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Welcome to the Trope Pantheons thread! Please read the rules:

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Rules. The following are not suggestions or tips, but things that have to be followed:
  • Gods can't be followers or high priests for obvious reasons.
  • When you suggest a God, please explain why they fit the trope. Not everyone is going to understand just "X should be the God of Y because they exemplify the trope" off the bat, especially if they're unfamiliar with the work.
  • No hype profiles, please.
    • So you ask, what exactly is 'hype profile'? It is a profile based on ongoing events that hasn't been around very long, but generates a lot of hype, possibly because of elements such as Wham Episode or Memetic Mutation or Large Ham or overall 'OMGAWESOME!!!' They're all not bad tropes, but building a portfolio solely for that is a bad idea, as they do not say a thing about representing the trope best (unless it's those trope concepts that they are trying to embody for a long time). You can see one if the profile is only showing off how awesome they are or suddenly pushing how 'significant' they are thanks to the just very recent events rather than respecting the longstanding good representations of the trope. And usually having... minimum portfolio or flavor texts and being a bit too generalized or self-contained to events from within their home series instead of interacting with other Pantheon members.
  • The Pantheon is not a mouthpiece for you to voice your opinions on certain characters. You may like certain characters more than others, but don't make the profiles for characters you like look like Character Shilling.
  • DO. NOT. put a link to these Pantheon pages into the main wiki page. The moment you want to add in a main Characters page that the character is a God of this trope, don't do it. If you see leftovers of this practice, do yourself a favor and delete it from that main page. This also goes to the Trivia page. The only exception to this rule is if a page in the Pantheon could be confused for a page in Main, like Good Colors, Evil Colors and Good & Evil Colors.
  • You must use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon, or reworking an existing deity (be it simply improving their existing profile or changing their title).
    • For new and reworked deities, 3 [tup] means the profile will have a one week waiting period.
    • For new and reworked deities, 4 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
    • 5 [tup] is an automatic ascension for new and reworked deities.
    • Speaking of reworks, for anyone that wants to improve such profiles, they have to review the current trope the character(s) has and see if it still holds up or if there is a better rep for their trope.
    • For adding new Treasures to the Treasures or new Dominions to the Dominions, the following rules apply:
      • For new Treasures or Dominions, 3 [tup] is a 3 day waiting period.
      • 4 [tup] is an automatic addition to the Treasures or Dominions.
  • Do not include fan reception in any profiles. It has nothing to do with the character themselves and will create unnecessary conflict.
  • Write a detailed explanation on why the character is the best candidate for deity of that trope. If people disagree with you, do not force it on the people.
  • Keep in mind that if you still want to try to find a trope for a particular character, you're only given three chances on such. If a suggestion goes past three possible tropes, then it will come off as shoehorning a character into the Pantheon just for the sake of that character to be there.
  • Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment ALSO applies here. Do not bring things that would incite fights, even if it is what's currently the hot topic and might be 'urgent'. For example, the political scene and some really bad politicians. We are not here to fight at each other, so don't suggest things that go to that direction.
  • Do not create a trope page for a story until the story is fully completed.

    Instructions and Tips 
Here are some tips one should keep in mind when editing:
  • Please use the Trope Pantheons discussion thread in the forums if you wish to add a new deity, story, or something else of importance to the Trope Pantheon canon. You can also get some assistance in the forum thread. Submissions that are added without discussion are likely to be deleted.
  • If the character you are about to add to a House already exists in another, make sure to mention that this god has spots in other houses as well.
  • When writing facts/trivia about gods, try not to contradict what has already been written elsewhere.
  • When writing down the name of a Theme Song, try to avoid calling it "Theme of God X" or "Theme of (Show where God X originates from)". If possible, try to find out if the song has an actual name.
  • When adding an image for your God, make sure that it is not too big unless you wish to write more about the god you have chosen.
  • If you feel the need to remove a god for some reason and replace him/her with another, please see what the other tropers think about this in the discussion thread before doing anything hasty. If you're lucky (and they're from the same franchise), maybe both of them can share the title "Gods of (Insert Trope Here)".
  • Certain tropes can have more than one God. It is not advisable, but it is not forbidden. Just ensure that this second God will bring in new flavor of the trope. If you have doubts on how to bring the other flavors, consult the Trope Pantheon Discussion forum. Case in point: In the original Greek Mythology (and later Roman Mythology), both Ares/Mars and Athena/Minerva share the title of 'God/Goddess of War', and even then, they differ in flavor: Ares is about brutal warfare, Athena is about war strategies and finesse, while Mars took up some of Athena's elements that he kinda differs out than Ares. If the original myth can do this, why the hell not for the Pantheon?
  • Be creative! If you need some time to work out your potential deity's profile, use the Pending Gods or Pending Gods 2 page to get help. Incomplete and/or low-quality entries are more likely to get deleted or replaced.
  • When writing about a God who just happens to be a person in real life, just try to be very careful about what you decide to say. See also the Rules section. Especially the 1st bullet point.
  • All deities should be sorted by their divine ranking. Put Overdeities on the top of the page and Quasideities on the bottom. Also be sure to add them in alphabetical order by their first/given name.
  • Occasionally there will be Gods that carry a title without a trope. This is not forbidden, but it's well advised not to abuse them. Aside from introducing too many niche concepts, there are still chances for new tropes related to your chosen deity's title to be launched through YKTTW...
    • Additionally however, the only house that a tropeless profile are wholly allowed is the House of Food. Mainly due to most food items lacking tropes, and adding tropes about said foodstuffs is slightly unecessary. However, the character being ascended for their choice of a food, or food-related thing must be a decently good representative of said item. IE: Their Trademark Favorite Food, or something that they're closely associated with In-Universe, or both (example: Gangplank and his oranges).
  • Maximum number of tropes what a god should have is three, but don't try to abuse that fact. If you need to use a second trope to specify a certain thing about their position, that can be excused.
  • Some series will eventually have greater representation in the Pantheon than others. This is unavoidable, but a little diversity helps, as well. Try to ensure that if you add a deity from a popular series, make sure that it's because they're a good representative for the trope in question, and not just because they're connected to another deity in their respective canon.
  • As far as deities from actual mythologies (Greco-Roman, Norse, Japanese, etc.) are concerned, try not to replicate the default myths about their characters and use a fictional counterpart instead. In other words, if you want to use the Greek/Roman god Ares/Mars, you can't add him as the "God of War", but you can use him as part of another trope as long as it's a different version of him. For example:
    • Zeus, while having elements of his persona from Classical Mythology, draws more from his portrayal in the God of War Series.
    • Thor and Loki's Pantheon portrayals are influenced heavily by their appearances in their Marvel Comics series.
    • Amaterasu is a woman in her Japanese mythology portrayal, but her Pantheon counterpart is the dog goddess from Ōkami.
  • Don't depend too much on the hype/meme train, don't just jump onto that train willy-nilly in order to put on some events or entry in the Pantheon. It might not last very long or represent the trope best. This is Trope Pantheons, not Trope Hype Train!
  • Unless the character proposed is specifically from the Abridged version, the character should represent the tropes in their canon selves. If they also happen to possess the trait of the Abridged self, good! But otherwise, get the abridged stuff onto just the flavor texts.
  • To prevent any surprising need to rework profiles due to new development, please restrain from ascending gods from a series before the thing is either released or for longer-running series, there is a good enough of a break from story. This also applies to already existing series if there is a new thing coming out.
  • Please be sure to ask in the discussion about what you want to work before making the profile. This is done to see if your proposal is the best representative and so, in case your profile is turned down, you don't waste time writing something that others might not find suitable.
    • In the same vein, if you adopt a profile from another troper, it is recommended that you make an announcement that you have done so on the discussion thread. More often than not, a trope that was reserved for something was given away to someone else.
  • It is much more recommended to word the title like "God of X" instead of "The God that Xs". This will give off the vibe the God actually ruled over that trope instead of just 'did X', giving more credentials to how it's the best example of the trope.

