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The Pantheons' top enforcers, who serves as the House of Defense's superiors/best men. They are the ones in charge of actively policing the gods and watching over their behaviours.

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chaos, God of The Balance of Free Will (Anima, Yeshua)

    Protectors of the Plot Continuum 
The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Divine Organization of Mary Sue Hunters
Agents Jay and Acacia
  • The organization as a whole are Overdeities, and it's necessary in order to keep Sues under control. Most individual members range from Demideities to Intermediate.
  • Symbol: The PPC Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good as a whole, though at their worst they may slip into Chaotic Neutral due to losing their sanity over time during their careers.
  • Portfolio: Mary Sue Hunters, Running The Risk Of Becoming Like What They Are Hunting, Using any means necessary, Preparation Varies, All Stories Are Real Somewhere, Mega Crossover, Requiring a bit of knowledge in source materials, Deconstruction of fanworks, Not giving up in their mission, Genre Roulette, Using technology powered by stabilized plot holes, Metafiction, Overstaffed
  • Domains: Hunting, Creativity, Continuity, Narrative
  • High Priests: The Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society
  • Allies: The SCP Foundation, The Men In Black, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Terry Pratchett, Cosmos, Lieutenant Mary Sue, Dream Of The Endless, Ichigo Momomiya, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, Rintarou Okabe, Ahiru/Princess Tutu, Rika Furude, Peacock, Pinkie Pie, Meteora Osterreich
  • Enemies: Barbatos, The Anti-Monitor, Lord Fuse, Melkor, YHVH, Lucifer, Nekron, Merged Zamasu, Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, Polygon Man, SCP-173, BEN, Bernkastel, Herr Drosselmeyer, Altair
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Malal, Cthulhu, Lambdadelta, Popuko & Pipimi, ZONE, Master Hand and Crazy Hand, Deadpool, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith
  • Currently Surveying: Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Okay with: Shiroe, Akatsuki
  • The PPC is a strong organization of multiple Agents, tasked with the capture and extermination of Mary Sues. Their work over the years granted them a position in the Pantheons. At first, they were a little irked considering their Department of Implausible Crossovers dealt with nonsensical crossovers but when they see that a considerable number of characters actually got along perfectly fine, they ultimately gave in.
    • Every agent packs a Mary Sue Litmus Device, which detects whether or not the person is a Sue note note note note note note note .
    • They have decided to kick out the Disgraces from the Pantheons entirely, seeing them more of a trouble than they're worth (and after getting a rude wake-up call from how people on the Isle of the Lost are treated). They're one of the few to remember them. They have also retconned the Fallen (not just the Transformers villain) as well, though not completely since their treatment were not as bad as the Disgraces.
  • Their role in the Court of the Gods are the pursuers of alleged Sues. In essence: They investigate potential Sues, and they prosecutes them with the help of the Senior Attorneys. donk-donk.
    • Nowadays, the Sues and the Realm of the Castaways are brought to a near non-existent minimum, which they are grateful for. But since they fear that more will come, the Protectors requested Gygax and Arneson to be official Perimeter Guards of the Pantheons. The request was accepted and that's where the Protectors have been ever since.
  • The Organization finally ran a Litmus Test on Lieutenant Mary Sue and found that she passed. This let her escape out of their hellish custody and land her own Temple in the subhouse of Protagonists. Mary is forever thankful for them, and aids the PPC in their missions against the bad-fic Sues as a full-fledged member.
  • They have been trying to fend off SCP-173 since it has proven to be a troublesome annoyance for them thanks to 173's powers. Luckily, they are not alone as the SCP Foundation teamed up with them to contain 173 for longer. They also help keep up Masquerades around the Pantheons as not everybody takes being a fictional character too well. The same goes with partnering with the Men in Black; it helps that the MIB loaned neuralyzers to the Protectors to aid them in keeping the stability of the plot continuum.
  • To gain more allies in maintaining the plot continuum, they have made partnerships in Sir Terry Pratchett and Dream of the Endless, who gave them help should the Sues be more of a hassle than usual; it helps that their stories are inspired by Pratchett's which makes him get along with them easier. The Protectors also partnered with Ichigo Momomiya, Harry Porter and Percy Jackson since their followers often made a lot of Wish Fulfillment stories with them and their friends in it; Harry is grateful that he's allies with them so that he can get away from a certain Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way...
    • They have made a diplomatic alliance with Cosmos, who supports their endeavors in their mission to maintain the continuums and that they'll make it in spite of their dysfunctional work environment. The other GUA leaders are obviously unhappy about this since for Melkor and Lucifer, less Sues mean less intervention from the GUAG and less freedom for every being respectively, YHVH is angry that a lawful organization refuses to cooperate with Him and Nekron is pissed that the entire universe is one step farther from destruction just by extermination of Sues.
