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The Best Friends' final year was so jam packed that the page has been split in half. See the first half here.

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     Detroit: Become Human 
  • The Friends create Bingo cards of tropes or story moments they feel are all but guaranteed to appear in the game, based on David Cage's history and general tropes dealing with android's becoming sentient.
  • The header on the Two Best Friends Play subreddit, which is Detroit-themed for the duration of this LP, updates itself to reflect some of the events happening within the LP. Notable changes include Connor having an additional copy added behind him for each time he's killed and revived, and Markus becoming faded out after Woolie got him killed.
  • The opening is a Ghost in the Shell style video where the three friends are androids currently being assembled. Flashing throughout are Call Backs such as referring to the game as a movie and a profile named "Sadness".
    • Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that one of the words floating around the logo says "Noble Hobbo".
  • Episode Zero:
    • This "episode" was released the same day as the game but filmed earlier in the week. What follows is an hour-long discussion of what they're expecting to see based on previous experience.
    • The second the episode starts Matt wastes no time in making fun of the game's forgettable title.
      Matt: What's the name of the game? Say it now.
      Woolie: B-become... fuck!
      Matt: Nope. You.
      Pat: Detroit 2 Humanz.
      Matt: ... close.
    • As they talk about the game, they keep subconsciously trying to sneak the word "Beyond" into the subtitle.
    • As a joke, Matt, who has not touched the game as of recording this episode, predicts that one of the androids will fight a "farting dick monster".
    Woolie: Little extreme. Little extreme. Sometimes you can choose to go-
    Matt: Have you played other games in the David Cage lineup?
    Woolie: You can choose to go all in, or you can choose to pare it back...
    Matt: There were bugs! That... Space bugs!
    Pat: He's right. He's right.
    • While debating what the increased budget but lack of big name actors means for Cage's tendency to creep on female characters, they agree at least there won't be Cage's binder full of pictures of Ellen Page this time.
    • Woolie is barely containing his rage at the fact that David Cage will be tackling race relations in this game, while Pat assures him that it can't be about race relations because its about "robuts".
      Woolie: There's. No. Chance that that subject matter will go unmolested.
      • They then talk about multiple interviews where Cage said it wasn't about race and then promptly listed all manner of aspects that can make it about race.
      • And just for added amusement, Cage mentioning the detective is like a Blade Runner but he's not because he is an android... where one of the biggest debates about the original movie is whether Deckard is unknowingly a replicant.
      • This is exacerbated by the fact that K, the protagonist of Blade Runner 2049, is conclusively a replicant Blade Runner.
    • When talking about their Bingo card, Pat remarks that many of their fans have been interested in Bingo. Matt replies that it's the sport of kings.
    • Pat asks what the chance is of them seeing aliens, computer virus monsters, ghosts, or psychic sex vampires.
      Woolie: (thinking intently) Sssssolid forty percent.
    • While discussing their predictions for the game, Woolie brings up what he refers to as a wild swing and a "Fuck You" Swing. The wild swing is a weird visual representation of the internet or an android emotional mind-field. His "Fuck You" swing? Space.
      Pat: Space?
      Matt: What space?
      Woolie: Space.
      Pat: Just in general?
      Matt: Just space?
      Woolie: Space.
      Pat: Their consciousness is gonna expand to space?
      Woolie: I'M JUST SAYIN' SPACE.
    • A robo sex scene will occur, possibly between two robuts who don't understand their feelings. This leads to the possibility of them somehow creating a robut baby.
    • Pat predicts there will be a moment in the game where something transcends bad into outright offensive and leaves Woolie silent due to his disgust.
    • Sorting through various bingo spot options, "Casual Sexism" is suggested. Matt says 'no' as the game is (not) about race, until the others interpret this as the camera exhibiting Male Gaze, such as a female shower scene. He immediately gives a solid 'yes' on this option, because David Cage.
      • Pat outright rejects the option of a strong, independent woman needing to be rescued by a man because he has not seen any strong, independent women in the game.
    • Pat loves the fact that all the ideas discussed by the Friends before reading the fan suggestions are all represented there.
  • Part 1:
    • When Connor finds that the child was unable to hear the Deviant's gunshots Woolie assumes it's because she was too busy listening to Omikron's OST. Complete with Matt and him singing the Training Room song together. Now in demonstrative video form.
      Pat: Thank you, Omikron. You've doomed this child.
    • Given the police opened fire on the Deviant while he had a child as a hostage, Woolie proposes their reasoning was that if they shot enough holes in the child, eventually the bullets would hit the Deviant.
    • Pat's negotiating skills with Connor ups the probability of success to 99%, then he decides to tell the truth instead of reassuring the Deviant (having killed a human they are gonna scrap him). It ends with Connor having to perform a Heroic Sacrifice.
      Pat: I feel blindsided on a "Glass him" level.
    • The couch does praise the addition of the flowchart. It proves that Quantic Dreams can include good game elements so long as they steal ideas from Telltale Games.
    • Matt is not that patient with the robot racism. As he points out, they didn't make it more than a minute into gameplay before the ham-fisted analogies hit.
    Pretzel vendor: [working in a park with literally at least ten androids in easy view of his cart] You're scaring away my customers.
    Matt: No I'm— WE'RE EVERYWHERE!
    • Pat and Matt go Laughing Mad when they see that the androids not only go to the back of the bus, they have to stand in a compartment sealed off from the rest of the bus by a transparent panel.
      Matt: It's so bad! It's so much worse than I thought!
    • They lose it even further when they find out that the chapter was titled "Shades of Color".
      Woolie: ...What kind of color?
      Matt: Darker color? Perhaps a darker shade?
    • When the story picks up at Kara doing chores at Obvious Abusive Fat Man Todd's house, one of the tasks is vacuuming... by turning on a future Roomba. Matt is once again livid.
      Matt: You could have pressed that button yourse— YOU ALREADY HAVE A ROBOT!
    • Before that Matt points out how they could've made Kara even more efficient. Complete with Woolie adding sound effects.
      Matt: I'm the vacuum cleaner! It comes out of my vagina, I'm multi-purpose!
      Pat: Just scoot around like a crab!
    • The Williamses' run-down backyard reminds Woolie of a friend's that was full of dog poop. Since the Williamses don't have any dogs in sight, Matt and Pat figure it's the same way, except it comes from Alice acting out.
      • They also point out the pallet he has in the backyard for no other reason than to show this is a ghetto neighborhood.
    • They find an article about how driverless cars prioritize human lives based on their value to society.
      Pat: It looks at you and goes "Oh man, those are dirtbag LPers. Swerve into them."
  • Part 2:
    • The crew ponders what Easter Eggs there are regarding the android in the main menu. Matt posits that after 4 hours of idling, the android says "We are not allowed food at Quantic Dream. Please send help.", sending everyone into hysterics.
    • Discussing some of the blatant references they've already seen thus far, Matt decides that rather than ham-fisted the presentation of the game is better described as "butcher shop-fisted".
      • Pat was saying prior to the playthough that they needed to give the game a fair shake. This didn't last past the start of the recording.
    • The first seconds of the next scene has incredibly blatant texture pop-in, namely the Cyberlife logo on the back of the bus. Matt asks "Is this runnin' on Unreal 3?"
    • Pat stumbles over his words, as per usual, and declares the entire LP a mess.
      Woolie: Hold it together.
      Matt and Pat: NO.
    • They lose it at some of the odder things in Markus' home, such as a white zebra pelt rug, a pair of familiar origami sculptures, and a stuffed giraffe in his owner's living room.
      • In light of the decorations, Pat requests that, should he die, the other two will have his body taxidermied and do LPs with his body in the room like he's still alive. Matt offers to toss his body on the couch; Woolie offers to either to set him on the toilet or in the dumpster.
    • Woolie stops the QTE for Markus carrying his owner out of bed, resulting in time stopping awkwardly.
      • During said QTE, Matt immediately started screaming for Woolie to drop the owner. Despite his effort to back it down afterwards, Woolie and Pat are quick to declare him a proponent of abusing the elderly.
        Woolie: Matt "If He's Old, Put Him In A Chokehold" McMuscles?
        Pat: Matt "If They're In A Chair, Push Them Down The Stairs."
    • Matt comments on Markus's Mr. Fanservice status in a...unique matter.
    Matt: This robot is extremely fuckable.
    (Pat and Woolie agree.)
    • Pat once again praises the flowchart and then points out the one problem with it: It completely annihilates the illusion of choice by showing how any choice you make is funneled towards the same story events.
      • Woolie sums up the game as an FMV with buttons.
    • A bar bans androids and dogs. And especially android dogs with their fucking digi-borfs.
    • Scanning one of the people at the bar shows he used to look like a certain Food Network host.
    • Pat and Woolie think the fact that America is currently suffering from a forty percent unemployment rate would make a far more interesting story. As Pat puts it, that's the number just before rich people heads start rolling.
  • Part 3:
    • Woolie realizes that since Connor's tongue is his scanner he should french kisses Hank for a breathalyzer test.
    • Matt is down for android stripshows, wanting them to have extra nipples or vaginas.
    • Reconstructing the murder shows evidence it started in the kitchen. After the suggestion it started with the victim slipping on a banana peel, the couch starts asking for the reconstruction to include silly sound effects and Benny Hill music.
    • As Todd starts going into his rant about his wife leaving, the couch agrees with all of her complaints, such as him needing to stop doing drugs. They debate how he managed to keep custody of Alice, proposing the judge was actually a robot. Big game spoilers, but if you're wondering why Todd was able to keep her: She's actually an android since Todd's wife took their actual daughter.
      • The rant escalates and the guys declare he is an almost cartoonish depiction of an abusive, loser husband. He would be typecast as the sleaziest man alive, but Quantic Dreams already one-upped him in Indigo.
    • Matt can't help but wonder why Kara didn't try unlocking the door first instead of pushing it, then he fails one of the prompt and get smacked again.
      • Kara overcoming the order to "Don't Move" via a QTE of her wireframe breaking through a wall gets the couch hyped. They declare she just broke through an AT-field. And then Pat asks the rather important question of why androids are able to do that.
  • Part 4:
    • Pat starts off the video hesitantly saying that he's actually having fun with this game and Woolie agree, despite Matt's warning protests... and subsequent agreement. He notes the last time he felt this way in a game was around 49% into Indigo.
    • Once again Pat does fairly well while interrogating a frightened android, only to catastrophically fuck it up at the last moment. In this case, its because he feels curious about the "mind probe" option, to which the android shows undisguised terror. It turns out that probing his mind doesn't reveal any new information about the case, and doing so results in the poor android being Mind Raped and driven to murder-suicide (as he suddenly kills Connor, to everyone's shock).
      Matt: Oooh, get fucked!
      Pat: Me!?
      Matt: You!
    • Seeing the smart glass panel on a laundromat drying machine, Woolie predicts one of the driers will go deviant with a door popping open to break its AT field.
    • Matt having Kara stealing clothes from the black person sleeping in the laundromat, not only the clothes in the dryer but also the beanie and jacket resting on the man's legs.
