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An index for Slice of Life Anime and Manga.

For tropes commonly used in these works, see Japanese Media Tropes

  • A Channel: Slice of high school girl life. Best summed up by the end credits.
  • Aggressive Retsuko: Slice of office life starring an overworked and underappreciated red panda who vents her frustration by singing Death Metal karaoke.
  • Ai Shite Night: Love Triangle slice of life with Rock 'n' Roll occasionally thrown in.
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  • Ai-Ren: Slice of life After the End.
  • Amanchu!: Slice of scuba diving life.
  • Ano Ko ni Kisu to Shirayuri wo: Slice of Girls' Love life n°2, following two genius girls and a few others.
  • Ao no Flag: Slice of high school romance life where a group of teenagers deal with Unrequited Love and their last year of high school.
  • ARIA: Slice of Venetian terraformed Mars life. With Scenery Porn. Lots and lots of Scenery Porn.
  • Ashigei Shoujo Komurasan: A romance comedy about a high schoolboy meeting a flexible girl who does everything with her feet.
  • Assassination Classroom: Slice of Comedic Middle School life with weapons and assassination attempts.
    • Chapter 180.1 takes a break from the students' lives by showing what Koro-sensei does outside of his teaching duties — he's a slovenly bum at home who spends his time hoarding stuff, eating, betting on horse races and meditating in a room full of porn magazines.
  • Season 2 has a "slice of Groundhog Day life", or rather, eight of the same slice.

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