: Casinos, Gambling, Villains, Chance, Bets, Minions
  • Heralds: The King's CourtMembers 
  • Superior: The Devil
  • Allies: The Coachman, The D'arby Brothers, Oogie Boogie, Dick Dastardly and Snidely Whiplash
  • Rivals: Death (Regular Show), Luxord
  • Enemies: Cuphead and Mugman, Those with gambling problems, Twisted Fate, Gambit, Ren Amamiya
  • Owner of the Devil's Casino and his right-hand man, King Dice is a very arrogant and spiteful man who enjoys doing what he does. He ascended by the petition of the Devil to have him run the new casino he established in the House of Luck and Fortune but he was assigned a house in a different place entirely, mostly so the Court of Gods is aware that both the Devil and Dice are up to no good.
  • Still wants revenge against Cuphead and Mugman for making him lose a bet and later beating him and his lackeys up. Unfortunately for Dice, the little mugs have befriended a high number of people who would happily lend them a hand in taking down Dice if he tried something funny, so he is just biding his time.
  • His temple serves as a training course for everyone who seeks to become adept at defeating several bosses. He will let you roll the dice and depending on the number you land, you will face one of his minions until you get to him. His challenge is rather popular with Blood Knights and several adventurers but Dice has been forced to give out a prize for those who manage to reach and beat him since he initially didn't have any rewards for the lucky ones that managed to defeat his minions.
  • Rather friendly with the D'arby Brothers given their shared professions, with people even saying that Dice and Daniel look very similar. They are usually seen collaborating in the casino that the devil has set up in the House of Luck and Fortune, but their schemes are rather limited thanks to the court of gods giving them regulations.
  • One thing he hates is when he loses a bet, being the primary reason he attacked Cuphead and Mugman in the first place. That costed him a loss and possibly his job as the devil considered replacing him for the little cup boys, but the devil later got defeated too.
  • Has a very friendly relation with the Coachman, mostly because he thinks that those cup boys should be punished for being naughty boys and he can provide his "solution" in pleasure island, something that King Dice is perfectly fine with. It's also worth pointing out that their smiles are eerily similar.
  • Those who had trouble with gambling debts in the past completely despise King Dice, not only for running a rather shady casino, but because of how evil and condencensing he can get, nevermind his arrogance.
  • He and his minions embody all kind of different vices like drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. The Court of Gods have been considered to use Dice as an example of how you should avoid said addictions.
  • People like to joke that Dice has fucked the wife of someone given his perpetual smug smile. The scale of this joke often gets out of hand, it could be your wife, it could be everyone's wife, even if you don't have one.
  • One of the few deities that plays cards with death regularly. Apparently he has done it before and having the devil as a boss makes playing against death seem like a child's game. Both Dice and Death have developed a heated rivalry since they are evenly matched in wins and losses, so they constantly play again to see who wins.
  • King Dice is able to summon sentient cards that attack his enemies for him, and he was pointed out that he uses them in a similar fashion like Gambit and Twisted Fate. He also formed a rivalry with Luxord, given that their motivations, while not good, are at odds with each other.
  • It's worth mentioning that "Die House" is often playing in Dice's temple, which other deities who pass by can't help but to sing and dance along.
  • "So clever, so dapper, ya betta' believe this dice is loaded. Hi-de-ho!"