    Divine Ranking System 
  • Overdeity: Omnipotent-level Reality Warpers capable of manipulating the entire universe (or at least the world) at will. Within their own universe they are believed to be omnipotent, or at least impossible-to-completely-destroy embodiments or concepts.
  • Greater Gods: High-level Reality Warpers and that are extremely powerful (capable of destroying or changing anywhere from a large city to a planet at will) and very strong non-reality warpers capable of doing the same thing.
  • Intermediate Gods: Deities at this level are capable of strong but specialized powers such as hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, etc. without major drawbacks and low level Reality Warpers capable of affecting their immediate area at will.
  • Lesser Gods: Capable of highly specific or little power on their own, or suffer from Power at a Price. However, they may be able to ruthlessly exploit their power or combine it with just being badass enough to make up for it.
  • Demigods: Basically the Badass Normals of the pantheon, making up for their lack of abilities with strength, strategy, and/or planning.
  • Quasideities: Any otherwise normal human, human equivalent, or below without any special powers or training will fall here.

    Deity Template 
Template for adding a new deity:

God X, God/dess of (Insert Trope Here) (Alternate names/Nicknames, Fan Nickname)

  • An image, if possible. Please use official art or a screenshot for a picture.
  • Potential House:
  • Rank: This can range from Quasideity, Demigod, Lesser God, Intermediate God, Greater God, to Overdeity. This doesn't always have to be a representation of power, but it can also represent influence in the Pantheon.
  • Symbol: An image or icon used to represent the deity.
  • Theme Song: Song that usually is used in affiliation with the character. If the deity is a musician this will most likely be their Signature Song. If possible, give a link for reference, preferably on YouTube.
  • Alignment: Good, evil, neutral etc. Forget about The Great Character Alignment Debate here, the Pantheon is one of the few places where you can assign Dungeons & Dragons alignment to characters that don't have alignment system. After all, the Pantheon is based on D&D.
  • Gender: For Pokémon deities only. Defines the gender of the Pokémon; if genderless, it instead defines what gender they identify as.
  • Ability: Provides the Pokémon's ability. If they can Mega Evolve, the new ability is listed as well.
  • Moves: Defines the four moves used by a Pokémon. A Z-Move may also be listed.
  • Portfolio: Tropes associated with the character.
  • Domains: Things that the character has influence over.
  • Herald: Non-ascended loyal character that is from the same series as the ascended character.
  • High Priest: Non-ascended like heralds, but not from the same series, and can serve as a worthy replacement in case something would happen. They can be served as part-time workers in case the originals are busy with some jobs. Co-Godhood is accepted depending on the approval of the originals, usually if the co-deity is from the same series.
  • Followers: Non-ascended characters that are not part of the Pantheon, but would probably worship this character by the fact that they share the ascended character's trope.
  • Allies: Members of the Pantheon that are allies.
  • Rivals: Members of the Pantheon that are rivals.
  • Enemies: Members of the Pantheon that are foes.
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Partner: Defines a partnership with an ascended deity and Pokémon.
  • Respected by/Respects: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon respect or are respected by.
  • Pitied by/Pities: A deity whom the members of the Pantheon feel pity for or find pitiable.
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Not necessarily the same as "Enemies", but this is used for any deity whom the members of the Pantheon directly opposes or is opposed by, regardless of alignment.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sometimes, the Deities argue over specific themes and philosophies.
  • Add the Intro. The intro is made up of two trivia, the Ascension Text (or just the Ascension) and The Bio. Both are necessary, but which order you use for them may vary depending on the profile in question. It may be better for one profile to have The Bio first and the Ascension second or vice-versa, although for the most part the order is irrelevant:
    • The Ascension Text: This the story of how the character got into the Pantheon and/or was ascended. There are many ways for this to happen. They may be tricked into it or have simply wandered into the Pantheon, they may have had an already ascended character bring them in, they may already be in the Pantheon (via being another deity's Herald or sharing a trope) and got "promoted", or some combination of the above. Anything is possible in the Pantheon, so use your imagination, but try to incorporate their trope into the story, if possible.
    • The Bio: A brief synopsis on the character's backstory. No need for the character's entire life/production history, but just give enough that those who don't know the character can get an idea of how the character works.
  • Now add some random trivia/facts about events/alignments/moments/fights/friendships/relations etc.
  • And some more trivia/facts.
  • And a couple of more.

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Jan 13th 2020 at 3:21:38 PM

[up][up]Pantheon is canon.

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Jan 13th 2020 at 3:31:39 PM

Bitch, yes the Pantheon is canon.

Where are our royalties at?

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Jan 13th 2020 at 3:37:56 PM

[up] We have none. But the major companies will be onto your ass for bringing it up. The rest of us will be in Aruba.

Time to explore the world!
RonnieR15 Ronnie from Earth
Jan 13th 2020 at 4:25:08 PM

So guys is it alright for me to give Burt Gummer the trope Gun Nut? The Wikia Editor said yes, but Tropers/fasoman1996 asked how he fits and never got back to me when I explained it.

Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
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Jan 13th 2020 at 4:28:36 PM

[up] First, give him time, and second, make sure nobody else had it yet.

Time to explore the world!
RonnieR15 Ronnie from Earth
Jan 13th 2020 at 4:54:16 PM

[up] I checked the most obvious Houses for it and none seem to have it.

KaijinZero Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Jan 13th 2020 at 4:55:11 PM

I was unaware you needed to post anything worth while to be listened to if its something thats true or a good point. while the last thing i did here was of no help(unless you count the need to make a few profiles to thumbs up/down stuff due to a honestly kinda worthless thing i said useful), I was only saying that cause it came off rather rude and a bit hateful to me. and even if you may have to be a bit rude to get some things across, doesn't mean you should. I meant no disrespect to Lock, but it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth if i didn't say something about how he came across to me. Personally, i feel you all should take to heart that this is a forum game, not something super serious. it's cool you all take pride in your hard work, but remember that this is all for fun, don't get try-hardy about it to where it turns into a super special secret club thing thats hard for newer folk to get into.

all that said, I'll try not to be a nuisance if i don't really have anything i feel i could help with.

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[up] Maybe start a sandbox first. What franchises do you like?

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Feedback Mode

Hmm, who would want Mr. Deeds enough to visit them as often as they can, or even keep attempting to steal the bell?

