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"O, father dear, I dreamed last night a man sat on me bed
And I fear, when I awoke I could not find my maidenhead".
Fairport Convention, "Doctor of Physick"

There are beings who stalk the night, searching for a victim, a victim that could very easily be you. And when they find you, they won't eat you or tear you to shreds. Oh no, plenty of other monsters and demons have cornered the market on that. No, they will do something far more sinister. They will appear to you as a breathtakingly beautiful woman or handsome man.

And then they will have sex with you.

Not terrifying enough for you?

How about if sex was also their way of sucking out your soul/lifeforce, which will leave your body a dry husk, a literal Empty Shell?

Nowadays, these are generally referred to as incubus (always male) and succubus (always female). In actual folklore, these demons were not vampiric, had no need to feed, and were not particularly attractive, being sexual predators. The horrifying sensation of sleep paralysis, where you wake up and are unable to move, was known as ''incubus'' as late as Victorian times. (Not to be confused with the band of the same name. Or the Esperanto language horror movie.)


However, modern fiction writers don't want to use them like that, so typically, the baseline rules are:

  1. They have a supernatural sense of seduction.
  2. They must feed through sexual contact.
  3. They have to be incredibly attractive (or at least project that appearance to their victim).
  4. Usually of the equal-opportunity sort and, most times, your gender is of no importance to them, be they male, female, or other themselves.

Incubi and Succubi are almost always treated as a species or type of demons. Some stories actually make them a breed of vampires, since they function similarly (vampires feed on blood for sustenance, incubi/succubi feed on sex), but they are almost always evil. And you do not want to run into them. No matter how hot they are and how lonely you are.

In some legends, Satan Himself changed shape to be both incubus and succubus. See, Old Scratch wants kids but can't produce human seed, so he becomes a succubus, receives some sperm from a guy, turns into an incubus, and passes it on to a woman. How this transmits satanic genes is a question not addressed as the theory was invented before Mendel's time, never mind Rosalind Franklin's.


The offspring of said demons and a human are either demonic infiltrators of humanity or basically mortals with mysterious powers. The legendary Merlin is sometimes said to be the offspring of an incubus and a nun. Incidentally, the above mythology went a long way to explaining away pregnant nuns in the Middle Ages without destroying their virtues. Better to be seen as the victims of demonic rape than participants in consensual sex, one might suppose. (Admittedly, there were periods when people took a very dim view of violating vows of celibacy, if the vower weren't powerful or well-connected.) Several cases of actual rape in politically tricky circumstances also appeared to have been dealt with this way. Even more importantly, it explained why Merlin could use magic (which was satanic contrary to God's ordernote ), but still be one of the good guys.

The modern viewpoint, with its much more lenient view of sexually liberated women, tend to feature a far greater number of subversions on the classic interpretation than straight examples: most, especially in anime or Japanese games, tend to be a Cute Monster Girl/Reluctant Monster.

Succubi and incubi often have an Extreme Libido. Compare the literal Out with a Bang and the less direct Death by Sex. See also Vagina Dentata. For when the Main Man himself takes on a more, er, feminine role, check out Hot as Hell. If you're looking for characters with horny heads...on their shoulders, you want Horned Humanoids.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Berserk:
    • Slan of the Godhand is a sadomasochist who has a crush on Guts because she's Too Kinky to Torture, and, in one scene, tortures him while in sexual positions and voicing her pleasure.
    • The Apostle killed by Guts at the very beginning of the manga lures men into her embrace before turning into her Apostle form and eating them alive (such as Corkus during the Eclipse}.
    • Wyald, a hedonistic, card-carrying, but bloody stupid apostle will try to do any female in the vicinity, even during an intense battle, one way or another.
  • Mayu from Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun is the Cute Monster Girl type. Ironically, for a succubus, she has androphobia, which is a problem, considering her inability to control her powers, particularly when stressed. The possibility of Shungo dying from Mayu involuntarily draining his life is used to keep him from going too far with her. Her incubus brother is pretty good-natured, too. Mind control (of the opposite sex) is included in the power set.
  • The succubi in Interviews with Monster Girls is a mixture of folklore and Hollywood variants. While like in the folklores the succubi are not fed by sexual vampirism, but their seductive powers and beauty more aligns to the Hollywood type. As for who can be affected by their seductive powers, though, they are a bit unconventional: the power to induce Erotic Dream is equal-opportunity, while the rest of their seductive powers is dependent on sexual orientation. At any rate, Satou, the only succubus featured in the series, is a Reluctant Monster, and goes to great lengths to avoid seducing anyone.
  • KonoSuba has a group of succubi that runs a business. Rather than attacking people and feeding off of them by force, they offer a service where they give customers a dream of their choice at night. In exchange, they take a small amount of the customers' energy, which they claim isn't enough to interfere with their daily lives.
  • In My Balls, basically the entire cast save the protagonist and his human crush are horny devils, all trying to get him to ejaculate and release the Lord Of Destruction sealed in his left testicle.
  • One Piece has some fun with this when the skeletal pervert known as Brook ends up landing/crashing in the middle of a cult ceremony attempting to summon a demon to take revenge on their enemies. Hilarity Ensues...
  • Kurumu from Rosario + Vampire is also a Cute Monster Girl, but no androphobia. Before she joined Tsukune's Unwanted Harem and abandoned her Jerkass ways, she was a Femme Fatale, actively seducing the school. Kurumu can create illusions and sprout wings and a tail, all of which come in handy on a few occasions.
  • Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle: There is at least one succubus, but they don't feed with sex, per se. They feed on human vitality and survive by being popular.
  • Yuuutsu-kun to Succubus-san: Sakuma is a succubus. The series opens with her trying to seduce Yuu so she can drain his life energy. His depression and subsequent lack of sexual urges put that plan to an end, prompting her to start taking care of Yuu and improve his condition so she can do her thing later. Fortunately, she doesn't need to devour life force to survive, but it is preferred. She describes the act as feeling like she's wringing three hundred million lives out of her victim, adding "like a bunch of tadpoles."

    Comic Books 
  • French comic artist François Marcela-Froideval has the hots for succubi (who doesn't?). They appear in many of his comic series, including Six Six Six, Les Chroniques de la Lune Noire (Black Moon Chronicles), and the aptly-titled Succubus.
  • Gold Digger has the Rakshasa act this way, partially by necessity. As Shapeshifting demons that drain magic energy, they have to physically exhaust their prey to feed (the process tickles, and wiggling prey can't be drained). This can be done through combat or...well, you know...
  • A stylized interpretation of leanan sídhe appears in both series of Matt Wagner's Mage epics as fey versions of blood-drinking vampires to which men (but not women) are defenseless.
  • Omario in MBQ draws a comic story where cliched manga heroes are defeated by a horny devil from space. The stock schoolgirl gets the life sucked out of her by the devil.
  • Satana, Daimon Hellstrom's brother is the Devil's daughter in Marvel Comics, and a succubus who feeds on human souls.
  • XXXenophile Presents:
    • It had two installments of the erotic story of an incubus who is thoroughly benign, happily married to a human woman, and went public as an intellectual author to present an alternative view of Hell and its occupants. As such, sex with him is completely harmless and, as such, he is continually pestered by the neighboring women in his suburb. Even though he often gives in and indulges them, his wife has no problem with it, considering he never neglects her desires either.
    • In a different chapter, a demoness who is tied to a particular family attempts to interfere with a pair of newlyweds (one of whom is from the family in question), hoping to prevent them from ever consummating their marriage and siring an heir...but the demoness is 1. somewhat backward (she is rather surprised by the concepts of both birth control and sex before marriage) and 2. extremely pent-up (her entire existence is based around interrupting sex, so she's got years of "dirty thoughts" built up in her head). The couple invites her to join in the wedding night, and she quite happily agrees.
    • Another one appears in "Demonstration of Affection", where she screws (both literally and metaphorically) with a human sorcerer stupid enough to send himself to hell in search of power, before returning him to Earth with his soul intact.