    • Of course, when there's allies there's also enemies as well. Enemies that threaten The Multiverse like Barbatos, the Anti-Monitor and Lord Fuse are on their shitlist since they can potentially screw over the plot continuum if left unchecked, and the same goes for crossover villains like Galeem, Dharkon, Tabuu and Polygon Man with Galeem and Dharkon nearly destroying the Pantheons since their arrivals. They have better opinions on Master and Crazy Hand, though their ideas of maintaining order in the place clashed a lot with the Protectors quite often; Crazy Hand finds it a shame that he'll never be friends with some of the PPC's chaotic members because of this.
    • They hate BEN for not only his usual threat but spawning endless terrible OCs that serve to fulfill every horror fangirl's wet dream which some are trying to intrude into the Pantheons. Surprisingly, even BEN agrees he doesn't like his Fangirls too much.
    • Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith often intervene in their missions. He does more harm than good since he's not there to kill Sues, he's there for getting materials for his experiments. Rick mostly doesn't care for them while Morty tries to at least smoothen their relations... well, emphasis on "tried".
      Rick: Come on, Morty! I don't have time for their 'kill all Sues' bullshit. That's on them! *burps*
    • Because of her potential to disrupt all of space-time and the plot continuum, Haruhi Suzumiya is currently being surveyed by the PPC to prevent that. Kyon almost feel like it's a violation of privacy for him and the others, even though it's still necessary to keep her unaware of the Pantheons' true nature.
  • Malal was tasked to keep the Disgraces from coming back by keeping them in Retconnian. He threatens time and time again that he'll do anything to become canon again, which is why he has a rocky partnership with the PPC. On the topic of the Disgraces, it seems that Ryotaro Nogami and Rintarou Okabe were also aware that the Disgraces once existed due to being a Singularity Point and having Ripple Effect-Proof Memory respectively; thus they cannot be affected by continuity changes, both space-time and plot-wise. Because of this, the two became liasons of the PPC to not let word get out of the Disgraces' former existence (not that they want to anyway).
  • Being from a metafictional story, the PPC allied themselves with Rika Furude and Ahiru and made enemies in Bernkastel and D.D. Drosselmeyer; Ahiru knows about story conventions since her previous adventure and Rika joins them just to have a chance against Bernkastel who violated norms of stories to give readers crises about what they love. Drosselmeyer abuses his characters and even his son just to make his story interesting which normally the PPC gloss over but can't this time because he has bent enough fictional laws to do so. Lambdadelta might not be a helpful ally to the PPC, because she would rather see them getting hilariously hurt by Bernkastel instead though she will help if Bernkastel's Trolling did go too far.
    • Meteora Osterreich provides a lot of help to the PPC, giving out exposition to them as per her original purpose. Altair nearly destroyed the real world of her universe in order to avenge her Creator, which makes her as guilty as the other villains they have faced before; even more so that she admitted to not even regret her actions towards the world.
    • Deadpool prioritizes doing whatever he wants over helping the PPC, though how much he's helping them depends on his mood. His other mates in the fourth-wall-breaking biz, Pinkie Pie and Peacock have better chances in providing cooperation; Peacock understands their situation fully since... well, she'll reference anything and Pinkie finds the Sues absolutely no fun since who would wanna like a perfectly perfect person?
  • The Protectors once had a procedure where they feed Mary Sues to Cthulhu in order to dispose of them forever, but the practice stopped once he became too full to eat them. Nowadays, Cthulhu doesn't want to eat anymore Sues not just because he doesn't want to be full, but also because the Sues left a lot of bad tastes in his mouth.
  • There has been numerous reports of gag manga characters being more powerful and bring more destruction than any other character, which led them to Popuko & Pipimi. Despite giving them warnings, the agents sent to do so got smacked hard the moment one of them said "subculture bitch"; they still admit they would give Sues a beating should they cross the girls' paths. The artist ZONE also got warnings from the PPC that her characterizations of other characters will bring in unnecessary OOC duplicates of ascended deities that can potentially swarm the Pantheons and cause endless chaos. She ignores them, forcing the PPC to prepare themselves for this hypothetical situation.
  • Surprisingly, they hold nothing against Shiroe, Akatsuki nor their creator despite said creator approving and implementing OCs into the Log Horizon canon. They reason that since they are rounded enough to be good characters, they are good in the PPC's book.
  • Also found in Hunters.

    SCP Foundation 
The SCP Foundation, Organization of Maintaining Normalcy and Classified Information (The Foundation, Soap From Corpses Products Inc., Skeptics of Conspiracy and the Paranormal, South Cheyenne Point, Skippers, Essie P)
  • Overdeity: The organization as a whole; it consists of a vast number of lesser beings.
