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Main House The Main House is the home of the highest of the high. These are the gods with Power, the ones who suffer no setbacks when killed, even if the House of Life and Vitality refuses to resurrect them. Most of it is off-limits to visitors - the entrance is a cr, tiled island surrounded by fathomless water and ringed by high waterfalls. Greater Gods can't visit unless they're wanted; even Carmen Sandiego can't bust in. And security has been further tightened ever since one Lord Arktivus Brevon somehow successfully broke in prior to his own ascension. For one, they ensured the floor was just as impenetrable as the walls.

Those who have been called in or granted entrance come out with radically different stories about what it looks like. As of recently, a relative consensus has been reached - several gods and visitors consider the interior House reminiscent of an office, complete with cubicles - but this is still quite heavily contested by those who remember walking through throne rooms, run-down palaces, Fluffy Cloud Heaven, and similar architectural forms and anomalies.

Permanent positions for selected deities once existed here, but entry requirements have since been tightened to prevent one fictional universe from gaining prestige over the others. Now only the Progenitors, Manager of Divine Ranks, and leaders of the Grand United Alliances reside here permanently. All other prospective leaders must ballot for temporary positions in the Main House, and even the successful may not be guaranteed entry.

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The Progenitors

They are the equivalents of the Almighty God in the Pantheon.
    Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson 
Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Gods of Tabletop Role-Playing Games
Gary Gygax
Dave Arneson
  • Overdeities (Demigods during their mortal lives)
  • Symbol: A D20
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good and Lawful Good, respectively
  • Portfolio: Creators of Dungeons & Dragons and thus Revolutionizing Tabletop RPGs, Bringers of Fun, Dragon-Recurring Settings, Divinity (Pantheon only)
  • Domains: Craft, Scalykind, Fantasy
  • Underlings: Dungeons & Dragons deities
  • Allies: Dream of the Endless, Cosmos, Eru Ilúvatar, God (GTDAB), The One Above All, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Nyarko and her friends, Philip J. Fry, Bender and Leela, Dexter, The Order of the Stick
  • Enemies: Melkor, YHVH, Nekron, The Anti-Monitor, Lord Fuse, Merged Zamasu, the Outer Gods, SMT's Nyarlathotep, The GUAM Machine Council, Xykon, General Tarquin, Redcloak
  • Respected by: SMT's Lucifer
  • It all started in November 1972 when Gary Gygax, the co-founder of the International Federation of Wargamers (IFW) met up with Dave Arneson and David Megarry for a game of Blackmoor in Lake Geneva. After a round refereed by Arneson, Gygax swiftly created a new campaign named Greyhawk and asked Arneson for a draft of his gaming rules. After that, they exchanged ideas over phone and mail and playtesting with their other contacts. They wanted their board game to be published as soon as possible due to two publishers rejecting it, so they hastily make new rules without using Arneson's draft. Luckily, a man named Brian Blume provided enough funds to publish the original Dungeons & Dragons set in 1974 with the initial print run selling one thousand copies and rising in subsequent years. Since then, the world is introduced to one of the most revolutionary Tabletop Games that influenced many works of media for years to come.
  • Gygax's mortal shell was cast off March 4, 2008 and Arneson's on April 7, 2009. The sacrifice of so many hours of free time skyrocketed them both to Overdeities of Craft. Gygax is often more active than Arneson, though that is because people know about him more.
    • Later, they established a spot in the Main House as the Progenitors of Gods. There, they have the highest position possible, gaining dominion over every deity in the Pantheon. Most don't object (yes, not even the most Chaotic deities) since as Game Masters, they must be fair when it comes to a game's balance, thus they help keep situations normal. Cosmos and Eru are thankful for their new position as leaders of the Pantheon and the Status Quo helps them with this job and they appreciate his help for it. The God from God The Deviland Bob is glad that these two will do a better job than he did and proceeded to continue drinking at the bar.
      • However, there still are most deities not liking the fact that they are in charge and seek to usurp or destroy them. YHVH thinks they do not deserve to be leaders of the Pantheon and often sends His underlings to fight them to no avail, because of their Game Master abilities. Nekron wants them permanently dead so he could destroy the Pantheon with ease. The Anti-Monitor also thinks they are a hindrance to his ultimate goal of everything being blown to smithereens. Zamasu is outright pissed that because of them, he cannot destroy the NINGEN. The GUAM Machine Council, in line with their philosophy of robotic supremacy thinks that two humans like Gygax and Arneson are obstacles to their goals, though luckily, Roboking is keeping them in line.
      • Surprisingly, Lord Fuse is actually afraid of the duo, because their orders are powered by Clap Your Hands If You Believe, his biggest weakness. Fuse is trying to think of a way to dispose of them with no risk.
      • What's also surprising is that Lucifer admires Gygax's mercilessness in his campaigns, although he is a bit irked that he and Arneson must maintain order in the Pantheon which becomes a sore spot for him.
  • Originators of the concept of Godhood... well, Dream of the Endless predated that, but the three decided to share credit just to save some confusion.
  • The Outer Gods are baffled that two humans have as much power as they do and also has dominion over them. For now, they go back to their usual businesses while not trying to needlessly provoke them... but not Nyarlathotep. He and his SMT counterpart both agree for once that they must be out of the way in order for their evil ambitions to come into fruition.
    • The duo get along better with their creator, H.P. Lovecraft, despite the three working in completely separate genres. Nyarko, along with Mahiro, Cuuko and Hasta also get along with them, even though Nyarko did not have any experience playing D'n'D prior to this.
    • They also got along really well with J.R.R. Tolkien, because his work has influenced their games a lot including Dungeons and Dragons.
  • All tabletop gaming gods have them to thank. If it wasn't for them, they wouldn't exist. On the flipside, if it wasn't for them, the Ebon Dragon and the Chaos Gods, among other evil gods, wouldn't have existed either, so it's sort of a mixed bag.
    • They are the only gods that the Draconic Trio will defer to and woe to anyone that dares to harm them in their presence. Drizzt and Artemis confronted their progenitors and asked them, "Why are we this way? Have you forsaken us?" Gygax and Arneson tells them they can be whoever they want since the Pantheon is where fictional characters can retreat to during or after their trials. The lesser not so different duo accepted this and unconditionally serve their masters to this day.
    • The Order of the Stick has given their allegiance to the Progenitors and fight in their stead due to their world being based on the 3.5 edition's rules and making fun of the whole D'n'D experience. This also cause the Order's enemies like General Tarquin, Redcloak and Xykon become their enemies, who are also seeking to usurp and overpower them. Not even the duo can stand Miko Miyazaki, though they appreciate her allegiance albeit a blind one.
  • Gygax has met Fry and his friends before, who are surprised that he runs the entire place. They now join him in role-playing campaigns during their off-hours. On a related note, he feels proud that Dexter the young genius triumphs over his fellow players in D'n'D even having his last name as his alias, though Gygax (and Arneson as well) does try to teach Dexter to play fair next time.
  • They also serve as two of the Quartet of Arts in the House of Craft along with Emmet Brickowski and Rohan Kishibe.

Manager of the Divine Ranks

A new position established by the Progenitors, the Gods who manage the Divine Ranks of deities. He is responsible for adjusting the ranks of Gods in the Pantheon if it is determined they are either to attain a higher rank, or descend to a lower rank.
Uraltugo Noi Nueph, Manager of Divine Ranks (Ugo)
  • Overdeity (has power over the ranking system)
  • Symbol: Rukh
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Divine Ranks, The Archmage, Beware the Nice Ones, Imagination-Based Superpower, Older Than They Look, Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality, Top God
  • Domains: The Divine Ranks, Magic
  • Allies: Aladdin the Magi, Eru Ilúvatar, The One Above All, Aladdin the Thief, The Genie, Madoka Kaname
  • Enemies: Ren Gyokuen, Melkor, Jafar, Zamasu
  • Respects: The Truth
  • The Main House's (now defunct) Holy Trinity appointed Ugo to the newly-created position of "Manager of Divine Ranks" after learning he was able to exchange the hierarchy of Gods in his own Universe, and decided he was a perfect fit for regulating the ranks of entities in the Pantheon. Ugo very happily agreed with the decision, because now he had a whole range of new people he could make friends with. He is currently employed in the Court of the Gods.
    • Extra care has been taken by the Progenitors to ensure that Ugo's knowledge of how to switch places in the divine hierarchy does not spread to other Gods, for fear that evil-aligned Gods may use it to give themselves more power in the Pantheon, as David was able to accomplish in Ugo's world. However, Tzeentch may already know...
  • Ugo has garnered the ire of a number of evil deities, both because Ugo was able to do what so many of them failed to do (usurp their Universes's gods and become Gods themselves), and because of the apparent hypocrisy in Ugo's treatment compared to them. It is believed that Ren Gyokuen/Arba was the one who first started the complaints.
  • Ugo holds great respect for The Truth as a guardian of the Gate of Truth, and the purveyor of justice and karma. The Truth may have had a guiding hand in David and Sinbad usurping the Sacred Palace from Ugo, but the implication is that David is the one The Truth wanted to be punished. The Truth may be the only other being outside of the Holy Trinity with whom Ugo's knowledge was shared.
  • Ugo was also very happy and surprised to meet Aladdin in the Pantheon, and the two frequently talk about the other characters and worlds as Aladdin shows Ugo around the Pantheon. Aladdin is also helping Ugo readjust to being outside of the Sacred Palace, since being in there for 1x10^51 years made him a little insane, and making sure that no evil deities try to trick him into doing something by projecting an illusion of Solomon. Aizen Sousuke, in particular, is high on the list of people to keep Ugo away from.
  • Unlike Aladdin, Ugo is completely frightened of well-developed female physiques, much to the humor of some Goddesses, but also makes many Gods wonder where on earth Aladdin got it from, since Ugo was the one who raised Aladdin.
  • Ugo's expertise in magic is considered to be unparalleled in his home Universe, enough so that it was his mastery of magic that created the Djinn, the Universe in which Aladdin and his friends currently live in, and the source of his ability to re-order the divine hierarchy.
    • He heard about the plight of Madoka Kaname shortly after arriving in the Pantheon, and he has promised to help Madoka in any way he can.
  • Zamasu was... not happy to hear of Ugo's exploits after the latter ascended to the Pantheon, and immediately went on a rampage against Ugo to destroy the NINGEN!!!. Ugo quickly over-powered Zamasu and put him in a fish-tank, and the latter was only released on the instruction of the Main House after he had calmed down.

The Heads of the Alliances

A sextet of Overdeities representing the Four Cardinal Moral Alignments: Good, Evil, Lawful, and Chaotic, as well as Destruction and Nature.note  Because of the shared leadership of the Machine Council, the Grand United Alliance of Machines has yet to formally select a singular representative among their number so far.
Cosmos, Goddess of Good (Goddess of Harmony, "Goddess of Death")
  • Overdeity of Goodnote 
  • Symbol: Her personal symbol
  • Theme Songs: Keeping the Peace, Cosmos, Lux Concordiae
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good, God of Good, Original Generation, The Harmony to Chaos' Discord, Gold and White Are Divine, Physical God, Team Mom, Let Herself to be Killed To Let Her Warriors Have the Power to Defeat Chaos, Deity of Artificial Human Origin, Shinryu's pawn, Realizing The Weight of Her Actions And Seeking to End the Cycle For Good
  • Domains: Balance, Destiny, Good, Law, Hope, Peace, Protection
  • Superior (in name): Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson (the Progenitors)
  • Heralds: Materia (her reincarnation), Onion Knight, Professor Shantotto
  • Followers: Lord Shojo, the Man In The Moon, and many others
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Mr. Satan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork (on their end): Any neutral-leaning or insincere heroes in the Pantheon, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Gaea, Darth Vader, the 501st Legion, Spawn, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: Mr. Rogers
  • Opposes: Darkseid, Sauron, Big Brother, Hero Killer Stain, Malekith
  • Opposed by: Frank Underwood, Ultraman Belial, The Didact, Kreia
  • Pities: Jaime Lannister
  • Conflicting Opinion (on their end): Present and Future Zen'o, Dr. Manhattan
  • Worries about: Eren Yeager
  • The Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos is the opposite force to fight against the God of Discord, Chaos. Summoning warriors across time and space, the two of them have been fighting each other with their selective champions to one day finally defeat one another. When the Pantheon was in its earliest days and the Grand United Alliance of Good was being formed, her ability to unite multiple heroes together was the deciding factor for her to be the leader of such a grand order.
    • However, there is more to Cosmos than just a beautiful deity. She is in fact a Manikin who was designed after, and has the memories of, the wife of Cid of the Lufaine, in order to keep Chaos under control. Eventually she, Chaos and Cid escaped their world through the Interdimensional Rift into "World B". There the three of them as well as the warrior Garland made a deal with the dragon deity Shinryu. As part of the pact, Cosmos became a goddess thanks to Shinryu's powers to fight in an endless loop against Chaos, with them sending warriors to be sacrificed to make Shinryu stronger with their memories and powers, as well as make Chaos stronger until he is strong enough to open the Rift again to get everyone back to their homeworld.
    • Ultimately, though, the Warriors of Cosmos started to influence her and the once-pawn of the cycle wanted to make it stop. She believed that, by giving her warriors fragments of her power as Crystals, they would unlock their true potential, and after letting herself get killed in order to break the cycle , they could defeat Chaos once and for all so that everyone could return from whence they came. Needless to say, she was successful.
    • Even though she herself is gone, her will reincarnated as Materia and Chaos' own into Spiritus when a new cycle of war suddenly popped up. While the two started fighting without knowing much of anything about their past selves, they ultimately decided to keep on fighting in more of a good spirit in order to maintain balance in World B. Cosmos hopes Materia and Spiritus will do a good job in World B without her help.
    • There has been some speculation on Cosmos' origins. The deities of the ''Persona'' universe believe the Goddess of Harmony to be an Anthropomorphic Personification of goodness itself, born when virtue first crystalized as a philosophy somewhere in the multiverse. Some Christian deities believe Cosmos to be a former angel, based on her appearance, who was unhappy with their Lord's oversight of mortals and became a deity herself to advance her own virtuous ideals. Sailor Moon has a theory that Cosmos could be Sailor Cosmos, the greatest Sailor Guardian in history, or an alternate version of her. Some of the Jedi see Cosmos as an embodiment of the Light Side of the Force. For her part, Cosmos prefers to let people know that goodness comes from within, not without.
  • Cosmos was around during the Pantheon's early days and was given the title of the Goddess of Good. At first, Eru Iluvatar was leading the GUAG but as he was not used to front-lining leadership he needed an active replacement; Cosmos volunteered to replace him and as he reviews her previous experiences, Eru considers worthy and declared her the new Leader of the Grand United Alliance of Good. They both still maintain a cordial relationship to this day. Gygax & Arneson had also arrived to the Pantheons as early as Cosmos and Eru, only slightly later than them. Cosmos and Eru are thankful for their new position as leaders of the Pantheon and they hope the two will help maintain the balance further, given their experience as dungeon masters.