Mr. Deeds, God of Butlerspace

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: SCP-662, the bell that summons him
  • Alignment: True Neutral, or whatever the ringer of his bell needs him to be.
  • Portfolio: Basically A Genie in a Bottle, Benevolent Genie, Absolute Loyalty To Whoever Rings The Bell, Will Even Kill People If Asked, Needs To Be Unobserved To Do Deliveries, No Explanation To How He Does What He Does, Always Comes Back Okay When Killed
  • Domain(s): Bells, Butlers
  • Followers: The Devil King's Butler, Eirote, Hagiyoshi, Discworld Igors, James MacGuiness
  • Allies: Whoever summons him
  • Enemies: Whoever he kills
  • Awareness of Mr. Deeds became known during an experiment where he was tasked with performing something that inadvertently required him to be present in the Pantheon proper. An investigation eventually led to the Foundation and to SCP-662. His explicit abilities made him the perfect fit for Butlerspace, as he's a servant who explicitly appears out of nowhere when needed.
    • However, there came a few legal issues. Namely the fact that for the first time in the Pantheon, it's not an SCP of the Foundation that's being ascended (or an employee or a rival organization), but rather a byproduct of one. Also, given the nature of Mr. Deeds, tests had to be made to determine whether or not a location in the sight of an omniscient entity who can see everything everywhere counts as being observed; it's not, as long as where Mr. Deeds will "spawn" is not focused on, otherwise the bell would not have worked at all since the Foundation's ascension to the Pantheon.
  • Arrangements had to be made for his temple to ensure that there is at least one completely unobservable enclosure to guarantee Mr. Deeds's manifestation. At present, SCP-662, which is how Mr. Deeds is summoned, is kept in its red velvet lined case and stored in a High Value Storage locker in the temple when not being utilized for testing or other appropriate activities. Like SCP-261, Foundation staff are on guard to ensure nobody absconds with the bell when used. They're also there to perform regular polishing to avoid tarnish.
  • Mr. Deeds is summoned when SCP-662 is rung, and always addresses the ringer of the bell by their appropriate title and last name, and ask what it is they desire. His knowledge of individuals’ last names and titles is a mystery, as he himself will purport.
    • If the individual is gender-neutral or gender-indeterminate, and holds no royal title or military rank (like King Pendragon (whether it's Artoria or Arthur who summons him) or Commander Shepard), Deeds will use an honorific that matches the commonly perceived gender (or switches between Mr., Ms., or Mrs. between summon periods), along with an apology for his inability to 100 percent determine their gender.
    • If the individual has no surname (such as A2 or Teddie), he will use their single name.
    • If the individual conceivably has a surname that merely isn't known to the public (like Agent G or the Zombieland crew), the surnames he provides will be distorted and unhearable to all except the addressed individual. Said individuals' reactions often vary.
  • Most reasonable requests given to Mr. Deeds will result in satisfaction. However, there are limits to what he can do, such as very complex items like sports cars, luxury homes, or personal jets. If he is allowed to leave line of sight and return, he is able to produce smaller, less complex items such as a ham sandwich, a glass of iced tea, or even more luxurious items like caviar or a brick of gold (though only up to 99.14% purity).
    • So far, he's been able to procure the following in Foundation tests: Nearly any conceivable kind of sandwich (except human flesh), beverages of nearly any kind (except human blood, though pig blood was okay, and served still warm), a hand grenade of modern U.S. Military grade, which performed as expected in testing, the board game Monopoly (Mr. Deeds won on the first playthrough), a bouquet of fresh-picked red roses.
  • Mr. Deeds will also perform menial tasks, such as washing vehicles, preparing food, and cleaning bathrooms. If a request is deemed unreasonable or impossible by the butler, he will kindly tell the ringer so, and offer an alternative if one may be had.
    • Among tasks he's performed in Foundation tests: cleaning of cars, dish washing of a day's worth of meals from a cafeteria, trimming of hair (but it turns out that Mr. Deeds is not in fact a very good barber), washing of laundry (and the clothing was found to "fit better" in the user's estimation), and assassinations (but not if they're too well guarded and entrenched, and could not or would not give further details).
  • Unfortunately, his origins and why he does why he does (or why he can't do certain things) are unknown, even to himself, as far as the Foundation has been able to glean from their methods. All attempts at mind-reading came up with the psychicmental equivalent of seeing static and color bars like on television.
  • As a manservant, Mr. Deeds drew the attention of folks with similar lines of work and was summoned on separate occasions by Elenore Baker, Sakuya Izayoi, Alfred Pennyworth, Fiona Mayfield, Hayate Ayasaki, and Sebastian Michaelis for conversations.

Kenji Oja, God of the Big First Choice (The Serpent's Son, Little Dragon, Lord Serpent or Lord Dragon)
  • Lesser God, Dragon!Kenji might reach Intermediate levels
  • Symbol: The Serpent Orb
  • Theme Song: Serpent Attack as Serpent!Kenji, Dragon Warrior as Dragon!Kenji
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (if he takes the Serpent Path) or Neutral Good (if he takes the Dragon path)
  • Portfolio: Wutai Culture, Critical Hit, Campaign-Exclusive, Lightning Bruiser, Sword and Gun, Took a Level in Badass, Unexpected Successor, Training the Peaceful Villagers, Dragons Up the Yin Yang
  • Domain(s): Clans, Choices, Good or Evil
  • Heralds:
  • Followers: Agent Craig Willmore, Kazuki Takemura, Denam Pavel, Trestkon, Michael Tapp, Zheng, Jack Mower
  • Allies: The Commander (depending on their current allegiance)
  • Enemies: Each other and each other's allies, Heartless-summoners such as Master Xehanort
  • Sometimes, at some point in a game, you're required to make an important choice. This choice can affect a lot of things, from as little as available upgrades for the entire game, or even what storyline you'll take (requiring a replay to see it all). Kenji Oja, former exile from the Serpent Clan after being assumed to have killed his father, upon returning to the lands from where he was born, was faced with an important choice; in the midst of bandits raiding a village, who should he side with?
    • The Kenji who helps the bandits would rebuild the Serpent Clan under a tyrannical fist. The Kenji who helps the villagers would start anew as the benevolent Dragon Clan. Since both paths are irreconcilable with one another to ascend as a single person, two Kenjis were ascended as separate entities instead, and both immediately came to blows, disgusted at the other's choice (and disbelief from Serpent!Kenji after the revelation that the Serpent Orb's power and the Dragon are real after all). They were shortly separated by the Court, who had ascended them in the first place.
  • Applies to both Kenjis:
    • Their temples take the form of Serpentholm, remade in their respective images, and facing in opposite directions so as to minimize immediate clashes, mostly instigated by Serpent!Kenji.
    • And supporting the Kenjis as their Heralds are their Zen Masters, essentially hero units. While both Shinja and Otomo served both Kenjis, their ultimate allegiances brought the former to Serpent!Kenji and the latter to Dragon!Kenji. The latter Kenji was glad, given that Otomo dies in both paths, and now they're reunited.
    • Naturally, given their dispositions, Serpent!Kenji joined the GUAE while Dragon!Kenji joined the GUAG. Both Melkor and Cosmos were pleased with their latest additions to their ranks.
    • The Dragon Clan generally disdain firearms (though still use rockets) while the Serpent Clan appreciate and perfect their use. That said, even Dragon!Kenji is not above using them, and can learn to appreciate allies who use such weapons.
    • If there's one thing the two Kenjis have a common opinion on, it's despisal for creatures born from darkness thanks to their (separate) experiences with the Nightvol.
  • Exclusive to Serpent!Kenji:
    • Having a necromancer among his Zen Masters thanks to Shinja, he has no issues working with those who can raise the dead, such as Kel'Thuzad, to achieve his goals. Of course, that just means he won't oppose them on principle; their attitudes can still determine allegiances, such as him merely being on good terms with Arthas (if only because his Scourge are numerous enough to count as a threat).
    • When working alongside the Commander, even if it's proven really effective, he's annoyed whenever the Commander employs him as a damage sponge for the Ronin's Blood Bond (it transfers half the damage a Ronin takes to those they bond with) and keep Fan Geisha around to keep him healthy. It's a very effective strategy, sure, but that means sitting out of the fight. Now if it was some other Zen Master...
    • He's also come to like having Berkut and Charles zi Britannia on his side, even if only to help further his goals. This also goes for Kazuya Mishima and Bowser Jr., fellow evil sons to evil fathers, though he's bewildered by the... dynamic the latter's father has with the Mushroom Kingdom, given he hangs out with them half the time when he's not invading them.
    • Given his Yakuza look, and his ruthlessness, Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima have it out for him.
  • Exclusive to Dragon!Kenji:
    • Corrin gets along with him, having had to make a similar big choice, except it was between families who both love them and are good people to certain degrees (even if one family was under an evil king who might've been all but a puppet by this point), and they also had the chance for a third option. Of course, Corrin also shows contempt for Serpent!Kenji due to his cruelty.
    • His potential after unlocking his Ki holds so much light that he poses a great threat to dark entities with weakness to light has marked him as a threat to such deities or those who employ such creatures like Xehanort and Mr. Scratch.
    • As someone who goes against the intentions of their evil father( figure)s (even if posthumously in Kenji's case, as he wasn't actually responsible for his father's death), in addition to Corrin, Dragon!Kenji has become allies with Rock Howard, Zuko, Jin Kazama, and Alucard.

If you can't get around it, go through it fast. Personas and Nanos, make 'em here
Jan 13th 2020 at 6:22:33 PM

[up][tup] for Mr. Deeds.