    Fan Fiction 
  • Contract ( link), a Kingdom Hearts fanfic has Ventus turned into a Chew Toy, when Vanitas shows up about halfway through and offers to make a contract with him to buy his soul. Vanitas shows up again after a little while and restates his offer. Ven accepts. The story is rated M. Figure out what happens from there.
  • In Bleach's Devils Smile ( link), powerful demons portrayed in this story enjoyed sucking out the reiatsu from souls because, to them, there was nothing more exhilarating than feeding on a pure soul. Though no actual sex occurs, the demon pinned his helpless victim against the wall, nuzzling against his victim's neck, which the victim saw as "sensual and violating". When the process began, the victim weakly protested and soon screamed in agony, eventually passing out. When the victim woke up, the demon was still there, remarking how it was "most enjoyable to feast on you".
  • The Gift ( link) has an interesting twist. When Shinji experiments with the Lexicon and summons Urd, one of her first acts in this realm is to turn every single Rei clone (yes, that Rei) into a succubus (they even hack SELEE's account dry to get all the money they'd need). Problem is, they can't reach their full potential until they taste lust for the first time - and they already have a target...
    Rei: I have it on good authority that he is becoming more interested in female-male interaction. That he is interested in pursuing a physical relation with several women I have met.
    Gendo: The boy is likely guilty and using my money to procure pornography as he works the courage up to hire his first prostitute. You are permitted to use any action necessary to get a confession. Any means necessary, do you hear me?
    Rei: Then I will engage him in as many acts of fornication and lust as possible to get him to confess his wishes. He will be not know what happened until he is a mass of putty in my hand sir.
    Fuyutsuki: ...wait, what? You're going to do WHAT?!
    Rei: I will engage in sexual acts of many diverse manners in an effort to expunge the data from Pilot Ikari. With his limited interaction with women, I am sure it will not take long for him to become a slave to my touch. Once he is in hand, I will get the information form him as requested.
    Gendo: Ayanami? (Rei summons a mental image of Gendo and Fuyutsuki getting it on, leaving the two retching and her free to leave)
  • Crowley of Good Omens often gets mistaken for an incubus in fic.
  • The appropriately named Horny Lil Devils applies this to the entire cast of Kim Possible. Very much a Crack Fic, the warning posted at the beginning says it all:
    The following is the work of a smartass. It ignores canon, popular ships, character integrity, and decency in general. If you are uptight, humorless, boring, or have control issues, then you're probably better off not reading this.
  • In Lies On, ( link), a Death Note fanfic, Light becomes an incubus and ensnares L with his demonic powers.
  • Mixed Company ( link), an Hetalia: Axis Powers oneshot, has Canada as a reluctant cambion (offspring of an incubus and human woman) who hasn't been "eating" for some time and struggles to not give in to eating his friend, America.
  • In Nobody Dies, Lilith turned out to be this. She's not only the source of all life on Earth, her Anti-AT Field has a rather interesting effect on nearby humans. When Shinji and Asuka were going down to Terminal Dogma, they were barely halfway and already tearing the plugsuits off each other. And the Ree inherited this trait. To sum up Lilith and the Ree in their own words: "Babies. BabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesbabiesBABIES!"
    Yui: Lilith is life. Pure life. Being around Lilith makes you wish to fulfill Her desires, and what She desires is more life. Be fruitful and multiply, basically. Gendo and I found Lilith when GEHRIN traced the resonance. We were trapped in the chamber for two hours.
    Misato: Shall I guess what happened nine months later?
    (Yui smiles)
  • The protagonists of The Return are a brood (and eventually three broods) of Friendly Neighbourhood Succubae.
  • A few appear in the Shadowchasers Series:
    • In Shadowchasers: Ascension Dante meets up with two. Early in the fic, he fights an erinyes named Castalla ("erinyes" being the lawful equivalent of a succubus in this continuity). While he easily avoids her attempts to seduce him, he later nearly succumbs to her far-more tempting mother, Novalar, one of the Big Bad's Co-Dragons.
    • In Shadowchasers: Backwater, there's Tsuki, a succubus who is an Ascended Demon, a long ordeal at the hands of a cruel wizard who summoned her, followed by the kindness of a charity worker, leading to a Heel–Face Turn.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfic The Ultimate Evil, conversations between Shendu and Valerie Payne make it clear that the draconic Demon Sorcerer kept concubines prior to his imprisonment. Conversations with Shendu's demon siblings in the Netherworld imply that they also had concubine harems when they were on Earth.

  • Beetlejuice features a whorehouse full of "horny devils" when the titular ghost remarks he's feeling a bit "anxious". They appear only briefly.
  • The 2007 Beowulf portrays Grendel's mother as one of these. With high-heeled feet.
  • In the film Conan the Barbarian (1982), Conan has sex with a succubus. Although it could be said she was a witch or sorceress instead. In any case, she starts changing into something not human during the act, thoroughly spooking out Conan, who throws her into the fire. She somehow escapes, with a disembodied cackling, and Conan can only mutter "Crom..." Much of this film is a mishmash of scenes and characters from various Robert Howard stories (Thulsa Doom is an antagonist in the Kull stories, Valaria is a character from "Red Nails", but returned from the dead like Belit from "Queen of the Black Coast"). This particular bit is from "Worms of the Earth", a Bran Mak Morn story in which the woman was the offspring of a woman raped by a "worm". She forces Bran to have sex with her in exchange for information.
  • Erotic Ghost Story has one attacking three vixen spirits, because one of them thought he was cute. It's surprisingly watchable, even when the neighbour starts coughing up cherry seeds.
  • The film Grim Prairie Tales features a story about a man who meets a young pregnant woman on the lonely plains. They talk, get to know one another, and eventually curl up by the fire. The man is awakened in the night by the woman, no longer pregnant, achingly beautiful, and begging for sex. He goes to work, only to be sucked into her stomach through the vagina, making her pregnant once again as she begins to digest him.
  • Halloween (2018): Oscar is dressed as a devil for Halloween and he is horny for most of the night, grinding with girls on the dance floor and later trying to kiss a girl he likes.
  • Idle Hands: Tanya wears a devil costume to the school dance, and makes out with Phub for a while.
  • The Incubus is about the eponymous being raping and killing women in a small town. The driving force of the plot is finding out why.
  • The film Jennifer's Body has Megan Fox playing a demon-possessed cheerleader who seduces her male classmates, then eats them.
  • Lifeforce: The female space "vampire" seduces human men to eat their souls, who in turn become quasi-zombies that further spread the disease.
  • Rape, or at least borderline sexual assault, seems to the preferred method of infecting others utilized by the possessed in Night of the Demons (1988). Angela, the main demoness, is very good at it.
  • In the Mockbuster film Paranormal Entity, the entity in question is of this type, and targets the sister of the main character.
  • In Rosemary's Baby, the Devil is the reason why Rosemary had her baby...
  • Clive Barker's Saint Sinner had two succubus sisters as the main villains. Barker's involvement should tell you that they weren't traditionally attractive. There was also the spine-sucking to consider.
  • In the Sci-Fi Channel original Soulkeeper, there is a brothel full of these. Explained as damned souls in prostitute bodies, they otherwise appear to embody all the stereotypical succubus traits, and even transform into large demonic forms at various points.
  • The Witches of Eastwick: Daryl van Horne. Just your basic horny little devil.
  • "Amateur Night" in the Found Footage horror anthology V/H/S. Three college guys pick up a cute girl and take her to a hotel room, planning to secretly video events as amateur porn. In the middle of sex she morphs into a Humanoid Abomination with fangs and a gaping maw down the middle of her face. The youth wearing the glasses-cam flees down the fire escape but trips and is caught by the demon who tries to fellate him. Needless to say he's too terrified to respond. Distraught over this perceived rejection, she first weeps in a Corner of Woe then starts growling in rage, morphing into a One-Winged Angel that swoops him up into the air as he flees across the car park.