  • Symbol: The motto "To Secure, Contain, and Protect" and their official pointed-circle logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Extranormal Institute, He Who Fights Monsters, [DATA EXPUNGED], Nightmare Fuel, High Turnover Rate, Necessarily Evil, Paranoia Fuel, ██████ ███, Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Status Quo Is God, Reset Button
  • Domains: Deconstruction, Skepticism, Containment, Logic, Security, Protection, ███████, Status Quo, Censorship, [REDACTED]
  • Ascended Members: Dr. Robert Scantron, Dr. Alto Clef
  • Allies: The Status Quo, The Men in Black
  • Enemies: SCP-682, SCP-173, SCP-990, SCP-169... In general, any SCPs who refuse to cooperate with the Foundation, The Incubators, The Church of the Broken God (with some exceptions), Sarkicism, The Fifth Church
  • Rivals: The Global Occult Coalition
  • Though not a singular entity, the Foundation has collected so many weird and odd artifacts over the years that it has a very in-depth understanding of how extranormal beings operate and, as a result, have developed many effective methods in fighting and containing them. Realizing that they would work better as allies than enemies, the head deities allowed the SCP Foundation to establish a permanent presence in the Main House, where its primary duty is to oversee the House of Treasures, maintain the status quo of the Pantheon, and make sure that the mortal realms remain unaware of the events that transpire in this plane of existence.
  • Operation Gotterdammerung is proceeding as planned. Xanatos: Phase Six, complete.
  • The Foundation once tried to "neutralize" Fred Rogers because they deemed him too powerful. It didn't end well.
  • Batman is rumored to have very close ties to the Foundation; it has been further hypothesized that he may in fact head it, or at the very least provide a rather sizable chunk of its data as regards to other gods in general and super-beings in particular.
  • Due to its vast collection of various artifacts, it's rumored that the Foundation has an SCP or procedure to kill, incapacitate, or contain any being or deity it comes across. It commands great fear and respect among the lesser deities after stories of its "neutralizing" of one of Haruhi's alternate universe counterparts began to circulate.
  • Apparently has a few agents watching Yukari Yakumo, just in case she decided that it would be better if the Pantheon 'disappeared'.
  • Has recently formed an alliance with the agents of the Warehouse, past and present, due to their similar missions. Ditto the Men In Black, who also work for keeping a masquerade.
  • Have refused to comment on the rumors that their logo was originally a "Five-Minute Foundation Orientation" tool.
  • Despite all the truly evil things they have done in their goal of maintaining the Status Quo, the SCP Foundation is forever a true ally to Humanity and their guardians from the things that lie in the dark. The P stands for Protect. Remember this.
  • A break-in at the Foundation caused quite a stir throughout the Pantheon, especially considering it was still dealing with the fiasco dubbed "The Great Upheaval". That is until it was discovered that the only thing missing was the utterly-harmless SCP-999. Agents of the Foundation found the cuddly, blob-like entity in the company of Madoka Kaname. The recently depowered Goddess claimed ignorance, both of the creature's nature and how it had come into her possession; it had apparently appeared in the middle of the night in her room. She reluctantly parted with the creature: after everything she had dealt with, she had found the SCP's presence very cheering. Considering the timing and nature of the breakout, the Foundation has a relatively good idea of who was behind it.
  • Their current project is to find a way to get Isaac in as a SCP after the reveal of his devil form came unwrapped. Unfortunately, Lucifer also took a interest in Isaac and is considering having him as a adopted son he could train. A war to get Isaac first could break out, making the Pantheon anxious.
  • Annoyed at misspellings and ever worried about documentation, the Foundation has created an amusing method to keep the name right: whenever someone in the pantheon calls them "SPC", Bruce is punched and the misspeller is subsequently chased by the shark. Of course this led to problems for the Samurai Pizza Cats once, and the Foundation is currently trying to implant an exception for them.

    Yuji Sakai 
Yuji Sakai, Canceller of the Apocalypse (Snake of the Festival, Silver the Second, World-Wandering Ascetic, Yu-Chan)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: The Midnight Lost Child, Blutsauger sword, or Bakuyagai armor
  • Theme Music: Le Serpent De Ceremonie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain, Fallen Hero, Tragic Villain, Protagonist Journey to Villain, MacGuffin Super Person, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Good All Along, Messianic Archetype, Cancelling the apocalypse, Representing Enlightenment, Saviors, Byronic Hero, The Extremist Was Right, The Atoner
  • Domains: War, Madness, Mercy, Cruelty, Leadership, Despair, Harsh Truths, Pragmatism, Peace, Rebirth, Creation
  • Followers: Renya Kagurazaka
  • Allies: Shana, Shirou Emiya, Setsuna F. Seiei, Raiden, Kiritsugu Emiya, Martin Walker, Madoka Kaname, Rin Tohsaka, Archer, Hakumen, Mako Mori and Raleigh Beckett, Sol Badguy, Booker DeWitt.
  • Former Allies: Homura Akemi (after the "Great Upheaval"), Master Chief (due to his stalwart defense and support of Homura)
  • Enemies: The Millennium, The GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi), Incubators, Nyarlathotep, Justice, Dio Brando, Sosuke Aizen, Encrico Pucci, Vanilla Ice, Khorne, YHVH, Ragyo Kiryuin, Shinnok.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon for discovering a way to end a war that has raged for millennia that would eventually end humanity by creating a duplicate world where the Denizens can live without having to consume humans to survive.
  • Being an Anthropomorphic Personification of ending long-running wars, he found enmity with many evil Gods who promoted warmongering and bringing forth the Apocalypse, such as Yuuki Terumi, Darkseid, The Red Skull, and The Millennium.