  • Even though she is the leader of the GUAG, she isn't really one to fight her own battles. While she can fight, her powers mainly focus on protecting her warriors than outright fighting herself. That being said, she can give anyone the right advice to give them the morale boost they need, and if she needs to, she can bestow fragments of her powers to other warriors to make them stronger.
    • She is rather accepting when it comes to who want to join the GUAG. As long as they want to do good, she is more than willing to accept them in. But please, if you want to do some sort of divisive gambit, make sure you talk to her first. She doesn't want the events of the 12th cycle of happening again where Kain and Warrior of Light kept on slaying the other warriors to protect them from the Manikins. She also recognises, like Philemon, that people cannot be forced into doing good because to truly do so, it must be voluntary. Forcing people to join her alignment would make the GUAG just as bad as the GUAE Corruption Agents and the GUAL Ministry Of The Word.
    • She also does fair amount of counselling to the GUAG members, mentoring them to the best of her abilities if they need it. She has heard it all from every branch of the "Good" alignment, to the most stern pacifists to the most battle-hungry heroes. She even takes the time to listen to non-GUAG members requiring soul-searching from other alliances. Jaime Lannister is one of those examples, with her giving the former Kingslayer necessary advice to break free of Cersei's toxic influence and encourage him to train in other fighting arts to humble himself.
  • To bolster her forces, Cosmos once more summoned the Warriors of Light because to her, it's better to first bring in who you know into the fray. They in turn were glad to see her and once they are informed of the bigger Forever War going on far greater than the conflict of World B, the Warriors are ready to fight for her once again. Especially the Warrior of Light, who is greatly faithful and loyal to her and Cosmos in turn sees him as a valuable servant to care for. It doesn't surprise her that Lord Chaos had also ascended at around the same time as her, with the Warriors of Chaos coming in later and gradually. Chaos claims that he'll fight her once again just like before, but so far he hasn't made much strikes against her, probably due to Melkor opposing her more and being reminded of his own mother whenever he sees her again. Either way, Cosmos is going to be watching his next step along with his warriors, especially Kefka Palazzo who had threatened World B a few times on his own and proved to be more deadly.
  • As she is the big leader, Cosmos is automatically allies with the members of the GUAG Command who are big and important members of the organization. They definitely treat each other more as equals than with a chain of command but nonetheless still defer to Cosmos as her good morals provide a true final say in whatever matter they brought up. It's a very long list, but some specific allies there had some interesting relations...
    • Cosmos kind of likes Alexander the Great's antics and believed in the "conquering by befriending together" philosophy he follows and she can hold her liquor against the finest wines, something that pleasantly surprises Alexander. She also believed in the Power of Bonds and keeps the line when Tokugawa Ieyasu is starting to stray off, and thus Ieyasu considers her a good friend. Rachel Alucard actually respects Cosmos and often decreases her snarking tendencies around her presence; although Cosmos was a little put off with her tendency of "doing things because she's bored" and wished Rachel would get serious, she still appreciates her knowledge and commands. Reed Richards is fine with her as long as she lets him do whatever he wants and Jean-Luc Picard likes her stance on morality and upholding the dignity of all beings, civilizations, and cultures, not to mention she opposes despotism and inflicting suffering on others; in fact, he was so moved, he gave a passionate speech in defense of her ideals. Lady Honor Harrington also respects her for her achievements and the fact that she was able to rally such a high number of good-aligned deities under a single banner, even plenty of anti-heroes and anti-villains.
    • Cosmos have also admired Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi's tactical prowess in combat and counts on them to lead their allies old and new and in turn, the two are loyal to her as she proves to bring a breath of fresh air since Nyx and Erebus. Commander Samuel Vimes is loyal to enforcing the law and justice, not her (as he has a bit of contempt for serving any deity, even though he is one); however, he does realize the GUAE are threatening law and order, and is helping Cosmos because as a copper, it's what he supposed to do. The same goes for Captain Alex who is glad that Cosmos allows him to fight against the criminals of the Pantheons. Cosmos respects Josiah Bartlett's commitment to America, but has asked he extends his patriotism to helping all those who have been oppressed by evil which is more than fair in his opinion, and thus Bartlett has pledged his support for her. Tommy Oliver is more than willing to help Cosmos even if he wants to go back to teaching, Yoda share a close friendship with her which is maybe out of being old, Date Masamune have numerous reasons to join yet is still very loyal to her and Havelock Vetinari feels allying with her is necessary to his currently unclear plans.
  • Despite the quick assumption that Chaos is Cosmos' greatest adversary, he pales compared to Melkor. Like him, Cosmos have not met Melkor before being appointed as the leader of the GUAG and if he did, she would have one of his prime mortal enemies since Cosmos is able to juggle so many people from different backgrounds to fight primarily against him (initially). He has noticed some of the ridiculously strong deities that have sided with her, and he ups the security of his base of operations with each new addition. Melkor wants to keep and gain new members for himself in turn and while he was able to snag new ones, they pale in comparison to what Cosmos has. She surmised that his Bad Boss reputation within the GUAE has deterred new recruits from joining.
    • By virtue, Cosmos also opposes Melkor's fellow Horsemen Griffith, Majin Buu and Johan Liebert. Their depravity (Griffith and Johan especially) are deplorable and dangerous enough for Cosmos that she decided to build more morale and warnings against their terror. The other Horsemen do see her as a formidable foe after Melkor first briefed them about her, with Griffith being assured that destiny will be at his favour and not Cosmos, Majin Buu looks forward to killing her himself and Johan looks forward to demoralizing her subordinates just so he can make her despair. Other GUAE high-ranking members Cosmos are enemies with are Malebolgia and Damien Thorn, the latter of which is closer to Melkor as a honorary "son" of sorts; they too also see her as an enemy with Malebolgia finding her no better than the God he knows even though she is miles more virtuous than Him and Damien sees her as a hindrance to his mission of bringing hell on Earth.
  • Besides Melkor, Cosmos opposes the other GUA leaders YHVH, Lucifer, Nekron and the GUAM Machine Council because they have less-than-benevolent agendas to take over the Pantheons and for everyone involved. YHVH repsects her to some degree as she has managed to unify so many heroes under one banner but the fact she oppose him still lies, which is disappointing as YHVH sees her potential on keeping Order throughout many realms. While Lucifer acknowledges her as an adversary and has no intention of losing the War of the Alliances to her, he also respects her quite a bit and has noted that if someone besides him absolutely had to be the winner of the War, he would much rather it be her than the others; because after all, she too acknowledges the dignity of sentient beings and respects their right to freedom while Melkor and YHVH are both, as he put it, "on a self-indulgent ego trip". As for Nekron and the Machine Council, they also oppose her by virtue as she hinders their plans of death to all and machine supremacy respectively though she can reason more with Roboking who doesn't really oppose her anyways and understand what she has to do in spite of his squabbles with the King of All Cosmos.
    • Cosmos has strained working relationships with Gaea and the Emperor of Mankind. She is fine with the rest of the GUAN as they are more capacity for benevolence and good intentions but Gaea's extreme methods and approach towards preserving nature is something she disagrees with. As for Emps, he had expanded his own influence outside of the GUAG with the Order of Humanity as he believed that humanity can elevate themselves to greatness without her help; Cosmos is displeased as she believes that humanity still needs good in their lives.
    • Speaking of, there's also the rise of Lesser Alliances which are organizations that are still small to be a Grand United Alliance but still have enough influence in the Forever War. Aside from the Emperors's own alliance, there's Zamasu's and Khorne's with the Divine Order of Absolute Justice and the Hounds of War respectively which can potentially derail the conlict entirely; Zamasu is obviously furious that Cosmos would throw away her life so recklessly for a bunch of NINGENS that would die anyway from their age or untimely demises and Khorne constantly mocking her and the other GUA leaders tries to benefit from the conflict even once it ends or should it end prematurely, not unlike a certain dragon that we'll get to shortly. Darkseid is also another big enemy for Cosmos, even having enough of an influence and sheer power to rival Cosmos with his new organization, the Harbingers of Repression if he feels like it; his newest dragons, Sauron and Big Brother also sees Cosmos as their enemy and hindrances to their own goals of conquering and oppression respectively.
    • Believe it or not, her biggest concern when it comes to one particular deity is not the other faction leaders, but Shinryu. She fears that with her being the head of GUAG would mean that the Forever War nature of the Pantheon could keep on making Shinryu stronger and stronger. Not only that, but she fears that Shinryu could easily depower her the moment he is bored with her. From this, it is questionable that Cosmos can even count as an Overdeity. When the Court reviewed her ascension, they determined that her power level makes her a borderline Greater Goddess, but her status as the greatest example of pure good in the Pantheon lets her keep her current rank. This makes her weaker than the other Alliance leaders, and her influence lower than theirs. When not battling, Melkor milks this power gap for all its worth.
      • Luckily, it turns out that even if he's more powerful than her and Chaos, Shinryu still doesn't stand a chance against other and more powerful deities. It's still not enough to quell her fears though, as he is allying with more villainous deities in order to stay alive and have a chance at her.
      • One could argue that Cosmos' true power comes from the GUAG, which is arguably the most powerful alliance in the Pantheon due to the power of its members (which includes several Overdeities and many Greater Gods), sheer numbers and the loyalty many members have to Cosmos herself. Cosmos also has the favor of deities who preserve cosmic balance such as Alpheus the World-Forger, Uatu the Watcher, Eternity and several of the Endless. Despite her lack of personal power compared to the other alliance leaders, Cosmos is one of the most influential deities in the Pantheon, to a degree that even Overdeities would envy.
    • Other villains who Cosmos came to oppose are Frank Underwood and Ultraman Belial who are allied with the GUAE and the GUAD respectively. Both have seen her as a goody-two-shoes who shouldn't get in their way of their aims to conquer with Underwood privately stating that he "only prays to himself" and Belial having a sour reminder of the Ultras whenever he sees Cosmos.
  • Throughout the cycles in World B, Cosmos and Lord Chaos wage war that in some ways, preserve balance and more so when Materia and Spiritus carries on that later on with the two doing so in good spirit after defeating Shinryu together. It's why she has disdain for Kronika and her children Cetrion and Shinnok who established the conflict in their world so that it fits Kronika's idea of balance and order which she sees as a perversion to the usual good-versus-evil conflict. Not to mention that Cetrion would planned that if she were to take control of the Hourglass, it would be way too similar to the things Cosmos once tried to stop. Kronika scoffed at her as she had expected that Cosmos is too virtuous both for her own good and unfit for her ideal order, with Cetrion agreeing and called it a shame that they are not allies and Shinnok is reminded of Raiden at his most righteous when seeing her.
    • Another pair of seemingly opposite deities who are nonetheless no different than each other are the Daedric Princes Molag Bal and Meridia. Molag Bal is the closest being to a God of Evil in his world and he did numerous atrocites that disgusted Cosmos greatly, such as starting the first rape that gave rise to the first of The Undead and vampires just to spite the god of birth and death Arkay and enjoying corruption of the purest of heroes, making no better than worst of Chaos and/or Shinryu; Molag Bal likewise sees her as just like Meridia and made it very clear however grand or petty.
      • Speaking of Meridia, Cosmos and by extension many in the GUAG would rather not associate themselves with the Lady of Infinite Energies after hearing about her manipulations during Molag Bal's Planemeld and support of the Elven race called the Ayleids in the past and their resurfacing sometime around the Oblivion Crisis when one of them attempts to overthrow the Divines and as such frequently butt heads with eachother should the situation allow them to cross paths. Cosmos and the Alliance are firmly for prioritizing all life whereas Meridia would only look out for the select few, and the few are perfectly liable to be culled if she deems it necessary in some way, shape, or form. Both Cosmos and Meridia have since been common opponents of one another.
    • Cosmos then heard of the Ones, who have established the balance of the Force in their world and as expected, she got along with the Daughter for being women who championed for good. She was more than willing to let her join, while also being sympathetic towards The Daughter for having to oppose her brother. That said, The Daughter does not take direct action unless the The Son is involved. The reason is that she still wishes to fallow her father's orders, so she primarily takes a position in the GUAG Medical Division; there, she can user her Force Powers with great effect without disobeying her father. Seeing that, Cosmos is reminded of her situation with her father and creator Cid of the Lufaine and hopes to find a way to ascend him soon.
    • Kreia doesn't like Cosmos as she sees her, Melkor and their respective organizations to be either extremely naive or too temperamental for their own good, and believes that balance is the key, something that neither sides have ever accomplished throughout their yearsnote . For a time, she also considered this to be the case for good and evil and why the ideals for the heroes to be utilitarian made them inhuman (and weak for those who show mercy) and the villains to be extremely selfish. Cosmos is dismayed that the circumstances in Kreia's life caused her to view the Force very bleakly and became vigilant in case she tries to derail the entire war, but she has taken her view that the Force is dangerous with a grain of salt because who knows if the Force really does cause imbalances to all of the Pantheons.
  • As she was created in the image of Cid of the Lufaine's wife, Cosmos was redirected to Trish, a demon who is made to look like Dante's mother and Sparda's wife Eva in order to lure Dante. Unexpectedly finding a kindred spirit in a goddess who started out as a Manikin, Trish appreciates her company though she would like her more if she wasn't getting lectures in the way she's dressing. Sparda himself is also reminded of his wife when seeing her, and since Eva is currently his Herald the women do meet from time to time, which is something Sparda is very welcome to. It also helps that he has mutual respect towards the House of Heroism and he's partnered with the Sacred Knights.
  • In terms of really close friends, they tend to be other high-end gods who are God of Good, at least in their setting. Aside from Eru, The Monitor and Ahura Mazda have provided big help towards the GUAG with the former being more willing to bring in villains and other morally grey beings should Cosmos is unable to call them in. Like Eru, Gan takes a hands-off approach in helping the GUAG and counts on Cosmos in doing the rest; the same goes for Dream of the Endless and he'll intervene to help her should the forces of evil become to powerful to handle like the aforementioned Barbatos. Mata Nui and Philemon are also strong allies of Cosmos in the Pantheons, with Mata Nui preferring her presence over YHVH's and Philemon was initially distrusted by her until Tatsuya Suou's intervention forced him to better himself which Cosmos hopes he'll stay on the right track.
  • Cosmos had recently helped Captain America in re-establishing the House of Defense as a non-partisan force dedicated to rescuing innocent civilians and minimizing property damage. The first among them are chaos, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Aang, Amaterasu and Athena. chaos respects those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of humanity or all of creation and she is an example of that though he did have some initial confusion over her name which are somewhat similarnote  that he managed to quickly cleared up. Cosmos also has a diplomatic alliance with the PPC and supports their endeavors in their mission to maintain the continuum and that they'll make it in spite of their dysfunctional work environment, her relations with Aang go back to the Pantheonic Rebellion and has strengthen since because of their shared desire to protect all of the living and the same goes with Amaterasu and Athena though the latter is a little harder to work with considering some of her questionable actions.