Lagiacrus, God of Underwater Boss Battles (The Lord of the Seas, Sea Wyvern, Lagi, Lagia; Ivory Lagiacrus: White Sea Wyvern, The Ruler of Two Realms, Ivory Lagi, I. Lagi, White Lagia, White Lagiacrus, Land Lagia; Abyssal Lagiacrus: Dark Sea Wyvern, Abyssal Lagia)
Ivory Lagiacrus 
Abyssal Lagiacrus 
  • Intermediate God (Lagiacrus and Ivory Lagiacrus), borderline Greater God (Abyssal Lagiacrus)
  • Symbol: The Hunter's Guild's icon for Lagiacrus, Ivory Lagiacrus and Abyssal Lagiacrus
  • Theme Song: Tremble of the Sea and Land (Normal and Ivory), Devil of the Sea (Abyssal)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Prowling the Land and Seas, Crocodilian, Cobra-like, and Eel-like, Bioelectricity, Spitting Ball Lightning, Lightning Bruiser, Red Herring for the Moga Village Earthquakes, Variants with Hard Heads, Creates Whirlpools to Attack (Abyssal), Sea Dragons, True Final Boss (Abyssal only)
  • Domains: Sea, Lightning, Leviathans
  • Size: 2357.2cm - 3310.6cm (Lagiacrus); 2516.0cm - 3310.6cm (Ivory Lagiacrus); 3969.3cm (Abyssal Lagiacrus)
  • Allies: Aquaman, Bruce, Ampharos, Thor
  • Rivals: Rathalos, Rajang, Zinogre, The Gill-Man, Liopleurodon, Moby-Dick, Monstro, Red Gyarados
  • Enemies: Plesioth, Davy Jones, The Kraken
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Feared by: Pikachu, Popplio, Oshawott
  • Avoids: Akira Otoishi
  • Herald: Ceadeus
  • Followers: All other Monsters that can be fought underwater, Emerald WEAPON, Maws, The Lurker Below
  • In earlier times, the seas of the Pantheon suddenly grew dark and stormy the day the Lagiacrus was first sighted in the Pantheon. Many of the gods not suited to such a thing chose to stay on land until the threat could be evaluated... except Aquaman, who rose to the challenge of taming the beast. He succeeded, earning further respect from his House and putting his past as the Patron Saint of Stupid Powers behind him for good. After Aquaman tamed the first Lagiacrus, rumors of variants of the species - one ivory-hued, the other black as the bottom of the sea - started to arise. Aquaman leads the charge in investigating these rumors, and a habitat in this house is under construction so these majestic sea dragons can thrive. He was surprised however, when the Ivory Lagiacrus showed that it is mainly a land-dweller. And that is to say nothing at his shock that the Abyssal Lagiacrus is an ultra-deep ocean dweller (though he should have seen it coming with a name like that). He's currently also trying to figure out how an air-breathing creature manages to stay at those depths, energetically and actively hunting, for hours at a time.
  • Competes with other aquatic creatures in the Pantheon and tends to be highest on the food chain. To the Lagiacrus, the ability to produce Thunder attacks using its special organs makes the Leviathan almost unmatched in its home turf that is the seas. Its technique of creating a whirlpool to ensnare and electrocute prey and/or would-be attackers, which are powerful enough to even sink ships, also helps cement its rule. Those who are especially weak to electricity, such as the Plesioths, steer clear of it like the plague. Meanwhile Thor has respect for the beasts' ability to control electricity even if they are on dry land. Pikachu, on the other hand, is outright terrified of Lagiacrus species. Though helping to contribute in that fear is the massive size difference between the two, and that even the smalled recorded Lagiacrus dwarfs even Wailord. Popplio and Oshawott soon joined that club right after due to their own weaknesses towards electricity and have made it a point to avoid any waters the Lagis roam in.
    • The Lagi has competition with the Rajang and Zinogre to see who has the most potent electrical current among all of them, alongside their respective variations such as the Thunderlord Zinogre, for example. Eventually, other users of electricity such as Gigavolt Manowar, Eelektross, and Xurkitree got caught up in the mix, though the former is on the more hostile side of things thanks to the Reploid's attempts at stealing their electricity for himself. Cole MaGrath, being partners with Xurkitree, tends to break up the fights before they escalate into something disastrous. And it has happened to the House of Family where much of it went dark.
    • None of the Lagis want anything to do with Akira Otoishi as his Stand, Red Hot Chili Pepper, could easily empower itself from their electricity produced by them. Add in the fact they can't even perceive RHCP in the first place and that with enough power it can easily outmatch them in sheer speed they avoid the rockstar whenever they can. Good thing for Akira too; He'd rather not risk guitar his guitar smashed to pieces after the hard he did to steal the parts to make it.