  • Seeing his actions and goals, The God-Emperor of Mankind is impressed by this newcomer, as his Crimson Denizens fought the good fight much like Yuji's followers.
  • He and Madoka Kaname are known to be friends due to their goals rectifying the very laws of physics. Because of this, Madoka doesn't want to fight him; not to mention she finds the stories of his world interesting.
  • Originally resided in the House of Treasures due to carrying the Reiji Maigo until it was separated from him.
  • Rumors say that his favorite catchphrase is "How well have you matured!".
  • The Chaos Gods of The Void are even more worried than they were with Madoka Kaname.
    • Especially Tzeentch. You see, Yuji and the Crimson Denizens input a rule, created by the Flame Hazes, that completely prohibits the Crimson Denizens of Xanadu from consuming humans, thus bringing forth peace between the Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes AND resulting in Yuji's ascension.
      • Finding out that Tzeentch was the one responsible for the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens fighting against each other, because of him manipulating the Flame Hazes, by telling them that the Great Binding Chain was an act that the Snake of the Festival made, in order to fuel his interests in destroying them all in one shot, has impression on Yuji.
  • His act of cancelling the impending Apocalypse from occurring was what likely inspired Guillermo del Toro to create Pacific Rim, since the goals of both Yuji and the protagonists of the film involve cancelling the Apocalypse. The end result is that he is probably the one who (unintentionally) brought Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori into the Pantheon.
  • He's kind of disturbed with Yukiteru Amano due to their very similar English-language voices (caused by a 2-year-long delay). Even if Yukiteru isn't evil, his status with a Batshit Crazy Yandere still creeps Yuji out. He's also quite disturbed and disgusted by Sosuke Aizen due to their similar ''Japanese'' voices, especially considering how evil Aizen is.
  • He's currently atoning at Xanadu by teaching the Denizens how to co-exist peacefully with the humans, which led to his spiritual enlightenment.
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Raiden and Captain Martin Walker, especially with regards to their shared moments of desperation and insanity.
  • Is friends with Kiritsugu Emiya and Setsuna F. Seiei, due to having similar views on war.
  • Recently, however, he severed ties with Homura Akemi after witnessing the "Great Upheaval" and hearing the following news about it. After hearing that Kyubey was responsible for bringing back the Witch system, he has declared him his biggest enemy, more so than Tzeentch.
  • Also resides in the House of War.


Greater Gods

    Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman 
Clark Kent, God of Traditional Superheroes (Superman, Superboy I, Nightwing, Kal-El, Jordon Elliot, Supes, Smallville, The Man of Tomorrow, The Last Son of Krypton, The Man of Steel, The Big Blue Boyscout, Earth's Adopted Son, The Blur, Clark White)

    Son Goku/Kakarot 
Son Goku, God of Super Modes, Battle Auras and Co-God of the Kamehame Hadoken (Son Gokou, Son Gokuh, Son Gokuu, Kakarot, Kakarrot, Kakarotto, Carrot Cake, Son-Kuh, Son-Kun, The Hope of the Universe, The Tenacious Super Saiyan, The Champion of Christmas, Dumbass, Paragon 'til Death, Sun Wukong)
Click here for his child and post-Z forms 
Click here for Ultra Instinct 
  • Greater God (Overdeity as a Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct, and fused with Vegeta, as Gogeta or Vegito)
  • Symbol: A 4-Star Dragon Ball with his iconic hairdo.
  • Theme Songs: CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA, Dragon Ball Z, and Rock the Dragon for most of his adult life; Makafushigi Adventure for his younger self; Saiyan from Earth and Hero overall
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Idiot Hero, LOVES Fighting, Intensive Training, Power Levels, Ki Attacks, Compassion, Kindness, Unconditional Forgiveness, Friend to All Living Things, Honor Before Reason, Emptier of Marketplaces, The Spirit Bomb, The Kamehameha, Action Dad, Master of All Techniques, Willing to Give Anyone a Second Chance, SUPER SAIYAN, SUPER SAIYAN 2, SUPER SAIYAN 3, SUPER SAIYAN 4, SUPER SAIYAN GOD, SUPER SAIYAN BLUE, ULTRA INSTINCT, Instant Transmission, Lightning Bruiser, Papa Wolf, No Social Skills, Saiyan Raised by Humans, Manchild, Henpecked Husband (sort of), Not Willing to Sacrifice Anyone, Non-Human Attitude and Behavior.
  • Domains: Strength, War, Destruction, Protection, Good, Martial Arts, Speed.
  • Followers: Gon Freecss, Zatch Bell!
  • Teachers: Master Roshi, Kami (now part of Piccolo), King Kai, Whis
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Turles
  • Respected by: John Cena
  • Wary of: Johnny Cage
  • Respectfully Hates as a Brother Warrior and Worthy Adversary: Frieza
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Sun Wukong, Zero
  • Worthy Opponent: Hit
  • Enemies:
  • In the woods of the Mount Paozu region lived a rather extraordinary child with superhuman strength, a tail and an extreme naivety of the outside world, who besides his now-deceased grandfather had never even seen another human in his life. This boy was discovered, or should we say crashed into, at the age of twelve by a 16-year-old girl who was driving her car around the world looking for a set of wish-granting orbs… one of which happened to have been the boy's last keepsake of his grandfather. From that day onwards, the young lad's life would be changed forever.