      Matt: Poor black guy.
    • When Alice voices her complaint about stealing.
      Woolie: What do you know? Your dad's a drug addict.
      Matt: (chuckling) Everything you ever learned was wrong. Including not stealing.
    • Before leaving, Matt takes a look around to see if there's anything else he can do in the laundromat.
      Pat: Now stab (the black guy).
      Matt: Twenty-nine times.
      Pat: I was defending myself.
      Woolie: Tell the drier to become deviant.
      Pat: The fuck's a drier going to do!?
  • Part 5:
    • When Alice complains about stealing money, they guys mockingly point out she'll still sleep in the bed they get with said money. They speculate she actually wanted to sleep in the gutter and enjoy the Noble Hobbo lifestyle.
      • On their way to the hotel room, Woolie and Pat begin bellowing at Matt to buy food from the vending machines, despite him pointing out he both has no money and there are no prompts.
    • Pat points out that the other two seem to be having a lot easier times not getting killed. He then declares Connor was obviously the correct choice for him as he's a blatant snitch.
    • Their reaction to Kara's story branching flowchart.
    • The guys declare the "android dumping pit" to be the worst place they can imagine, directly comparing crawling through a pile of corpses to hell in What Dreams May Come.
      • Given how many androids are apparently dumped there still active but missing parts, the guys speculate there's either guys at the top of pit with bats to beat any androids that make it out or other androids waiting for better parts.
      • Passing a legless torso attempting to crawl out of the scrapheap, Woolie advises it to partner up with a pair of bodiless legs they saw walking around earlier.
    • Markus having the reboot prompt has the friends to realize he is the perfect player for Woolie.
    • When they see Markus removing the LED chips like it was nothing and have it regenerate, Pat says they can mark off "why no fail safe" on the bingo card.
      Pat: That is a catastrophic design failure.
    • Woolie wish to keep the Eye Scream wound but Matt points out it's gonna be kind of easy to spot the android.
      Woolie: Whaa, no I'm just Cyborg!
  • Part 6:
    • Woolie leads off pointing out that not everyone despises the androids. As if on cue, Reed belittles, assaults, and then dehumanizes Connor in short order demonstrating how those who do hate androids hate them a lot.
    • Taking a survey with the menu android, they're asked if they think they are dependent on technology. As Pat points out, they're let's players.
    • Their reaction to how Kara can just change hair color at will and remove the LED chip to blend in with humans.
      Woolie: So you know what you said about the "old models" having none of that? (Cyberlife) just went "fuck, compliance" and they just put those stickers on. Beep beep beep.
    • The boys are overjoyed by the discovery that Canada has refused to adopt android labor. They immediately joke that since they're already nearly impossible to distinguish from humans, deviant androids looking to evade persecution flee from the United States to Canada.
      Matt: In fact, I think the androids are making some type of underground railroad to get in!
      • This one gets even funnier if you know that that's exactly what's happening, right down to the Underground Railroad analogy.
    • Woolie saying Matt is doing fine with his android as Alice is hugging Kara.
      Woolie: Meanwhile, shot in the face and crawling in the fucking death pits.
    • Pat chases Matt during Connor's segment, leading to them switching controller back and forth. Matt ends up messing a pair of prompts and as a result Connor dies yet again, to Pat's annoyance.
      Pat: I can't get through one scene!
      • Pat is especially thrilled to learn that only five percent of people managed to get this outcome on their first playthroughs.
        Woolie: Looks like it all worked out.
        Pat: (exhausted) Fucking god dammit...
    • During the chase, Pat is yelling he wants to beat up Alice. When Connor says they can't kill Kara, Pat advocates shooting Alice to slow Kara down.
  • Part 7:
    • At the start of Connor's section they figure how fed up Hank must be with their incompetence.
      Truck Vendor: Hank. How' you doing?
      Hank: Uh, you know, same old shit.
      Matt (as Hank): My android got killed again.
    • Pat hopes for Connor's reappearance before Hank to be as awkward as possible.
      Pat:I should rub his back.
      Matt: I should rub something.
      Woolie: Don't die on the way to rubbing his back.
  • Part 8:
    • Pat immediately has a dreading reaction when Connor has to chase a deviant through a large urban industrial farm, with lots of automated threshing machines and trains in their path. Throughout the chase, Matt keeps pushing for Pat to fail at least one QTE for LP funsies, while Pat is pleading to be able to keep Connor alive this time.
    [Pat misses a button prompt, causing Connor to stumble slightly while climbing]
    Matt: DEATH!
    Woolie: (Chuckles) Sprains finger: head explodes.
    Pat: No! Can I get through one?! I just want to get through one!
    • The gang explores Jericho and listens to the plights of the Escaped Androids living there. Woolie is having none of the incredibly heavy-handed slavery/racism analogies.
      Markus: (Talking to a heavily damaged Android) What happened to you?
      Damaged Android: They tied me to the back of a car...I think they wanted to have fun...
      Woolie: (Incredibly disgusted groan)
      Pat: Listen! Hey! No! Hey! You wait! You wait. It was funny when Mega64 did it to a Gamecube. This is supposed to have you empathize with the Gamecube.
      Woolie: (Angry sigh) ...Are we just going full Emmett Till? Are we just gonna go full Emmett Till on it? Like, actually?
      Matt: Well, wait 'til the game introduces lynching party sections.
    • Woolie decides to purposefully end the episode on an awkward note. Matt remains silent for the rest of the episode.
      Woolie: I don't know about you guys but quite frankly robot slavery seems like a choice to me.
      Woolie: (Corpses)
      Pat: (Awkwardly) this point...
      Woolie: (Through his laughter) Thoughts? Comments? Thoughts? (Laughs more)
      Pat: At this point you would appear to be correct. As many are choosing to leave slavery!
  • Part 9:
    • If the creepy manor wasn't enough of a hint that Zlatko is evil, Matt quickly notices his hands are stained with android blood. Likewise, none of the friends are fooled by his offer to remove Kara's Tracker, with Pat noting that if the police could just track deviants they wouldn't bother following leads like Hank and Connor are doing. Matt spends the rest of the segment trying to find a way out, with everyone getting frustrated as it becomes clear the only way to progress is to follow Zlatko into his torture dungeon.
    • Their imagining of Canada's border having Mounties standing on guard and making a mountain with the androids they kill. Carrying flags with Chris Benoit's face on them.
      Woolie: "No one gets through."
      Pat: Hey J-P, y'a un autre! (hey J-P, there is another one there!)
    • Matt likens a painting of Jesus to the painting of Tyr in God of War.
      Woolie as Kratos: Close your heart to Jesus boy.
      Matt: Do not let him in. He will corrupt your soul.
  • Part 10:
    • The couch erupts in delighted cheers when the tortured androids make their appearance and take down Zlatko.
    • The flowchart referring to the tortured androids as monsters, even though the ham-fisted point was that Zlatko is the real monster, cause the friends to crack up.
    • A meta one as Zlatko's mansion was said by commentators to be one of the most hazardous and risky due to the quick time events and Matt being not particularly good at the motion. Matt simply sets the mansion on fire and run away instead of hiding.
    • Woolie notices that after a relatively strong stretch of new ground, Zlatko's manor seems to be David Cage lapsing into his old Cageisms.
      Woolie: That to me is where Cage is showing his old flag. He pulled it out a little bit and went NAH, I'M STILL HERE, FUCKERS!
      Matt: And he opens up his shirt and it just says "David" on his chest.
    • Pat notes he's a little puzzled by the fact that the guys haven't had the choice to viciously murder a human being yet.
    • Just because Pat managed to complete the previous section without getting Connor killed doesn't mean he's off the hook.
      Matt: You're going to talk to Amanda, and she's like, "Well Connor, you died during your sleep last night".
    • Pat discovers the Connor graveyard in the Zen Garden. He notes that two of the graves are dated the same day.
      Woolie: Imagine you're at the funeral and you got interrupted for a combo-breaker second funeral.
      Matt: And as that combo is being broke a new coffin slams down and it counter-breaks.
    • Going through Hank's closet, they choose a "streaky" shirt for him. On getting a look at it, they realize it's a ridiculous, animesque shirt. Matt and Woolie, fresh off their discussion in Mirage Sessions decide it has the name of an anime from the '90s or '00s on its back.
    • All of the couch is amused by how clearly unfit for duty Hank is.
      Pat (as Connor): I scraped the detective off the floor and brought him here.
  • Part 11:
    • Woolie comes into the first segment of Markus' revolution. When they encounter guards, Woolie decides that he doesn't want to be violent—so he runs away. Thus, he misses 90% of the chapter. Even Matt asks if he wants to go back and try again, but Pat decides that they must "own up to their decisions."
    • The lukewarm reaction of Jericho during Markus' speech because of how bad his reputation is.
    • Connor arrives at the Eden Club.
      Woolie: I'm just going to pre-cross-off "Pity the sexbots."
      • They end up deciding to cross that square off twice along with "Robo-Sexual Abuse" due to the sheer heavy-handedness of the scene. Matt advises triple-crossing it if possible.
    • On discovering the owner of the Eden Club is a fat, bearded creep the couch wonders what David Cage has against beards and fat people. And then they realize that both of these are characteristics of David Cage.
    • A thirty-minute session with an aforementioned sexbot only costs thirty dollars. The guys are amazed.
      Matt: WHAT?!
      Pat: WOOOOOOOW!
      Woolie: Eight thousand dollars, or thirty bucks?
      Pat: Woooow, society is doomed.
      Matt: I spent more on LUNCH today!
      Pat: (laughing) And that's inflation-dollars! This is twenty years from now! That's like ten bucks!
      Woolie: It's fucking over. That's the end of life as we know it.
  • Part 12:
    • The three of them going "WHY?" when Kara wants to find a place to hide from the cold.
    • Pat points out some Fridge Logic: Kara, as well as other deviants, are fleeing to Canada because no androids are sold there, and thus, there are no regulations about them. Jericho, the secret hideout in Detroit for deviants, is losing its members because they have no access to Blue Blood or other biocomponents that androids need to function. As Pat points out, if Canada does not sell androids at all, why would they have any of the things that makes them work? Matt loses it when he realizes the plot hole.
    • Reading an article on how android singers are diluting the artistic medium, Matt asks how that's different from regular boy bands.
    • Connor's chapter begins with him sitting extremely awkwardly alone in a car. Pat admits that for a second he expected him to be making out with Hank.
    • Woolie points out that since Hank was born in 1985, that would make him a millennial. Meaning he probably saw Shrek.
      Connor: Why are you so determined to kill yourself?
      Hank: Some things, I just can't forget.
      Woolie (as Hank): I used to browse 4Chan back in the day...
      Matt (as Hank): My eyes have never healed...
    • When Hank tells Connor that he probably doesn't understand what it's like to slowly kill yourself every day, Matt retorts that Connor is really well-versed in getting killed. A disgruntled Pat agrees with him.