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Jan 13th 2020 at 6:28:29 PM

Anything else for the Narrator?

"This is the story of a man....that being me"

The Narrator, God of Strange Narrations
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™
  • Theme Song: Countdown
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Can be Lawful Evil if the story goes too Off the Rails)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Evil, British Stuffiness, Knows what everyone is going to do, "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Insane Troll Logic, Killing the game if it goes too far off the rails, Mind Screwdriver, Passive-Aggressive Kombat, Playing the Player, Railroading
  • Domains: Narration, Stories, Keeping Stories Right, Controlling, Speaking
  • Followers: Douglas Adams, Pseudonymous Bosch
  • Allies: GLaDOS, The Author, Naughty Bear's Narrator, Dr. Hax
  • Enemies: Kamina, Old Man Henderson, Captain Martin Walker, Rika Furude, Bob, Vegeta, Lemony Snicket, The Doki Doki Literature Club, ICEY, Diogenes, The Mob, Kirito (Abridged)
  • Complicated Relationships: Stanley
  • Conflicting Opinions: Niko
  • Annoys: The Defenders of the Ancient
  • "This is the story of a man named Stanley" were the starting words uttered by this unseen narrator, architect of the story about the aforementioned man named Stanley. The Narrator's role is simple, he has to narrate Stanley's story from beggining to end and everyone will live happily ever after. That is, if Stanley decides to follow through with said narrative, as things can get Off the Rails if Stanley decides to, making the Narrator either punish Stanley or fabricate a new tale entirely. But he is always ever-present, ready to deliver the best narration he can, even if he can get a little wacky during it.
  • The Narrator was very compelling in his ascension, although it is rumored that he "persuaded" the court of gods into allowing him to godhood. For a while he didn't really have much to do other than narrate in his usual style about whatever was happening, with zero control on what would happen. That all changed when Stanley arrived, as he gained his control over the narrative and that allowed him to steer Stanley into whatever tale he had planned for him and that also affected other deities. Said development would be the start of many bizarre misadventures for several deities.
  • In the past, it was very common to hear mild-sounding British voice from out of nowhere state "This is the story of X", then said deity was prompted to follow the Narrator's exposition. However and quite frequently, those ended up disliking how controlling the Narrator's exposition is and often go against the Narrator's wishes. The Narrator is patient about this; he will start speaking directly to the person, often reprimanding their choice of action before placing down walls to Railroad the story back on track. Should the person cause the Narrator's tract to go completely Off the Rails, however, the Narrator will place the person in one of GLaDOS' unsolvable test chambers, commenting on the story as if it were a tragedy. He seems to particularly enjoy that last part. That's part of the reason why he and GLaDOS are very good friends.
  • Often is the welcoming voice to newer deities, guiding them through a "tutorial" and teaching them most of the ins and outs of the Trope Pantheons. This, however, is just optional and it was made to keep him entertained and away from other deities so he would stop trying to narrate their every movement. Stanley is often forced to help the Narrator in order to make an example of what NOT to do and Stanley has been pretty annoyed at that. The reason he doesn't help as often is because of how Stanley is likely to cause problems.
  • Considering he tends to railroads characters into his story by any means he has available. Most who he has tried to narrate over just follow because they are interested in his story, others not so much. The two he constantly has trouble with are Kamina and Old Man Henderson, whose defiance towards fate and the plot respectively has made the Narrator want to "correct" them the most but that only ends up with the Narrator giving up on them after a while.
    • Another particular deity he started to mess with was Diogenes, AKA the Man in the Cauldron. He first took notice after hearing that he was being followed by a british narrator, similar to Stanley and then both Stanley and Diogenes became friends. So the Narrator decided to test his resolve by narrating a tale where Diogenes had to climb an even more difficult mountain but he refused to follow the directions of the Narrator, making his journey all that more difficult.
    • And then there was the Abridged version of Kirito, who the Narrator decided to narrate over after hearing of how he tends to not care about the established plotline. Kirito tried to ignore him but then the Narrator started insulting him with the Awful Truth and then was promptly silenced. Since then, the Narrator loves to mess with Kirito whenever he can.
  • Often seen commentating on matches for the Defenders of the Ancient and his habit to be too wordy and very sarcastic has annoyed them to no end. Others however have found his commentary and observation to be priceless.
  • The Narrator was very curious after meeting Martin Walker and hearing about his story and how his own delusion led him to a villainous path. Walker on ther hand despises for the very idea of being pushed to commit horrible things and does not ever want to hear his narration. The british man simply just tried to place him in a more "relaxed" story but that only made Walker more furious.
  • Once tried to get a hold of The Mob but they were surprisingly one of the few deities that made the Narrator feel powerless as their sheer randomness and constant hive mind mentality ended up overwhelming him. That and they are, for some reason, obssessed with the Broom Closet.
  • Vegeta once attempted to play his game but the resulting lack of rebellion and the continuous restarts drove him insane. Because of this, The Narrator is perhaps the only person besides Beerus that Vegeta fears but he will never admit it to his face.
  • Good friends with the Author, who fills a similar role to him except he has a lot more creative power behind him unlike the Narrator. When he heard how Bob performed a Rage Against the Author, he felt sorry for him, and decided to invite him to a game of "Save the Baby" which he personally developed. On the other hand, the Author's creation Bob has also attempted to take down the Narrator from his position but that lead nowhere as the Narrator has no tangible form.
  • He was incredibly impressed with the narrator of Naughty Bear, whom manages to not only communicate perfectly with him, but also gets Naughty to go through with just about anything he so wishes him to do, practically his revenge. He came to respect him and the two can be heard discussing ways to get people to follow through with their stories.
  • He later began delving into the storytelling business by telling a story about someone or something called the Absolute Evil, containing multiple references to other fantasy series. The only person who seemed to like it was the Keeper, who found it similar to his escapades.
  • Although they fill similar roles and his title was named after him, the Narrator and Lemony Snicket aren't actually on cordial terms. Reason being that Snicket believes the Narrator to be too controlling of his narration and his sheer sadism when punishing those that don't follow the story has made him wary of him. The Narrator doesn't really mind that but is apalled that Lemony would call him sadistic.
  • ICEY was one of the first deities to take a more direct approach at opposing the Narrator, given that she too was the victim of a narrator that wanted to railroad her into a story she didn't want to be part of. She was later joined by the Doki Doki Literature Club, as once they learned of the nature of their home game they started to dislike the Narrator's actions. Monika specially because the whole reason she started to mess with the code of her game was because of how she was forced to not be a love interest but discovering that the Narrator is as much of a pawn as she is made things a bit more complicated with the Narrator. The british man personally just finds ICEY and the girls amusing and would often try to narrate a tale they would be happy to be part of, even if they rarely want to follow it.
    • On the other hand there was Niko, who tried to be much nicer to the Narrator about how he goes about his storytelling but was unable to make him change his mind. Niko also felt really uncomfortable since Stanley became friends with Niko not long before meeting the Narrator and that made Niko a potential target for a tale. That and the fact that the Narrator reminds Niko of the World Machine.
  • It is believed that the Narator and Stanley are both stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop and they will continue to repeat the story eternally. Some, like Rika Furude, have blamed this on the Narrator and hated him for forcing Stanley to go through the same events over and over leading to insanity or death (sometimes both). She started to pity the Narrator once she discovered he isn't in control as much as he thinks he is but still doesn't think highly of him.
  • Cheaters fear to be taken to the Serious Room, where the Narrator is said to deliver very serious punishments for cheaters, a practice personally endorsed by Dr. Hax. Only one deity in the pantheon has ever made it out of the room and that was, of course, Stanley himself.
  • "And Stanley was happy."


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@faso [tup]. And that makes 5.

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@Super WIKI. Excuse me but browsing in your tropers page, you added a bunch of headcanon that shoehorned majority of the Pantheon contributors to a list that makes zero sense. I suggest you cut that shit out and stop placing tropers based on experience.