    • Traveling with the blue-haired girl, he began a life of adventure in which he would make many friends and enemies in multiple searches for the full set of wish orbs. He dealt with monsters and armies alike, became a world martial arts champion, and even met God and killed the Demon King, before finding love and becoming a father to a boy who he would name directly after his beloved grandpa. Then, things changed again, when he took his four-year-old son to meet his friends, only to himself receive a rather hostile visit with a tailed man who turned out to be his brother. Through said brother, he found out that he's actually one of the last remaining members of an alien race of warriors who hire themselves out as mercenaries to tyrants who depopulate worlds.
    • Although originally sent to devastate Earth (or so his brother believed), he instead rejected this destiny, becoming the savior of the world multiple times over. Despite this, he eventually embraced the strength and pride of his heritage, became the first man in a millennium to achieve his race's legendary transformation of power, and even humiliated the treacherous employer who eradicated their civilization. From that point onwards, he just kept getting stronger and dealing with increasingly-insane tiers of threat and adventure, with his exploits taking him and his allies through the multiverse itself. The Pantheon itself could not simply acknowledge the rank of his greater transformations, instead having to increase his base divine rank just to keep up with it all.
    • Spanning several decades both within and beyond his multiverse, he has become a beloved icon and influencer in many different worlds. Even so, he still remains that adventurous young child at heart, always looking to test his limits, fight strong rivals, improve himself as best as he can, and eat like a goddamn pig. With the ever-expanding reach into the endless cosmos caused by this man's amazing power and attitude, it's clear that his journeys are far from over.
    • Just who is he? The Saiyan raised on Earth. The pure-hearted warrior awakened by fury. The central focus of Dragon Ball, the most iconic legend ever told through anime and manga. He's Son Goku.
  • Initially when approached for deification, Goku refused the position, thinking it was similar to all the God Job offers. However, with many villains becoming deities, Goku reluctantly accepted and came into the Pantheon, realizing that it really wasn't the same at all, but rather an entry into a gathering of beings from many other worlds and universes based on common tropes of life.
  • Since ascending, he has fought Superman many, many times, the vast majority of which came with no certain conclusion. The few times there was a "decisive" finish, listed below:
    • There was one time they were nowhere near a yellow sun.
    • In what could be considered their first decisive battle, Goku was able to overpower Superman with his Super Saiyan transformation. Though it was clear to many observers that Superman was only using the regular amount of strength he normally does when patrolling Metropolis rather than extensively reaching into his true power.
    • The two later had a Death Battle that ended with Goku accidentally hurling Superman into the sun, supercharging him, and then being obliterated… along with the Earth, resulting in a very large mess that took every house of the Pantheon to clean up. However, this had become a moot point with Goku's most recent achievement of ascending into Super Saiyan God. The Pantheon now fears a rematch.
    • With more information coming to light about the true scope of the power of the Super Saiyan God, Superman finally agreed to a rematch. Thankfully, Superman simply decided to simply end the fight quickly and cleanly before the Pantheon could be destroyed again by frying Goku's brain, then carrying his body back to the House of Life and Death for revival. Chichi has scolded them both on their recklessness.
    • Eventually Goku was shown a vision of what would happen if he continued trying to fight Superman. He saw how Shenron told a version of himself who was impatient for a strong challenge about Superman's, then brought him into Superman's world. This Goku engaged Superman in combat, angering him into fighting increasingly seriously, then heeded Superman's warning about his power being virtually limitless and responded by destroying the sun in order to make it possible for him to run out of energy. Even after that, it took using the Spirit Bomb to convert his life force into pure energy in order to take out the Man of Steel. Thankfully, Goku's other two wishes to both undo all the damage and restore everyone back where they belong after the match were granted by Shenron.
    • Finally asking what Superman's power being "virtually limitless" means, he learned that Superman's feats include being able to lift eternity and infinity and hear the distress watch's signal in the vacuum of space thousands of light years away and arrive in ten minutes. With this, he finally understood: Superman may not be omnipotent, but he is always capable of pushing his absolute best beyond any previous limit given the opportunity. This is what it means when they say that in order to truly defeat Superman, you must have no limits. At this point he decided to stop attempting to fight him, because even if he did defeat Superman, what would he have left to strive for?
    • However, it looks like once again, the debate shall continue, with not only new info coming to light about the true scope of the power of Super Saiyan God, but Goku recently unveiling his newest Trump card: Super Saiyan Blue. Kaio-Ken.
    • And then he finally stepped foot within the grounds of Superman's world of no limits when he achieved the state that the Dragon Ball gods and angels themselves hail and possess: Ultra Instinct. That said, currently Ultra Instinct puts a dangerous strain on his body and can only be called upon subconsciously when there's nothing else left, so he's not firmly planted in that world as of yet.