    • Related to her alliance with the PPC, Cosmos started to oppose Barbatos, the Anti-Monitor and the Nothing for being threats to all of fiction and its inhabitants once they warn her of their threats. Barbatos taunts her and vows to pull the Pantheons into the Dark Multiverse with her helpless, the Anti-Monitor also vowing to destroy everything even fiction that it took Cosmos and the other GUA Leaders to beat him together the first time round and the Nothing also poses a similar threat which is why she asks her allies to survey the Gmork (the Nothing's Herald) to look out for potential dangerous moves.
  • She's also grateful to Haruhi Suzumiya and Ugo for helping maintaining balance in the Pantheon and help sorting the ranks respectively. At least until Whis then came along, but Cosmos knows Haruhi ultimately wants to have fun even if it costs a bad day for everyone around her. Ugo was at first intimidated by Cosmos' noticeable physique which she initially found amusing but as time and time went on, he got used to it to the point that he's surprised that he managed to overlook his one fear and see Cosmos for the person she is.
  • The two most powerful heroes ever, Superman and Son Goku are ecstatic to see a leader of good running the alliance and praises her virtue which she is flattered by. Once they hear her backstory, they gave her full support for her and decided to fight alongside her against future threats. This also extends to the Dragon Team, Goku's allies who noticed that she's more proactive than Shenron and while Shenron is a big help, Cosmos gives them help way more often instead. Other champions of good like the dragon Bahamut and the paladin Artix von Krieger also pledge to fight alongside Cosmos, with the former's bond with her strengthen during the Pantheonic Rebellion like what Aang also did and the latter asking her for approval to form the GUAG Sacred Knights; she did and he's forever grateful for that, not to also mention that she praises his triumph of moving past his origin of being the Champion of Darkness.
  • As she is involved in cycles of time loops, Cosmos has given help to the Pantheonic Time Police and their endeavours even if she hasn't traveled through time yet. She has however praised Clank and the Doctor for their actions in preserving time, even if for the latter his companions mostly make the messes; the Doctor in turn often helps Cosmos on occasion should she needs his help. She has also been critical of the Dahaka for being relentless against enemies of time with extreme prejudice and Homura Akemi not for the loops but for taking away Madoka Kaname's powers, but she's more sympathetic towards the latter as she can understand wanting to save Madoka who is very dear to her heart.
  • Oddly enough, Cosmos managed to strike up a friendship with Mr. Satan, who faked his powerful appearance for a good show but is nevertheless a good person. She does help keep up his facade to those who are not aware of his true nature which is a sentiment that Mr. Satan is very grateful for. Like everybody else, Cosmos deeply respects Mr. Fred Rogers as his boundless kindness and gentle nature has touched the hearts of many; Mr. Rogers is at first weirded out by her existence but later on welcomes her presence as she is only a powerful being dedicated to championing good morals and benevolence.
  • Gandalf met with Cosmos to discuss his entry into the Grand United Alliance Of Good, and believes her a fine lady deserving of every ounce of respect she gets, even comparing her to the Lady of Lórien, Galadriel; they parted on good terms and maintain a close professional relationship in their war against Melkor. Madoka also managed to befriend Cosmos, who felt very bad for her after Homura took away her strongest powers; Madoka tells her that Homura should not be blamed any further, which she agrees and they both continue to discuss methods on how to get Homura to open up more about her honest feelings, not just to get Madoka her powers back but to prevent another Pantheon-wide event by her hands.
    • The young Illyasviel and Asia Argento also befriended Cosmos and see her as a very reliable adult with Cosmos understanding her Darkand Troubled Past and holds a Big Sister Instinct towards her, similar to Issei and will go Mama Bear if she gets hurt though not to the extent of Issei going berserk. After inviting little Illya for ice cream (who initially hesitated), Cosmos heard out Illya's story, shocked that there's little to none parental supervision in her world so she asks Illya to come to her whenever there's any big trouble ahead which Illya takes to heart though she herself is also concerned of Cosmos' safety as well.
  • A lot of the neutral-leaning or insincere heroes distrust Cosmos, as she is easily seen as a "goody-two-shoes" who shouldn't be questioning their morality when she hadn't made any harder decisions during her time in the cycles herself, ignoring the fact that sacrificing herself to defeat Lord Chaos is already a hard decision. Lelouch vi Britannia, while still maintaining a strictly professional relationship with Cosmos is of the opinion that she should have made more heart-breaking decisions and while she wants to agree, she can't because there are some lines she wouldn't cross too far. The Hero Killer Stain actually have high praises for Cosmos as he sees her as much of a virtuous paragon as All Might and wishes all other heroes who disagreed with her would follow her example; Cosmos can't agree with that, because even if she disagrees with the same neutral-leaning heroes she wouldn't go out of their way to change their mind by force and plus, Stain killed just to prove his point which earns bad points in her eyes.
    • As Eren Yeager slowly makes harsher decisions to the point that he's willing to turn against humanity in order to keep his loved ones safe, Cosmos can only hope that he'll come to see that it can't be the only way. The Anti-Hero Spawn is very jaded towards Cosmos as he has sour memories towards his world's own God who was a bit of a jerk that only tried to help him way later and thinks Cosmos is the same as him; of course, that's not true and Cosmos sympathizes his state as he has no way to properly redeem his sins of slaughtering various people while serving a monstrous devil like Malebolgia.
  • Cosmos may be nice enough to give most villains a chance, but not the Nyarlathotep from the world of order versus chaos and Professor Hojo. Nyarlathotep is the embodiment of humanity's evil a seeks to drag humans down to their destruction to prove the point of his existence and Hojo came from Cloud and Tifa's world, causing so many problems that shape them and Sephiroth to this day. The bad guys themselves scoff at Cosmos' righteousness with Nyarlathotep even taunting her that it's pointless to fight for humans and their innate goodness since they will ultimately be selfish again and Hojo vows to revive Jenova yet again just so he can hope to even beat her and carry on with his experiments.
  • The Daughter warns Cosmos the threats of Emperor Sheev Palpatine and the Siths, the former having a galaxy-wide agenda of ruling the entire galaxy under his tyrannical fist and the latter individuals having their own agendas to pose problems to innocents; Cosmos accepts these precautions as their potential imbalance to the Force might affect everyone else badly. Palpatine himself scoffs at the goddess but he's intrigued at the abundance amount of champions she rallied, and considered coaxing a few of them to turn evil just to rub it in her face. Darth Vader, and by extension the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers are a little contentious with Cosmos; the Stormtroopers are more okay with working for her but Vader is in hot water for his previous actions both in the name of his loved ones and the Empire. Cosmos is willing to give him another chance but so far Anakin isn't really too interested in getting her approval as long as he keeps atoning for his past sins.
  • Cosmos tried to talk to the Didact in a calm session where she tried to explain the importance of humanity. Hearing how she was defensive of them almost reminded him of his wife, who as dedicated to protecting humanity and also wanted them to inherit the technologies of the Forerunners. Such reminder lead him to anger and nearly had the GUAG at his throats, had he not retreated back to space. While she was saddened to hear that he was unable to be convinced to change his ways, there were records from the House of Knowledge stating that the Didact's days of possible change was gone the moment the Flood manipulated him into their thought of killing anyone who would be a threat against them.
    The Didact: But what hubris to believe you could protect your pets from me forever.
  • As for more conflicting alliances, Cosmos is off-put by both Zen'os' childishness mixed with absolute power and she, Aslan and occasionally Q are trying to teach them to use their power more responsibly. Even if once she heard that Zen'o only wanted to teach mortals about the importance of agency, Cosmos thinks it was still reckless regardless. For Dr. Manhattan, Cosmos hopes that he once again fight for good even if he nearly extinguished the existences of the JLA and LSH as he had been a big help for the GUAG and the Superhero Division; so far, no luck and it seems less likely that he'll ever consider rejoining.
  • Cosmos is taking the threat Perpetua poses very seriously and is holding discussions with the leaders of the GUAG Superhero Division, the Pantheonic Time Police and other advisors in the GUAG Command such as Ghaleon and Robin to formulate strategies and possible alliances to counter this threat. The Goddess of Harmony sees Perpetua as something like a horrific combination of Darkseid, Shinryu and Kronika, able to grow in power through constant conflict with the goal of twisting all of time and existence into a nightmarish parody serving her hideous goals alone. Cosmos knows that beings from the Dark Multiverse could be one possible solution to fight Perpetua, but considers this to be a last resort.
  • About once a month, Cosmos arranges a modest tea party at her palace with several select deities she counts as friends. Regular guests at these parties include Asia Argento, Illyasviel von Einzbern (PRISMA ILLYA), Madoka Kaname, Rachel Alucard, Belldandy and Amaterasu. For the Goddess of Harmony, the tea parties are casual affairs where the guests can relax, talk freely and hear the latest news within the Pantheon.
  • "It is all an endless dream. Yet still... the fantasy must come to an end..."
  • Also a member of The Paragon Quartet Of Hope in the House of Heroism.

Melkor, God of Evil (Morgoth, Bauglir, Belegurth, Belegûr, Arun, Mbelekor, The First Dark Lord, The Great Enemy, The Black Foe of the World, The Corrupter, Dark Enemy of the World, Lord of Angband and Utumno, King of the World, Elder King, Master of the Fates of Arda, Black King, Master of Lies, Dark Hunter, Lord of All and Giver of Freedom, Lord of the Dark, Melko, Belcha, Ulban(d), Melegor, Meleko, Alkar, Mardello, Manfréa Bolgen)

YHVH, Anthropomorphic Depiction of Archetypal Maltheism (God, YHWH, Yehowah, Yahweh, The Judge, Adonai, King of Light, Elohim, Sabaoth, El Shaddai, Yaldabaoth, Kagutsuchi, Arrogant God, The Three Wise Men, Refined Voice, Metatron, Shekinah, Ancient of Days, The Creator God, The Creator, God of Law, The Great Will, The Lord)
Megami Tensei II YHVH 
El Shaddai 
Three Wise Men 
Ancient of Days 
Demonized YHVH 
  • Overdeity of Law (Overdeity as Kagutsuchi, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah, or Demonized | Greater God as The Three Wise Men, Demiurge, or Ancient of Days | Intermediate God as Sabaoth, Shaddai, Elohim, or Metatron)
  • Symbol: His Countenance
  • Theme Music: Omega (Majin Tensei), Law (PSX version, II, Strange Journey), Major Boss (PSX version), Last Boss Battle 1, Last Boss Battle 2, LAW, Last Boss Battle Before Transformation, Last Boss Battle After Transformation, Shekinah, Law Theme, Battle - b5, Battle - b6, Outer Universe, Battle - f7 Existence of All Things, Battle - f8 One Who Stands Against God
  • Alignment: Pure Law, which makes him Lawful Neutral to allies and Lawful Evil to enemies. Elohim, Sabaoth, El Shaddai, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah, Ancient of Days are Lawful Evil. The Three Wise Men are Neutral Evil. Kagutsuchi and Metatron are Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Top God, God of Order, The Evils of Free Will, Knight Templar, Order Is Not Good, Flying Face, Disproportionate Retribution, Inconsistent Characterization, Equal-Opportunity Evil, Need For Praise, Creating Avatars, Everybody Hates YHVH, Evil Is Hammy, Greater-Scope Villain, Lack of Empathy, Light Is Not Good, The Maker, Not Quite the Almighty, Omnicidal Maniac, Visionary Villain, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Light, Law, Order, Creation, Tyranny, Faith
  • Heralds: Raguel, Mastema
  • High Priestess: YHWH
  • Followers: "The Loving God," The Creator, a second The Creator, The Occuria, Wick, Father of Colors, O'ne the Creator, Delaxion, Hapexamendios, One God
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Shadows, Chakravartin, Eru Ilúvatar, The Celestials, Vishnu, Chuck Shurley, Zanza, The Love that Moves the Stars, Perpetua
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Auditors of Reality
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone with who disobeys Order or rejectors of salvation from him.
  • Opposes: The Endless
  • Opposed by: Eiki Shiki, Eliphas
  • Respects: Takuto Maruki
  • Disrespects: Claude Frollo
  • Conflicting Opinion: Flynn, Kazuya Minegishi and Hibiki Kuze
  • The divine who holds the name of God in Abrahamic religion, this version of that deity is a far cry from what most religions promote today with a "God Is Good" mindset. YHVH is a god more in line with an older and absolute archetype: a god that should be given 100% adoration by his followers and every law YHVH directs must be given adherence to unconditionally by the masses. YHVH himself has legions upon legions of angels at his disposal to spread his order across different universes, either justifiably or on a whim. Normally, YHVH would not bother with trying to "fix" a functioning society no matter the ideology behind it as long as it has structure. However, if the forces of chaos are going to spill onto the streets, YHVH's forces arrive to quell it all with the belief that uniting everybody under one direction is the ideal way to go. What this ideal direction is varies on who is in charge of spreading YHVH's law but frequently, it involves adoration for YHVH and what he does for civilizations. Many scorn YHVH for these very reasons, finding the Knight Templar nature of his army to be too imposing and frequently quite genocidal towards those who they deem as a threat. As a result, many refuse to join YHVH and even join the forces of chaos because what YHVH represents is just that unlikeable. Some would go as far as to say that YHVH is a Deliberately Bad Example of the faction he represents and only uses the ideology there to promote his own worship, a sentiment even some of his angels agree with such as Satan. Needless to say, YHVH would like to ignore those sentiments and points out he too has sent agents to stop those under his army being too tyrannical even by his standards as rare as that is. Coming to the Pantheon, YHVH outright despises the title he is given because he believes that he truly is doing just things that nobody can understand. Due to his extreme influence and effective methodology, YHVH is one leader among many Grand United Alliance of Law with the hopes that one day, all of the omniverse can be at peace under the rule of order. Being part of the GUAL leadership, YHVH represents absolute and imposing nature of law, even if he is not present to directly lead himself as he acts more of a figurehead.
  • YHVH takes on many forms just like its parent, drafting its power onto certain entities it creates willing or unwilling. Within Satan's Megiddo Ark, there exists Sabaoth, Elohim, and Shaddai who represent the punishment on defying YHVH's will. They are powerful but nothing extremely difficult. Yaldabaoth though truly embodies the worst things that YHVH can bring. Ruling Idea Space, Yaldabaoth wishes to bring the extinction of humanity by any means necessary. If any angel were to ask if this is the god they wish to follow, even they would cringe finding an answer. Kagutsuchi is a strange entity as it is entirely separate from the mythology that its name carries. It is more of an avatar of the Great Will, whose purpose is to bring the Reset Button to the world whenever it shows up. Its still seen as a YHVH avatar by association alone and even has a similar appearance even if Kagutsuchi is way more blocky than YHVH would like. Then the Mother Goddesses show up and destroy YHVH, causing him to split to several known beings: the Three Wise Men, Metatron, and Demiurge. The Three Wise Men can fuse with each other to becoming Shekinah, who is far similar to YHVH in terms of sheer power and attitude. The Three Wise Men themselves appear human and enigmatically manipulate those to freeing them from the Mother Goddesses' grasps. YHVH also has taken the form of Metatron, one of his direct subordinates as an avatar to try to restore his own power. Demiurge on the other hand is another aspect of YHVH having taken a physical form but is under the direct belief that he is the true iteration of YHVH to the point of wiping the floor with Metatron whose goal it is to reassemble their true form. Demiurge shows up again more times afterward, claiming to be god even though it is not the case. The Ancient of Days is a VERY reliable able avatar to YHVH as not only is it powerful but because it is made of an alien matter, the Ancient of Days cannot be seen by mortals regularly. There are probably more forms YHVH could take, all having different purposes and effectiveness but he would not release them unless the situation absolutely necessitates it.