  • Was mistakenly blamed for the earthquakes that have hit Moga Village. In actuality it was its Herald, the Elder Dragon Ceadeus, that caused them. It did so because of the pain surrounding the pain of one of its horns growing over an eye. The regular one still bears a grudge against the Monster Hunters because of that mistake.
  • Much like how the Flying Wyvern known as the Rathalos is called the King of the Skies, the Lagiacrus is meanwhile called the Lord of the Seas. You will never find a Lagiacrus far from a large body of water, the Abyssal Lagiacrus in particular seemingly never leaving the seas period, much less the abyss level itself. Besides the House of Water & Moisture, the Lagi also makes its home at the House of Aquatic Life and the springs within the House of Plants. Though they spend more time underwater, the Lagi also come up to the surface to sunbathe. When visiting some of hot-springs of the Pantheon, you can sometimes find the Lagiacrus dwelling there much like it had when in the Misty Peaks.
  • The Lagis have a very frosty relationship with any cephalopods they encounter in the Pantheon. This is because while they tend to be at the top of the food chain of their world, they are one of the many prey of the Nakarkos, a monstrous Elder Dragon that surrounds itself and uses the bones of other monsters it had devoured. It is for that reason why it attacks Davy Jones and the Kraken whenever it can, sometimes even waiting for more inopportune moments like when dealing with their own enemies they've made in the Pantheon.
  • There have been some early documented appearances of one appearing in the New World. There have been no further appearances after these sightings have surfaced, however. Some members from the House of Investigative Work have joined those from the House of Hunters to look further into this. No one did quite saw Sub-Species coming in the New World, nor the sudden reemergence of a fabled Elder Dragon draped in gold.
  • In Monster Hunter: Stories, it is one of the many Monsties Lute can tame and fight alongside with, even riding it in battle. Though Aquaman has done it prior the the Lagi's ascension, that hasn't stopped other people from trying to take control of it for their own selfish purposes.
  • Some deities have noticed that the Abyssal Lagiacrus shares a similar color scheme with some members of the Abyssal Fleet. Though it lurks deep enough in the Pantheon's waters to not be bothered by them or their fights with the ship girls, occasionally some members of the Abyssal Fleet such as Wo-Class may mistake as one of them before doing a Double Take.
  • Also has a spot in Water & Moisture.

Magus, God of Barrier Change Bosses (The Fiendlord, The Prophet, Janus, Maoh, Jyaki)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scythe
  • Theme: Battle with Magus
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Man Behind the Monsters, making Badass Boasts, Dark Magic, Adaptive Ability (Fire, Ice, Lightning) Which He Exploits As A Boss, Climax Boss, upsetting backstory and dangerous power, ambivalence toward being a faction's leader, joining the party late in the game
  • Domains: Elemental Skills, Boss Fights, Darkness
  • Followers: The Barrier Trio, The Emperor and Empress Shadows
  • Enemies: Lavos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Crono, Frog, Ayla, Marle, Serge, just about anyone really
  • Magus ascended during his search for his lost sister, Schala. Like with the mystics, Magus decided to keep the company of the gods only as a means of furthering his goals. Magus feels that godhood may increase his chances of finding his sister.
    • Many of the warmer hearts in the House of Family were touched by this story, though Magus disregards their reactions and minds his own business.
  • He was annoyed to find that Lavos is alive in the Pantheon, and has plans to kill him. Magus has met another version of himself from another timeline, who witnessed Schala assimilate with Lavos to become the Time Devourer, and thinks that killing Lavos may be the answer.
    • With his single-minded determination to stop Lavos, Magus has paid no attention to the fact that his old foe, Frog, has ascended (though Frog was the one who hated Magus, Magus himself never cared). Magus is similarly apathetic regarding the other people who took part in the fight against Lavos, but is willing to join them when it regards keeping that beast in check.
    • Serge, who also fought Lavos, instantly got his support. Helps one of Serge's companions, the wizard Guile, might have been Magus.
  • Some folks have mistaken him for an alternate form of Android 17, though the two have little in common with each other, and don't tend to cross paths.