  • Anita Blake:
    • Though technically not a demon herself, recent novels changed the titular character's power structure to this; originally only being a small-time witch and big-time Necromancer, her powers have stretched to unknown limits. She requires several bouts of sex each day to replenish her magic reserves and unlock new powers, and it's almost impossible for you to resist her if she's determined to get it, in a couple of different ways, evidently.
    • Jean-Claude, and the others of Belle Morte's line, function as incubi/succubi, though they are no longer called such.
  • In The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, succubi and incubi form picket-lines to protest Angel City's vice laws.
  • The Cassandra Palmer series features incubus, a type of lower level demon. Incubus are usually vain, self-centered individuals who posses people in order to interact in the human world. They feed off the life energy of mortals, which they usually get from sexual intercourse.
  • Colt Regan has Succubi and Incubi as generally nice and productive members of society.
  • Parodied in the Discworld story Faust Eric, where we hear of a lonely old demonologist who wanted to conjure up a succubus but only ever managed a Neuralgia, "A demon what comes and has a headache at you," as the talking parrot puts it.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • They are a type of vampire: the White Court feeds on lust through sex instead of the blood-drinking of the Red and Black Courts (and some feed on other emotions, such as fear). Instead of suffering from the standard vampire Kryptonite Factor, The Power of Love is their holy water, and they feel pain if they even touch someone who is in True Love (even if the person they're in love with is the vampire). They're all Even the Guys Want Him/Even the Girls Want Her-level hot, thought this actually seems to be the literal Most Common Superpower in the Dresdenverse. The Dresden Files being what it is, though, they aren't all evil, and one, Thomas Raith, is one of the main characters.
    • The White Court have used their supernatural mojo to take control of the adult film industry and make themselves an absolutely ridiculous amount of money. It's also stated they've done such things in order to enable their own feeding patterns — Blood Rites features the White King himself backing the work of an "entropy curse" on a porn production, as the director was striking out into porn that focused on intimacy and more realistic body types rather than hardcore and unattainable perfection.
    • On a more traditional note, the Denarian-form of Rosanna takes on the traditional look of a succubus: beautiful, batwinged, and clearly demonic. While she doesn't draw energy or anything from tempting mortals, she is still a master at using her coercive abilities to tempt other mortals, often to open them up to the Denarians' temptations or keep existing Denarians under control.
  • Ajulutsikael, a succubus, is one of the main characters of Mike Carey's Felix Castor books - something of a subversion insofar as she settles down with a nice girl early on in her attempt to go native among the mortals.
  • Forgotten Realms series summon these surprisingly rarely.
    • The Drizzt Do'Urden novels generally stay away from the more sensual fiends (see below). However, during Wulfgar's years-long imprisonment in the Abyss, he was raped several times by succubi, who would sometimes have children by him — who were then eaten alive by his captor while he was forced to watch. Now that is Chaotic Evil.
    • Speaking of Drow, there is a disturbing subversion involving priestesses of Lolth and powerful Glabrezu demons (which aren't humanoid and can't shapeshift) to show their devotion to the goddess. Every priestess goes through the ritual as part of initiation, and rarely it results in a powerful half-fiend called a Draegloth, considered sacred to Lolthites and a sign of favor from the goddess. As if it wasn't already clear Lolth is batshit insane.
    • In the Starlight And Shadows trilogy, one drow priestess met an incubus after being thrown into Abyss. He was too impatient and she had a snake whip, so Hilarity Ensues.
    • In War of the Spider Queen (and The Empyrean Odyssey), one of the few likeable characters is Aliisza, Alu-fiend wizard, who quickly seduced one of the drow. She didn't show any worse traits than being possessive without intending to be faithful in turn.
  • The novel If I Pay Thee Not In Gold has the seed passing type. In addition, the character is both succubus and incubus, but can only switch by having sex.
  • Immortals After Dark: A succubus and incubus are the female and male members of the Ubus species respectively. Ubus feed through the process of sex and live in their own dimensional plane which is connected to Earth via a portal in the woods of murk in Scotland. Ubus have the power to overwhelm people with sexual desire or use venom to take control of their partner. They're usually a peaceful race and loyal to their mates but those that are on earth tend to be violent rapists or monsters since exiled criminals of the Ubus were sent to Earth as punishment. This meant that most other immortals on Earth think Ubus are a bloodthirsty Always Chaotic Evil race.
  • The webfiction Kumiko The Demon Girl featured a demon who looks like the classic succubus as the Magical Girlfriend of the main character. Demons in this world feed by ripping out the souls of their targets and consuming them (killing the subject in question), but Kumiko decides to allow Ken (the protagonist) the chance to at least not die a virgin and finds that sex is not only enjoyable, but allows her to consume his soul in smaller chunks.
  • Neil Gaiman uses this theme a few times:
    • Lamia the Velvet from Neverwhere is a classic succubus. She seems sweet, until she kisses the main character and he begins to turn into an icicle.
    • There's what happened in American Gods.
    • Something like a succubus also appears in one of his short stories. A woman has sex with a male prostitute, who appears to have minor psychic abilities, and steals his powers and his memories.
  • Once by James Herbert is a British horror/fantasy story which features a man dreaming about being fellated, only to wake up to see a succubus at the end of his bed, stealing his semen for use in an evil ritual.
  • In Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos, Our Hero goes on his honeymoon, which is interrupted by an incubus/succubus pretending to be a brother/sister pair (only one demon). The Power of Love triumphs in the end (and the fact that Our Hero is a werewolf).
  • In L. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero's Daughter trilogy, one of the Three Shadowed Ones is an incubus.
  • Simon R. Green has used succubi in more than one series.
    • Forest Kingdom: In the Hawk & Fisher spinoff series' book 1, the sorcerer Gaunt keeps a succubus bound in a magic circle as a companion. He admits that she's a source of pleasure and also for much of his power, and she's the one who carried out the Devil's Hook massacre, single-handedly destroying the gangs that controlled the area. She's also capable of generating fire.
    • Nightside:
      • Hex and the City: The succubus Pretty Poison provides backup for John Taylor on an investigation. Succubi are depicted here are demons who feed off lust and help tempt humans into damnation. Their appearance changes depending on the sexual preferences of whoever is looking at them. In their true form though they are monstrous-looking demons.
      • The Unnatural Inquirer: The reporter Bettie Devine is a Half-Human Hybrid whose mother was a succubus who apparently seduced a member of the Rolling Stones and got pregnant with her as a result. Betty appears as beautiful woman with a short skirt and devil horns.
  • Succubus Blues and sequels are an Urban Fantasy series that follows Georgina, a 2000-something year old succubus who works for the devil and hates her job. The primary function of her powers is to corrupt souls, and, to that end, she can feed off of mortals' life energy; the purer of spirit, the more energy she gains and he loses. When sleeping with her Jerkass boss, he only gets a little tired, but in the denouement of the first book, she almost kills a man just by kissing him. Possibly, he actually died and was revived. She only has shapeshifting and glamour by way of superpowers, though.
  • In one of Tais Teng's novels, the main character curses her teacher to be visited by a demon known as the Lady with the Long Tongue. When this demon appears to him that night, she is described as the distilled essence of all his lustful fantasies, the perfect sexual being he has dreamt of and desired since his teenage years - until she opens her mouth.
    "He stayed away from school for several months. When he finally returned, he was marked with sudden age, a grey shape that hunched and shuffled and left too many lights on at night."
  • Mack the half-demon from Tales of MU is widely speculated to have been fathered by an incubus (and, by extension, to be half-succubus herself, though she feeds on virgin blood rather than sex).
  • The Dark Tower:
    • It features "demons" of both sexes, typically tied down to stone circles. With strong enough will, copulation can be a bargaining chip.
    • It also portrays one of the rarer examples up above: the same demon takes Roland's seed in one book, and impregnates Susannah with it in another.
  • The InCryptid series features incubi and succubi who are the male and female members of the Lilu species respectively. The Lilu have the ability to release pheromones through their sweat and other bodily fluids which allow them to control the sexual responses of thoose around them and hence cause people around them to become aroused and sexually attracted to them.
  • The Laundry Files: The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross features Ramona Random, an agent of the Black Chamber with a succubus bound to her. As the series is a mathematical take on the Cthulhu Mythos, however, this succubus is "merely" an extradimensional demonic intelligence bound to a person's soul (an unbound incubus is used in an earlier book to lure in a professor by posing as her ex). Ramona's got the bum end of the deal; the succubus eats the souls of whoever she sleeps with, and if she doesn't feed it, it eats hers. This causes problems when one of her victims dies of a heart attack before the moment of climax.
  • The Possessed in The Night's Dawn Trilogy engage in a lot of sex once they've taken over a human body, though, in this case, it's because they've been deprived of sensation for so long.
  • The Salvation War: Subverted in Armageddon??? chapter 76, where it's long since been discovered that succubi just operate using telepathy and pheromones... leaving them perfectly vulnerable once countermeasures such as air filtration against the pheromones are used. Instead of getting her way, the succubus Lugasharmanaska is unpleasantly surprised when President George W. Bush actually uses the infamous "with us or against us" line on her, revealing that "we" knew all along about her attempts to play Earth against Hell and vice versa, and only let her do so as long as it suited "them"... before separately showing the queen of the succubi that he's as immune to her, too.
  • In the short story They Only Come In Dreams, a man in the modern day is visited by a succubus. She tells him how her kind isn't doing so well nowadays thanks to there being less virgins, but they're learning to adapt. Despite her telling him that the act will do him no harm and she'll just feed on the energy that the sex will release, the man is so uptight that he ends up refusing her. Shocked, she vanishes, but not before smiling and echoing how their kind has learned to adapt. He then tries to go back to sleep... only now, there's an incubus in his bed. And the horrified way in which the final paragraph is written implies this one's not going to take no for an answer...
  • Whateley Universe: Sara is one of these, being a demon of Lust, and builds up quite a harem (being a lesbian), though she makes sure that they really do love her first, rather than use her pheremones.
  • The Gancanagh in Wicked Lovely, whilst being Fae rather than demon, are basically incubi. One of them, Niall, is a Reluctant Monster on account of this. They are unnaturally alluring, and their touch is addictive and, eventually, fatal.
  • One of The Witcher novels mentioned a blonde succubus, whom local ladies wanted dead, local gentlemen wanted alive (arguing that she visits only healthy people, no one's died, no problem), and neither Geralt nor the local sorceress is seriously bothered about. She ceased her "visits" for a while, apparently in awe of Geralt's reputation, though (or simply because of being too..."distracted" by a passing vampire).