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[up] that’s Just for Fun right? Plus it’s his own Tropers page, so what’s wrong with him having some fun in it?

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Alright, enough pointless farces! Back to profiles, cause I'm done with these guys! Now, are they good to go, or are there more?

Accepting [tup]s Now.

Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot, Divine Couple of Arranged Marriages (Victor: Vincent)
Victor & Victoria
  • Potential House: Couples Relationships
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A butterfly (Victor) and a Victorian dress (Victoria).
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Arranged Marriage that worked out well, Birds of a Feather
  • Domains: Love, Kindness, Class
  • Allies: Emily, Jack Skellington, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime, La Muerte & Xibalba, Mothra, Charlie Bucket, James Henry Trotter and his Bug Friends
  • Enemies: Ato-ko Shirogane, Raynare, Embryo, Akio Ohtori, Oogie Boogie, The Headless Horseman, The Radiance
  • Pities: Trip & Grace
  • Conflicting Opinion: Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki
  • Arranged marriages are an old practice that saw its use dwindling nowadays and they usually were enacted to either extend a family, unite two kingdoms or companies or even for monetary gain. Victor Van Dort, a butterfly enthusiast and Victoria Everglot, a recently poverished lady were set to marry each other to both raise the Van Dorts' social class and restore the Everglots' wealth, benefitting each other; it helps a lot that Victor and Victoria actually like each other. But their elopement was interrupted by Victor's nervousness causing him to ran off and him attempting to regain confidence at an old forest ended up having him meet Emily and causing the rest of the events to play out, eventually ending with Victor and Victoria marrying with love and certainty. Their arranged marriage which not only benefited them but also their families has earned them the right to enter the Trope Pantheons.
  • Emily was one of the first people to greet the couple as she vouches for their ascension in the first place, and not only they are also happy to see her again she is also delighted that they and their families were doing much better than before. Also greeting them is Jack Skellington who is a friend of Emily that was curious about her adventure with Victor; he decided to befriend him to alleviate his nervousness and Victor likes Jack once he looks past his scary exterior. It helps that they share the same creator.
  • When the couple first settle into their newfound temple (which is a recreation of Victor's family mansion), their neighbours Sanada Nobuyuki and his own wife Inahime came by to greet them. Like Victor and Victoria, they too were arranged to be married to bring benefits to both of their families and their love for each other strengthens the success of it so they were very happy that it turned out the same for the other two (well, after some scuffles with Emily no less); they are even grateful that Nobuyuki and Inahime are willing to protect them since they have little to none combat experience. La Muerte & Xibalba initially scared them since they are all-powerful in their homeworld but Victor and Victoria managed to look past their intimidating exteriors and see that despite their quarrels, they do love each other which is something they are awed at since they are Physical Gods. Like with other couples, Princess Cadence wishes the best in their marriage and hopes that it lasts long, a compliment they accepted wholeheartedly and Trip & Grace tells them to cherish each other since their own marriage is not one of perfection, something Victor and Victoria feels bad about.
    • However, not all of their housemates are that friendly. Caster and her husband Souichirou Kuzuki had committed murders as they pleased during the Fifth Holy Grail War, causing Victor and Victoria to stay away from them coldly. The evil couple expected it since said actions warrant some criticism but deep down, Caster is a little sad that because of her actions, she and Kuzuki technically pushed them away and kept their social network minimal.
  • Of course, those that threaten relationships is instantly disliked by the civilized couple. Ato-ko Shirogane is determined to break them up for her sick amusement and satisfaction for her fetish to the point that they outright hate her, Raynare and Gideon Graves are terrible significant others that the couple are glad to never run into and Embryo & Akio Ohtori treated other women with little to no respect let alone their humanity all for their vile and selfish needs. Their powerful allies agreed with their oppositions against the aforementioned and are ready to defend the couple against them.
  • Scary villains like Oogie Boogie and the Headless Horseman unnerve the couple and Victor is horrified that Oogie is made up of bugs, something he's exploiting given Victor loves butterflies. The Horseman is willing to go after their heads, Victor's especially which gave the couple some sleepless nights.
  • Through Jack, Victor and Victoria meet James and his Bug Friends and were amazed at his adventure and his bravery that he experienced. Victor is a little bummed that there is not a single butterfly among the Bug Friends but he does find them a lot more pleasant than most other people he has met before and Victoria can agree.
  • Victor van Dort is an avid butterfly enthusiast and he's delighted to find Sig, Agitha & Shino Aburame who share his love of butterflies on top of bugs in general; they all even go on butterfly catching activities whenever they have the time together. Through them, he and Victoria also befriended Mothra and was both scared and amazed that she is a giant butterfly; it helps that she's very benevolent. She'll even defend the couple against the Radiance, which he accepts given that even though he knows that butterflies evolved from moths, the Radiance is one moth he does not want face with her dangerous plagues and aims of stripping free will from bugkind for subservience to her.
  • Victoria Everglot was a poor aristocrat before marrying Victor and as such, sympathizes a lot with those who share unfortunate situations like her such as Sara Crewe and Perrine Clostermann. She gave her full support to them once she heard their stories of paying for her education after her father's death and rebuilding her homeland after a Neuroi invasion respectively; Sara even comes over to Victoria's temple to tell stories to her and Victor. Charlie Bucket also befriended Victoria and Victor and impressed them when they heard he was chosen to become Willy Wonka's successor of his chocolate factory.

We are here to enable your full potential, as we have with countless worlds across the galaxy.