  • YHVH detests Lucifer no matter the incarnation. Even if he is not there, Lucifer believes that destroying the cycle of civilization will bring the best out of mankind. As much as Lucifer would like to point YHVH is the primary cause of this cycle, YHVH would like to point out humans create structural systems as they civilize. It does not even have to relate to religion as using a agnostic approach, even someone who is not an anthropologist can find that human societies universally root themselves into following laws that they share, whether that be written or cultural practices. Technically, YHVH would say that Lucifer follows law to an extent by making a structural system for his forces because without it, Lucifer's ambitions would collapse due to the chaos ironically. He sees Lucifer as a troublesome Fallen Angel who brings nothing seeks to sow disarray across worlds, then abandoning it after succeeding or failing in his grand mission. Lucifer laughs and states that is a fair assessment YHVH has but he would like to point out that that is a very narrow view on what he wants to do. Lucifer does not only want to defeat the forces of law, but to take on the Great Will itself that mandates the repeating cycles of existence and the true driver of the Law concept across their multiverse. Even YHVH is taken aback by that declaration, as his parent deity basically serves as the glue holding existence together and recounts there is only one person YHVH knows who is capable of such a feat, so he and his forces fear how far Lucifer would go regarding this plan.
  • YHVH does his best to try to seem appealing to humans, as there are many cases where he or his avatar find defeat at a mere human's hand alongside the plethora of demons they gain but he still proves to very unpopular regardless. There are even people who join his cause not because they like him but they agree with the ideals on bringing order to the world, something that is detachable from YHVH. Either YHVH makes people like Flynn have a Sadistic Choice between friends or forces himself to permit humans forcing his angels to be Lighter and Softer. This inherent concern or even fear on what humans are capable of makes YHVH seem not as powerful as claims and lot more pathetic to people. That is not true, but what is true is how infinitely strong humans can become when they are given the right means to do so. Since the Pantheon litters itself with humans more than actual deities, many gods are seeing YHVH's point regarding this.
  • YHVH is proud of The Alliance he has made and respects his fellow leaders behind it if not outright enjoying their presence. He personally picks who joins his side and has several qualifications on who he picks. First, you cannot be mortal. There are many lawful mortals out there willing to uphold order with their lives which he respects heavily, but he still considers them more vulnerable to fallacies and giving into chaos more than divine beings or what he calls "artificial constructs" similar to Metatron. There are exception such as a Deity of Human Origin may join but must have the psyche unlike a mortal and must follow the second qualification. The second qualification is the complete reliability behind their dedication to upholding and spreading law. This entity by YHVH does not even need to be loyal to his cause nor have pure motivations behind his spreading law, just the idea that they will uphold it equally and fairly across their domains against all opposition. Malthael, IT, and Jyggalag follow YHVH's motivation on bringing order even if it means wiping away countless lives to do so. The Sibyl System, Nerose Satanel, and the Patriots embody YHVH truly believing Utopia Justifies the Means no matter what and that those sacrifices will be better for society. Then Ashera and Galeem have the more selfishly characterization that YHVH is known for too, wanting order to revolve around themselves. There are more of those who YHVH wants to bring in the Pantheon such as Itempas, Abucus, or White Guardian but not even YHVH can start bringing them to the Pantheon on a whim.
    • Ironically, those who dedicate themselves to upholding order who loathe YHVH for his angels' methodology and his own ego. Eliphas and Eiki Shiki particularly believe YHVH's need to impose his rule across universes only brings hatred against the governance and thought there are cases where order needs to be present, him trying to make everyone worship him afterward does not relate to this goal at all. If YHVH would just tell his angels to allow cultures and governments to still be intact but provide the necessary means and advice for them to function instead of outright conquering places, people will have a less harsh opinion on him and give less controversial reasonings behind his motivations.
    • The Auditors of Reality do not see YHVH highly either for an entirely differing reason. They see him as too weak, not committing the genocide necessary to ensure order. Either YHVH should wipe out all life to ensure a World of Silence which embodies pure order or brainwash everybody to essentially be robots. YHVH would like to point that first, he only wipes out all life on a planet if he intends to replace humanity after. Second, brainwashing everybody is an option but that is not true faith by all accounts even to him. If he did not need to convince humans to embrace law, perhaps but he relies on humanity's worship to empower him. The Auditors while aligning with YHVH regardless, find contempt with his unwillingness to be as excessive as he could be (which is strange as the Auditors should not have emotions regarding this. YHVH publicly complains that he does not like entities imposing their beliefs onto him and that it intrudes on his character.
  • More or less sees the God of Control, Yaldabaoth's existence as proof mortals need to have higher powers control them as Yaldabaoth (who is entirely different from YHVH Yaldabaoth) is more blatantly born from the collective human unconsciousness. Mortals have made idols, leaders, and systems that exploit them, and the public as a whole are unwilling to stop such exploitations because they normalize it no matter how much they bemoan over them. It is comical to him the only reason that the Phantom Thieves were given celebration only to be in a public lynching in an instant, only gaining support again when dramatic theatrics that won some over when they would turn their back on them beforehand. The Phantom Thieves retort by claiming that the public being unable to think for themselves does justify YHVH or his forces the right to inject their ideas onto others. YHVH then gave a counter to their statement to them through Metatron.
    YHVH: On the contrary, it seems like your children lack the understanding of what you are dealing with. You tirelessly attempt to target those you deem to be the hidden evils of your society. However, little do you realize that it was society itself that normalize these evils to begin with. Even to this day, not few but many areas of your world oppose racism, corruption, slavery, and other heinous acts that you deem barbaric. However, they are still functioning regardless and why is that so? Because society accepts these things as an aspect of reality, instead of blemishes that they must unite to remove. Those who indulge tin these acts remain while society ignores its then, all for the sake of maintaining the ignorance. So I ask you this Phantom Thieves, did your actions truly change the world or merely yourselves? Even now the Phantom Thieves are labeled as criminals by many despite them proving the corruption of others. Stour true enemy is not these hidden blemishes but society itself! And I promise, in my ideal society I propose to spread, I will correct these systems to make the word 'outcasts' nonexistent as everybody will be find a place of comraderie through my worship.
    • The Phantom Thieves once tried to find YHVH's Palace for the theft of a lifetime but did not find it. Not because of YHVH being outside of the human consciousness (he too was born in it albeit differently from Yaldabaoth) but as a result of his Blue-and-Orange Morality, a Palace cannot be manifested. Palaces are created by those ruling it be subconsciously aware of what their doing is wrong but insist on repeating their actionns. However with YHVH, he does not find a single fault with any action he does, only the regrets of mistakes that beset him being these unkept desires YHVH holds. By logic, if the Phantom Thieves did find his Palace and rob him of his desires, YHVH would end up even more omnicidal and competent as a result instead. Upon this harsh realization, the Phantom Thieves decided to a discard that infiltration.
    • Many people see Takuto Maruki as a potential law advocate along the same lines as YHVH. He did succeed what the God of Control try imposing onto Tokyo and is willing to overwrite the free will of then entire world, but Maruki is NOT a law person by all accounts. His methods may be similar but his wanting to bring happiness to everybody by fulfilling their wishes does not relate to what YHVH's forces are doing by taking advantage of pandemonium to be the governing body of humans. As if it even matters to him as he cannot care about a Forever War between law and whatever when he has to make a living with being a taxi driver. YHVH would like to acknowledge Maruki on his grand ambitions for bringing salvation to humanity and finds disappointment he lost the resolve to carry out his plan.
  • Sees Melkor as just another creature of chaos to remove from the world. Whatever allies Melkor has, YHVH believes that some may be beneficial as allies of his own or he needs to eliminate because they are unruly like their current leader. It is highly questionable to YHVH that people follow Melkor, knowing that Melkor only wishes to destroy existence in the end. Moreover, he has some degree of respect for Cosmos, as she has is able to unify so many people with differing ideals under one banner, an impressive feat that even he sees as an invaluable asset. It is disappointing that she opposes his rule, as sees her potential on keeping order throughout many realms a perfect ally to have. When many of both Cosmos and Melkor's allies went to either YHVH or Lucifer, YHVH went to yawn at the latter's temper tantrum for how childish he became.
    YHVH: Foul beast of Ilúvatar. Do you not comprehend what you seek? Law and Chaos are as eternal as Good and Evil. It matters not that neither myself nor the fallen one is removed. The ideas that shape us both are woven in the hearts of ephemerals and immortals alike; others shall come, and through them, we shall be reborn, as long as the will of the universe calls upon us! Are your pride and arrogance so vast you would dare to believe you could stop a war so long, it cannot be measured in linear time, and so vast, gods have gone mad trying to grasp its scope? That we care about your petty grievances? How many would embrace the idea of evil as you do as their final goal? When the time comes, you will stand alone whimpering. Grovel and curse in silence, and let the grand war continue forevermore.
  • YHVH's and Darkseid's relationship is a complex one as while the two of them call each other allies, they cannot meet with their same goals. YHVH wishes to bring order across the universe, preferably under his command but as long as chaos does not reign he accepts any reality. Darkseid though wishes to take the free will of everybody with the Anti-Life Equation which he infamously seeks. Darkseid by all accounts is more of the tyrant between him and YHVH because at least YHVH has the courtesy to give mercy beforehand. Although YHVH does not think Darkseid can truly embody the archetypical being of order if the New God were to reign, YHVH would not contest Darkseid's contest. They both seek the same goals with entirely different outcomes, it would only harm both of them to argue. Darkseid while respectful to what YHVH represents, went to ask what would happen if the Anti-Life Equation were to control YHVH. YHVH went to reply that such an attempt will likely bring a war that would encompass the entire omniverse but for now, they can at least deal with those concepts later.
  • YHVH holds a very negative opinion on Madoka Kaname, a girl who YHVH sees as someone who sees as a perverter to the natural state of the universe for a selfish desire, thus dooming countless future generations. It more or less began after YHVH heard the Incubators out and learned of their plans to prevent the heat death of the universe by creating and sacrificing Magical Girls for eons. YHVH, while not comfortable with the idea of these sacrifices, understands the weight behind it and deems these girls' deaths were necessary for the betterment survival of all future life. The Incubators even said they wish to find alternative solutions to this issue but if they found it, then they would not be in the predicament where they are. This solution became null when Madoka became a goddess, creating a system instead that involves hunting down Wraiths and achieves the same goal at a slower rate. YHVH would forgive it more if Madoka in her infinite omnipotence and omniscience comparable to his, FOUND A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM THE INCUBATORS GAVE. He gets there are even limits to what a god can do but he is sure she could have found an answer to what this issue but did not since Madoka cannot stand idly by on the suffering of girls like her. Then there is Madoka's girlfriend (as everyone knows), who he considers even more selfish than Madoka: Homura Akemi. Not only did Homura pull the Reset Button on everything Madoka made but also went onto what he sees as enslaving the well meaning Incubators and made the reality Madoka made never happen, thus making the world even worse off than when it beforehand. At this point, YHVH was willing to have Madoka just be given her powers back if it meant removing Homura from power, but he feels like Madoka will not take the opportunity to destroy her old friend out of some goodwill that he would like to say should have been gone. YHVH said to his forces to have Homura and even Madoka taken when the time is right so he can ensure try fixing the mess they made, and maybe EVERY Magical Girl to try to "fix" them as well. This made many of the girls' allies and anybody who does not like the idea of the kidnapping young girls oppose him as a result.
  • Kouta Kazuraba, otherwise Kamen Rider Gaim seeks to end the cycles of suffering of the Pantheon and finds that YHVH is an inherent factor in why the Pantheon becomes such a shitshow eventually in potential futures. One outcome has YHVH one day have his army try kidnapping Pantheon members, robotizing them to be part of his army which leads to a full-scale war to Unwilling Roboticisation as many mortal Pantheon members as possible. Another one has YHVH dying, and his Knowledge that contains his power goes all around the Pantheon which causes a violent hunt for his power within deities who could potential bring out supreme power at any given moment. The point is, Kouta thinks that if he does not steer YHVH's motivations, the Pantheon will end up in a horrible predicament that would cause everybody to suffer. He cannot even face YHVH head on even though he is capable of doing so as Kouta's direct influence may bring about one of those futures. YHVH would only like to say how impressive the former mortal's new omniscience is like, and would also like to comment on his ridiculous clothing. YHVH finds mortals that ascend to godhood have horrific fashion sense. At least there is contextual reasoning behind his force's appearances but that cape the Kamen Rider wears is a sin by itself.
  • One of the few gods to tell Mr. Rogers where to stick it (to paraphrase) when Rogers tried stopping the Order Versus Chaos conflict that was seeping into the Pantheon. While YHVH is powerful in his own right, consensus chalks the action up to YHVH's delusional inability to comprehend the fact that ANYONE could be stronger than him. Still, he did appreciate, however slightly, Rogers' willingness—nay, devotion—to help others. As a gesture of respect, he sees Rogers off when he did depart from the Main House after willing choosing demotion through Metatron and even sent a nice fruit cake Mr. Rogers enjoyed quite well. The cake was made from the various Forbidden Fruits YHVH always tests civilizations with, just to see if Rogers prone to temptation as other humans can. The issue is as even Satan pointed out, YHVH never informed Rogers its true nature so he basically never committed an intentional sin at all. YHVH retorted that being unaware makes it still count but Satan gave his own retort that if YHVH intentionally failed to disclose important information, HE is just as bad as a sinner. Backing off his petty plan to discredit Rogers afterward, YHVH wished he did not make Satan so precise on his judgements.
  • YHVH hold several mix feelings on three particular mortal followers in the Pantheonin that considers him their god. Amatsu Shirou Tokisada says he believes that YHVH will bring salvation to the world, but if not then the Japanese Christian would rely on his methods to do so. Anderson, while still holding the YHVH's trust, maybe too much of a Wild Card for YHVH to consider truly reliable. The man's sheer dedication to slaughtering evil forces may be seen as a plus though. Then there Jeanne d'Arc, who YHVH went onto predict to be a boon to his ranks. By convincing her he is the god she worships, Jeanne obeys his orders... mostly. She's still very much conflicted on serving those in Good or Law, a conflict she constantly challenges herself with. It is not like Jeanne herself did saintly things entirely during her travels across France but at least she did it in the name of unquestionable faith to God. With the Pantheon having so many voices running around it, she cannot decide if her decision is just right. YHVH would like to keep Jeanne close but knows if he does not tug at her that hard, thinking that some information he is not meant to know will leak out through her. Claude Frollo on the other hands has faith is unyielding but YHVH does not want to give Frollo salvation as he went to fall victim to his temptations that instead of pragmatism, went on a persecution rampage so bad that he made chaos across Paris by nearly burning it to the ground. YHVH is not letting that man cause another Tokyo Millenium if he runs rampant, so he makes Frollo eternally repent for his crimes by praying.