    Live Action TV 
  • Being Human (UK): Succubi are a rare type of supernatural creature, with only one example, Yvonne, appearing in the entire series. They are Human Demon Hybrids born from a human and a demon, and look almost entirely human, but any male they touch will instantly seem to fall in love with them, and they inflict Out with a Bang on any human they have intercourse with.
  • An incubus Latin Lover appears in one episode of Blood Ties (2007).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Giles specifically mentioned that succubi and incubi should be drawn to the Hellmouth when he was explaining it in the first season, but, oddly, we never see any.
    • Shortly after her introduction, Tara sneakily disrupted a "locate demons" spell Willow was casting, which led to months of online speculation that she might be a succubus. She's human, though. (She just thought she wasn't.)
    • The preying mantis lady in the episode "Teacher's Pet" could be considered a sort of succubus.
    • In a different variation of this trope, there was an episode about a frat house haunted by the imprinted sexual desires of adolescents repressed over time by a Christian fundamentalist who lived in the house before the frat took up residence.
  • One appears in Charmed in the episode "She's a Man, Baby, a Man!" and Prue changes into a man to lure her.
  • An incubus shows up in one episode of the now-canceled live-action adaptation of The Dresden Files. This incubus (a proper demon in the TV show's mythology) was using women to try and create a "son" for himself. The incubus can control women with a touch, similar to the Dungeons and Dragons version of the succubus. This particular incubus forces another private eye (played by Claudia Black!) to murder Harry (or, at least, try to murder Harry, who uses his magic to save himself).
  • The Gates had Andie, a sympathetic succubus.
  • Not a succubus or incubus, but Barney, dressed a devil, used "I'm a horny devil!" as a pickup line in How I Met Your Mother during a Halloween Episode. (For the record, it didn't work.)
  • The Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode "Demon in Lace" had a succubus as a spirit that would possess the bodies of beautiful, recently dead women and would drain the lifeforce out of men.
  • The main character of Lost Girl is a succubus who discovers this by accident when she kills her boyfriend the first time she has sex by draining the life from him. She's only able to sleep with supernatural creatures because they can survive it, but can "feed" by taking a little bit of energy from normal humans. Later on, she learns how to use her powers for good by giving life energy back to those near-death, saving their lives.
  • In The Middleman, fashion mogul Roxy Wasserman and her staff are all reformed succubi and incubi.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In the episode "Caught in the Act", an alien parasite causes a chaste college girl to become a hypersexual life-sucking succubus who swings both ways.
  • Marleena in Reaper. She's one of the good demons, or, at least, one of the demons trying to be good.
  • A succubus appears in episode 5 of the third series of Sea Of Souls, where she starts dating one of the team. She ends up pregnant with his baby. Even if it was ever going to brought up again, it's now an Aborted Arc.
  • Though not actually a demon, the shapeshifting/illusionist salt vampire in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Man Trap" uses seduction, appearing as someone's "ideal lover", as its most reliable trick.
  • Star Trek: Voyager episode "Favorite Son". Harry Kim is lured to stay on a planet with beautiful women who want to mate with him - a process that will kill him by draining his Life Energy.
  • The alien in the Torchwood episode "Day One" has all the markings of a traditional succubus, though as it gets more desperate, it seems to trade seduction for violent rape.
  • Twin Peaks. BOB is roughly an incubus who feeds on fear and pain, so the more traumatic the experience, the better.
  • The X-Files: In "Avatar", when a murdered prostitute is found in AD Skinner's bed, Mulder speculates a succubus may be involved, as she sometimes kills female rivals. However, the exact nature of the supernatural woman who appears to be watching over Skinner is not established; the trope is further subverted in that she is portrayed as middle-aged, rather than as a young, beautiful seductress.