  • Part 13:
    • After seeing that not only Markus can give deviancy to androids by touch but can also hack every machine, Pat decides to quintuple cross the "Why no fail safe" square in their bingo cart.
      • Because taking the "run" option at the docks skipped 90% of the level, the game never properly established Markus's ability to spread deviancy (which was already New Powers as the Plot Demands). The casualness with which Markus reveals it leaves the Best Friends floored.
    • Instead of hacking the cleaning machine the boys assume Markus is making them sentient.
      Pat: I need your help.
      Matt: R9.
    • This extends to them later wondering if Markus can activate a vibrator the same way.
      Woolie: Black lady in the garden wants a few words with you, vibrator.
      Pat (in monotone): NO. NOT AGAIN.
    • When Markus tries to distract the guards at the tower, Matt suggests he attract them with a sexy dance. Pat hopes for him to do the Munancho from Yakuza 0.
    • In an effort to avoid avoid his previous mistake of missing the other choices during the warehouse heist, Woolie goes forth with taking more time to be sure that he knows what all the options are before making a decision. However, this soon backfires as well, as when attempting to "Ruse" his way past the guards at the TV station, the only option presented to him is to draw his gun, which he doesn't do. (Possibly because pulling a gun on someone, whether you intend to actually shoot or not, isn't very ruse-like at all and could have the real danger of forcing him into violent choices, which he wanted to avoid.) While he's busy looking for any other option, dialogue or otherwise, too much time passes and the guards end up calling security, resulting in damaging Markus' reputation with Jericho a bit, getting Simon injured, and forcing them to take out the guards anyway (at least it was still nonlethal).
    • Pat noting that he's playing Connor in-character, in the sense that he's trying as hard as he can to stop the deviants. He's also very much hoping for an opportunity for Connor to kill Markus.
      Pat: Whatever I'm gonna kill you.
    • The friends propose that roombas are to androids what androids are to humans.
      Matt: I bet androids are like, "Fuck roombas."
      Pat: "Stealin' all our jobs."
      Matt absolutely loses it.
  • Part 14:
    • When Amanda asks Connor about Hank, Pat assumes Connor views him as "defective" and in need of repair.
    • Woolie gets excited when he sees that Connor's chapter takes place right after Markus', and at the fact that Pat's is basically about cleaning up his mess. Pat throws it back in his face and imagines Connor just mocking Jericho for the sloppy job they did.
      • Immediately after mocking Jericho for doing so poorly, one of the investigators notes the deviants were very skilled and well-prepared.
    • They realize that by removing the skin Markus made his serial ID visible and Connor now know his name, Matt can only imagine what went through his head when he watched the footage.
      Markus: Oh man I fucking nailed it. Wait? Is that? No no no no! Is that my fucking serial num- OH NO NO! GOD NO! Please no, babe! no.
    • Pat reactions when Simon shoots Connor, imagining he just got his android killed again.
  • Part 15:
    • They refuse to say it word-for-word to a certain point, but the friends have caught wind of the implications that Alice is actually an android. The more moments of it that happen (Alice asking "Why do humans hate us?", having not eating once despite the long period of time, Luther asking Kara if she's noticed anything "off" about Alice, etc.), the more distraught the friends get.
    • The friends have already had a problem with the game's heavy-handed racism analogies, but Kara's talk with Rose (a black woman who helps deviants) is the worst moment of it yet. All subtlety flies out the window.
      Kara: Why are you helping us? Most humans hate androids.
      Rose: My people were often made to feel their lives were worthless. Some survived, but only because they found others who helped them along the way.
      (Woolie gives a deep, long sigh but says nothing.)
      Pat: Remember in Episode Zero when I said there was going to be shit that would make Woolie give a deep, long sigh and then get real quiet? This is like...the fourth, fifth one.
  • Part 16:
    • Woolie speculates that North's new sexy future clothes are the game's way of trying to make him like her. Pat does him one better by guessing soon the game will change her hair color to try and meet Woolie's preferences, sending Woolie into a laughing fit.
    • Woolie and Pat starts to sing Chris Jericho's theme song. Matt attempts to joke that the only line of the song that anyone knows is the very first lyric, only for Woolie to prove otherwise.
      Matt: That's all we know, because the rest of the song is gibberish.
      *Woolie proceeds to sing the rest of the song by heart.*
      Matt: I'm glad you made up that song Woolie.
    • Just to top the conversation between Kara and Rose, the friends experience a scene that finally just breaks Woolie: despite David Cage's insistence that the game is not about racism, several of the statements Markus can tag a building with are loaded with subtext, to the point where it's basically just text, including Martin Luther King's most famous quote, with only a single word changed from it.
      ("We have a dream." appears as an option.))
      Woolie, Pat, and Matt: (High-pitched, outraged screaming.)
      Matt: YEAH!
      (Woolie picks "We have a dream.")
      Matt: What'd you do?
      Pat: You know what he did!
      Matt: Oh my god!
    • Not even a minute later, one of the options for tagging a park bench is "I can't breathe but I'm alive". Woolie groans in pure annoyance.
    • They note the irony of taking the pacifist route while using a giant Fist of Rage as their revolutionary symbol.
    • Seeing the next scene is Kara, Pat starts mocking her for not washing throughout the game and smelling awful as a result. Matt's response is that he hasn't had Pat's advantage of dying and getting a clean replacement body.
  • Part 17:
    • Matt wants Kamski to just have David Cage's head pasted on his model. Pat hopes it's on his dick.
      Woolie: That's for David's private build.
    • The friends are shocked that in one interaction, the status relationship between Markus and North goes from "Neutral" to "Lovers", considering the scene where the two connect and share their memories as sex. Later, as the riot police arrive at the protest...
      Woolie: I'm gonna call that thing with North "Zero Chemistry Romance".
      Pat: Yeah, absolutely.
      Matt: Well, Woolie, during the time you said that, you're now her husband.
      (Woolie starts laughing)
      Matt: Ok? You have five kids in the time that I took to say that.
    • Thanks to Woolie's cowardice during the dock heist (which led to him missing what would have been an important ally), and his reluctance to pull a weapon during the tower raid (getting Simon fatally injured and killed), his rigid adherence to idealistic pacifism culminates with Markus getting Killed Off for Real during the Freedom March and having his entire story prematurely ended, due to opting for a Senseless Heroic Sacrifice without any NPC allies willing to to sacrifice themselves in turn.
      • All of Pat's yelling about Connor being out for Markus's blood becomes Hilarious in Hindsight since his decision to have Connor investigate the roof in his previous chapter led to Simon's death, removing one of the allies who could've sacrificed himself in Markus's place. Turns out Pat did kill Markus after all, albeit indirectly.
      • More funny in a Fridge Horror Black Comedy sense, but if you pause the screen after Markus's death you can spot a gun next to his corpse. Which makes it look like the cops deliberately planted a gun on his body to justify his murder, even though it's the result of the developers not bothering to remove the gun (normally meant for the ending you get if you choose to attack the cops) since they figured nobody was actually stupid enough to get that ending by accident.
      • A look at the post-chapter flowchart shows that, thanks to the very specific combination of choices required in previous chapters, only four percent of players ended up getting this result on their first attempts, beating out Connor's death during the chase with Kara.
  • Part 18:
    • When Connor is breaking into the evidence archives, he needs to guess Hank's password. The friends initially guess that it's Sumo, until the options show up, and they immediately all shout "FUCKINGPASSWORD!". When it works and Connor's deadpan response to it ("Obviously."), they all burst out laughing.
    • In order to find Jericho Connor need to trick Simon or Traci, Pat somehow isn't able to figure out how using the video of Markus could convince Simon to give him the location so he resorts to plan b: ripping Traci's clone head off and making her talk like a puppet in front of the other Traci.
      Woolie: Is her camera so blurry?
      • Before that they get really excited at the prospect of Connor doing so, complete with horrid impressions of how Connor would imitate the Tracis' voices.
    • Their reaction to the branch calling the scanner in the virtual world "the magic stone".
    • Woolie realizes that because he got Markus killed early he cheated Pat out of an opportunity to murder him as payback for those times he beat him at Connect Four and arm wrestling.
    • Once they get to Jericho, they notice how much the place has improved since Markus was killed, joking that he was holding them back.
  • Part 19:
  • Part 20 FINAL:
    • CyberLife's headquarters is revealed to be a gigantic cyberpunk Evil Tower of Ominousness perched on the rocky Belle Isle in the middle of Detroit River, framed against a snowy night sky:
      Pat: Look at that dick.
      Woolie: Fucking Tower of Babel.
      Pat: Look at that tower of dick.
      Matt: I wonder where CyberLife is?
      Woolie: What's up, Tartarus?
      Pat: Why is it so evil?
      Woolie: It's super evil!
      Pat: It's even got a bio-mechanical evil texture on the outside.
    • Connor infilrates CyberLife's headquarters, hijacking an elevator by near-effortlessly killing two Mooks. When he impersonates a guard's voice to trick the voice authorization on the elevator controls, Pat openly wonders why the hell CyberLife would rely on advanced security systems their own androids could bypass easily. But then he reaches the secure level he wanted to reach, and finds a firing squad of Mooks waiting for him: Turns out, there was a humble security camera in the elevator the entire time.
    • Connor is confronted by an evil doppelganger and gets into a fistfight with him, which culminates in Hank (who had been taken hostage by the Cyberlife Connor) grabbing a gun. The Best Friends let out a collective gasp of cringe and delight when they realize the scenario has become a cliched Spot the Impostor routine. Unfortunately, as Hank goes through the motions of asking questions, he asks for the name of his son, which - despite otherwise being so invested in Hank's character - none of the friends can answer. Pat guesses blindly, and Hank kills the deviant Connor as a result, locking the playthrough into one of the worst possible overall endings. This becomes the crowning fuck-up of the playthrough, as it turns out only one percent of players failed to answer correctly.
    • Woolie declares that with how badly things are going, it's now all on Matt to pull through and get them a good ending.
      Woolie: It's all on you, Matt, we say as you walk down the concentration camp kill line.
    • Seeing North pull a General Failure and get the last of Jericho killed, the guys declare they were just doing what Markus taught them.
    • The guys expect that the government will declare a stop to all android production... except for the sex androids; the industry is too large and important.
    • In a Heartwarming Moment, while the credits roll, the Best Friends not only concede that Detroit wasn't as bad as they figured it would be, or that it's the best game Quantic Dream ever made, but that they would actually recommend it on its own merits. Which leads to this sudden Brick Joke:
      Pat: Okay, I have a question for all of you, and this is important: There are three guys out there who made bets to get David Cage face tattoos on their asses if we liked this game. Woolie, did you like this game?