  • As a result of him allying with both Rassilon and Omega, YHVH made enemies with the Doctor. As quirky as the Doctor is, YHVH is aware how much of a threat the Time Lord is and went to inform his forces that no matter what, avoid involving the Doctor at all costs unless necessary. Even though coveting Time Lord technology through his new allies are enough to satisfy any conqueror, YHVH wishes to use the regeneration aspect of the Time Lords to not rely on humanity's faith to revive himself. He may not be able to die as long as order exists but it takes a long time to bring himself back anyhow. He wants another revival technique to fall back on, so YHVH covets the Timeless Child which he came to learn of. The Timeless Child is a prophetic Time Lord that can do things like grant regenerations, so YHVH wishes for the Timeless Child's powers. Fortunately, he does not know who the Timeless Child is in the slightest. He may be god but he ironically lacks omniscience.
  • YHVH does have a few virtues to him. Unless he deems it necessary, YHVH will not senselessly sacrifice his forces or his worshippers for his goals unless he needed to. He is merciful to those who oppose him, giving them ONE chance before marking them for death (on a good mood at least). He also does not hold prejudices against people in the slightest, even if they did not worship him originally (he demands said worship once they are made aware). All he asks for them is that they help spread the word of Law to others and uphold said convictions. Most of these traits are shown off by his worshippers to see how great YHVH is... only for the atrocities to come up moments later. Another complexity to YHVH is his stance on order-focused societies that he has not touched. YHVH does not just approve of tyrannical governments, but also societies in general that wish to spread their ideals of order to others. Even if said society's values conflict with another, YHVH will still harbor respect towards both for spreading Law. Though if he would have to choose, YHVH would pick tyranny over benevolence as he sees democracy as too slow and ineffective while tyrants are more competent when it comes to spreading Law around their domains and expanding them. Plus, if a rebellion takes place, most of the time afterward the overtaking group uses the same tactics their former oppressors use because it is just that helpful. The use of Law is a tool that YHVH as he says represents and truly believes that his obeying it and himself consequently is the ultimate salvation.
  • The moment that made YHVH one of the more central figures in the Pantheon ties to a person given mention prior: Eiki Shiki. Put under trial Court of the Gods, there were several incidents that people suspect YHVH may have been the cause of that put the balance of the Pantheon at risk. These Noodle Incidents include making an asylum using deities as experiments in some hybrid between mind controlling them and distorting space-time to do so, the brining of members of his forces to the Pantheon when they did not go through the proper ascending process, and being suspect to an insurrection to overtake the Pantheon. The efforts of Eliphas, Shu Shirakawa, and Dante Sparda gave YHVH a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to the head to the point of rendering YHVH a floating yellow head in a container as if he were a discount Zordon. The trial of YHVH did take a week and many of YHVH's forces under Metatron did their best to refute the evidence given against their god. Everyone tuning into seeing the trial, Eiki Shiki went to declare YHVH... not guilty due to a lack of sufficient evidence implicating YHVH to be the main instigator. The shock from the conclusion went to wash itself across the Pantheon, to the point a mob was going to rush in to the Main House where it all began. YHVH went onto take advantage of the situation, issuing a statement that went onto empowering him due to the newfound faith towards him, gaining the respect of many sympathizers in the process who went onto joining YHVH's mission on spreading order.
    YHVH: Do all those who hate thyself blind themselves to the madness! It is not the masses power to judge if I am guilty for crimes, but the justice systems that you adhere too! Eiki Shiki, Yamaxaadu is not at fault for being an impartial judger of crimes! If I were a guilty man, then will all of you in your seething rage be here to bring chaos? Nay! Neither you know my true character nor do you seek to know as your opinions are already set! This trial is all spectacle to you rather than a true belief in justice! Would you like it for me to grovel for my sins if I were the guilty? I cannot fulfill your wishes now but I can plead that all of you must not take innocence on the order that you all agree to! If you do, your crime going against the governance of the Pantheon will be similar to the crimes you accuse me of! I see that satisfaction you all have must be quite deep, if it drives you to wage war with the will of justice itself.
  • Attempting to have angels join his side proves to be much more difficult to YHVH. Many angels believe in concepts like goodness and goodwill more than what YHVH offers, and those who do believe in maintaining order do think YHVH represents it at all. Archangel Michael in the Pantheon turns out to be entirely different than the Michael YHVH has in his forces and this Michael completely opposes everything YHVH stands for. Rodin is a Fallen Angel that YHVH went to personally see but even with the good incentives YHVH sent, Rodin blew him off. YHVH wishes angels had the same mindset as someone like Malthael has... whose alliance with YHVH cost him the cooperation of Imperius. Sometimes, YHVH wonders if the world just hates the path towards law nowadays.
  • Etna went onto hacking YHVH's public profile to show off his Demonized Form and went onto labelling him as a demon instead of a god to mock him. She was given strict warning immediately by her friends to cut it off as fast she could before YHVH himself will give her a rather imaginative punishment for what she done except he will have complete justification to do so. She blew them off, something she would later regret once she was found out by YHVH's security team. Moments later, Etna was stricken with a curse that reset her stats, skills, and abilities back to Level 1 and not being able to gather experience of any kind to regain her levels. She went to call for every favor she could to get the curse broken, making her a bit of a laughingstock in the process for her foolish actions. After finally grinding her way back to her peak condition, the curse hit her again, as final spite from her rather pissed victim. Killia went to break the curse out of pity and while everything went back to normal for Etna, she has PTSD every time she hears YHVH's name.
  • YHVH has a little bit of amusement and disturbance at Lucifer's children. Not that having children is unfamiliar to YHVH but Lucifer has so much progeny, his angels should be wary of all of them but the issue is that most if not all of them never follow their father's path. At most, they recognize him as their father and even rescue him but never aiding Lucifer's quest to bring chaos across space-time. One of Lucifer's most prominent children in the Pantheon is Luka who YHVH is unsure is even one of Lucifer's children which he just made up to manipulate the poor lad. He would want to tempt Luka to joining his side to be the hero he initially went on his adventure to be but even YHVH finds complete appalment upon seeing the amount of disgusting sex Luka has with monster girls to the point that YHVH wonders if the Luka is emotionally functional. YHVH holds more concern for Lucifer's child than anybody in Luka's own life. It may be odd to be fraternizing with the brood of the enemy but if YHVH is willing to extend a hand to the reincarnation of the King of Bel then he might as well do so for a child of the devil.
  • The god the sees potential of planting his word towards the Imperium of Man, as the people there need to fervently follow a new leader not that their God-Emperor and whoever else is notably divine have notable presences within the current Imperium. All that YHVH needs to do is show up at the right time when the Imperium is at a pretty vulnerable place, make their miserable lives better and then structure around the culture for his forces' new rule. The biggest hurdle however is again, forces of chaos but more like the forces of the Chaos Gods this time who strike even to YHVH as particularly heinous. The Immortal God-Emperor upon learning this plan went to reaffirm that no outside influence whether that be gods, xenos, or materialism will corrupt his subjects. He went as far as to declare YHVH a Chaos God himself but embodying order instead of the hell the other Chaos Gods bring. YHVH would commend the extreme loyalty the Immortal God-Emperor has to have such loyalists but going by his description on how Chaos Gods are made, then the Imperium itself might be creating a new one due to the passion the Imperium has for what it stands for and the hatred against all outsiders to humanity.
  • YHVH does not want to start a battle with the Endless, not out of fear but knowing that there would be no point in doing so. As the Endless are incarnations of aspects of reality, he knows even if he does want to remove some of the Endless to suit whatever needs he may want, Endless of them like Death and Destruction will not ever go away even if you erase the personalities of every human out there. He just has to accept that they will likely be there when he wins, a fact he is not happy about but cannot find a way out of because there can only be one Top God ruling the cosmos. At least he is aware none of the Endless have those world-conquering ambitions.
  • YHVH are amongst many who have concerns over the idea that two small beings have a stranglehold over the entire universe of Dragon Ball, being capable on eliminating even the strongest of beings out there. The fact that they were willing to wipe all of existence if one specific chosen action did not happen at the end of the Tournament of Power solidified that both Zenos aren't responsible enough for the power they carry and must have their power be put in check. There is the Grand Minister who does that but if the Zenos are willing to do something, nothing can stop them. YHVH would deny this fear is born due to Zeno potentially destroying every iteration of himself across existence all the way back to the Axiom where he belongs.
  • Thor really hates YHVH, not just because his father opposes the god. It is due to the fact a Thor born from the Expanse became an agent to YHVH and presenting him under the disguise of an ambassador to bring about the Great Cataclysm for the world. For short, the demon Thor went to cause the nuclear holocaust. YHVH would like to point out to Thor probably thought making paradise would be better than the world be at constant fear of demons running amok. Thor would like to retort that bring what is essentially Ragnarök to everyone is not an ideal solution either. Odin himself though said to his son to just stick his hammer up YHVH if he were to ask Thor to join him. Thor did throw a hammer at Metatron for that offer as Odin foresaw but Metatron at least did anticipate an attack beforehand as he went to use Tetrakarn on himself. Thor went back to Asgard with a giant hammerhead-shape bruise across his forehead.
  • Dante Alighieri does not consider YHVH to be "the true God of the universe" as he would like to say. It is mostly due to the lack of seeing the Holy Trinity within YHVH's true form as already seeing The Love That Moves the Sun and the Other Stars makes Dante understand from his soul what God truly must be. He calls YHVH a demon is disguise, tempting others with false premises instead of doing the true goodness man must strive for. Also, Dante would like to say if YHVH is truly a god, then why must he look as simple as he is? What Dante saw within the Highest Joy is so grand, he cannot express his God's form properly. But for YHVH, he can clearly comprehend a giant lemon with a face being the one who calls himself God. YHVH then came to wonder if he should have made himself blue if his appearance would lead even the highly religious Dante to give him such shallow critique but Satan said to YHVH that would just make people compare him to a blueberry instead of a yellow floating Patrick Stewart head.
  • YHVH does not generally bother in other multiverses' affairs unless he can see some sort of benefit from it. Despite this, even YHVH felt the aftereffects of the Fifth Smash Bros Tournament, how grand and promising it was and then it all went to hell when Galeem wiped out every universe that was connected to it. It even distantly affects his multiverse through the Phantom Thieves, even though it did not give any effect onto the Expanse fortunately. That shocking event went to catch YHVH's eye and he personally went to visit its perpetrator, to try to have Galeem join despite all of the danger surrounding it the ball of light. Galeem, seeing that YHVH will allow the fulfillment of the World of Silence that Galeem desires, went to join YHVH's alliance much to the horror of everybody. Not even YHVH became sure he would succeed at such a foolhardy negotiation. Though YHVH would like to invite Galeem at events, the ball of light just sitting there shining really makes no room for social interaction.
  • There was one time where the universe he made for himself went to have random intruders appear suddenly, all due to Rick Sanchez accidentally dropping a beer onto the Interdimensional Travel Device he uses. Rick and his grandson Morty came to see a million giant heads staring down upon them. With the belief that they were facing down Cromulons again with another rap battle, Rick and Morty went to beatboxing the song they won the Cromulons over with last time. Upon hearing the rap, YHVH went to stare down at the two, contemplating on what the do with the two wanderers.
    Morty: Hey! I'm proud of the beatbox noises I made!
  • Started taking an interest in the Master of Chaldea, analyzing their actions to see how was the Master of Chaldea was able to command so many people from every walks of life join their cause in saving all of existence from the Beasts of Humanity. YHVH wishes to test the Master of Chaldea eventually by trying to hack into a Singularity to take place in a universe where chaos is rampant, and the Chaldean must find a way bring order across it. Of course, YHVH would stay at the sides to see the progress but has high hopes for the (generally mediocre) mage. YHVH also seeks to test one of Ritsuka's most promising followers, The Singularity in a similar test too but perhaps with less demanding efforts. The ability of those who tie to Mobile Phone Game can gather powerful parties when given an influx of cash, so YHVH wants to see how far they can go.
  • YHVH claims to the Shadow that he predates even the Empty, a fact that is incredulous for anybody to believe. The Shadow would like the point out that YHVH said by his own admission that he in an Anthropomorphic Personification of law, meaning how can that YHVH predate nothingness if that is the case. YHVH eventually went onto this long rant on how his making came to be. He considers even nothingness gains a form of structure towards it, then that would mean if nothingness is present, that is a form of order that exist. The sheer Insane Troll Logic YHVH held made the Shadow go back to sleep, wake up for a second, just to ask if YHVH went to snort some godly drugs do think that even bases itself in logic. YHVH's reliance on human belief also brings question, "How can YHVH preexist before nothingness when he says he is made by humans?"
  • Seeing the Magnetic Hero nature of Sora who travels across worlds, YHVH invests in his adventures. Not because he likes to see a spunky hero go across various worlds to save them, but because of wanting to witness Sora's potential outshine. Sora's power to connect with others makes YHVH wonder if it is a potential tool to use to control others, thus uniting worlds under the name of law. Sora does not even know YHVH is recording is actions but YHVH knows he will inevitably. Hopefully for him, Sora is open to his suggestions.
  • YHVH eventually did die again, but the consequences regarding THIS particularly death are far reaching to the point YHVH may no longer be functional enough to lead his own army. Seeing the Nahobinos fight for the Throne of Creation, YHVH went to "solve" their conflict by splitting Nahobinos to demons and humans. Despite sitting on the Throne of Creation, YHVH would lose to Lucifer and his forces at some point. Lucifer then did what is likely his greatest feat and made a grab for YHVH's divine power. Devouring YHVH's Knowledge, Lucifer became a being comparable to YHVH and await for humans to bring forth a new world of their choice. This defeat is so devasting, the forces of law were wondering if their leader is able to come back ''at all' due to his defeat. Of course, YHVH would normally restore himself after a long time even if someone takes his Throne of Creation but since Lucifer did devour his power, that may mean one needs to challenge Lucifer to do so. Lucifer technically beat YHVH on the Power Levels scale if not only prove his superiority by defeating him somehow and adding YHVH's power to his own makes the Throne of Creation not even a necessary thing to gain. Many angels have given up on YHVH's return with going as far as to replace YHVH to serve their same role, and many of YHVH's current allies in the Pantheon are scrambling to take his place due to these shocking events. Maybe YHVH could come back considering regardless but Lucifer's Knowledge eventually made its way to the victorious Nahobino, thus YHVH's too. Who knows when the Nahobino will allow YHVH to revive himself.
  • "Praise my name! Witness, bathed in the glory of my countenance! Praise my name!"