  • Incubus (male) and succubus (female) are demons who feed on the life-force of human beings of the opposite sex. Some sources say that they are one and the same, taking the form of both genders. Those names literally translate as "one who lies on top or in (masculine form)", "one who lies below (masculine form)", "one who lies on top or in (feminine form)", and "one who lies below (feminine form)", respectively. Maybe it's a reference to their preferred sex position?
  • Lilith of ancient Mesopotamian/Jewish mythology, who went on to mother an entire race of demons.
    • The Mesopotamian Lilu and Lilitu were not a single entity but a whole family. Not all of them were horny devils, but Gilgamesh was directly descended from one of the many who were.
    • The Jewish Lilith started out as a baby-eating rape demon and enemy of mankind who took advantage of Adam after he was kicked out of Eden. Later, medieval legends changed her into the first woman, who Adam kicked out of Eden because she refused to let him be on top... interesting, considering the aforementioned etymology of "succubus" and "incubus".
  • The Orang-Minyak of Malaysian Mythology, a man covered in black oil who rapes sleeping women.
  • Myths of this sort emerged in multiple monogamous societies where one gender (usually, men) traveled while the other saw to the homestead (say, fishers, traders, or trade-farmers who lived distant to market). Tales of attractive female vampires that prey on unwary travelers were (are!) perpetuated to keep the errant men from cheating on their wives.
  • The Zburator (flyer) of Romanian folklore and folklore inspired literature is often described as a young man with demonic features (sometimes a shapeshifter, who's true form is a dragon of some kind, or a vampire like being), who visits adolescent girls in their dreams.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Around the late 90s/early turn of the century, Terri Runnels began referring to herself as a she-devil, and doing a taunt where she'd put her index fingers behind her head like devil horns. Cue Jerry Lawler calling her a "Horny Little She-Devil".
  • Priscilla Kelly was initially a sexually curious young woman from a strict household, but in FIP and EVOLVE she became "Hell's Favorite Harlot", a seductress who specializes in luring, dominating, corrupting men, and disturbing their women. FIP and EVOLVE are fairly "realistic" promotion and Kelly's "fame" prior to wrestling came from a reality television show, making her sudden succubus gimmick stand out that much more.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Changeling: The Lost has Incubi in general as creatures that dart about human dreams, but Succubi, in particular, fill this role, taking on the form of human desire. In another reference to old myth, a woman who receives the very special attentions of a succubus may become pregnant with a cambion. Likewise, there's the incubus/succubus (depends on gender) Kith of changeling, which has an easy time dealing with lustful humans.
  • The Dark Eye: Laaranim demons can turn themselves into whatever form their target considers most seductive and attractive. They specialize in slowly seducing, corrupting and maddening mortals, and are usually summoned as spies and infiltrators, or to seduce, corrupt or enslave political enemies. In their true form, however, they're coal-skinned, warty, neckless, perpetually drooling horrors. A variant exists in the form of thaz-laraanim, who only manifest in erotic dreams.
  • Demon: The Fallen has the Defilers, who originally made the seas and gave humanity the gifts of passion and desire. This went badly at the Fall, as God then cursed mankind to be lost in the pleasures granted by the Defilers to the point where they could not learn what the angels wished to teach them. They have access to the Lore of Longing, which grants them the ability to instill inspiration, desire, and obsession in humans.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • Succubi are a long-established type of evil outsider, but which type has varied from edition to edition. Through 3rd Edition, succubi were Chaotic Evil demons who used their shapeshifting abilities and supernatural charm to tempt mortals into evil acts, or lure them in close enough to drain their vitality with a kiss or "act of passion." 3.5th Edition added lilitus as an evolved form of succubi that, rather than seducing individual mortals, used their powers and charisma to infiltrate religious organizations and corrupt them into demon worship. 4th Edition reshuffled the alignments and monster rosters so that succubi, as more human-looking fiends, were reclassified as devils, specifically as Angels of Love who had foolishly sided with Asmodeus in hopes of gaining the freedom to spread love freely. As detailed in an "Ecology of the Succubus" article in Dragon, succubi's life-draining kiss is the result of a spiritual void where their love once was, but succubi are also the devilish breed most likely to turn their backs on the Hells and seek redemption. As of 5th Edition, succubi are Neutral Evil, generic Fiends that can be found throughout the Lower Planes among both devils and demons.
      • On the topic of incubi, a 3.5th Edition issue of Dragon portrayed them as shark-toothed men with rat-like tails, jet black eyes, horns like an antelope, and cloven feet, the embodiment of "masculine sexual evil" that exist to rape and kill Anything That Moves. 5th Edition clarifies instead that incubi and succubi are the same breed of fiend, which can assume whatever sex and gender they think will appeal to a victim.
      • In the Ravenloft setting, an incubus known as the Gentleman Caller is one of the setting's worst Big Bad villains, beguiling numerous female NPCs over the years, and fathering enough half-fiend offspring with high-ranking women to destabilize or corrupt more than one domain's political system.
      • Planescape mentions alu-fiends, half-succubi who have inherited weaker versions of their mothers' powers. Not all of them are Chaotic Evil like their mothers, but they count as a "demonic" race of lesser tanar'ri rather than tieflings.
    • The Lawful Evil devils have erinyes, who started as the baatezu's equivalent to succubi, but even in early editions they differentiated themselves by using their good looks as part of a larger plot to spread tyranny rather than simply tempting a mortal into bed and draining their soul away. Around 3rd Edition they were reimagined as a darkly beautiful breed of all-female Fallen Angels, unique among devils for being born to an erinyes parent rather than converted from a tortured mortal soul shell, and the subject of admiration, jealousy and lust from their fellow baatezu. 3.5th Edition introduced brachinas, erinyes that were promoted to an even more beautiful form to use to tempt mortal clerics and paladins into evil, made easier by their beguiling abilities and a contact poison that weakened victims' Wisdom and therefore Will saves. Since 4th Edition classified succubi as devils and introduced the notion of non-good angels, erinyes were recast as Hell's tormenters, charged with pursuing and punishing mortals who broke infernal contracts, similar to their role in Greek mythology. As of 5th Edition, erinyes are elite devlish soldiers (with a Challenge Rating of 12 compared to a succubus/incubus' 4), still strikingly beautiful, but without any shapeshifting or seductive abilities whatsoever, and no longer exclusively female.
  • Neomah from Exalted are nice enough not to take your soul...just a bit of your flesh, which they'll fuse with other people's flesh to make a Mix and Match baby. They also provide services other than sex - for instance, they can make babies for biologically incompatible couples.
  • Infernum, a game that uses the D20 system, both plays this trope straight and subverts it. Malcubi (the gender neutral plural term - incubus is the male singular, succubus the female single) resemble gorgeous human beings of the appropriate sex, and were created as an alternative way to breed demons (the default is dissolving a living demon in an alchemical pit, known as a Spawning Pit, with its organs mutating into maggot-things that will mature into full demons after about 6 months) and quickly shifted to being prostitutes for the creators of the demon breeds. However, they have no innate ability to harm their lovers through physical contact (beyond their claws); their racial powers consist of preternatural charm, bat-like wings to let them fly, mind control, and entering the minds of dreamers. It's played straight, however, with the Chain of Lust collection of mutations. This set of four powers allows the demon to befuddle the minds of others, and culminates in the Succubus Kiss, which lets the demon drain energy from others with a touch. The Chain of Lust, however, is a Common mutation and can thus be taken by any of the nine breeds...which includes Artificers (dwarfish things with exoskeletons of steel), Beasts (which look like demonic Furries at best and Eldritch Abominations at worst), and Imps. There are also two Houses (essentially countries, in political terms) devoted to this trope; Astyanath are Cenobite-style worshippers of pain, while Riethii are more traditional hedonists.
  • Andrealphus' demons in In Nomine Satanis and its English adaptation, In Nomine. Interestingly, Eli's angels in In Nomine can also power up by having sex. Also, all Impudites can suck out your soul from any friendly contact, including sex.
  • The small-press urban horror RPG Night Life has Daemons as lifeforce-draining Horny Devil player characters, as well as NPC succubi and incubi.
  • Pathfinder retains the traditional demonic Succubi, who are "formed from the souls of particularly lustful and rapacious evil mortals".
    • Erinyes also appear on the devil's side, but have lost this angle, instead adhering to their mythological inspiration as pursuers of vengeance and bloody justice. The bestiary specifically notes that they lack the subtlety and patience to be seducers. The first "Book of the Damned" notes that they detest mortals and the closest they come to such intimacies is letting those beguiled by their beauty approach before attacking them.
    • The divs have their own take on this with the Pairaka, who embodies "the corruptive nature of unbridled lust". As a result, they are not only beautiful and seductive fiends, but also Plague Masters, who infect those who succumb to their charms with diseases like the shakes and bubonic plague.
    • The daemonic equivalent of the succubus, introduced in the third Book of the Damned sourcebook, is the Erodaemon, who embodies death by heartbreak. They approach mortals and insinuate themselves into their victim's life, and then bring their victim's life crashing down around them, until they are so overwhelmed by grief that they kill themselves. They break apart marriages, kill children or cause them to leave their families, destroy reputations, extinguish faith, curdle family ties, and bit by bit savor the slow disintegration of their victims’ emotional well-being and consequent physical deterioration.
    • In 3rd Edition, whilst succubi can take male or female form as they desired, incubi exist and are treated as an entirely separate race of fiends. Specifically, they're succubi who followed the Archdevil Graz'zt into the Abyss and were mutated from Devils into Demons. While succubi are seductresses, incubi are rapists and much more combat-focused, replacing Charm Person with far nastier critical hits and the ability to induce crushing despair. 4E Incubi are still fairly manipulative, but much more focused on destruction, corruption and predation. They have the unique ability to assume the forms of beasts as well as mortals, and to invade dreams, which they use to torment, corrupt and slaughter mortal victims. Interestingly, 4E incubi aren't explicitly gendered, suggesting that just as you can have "male succubi", you can also have "female incubi".
  • The first edition of the Vampire: The Masquerade supplement entitled A World of Darkness (published 1992) includes a type of being called a Hengeyokai Cat that is based on Japanese legends, specifically, the animal form of Youkai. These beings are born feline but can take any human form, and seduce humans for their Ki or life force.
  • Vampire: The Requiem:
    • Although not devils (or demons) by definition, the vampires from the Daeva clan are (fitly) nicknamed Succubi by others. They are awfully sexy, have the power to bedazzle people, and, even though they don't need to feed through sexual intercourse, they do blend hunger and lust together. Some theories say that they are descendents of a succubus sex GODDESS, Ishtar.
    • The sourcebook Chicago By Night featured, among its countless characters, a succubus who survived on sex. In this interpretation, she didn't necessarily suck the blood or souls of her victims so much as kill them by sheer exhaustion. This was a version before the White Wolf series expanded beyond its Vampire milieu, so she may have picked up some more definitive game rules since then.
  • Subverted in Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 with the Daemonettes of Slaanesh, as, while they feed on emotions and sensations, it can be any emotion or sensation, and they don't distinguish between incapacitating their opponents with extreme pleasure or extreme pain.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Used as inspiration for a few cards:

    Video Games 
  • Castlevania uses them both as regular monsters in several games and as named bosses with flirty energy-draining attacks in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, and the PSP remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. The last one is the hero's girlfriend, if you fail to save her.
    • The games with female protagonists are...interesting about it. In Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, succubi-type monsters yell "You filthy cow!" when Charlotte gets in range (as opposed to declaring "I'll play with you!" to Jonathan). In Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, on the other hand, they all call Shanoa "cute little kitty"...
    • Carmilla's servant Laura from Rondo of Blood and Portrait of Ruin will try to feed on either males or females in her "gown" form.
  • In Catherine, the eponymous character fulfills many of the same narrative roles filled by this trope in less mundane stories: she challenges the protagonist's fidelity by being exactly the sort of person that would appeal to him most. This eventually leads to when Catherine is revealed to be a succubus. Vincent can become an incubus, if the player follows a certain path. And the whole bit about "less mundane stories" is just a Red Herring to keep the game's presence on this page from being a spoiler.
  • Champions Online:
    • The Succubi avert this trope. They appear as floating human females with pinkish-red skin and transform into monstrous demons in battle, using fire-based ranged area attacks.
    • Another enemy from this game, the exclusively male Sanguinarian (a type of vampire) prefers to attack with a hypnosis-lifedrain-combo.
  • City of Heroes:
    • It features them as a minor enemy class under the Circle of Thorn. They're actually quite feared, due to their hard-to-block ability to confuse PCs into attacking each other.. however, considering that they mainly appear in City of Villains (with its Character Class reliant on its minions - that all go berserk if the master is confused), some consider this to be more of a perk than a problem.
    • With the addition of the powerset "Demon Summoning", the Hellion gang got a new boss class member, the Girlfriend from Hell. She doesn't use seduction in combat, though.
  • In Dante's Inferno, there are several in the Circle of Lust, including Cleopatra, the Boss of that stage. If the player lets Dante fall for her attempts to seduce him, a Non Standard Game Over occurs.
  • Xana from Dark Messiah is never explicitly referred to as a succubus, but she's certainly a horny devil, both in the sense that she's a sexy naked demoness with horns (and a tail) and in the constant come-ons she makes to Sareth. Since she spends most of the game skinriding his body, you don't get to see much of her lifestyle (such as how she feeds), but the (unabridged version of) the scene where she's initially fused to Sareth is undeniably sexual in tone. Dialogue also makes her nature undeniably obvious, from the careful choice of words when she admits to knowing your father, the description of her being yours to use as you please, and a reference to feeling naked without your weapons.
  • Downplayed with Morrigan and Lilith in Darkstalkers. They are lustful succubi. However, in the world of Darkstalkers, succubi sustain themselves by creating a special liquid from their bodies. Said liquid can be made from any sort of pleasure (which includes sex, but is not restricted to just that): Morrigan in particular is a big fan of feeding from the thrill of combat and seduction. Because of this, and being quite friendly and benevolent instead of evil and malicious, neither of them have ever killed any humans through sex. However, if they were kept away from excitement for too long, they'd die.
  • Diablo has an army of succubi in, well, Diablo, and his brother Baal's personal harem is unleashed in Lord of Destruction, the expansion to the sequel. Albeit, they're not particularly sexual creatures, rather color-coded, fireball-flinging, batwinged, naked women.
  • Diablo III also has succubi, which start appearing as you go through Arreat Crater in Act III. They are stated to be the daughters of Cydaea, Azmodan's consort and one of his Sin Lieutenants, the Maiden of Lust. Act IV features the Vile Temptresses and Hell Witches, which act in all ways like the succubi.
  • Succubi are featured as a monster class in Disgaea, more or less carried over from La Pucelle.
    • Disgaea 5 brings us Seraphina, the Succubus Princess of Gorgeous. To that end, her Overload skill allows her to charm male enemies specifically.
  • Dragon Age:
    • The desire demons. Interestingly enough, most just want to know what's it like to be human.
    • Demons in Dragon Age are named after the emotions that they feed on. Desire Demons, therefore, feed on the desires of their victims - not just lust, though their appearance strongly implies the most common desire they cater to.
  • The Dresden Files RPG, written with input from the series' author, says that only House Raith is what would normally be considered incubi/succubi. All the other clans are simply Emotion Eaters with appropriate weaknesses (for example, one feeds on fear and is harmed by courage).
  • Tentacle demons from an older version of Dwarf Fortress are sometimes admired for their "corrupt intentions".
  • The Elder Scrolls features the Mazken, also known as "Daedric Seducers", a humanoid Daedric race with various skin tones and on occasion retractable batlike wings. They were only found in Daggerfall, the Gaiden Game Battlespire, and Oblivion's Shivering Isles Expansion Pack.
  • Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerberus has a particularly horrifying succubus: in the haunted house area, you will find a room where you suddenly feel the urge to sleep. Suddenly, you see a buxom, beautiful woman giving you kissy-faces (and you can actually see her nipples through her top). But when you get on the bed, she gets on top, and her head morphs to...well, this. It's Game Over for you, unless you cast the Courage spell before entering the room.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4: Since a succubus is a horny devil, the medal for defeating Dark Natalie, calls her one: —> Defeat a busty succubus on Epic Difficulty.
  • Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After The Rain: Presumably the Succubus type enemies, with their bat-like wings and tails, wearing Bare Your Midriff outfits and a pink Heart Symbol in their art, presumably referencing love / lust.
  • In the Final Fantasy series, there are many monsters that are based on these. (Lamia, Cherie, Barbariccia...)
  • Future Fragments: Multiple:
    • Subverted with the Half-Demons. They sport jagged teeth, leathery skin, bat-like wings, and gaunt features, but both lack the horns of a typical demon, or the necessarily sex-based powers. They still wield Mind Control, however.
    • Subverted with Talia, who turns into the very image of a succubus when exposed to the Fire Boss's essence—although again, there's nothing to imply she actually becomes one.
  • In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, vampy villain Chalis also has horns and fits at least two of the qualifiers, and is designed to strongly resemble succubus-type enemies... which have been redesigned in turn to look more like Chalis. There's definitely a connection of some kind.
  • In Heroes of Might and Magic V, Succubi are ranged attackers for the Inferno faction. While they act the part, only their alternative promotion in the second expansion actually have the ability to seduce enemies.