The Network, God of Providing Humans Their Technology
  • Potential House: Extraterrestrial Abilities
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Five bars that emulate network connection range bars.
  • Theme Song: The Bomb Squad mix of "20 Seconds To Comply" by Silver Bullet.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with a brand of Well-Intentioned Extremism (Thinks of himself as Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Jerkass Aliens, Influencing human technology for a while, Utopia Justifies the Means, Evil Order, Believes humans are the least civilized and very flawed species in the galaxy, Elaborate Underground Base, Kills defiant humans and replace them with Blanks, Means well but carries out extreme methods, Pillar of Light, The Stoic (until Gary, Andy and Steven refutes his intentions), Speaks through the Blanks, Ultimately did not get punished for his crimes
  • Domains: Law, Technology, Extraterrestrials, Secrecy
  • Heralds: The Blanks which could be anyone you ever knew...
  • Allies: Father Elijah, IT
  • Enemies: Team Dai-Gurren, The Anti-Spiral, The God-Emperor of Humanity, Evolto, The Men In Black, The SCP Foundation, The Master Of Chaldea, Qin Shi Huang Di (FGO), Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Spock, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, Jonathan Archer, The Courier, Zamasu, Philemon, Nyarlathotep (SMT), Ermac
  • Source of Interest for: The Grand United Alliances of Law and Machines
  • Opposes: YHVH, The Vogons
  • Fears: Present and Future Zen'o
  • It was just a normal day in the Trope Pantheons. Everyone was going around in their daily lives and battles. Sound normal, right? On the next day, it once again seems normal... except everyone is doing the exact same activities yesterday. This irked Simon, Kamina, Yoko and Nia when their respective friends acted liked nothing's wrong and keep insisting that is the case. Simon and Nia managed to not make too much of a scene while Kamina and Yoko's encounters ended up in violence, causing them to discover their strange blue-coloured blood. The four meet up and immediately, EVERYONE is after them even their fellow Dai-Gurren members with glowing eyes and mouths. Their chase ended in a conspicuous pub known as The World's End, where they hide. When the commotion seemingly died down, Kamina pulled down a dispenser lever for a drink, but it actually activated an elevator that spans the bar area which descended to an underground chamber. Lights went on from the robot duplicates of their allies and enemies, revealing the true mastermind: The Network.
  • The Grand United Alliances of Law and Machines find him to be a valuable ally for his actions for an orderly intergalactic society and his utilization of Blanks respectively, but the Network was initially torn on choosing his allegiances. That is until he learned of the GUAM's aims for robotic supremacy and they wanted his Blanks for more Mooks to employ, which he declined and cited that it goes against the intergalactic community he desired to attain and said robotic supremacy might cause an imbalance. In the end, the alien decided to join the GUAL since his goals align with their mission to bring order to all, though even he can tell that YHVH is in over his head.
  • Ever since that entire fiasco, both the Network and the Dai-Gurren Brigade are sworn enemies on top of having opposing views of not just freedom of choice but also freedom of spirit. They'll only work together against the Anti-Spiral, whose aims of universal genocide is bad news for the Network and his intergalactic community; he's even disappointed that the Anti-Spiral used to have a noble goal of balancing his universe's Spiral Power, but also enjoyed inlficting despair regardless of the justification and felt he would have been a great ally.
  • When knowledge of Starfleet (an organization of all life in the galaxy) reaches the Network, he began to consult the most well-known representatives around for a negotiation to collaborate. Kirk, Spock and McCoy as well as captains Picard, Janeway and Archer already heard of him since his pre-ascension fiasco and quickly turn him down, for Starfleet's morals of allowing individuality for all galactic life clashes greatly with the Network's idea of banding together involves losing your whole personality for a resilient body. The Network is still determined to get them on his side despite this.
    • On top of the aforementioned reasons, The God-Emperor of Humanity also can't see eye to eye with him though not because humanity's flaws are what makes them special, it's that to him humanity will always be superior than most other alien life though he does offer them peace under his rule. Insulted that he must be under a human's rule to join Emps and he wants to run the intergalactic community himself, the Network gave up on the God-Emperor the same way he did with Gary.
  • In addition to said pre-ascension fiasco, The Men in Black and the SCP Foundation obviously actively oppose him with the MiB declaring that the Network made an illegal landing on Earth since their first contact, and the SCP Foundation seeking to contain him for studying his abilities. The Network himself is also still irked that they refuse to join him and was also glad that the MiB do not exist back in his world or else his plan to bring humans to join the intergalactic community wouldn't be set in motion. There is one species the Network does not want around and that is the Vogons, whose bad poetry is enough to short his and his Blanks' circuits and is actively avoiding them despite them being similarly lawful (though bureaucratically and not tyrannical).
  • The Master of Chaldea is both seen as a child and a threat to the Network as not only is he defiant, but his bonds with his Servants is although incomputible yet admirable, still detrimental to his vision. One of his Servants, Qin Shi Huang Di already learned Their lesson that people don't have to sacrifice individuality to come together and sees the Network as a bad reminder of Their own actions. Evolto's very being puts the Network on high alert and constantly sends Blanks to dispatch him, to no avail due to Evolto being stronger than the Blanks; he had a field day that a mere drunkard human being can totally refute a logical alien like the Network, furthering his opinion that humans are disgusting to him and the Network fails to keep them on a leash.
    Evolto: *laughs* Oh boy! I like this Gary King guy a lot! What a power move to lose to a drunkard like him in a battle of words! *continues laughing*
    • Philemon also asserts that Humans Are Special, flaws and all and they do not need external forces to bring out their true potential, though the Network did refute that Philemon is no better when he tries to let humanity Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence by betting with Nyarlathotep; Philemon concedes to that point but still have faith that humans can be better than him when it comes to vanquishing evil. They both do agree that Nyarlathotep is a very big threat and the Network can't bring humans to join the galactic union if the former kills all of them. Nyarly himself refuses to care much about the alien, but snickers when hearing about his failure to keep them in line.
    • Zamasu thinks he fails to bring the NINGEN under order which gives him all the more reason to extinguish them; since Zamasu plans to end literally everything even the intergalatic union, the Network staunchly opposes his omnicidal plans. But if he's angry at Zamasu, Zen'o and his future self is able to scare the Network as to him, a precocious ruler is not worthy of running everything, let alone run a multidimensional contest; the Zen'os themselves think he's simply being a fun killer.
  • It takes a while for the Network to get used to the existence of the mystical in the Pantheons as he is a logical being of science, but one day he had heard of the being named Ermac, a collection of souls created by Shao Kahn and seeks to bring them to his side. While Ermac is elated to meet a fellow legion, they turn down the Network's offer that involves cybernetication which reminded them a lot of the Lin Kuei's Cyber Initiative.
    Ermac: We are content as we are, and your cybernetic vessels will not contain our essences.
  • The Network finds it hard to seek like-minded allies who also wished for a united community in the galaxy, that is until Father Elijah confronts him because of that. A misanthropic Control Freak who can go on about how human nature is "against us" and "unreliable", his ultimate goal with the Courier in the way is to "wipe the slate clean", in other words using the technology he gathered in the Sierra Madre to wipe out as many people as he can while enslaving any remaining survivors of his attacks through explosive collars; not only does this get rid of any "children" messing with technology that he believes they don't understand nor deserve but it also secures his control over everyone. Agreeing with Elijah's assessment of human nature being malleable and his utilization of technology to take over the Mojave Desert, the Network entered a partnership with him though Elijah is still considering the offer of gaining a Blank body as he insists he's fine with his current one. Despite all of that, deep down in their hearts both of them knew there will be only one ruler over humanity when it's all over.
    • The Courier then became an automatic enemy just by allying with Elijah. As the Courier has done a number of amazing feats in New Vegas, the Network is making sure they do not ruin his and Elijah's plans.
  • IT has also won over the Network as they both seek to bring order to humans by any means necessary, even getting dirty with blood. The only disagreement they have is that the Network would like it if there are humans who would be willing to join him while IT will show no mercy to defiants; still, they will cooperate regardless.
  • "We are the Network, and we are here for your betterment."

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[up][up][up] [tup] for both profiles

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First draft of Char Aznable.