    • It should be noted that, while many fans consider it a vicious rivalry, the two are really good friends and help out with each other's foes. They can often be seen in the lunchroom, eating metric tons of the other culture's food. When the two finally did have another rematch, it was in the most unexpected way possible.
  • He also has a friendly rivalry with Kuroko Shirai, and the duo regularly has competitions of whose Teleportation Skills are faster and superior to whom.
  • Crashed the Gourmet Race set on the arrival of King Dedede along with Luffy and Toriko. He could have easily won the Race if he chose to go Super Saiyan, but decided to limit himself to give others a chance. He ended up taking first place with Pac-Man and Kirby, and earned himself a lifetime membership at the Gourmet Racer Club table which suits him just fine.
  • There exist a few false idols who claim to be him. His many followers have made sure he is never made aware of this.
  • Is taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion": picking on those weaker than yourself is something Goku finds HIGHLY contemptible, and YHVH's act of targeting a depowered Madoka for assassination is very much that..
  • There is an ongoing rumor that he and Vegeta are both masters of the Fusion Dance. This rumor worries the evil deities more than they'd care to admit. It's possible that the resulting fusion would be more powerful than O-Haruhi-Sama.
  • Recently began partaking in daily duels with his long-unused "Power Pole" staff Nyoi-bo against the immaculate swordsmanship of Yuuki Konno. Aside from admiring the fact Yuuki regards combat as a respectful conversation, he is utterly impressed by the grace, speed, and power of her 11-Hit Ultimate Technique "Mother's Rosario" (which even Goku barely managed to block), and the two cheerful warriors became fast friends at the end of their very first duel.
  • He's not a big fan of Johnny Cage for the same reason as Vegeta, as it gives him a painful reminder of the time he had his balls busted during that one fight with Android 13.
  • Sun Wukong himself is starting to show MASSIVE complaint about how Goku is making a name for himself... WITH HIS OWN NAME. It's no secret to some people that both Wukong and Goku's names are the exact same, only read in different readings. Due to the advantage of Japanese and Chinese sharing similar characters, this has been going on for a while.
    • Thus, it's a bit of a clear point made by the original Monkey King himself in that people have no idea how to pronounce Sun Wukong (Soon Woo-koh-ng), and can only unknowingly say it as "Son Gokuu" without even knowing it's the same name. Goku himself, however, hasn't said anything to this, but at the same time is rather just as baffled as well, especially since he realizes that the Ox King he knows also has a ripped-off name as well in the same manner. Some say Goku's just thinking very deeply about what to say on the matter.
    • Despite this, when Wukong learned about the alternate "Grand Tour" timeline and its version of Goku achieving a certain transformation and calling it Super Saiyan 4, he went out of his way to teach this Goku how to obtain the form himself. Given that the unlocking processnote  as well as the final look of the form show far more of a cross between a Super Saiyan and a Great Ape than a pure Super Saiyan, one can't help but think Wukong simply wants the man taking his name to represent monkey power as he does—especially given how much stronger it is than the previous Super Saiyan states.
      • For what it's worth, Android 17 got his self-sustained Super upgrade via Aghanim's Scepter around the same time. This resulted in 17 challenging Goku to a fight—a friendly one, thankfully—and claiming to be the Ultimate Android, to which Goku responded by calling himself the Ultimate Saiyan. Wukong was pleased by this name, finding it more fitting than Super Saiyan 4 as well as more emphatic about its power. The fight itself was intense, and 17 used his new absorption trick to gain the power advantage, but Goku picked up on it before 17 could blow him out of the water, effectively turning it into a fistfight. It was called a draw when Chichi told them dinner was ready.
    • The above all took place before Beerus' visit to Earth in which Goku learned of and unlocked the Super Saiyan God state. As soon as that incident happened and Super Saiyan God was tested and found to be stronger than the Ultimate Saiyan/Super Saiyan 4, Wukong was once again annoyed with Goku. This has only continued since then with every advancement in Goku's God powers, including Super Saiyan Blue and the combination in Kaioken, as the utter eclipsing of the monkey form's power has naturally just further peeved the Monkey King.
  • Goku reported having had a very strange dream, where he was about to eat some food before Sonic swiped it from him, inciting a melee. It also involved Godzilla, Kirby, the Avengers, wrecking the Death Star, and ended with Saitama killing him in one punch before then being challenged by Superman.
    • Curiously, this dream didn't end shortly after his "death", and it led to a one-on-one with the Man Of Steel and the Caped Baldy duking it out. In the end, after Saitama survived Supes's Super Flare, Black Widow arrived to clear up the issue.
    • Turns out, all of that actually happened... to a clone of himself he and Gohan accidentally made during a training session. Nobody wanted to tell him that for a long time.
  • He got along very well with Saitama when they met for real, and they were in the midst of scheduling a few hundred sparring sessions when Saitama revealed that his "hero training" was the source of his baldness. Without missing a beat, Goku cheerfully offered to teach him Super Saiyan 3 to solve his "problem." Saitama, having been presented with the Logic Bomb of regaining his hair at the cost of getting even stronger, stared off into the distance for quite some time before mumbling something about "bargain day at the supermarket" and making a hasty exit. Goku hasn't seen him since.