  • The Last Sovereign: Succubi comprise half of The Horde that invaded the continent of Arclent in the backstory alongside the orcs. Succubi hit all four qualifiers, though their seeming ability to steal souls is implied to be more like Life Draining in practice. The local theology would have you believe them to be literal Always Chaotic Evil demons but in truth, succubi are a species of individuals each with their own little quirks. Quirks that often revolve around sex but still. The player character gains several succubi party members and all of them are fully fleshed out individuals in their own right.
  • The Succubus and Incubus monsters from Lost Kingdoms II (and they even get a card combo when used together).
  • Mabinogi Fantasy Life:
    • Kristell is a succubus, although she is never shown to do any of the things commonly associated with succubi, due to having cast away that life out of love for Tarlach and become a priestess.
    • Also, Elatha is an incubus. However, it's later revealed that he is not one by birth; he was turned into one as a favour to Morgant. He is, in fact, a demi-god.
  • In MadWorld, Elise is quite obviously a succubus, but can still turn into bats. She makes for large amounts of Distracted by the Sexy, and is the only boss we don't see die. Awesome rack on her, though!
  • Mass Effect has a sci-fi take on the trope with the Ardat-Yakshi. Some members of the asari have a genetic condition that kills anyone they have sex with. This also turns them into nymphomaniacs, so at least one has set out across the galaxy as sexual serial killers. The one Ardat-Yakshi we meet in-game uses a combination of feminine wiles and psychic powers to seduce her victims, though it's unclear if that's the norm or if she's just that talented. When Ardat-Yakshi are discovered, they are given a stark choice. Either stay in house arrest, alone for the rest of their lives, or be executed right then and there. Yeah, it kind of sucks to be an Ardat-Yakshi. (The one we meet in-game likes to bring this up in an attempt to play the victim.) Though we do meet her sisters in Mass Effect 3, who have accepted their condition and are fine with it.
  • Nethack: Foocubi (the Nethack term for incubi/succubi of the opposite sex to the player, which is both a pun on the metasyntactic variable "foo" and a fairly obvious Double Entendre) can strip the player naked know. This intercourse gives the player a semi-randomly chosen benefit/penalty which may include a power boost, making "foocubus dancing" a popular sport.
  • Recettear: The Succubus Bow implies the trope with its name, but it's more about general temptation, as its Flavor Text says:
    A bow reportedly found in the outer dark. It seems to tempt the user into doing horrible things...
  • The Shin Megami Tensei series has succubi and incubi as demons/personae, generally with charm and drain type spells. Interestingly, while the succubus appears as a generic sexy demon, the incubus is a small imp-like demon with a huge penis. Frighteningly, Incubi in the first game know binding magic, but not charm magic.
  • The Neverwinter Nights mod Tales of Arterra has an unusual take on succubi, presenting them as slaves with no capacity to think for themselves rather than actually evil monsters. The Death by Sex element comes from the succubus' ability to cause a man's heart to burst, but that ability is voluntary, thus widening the uses demon lords put their succubi to and allowing Persephyths to take her place as a possible Love Interest.
  • Fall-From-Grace, an NPC from Planescape: Torment, was a Lawful Neutral and chaste succubus priestess (and an agnostic priestess at that), who ran the Brothel For Slaking intellectual Lusts. Her cadre of "prostitutes", all very lovely in their own way (though some in a very...nonhuman fashion), can be called upon to stimulate their patrons' intellect, ranging from playing chess or debating the finer points of governmental policies to storytelling or verbally abusing you. Fall-From-Grace had been sold to Baatezu (' mortal enemies of her species the Tanar'r as they are Lawful Evil demons) by her mother as a slave, but won her freedom by winning a contest that required improvisation. Planescape Torment uses AD&D Second Edition rules, but succubi were in the second edition, too, and just as Always Chaotic Evil.
  • Warriors of Might and Magic has some succubus-like enemies in the last two areas.
  • While Succubi in The Witcher are as sex-crazed as most examples on this list, they do have some unique traits unto themselves. First, they're closer in design to Fauns: goat legs and horns. Secondly, they don't drain the life force of people they mate with for sustenance. However, their libidos are so uncontrollable that they've driven people to madness or death via sheer exhaustion. Their bestiary entry outwardly states that usually they mean no harm, and any harm they do cause is purely accidental through the difference in their strength and endurance and the one they're lusting after.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • Warlocks of 20th level or higher can learn how to summon a succubus as a minion, using the hearts of pure men to entice her from her home plane. They also clearly enjoy being spanked. They also have the spell "Seduce", a channeled effect that completely incapacitates the succubus's target (and causes little hearts to float over his or her head) until the effect ends or the victim takes damage. Hostile NPC succubi often have the same ability. And yes, it works just as well on female characters as it does males. To put a bit of a twist on it, succubi in the Warcraft universe are revealed in Rise of the Horde to be something of an anomaly: most demons aren't particularly interested in sex. (The man'ari eredar spy Talgath, in particular, comes off as downright prudish.) According to The Other Wiki, Warcraft succubi may genuinely fall in love with their summoner, so if they try to get the warlock in bed, it may be motivated by actual affection and not just the desire to steal your soul.
    • A specific example that plays the trope straight is Sensiria, a Quest Giver in the Darkmist ruins who was Out-Gambitted by her victim. After "gifting" the night elf Verinias with power (turning him into a hideous demon in the process) he uses this power to imprison her in the ruins while hording the Highborne souls she was after for himself. she tricks the player into freeing her, then briefly reveals her true form before cooing to him/her that she'll repay the favor, and then vanishing. (She hasn't appeared to do so yet, and a more benign quest giver warns the player not to accept it if she does.)
  • Yandere Simulator: Multiple:
    • The Basu Sisters: Two Punny Name, Family Theme Naming, Ambiguously Human, sisters whose names are Engrish for "Succu-" and "Inccu-" bus. They speak as if they're not human, referring to other humans as "the humans", and when talking about the Occult Club's research into demons, the subtitles give Scare Quotes to the idea that demons are "fictional things". The sisters are:
      • Sakyu Basu, whose student profile notes that she's "rumored to be a succubus
      • Inkyu Basu, whose student profile notes that she's "rumored to be a vampire
    • The Lust Demon, who is a demon, with a Stripperific outfit, and looks like a human woman with Black Eyes of Evil, along with talking about "playing" with the Player Character:
      Ara ara! You're a cute little thing.
      Do you want to play with me? Or...perhaps you want to become one of us?
      Fufufu...I'm afraid it's too soon for you, young one...
      Good things come to those who wait...just be patient...
      I'll look forward to the day when we can play together....