Prototype mode

Casval Rem Deikun, God of Chromatic Superiority (The Red Comet, Édouard Mass, Char Aznable, Quattro Bajeena, Grand Admiral Char/Char dai-taishō (GUAE rank)formerly , a CHAR, Blue-Eyed Casval)
Click here to see Char as Quattro Bajeena 
Click here to see Char in Char's Counterattack 
  • Intermediate God (has Greater God authority)
  • Symbol: The Newborn Neo Zeon crest, or any one of his mobile suitsnote 
  • Theme Song: "Here comes Char!"
  • Leitmotif: "The Red Comet of Loum"
  • Alignment: True Neutral overall with shades of other alignments depending on what phase he's in (Neutral Evil during the One Year War, Chaotic Good during the Gryps War as Quattro Bajeena, and Lawful Evil during the Second Neo Zeon War)
  • Portfolio: Uses A Red Mobile Suit That Goes Three Times Faster, Ace Pilot, Arch-Enemy to Amuro, the original Char Clone, Don't Trust Him, Even Evil Has Standards, Jerkass, Manipulative Bastard, A Newtype, The Red Comet, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Action, Colonies, Enhancements, Fighting, Leadership, Liberation, Mobile Suits, Politics, Rivalry, War
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds: Sayla Mass/Artesia Som Deikun (his sister, shared with Amuro), Nanai Miguel (his Number Two as leader of the Second Neo Zeon), Lalah Sun (his Love Interest, smuggled in)
  • High Priest: Zeheart Galette
  • Followers: Captain Phasma, Garven Dreis, Antoc Merrick, Soontir Fel, Kane
  • Allies: Zechs Merquise (his former high priest), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Darth Vader, the 501st Legion, Anavel Gato, Graham Aker, Hustler One, Gilbert Durandal
    • On good terms with: His neighbours, Barbie and Rainbow Dash
  • Worthy Opponent and Eternal Rival: Amuro Ray (Friendly Rivalry/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at times)
  • Rivals: Master Asia, Chifuyu Orimura, Elzam von Branstein, Shuichi Akai
  • Headbutting Villains: The Zabi family (outright enemies for Gihren and Kycilia, and complicated relations with the rest)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rau Le Creuset, Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons, SHOCKER, Ali al-Saachez, Ex-, Gauron, Frieza, [Tyrannical Figures Emperor]] Palpatine,
  • Enemies: Pretty much the entirety of the GUAG Robot War Division, Bask Om, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Optimus Prime, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Tooru Amuro and the Black Organization
  • Respects: Charles Xavier, Lacus Clyne, Tommy Oliver (one-sided)
  • Opposes: Sundowner and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Respected by: Tetsuya Yuuki/Meijin Kawaguchi III (on-again, off-again protege)
  • Complicated Relationship: Haman Karn, Melkor (his boss), Banagher Links, Athrun Zala, Charlotte Dunois,
  • Perhaps the most beloved character in the Gundam franchise ever, Char Aznable has always been the subject of political intrigue, fan intrigue and now Pantheon intrigue. When the GUAG began building up a mecha fighting force out of the deities they had on hand (which would become the GUAG Robot War Division), Melkor saw fit to create one of his own. But the God of Evil needed a charismatic deity to lead the charge, so he looked no further than the uber-Char Clone, Red Comet Char Aznable!
  • Born Casval Rem Deikun, he ended up at the centre of a political bloodbath and succession crisis when his father, politician and leader of Side 3 of the Earth Federation space colonies Zeon Zum Deikun died suddenly and his chief of staff, Degwin Zabi took control. Casval was hardened by the trauma this incident had on him, the politics, the lust for power, the greed that had destroyed his life. He then set himself two priorities: to first destroy the corrupt Zabi regime of the now Principality of Zeon, and to uphold what his father had advocated for in his political philosophy: have the space colonies gain independence from the Earth Federation, have humanity leave Earth as it was sacred, and to prove right his theory that Spacenoids would eventually evolve into a greater species (the basis of the Newtype theory). To this end, he participated in many major events throughout the course of the Universal Century.
    • After faking his death by getting rid of the real Char Aznable (a look-alike) and enlisting in the Zeon military in his place, he would make a name for himself by destroying five Magellan-class battleships in the Battle of Loum, the first armed engagement in the One Year War, and earning the nom de guerre of the Red Comet by redlining his MS-06C Zaku II and using the added speed to blindside the enemy fleet. Thanks to him and the Black Tri-Stars, Zeon struck a decisive blow to the Earth Federation Space Forces and captured its commanding officer, General Johann Abraham Revil. He would later be tasked with finding and destroying Project V, a secret Federation mobile suit project. And we all know how that turned out...
    • Following the escape of the Gundam, Char chased after the unit and its carrier ship, the White Base, having several run-ins with his sister who had joined the Federation and urging her to desert. In the process, Char would also exploit many opportunities to eliminate the Zabis one by one, starting with his friend Garma Zabi by leading him into a trap by the White Base. He was suspended from military service by his brother, Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi but pressed back into service by his sister Kycilia to assist in Newtype research, also leading a botched attack on the Earth Federation Force's Jaburo HQ in the Amazon. Mind you, this was while she knew full well that he was actually Casval! His professional rivalry with the Gundam's pilot Amuro Ray would become very personal after the death of his Love Interest Lalah Sun when she protected Char from a killing blow. In the final battle, his Zeong would critically damage the Gundam and lead into a swordfight, where he received his forehead scar. Sayla would remind him that that wasn't the real fight, prompting Char to retreat.
    • After Char finished Kycilia, the last surviving Zabi, he retreated to the Axis asteroid base. The Axis Zeon remnants supported him as leader, but he would refuse in favour of Haman Karn, who would become regent for Zeon heiress Mineva Lao Zabi and later full leader of Axis after her father Maharaja's death. After yet another series of unfortunate events and learning of Haman's true intentionsnote , Char departed Axis and joined the Anti Earth Union Group under the alias 'Quattro Bajeena'. Char saw the AEUG as a form of salvation to liberate Spacenoids from the iron fist of the recently established Titans, an elite anti-Zeon branch of the Earth Federation Forces which brutally suppressed all forms of resistance, openly rejecting the rights of Spacenoids. However, Haman would see this as betrayal and engage Char's Hyaku Shiki with her Qubeley at the end of the AEUG-Titans war (the Gryps War), seemingly killing him. Of course, the Red Comet wasn't done just yet.
    • Once more, Char resurfaced in U.C. 0093 as the leader of a new Neo Zeon remnant, having lost faith in humanity's capacity for change and resolving to fulfill his father's ideology through violence. His plan was to drop the Axis asteroid base onto Earth and cause a nuclear winter that would force its populace to migrate to space and evolve en masse into Newtypes. With his new Sazabi, he faced off with his arch-nemesis Amuro one final time before disappearing alongside him preventing the asteroid drop. In truth, Amuro had died experiencing a Psycho-Frame overload along with Char. However, while Amuro's spirit consented to moving to the afterlife, Char's did not and split in half, with the remaining component being used to create the Cyber-Newtype Full Frontal, which appeared three years later as leader of Neo Zeon remnant force "The Sleeves" to destroy the Earth Federation using Laplace's Box and form a coalition of space colonies separate from the Federation. Once more, he failed and finally let go of his rage, resentment and despair, passing into the afterlife. But of course, fate would not be done with Char Aznable. And this time, it probably never will be.
  • He was ascended under a different trope in a different house, but has since been moved to the House of Colours with previous records wiped from the books. Understandably, he's a bit embarrassed to be living next to a doll/human and a pony, but having endured a lot of realistic war trauma throughout his life, privately admits the bonkers atmosphere is a nice change. Regardless of their respective alignments, he is quite polite to them and even considered welcoming their newest member Rainbow Dash with a house-warming gift, though he later vetoed the idea for political reasons. He rarely spends time in his own temple anyway, given his status as the leader of the GUAE Mecha Cohort.
  • Char has had a lot of trouble with finding a high priest. A LOT. His obvious first pick was Full Frontal, his successor and the Second Coming of Char. While Char initially embraced him with open arms, their differing viewpoints eventually caused friction between the two. One alternate continuity finally broke the ice between them, and not in a good way; the Char of the said AU wanted to use the asteroid Axis as a focus point of sorts to face a looming threat, while Frontal wanted to proceed with Char's original plan of causing global winter. For that reason, Char forced Frontal to abdicate his High Priest status until further notice, which then turned permanent when he elected Zechs Merquise in his place. A bitter Full Frontal has silently sworn to ascend in his own right once the time comes. Speaking of Zechs, Char actually had made him his second high priest out of pity for their similar backgrounds. Zechs once went into a Death Battle against Tommy Oliver, which Zechs won due to having more experience. This battle actually prompted Char to ascend him proper.
    • For a long time since then, Char's candidates for high priest began ascending to the Pantheon proper without even getting to serve; Graham and Tatsuya Yuuki being among the more recent ascendees. Eventually Char got fed up and decided to source one from a world less paid attention to, the world of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Now, Vagan commander Zeheart Galette serves as his high priest and one of his junior officers in the Mecha Cohort, commanding its small Vagan flotilla from his flagship, the Fa Zard with a promotion from Captain to Commodore. Char also elected him out of pity for his faith in Project Eden denying him the chance at a normal life and rendering all the sacrifices he had made moot. As a favour to him (and after successfully smuggling Lalah into the Pantheon as a hidden Mecha Cohort member), he has made Fram Nara, his Love Interest, Marida Cruz's high priestess, if only to soothe his high priest's inner pain.