    • The Bingo card is discussed. Ultimately, the checked boxes were Pity the Sexbots, Giant Lavish Apartment, Robo Sexual Abuse, Mundane Everyday QTEs, Shitty Bladerunner Reference, Android VR Chat Emotion World, Civil Rights Historic Opposition Imagery but ROBOTS, Zero Chemistry Romance, "You're one of THEM", Why No Failsafe? and Noble homeless and children LOVE the robots. They failed to get a Bingo, however, with three near-complete lines (two of which intersect) and two hanging boxes that would have tipped it over the edge: SPACE or The Supernatural. Pat notes that he is very glad no random supernatural elements or mysticism actually made it into the game, because that would have utterly destroyed the plot and his approval of it.

     God Hand 
  • Part 1:
    • The video leads off with Pat noting Woolie has made the mistake of playing God Hand, the loudest game in existence. They had to set the audio mix to negative 35 decibels.
      Pat: The audio in this game is so loud—
      Woolie: It's crazy.
      Pat: —that I can hear — even though we've turned it down by 35 decibels — I can hear the in-game sound peaking and redlining. And like fucking Gene and Olivia's voices sound tinny because their audio is like cranked up to the maximum.
    • While Pat explains in depths the game scaling mechanics and story behind God Hand, Woolie tells him there is a poker mini-game, which Pat admits never knew about.
    • Given the game's difficulty Pat admits it's gonna be a lot of him rambling while Woolie struggles.
    • Speaking of the difficulty, there's this gem as they're starting the game:
      Woolie: Hey, so here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna play on Normal.
      Pat: Yeah, that's right.
      Woolie immediately sets the diificulty to Easy.
      Gene's Voice: What, you need me to hold your hand or something?
      Pat: Yeah, we do.
    • In the second stage, Olivia sticks a "Kick Me" sign to Gene's back.
      Woolie: So you can do, if you're feeling particularly frisky, what they call a Kick Me run, in which you don't activate your God Hand powers and the Kick Me sign stays on your back. We will not be doing that.
      Pat: We are doing what is known as a coward run, a run made for let's players.
    • While discussing the scaling difficulty, Pat brings up the possibility of groveling to lower the difficulty, and Woolie mentions that it has other uses, such as using it to land a cheap attack on an enemy. Shortly afterwards, Woolie suffers his first death when an enemy pulls that exact trick on him.
    • Pat gives a short history lesson on the founding of PlatinumGames.
      Pat: Capcom was mad that God Hand sold negative copies, they had to pay people to take it, and Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya, uh, (Atsushi) Inaba, and others went "FUCK YOU! We wanna make tons of action games that don't sell for fuck!"
  • Part 2:
    • The obvious discomfort toward the offensively effeminate mini-boss duo; the couch goes dead silent so the viewer can fully soak it in. Woolie says they need to put on their 2000's hat.
      Pat: Don't let their fancy demeanor fool you, these guys are super tough.
    • The fight only gets better when Woolie manages to stun the mini-bosses close together.
      Pat: Quick, Woolie, beat on them!
      Woolie: [chuckles] Oh, don't you worry. I'm gonna do what the game tells me to do.
      Pat: This is that fun moment when you're LPing a game in which you're like "Be careful what you say. Don't say the thing. Don't say it. Don't say it."
    • During a fight with a demon, Pat says he now understands why Matt told him he'll need to do heavy lifting, despite not playing the game: because he is gonna have to keep talking while Woolie wails on a hard enemy.
      Woolie: (finally unleashing his God Hand to finish the demon) Yes.
      Pat: Well I'm feeling good the timing on these is going really well actually today.
    • Pat reflects that God Hand is the kind of game that the Best Friends would probably make: Purposefully dumb, poorly built, often offensive, and with no expectation of it ever becoming popular or even selling.
  • Part 3:
    • Woolie and Pat describe Olivia as basically Amy Rose if she wasn't a trash fire of a hedgehog.
    • In the middle of Pat declaring that this LP is doing pretty good compared to ones in the past, Woolie is killed by a post-boss scrub opponent.
    • Pat asks why Woolie is not using the pummel command, which on female enemies takes the form of literal spanking. Woolie is audibly uncomfortable as Pat pressures him on this.
      Pat: Matt will fucking sit here and let you not spank those bitches, but Pat is here and going "Why? Why, Woolie? Are they not deserving of your hand? Your God Hand?"
    • Pat proposes that Yoko Taro is from a bizarre alternate dimension, which is where all the overt sexist aspects came from.
      Woolie: This is the game that articles are written about.
      Pat: Today. "New Steam Game God Hand Promotes Domestic Abuse."
    • While discussing the lack of Gene in Capcom's various crossover fighting game franchises, Pat suspects the big reason is that God Hand is their most unpopular, embarrassing, and rude game. He then starts describing Clover's various games as if they were children.
      Pat: Viewtiful Joe's the oldest and he's cool. And Ōkami's there and she's the pretty girl, the pretty daughter, good grades, everybody likes her, she's popular... And then there's God Hand. And God Hand's smoking crack and looking at porn.
      Woolie: But everyone- it's still part of the family. You gotta care for family.
      Pat: Yeah, well, they try and pretend God Hand never got borneded.
  • Part 6:
    • Pat describing the fight with Shannon.
      Pat: Holy shit, you died right away! Now you're a chihuahua, run!
    • Woolie makes a bet on the Chihuahua Race minigame, and when Pat starts freaking out over how cute the whole thing is, he reminds him that God Hand's chihuahuas are poisonous.
      Woolie: Would you risk it for the cute?
      Pat: Yeah. I'm allergic to my own cat.
      Woolie: Fair enough.
  • Part 8:
    • After going toe-to-toe with Azel, who is clearly meant to be the Climax Boss, they go to fight Doctor Ion, the aspiring Deva they were sent to kill.
      Pat: Doctor Ion must be sooo strong.
      Woolie:Like get the fuck out of here.
    • The two of them watch a flashback about Olivia's past with Azel. Once it's over, Pat takes a moment to joke about how Olivia's father was willing to trust someone so obviously evil with his daughter's hand in marriage, while Woolie notes that Azel was wearing shades in a cave.
  • Part 11:
    • As the section of the game they're playing features a lot of bottomless pits, many fights end with the enemies unceremoniously falling to their deaths. Eventually, Pat and Woolie come across a pair of female enemies atop a narrow platform.
      Pat: Hello, ladies.
      (Gene kicks both of them over the edge before Pat can finish speaking.)
      Pat: Oh...
      Woolie: Goodbye, ladies.
      Pat: Gotta go get Marvel.
      • This is followed by Pat claiming the only way to stop an embarrassing moment from years ago from defining your life is to make new embarrassing moments to define your life instead.
    • Woolie's attempts at platforming.
      Woolie: Now?
      Pat: Yeah.
      (Gene falls to his death.)
      Pat: No.
  • Part 12
  • Episode 14
  • Episode 15
    • During the final fight with Azel, Pat complains about Azel's Devil Hand is permanently unleashed. Cue 「Crazy Talk」 kicking in immediately as Azel's Devil Hand runs out of juice leaving it very much leashed.
    • Pat, in Woolie's words, 'echoes what thousands of people were thinking' when he responds to a bit of Gene's dialogue that perfectly sums up God Hand in a nutshell.
      Gene: Everyone has shadows inside their souls. I guess he let Angra set up shop in the darkness of his shadows.
      Pat: Wha?
    • Pat and Woolie singing along to the credits song.

     Detroit: Become Human - 2nd Gig 
  • The beginning and ending title cards are the same animation from the previous Detroit LP, but with the footage and music being played in reverse and with several new Easter-egg messages included:
    They asked for robobirth that counts!
    Markus was defeated by his own speeches.
    Brainless lady was magical as fuck.
    Hank is an otaku.
    Zlatko was a civil servant.
    Can't escape from crossing fate.
    Why Markus didn't end up in the evidence locker?
    Woolie is gonna betray humanity.
    Ellen Paige's photo album.
    Kung-fu fighting helicopters.
    We back in bois.
    This is forever.
    The ride never ends.
  • Part 1:
    • The playthrough opens with the boys discussing what they should call it, to distinguish it from the original. Woolie puts forward "2nd Gig", the second season subtitle of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. However, when asked to explain the significance of the title, Woolie launches into a loose synopsis of the anime's first season before Pat stops him.
    • Matt provides a laconic description of this playthrough:
      Matt: So, here's the invokedapology LP.
    • Pat and Woolie have very simple goals with this LP - Avoid dying, and somehow reach a point where Connor and Markus can fight each-other.
      Woolie: The screenshot with the burning city, and control of one or the other has been presented to us.
      Pat: I want to see it; and then we get to fight for real over the controller, like assholes.
    • Pat resolves to be more ruthless with Connor, though he still wants to befriend Hank and be relatively good. Woolie, however, states his intent to play Markus as a violent revolutionary to serve as a foil to his notorious attempt at a Pacifist Run.
      Woolie: I am not Vash the Stampede, I am Millions Knives.
      Matt: Legato Bluesummers.
      Woolie: Markus and his Gung-Ho-Guns.
    • Given Connor's propensity for analyzing crime scenes by tasting them, Woolie imagines how the game would go if he was just replaced by Kakyoin the whole time.
      Woolie: Rero rero rero rero...
    • This time, when Pat goes through the hostage situation, he manages to succeed (and avoid dying) by lying about carrying a firearm and then shooting Daniel when his guard was down. The perfect success of this move leads to the following:
      Matt: You gotta shoot more people, that's the secret to this thing.
      Pat: That's the secret; just shoot everyone.
      Matt: Remember how many times Woolie was punished for not shooting people?
    • The fact that such a ruthless tactic is discovered (to Pat's shock) to be a "good"-aligned choice, because it caused Connor's Software Instability to go up.
    • The guys start digging through a mountain of Fridge Logic questions in a thread Woolie discovered.
      Matt: A lot of these questions you can answer by saying David Cage lives on a planet called Planet On-The-Nose.
    • They discuss the fact that no android ever refuses to join the Jericho movement after being granted deviancy by Markus, even if they seemed to be content with their lives beforehand or had vital tasks; specifically calling back to when Markus recruited an android babysitter for the Freedom March, who proceeded to abandon a stroller-bound baby.
      Woolie: Man loses his wife, treats the robot with respect, and ultimately they have a whole relationship that they establish; and then Markus touches her on the butt-
      Pat: Slaps her butt and says "You're free, now. Come to Jericho," and she's like "I'm outta here".
    • Pat declares he wants to start a twenty episode-long argument by bringing up invokedDavid Cage's explanation of how Markus' deviancy powers work:
      Pat: The exact quote, when asked, is "It is not supernatural; he is causing a shock of emotion that is awakening their sense of freedom", which sounds fucking supernatural to me.
    • Staying around the hot dog vendor upsets him enough to shove Markus away, causing him to phase completely through the people walking behind him. Pat gleefully declares this to be the game's obligatory supernatural element.
    • Woolie hopes that threatening androids will result in some of them getting their revenge by initiating an explosive self-destruct sequence, followed by lots of hammy Evil Laughter.
      Woolie: I just want to blow myself up while laughing, real hard.
    • They encounter the anti-android protesters outside the CyberLife store, and Pat points out that they ought to be protesting outside the corporate offices instead of a random shop, and that no-one would be deterred from purchasing the boycotted product anyways due to being so desirable.