  • Aang was actually impressed by Magus's ability to wield multiple elements at once much in the same way he can, though lightning and fire are the same in his world, and darkness isn't one of the elements. Magus has little interest in Aang's duties, but tells him that eliminating Lavos will help bring balance, and will be ready to help him should the two come to blows.
  • Sometimes, a small, purple cat can be seen wandering Magus's temple, and following him around when he's present. Magus will not respond to any statements on the matter.

    Nemesis (Resident Evil 3
Nemesis T-Type, The Unholy Representative of Repeated Boss Encounters (Nemmy, The Chaser, The Pursuer, S.T.A.R.S. Killer, Matt Addison)


???: "Stop Such Foolishness... Resistance is futile. Your fate is sealed. Go back... It is not too late... Come no closer..."

Nine-Ball/Hustler One, Deity of Very Hard Boss Battles (Lana Nielsen)
Nine-Ball's emblem
What Hustler One supposedly looks like 
What it actually looks like 
  • Leitmotif: Nine, its ACE:R version, its Verdict Day version
  • Rank: Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: A shot of Nine-Ball Seraph focused on it's emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Char Clone, Famed In-Story, Law of Chromatic Superiority, Master Computer, THAT ONE BOSS, The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, Transforming Mecha, Wolverine Publicity
  • Domains: Mechas, AI, Boss Battles
  • High Priest: The Pursuer
  • Followers: WAYYYY TOO MANY TO COUNT. In particular, Reiko Kirishima, Air Man, most Bloodborne and Dark Souls bosses, way too many Atlus bosses, The Hermit
  • Allies: Char Aznable, Yaldabaoth, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Liberation Arcadia (Commander Epsilon, Sage Harpuia, Hidden Phantom, Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan, Dr. Ciel, 9S, Quote and Curly Brace, Labrys, Green Biker Dude, 2B, Lambda-11, ICEY), The Technosyte Infestation
  • Long ago, Absolute Virtue used to hold the title of Very Hard Boss Battles. However, from within its own realm, the ones that used to be brutally curb-stomped by it become more powerful as time progressed, eventually weakening it in the process. As this happened, however, an massive explosion was heard in its former temple, with the Demi-Fiend investigating what happened over there. As soon as he stepped inside however...
    Nine-Ball: Target Verified. Commencing Hostilities.
    • Upon hearing this, the GUAG Robot War Division quickly scrambled to get their Mechas up and running, given that some of them had a personal encounter with it. Upon seeing what happened at the former temple, the deities had all confirmed one thing: Nine-Ball has usurped Absolute Virtue's position.
    • Unfortunately for them, after finally managing to destroy most of the Nine-Ball Mechas, a massive horde of suicide bombing robots emerged from it's temple, causing unknown havoc across the House of Gaming and damaging most of the Mechas in the GUAG Robot War Division. To make things worse, the AI still remains undamaged from the conflict.
  • Nine-Ball is notorious among the house of Gaming due to being hard to beat, especially once they encounter Nine-Ball Seraph. With its machine guns and Laser Blades, along with its missiles, along with lack of cover in his temple, can easily turn a fight into a race into whoever obliterates the other first. Those that DO manage to beat it are christened with the title "Nine Breaker".
    • If You Thought That Was Bad... The power vacuum that spawned from the earlier incident was much more worse. For starters, at least several mortals from each of the Grand United Alliances went and fought each other in one of the more gruesome battlefields not uncommonly seen in the House of War. It got so bad that the Grand United Alliance of Good actually sent several reinforcements to help out another mortal called Reiko to claim the position (though, to be fair, she didn't want to claim the position and was just caught in the crossfire, and has since calmed down from her time with Rogles). Eventually however, due to the above suicide bombing robots thing earlier, the sole winners were Nine-Ball and The Pursuer, which Nine-Ball crowned it's High Priest.
  • Being an AI that believes that Humanity must be controlled, it gets along well with Char Aznable, who also believes that Humanity is weighted down by Earth. This also caught the interest of Yaldabaoth, which reminded him of Masayoshi Shido. That said, unlike him, Nine-Ball at least is willing to work for him.