  • Melkor was among the first to welcome him to the Pantheon, but knew not to recruit him immediately since Char would definitely smoke him out as bad news. Instead, Melkor had his Number Two Johan Liebert tour him around the Pantheon, particularly the worst areas of the House of War to indirectly convince him to join the GUAE for the sake of ending the Forever War in the Pantheon. That didn't convince Char at all. What did though was the promise of seeing the greater Gundam metaverse and spreading his father's ideology in more dimensions, in places where hope still existed for its resident Spacenoids. Where the Grand United Alliance of Good sought to curb over-interference into the standard timeline of the fictional universes, the GUAE sought to oppose them at every turn, which is technically true. Char would accept the offer and formally establish the Mecha Cohort with legions of Neo Zeon soldiers at his command. To this day, Char still isn't convinced that he made the right choice.
    • There exist plenty of instances when his conviction has been shaken, most prominently during Perfectio's time in the Pantheon. He's seen the horrors Perfectio has wrought and thinks that its atrocities go too far even for his liking. He is eternally grateful to Treize Khushrenada for the Heroic Sacrifice that trapped Perfectio back in its own realm and treats him kindly as a fellow military officer. Things got so bad that High Command began thinking Char was was losing his wits when Melkor had no plans to induct Perfectio into the GUAE. When Melkor learnt that Char had contacted Magneto about his career choices if he joined the GUAG, he moved quickly to prevent Char's departure as he was the only one holding the Cohort together. Next thing people knew, Perfectio was out of the Pantheon and Char remains the leader of the Cohort to this day. And it happened again when Ex- ascended to bring eternal despair to the Pantheon. While Char tolerates his presence in the Mecha Cohort, he keeps the mecha at arm's length and lets him work more or less separately from the Cohort so he will be isolated when the GUAG comes for him.
  • His last known rank in his home world was Captain, though being the leader of a primary GUAE branch, he was promoted several ranks to Admiral and later Fleet Admiral as the Cohort grew in numbers. After a costly battle with the GUAG that the Cohort won decisively with Char successfully leading a bipartisan campaign alongside the GUAE Conquest Force, he received the rank of Grand Admiral, (the first ever since Thrawn) in a lavish awards ceremony in the multi-purpose hall of the Villain Pub. At the ceremony, Char was quick to shake hands with Emperor Palpatine, supreme commander of the Conquest Force and establish an alliance with him, if only for pragmatic reasons. While this has led to some triumphs in mending the rocky relationship between the Mecha Cohort and the Conquest Force, Palpatine obviously doesn't give a mite about the Red Comet and his Newtype 'bantha fodder', since the Force is far superior to this. They might as well be enemies.
  • The GUAE Mecha Cohort has among the worst factional divisions in the GUAE, which already has its member villains at each other's throats. The worst of these is between Char and Gihren Zabi, one of the many men who he's sworn to kill. Others include Rau Le Creuset, Muruta Azrael and SHOCKER.
    • This would eventually spiral into a leadership crisis. Char still leads the majority of the Mecha Cohort and remains the official leader of the group, endorsed by the Four Horsemen, the GUAE Conquest Force (specifically Thrawn) and most of the other Alliances. The many pilots loyal to him include Anavel Gato, most of the Zabis, Zechs Merquise and Treize Khushrenada, and eventually persuaded to officially make a stand against Gihren, which marked the beginning of a civil war between Char's "Red Zeon" or "True Zeon" faction and Gihren's "Black Zeon" or "Zeon Reich" faction. Gihren would subsequently seize several replica asteroid bases around the GUAE's extradimensional space, with A Baoa Qu as his headquarters, while Char would seize control of Axis and Solomon as his principal mobile bases.
    To Gihren and his brood,
    Your supremacist ideals have already ruined what Zeon has fought for: independence and peace.
    Today, I officially denounce your baseless ideals for death and destruction!
    We shall realize the vision of Zeon Zum Deikun and all visionaries who desired the same,
    And will bring the Gundam multiverse into a new age of tranquility, a utopia for all of humanity!
    For the sake of Spacenoids,
    and for the sake of Newtypes! (cue applause)
    • Gilbert Durandal shares Char's faith in Newtypes and that they should be separate from but co-exist with their Earthnoid counterparts, and has become one of Char's most faithful loyalists. Char does know that Durandal is a bit more forceful with this ideology since his view of Zeonism comes with his trademark Social Darwinism where genetics determines a person's role in society, undoubtedly due to Rau Le Creuset's influence. In fact, Durandal only joined the GUAE Mecha Cohort because Char convinced him that his Destiny Plan would not bear fruit if he worked alone.
    • Another conflicted loyalist is Zeon pilot Anavel Gato and his herald Aiguille Delaz, who served under Haman Karn's division of the Mecha Cohort until Gihren ascended, and he joined his "Zeon Reich" faction, bringing with him the Garden of Thorns base. However, Gihren's increasingly brutal war policies and plans to attack a defenseless Regild Century for supplies soured relations. Gato and Delaz would lead a revolution against Gihren loyalists, gather all other dissidentsnote  and flee for Axis. While Gato is completely loyal to Char nowadays, his idea of Zeonism is very different from his superior's.
    • Another faction would rise when Durandal's Earth Alliance counterparts, Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril ascended to the Pantheon. Char obviously despises them both for being leaders of an anti-Coordinator and now anti-Spacenoid organization which also supports War for Fun and Profit and for using Biological CPUs and the Extended (the CE equivalent of Cyber-Newtypes) as weapons for their cause, treating them as property. He curses their innate jealousy for causing the world of SEED to become such a Crapsack World and causing two wars because of him. When he first approached Azrael for an alliance, he just laughed maniacally and told Char to stick it. The only consolation Char has is that Azrael and Djibril despise all Newtypes and thus only work with Gihren's side for the convenience, not yet seeking leadership of the Cohort. The Blue Cosmos sub-faction is smaller than Gihren's by virtue of being late to the party, but Char is of the opinion that they will prove to be a nuisance in the future given that they have backing from the Titans, who are part of the Grand United Alliance of Law.
    • Elzam, Rau, and surprisingly Charlotte were considered for being high priests, but the three of them have ascended in their own right (special mention for Elzam since he had overridden Char's theme music on many occasions.) Among these three though, he has a soft spot for the young French deity, although many gods were not surprised about this: after all, he's said to like little girls. While Rau Le Creuset supports Gihren's cause, Char is a bit more sympathetic to his Cloning Blues problem and has been trying to get Rau to see that humanity can overcome the depths to which Rau claims it has fallen by evolving into Newtypes (which he suspects that Rau has already become). Rau just smiles condescendingly and points out that Char has fought and killed Newtypes himself, thereby proving in his own eyes that they are still the same self destructive race no matter what. He isn't trying to sway Patrick Zala though, that man's for Athrun to handle.
  • It should be noted that Char is above all, a sociopath. Char's entire life has been devoted to avenging his father and championing his ideology, so everything else is either a pawn or distraction to him. On the rare occasion that a deity does make friends with Char, he'll immediately turn on said deity and leave them to die, like with Garma. His charisma lures many to his side, but if an opportunity presents itself, he will not hesitate to throw allies under the bus if it means furthering any agenda he's pursuing at the time.
    • This is where his alliance with GUAE naval commander Grand Admiral Thrawn. While Char is an excellent leader, his strategic prowess is rooted more in opportunism and political power plays, so he can afford to act like a Smug Snake at times. Thrawn doesn't have that charisma since he's an alien in a xenophobic Empire but does have true strategic and tactical skills in analyzing the enemy. Both sets of strengths perfectly complement each other, which is why both officers are attempting to bridge the gap between the Conquest Force and the Mecha Cohort. Thrawn is quick to seek Char's opinion should something relevant come up, and the Red Comet's judgement is usually sound. The Grand Admiral has also provided Char with a squad of death troopers as his personal guard, with custom red armor.
  • His priests wear red robes and mieters with command antennae. This doesn't make them any faster, but bless them, they're trying.
  • He once challenged Chifuyu in a duel upon her ascension in the House of Profession. Their fight ended in a draw, despite statistically beating her IS unit in terms of size and armaments.
    • It is notable however, that this duel did NOT take place in space, due to the IS's life support limitations. Both parties are eager to try this again in a less restrictive environment once the necessary upgrades are made.
  • Information has recently surfaced that, at some point, likely after that whole mess with the Titans, he used his identity as Quattro to become an Admiral and join the fight against the Abyssal Fleet for a brief period of time.

Do not underestimate the might of the Empire. Zaarin is dead for treason. You had best learn from his example, Captain.

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