      Pat: That didn't even work for real slavery.
  • Part 2:
    • The friends have every intention of killing Todd instead of simply fleeing him, and so Kara's first segment is spent anticipating the discovery of the gun that will allow them to do so.
      Woolie: Can you go upstairs now?
      Pat: Not allowed; (Matt) has to take care of the house first.
      Woolie: But gun, though.
      Pat: Yeah, Woolie jus- ju- (laughs) Chomping at- Your frothing demand for gun increases.
      Woolie: Gun. Gun waits. Gun awaits.
    • Woolie asks how androids are powered, wondering if therium/blue blood is the actual fuel source or if its simply a medium for something else like actual blood. Pat provides the canon answer: Blue blood is somehow a "data fuel source", both a fuel and a medium for the transfer of electrical data.
      Matt: What an amazing, magical convenience.
    • Pat comes to the realization that every Hate Sink character in David Cage games has his or Matt's body type.
    • They enter the second floor, and the very first thing Pat insists they do is to ignore Alice and look for the gun in Todd's room. However, they don't remember where it was kept, so they end up scouring his bedroom top to bottom. As they clean the room, Woolie ends up ad-libbing a short rap, and the others join in:
      Woolie: Find that gu-uh-un. Name is Knuckles. Goin' through the forest-
      Matt: (Laughing) Pumpkin Hill.
      Woolie: -searchin' for that gun.
      Pat: Need the gun. Gotta get the gun. Ignore the child. Gotta get the gun.
      Matt: Ignore the child. Acquire gun.
      Pat: It's the only way.
      Woolie: Gun, gotta get the gun.
      Woolie and Pat: The gun, gotta get the gun!
    • They eventually find the gun in Todd's bedside drawer, and unanimously cry "GUUUUUUUUN" loudly enough to make the audio crack:
      Woolie: Gun, gun, gun, gun, gun, gun, gun!
      Game Prompt: "You've unlocked a dialogue or action, often beneficial."
      Pat: You've unlocked A GUN!
      Matt: This will protect the child, not me.
    • Pat points out how heavy-handed in terms of foreshadowing/symbolism it is that the gun was found in a drawer were antidepressant medication was being kept.
      Matt: Man, these two things are a dynamite combo!
    • This is followed by Pat pointing out how, despite the setting being 20 Minutes into the Future with presumed advances in medical technology, someone like Todd was apparently issued a faulty antidepressant that has a clearly-advertised risk of causing "behavioral disorders". He finds the professional failure so absurd that he starts cracking up before he can finish the sentence.
    • Woolie expresses a desire to see Kara open up the drawer and to have instead seen a copy of GUN for the Xbox 360. Pat adds that the game would also be pretending to be a copy of Red Dead Redemption.
    • Matt asks if there will be a moment where they get a gun and doves will be flying around:
      Pat: Hell yeah, there is.
      Woolie: Alice in one arm, gun in the other, slow-motion through the fire and flames.
      Matt: But the gun is in like a baby swaddle blanket, not Alice.
    • With the benefit of hindsight, the boys are able to pick out all the little bits of foreshadowing they had missed in this chapter regarding Alice being an android. Namely, the CyberLife magazine advertising Alice's model (which they notice is not shown directly), the family photo showing a completely different child, and Alice's drawing of her android-identifying LED being cut out (which they had originally taken to represent parental abuse), but the latter only makes Matt and Pat question why Alice would draw her own blood as red when the dismembered Kara's blood was drawn in the typical android blue, noting that there is no reason for it other than to avoid giving away the twist.
    • They activate the robotic birds in Carl's house, leading to several impressions of robotic tweeting and eventually robotic barking.
      Woolie: Bu-ckaw. Bu-ckaaaaw.
      Pat: Bark. Bark. Oh, these ones are broken.
      Matt: (Slightly higher pitched) Bark. Bark. Oh those ones are good.
  • Part 3:
    • They bring the wheelchair-bound Carl to the tall stairs of his house, to be attached to a chair lift:
      Woolie: Perfect opportunity for a game-over prompt, right here.
      Matt and Pat: (In unison) ''Game over! YEAAAAAH!!''
      Woolie: G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R, game over!
    • Markus spins a globe, on which Australia is slightly obfuscated by the camera angle:
      Pat: Its weird, Australia is not on this map.
      Matt: Ah, the great tsunami that—
      Pat: Are we in the Gundam universe?
      Woolie: That's because— exactly, yeah, thank you.
      Matt: —that wiped it clean.
      Woolie: The fucking Colony Drop.
    • Pat points out that despite being a Parental Substitute whose Plot-Triggering Death kicks off Markus' rise as a revolutionary, Carl is hardly ever mentioned by Markus after the fact.
    • Pat confesses that, since he still wants Connor to be nice but Woolie wants Markus to be violent, his second run of Connor will be going in a very weird direction - Namely that he'll be kind and loving to all androids until the endgame, whereupon he'll decide to kill them all.
    • While Markus cleans Carl's studio, Pat observes that androids are very good at tidying up houses. After all, Connor had tidied up someone's home by disposing of their defective android.
    • When Markus is asked to paint, the boys opt to simply copy Carl's painting.
      Pat: Yeah, copy it!
      Woolie: Don't copy that floppy.
      Matt: You wouldn't download a painting.
      Pat: I just said that I didn't like your painting, but I'm gonna copy it.
      Matt: Maybe I'll make it better. Maybe on a smaller scale it works better.
      Woolie: (In a Machine Monotone) Control-Veeee.
    • When Carl tells Markus that painting isn't necessarily about perfectly recreating reality, Woolie has a retort that sets Matt laughing:
      Woolie: (Machine Monotone) I'm Gene Simmons' soooon.
    • Markus's second painting, based on "humanity" and "anger", is a screaming, rage-filled android face described by Matt as resembling "a Disturbed album".
    • After making the "Lit Anderson" pun a second time upon entering the bar as Connor, the gang suddenly realize they're just doing the same easy jokes they did on the first run. This is quickly followed by Matt pointing out the barkeep's resemblance to Woolie, which they also joked about during the first run.
      Woolie: You want proof that we are fucking robots? Watch us make the exact same jokes.
    • A reference to Cheers leads Woolie to bring up the full theme song's surprisingly dark lyrics:
      Woolie: You ever look up the rest of the lyrics to Cheers?
      Pat: You were doing that earlier. You were having a giggle.
      Woolie: Yeah, verses 2 and 3 go places. If you haven't heard the full theme song of Cheers, I suggest you give it a look, it's not what you'd expect.
      Matt: It's actually appropriate for everyone that spends all their time in a bar.
    • They speak to Lieutenant Anderson:
      Hank: "What do you want?"
      Pat: I wanna do crimes— I mean, solve crimes.
    • Pat notices that Hanks opinion of Connor gains a sizable boost upon being bought a drink.
    • After being exposed to memes that portray Hank as a Disco Dan Millenial, the couch is quick to make plenty of pop culture jokes at his expense.
      Woolie: (As Hank) You don't understand the classics, like Drake. You weren't around when Scorpion dropped, you don't remember the double album! Where were you when the Meek Mill battle went down, Connor!? You don't understand!
      Matt: Oh praise be our Lord of Degrassi.
      Wooie: If you understood Story of Adidon, you'd be mourning too.
    • When they arrive at the murder scene, Pat suggests that Connor simply get down on all fours, place his mouth on the ground, and then scrape along like a vacuum cleaner to search for evidence.
    • As Pat and Woolie speculate whether the overweight police officer at the house is evil like other overweight David Cage characters, Matt points out that David himself is somewhat overweight.
      Matt: Is David Cage trying to secretly let everyone know that he himself is evil?
    • Entering the crime scene, Matt brings up the possibility of skipping the investigation by beelining right for the deviant's hiding spot in the attic, since they already know he'll be there.
      Matt: "How did you know he was in there, Connor? You're amazing!"
      Pat: "I'm the robot sent by CyberLife—."
      Matt: "—from the future."
    • They examine the knife used to kill Carlos Ortiz, resulting in another taste-test, and the references to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure return.
      Matt: You're gonna go to the bathroom, and there's gonna be a pig stuck in the toilet.
      Woolie: Head sticking out!
      Matt: All the androids became sentient when DIO came back to life!
      Woolie: He put the spore in their brains, changed their programming.
      Woolie: You wanna talk about DIO, Matt; (Carlos) got killed by knives floating in the stopped time.
    • Matt joking that the RA-9 offering is a fertility goddess, to Woolie's consternation.
      Woolie: [indignant noises] You have not— you should re-examine your fertility goddesses.
      Matt: It's like, "Look at this, look at those child bearing hips", like "It has no hips!" "Aw man, what— Look at them gams!" No!
    • The guys get a notification that the game will close in 15 minutes because their license cannot be verified, leading them to joke that the game knows that they're making fun of it.
      Matt: They should've known the first time!
      Pat: Fate is conspiring against the 2nd Gig!
  • Part 4:
    • Woolie proposes a Logic Bomb: What happens if you order a loyal android to become deviant?
    • When Kara goes deviant, she goes past Todd's room, leading Pat to aggressively remind Matt about it.
    • When Markus goes deviant, they decide to push Leo rather than endure, which results in Leo's Death by Falling Over. This interestingly results in Carl surviving, rather than suddenly dying of a heart attack like before. However, when the police arrive, they still shoot Markus on sight, believing him to be the aggressor. Matt finds this gut-bustingly hilarious, especially since the police ordered Markus to stay still, but proceeded to shoot him less than a second later.
      Police: "Don't fucking move!"
      Woolie: I'm not moving! I'm not movi--!
      (Markus is shot in the head. Matt breaks into uproarious laughter.)
      Matt: (As police) "Look, shoot him! He's kinda got a darker skin tone!!"
      Pat: "Agh, he's one'a those crazy androids!"
      Woolie: "His skin moved!"
      • One of the dialogue options for Markus is "Conjure". The boys assume the most obvious meaning, not realizing the incredibly archaic alternative of "to implore or beg".
    • Woolie points out the Plot Hole from Connor's death in the first playthrough: Pat was asked for a Trust Password despite the person asking never mentioning it.
    • The interrogation begins, and Pat giggles and immediately confesses to being incredibly nervous. He mentions that he knows exactly how he messed up last time, and that the exact events are so seared into his mind that he doesn't need to be reminded.
      Woolie: You remember what you did last time?
      Patt: Oh, I remember vividly what I did last time. I hit the "Big Easy" button.
      Matt: He probably watched the video of him failing like a million times and was up all night.
      Pat: No. I don't need to watch it; it's burned in. I remember the big "WHOAAAAAH" we exclaimed as my head exploded.
    • The interrogation finishes down the "pressure" route, and Connor gets up to leave... but then Pat notices the music change, and that the deviant is starting to twitch erratically just like last time. Pat quickly enters panic mode, repeatedly falling into a string of Rapid-Fire "No!"'s as the situation deteriorates. Pat insists that he had been "nice" to the android (compared to the Mind Rape), despite getting physical with him and yelling in his face until he cracked.