    • Speaking of which, this earned it the ire of the Phantom Thieves for the same reasons, though it later responded with this:
    Nine-Ball: Are you satisfied? You want to destroy order? Destroy the world? Is that what you want? We were evil. That's why we were born. People cannot live without an order. Even if it's a lie.
    Makoto Nijima: That doesn't mean humans are evil by nature though!
    Nine-Ball: Go on living, Phantom Thieves. Which one of us was ultimately right? You have the right to find that out.
  • Whatever you do. DO. NOT. EVER. Confuse its name with Cirno's nickname. The last person who did this (possibly a member of Trollkaiger) was met with an army of Nine-Ball Mechas, all ready to engage.
  • Later joined the Grand United Alliance of Machines in order to get assistance in subjugating humans into its idea of order. Because of this, it has been opposed by the Liberation Arcadia group, who believe that Nine-Ball may be using the Ravens to eliminate any opposition to the group.
  • Is considered one of the major targets of The Infested, given that most of the Nine-Ball Mechas are Lightning Bruisers, especially Nine-Ball Seraph. Naturally, it responded with additional security measures designed to counter them, and a self-destruction system if all else fails.
  • There are rumors circulating around the Pantheon that it has a son called "Hustler Two" and has a Core called Eight-Ball. Said descendant has much inferior performance compared to it, and after all, AI can't give birth to humans.
    • There were also rumors of another Pulverizer called Nine-Ball. While some info on it was proven false (i.e it's actually a Prototype Pulverizer), it was still kept anyway due to the fact that upon defeating a mecha, it absorbed whatever combat data it had.
  • …What is your wish?

Ridley, God of Legacy Bosses (Geoform 187, Meta Ridley, Neo-Ridley, Omega Ridley, "Little Birdie", Mystery Creature, Proteus Ridley, Cunning God of Death)
Meta Ridley 

Lesser Gods

    Agent 9 
Agent 9 the Lab Monkey, God of Boss Arena Recovery

    The Conductor and DJ Grooves 
The Conductor and DJ Grooves, Dueling Gods of Boss Fights That Use Ceiling Debris (DJ Grooves: DJ Peckneck, the Boss)
The Conductor (Left) and DJ Grooves (Right)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: The Conductor's hat and DJ Grooves' afro, respectively
  • Theme Songs: The Battle for Award 42
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Collapsing Ceiling Bosses, Damage Sponge Bosses, Knife Nuts, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Static Role, Exchangeable Character, Technician vs. Performer, Time-Limit Boss, Older Than They Look, Cheerful Children, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Movies, Birds, Rivalry
    • The Conductor: Trains, Westerns, Anger
    • DJ Grooves: Music, Dance, Publicity, Lunar
  • Allies: Hat Kid, Jon Jafari, Heat Miser and Snow Miser, The Snatcher
  • Enemies: The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Rivals: Each other
  • Intrigued by: Erron Black, Louise Leroi and Maria Sarrazin (The Conductor), The Outlaw Star Crew (both)
  • Suspicious of: Mustache Girl (both), Spongebob Squarepants (DJ Grooves)
  • Scared of: Seth Briars (The Conductor), Orgalorg (DJ Grooves)
  • DJ Grooves and The Conductor, two birds who dreamed of making movies since they were chicks. In childhood, they were friends, but when they found out they were given keys to the same studio, they formed a bitter rivalry in movie-directing that continues to this day.
    • The reason for their ascension was due to their boss battles. At one point, the Hat Kid was to star in both birds' films in exchange for her Time Pieces, which had fallen to their planet and were being used as props. No one is certain who won the movie award; what IS certain is that Hat Kid got a tip-off that she was deceived, and that the winner still had one of her Time Pieces. When she confronted the winner, a battle ensued, and some of the most used attacks involved objects attached to the ceiling.
