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Hello there. My name is SuperWIKI (not my real name) and I mainly dabble in the Trope Pantheons, which I feel is a great example of a full-on cross-fiction crossover. I aim to re-organize and update the Grand United Alliances of Good and Evil, given their lack of updates. Fellow tropers, please help me out....

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For info on my current Pantheon exploits, see my sandbox.


Ascension Record

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  • The Pantheon was established as the product of a Forever War between all fictional universes. The Holy Trinity of Dream of the Endless, Haruhi Suzumiya and Eru Ilúvatar suggested the idea of an abode above all fictional universes to serve as an anchor for embodiments of fictional concepts (i.e. tropes) to cosmically link these worlds to its respective deities or Dominions. This would prevent the occurrence of inter-dimensional cracks and anomalies aside from being written in-story by a writer from the real world.
  • Hence, the Forever War in the Pantheon is basically a continuation of the chaos in the pre-Pantheon omniverse. The Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil are revived and more uniform alliances based on the rag-tag ad hoc militaries formed to save and/or dominate the omniverse in meltdown. This knowledge is limited to the Holy Trinity and later the Progenitors to prevent such an occurrence from happening again, with dimensional lockout of sorts happening should they utter the Pantheon's ultimate secret to anyone with ulterior motives from inside or outside the Main House.
  • Massive restructuring in the Pantheon is heavily frowned upon by the Progenitors, as it means compromising the order that prevents the omniverse from imploding.
  • Then what about Canon? With all the dimensional rifts and cracks everywhere in the Pantheon (since all these anomalies are concentrated there since the First Omniversal War), memories and alliances stated in the respective deities' profiles are extremely fluid, allowing for discrepancies and errors in the profiles. With crisis in the omniverse being largely averted due to the Pantheon's existence, things such as the destruction of an entire temple are seen as annoyances rather than catastrophes.
  • Deities in the Pantheon are projections of their homeworld selves, existing in a dual state where they experience both sets of memories but cannot remember both at once, in the Pantheon under no obligation to continuity and in their story with much obligation to continuity. This cannot be broken. This solves the problem of characters in the Pantheon being able to undergo their respective storylines in-universe without it clashing with their Pantheon lives.
  • This origin story is exactly why the Anti-Monitor is the most hated god in the Pantheon. If he were to destroy the Pantheon and every trope the deities represent, this would forcibly regress the Omniverse back to a pre-Pantheon state where it is undergoing Class-Z meltdown and end the entirety of fiction for good.

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DO NOT tell me I'm a newbie, unless you're very polite about it. I will rip your world asunder.


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