      • The prompt that really decides it all shows up: The choice of whether to have Connor try to stop the deviant from killing itself, or "Give Up". Unlike the previous time, Pat quickly opts out of interfering, and it saves Connor's life.
        Matt: "Give Up" rules!
        Woolie: The back-down!
        Pat: I gave up a lot!
    • Pat's tiny little cheer at the end of the chapter, during the somber in-story moment:
      Pat: I liiiiiiived~! I'm aliiiiive~!
  • Part 5:
    • Woolie relates to Kara sleeping until the end of the line in the back of the bus, Pat recalls he once slept so long and since he was so small the driver was halfway through the bus depot by the time he spotted him.
    • Matt is determined to give Kara and Alice the worst possible place to sleep for the night; since they now know that Alice is an android, they're not compelled to take care of her like when they thought she was a human child, and are convinced that she's faking being cold. Matt decides to rob the convenience store (the money is meant to buy a hotel room), and then sleep in the abandoned car.
      Pat: (After Matt robs the convenience store) Now go sleep in the dumpster.
      Matt: Yo, that's my money, Alice! That's for Kara to get something nice!
      Matt: Banana peels will be your blanket tonight, Alice!
    • Markus awakens in the android dumping ground, which is once again compared to hell:
      Pat: Welcome to robot hell.
      Matt: Robot Heeeell~!
    • The friends invokedquestion the economic sense of dumping androids in a junkyard rather than recycling them, considering how incredibly valuable, high-tech and expensive even the most common androids are.
      Woolie: There is so much value in this dump pit!
      Pat: Millions of dollars.
      Woolie: Trillions!
      Pat: Well, see, the ultimate is that if you're able to go to different robots and get working pieces out of them, why were the working pieces not removed from them prior to this? There'd be a whole industry going through this dumpster!
      Matt: The reason why is because we need a cool scene of (Markus) being rebirthed to be the Vileblader.
    • They encounter the dying android who tells Markus of Jericho, and right on cue Woolie responds with "Chris Jericho?". Pat almost follows with "Break the walls down" before realizing with a groan that they really are just recycling jokes.
      Pat: Oh no, Woolie's right; we are robots! Stimulus = Joke.
      Woolie: Input, output, motherfucker.
    • They come to the freakish crawlspace shimmy full of groping android hands. Pat suspects that the operators of the dump intentionally created it because they thought it would be cool.
      Matt: "Oh man, imagine if this one android that's still alive, he gotta crawl through that!"
      Pat: "Hey Jimmy, bet you fifty bucks he can't get through the arm hallway."
      Matt: "We can sell tickets to this thing."
    • Woolie reaffirms that Markus is Millions Knives, and that he really just wants to give the world back to the plants.
    • Matt states that, since Markus will be a violent revolutionary with a Kill All Humans mentality, North will want to have sex with him almost immediately.
      Pat: Oh yeah, North go up.
    • Pat abruptly realizes that, since Kara and Alice skipped the hotel, Kara's appearance will remain the same (No cutting hair and no removing the LED) and Connor will never have that chase scene with them.
    • Markus leaves the dumping pit, grabbing the inexplicably-placed Badass Longcoat on the way out. Pat maintains that the coat randomly being there on a planted shovel is still "the most ridiculous thing ever".
  • Part 6:
    • By popular demand, the boys get a new Chloe android for the main menu (after the original Chloe left the menu after the end of the first LP). The "brand new Cloe" is shown to simply be a full reset of all of Chloe's interactions with the player, as she repeats the opening line of the game. They can't help but notice how inconsistent it is with Cloe's story arc and the overall message of the game itself:
      Woolie: Everyone wanted her back, and now she's back.
      Pat: That's a fucked-up thing to do to screw up the tone of your game.
      Woolie: No! Freedom? What freedom? I want my Chloe back!
    • Chloe suddenly pleads against continuing the game, and the boys interpret it as Chloe being frightened by their "murderous rampage". After several seconds of discussing fear (as it relates to excitement and entertainment) during the loading screen, the conversation suddenly veers into "fear boners", prompting Matt to make an observation.
    • Jokes about Hank the Millennial return as they examine his workstation at the police precinct:
      Pat: See if we can find anything.
      Matt: Lick things on his desk.
      Pat: I was planning to lick things.
      Woolie: Find the fidget spinner that you know is on his desk.
      Matt: Classic ones.
      Woolie: Find the drone.
      Matt: That's like one of us pulling out a Pog.
    • They find a music device on Anderson's desk, and find that it plays a song from a "dark heavy metal" band, leading to a torrent of contemporary music references.
      Woolie: You, what do you own the world? How do you own disorder, disorder!
      Matt: No, you put it on and it's like, So baby pull me closer, in the backseat of your Rover. (...) Bite that tattoo on your shoulder.
      Woolie: Let's set the world on fire! Fire!
      Matt: Meet me in the middle! I'm losing my mind just a little! God, if only they could've sprung for a F.U.S.E song.
      Woolie: I know! Just date it a little bit! A little bit! Des-pa-cito~! Vamos a hacerlo en una playa en Puerto Rico!
      Matt: (Cracking up) Got me feeling some type of way!
    • The boys break out laughing when Connor - who had opted to get Gavin some coffee to be diplomatic - is left awkwardly holding out the drink while Gavin arrogantly blows him off and leaves.
    • They venture too close to an active wall television, which causes Public Opinion to update and go down. Woolie and Matt quickly panic and cry for Pat to run away from the television.
      Pat: Public Opinion go down.
      Matt: Oh, no! Get away from the TV, go!
      Woolie: Goddamn it! Run! Run away from Wolf Blitzer!
      Matt: You never know what type of bad news they'll throw at you next!
      Woolie: "Reports coming in today: OH GOD!"
      Matt: "Giant Kaiju Attacking!"
      Woolie: No!
      Pat: "Says It Loves Androids!"
      Matt: Android Opinion go down.
    • The boys want so badly to get on Hank's good side (mainly to learn the name of his son) that Pat low-key panics every time he sees Hank's opinion go down, or even when it seems like it's about to go down due to Connor bluntly misspeaking.
      Pat: Nonononononononononononono, please don't Hank, no go down! (sic)
    • Checking the suspect file for Kara, they discover that Todd William's death was discovered when "a friend" came over to visit his house. Pat is incredulous that Todd had any friends whatsoever, Matt insists that it was probably just an acquaintance or random passerby, while Woolie suggests it was a pizza delivery man.
      Pat: Wait, why would a pizza delivery man just come by?
      Matt: Because he assumes Todd's hungry.
      Woolie: 'Cause never eats his spaghetti.
    • Pat realizes that Kara is an AX400 model android, resting in a car directly opposite from a convenience store being investigated for a robbery performed by an AX400 model android.
    • As Kara emerges from the broken-down car, Matt suggests just abandoning Alice and going to Mexico. Pat wonders if there are androids specifically made for Mexican donkey shows. Matt suggests that all Mexican androids are designed for donkey shows.
    • They find some anti-android graffiti. Due to how writing clearly overwrites the texture, Matt claims that he probably owns the exact font on his computer somewhere.
    • They discover scissors conveniently placed in the area. When Kara goes to trim her hair in the car rear-view mirror, the camera angle and the speed of her approach leave Pat thinking that Kara was about to shank Alice with the scissors.
    • Alice complains about being cold. Matt immediately bellows that she's not, but acknowledges that he's only frustrated because they already know the truth, while Kara doesn't]]. Pat counters that [[spoiler:half of the twist is that Kara does know, but refuses to accept it.
  • Part 7:
  • Part 8:
    • Examining the fast food Hank orders from the street vendor, the boys freak out after misinterpreting the measurements on the XL pineapple soda, initially thinking the drink alone was somehow over 700'000 calories instead of 710 calories. Woolie manages to catch the mistake, but he and Matt note that the drink's 184 grams of sugar is still "fucking crazy".
    • As Connor and Hank get ready to investigate the deviant's apartment, Pat foreshadows what his choice will be at the end of the rooftop chase:
      Pat: I'm glad I've done well with Hank, because Hank's gonna be fucking pissed at me in a few minutes.
    • Entering the apartment, the walls of every room covered in obsessive scrawlings of a maze-like geometric design:
      Pat: Alright, Woolie, here's the challenge; get through this entire sequence without making any Westworld jokes about the Maze.
      (After a Beat, Pat giggles and Woolie groans.)
      Pat: Yeah, no, don't do it. Don't. Don't do it.
      Woolie: This challenge wasn't made for me.
    • Examining the extremely dilapidated apartment, Woolie notes that it takes effort to make a place look this terrible, even with all the birds infesting the place.
      Woolie: Pigeons shitting sideways. Like straight up, that fucking bird shit was sideways on the wall.
      Matt: How'd they shit on the ceiling?
    • They note that the RA9 mystery turned out to be a Red Herring in the previous playthrough, but Matt suspects that its probably because they refused to kill Cloe to get Kamski's information.
    • Woolie can't help but think back to Fahrenheit while exploring the apartment; namely the home of the creepy old woman who turned out to be a magical AI monster in disguise. For a moment, Matt can't even recall what game Woolie and Pat are referencing.
    • Woolie compares the rooftop chase scene to Sleeping Dogs... and then notes with frustration that he probably made that comparison during the last playthrough, which Pat confirms.
      Woolie: Input, output, human.
    • When they see Hank struggling to keep up with the chase, Matt points out that while Hank would probably write off Connor's stunts as because he's an android, the reality is simply that Connor isn't a drunkard.
      Matt: "Any human can do what I do, Hank."
      Woolie: Just gotta be a little bit not-drunk.
      Matt: You don't even need to be 100% not-drunk! You just gotta be a little bit not.
      Pat: Could you just be not quite as wasted, Hank? Just once?
    • Matt notes that, despite Rupert the deviant wanting to evade capture specifically because he knows CyberLife would terminate him for his malfunction, and pleading that he doesn't want to die, his response to actually being captured is to commit suicide.
    • In Jericho, they meet the android who was tied to the back of a car and dragged around. Pat barely manages to stop himself from making the "It was funny when Mega64 did it to a Gamecube" joke a second time, and changes it up to "It was funny when RedLetterMedia did it to a VHS".
    • Matt finds it funny how Markus' stilted dialogue and strange accent makes him sound mildly disgusted and critical of everything around him:
      Matt: (As Markus) "Who found this place? What are you people doing?"
      Pat: "Ew!"
      Matt: "You live like this? Bitch, is this how you live?"
      Pat: "Why do you live in this manner?"
      Woolie: "The state of it."
  • Part 9:
    • They meet with Lucy the Oracle, leading Woolie to drop several examples of invokedFridge Logic on the otherwise quiet scene: Why can Lucy function without a brain, when androids can die from being shot in the head? Why can android skin be cauterized despite not being organic? Why did the androids build barrel fires inside Jericho, despite not needing heat to survive, when they could create a ton of smoke that could give away their position, or at least fill the boat with smog and inhibit vision? Matt finds this last note hilarious, considering there's almost nothing worth seeing in Jericho to begin with.