  • Each was given an invitation into the Pantheon. They were both delighted, until they found out they both were selected to SHARE this title. It seems the Pantheon couldn't decide on one or the other, and that's why both were ascended. Reluctantly, the two of them agreed to share the seat on the condition that their temple would be split.
    • And it was. In fact, their temple very much resembles Dead Bird Studios, but split down the middle with a wall. Each god's half of the temple even has its own lobby. It may as well be a duplex.
  • One thing they were quite happy about was seeing the Hat Kid in the Pantheon. Despite the confrontation in the basement of Dead Bird Studios, neither one seems to hold a grudge against her, especially since she saved time and space, and by extension, the both of them.
  • The Conductor loves the Old West and trains, so it surprised no one that he gets along with deities connected to either — or better yet, both. In fact, when he learned there was a House of Travel, he hurried over to see any possible trains that could be over there. Sure enough, there were plenty of trains among the vehicles there — specifically, in the Land & Sea Travel subhouse — and got on well with the God of Cool Trains, Ryotaro Nogami. Of course, as impressive as he found Nogami's locomotive, his eye(?) was caught by his high priest, a sentient tank engine named Thomas!
    The Conductor: Transformin' trains, trains that can talk like people... Ach, what'll they think of next!?
    • The Conductor is also fascinated by deities from the Wild West. Examples include John Marston. Lucky Luke, and the Man with No Name. He managed to form alliances with most of the non-villainous ones.
      • He found a fellow western fan in Rango, though the Conductor envies the tiny chameleon because Rango got to live the genre, now being the sheriff of a town of strange-looking animals.
      • Erron Black certainly looks and acts like a bandit who came out of the old west. In fact, he very well might be. The Conductor hasn't had the pleasure of making this man's acquaintance yet, but he'd very much like to.
      • One wild west-born deity the Conductor is afraid to meet is Seth Briars. This ghoulish grave-robber understandably puts the Conductor on edge.
    Conductor: (shuddering) Urgh, 'e's a real peckin' creep, i'n' he?
    • There aren't very many owls in the Pantheon. In fact, there seems to be only one true owl: the Grand Duke of Owls. The Conductor was told of this owl's attempts at snuffing out the Sun and facepalmed. What was worse, the duke had tried to kill a child over such a ridiculous goal. That tore it; the Conductor now hated this owl.
    Conductor: It's pea-brained, petty peck-necks like you that give owls a bad name!
    • He developed a kinship with fellow ill-tempered Scots-bird Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge has even offered to fund some of the Conductor's movies, should he ask for it (though, knowing Scrooge, he expects a rather small budget).
    • No one remembers how, but at some point after their ascension, the Conductor ran afoul of King Dedede. A few hurled insults at each other later, and the two considered each other enemies. DJ Grooves wasn't surprised; between both deities' short tempers and the fact that Dedede looked like a penguin (jury's still out on whether he actually is), he thought it was inevitable.
  • DJ Grooves gets along just fine with most fellow penguins, such as Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico. They've agreed to take bodyguard duty for him, should he ask for it. However, there is one penguin Grooves has become scared of after learning the truth about him: Orgalorg, an Eldritch Abomination in penguin's clothing.
    • He got along swimmingly with Miror B. Now, under B.'s tutelage, DJ Grooves is learning how to train Pokemon. He hasn't decided on a Pokemon of his own, but he's leaning toward one from the Piplup line...
    • He similarly hit it off with fellow "fabulous" personality Mettaton, and has agreed to let the robot star in one of his movies sometime. Perhaps a full collaboration is in the future?
    • One deity that Grooves is suspicious of is Spongebob Squarepants. The fact that the sponge toon won all but one Kids' Choice Award during his run reminds him too much of how the Conductor won all but one Annual Bird Movie Award before the Hat Kid came along. The moon penguin was once caught rifling through Spongebob's Kid's Choice Awards; he was apparently checking to see if they were legitimate. Results were inconclusive, anyway.
    • DJ Grooves was ecstatic to learn that his idol Elvis Presley was in the Pantheon. He also bonded with the rooster Chanticleer over their shared admiration of the King.