    Lucifer (Shin Megami Tensei
Lucifer, Celestial Being of Polite Villains (Rushifaa, Rushiferu, Rui Saifaa, Lucifel, Helel, The Lightbringer, The Lightbearer, Morningstar, Angel of Darkness, הילל, King of Dark, Prince of Darkness, The Great Darkness, Fallen One, Great Demon, Demon Lord, Demon King, Louis Cyphre, Louis Cypher, The Rebel King of Hell, His Lordship, Six-Winged Lord of Dem, Blond Child, Old Gentlemen in a wheelchair, “Strange Girl”, Louisa Ferre, Blonde Young Man, Hikaru, Great Spirit of Spite, Sanat, God's Scapegoat, God of Chaos, Lord of Chaos, Excellency, "Satan, Iblis")
Megami Tensei I Lucifer 
Louis Cyphre 
Devil Lucifer 
Spiral Nemesis Lucifer 
Persona 1/Card Summoner Lucifer 
Six-Winged Lord of Dem 
Blonde Child 
Old Gentleman in a wheelchair 
Louisa Ferre 
Young Blonde Man 
IMAGINE Louis Cypher 
God's Scapegoat 
Matter Lucifer 
  • Overdeity of Chaos (Overdeity as Matter Lucifer | borderline Overdeity as Helel, Devil Lucifer | Greater Deity as Louis Cyphre, Louisa Ferre, Six-Winged Lord of Dem, Hikaru, God's Scapegoat, or Sanat)
  • Symbol: A pair of Angelic and Demonic Wings
  • Theme Music: Lucifer Battle (Megami Tensei I), Last Boss Battle, Lord of the Netherworld, The Final Battle, Act XX Lucifer, Last Decision, VS Last, Chaos Theme (IV), Lucifer Palace, Battle - b7, Battle - b8, Lord of Chaos, Battle -eon- (Lucifer I and II)
  • Alignment: Pure Chaos, as he likes to call it (Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Chaotic Evil depending on the incarnation; actually holds True Neutral biases)
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Enigmatic Empowering Entity, Louis Cypher, Manipulative Bastard, The Social Darwinist, Might Makes Right, Screw Destiny, Anarchy Is Chaos, Different Appearances, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Villain with Good Publicity, Graceful Loser, More Than Mind Control
  • Domains: Chaos, Freedom, Manipulation, Humanity, Change, Ambition
  • Heralds: Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname, Alexandra (children)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Asura
  • Rivals: Lord Chaos, Dis
  • Enemies:
  • People Who Impress Him: David Bowie, Shu Shirakawa, Kenshiro, Lina Inverse, Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Isaac, Kokichi Oma, Quackity, Bayonetta, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Secretly Watching: Zero (Drakengard), Dante Sparda, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, The Doctor, Lelouch vi Brittania, Nagato, Lonnie Machin, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Trying to Influence: Flynn, Investigation Team, S.E.E.S., Sumaru City Persona Users, St. Hermelin Students
  • Uneasy Relations: Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Conflicting Opinion: Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeench, Discord, Yuuki Terumi
  • Opposes: Judge Dredd
  • In his universe, Lucifer is the designated leader of the Chaos factions that seek to tear down Law and humans' primal nature not being constrained by order. What makes Lucifer such a good leader for Chaos is his affable attitude towards everybody. Rarely if ever does Lucifer act maliciously to even his enemies. Lucifer is aware that being nice to people is the best way of having someone persuaded by your ideology even if it is as insane as killing God. Not many like Law because they are seen as annoying Knight Templars which Lucifer with his endless charisma took advantage of. Upon arriving at the Pantheon, Lucifer's naturally brought many to his side with speeches on how humans must be allowed to live their lives, not shackled by tyrants. He perfectly struck the perfect balance in not being too specific but a good enough idea of what Chaos stands for. This resulted in those who do not believe in good nor evil joining Chaos to stop "tyrants" and strive for freedom. Or at least until people crossed against those "liberators" mainstream beliefs, now then it is back to being under Law. Lucifer being an indirect figure to the Chaos faction served as both a blessing and a curse, as it allowed it to live in many forms but was never consistent in its leadership aside from himself being involved. The Pantheon is similar in that regard as several whom Lucifer deemed the Lords of Chaos explicitly claimed to fight for Chaos at least in spirit. Lucifer despite being seen as The Leader of Chaos has not committed to being a leader, only having stirred those to fight for their beliefs. This makes Chaos more of a democracy than the other alliances in the Pantheon with designated leaders of different aspects to the greater whole of Chaos.
  • Many such as Cosmos would say Lucifer's goal is to bring Hell on Earth on humanity run on barbarism, where Rape, Pillage, and Burn is free to be done as only the strong survive while the weak will be forced to suffer. Lucifer admitted that it is undeniable that the Chaos faction rolled with this goal several times but his personal goal is grander than what even some of his underlings could comprehend. Lucifer sought to have everybody act as individuals, not as a whole, being free of such self-censorship. If a person wants a job, go for it is what he would say. If a person wanted to buy something, they ought to. If a person wanted to bring about the end of a nation by having shelled their nuclear power plants, Lucifer would encourage such actions wholeheartedly. Lucifer does not want to start conflicts for the sake of rebellion, as he wanted people to be forced to fight for their own beliefs no matter who they are, even if he has to tear down society to bring about that. Even if they would have fought for Law, Lucifer respected them for it. That said, it is still seen that he has to be stopped for his presence alone would perpetuate conflict, a fact that YHVH is keen to tell people off. Needless to say, Lucifer told YHVH and his forces to Bring It on.
  • It is unknown what exactly Lucifer's true nature is. Lucifer claimed that he was a part of YHVH who escaped to become the person he is today, although several times the Biblical tale of Lucifer being a Fallen Angel has been used to describe himself. He would like to say both may be true, one may be true, or both may not be. He never wants to give a direct answer as he wants people to make up their conclusions. By doing that, individuality shines, and no longer will people be slaves to random theory videos online explaining something clear to people who lost their attention spans long ago.
  • Beelzebub remains as one of Lucifer's most consistent generals even going to be The Dragon for him in many cases. Despite many cases of Beelzebub being loyal to Lucifer's cause, he is VERY independent for an underling. Particularly, Beelzebub's Baal persona detests Lucifer, calling him out for not acknowledging his power and even joining up the Divine Powers when Inanna went to bring him back. However, Lucifer does not mind such treachery and even went to encourage Beelzebub to try to usurp him, Baal or not. They belong to Chaos after all where obligation and unity must come from themselves and if Beelzebub wants to quit such loyalty, then Lucifer has no reason to object. Beelzebub still is fiercely loyal to Lucifer and wishes for Baal to stop being such an insubordinate megalomaniac.
  • Regarding Lucifer's relationship with YHVH's Satan, Lucifer is seen as more equivocal to Satan rather than YHVH himself. At the many points they share within their mythology, Lucifer and Satan confuse people on if they are the same person. Lucifer would like to say that they are not and the difference being is that Satan is a demon on God's mission while Lucifer actively rejects God. Another thing that makes the conversation harder is that Satan went to take the form of Lucifer when masterminding a war between Law and Chaos under YHVH's orders. Lucifer would like to say he and Satan are still entirely separate beings but in that instance, a person can say he went to incarnate to that form regardless of its origins. As a simile, the situation is like a bubble splitting into two smaller bubbles but that bubble is somehow also an offshoot of another regular bubble. Lucifer does not find offense to anyone who misnames him as Lucifer, Iblis, or whatever at this point.
  • Demi-fiend is perhaps Lucifer's greatest accomplishment. Dropping the Magatama in the young man, Demi-fiend eventually went to gain godlike power after defeating Kagutsuchi and hordes of countless demons in his wake. Lucifer may regard Demi-fiend as a feat but knows the Demi-fiend does not stand by Lucifer 100% of the time. All that Demi-fiend wishes for is to break the cycle that the Great Will put upon his world and test others who seek to end the wars of Law and Chaos as well. Lucifer knows not to push his creation, so he abides and just lets Demi-fiend do whatever he wants. However, the demon knows that when higher powers threaten to oppress humanity themselves, Demi-fiend will fight not for the sake of Chaos but for the sake of the people around him. It is disappointing to Lucifer that he cannot just have Demi-fiend go up against any higher power out there, such as a certain company who Lucifer wants to knock a peg at.
  • Lucifer can appear in various forms for whatever purpose he wants. For some reason, he usually defaults to looking like David Bowie of all people. To be fair, he is not the only shapeshifter who did this. If not, he becomes a blonde person of varying age with blue eyes. Most obviously, his name always appears to be a variation of Lucifer because does not bother to hide it. Lucifer can take other forms for himself when he wants to be discreet in his actions, though of course, he would have some hint of his true identity in the name somewhere. People call out Lucifer for being so obvious but it is perfectly in line for him to do so just to screw with everybody. Before anybody asks if they care about such things, he is fine with whatever people refer to him as. In fact, he wishes people to use any derogatory term given so that he can come back with a wittier remark.
  • Lucifer made himself a place in the human unconscious collective where he is summonable as a generic Persona. He usually appears in his most common forms but at one point he would look like a bald albino man who wishes to become a butterfly after escaping prison for some weird reason. He does not have any direct ties to the Persona universe but he offers his power to users. He may not have any stakes there but dammit, he wants to see humans beat their manifesting social issues. If they need for him to use Morning Star against even a Slime, he will make sure that Morning Star burns brightly.
    • As interesting as Persona users are, Lucifer gives the most attention to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, seeing them as a direct response to the corruption and ignorance that society hold. It strikes a chord with him that even with the world against them, they will fight until the very end. He just finds it a shame they do not go further in changing their society outright even though that is their creed. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, while not outright hostile to Lucifer do not agree with his goals and methods, going so far as to say that Lucifer is what would happen if they go too far and goes cross the lines that they do not. Lucifer respects their ideals regardless and still helps with their causes.
      Lucifer: If you hold on, life won't change! Yes, I am going to sing that and you cannot stop me, fools.
  • The strongest form that Lucifer can take as of right now is Matter Lucifer, who went to reveal this form's existence at the behest of the Court of the Gods who want to be sure Lucifer has the power to back his Overdeity status. Matter Lucifer is born after devouring the knowledge of YHVH, obtaining the Throne of God in the process of being the ruler of the universe. Lucifer may not have done anything snappy as God aside but he did hold the power of creation at some point and went on relinquishing it to the Nahobino who went to take the power that Lucifer held. That does not mean Lucifer is officially dead as his incarnations across the cosmos still exist. He would just like to say that he brags that YHVH is dead thanks to his efforts, nobody else at that instance. He has the capability of beating God but he wants humans to destroy the ultimate authority rather than his forces—to reach their true potential than to meander. Whether they choose Law, Chaos, or the between is up to them and he wants to push them to that goal.
    Lucifer: The world always changes but how it will change must be up to humans, not anybody else. Especially if it is a giant lemon that stares at you as your pants fell.
    YHVH: I heard that.
    Lucifer: Then I wish you would hear the sound of me caring. Unfortunately, it is complete silence.
  • Lucifer made a list of seven members in the Pantheon that he and many others would say are his current Lords of Chaos and that they serve as his generals. The latter statement is not true, as to again reiterate that his Chaos faction operates more like a bunch of different factions that embody different ideals on the same ideas. The main reason why Lucifer is seen as the Chaos leader is that he is the bridge that ensures there is open communication between these groups. Some members did fight for Chaos several times over on Lucifer's end but he has no biases when making the list. He calls the Lords for their influence, capabilities, and just general philosophies.
    • Demifiend and Beelzebub take the seats of Pride and Gluttony respectively. The former seat is not taken because Demifiend is a prideful person, he is rather meek. Demifiend is seen as Lucifer's attempt at ultimate hubris with the creation of what is a weapon to kill God in every form. Demifiend is very apathetic to having such a high position but nobody will ever contest it. Beelzebub is Gluttony not because the demon has an appetite but a real hunger to gain power, to the point of rebelling against Lucifer several times even though Beelzebub does not act like The Starscream of Chaos. At least Beelzebub finds it humbling to be given such a role.
    • His seat of Lust is taken by Homura Akemi who has a bit of a disturbing partnership with Lucifer. After Homura went to steal Madoka's omnipotence and sent all of Madoka's Magical Girl followers into a frenzy Lucifer went playing to fiddle as the lover of chaos he is. It is then he went to approach Homura Akemi who did not want any alliance with anybody, as all that she cares about is Madoka and her obliviousness to the cruelties of the world. Lucifer came in with that expectation but he considers her a champion of Chaos for her extreme rise to power. He then made the proposition that she can do whatever she wants, but the forces of Chaos will back her up if her power is under threat. Homura then promptly blew up Lucifer to which then he came back as Sanat. Sanat then said to Homura that existence runs on the replacement of old orders as Karl Marx says. She was able to usurp the old order, becoming the new one but it is questionable when her reign will end. If she can take over Madoka, then anybody could as Lucifer puts it. Homura went to contemplate on what Lucifer said and after blowing him up five more times for pestering her constantly, only to say say that he proves a point. She may be an omnipotent divine entity now but Homura also has foresight. Although she finds it mocking that her seat is Lust, likely people believe she, really, really wants to elope with Madoka towards the sunset where they will be wed and have a trillion babies. Lucifer said nada and put her seat there because of theAgeInappropriateDress that she wears as a goddess. Homura then blew Lucifer up for that for the seventh time.
    • Steven Armstrong is one of Lucifer's make sense considering the Motive Rant he has for his goals. As a politician, Armstrong wishes to purge corruption that controls the masses by basically granting autonomy to the United States citizens. That does not sound evil, even noble but Armstrong wants to plunge the average American citizen harden to become warriors who fight for their rights, ridding those who are unable to fight for themselves and have the United States turn into a lawless land where only the strong survive. The sheer conviction behind Armstrong's nationalism and beliefs made people see Armstrong as a Lord of Chaos, something Lucifer cannot contest for the life of himself. Of course, Armstrong has the seat of Wrath due to his rage against modern America for the lies it gives itself. Lucifer does find it strange Armstrong still wishes to use lawful means to get elections when people now know him as a complete maniac but Armstrong says that if he wants America to change drastically, then he must ensure that such a change must come from the governmen to lessen the chances of society reverting to back the way it is.
    • Grandfather Paradox went to approach Lucifer to join his new alliance, and Lucifer said that Grandfather Paradox needs to prove himself as a Lord of Chaos by doing what are very chaotic things. Grandfather Paradox then went to have several incarnations of himself go across time and space to bring a collapse to it so that Primordial Chaos can overtake reality. Lucifer only could have a sheepish face, saying, "Very impressive" as a response to such horrifying escalation. It is then Lucifer went to find Grandfather Paradox went to take the form of his God's Scapegoat form, arguably one of his vilest incarnations as proof that Grandfather Paradox wants his position badly. Lucifer went to ask why Grandfather Paradox is going so far if he just wants reality to cease and Grandfather Paradox's response is wanting benefits out of being a Lord of Chaos. Lucifer wishes to retort to such simplistic views though he has no place to criticize such thoughts.