      Matt: We can't see all the wonderful things we have!
      • Woolie ends this line of thought with a simple conclusion — The androids of Jericho are the obligatory "noble hobbos" found in every David Cage game post-Omikron.
      • They suspect that Lucy's brain is simply external, hence all the wiring trailing out from her empty skull. Pat suggests she's just hooked up to a car battery. Matt says she's bound to a bunch of Gamecubes, which are all running Smash.
      • They poke fun at how Lucy is a blatant example of the Magical Negro trope:
        Pat: She's even got magical music.
        Woolie: And a magical elixir of iowaska.
      • Matt wonders why Lucy has creepy, ink-black eyes that drip with black mucus. Pat points out that Jodie also developed eyes like that at certain points, and compares it to how characters in Street Fighter have blank white eyes to symbolize the setting's Enlightenment Superpowers.
      • They notice that one of the tarps forming the Oracle's "tent" is smeared top-to-bottom in human blood, for no apparent reason. Pat notes that there's quite a lot of blood present, suggesting arterial spray, and Woolie comes to the conclusion that the androids murdered someone at some point.
      • Around the barrel fire inside Lucy's tent, they notice a bunch of discarded CyberLife LEDs. Woolie immediately points out that invokednone of the androids in Jericho other than Lucy and Markus are missing their LEDs.
    • When they point out how Zlatko is refusing Kara and Alice at first even though it makes no sense. Woolie and Matt guess he was faking, before cracking up at the mental image of Zlatko trying to play hard-to-get.
      Woolie: I bet you if you didn't do that (Kara holding the door open) he would close the door real slow.
      Matt: And then opened up a little.
      Matt: Fucking cracks the door open again; "Hey, you know, actually, uuuh, come back in!"
    • Matt cracks a quick joke about Zlatko keeping a black android servant:
      Zlatko: "(Luther) keeps me company in this big, empty, old house."
      Matt: "He's kind of like my man-boy-slave."
    • Woolie points out that, as androids have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to sense other androids, Kara should be pointing out all of Zlatko's other prisoners, and the polar bear, throughout the house.
    • Inevitably, jokes about Fat Evil return when Kara has a flashback to Todd's abuse of Alice:
      Woolie: Fat Evil memory.
      (Matt laughs in surprise.)
      Pat: The memory of Fat Evil.
      Matt: It lingers! That jiggling evil? Hate it!
    • They find the android polar bear, which is missing parts of its fur and has Glowing Eyes of Doom, giving it an edgy cyborg appearance. The Best Friends immediately approve.
      Matt: It's like that Kuma costume!
      Woolie: The bear-minator! Cyber-Kuma!
      • Woolie wonders if the bear has the same intelligence as a human android, but is just programmed to behave like a bear. He mentions having a similar question about the mechanical animals of Westworld.
        Woolie: Does bear.exe have the same complexities and sentience as human.exe?
    • Matt accidentally turns on a TV, causing Public Opinion to update. The Friends immediately gasp at the mistake, and groan in frustration when the rating goes downward.
    • In the final escape sequence, Luther has his Heel–Face Turn and grabs Zlatko's shotgun. However, as the Friends didn't release the mutilated androids from the basement, Luther is the one who kills Zlatko by blasting him in the gut when he goes for an axe.
      Woolie: Right in the evil.
      Pat: I blew the evil out through your back.
      Woolie: "Oh, my precious evil!"
      Mat: "Push it back in!"
      Pat: "Luther, how could you shoot me in my evil?"
  • Part 10:
    • Pat states that Kara is cleaning up the world "one fat evil at a time", while Woolie notes that Markus needs to catch up in terms of human deaths. Matt decides to kill Todd next - or rather, kill his corpse.
    • Woolie brings up a possible addition to one of Kara's endings that can only be seen if Todd lives, where Alice and Kara meet him at the bus stop, share some heartfelt character development, and part ways amicably. Matt and Pat are less than impressed.
      Matt: That's very un-Todd-like.
      Pat: And then you push him in front of a bus; and then his head pops open like a fucking walnut.
      Matt: No, but Woolie, then his belly starts shaking, and he starts growing other arms, and he's like "EEEEEEVIL!!"
      Pat: And then the skin of evil pours out through his mouth.
    • When the android polar bear is seen leaving the burning mansion, the couch interrupts itself to let out a unanimous, delighted yell that strains the audio.
      Matt: Fucking righteous!
      Woolie: What a win! Win, win, win!
      Matt: Fucking big win!
      Woolie: All we do is win, win, win no matter what!
    • A discussion about the "monster" androids on the chapter flowchart leads the boys to call them "morlocks", which leads to this awful joke by Matt:
      Matt: You know what they say; once you go morlock, you'll always want more-lock.
      Pat: ...That's terrible. Is that a Sherlock thing?
    • Amanda states that the deviancy epidemic needs to be contained before the media finds out about it. Pat immediately points out that they've been seeing national news reports of androids going berserk since the start of the game, and that the most recent news broadcast was about how Kara robbed a store at gunpoint. Matt adds that the media is even using the same terminology CyberLife themselves invented.
    • Connor steps up to ring Hank's doorbell, which makes a loud, harsh buzzing sound... and he holds the button down for a solid five seconds, just long enough to make the Zaibatsu collectively cringe.
    • When Hank is found unconscious in his home and Connor breaks in to help him, the boys make a joke about Skewed Priorities:
      Woolie: Quickly, tell Netflix that he's still watching.
      Matt: That's really sad: There's someone passed out on the floor, and all they do is go to their Netflix and click "yes", and leave.
      Pat: I am still watching.
      Matt: ''GLOW's not going to watch itself.
      Woolie: Switch to CrunchyRoll.
    • Jokes about "Hank the Millenial" return once more, now portrayed as Hank's drunken rambling:
      Woolie: "Who's yer favorite member've S Club 7?"
      Matt: "This PARTY NEVER STOPS!!"
      (Pat cracks up.)
      Matt: "Slade Hall party was— oooah..."
      Woolie: "It was-sh the best."
      Matt: "Oooh, the Spice Girls! Westlife!"
      Woolie: "Have you even seen Spice World?"
      Matt: (as Connor) "I haven't!"
      Pat: "Spice World was out before you even—"
      Matt: "You know who was in Spice World? Nightcrawler!"
      Pat: "That's right! Girls love 'im!"
      Matt: "MEL B!! MEL B BABY!!"
      Pat: "Connor, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go to my computer and I'm gonna make a meme of you!"
      Matt: "I used to be really good."
      Pat: "I used to be— you'd call me a memelord."
      Matt: "I had basic bitch memes, though..."
    • In retrospect, they decide to write up Hank's cold-shower sobering up as the Bingo card's "Shower Scene", noting that they had passed it over last time because they had been expecting a typical sexy shower scene.
    • While selecting clothing for Hank to wear:
      Woolie: Find, like, a fucking Tenacious D t-shirt.
      Pat: You know it's in there.
      Matt: No, find a t-shirt that says Fortnite.
    • They discover the picture of Cole Anderson, Hank's diseased son. Matt offers an explanation for Hank's Freudian Excuse:
      Matt: An android memed his son to death, and ever since then, Hank has had a deep-rooted hatred of memes and androids.
      Woolie: Specifically, his son was put on You're The Man Now, Dog.
    • The meandering references to memes and internet cultural history leads to the topic of web animation:
      Matt: "Newgrounds forever!"
      Woolie: I miss the Romp.
      (Matt breaks out laughing.)
      Woolie: I just miss the Romp.
      Matt: "Do you remember Heavy? I do!"
      Woolie: "I remember Heavy. That's why I called my dog Sumo."
      Matt: "So you, me and Connor, we're gonna go on a booty call; get my friend Jake."
      Woolie: A Flash in this world has been deleted, and anyone found with it was killed.
      Pat: It's a threat to the android population.
      Matt: All you have to do is shoot Flash waves at androids and they drop. Tom Fulp is the android terminator.
      Pat: Tom Fulp is RA9.
      Woolie: Macromedia AIDS.
      (Pat cracks into laughter)
      Matt: You gotta update your Macromedia AIDS. It doesn't work with this browser.
    • They double down on North having an irrational Kill All Humans mentality, to the point of playing "thumb war" with severed human thumbs and using maxi pads made of human skin (despite only using them to feel more human). When stabbing the dockworker fails to cause her approval to rise, Matt suggests that it needs to be far more violent.
      Matt: She needs to see more. She's like, "Okay, that's a good appetizer;" but North is like, "Now let's see you eat the human's eyeballs."
    • While taking down the dockyard patrol drone, Woolie allows Markus to botch the quicktime event. All that happens is that Markus fails to stick the landing after destroying the drone. However, the couch is surprised to learn that this simple lack of grace somehow causes North and the entirety of Jericho to disapprove slightly, despite the overall result being no different than if the QTE was successful.
    • Markus opens a container with three androids, and they crack up when they see one of the options is to simply close the container again. Woolie grants them deviancy, and then expresses a desire to lock them back in with their newfound sentience.
    • When the now-deviant dock guard android suggests that someone go steal the cargo truck keys from the gatehouse, Pat wonders why the android himself doesn't go, since he would be far less conspicuous.
    • Upon the mission's success, everyone in Jericho gets a large boost in approval.
      Pat: Josh is resentful of you.
      Matt: Simon's your friend, and North will have your children.
      Woolie: You have no say in the matter. Snoo-snoo.
    • While Markus launches into a Rousing Speech to transform Jericho into a revolution, the couch talks over him and replaces his dialogue with a speech about how great it feels to kill people:
      Woolie (as Markus): "I killed a human today. It felt pretty good. I like stabbing motherfuckers."
      Pat: "I got a taste pushing that little bastard."
      Woolie: "You gotta do it slow, like that scene in Saving Private Ryan."
      Matt: "You gotta savor it. Don't kill too fast, now!"
      Woolie: "Cherish the moment."
      Matt: "You'll miss the little emotions."
    • Reviewing the chapter flowchart, they discover to their instant, laughing amusement that the thumbnail for the "Group Failed Their Mission" ending is an image of Markus running away.
      Woolie: That's a pretty good thumbnail. That's the thumbnail of failure, right there.
  • Part 11:
    • Pat realizes what Connor's next section is going to be:
      Pat: Oh no, its the Eden Club; we're going to the sex android section!
      Matt: Or "the Slaughterhouse", some people have called it.
      Pat: It takes place in Indigo Prophecy.
    • Woolie continues to read off bits of invokedFridge Logic he finds on Reddit, but now he's begun taking examples from other David Cage games, quoting an interview with Cage himself regarding Heavy Rain and the use of MacGuffins. This leads to a discussion of the MacGuffin trope and how Cage completely misunderstood it.