      • Through Chanticleer, DJ Grooves learned of a sinister owl; the Duke of Owls, in fact. Like the Conductor, he was appalled that this owl murdered a child for standing in the way of his goal to blot out the sun. The fact that he's despicable may be one of the few things that the Conductor and DJ Grooves can agree on.
    DJ Grooves: Darlin'. I'll admit I...MAY have tried to kill a little girl for not letting me have more awards — Maybe. I don't remember how that whole thing went down. — but that doesn't make what you did any less horrible!
  • Interestingly, another thing the dueling gods agree on is their intrigue with the Outlaw Star crew. Neither of them had been exposed to the idea of a space western before. Now that the seed of the idea has been planted, some deities say, perhaps it will blossom into something that can end the two bird directors' bitter rivalry... Tsunade even has a betting pool open where people can gamble on whether or not this will happen.
  • They've made two more mutual friends in the Heat Miser and Snow Miser. The Heat Miser prefers the Conductor's movies, while the Snow Miser prefers DJ Grooves' films. However, the Heat Miser sympathizes with DJ Grooves; he knows how it feels to be less loved by the public. In his case, it's because Snow Miser gets more attention and love due to being associated with Christmas — and by extension, Santa Claus — more.
  • They're mutually suspicious of the Mustache Girl. The last time they met her, she had the entire universe under a totalitarian rule. She doesn't seem...quite as nasty as she was then, but they're still rather distrustful of her. There are rumors floating around that she had tipped whoever won the 42nd award off about the power of the Time Pieces, and that's part of what motivated said winner to keep one from Hat Kid. None of them are saying anything, probably because they want to put that event behind them.
  • They were surprisingly happy to see the Snatcher ascend, befriending him when they helped Hat Kid fight Mustache Girl. Also helps that they both had ideas with how to portray him in their movies. For his part, the Snatcher is interested into see who can offer him the juicier script.

    Henry Cooldown 
Henry Cooldown, God of Duel Bosses (Henry, Mister Sir Henry Motherfucker)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cross Sword (pictured)
  • Theme Music: We Are Finally Cowboys
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Improbably designed but awesome beam katana, Separated-at-birth twin, Entering with a bang, Not bothering with the fourth wall, Impeccably dressed assassins, Boss fought one-on-one, sophisticated as fuck, Screwing with his brother
  • Domains: Duels, Bosses, Assassination
  • Allies: Raiden, Luke Skywalker, Lea, Switzerland, Dante, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Solid Snake, Squall Leonhart
  • Rivals: Travis Touchdown, Margaret Moonlight, Cloud Strife, Vergil Sparda
  • Enemies: Johan Liebert, Airy, Solidus Snake, Handsome Jack, Albert Wesker, Vanitas
  • Henry ascended not long after he had a long and epic duel with his brother Travis in the middle of the Pantheon. Several deities had attempted to stop the clash but both Travis and Henry rebuffed every interloper so that they could attempt to settle who was better once and for all. There was no clear winner, as they were both evenly matched, and Henry was granted his title.
  • Even though they are evenly matched and fought to a standstill he pretends to be much classier than Travis even despite being arguably worse than him. He just can't admit that his younger twin brother is his equal. Every time they cross paths a duel is sure to occur, and he even likes to go out of his way to pick fights with the Crownless King...
  • He has met and dueled Raiden and Lea, whom strangely enough sound just like him. He is very amused by this face and has gotten to know them, even befriending them to a degree. Even though they get along, they do still get into altercations from time to time.
  • He's extremely cautious of and wary of Airy, who reminds him of Mimmy. He does everything in his power to stay as far away from her as possible. Upon hearing about this, Travis began mocking him for it.
  • He has an odd relationship with the Sons of Sparda. While he can appreciate Dante's devotion to his trade and killing of things that deserve to die, he has more in common with Vergil as they are both the more cool and composed older twin brothers to their irrational and even irresponsible siblings. Vergil, of course, never allows himself to be compared to a lowly human. A shockingly long duel between the two ensued, which was interrupted when both Travis and Dante came across them, thus diverting their attention away from each other.