  • Despite him being an all-around nice guy who'd never kill an innocent or hurt a fly, DO NOT underestimate his zeal for a competitive battle. This man instinctively draws out fights to get the most challenge out of them to the point that his friends and even he himself note this as a valid criticism. He convinces his friends not to kill his enemies if they're stronger than him but still manageable because he wants to have a rematch with them and eventually beat them himself. He calls hits on himself using divine connections to draw a legendary assassin out to fight him at full power simply because he enjoys fighting said assassin that much. That is how legendary Son Goku's thirst for a challenge in combat is.
    • What's astounding is that this frequency of combat-happy decisions should bite anyone hard in the face at least ¾ of the time, but with Goku? This is how he gains respect, makes friends, influences people, and overall makes the world around him better.
  • Goku gets along very well with Naruto Uzumaki, Touma Kamijou, and Nanoha Takamachi, due to their shared traits of open-minded kindness, protectiveness of their allies and friends, desire for peace, a habit of redeeming lost souls and making friends of former foes, and other similarities. He also frequently trains with Naruto and Nanoha, to the concern of many villainous gods; the thought of Goku with access to Nanoha's special brand of magic or the Rasengan is worrying, while the thought of Goku having Sage Mode (and worse, of him combining that with his Super Saiyan forms) is damn near terrifying.
  • When it turns out other fighters who he long surpassed in power, like Krillin, Android 17, and his own son Gohan, still have the ability to surprise him with their skills or even to bring their powers up close to his literal Physical God +1 levels, he is joyful and impressed. He's even willing to give the likes of FRIEZA seemingly-infinite chances because of his respect for the man's power. Sure, gathering a team for a multiverse team battle royal where only the winning universe escapes deletion might have something to do with it, but it was Goku's fault the Tournament of Power is even happening in the first place.
  • Speaking of which, a few of his fellow heroes are beginning to find him to be reckless, smug, and stupid because of his role in stirring Zen'o up into starting that tournament and his absolute lack of seriousness when dealing with Zen'o or the other true deities of his universe. For example, X and Zero think he might pass for a Maverick if he was a Reploid who didn't still care about his friends or his world. Aang, who once at least held great respect for Goku as Krillin's best friend and a fellow Friend to All Living Things, now sees Goku's casual attitude to the entire situation as well as to lying to his own friends with a false bribe to get them to join his team as being somewhat horrifying. AJ Styles has nothing in particular against Goku's attitude itself but doesn't like that John Cena approves of how defiant he's being towards detractors of his unbecoming behavior as The Hero of his 'verse. Optimus is also curious and less than impressed with Goku's folly, so rather than support Universe 7, he's decided to root for Universe 3, whose God of Destruction is a machine with a Cybertron-esque home planet and whose warriors are technologically-modified cyborgs.
    • Two things occurred during the midst of the tournament which gave everyone above pause. First, it was revealed that the Tournament of Power was, in fact, the universes' fighting chance, as each universe on the chopping block would have been destroyed outright otherwise. Secondly, after a failed attempt to beat a Superman-like ultimate warrior with a Universal Spirit Bomb using his teammates' power resulted in him falling into a Singularity, he survived the only way he could — by passing through every barrier to his ultimate potential and achieving the power that the Gods of Destruction all strive for: Ultra Instinct.
    • It's been theorized that Sage Mode and Ultra Instinct are closely related and that his training with Naruto and Nanoha may have had a hand in helping him reach this new level.
    • Following the conclusion of, and all the revelations involving, the Tournament of Power, Aang, Optimus, AJ and X all forgave Goku his folly. Not only was it yet another example of one of Goku's miraculous gambles given the Zen'o's had planned to eradicate all eight of the weaker universes, he recruited both Frieza, who helped him make the final elimination, and Android 17, who stood alone in the ring as the champion of the tournament; furthermore, his determination and virtue influenced both of them, especially 17, who made the right wish to save the multiverse and restore all seven fallen universes with his prize opportunity. Zero, on the other hand, remains skeptical of Goku's wisdom.
  • While Goku has not forgiven Frieza for murdering Krillin, he holds an undeniable measure of respect for the tyrant for his power, determination and perseverance; next to Vegeta, he is his greatest rival. This respect and admiration, surprisingly, is quite mutual on Freeza's part, even more so after they fought side by side as Brother Warriors and saved Universe Seven from destruction in The Tournament of Power.
  • Used the Dragon Balls to obtain a Platinum Ticket to fight Rodin in one of his advanced states, becoming one of the few to ever defeat Father Rodin in his angelic state as The Infinite One. Out of those, only he took up Rodin's offer for a rematch; nobody else is up to repeat that sort of impossible challenge.
  • He also holds a position in the House of Power.