    • The 3rd Saint Leader's general determination to get what they want and how far they are willing to go for it impresses Lucifer, especially when seeing the chaos that the 3rd Saint Leader leaves. There is also the additional factor that the 3rd Saint Leader provides many weapons to the forces of Chaos on hand, all being extremely destructive. Lucifer has to admit that having a weapon in the shape of Mara is fun to use against angels who find confusion with it. For this, the 3rd Saint Leader gets the spot of Greed in the Lords of Chaos. The 3rd Saint Leader amuses that a giant yellow lemon is not going to dictate to his gang what not to do.
    • Gilgamesh more or less earns his seat of Sloth on the Lords of Chaos by not doing anything yet still being a significant contributor to human history. As the first epic hero of humanity, Gilgamesh before he met Enkidu became an unruly king who went to indulge in so many hedonistic acts, even the gods went to despise him. This aspect of Gilgamesh embodies his freedom of humanity, despite Gilgamesh himself being mostly a deity physically. A young Gilgamesh has so much power, he could go as far as to upset the gods and then return home without worries. However, once he came to realize the responsibility he holds as his kingdom's king, Gilgamesh went to forfeit his freedoms to fufill that goal. One would think that this forfeits Gilgamesh being a champion of Chaos, but his more mature self's desire to push the Uruk people to greater heights falls in line with Lucifer's goal of improving humanity as well as him bringing independence against the gods. The reason why Gilgamesh holds the seat of Sloth is both due to his younger self's arrogance and not being considerate of the thought that he ought to improve and his older self's refusal to act independently as he once was in favor of leading his people. Lucifer is okay with both versions of the man but knows that the latter is easier to talk to than the former who dismisses everybody aside from the most formidable warriors (which Gilgamesh honors Lucifer as one).
  • Sometimes, Lucifer likes putting people through the wringer to see if they come out with the same determination they have beforehand. So he went to devise what he calls "the Gauntlet" which has a person trying to escape a seemingly inescapable building with multiple floors while fighting off roaming hordes of demons in the meantime. Also, when a demon finally finishes them off, they reset back to the first floor of the tower to do the challenge over again. The rooms randomize upon every reset, unfortunately. This torturous place can only be left if the challenger decides to go to the exit on the first floor, which is becoming more tempting with every failure. Leaving locks that person out of rechallenging it again and more or less proves to Lucifer that the persons that he is testing can have their willpower be broken. That said though, it is not like Lucifer prevents a person from joining the side of Chaos still because of if they pass or not. Not even all of the Lords of Chaos were able to pass the test. Lucifer uses it to observe how far a person may go to prove themselves, a trait that he desires to find in anybody.
  • Melkor has an entirely different view on what chaos should be. He thinks that chaos should be about the destruction and causing as much suffering in a formerly orderly world. Barbarism in a world that builds itself on the structure is what Melkor plans to do across the universe by having villainy reign supreme while those of good crumble to despair. Then Melkor will finish off creation after plunging it into a mess as the final nail in the coffin for his victory. Lucifer finds all of Melkor's ideas on what chaos fall to a rather specific crowd that he does follow but Lucifer will not contest it. If Melkor is driven by that idea then why should Lucifer argue? What makes Melkor and Lucifer enemies is that Melkor finds frustrations that good fighters who could join went to join Chaos instead and the fact that another faction exists at all rubs Melkor the wrong way. It should be good and evil, not a war that looks more confusing than an orgy! Lucifer does not regard Melkor as particularly smart with how he proceeds with things, so regards the guy as a nuisance even if they share more in common than they would like. Lucifer will never forget that one joke he went to pull on Melkor.
    Lucifer: So you say made the dragons?
    Melkor: I say? I did make them! Those propaganda pieces say I did not but they are the ones who are wrong. The media are always set against the villains even if we are telling the truth.
    Lucifer: Does that mean you like to dragon Deez Nuts around?
  • The Chaos Gods are beings that Lucifer tolerates for existing and few things beyond that. He respects that the Chaos Gods do indeed want humans to indulge in the mindsets they carry but find their forces too genocidal for his liking, to the point that they actively wipe out the intelligent species that bore them. It may sound hypocritical considering that the demons Lucifer leads also wipe out the masses of humans but Lucifer finds that violence forces humanity to grow. With the Chaos Gods though, do not give that sort of chance to anybody and just kill whoever is in their way. Lucifer actively roots for the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind to beat them as a result, to prove that their struggles against the Chaos Gods are not in vain.
  • Discord and Lucifer may sound like they would get along extremely well but they do not. The two respect the other's dedication to breaking up the sovereignty of the local Top God in favor of absolute Chaos, but Discord finds Lucifer's interest in humanity's potential boring as the only things that humans do are either be lazy or be warmongering which becomes monotonous when observing them for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Lucifer finds Discord to have a frustrating lack of motivation, not helping that Discord has become much nicer thanks to budding friendships he had made. The two like hanging out sometimes but are Vitriolic Best Buds at best while indifferent at worse to each other.
  • Lucifer went to name himself as Luka's mother several times over when he is most likely not. Luka's mother in that universe of monsters mating with young men is his equivalent, so he went to present himself to Luka as a parent with the justification that his mother is an incarnation of himself (which she is not). Aside from the pretty bad moral implications behind this, Luka does welcome Lucifer into his life even if even he knows that the whole "I am your mom" spiel from Lucifer is probably false. Luka is just happy that another person cares for him. It helps that Lucifer has his children even if he is never there for the majority of their lives until something brings them back together. Why Lucifer is so intent on being by Luka's side is obvious to anyone: he wants to see how strong Luka can become with the powers of a Fallen Angel behind himself. Alice who is Luka's wife is doing her best to not have her husband be thrust into whatever conflict that involves Chaos. Lucifer himself has a courteous relationship with what he calls his daughter-in-law, respecting her to the point that he went to consider her a candidate for a Lords of Chaos position if she were to hold any leanings to the Chaos philosophies. Unfortunately for him, Alice does not have any interest in his ambitions.
  • He does not hold anything against Madoka despite ensuring that Homura will not relinquish Madoka's goddess powers back anytime soon. Lucifer holds nothing but respect for her for getting rid of the corrupt cycle of death and essentially giving the middle finger to physics itself by becoming a goddess. While harboring no feelings of malice towards her, she and so many, and we mean many, Magical Girls despise him for what makes Homura defect to his side. He did feel a little remorse after seeing all of their morale drains. At the same time, their spiraling depression over the incident has more or less swipes away the regret Lucifer had in his mind for doing all of this.
    Lucifer: Is it not reasonable that hope is tested and shattered if found wanting?. All I see are you girls moping around and trying to pick up the pieces of what your great leader had brought. That is the dictionary example of pathetic. If you are truly strong like her, then this setback should only push your resolve! If I suddenly vanished, my forces would push on without me! Can I say the same for any of you still waiting for a savior to come like a convenience?
  • Lucifer spies upon the Doctor now and again after witnessing the Doctor will put the entirety of time and space at risk to keep humanity alive even if their decisions slight him a plethora of times. The Doctor is a Time Lord, utilizes it to simply travel the universe with the only obligations given being moral imperatives to help others. Lucifer gives nothing but the Doctor respect for the freelance style of living but also believes that as much as the Doctor teaches humanity, they will forget the lessons they learn. The Doctor only rectifies people's actions individually rather than as a whole. With so much power at the Doctor's disposal, Lucifer wishes to see that "Time Lord Victorious" bring itself out, even though the restraint the Doctor holds is also admirable.
  • Asura went to become incredibly close to earning Lucifer's Seat of Wrath but Asura went to refuse such a preposition. Asura may be an extremely strong warrior who fights against tyranny but draws the line Lucifer using conflict to better humanity. Warriors will always exist as Asura says, whether they are human or not. It is up to those warriors to either be pawns of the powerful or fight for a cause they believe in, both sentiments that Asura brings. Asura also brings up general confusion on if Lucifer knows what will happen if he achieves it. There will always be power dynamics in existence, even if every human holds the capabilities of becoming a warrior. The strong will just become stronger and while the weak have a fighting chance, they are still the weak at the end of the day. That would be like having an angry crab fight against a missile. For these reasons, Asura likes Lucifer's philosophies though does not agree with the ends that he sees as unrealistic.
  • Lucifer finally encountered someone capable of astounding even him in Shu Shirakawa, who managed to temporarily annihilate both his and YHVH's unoccupied temples with his Neo Granzon one da. Lucifer was genuinely confused as to why a man of such utter unpredictability is choosing to oppose rather than side with him. Shu for his part, claims that he finds any deity who manipulates others for their cause, be they Lawful or Chaotic, to be a great personal offense to him and promises to send him and whatever higher powers he deems distasteful to the inescapable oblivion of being sent beyond the event horizon of a black hole, someday. This did not have the desired reaction; instead, Shu only received raucous applause from Lucifer. His goal is to free humankind from the yoke of all Gods, not rule it! Should Shu manage to enact such a feat without harming the human spirit, Lucifer has agreed to go quietly into his can. Now the matter remains of proving this is possible...
  • He became quite cautious of Sora after seeing the young islander become so powerful through the bonds of others, to the point of breaking reality itself due to how strong those bonds are. Lucifer does not have an issue with unity but believes that so many bound themselves to Sora rather than breaking out individually. He awakens people's potential, and undeniability yet Lucifer finds that if people cannot find the potential on their own, then Sora's existence is a risk against independence itself. This comes from the guy who starts wars with the hopes humans would learn to fight or die trying. Sora then went off that Lucifer does not understand the Power of Friendship and that all their bonds together make everybody stronger, no matter what comes their way. As Sora went on that tirade, Lucifer found himself looking at illusions of all of Sora's allies staring back at him. Sora is that intimidating. Lucifer will at least say that Sora is a better alternative than the man who went to conceive the most insane plan alive: Master Xehanort whose true wish is to rob the autonomy of people.
  • He currently watches Bayonetta after she went on to defeat all of the creator deities in her universe like it was just another day for her alongside entire armies of angels and demons. Bayonetta respects Lucifer as he is one of the few men "who have the balls to do whatever he wants" though holds no interest in joining whatever causes he may have, whatever may that be. She did help fight alongside demon summoners for an instant though to say she is a pivotal part of the Law versus Chaos conflict is like saying that a single penny matter in your change. Well, a penny that destroys the entirety of the heavens and hell though that is beside the point.
  • Despite Gaea's mixed feelings about humanity, she's friends with Lucifer for both of them want an Earth where it is not completely enslaved by authoritarians and other powerful people that dictated their courses. If humans wanted to either destroy or save their planet from environmental disaster, then they ought to decide it as a whole rather than going back and forth on the subject as it has deteriorated. Gaea agreed so that she can finally choose to consider humans to be her enemies. All while Lucifer has also decided that war must be waged with Gaea if she has considered them her enemy. He believes that while nature's bounty must be preserved for practical and moral reasons, it is humanity's right to reap its bounty and not give back to it as Earth's most powerful species.
  • Nagato peaks Lucifer's interest due to Nagato's belief is that fear motivates peace. If there is no fear of the outcomes of conflict, then people will continue their warfare. Nagato's solution to this by committing an atrocity to deliberately instill back that fear in civilization would make it sound as if Lucifer would despise the man for wanting to hold humanity under constant threat. In truth, Lucifer commends Nagato for recognizing this nature. Humans will not do certain things out of fear of the consequences, a trend that even Lucifer follows as he is delicate when manipulating others for an outcome he desires. Lucifer does not see Nagato's plan as robbing the autonomy of others, but rather instills new motivations so that humanity may move forward to a brighter future. He may want humans to go absolutely nuts with the freedom they have, though Lucifer would rather have people be aware of realities rather than follow a miserable reality without question.
  • Moebius and his great Mind Control tendencies make Lucifer hate the computer, especially when a World of Silence where people cannot think for themselves is what Moebius desires. Lucifer several times went to hack into Moebius in an attempt not to alter his programming, instead opting to try to make Moebius consider what he wants as a person. Yes, Lucifer does have experience in hacking into mainframes. It then turns out Moebius really does want to have every person in the world under his control, a fact that Lucifer is afraid of.
    Lucifer: Ugh, this is as bad as that time with that professor-doctor-guy too. Well. Maybe not that bad.
  • There are several Lucifers in the Pantheon that he has beat in terms of influence. Generally, they all have the same opinions on every one of them and cited that while they all may be different in both motivations and personality, he held them all highly for their ambitions. Though some Lucifers have opened dialogue with Lucifer, many have despised Lucifer for having hogged all their notoriety. Lucifer only replied that it is survival of the fittest and that they all got to make a better effort to be seen more than he has. Somehow, that statement was colder than the center of Hell itself.
  • Once a long time ago, Lucifer met a unique man by the name of Joy Boy whom Lucifer would aptly call a "Warrior of Liberation" which is a title that he does not grant lightly. Centuries went to pass and Joy Boy, unfortunately, met his end, much to lucifer's dismay. However, upon seeing Monkey D. Luffy, a carefree spirit fighting against tyranny while searching for his own goals went to remind Lucifer of Joy Boy. Lucifer swears that one day, Luffy will bring a "dawn to a new era" as he put it and he cannot wait for when that transpires.
  • Lonnie Machin and V give a message that Lucifer believes that people sorely need. That message is to awaken to break away from the false realities that governments cast to bring comfort to their citizens. Many times, Lucifer sees atrocities done by governments to heighten their own power, resulting in deaths that range from thousands to billions. The citizens remain in a state of Ignorance Is Bliss because they do not want to know that their home is responsible for such things. As V borrows someone else's quote, "if our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost a hundred thousand people... would you really want to know?" No matter what culture you are from, everyone justifies harming other for The Needs of the Many when they secretly know, it is for their own benefit. Machin sees this as well with democracy, using an analogy that it is like a Discord server that silences those who do not conform to their standards while promoting themselves as encouraging. "They reduce others to further their own ends," as Anarky put it. Lucifer is aware of this mindset of being deliberately apathetic but is aware that he cannot change the minds of humans. They need to realize themselves of the world around them and he cannot force them to adopt new beliefs, otherwise, Lucifer would count himself as a despot too if that were the case.
    Lucifer: Humans will always fight and go up against each other. Those who do not fight to grab the acids of propaganda and pour them into their eyes. Just so they cannot see. A world where people comprehend worlds beyond the horizon will be quite lovely.
  • He has held an appreciation for Quackity for being able to be The Leader when it comes to raiding games and sending hordes of people to protest against those attempting to stop them, having thought of it as a lowkey revolution in a sense (even if said raids do not end with brutal ramifications). Though there is a difference between doing something in the online space and doing something in Real Life. He wants Quackity to gather his followers and storm the buildings of these game developers and overthrow them to prove that he isn't a sellout in the slightest. He hopes that one day the raider will heed his advice and start a revolution against the corporations and corrupt governments that control modern times to bring forth a new era. This does not come from Lucifer wanting to go after ATLUS eventually in the slightest, rest assured.