  • Handsome Jack grates on his nerves more than almost any other god in the Pantheon. This is because of just how petty and boastful the guy is, especially despite the fact that there are clearly superior people like himself. Henry is not only stronger than him but a much better fighter overall.
  • He once had a duel with the legendary Cloud Strife. Nobody knows why or when, but it ended in a sound defeat for Henry. When asked about it, all he will say is this.
    "It was a good fight, but some things are better left in the dark."
  • He holds Ezio in the highest possible regard, though he can't help but wonder how he can be such an effective assassin despite wearing a bright white cloak that would draw so much attention to him.
    "How does he blend in so well? He gets the job done, though."
  • He dislikes villains of the caliber of Johan Liebert, who tend to over-complicate things. Also, extremely silly looking killers like The Joker and Kefka are on his radar.
    "Look, it ain't happening. I've got fucking standards!"

    Juli and Juni 
Juli and Juni, Co-Deities of Dual Mini Bosses (The Twin Dolls)
  • Lesser Goddesses, Intermediate if they are fighting together
  • Symbol: The Shadaloo Winged Skull (formerly)
  • Theme Song: High-Tech
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil originally, currently being rehabilitated under Rose and Cammy
  • Portfolio: Brainwashed and Crazy, Former Members Of The Dolls, Their Combination Attacks Are The Psycho Roll And The Death Cross Dance, Both Were 16 When They Were Kidnapped, Fragile Speedsters, Nice Garrison Caps, Sexy Backless Outfits, Named After The Months In Their Respective Languages
  • Domains: Brainwashing, Assassination
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Billy Kane, Crimson Viper, Black Orchid
  • Enemies:
  • The last we have seen of Juli and Juni following the BLEECE incident is that Juli was reduced to a catatonic state while Juni had lost her memory. They are a special case, as Cammy and Rose believe they can be rehabilitated. In doing so, both Juli and Juni are allowed to ascend to the Pantheon so that Cammy and Rose can keep a close eye on the pair.
  • As a boon (and consequence) of their ascension, their free will has been restored...but the memories of what they had done under Bison's control are still with them. The Twin Dolls understand the risk that Cammy is taking, and promise not to disappoint her. But the road to recovery for both is going to be a long and painful one.
  • Upon hearing of Juli and Juni's ascension, Bison considered placing them back into the Doll Program, but scrapped that idea, as they both failed in their respective tasks (eliminate Cammy for Juli, defeat Ryu for Juni), which is why he has decided to cut his losses.
  • The Pantheon has many support groups designed to help the various deities with their past issues. One of them is operated by Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs for those who had suffered under some form of mind control and psychological trauma in the past. Juli and Juni both joined the support group, where they relate their own misdeeds under Bison's control. It is there they make some friends who share their own trauma.
  • Speaking of Cassie, Juli and Juni have also gotten the attention of her mother, Sonya Blade. Sonya can sympathize with the Twin Dolls, as she too had been corrupted alongside her daughter, ex-husband, and honorary niece. In Sonya and Johnny's case, they suffered the brainwashing twice, with Onaga being the first. She works alongside Rose and Cammy in their rehabilitation efforts.
  • Both girls have their demons to face, but none more so than Juni. As part of her initiation as a Doll, she was ordered to murder her own mother, a mission she completed without remorse. She finds a friend - as well as moral support - from Leona Heidern, who also slaughtered her own parents by means beyond her control.
  • If there was one thing that pisses both girls off more than Bison, it's Juri Han, as she single-handedly defeated the Dolls in the past and shipped off their unconscious bodies to S.I.N. to be used for research. They haven't forgotten that incident. Juri is more than willing to give them their rematch.
  • Due to his own past with the Twin Dolls, Ryu has been summoned to help in their rehabilitation. He has been tasked in teaching Juli and Juni meditation techniques at his temple when they are not in their support group or training with Cammy and Chun-Li.


"... ..."

Red, God of Dueling Player Characters (Pokémon Trainer)
Adult Red 


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