Valvatorez, God of Promises (Tyrant Valvatorez, Valzy, Mr. Vampire, Mr. Weirdo, Prinny Instructor)
  • Greater God (Overdeity should he ever regain his Tyrant powers)
  • Symbol: His twin snake emblem
  • Theme Song: Arcadian Vampire, Unflyable Wings, Sparking (when raving about sardines), (Naked Requiem should he ever regain his Tyrant powers)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with a lot of Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Promises, Non-blood-sucking vampires, sardine-based nutrition, ties of camaraderie, respected Prinny Instructor, master of uplifting speeches, Noble Demon, spirit and fortitude
  • Domains: Law (to an extent), Promises, Vampires, Ambition, Fear, SARDINES!!!
  • Allies: Fenrich, Artina, Monkey D. Luffy, Adell, Histoire, Usalia, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Midna, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Tepes, Rika Furude, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Axel (on a good day)
  • Rivals: Zetta, Alucard
  • Enemies: YVHV, Lucifer, Yuuki Terumi, Dr Weil, The Red Skull, Copy X
  • Has an odd friendship with Alucard (the one from Hellsing) and Rachel Alucard. The three of them often meet to have tea, cakes, cookies and...sardines?
  • Thanks to testimony from Zetta about Valvatorez was much more powerful than he lets on, namely that he canonically is nearly equal in power to the Nipponverse big three (all greater gods residing in the house of life and death, otherness, and theatre respectively) despite his de-powered state, he was promoted to the Main House.
    • Although Fenrich, his loyal servant, was happy to see his lord move up the ranks, Fenrich is already plotting to push his lord further, stating that his lord should not be second to any god. However, Val is more concerned about upholding his duties as God of Promises than anything else.
    • Though to further these plans, Fenrich has persuaded Valvatorez to see about getting himself a spot in the Pantheon, which eventually happened.
  • Ever since his promotion, there have been some dreadful rumors being spread about him, namely one that his Tyrant state is every bit as powerful as Tyrant Overlord Baal.
    • Currently unknown if he or Flandre Scarlet is the strongest vampire in the pantheon.
  • During his spare time, Valvatorez can often be found in the House of Food proclaiming the benefits of sardines and sharing his vast knowledge on them. Most try to ignore him, though some are rather curious about his claim that sardines have allowed him to still be powerful without the need of blood.
  • Defeating Fear the Great has earned him the respect of other gods who fight against evil gods and their creations, though Valvatorez remains modest, saying that it was a joint effort by his comrades in his Hades Party and that it was to fulfill his promises. That said, Asura has invited him to join his task force to defeat Gohma Vlitra.
    • Speaking of Fear the Great, there have been rumors that YHVH was behind its creation. Regardless of whether he was behind it or not, his MO matches the God who created Fear the Great and has thus become Val's enemy.
  • Although Valvatorez admires that Pinkie Pie is also a strong believer in keeping promises, the two have an ongoing argument over what the last line of a planned Official "Pantheon Promise" Swear should be; Pinkie in favor of "Stick a cupcake in my eye" and Valvatorez in favor of "Stick a sardine in my eye". However, the Swear in general has yet to be approved by the rest of the Pantheon and everyone hopes that it stays that way.
    • He also gets along rather well with Fluttershy since she's helping him with the Prinnies who've redeemed themselves, though she gets a little frightened when he becomes boisterous.
    • After learning of Princess Luna's role as the Princess of the Night, Val has become good friends with her and has vowed to protect the moon for her and Fenrich's sake. While Fenrich does not want Val to be making more friends and promises, he at least (begrudgingly) respects Luna as the moon is very important to him.
  • On the subject of Prinnies, he's quick to remind them that they must not let their ascension get to their heads as they still need to fulfill their duty for them to reincarnate and will not allow any slacking.
  • Due to the canonicity of certain endings, his transformation into Tyrant is only a matter of time.
  • Due to his experience in successfully rebelling against psychotic gods, he was amongst the first to be recruited to fight in "The Pantheonic Rebellion". He plans to take part in the "Deep Strike" front and by then, his Tyrant state will have awakened.
  • Once upon a time, A shining yellow ring appeared in front of Valvatorez and said: "VALVATOREZ OF THE NETHERWORLD. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO INSTILL GREAT FEAR. WELCOME TO THE SINESTRO CORPS." As it turns out, Sinestro purposefully gave one of his rings to the vampire as a token of friendship and after hearing of his reputation as a fearmonger/former tyrant. Naturally, Fenrich doesn't trust Sinestro one bit and neither does Valvatorez.
  • After regaining his Tyrant status, he recently became the head Vampire Lord of "The Children of the Night", a rather informal group consisting of the most powerful vampires in the pantheon. In fact, being the strongest is the condition for entering, which has managed to humiliate Dracula.
    • The Belmont family considers him a vampire not worth hunting due to a combination of actually being harmless and friendly when off the clock and due to him being massively off the charts in terms of raw power, even dwarfing the dreaded Gabriel Belmont in terms of power.
  • Also gets along well with Sora, due to him also being a strong believer in keeping promises, as well as ties of camaraderie.
  • Though not by his choice, has been nominated for largest ham ever.
  • Upon seeing the ways that Popeye and Soda Popinski gain power from their respective favorite food and drink, Valvatorez has suggested to them that they start eating sardines instead, and become even more powerful. Neither have taken him up on that.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Justice.

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