    Visual Novels 
  • In the original English language visual novel Daemonophilia, the Loser Protagonist accidentally summons a succubus that can only return to her home if she successfully seduces someone. The catch? She is as much of a loser as a succubus as our protagonist is in everything, so she has a hard time completing that assignment. And if our protagonist just allows her to seduce him? Easy Road to Hell...
  • Cute Demon Crashers! stars a lonely female whose sexual frustrations attracts the attention of a trio of Incubi ( and one Succubus). Turns out, they've learned that approaching humans when they're awake and playing nice has far better payouts, so they've taken to helping humans safely explore their sexuality.

  • Many of the Daeva and half-Daeva in Addergoole come under this trope. It's somewhat subverted in Jamian, because he has all the right powers to be one, but he's a virgin and really not comfortable with the idea.
  • A pair of these, apparently siblings, show up in Blip. They're not just dangerous in bed, but dangerous fighters as well.
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures:
    • There's two incubi and one succubus among the main cast. Furry ones. Not to mention, a rather prolific race of Cubi, with their own Elaborate University High. This comic being PG, the Cubi (mainly) feed on emotions instead. Though they have a reputation for devouring souls if they want to, which is why the protagonist isn't exactly happy about discovering his heritage (plus, his clan has an affinity for pain and his mother is widely considered to have been a remorseless monster).
    • The first one to show up fit the classic succubus model pretty well, just Played for Laughs more than the trope usually is. But then it turned out that that particular Cubi just liked lust, and the Cubi's reputation as this trope (among other things) was because of gross sensationalism.
  • Every main character in Demon Candy: Parallel can be considered this. Jonathan may not be one of these, but only time will tell.
  • Discordia from Drowtales subverts this mostly by being Ugly Cute.
  • Cloe of Eerie Cuties is a 14-year-old succubus with freckles and glasses, who thought she was a failure. After a...ahem...growth spurt, she finds herself much more popular with the guys.
  • A succubus character in Elf Only Inn shows up, seducing all the men with her wiles, though she did this mainly as a way to piss off the board's local Soapbox Sadie.
  • The Handbook of Heroes: As said in the Roll Call for all the cast, the Succubus of the Evil Party, who has Charm Person, which she used on the Wizard, and is red-skinned and has actual horns.
  • Pretty much any demon in Heartcore, but especially Ame and Asmodai.
  • Most of the female demons in the webcomic Krakow have jobs as succubi. In a subversion of the typical morality of succubi, most of them aren't that evil, and Case (human) and Kia (succubus) have a happy relationship and eventually got married.
  • Subverted in Locus: the comic is about a half-human half-succubus with special powers inherited from her human father. In it, Succubi are an advanced race which does not, in any way, feed on sex or sexual energy and consider sex with humans bestiality (but they are a common target for rape by humans). The heroine's mother does seduce her father in a typical succubus manner, but it turns out that she's being mind-controlled by an evil wizard trying to produce a half-succubus with a specific power set.
  • In Lovefeast, there is an "Ero" class of Shinigami trained to harness incubus- or succubus-like powers to use against demons or aid in taking the souls of the dying. They are still unlike actual incubi/succubi in that the demons cause more widespread harm to human souls.
  • MSF High: subverted, as Succubi are often stereotyped as this.
  • Sabine in The Order of the Stick. Subverted in that she has a healthy relationship with a human man. (As healthy as things can be in this case, looking over the fact that they're both evil and, well, it's kept healthy by human sacrifices.) It's not monogamous, of course, which is lampshaded in typically hilarious fashion here.
    Sabine: Nale, sugar, I'm literally an evil incarnation of illicit sex, do I seem like I would get hung up on who you sleep with?
  • Pibgorn features Drusilla the succubus as a major character.
  • Return To Eden has this, only it's viewed as a curse on the demon that they have to feed that way.
  • Schlock Mercenary: From strip 2000-11-15, referenced as "Succubus", on an Alliterative List of Religious and Mythological Theme Naming for models of women's power armor:
    Thurl: Aphrodite, Antigone, Atalanta, Artemis, Athena, Diana, Demeter, Helen, Hesta, Io, Iris, Isis, Juliet, Juno, Lady MacBeth, Medusa, Mnemosyne, Nubia, Nymph, Phoebe, Selene, Succubus, Sylph, Thalia, Uma, Urania, Valkyrie, Venus...
  • Sinfest:
    • The two Succubi. They're even in the Devil's personal care, and are probably very fond of each other.
    • Partially subverted by Fuchsia, the red succubus, who has a schoolgirl crush on Bookworm Criminy.
  • Succubus Justice is the story of a 'failed' succubi sent to a reform school in hell.
  • Artemis from White Dark Life is the highest-ranking succubus in hell and the wife of Dark Matt after the Timeskip. Unlike most other examples on this list, she prefers to use more chaste methods of life-draining though she is indeed capable of draining life through sex. A fact which terrifies her immortal husband once she starts demanding more children.
  • Subverted in Witchprickers with Kitty Scratch, an overweight succubus more interested in food than sex.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • There was an American Darkstalkers cartoon, and they explicitly kept Morrigan's species. She even drained somebody, although it was just by kissing him.
  • Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, who steals the form of the bride to be of Twilight Sparkle's brother Shining Armor so she can feed off his love for her, draining his energy in the process, and has a rather demonic appearance. She's portrayed as close to a succubus that a G-rated show can get. Apparently, Changelings as a whole are like this, but she's the only one we see actually play the trope straight.
  • A succubus seduces Chef in South Park.
  • Callie from the Comedy Central series Ugly Americans.
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee: In the episode "Take My Life Please", in what may have been an innocent slip, this kid's show implied the existence of this trope when they mentioned a "fifth level incubus", who is summoning a demon from another dimension.

Alternative Title(s): Horny Devil, Succubus, Incubus, Horny Demons, Foocubus