  • It is not as though Lucifer wants humanity to be driven towards war for no reason. He does want to be a participant himself as it is VERY ugly to deal with. However, he wants the war because he believes that it will drive humans to become stronger people. Peaceful times he feels, make people complacent. The general population pays more attention to popular culture rather than the world around them due to peaceful times, basically complaining about everything without taking action, especially when The Internet makes people believe their action has significance. Lucifer goes as far as to argue that "peaceful times" is an illusion as it will never be true as differences exist. Conflicting forces will build up arms against each other regardless, more so than they were in active conflict. When the fires break out, Lucifer knows the people are not ready. This is especially true for the Pantheon where everyone is minding their own business as giant alliances form and are readying for a multiversal conflict that nobody who is not a fighter will come up okay. To solve this, Lucifer wishes for conflict to constantly happen for people to prepare themselves for when true conflict begins. He is willing to pit the Lords of Chaos against each other to ensure that happens but does not know how to do that yet without having the other alliances blame him solely for it all. Proxy Wars are a complex thing that most moral people would not like to touch but Lucifer says he is not a moral person in the slightest.
    Lucifer: How long will it take until the era of tyrants begins? Of course, Law sits nicely that controlling thought and such, we all know that. But when will Evil start encroach to make people suffer? When will Good think that they are doing Good and just end up as controlling as Law? The people have to be strong to either fall in line or rebel against it but never just let things happen without care. It is the fate of the world around you and it is sorrowful if all you do is lie down look up at social media, giving excuses why you cannot do action.
  • "The one who rules hell and all its inhabitance, formerly known as the archangel of light. His name mean "morning star" and before he fell, was the chief of the Seraphim. With a third of God's angels on his side, Lucifer rebelled against God. He was defeated by God's superior forces, however, and in hell awaits his chance to strike again."

Nekron, God of Animating The Dead (Lord of the Unliving, "Death")
  • Overdeity of Destruction
  • Symbol: The Black Lantern sigil; alternatively, his scythe
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, though he considers himself Above Good and Evil
  • Portfolio: Ancient Beings, Undead Abomination, Dark Is Evil, Above Good and Evil in theory, Pure Evil In Practice, Eldritch Abomination, Omnicidal Maniac, Resurrecting Dead Heroes, Zombie Apocalypse, Evil Is Deathly Cold, The Void of Space, Enemy to All Living Things, Fighting a Shadow, Can Reanimate Corpses
  • Domains: Death, The Nothingness before Life, Dark Matter
  • Allies: the Chaos King, The Lich, the Dark Judges, SCP-682
  • Underlings: William Hand (his herald outside of this Pantheon), Deathstorm (a Black Lantern of his)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dhuum and the rest of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, particularly the Anti-Spiral and the Daleks. He also has a really unsteady alliance with Chernabog, Death from Final Destination and especially Krona
  • Rivals: Death of the Endless (mostly one-sided) and all other death entities, particularly the Discworld and Supernatural Death.
  • Enemies: Everything that lives with the Life Entity, the other Lantern Corps on the top of the list (especially Hal Jordan), all creator deities (mainly Chakravartin, and anyone who possesses Complete Immortality (especially Fujiwara no Mokou and Kaguya Houraisan) near the top. Other notable foes include the Anti-Monitor, Nurgle, the Emotions, Thanos, the Spectre, Shinryu, Guthix
  • Opposes: Asides from all life, he has special antipathy for those who cheat death like Yveltal, Ostarion, Murky, Kenny McCormick, and the Dragonball deities. Also those who enable resurrections like Virtuous and King Kai
  • If there existed something before life itself, and even the Pantheon itself, it was darkness. When emotion first came to be, with the first sentient life, the Darkness responded with creating Nekron. Seeking to return the Universe to the peace and order of the darkness, Nekron is the ultimate representation of the absence of life.
    • Prior to founding the Black Lantern Corps, Nekron rose to become leader of the Land of the Unliving; a sort of purgatory for souls in waiting. He used to take a giant skeletal white form, but feels more comfortable in his Black Lantern clothing. He can't physically interact with the material plane unless his herald Black Hand is dead, but even then can interact with the spiritual side of the Trope Pantheon.
    • For a while, Death of the Endless has been silent on the subject of Nekron. Lex Luthor called her out on her non-interference, but got nowhere. After being pestered about it from the pantheon, she relented and explained their relationship in her own terms:
    Death: "Nekron? Don't worry about him much, the guy's full of hot air. He's just mad that life got the real estate before him, and he's been the Cranky Neighbor trying to get an audit ever since. The War of Light was just a noise complaint to justify things. You guys don't need me to help out."
    • Nekron then angrily responded "I'm a creation of darkness, not you patterns. You don't get to touch me!" before storming out of the room like a child. Death smirked, clearly thinking "this is why I don't need to get involved."
  • Initially inhabited the Hall of Ruin and Destruction, but moved to the House of Undead following a change to his title. Except for Deathstorm, the entire house was on the edge; so long as something is biologically dead, his Black Lantern rings can take control of it. Even Nagash is on edge of his seat. Thankfully, one of the rules Nekron has to follow is not to try and use the rings on any of his fellow house members. It's also worth noting that as he exists to target the living, Nekron cannot sense the lifeless robotic gods of the pantheon. The House of Technology is somewhat of a blind spot, and one the four other alliances hope to use it against him. His Black Lanterns seem to be incapable of ripping out the emotions and life force of beings without hearts like Regirock. Or demons, if their encounter with Etrigan is any indication.
    • He's not to be mistaken for the Necrons, whom he agrees with their desire to destroy the Warp and the chaotic emotions it produces. Or the overlord Nekron, who only has the name in common.
  • Being the leader of the Black Lantern Corps, and being able to cause any and all the dead to rise (excluding Don Hall), many members of the Pantheon fear whether or not Nekron will expand the Black Rings' influence, and resurrect all the most powerful beings who have ever died across the Pantheon and take over those who have died and come back to life. He claims they have nothing to worry about, not enough powerful beings have died yet, and that he'll wait a few decades more for heroes to expand his dominion a bit more by returning form the dead and/or killing foes. He and his supporters are excluded from the Grand United Alliance of Evil because its members are afraid that Nekron will just take it over and assimilate them into his evergrowing undead army. Instead he decided to create his own and thus the Grand United Alliance of Destruction was born.
    • Without a central power battery, Nekron's power is severely diminished in the pantheon. He still has Black Lantern rings, but has to manufacture them by hand and there's a lot of gods out there who can undo his work. He still has a bunch of zombies at his hand, which serve to guard him and the GUAD on their base on Ryut. Though his Black Lanterns are normally only vulnerable to combinations of Green and other Lantern light, general light can be weaponized against him and his armada of revenants if distilled enough to be similar to the light of creation. Also, while his Corps is weakened by constructs, it seems to make him stronger as he feeds off it. He has sought out Chernabog to eliminate the light, leading to a temporary truce between the two.
  • Nekron is the absence of life, the cosmic void and space before light came into the universe. As such, he has one ultimate objective; to destroy all life. Anything that has the spark of life from mortal to Quasideity to Overdeity is an aberration in his eyes, and needs to die ASAP. Since the darkness came first, he feels life itself is a trespasser and enemy of darkness and peace. He's not entirely wrong, as without life there's no war or conflict or chaos. Then again, there'd be no joy or desire either, so few agree with him.
    • Is currently trying to search for who or what brought the Life Entity into the universe, and make him, her or it pay for disturbing the darkness. Nekron considers every creator deity in the pantheon a potential culprit, mainly fellow Overdeities. Not even Eru Illuvatar himself is excluded, and if anything was his first choice. He would almost immediately learn this was a horrible idea when getting close to the Flame Imperishable burned him (un)alive, causing his screams of anguish to be felt across the multiverse from such a potent source of life and creation. He's warned the GUAD never to cross Eru again. Had a better time chasing down Chakravartin instead, due to being The Maker of his universe and one who fell against a Destroyer Deity. Black Lanterns began devouring his webs and mantra, while Nekron himself went for the killing blow(he's aware killing Chakravartin won't destroy life, but it's a start). Chakravartin decided to take no chances, reviving Black Hand and curb-stomping the untethered Nekron. No-one's sure whether Nekron should've killed him or not.
    • Insists that he is Above Good and Evil, only trying to defend and reclaim his territory. However incidents such as turning the resurrected into Black Lanterns and trying to expand the living into his realm have people claim he's a selfish asshole who wants power. Nekron's response was basically "the darkness works in mysterious ways". He and his herald consider him to be The Grim Reaper, emphasis on the Grim. He's not, and the actual grim reapers would like to point out that death is a part of life. Death the Horseman considers him immature like Death of the Endless, while the Death of Discworld considers him basically the Auditors of Reality. Nekron isn't considering any of this, calling them "too soft and lazy" and ultimately plans to usurp all the Deaths as the pantheon's one true Death.
  • You'd think that the Anti-Monitor, an entity as omnicidal as it gets, would get along swimmingly with Nekron. You'd be wrong; in order to power the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, Nekron caught the near-dead Anti-Monitor. While Monty is usually dispassionate, even mentioning Nekron near him gets him in a furious rage. Even then they'd probably be at odds since the Anti-Monitor wants to annihilate all realms, dimensions and realities asides from the Antimatter Universe, even the Land of the Unliving and cosmic void. In addition, he briefly had a civil discussion with YHVH about the nature of Order Versus Chaos. YHVH stated that it is free will which is the source of chaos; Nekron doesn't need to kill everyone to bring about cosmic order and a World of Silence, he just needs to cull emotion. Nekron disagreed with this statement, claiming that YHVH is dueling chaos, not eliminating it completely. This is probably for the best, since if they agreed on how chaos works it might lead to a team-up that may be unstoppable.
    • Despite being an Omnicidal Maniac, Melkor doesn't want anything to do with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction; something Nekron considers unfortunate as he doesn't really care how life is extinguished so long as it is. The Dark Lord believes that only he gets to destroy everything, and disagrees at Nekron's method. Or as he put it:
    Melkor: "Spawn of the void, I do not submit to anyone. I am not some cold, soulless machine of the darkness. When all things are at my pitiless mercy, I will not waste millennia of spite in such brief release! I will grind creation under my heel! I will poison the light for as long as I can, screaming at the cosmos I've broken on the wheel! And when I bleed Eru dry, you will know true darkness."
    • Though allies for the time, the Daleks and the Anti-Spiral are planning to betray him because they don't wish to destroy themselves and aren't pure omnicidal maniacs. Nekron has something to say about this:
    Nekron: "You claim to ally with destruction out of convenience, but you are just like me. Daleks; you seek to destroy the offending element, reduce yourself to soulless creatures that will never grow or develop. Anti-Spirals; you seek the death of emotion, of passion. You've turned yourself into static machines only distinct from lifelessness because you can think. You have been heralds of the black long before we met. And when you are the only two "life forms" left, you will realize this."
  • Naturally, he's the enemy to every single Lantern Corps, and the main reason why they're semi-aligned nowadays. Nekron's biggest sore spot of the bunch is Hal Jordan; asides from using the Life Entity to help revive Black Hand, he made him fight against Volthoom as a Black Lantern.
    • When Krona died, the paradox of a dead immortal resulted in an anomaly upon entering the Land of the Unliving. The consequence got them both more powerful, and Nekron allied with him due to their shared hatred of the Guardians and the fact Krona's presence threatened his realm. He's not going to bother the Mad Guardian's endeavors. Nekron's also so far glad Captain Atom isn't in the pantheon, as he got his ass kicked from him. He's not ready to face up against his expy Doctor Manhattan either.
    • As Nekron is The Soulless, he cannot be judged by The Spectre much to his frustration. This seems to apply to the House of Justice in general, as he often wanders in there so as to consider how to work through the restrictions put on him. The Living Tribunal may have authority, but has not yet decided if Nekron has broken any multiversal rules yet.
    • Were he capable of it, he would've smiled upon discovering Nurgle. He considers Nurgle the perfect representation of life as he sees it; a mad, chaotic cancer on the cosmos that needs to be put down. Conversely, as the antithesis of life Nekron is one of the only beings that Papa Nurgle legitimately hates.
  • Is hated and feared by all the other house members. He's only behaving due to an ultimatum given by the Court of the Gods; act accordingly to the rules or they'll ask Death of the Endless to give his herald Complete Immortality, then lock up the Land of the Unliving and get rid of the key forever. This threat has kept Nekron to follow the rules, though he's still a major threat in them. Surprisingly enough, he tried to help out the pantheon in an Enemy Mine position by trying to put down the Anti-Monitor. They refused to get him involved since his reason in doing so was pretty transparent; he wants to use him as a power battery, giving him an edge against the other Grand United Alliances. No matter how bad things get, there is no Godzilla Threshold high enough to permit this.
    • Even most omnicidal maniacs steer clear Nekron, considering as Black Lanterns he'd rob them of their emotions. The Anti-Monitor especially hates Nekron, given he was used by him as a battery. So far, the only exception to this is The Lich: Being incredibly direct, no-nonsense and intelligent, they're practically best friends. The majority of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction isn't exactly fond of their master, either because they have a limit on how much they plan to destroy or because they don't want to eventually be destroyed. Even the White, who desires for the complete and total end, disagree with his motives and will likely move on to his realm next. That said, some gods are truly fond and loyal of him. The Dark Judges were really happy to learn of Nekron, as like them he agrees that life does not deserve to exist.
  • Hates Eirin Yagokoro for the invention of the Hourai Elixir, the most perfect immortality potion ever. Whenever a Hourai immortal suffers an injury grievous enough to kill them, they slam into Nekron's realm for a brief instant, and before he can do anything about it, pop back harmlessly into the living world. This constant irritant is considered to have at least played a part in the conception of the Blackest Night. Based on his experience with Krona, it's possible that were he ever able to kill someone with Complete Immortality they'd manifest in his realm and cause all kinds of chaos. Nekron wasted enormous amounts of time and effort to stop this from happening by going back in time and erasing their conception from history, unaware the damn elixir works by removing its imbibers from the cycle of life and death permanently, forwards and backwards, ensuring they become 100% immortal - even nonsense like Time Travel or the most convoluted paradoxes will fail to kill anything that has tasted Hourai.
    • Nekron despises those who cheat death (unless he allows it for sleeper agents), which given the Death Is Cheap nature of the Trope Pantheon frustrates him to no end. Murky and Kenny are particularly aggravating, however Kenny has a lot more to fear from the Black Lantern Corps because of all the dead bodies he has. Nekron's also called out King Kai for "cheating", encouraging resurrections by training the dead. The only god who exceeds his hate for the cheapness of death is Dhuum. His desire to make death permanent is the one thing keeping the two allied, though the blade of each other's scythes is on each other's neck. Nekron's also joined with the Death of Final Destination has got a good idea of making sure no-one escapes death, but should up its game. He will help said Death, but its not going to help his plans of cosmic genocide.
    • Black Hand once broke into Guthix's temple in order to reanimate his daughter. Things soon got ugly, as Black Hand brought Nekron into the mix. He's still on the god's hit list. His anger and desire to get back at Death of the Endless has earned him the enmity of Thanos, however Death isn't too concerned over Nekron as mentioned above. Nekron's also trying to capture Shinryu in order to more freely travel the dimensional planes, in hopes of being free from his imprisonment in the Land of the Unliving.
  • Also serves as an Overdeity in the House of Undead.
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