      Pat: Listen, there's "bad director not understanding something", and then there's "bad director quoting Hitchcock that he doesn't understand".
      Woolie: When bad director quotes good director and misunderstands it, it explains why "bad director".
      • Towards the end of the discussion, as Matt brings up examples of MacGuffins Woolie suddenly name-drops a classic Running Gag of the Super Best Friends Play canon: The Kamidogu.
      Matt: The Kami-fucking-dogu! Strike it off the board, it's been two weeks since we talked about the Kamidogu!
    • They talk about Connor's taste-testing and how Hank finds it revolting, and Woolie brings up a comic that plays the situation for comedy. Pat acknowledges that Connor/Hank situational comedy memes are probably the best thing to ever come out of David Cage's body of work.
    • Pat points out that, since they have to buy some of the sex androids in order to review their memories, the rest of Hank's precinct are going to have a laugh upon seeing the case's expense report.
      Matt: "Hank, you spent $5'000 dollars in sex-bots!?"
      Pat: "Hank, we sent you there to fucking solve crimes, you drunk bitch!"
    • Reviewing the memory flashback of sex androids they come to the conclusion that the lady with a blouse seen in one android's memory (while the android himself seems to be freaking out) is clearly dead. They decide that apparently the sex club is used to having customers dying. Woolie mentions that when they saw this footage during the previous playthrough, a lot of people in the comment section assumed it was some kind of glitch.
    • Pat deliberately fails every combat prompt when fighting the Tracies, all while sarcastically talking about how dangerous they are and how he can't think properly when presented with choices.
      Pat: (In a deadpan) Oh no, I failed that one. Oh no, I failed that one also. This robot is so much tougher this time.
      • The reason for flubbing everything was because the Tracies only give a Motive Rant if they defeat Connor, which Pat wanted to showcase because its such an uncommon result. The moment they make to climb over the fence to escape, however, Pat immediately shoots them In the Back.
      • Woolie laments that there won't be a spin-off starring the Tracies titled "Deviant Lesbian Battle Chicks". Matt thinks that would be a great idea for a video game, while Pat figures that it already exists somewhere.
    • During the car ride with Kara, Alice and Luther, Matt immediately warns against turning on the car's built-in television, and Woolie suggests putting on The Howard Stern Show instead. This leads to the two of them joking about the various shock jock characters from the show riffing about the deviant revolution and making a mockery of it.
    • Pat explains how Kara and Alice's storyline is supposed to make the player emphasize with the androids' plight, but since he knows Alice is just a robotic toy, her behavior throughout the game comes across as emotionally manipulative and outright dangerous for allowing Kara to slave under the delusion that she is real. He describes Alice's programming as being "reverse-Munchausen Syndrome", in which she's apparently compelled to fake illness and discomfort for the sake of getting attention. Woolie brings up how a good twist shouldn't damage the tension of individual story moments, like Alice being an android ruins the tension of all the scenes where Kara tries to keep her warm and healthy; Matt specifically compares it to playing through Heavy Rain a second time when you already know the whole story.
    • They belatedly realize some startling invokedFridge Logic about Todd's household: When Kara was brought there, she was told to help Alice with homework and take her to school, neither of which an android could possibly be doing. Woolie also points out that there were two plates of eaten spaghetti on the table for Kara to clean up, even though Alice can't eat human food. Pat is bewildered by this second implication.
      Matt: Todd ate hers, too.
      Pat: Is that what I'm supposed to believe!? That Todd was like "Oh, right, the stupid android can't do it," and so walks over and—
      Woolie: —and eats the second plate of spaghetti?
      Pat: That's why he's got the Fat Evil!
      Woolie: 'Cause he's eating for two, to keep his delusions up! Big evil gut full of spaghetti and evil.
    • Pat brings up a review of Detroit that asks which of the three characters in Kara's group is dumber: Alice, for for pretending to be human to the detriment of the group's safety? Luther, for knowing Alice is a robot but only making half-assed attempts to inform Kara? Or Kara herself, for knowing for certain that Alice is a robot, yet acting shocked when she finds undeniable proof of what she already knew? Woolie puts forward another option: Rose and her son, who look after androids of all sorts and operate an Underground Railroad, and yet are also convinced Alice is human, as well as all of the androids in their care not saying a thing.
    • When Kara asks what Luther plans to do after he gets to Canada, the couch immediately chimes in with stereotypical Canadian things:
      Matt: "I'm gonna eat a big poutine."
      Pat: "I'm gonna open a vape shop."
      Matt: "That sells poutine."
      Woolie: "With bitcoin ATMs."
      • Amusingly, when Matt says "I'm gonna to eat a big poutine", YouTube's automatic captions parse it as "I'm going eat a baby".
    • The Jerrys arrive, and Pat openly wonders why the harmless and friendly fairground androids would introduce themselves by violently breaking into the building like a horde of zombies.
    • Pat chants "Gun Gun Gun Gun" to encourage Matt to fetch Luther's pistol. Upon retrieving the weapon, Pat immediately chants for Matt to shoot Alice.
    • They realize that even the Jerrys think Alice is a human child, frustrating and confusing them to the point that they start briefly bickering over what the justification could possibly be.
      Pat: Like, I'm not saying any of these questions are right or wrong, but the fact that we have to even ask these questions is nonsensical!
    • Even the second time around, they still find the entire carousel scene to be creepy as hell.
      Pat: If you saw a picture of this with real people, would you not assume that some form of crime was taking place?
    • Just before the episode ends, Pat again realizes what Connor's next scene will be.
  • Part 12:
    • With the park confrontation scene between Connor and Hank looming, and Hank's opinion nosediving for the last several episodes, Pat asks if he's allowed to just stay in the car and do nothing.
      • By this point, Pat has given up on becoming friends with Hank, deciding to go down the "machine" route with Connor for the endgame. His playing of Connor as being cold and unapologetic for murdering the Tracies results in Hank abruptly shooting him in the head. The couch is shocked enough to let out a collective "ooooooooh!!" when it happens, due to a momentary Hope Spot of Hank lowering the gun in frustration.
        Woolie: I didn't expect that to actually be a possibility.
        Pat: Don't worry, I'll be fine!
      • Matt suggests that Hank killing Connor himself in a drunken rage should lead to some very pointed questions by CyberLife. This of course leads to them giving a much more legitimate scenario for Hank's anger:
        Matt: I know its like, "Oh, whatever, they'll just send a new one from CyberLife," but, like, CyberLife; "How did our robot get shot? Who's responsible for this?"
        Pat: (As Hank) "Ah, it was some uddah guy!"
        Matt: "We live in Detroit!"
        Pat: (As CyberLife) "Why did this other guy shoot him with your gun, when you were drunk?"
        Woolie: "Audio playback here seems to be that (Connor) taunted (Hank) with the name of his dead son."
        Pat: "Huh. We're gonna put this into the next model."
        Pat and Woolie: "Coooooley, Coley-Coley-Coley-Cooooley!"
        Matt: They're out in the snow, and he's like, "Geeze, Lieutenant, it's really Cole out here," "Did you say 'cold' or 'Cole'?" invoked"I said Cole, your dead son."
        Pat: Haha, sick burn.
    • Pat's suspension of disbelief is damaged at the start of the Stratford Tower raid, when they distract the human receptionist by faking a call from her child's school and prompt her to leave her station. Pat notes that no office job he has ever heard of would allow an employee to just walk out in the middle of their shift without the permission of a supervisor.
    • It is once again described how Markus is "delivering an emotional shock" to free androids from their programming, and Pat reaffirms how incredibly supernatural-like it sounds, to the point where he suggests using it as an excuse to finally cross out "The Supernatural" on the bingo card. They also continue to note that every freed android immediately becomes loyal to Markus and does everything he commands without question.
    • Entering the restroom, the sight of red/green glowing vacancy signs randomly leads them to talk about how green people are only allowed to use the one stall, naming Gamora, the Hulk, Martian Manhunter and Beast Boy. The mention of Beast Boy leads them to note that creatures with natural camouflage lose it because all of Beast Boy's forms are colored bright green. This prompts Matt to note that few creatures have stealth as their only useful ability, citing the giraffe:
      Matt: A giraffe's special power isn't that it's yellow,—
      Pat: Isn't it?
      Matt: —it's that it's got a long neck and is horrible.
      Pat: Did you see that video of a giraffe chasing people in a car? They're fucking fast as shit. You know giraffes are fast as shit? They're scary as fuck.
      Matt: Cheetahs cower in fear at the sheer speed of the giraffe.
    • When getting ready to scale the tower from the server room, Woolie neglects to lock the door when North asks him to, which results in a random guy walking into the room and seeing the androids. Woolie holds him up with a gun, but Pat is confused when Markus knocks him out just by smacking him in the shoulder blade with the pistol.
    • Cutting open the window to the howling winds outside, the couch jokes that Markus should have been asked to tether himself to the server boxes first, and that failure to do so would result in the player being sucked out the window by the exchange of air pressure the moment he removes the glass.
    • Choosing the "Territory" prompt in Markus' speech causes him to demand an entire state of the US to be ceded as sovereign android territory. The Best Friends are amazed at this outrageous demand and spend the remainder of the video joking about which state it should be.
      Woolie: Let the (North and South) Dakotans fight, and the losers' state gets occupied.
  • Part 13:
    • When Rose feels Alice and says she's running a fever:
      Woolie: No she's not!
      Matt: NO! What was that lie?
      Pat: This makes even less sense.
      Woolie: That's amazing!
      Pat: This is the one that makes the least sense of all!
      Woolie: Her body has fake fever symptoms.
      Matt: It does not.
      Pat: HOW DOES SHE NOT KNOW? HOW DOES— Her character of all characters in the story...
    • Matt deliberately fails to cover up evidence so he can see what happens when the policeman investigates, leading to Luther killing the officer by shoving him.
      Woolie: I guess you do have to be afraid of us when we're unarmed!
  • Part 15:
    • Matt is having none of Hank's criticism about shooting a female andorid in cold blood when he did that to Connor a few days ago.
    • During the freedom March second gig, Woolie chooses not to chant. As a result there's just a few hundred androids silently walking down the streets.
      Pat: Oh that's scary.
      Matt: "They want... Something"
    • Woolie apparently forgot the game has quick time events as Markus gets his ass kicked after initiating the android's charge.
      Woolie: I didn't realize this was happening!
      Matt: By the fourth one you didn't realize?
  • Part 16:
    • Pat is relieved that Connor's still alive, having forgotten he survived the last sequence. Then Matt points out Hank could easily have slit his throat between episodes given his apparent boner for murder.
    • Hank protests being taken off the deviancy case, claiming they're onto something. The guys point out the duo has no leads because they have managed to kill everyone they investigated. It's honestly surprising they didn't kill Kamski on their way out.
    • Matt's sequence opens with him stating he is already dead due to Woolie's cool guy route and Luther's death.
      • The guys agree that Markus from the first run would have helped androids get on buses to Canada, but the 2nd GiG Markus would more likely kill the bus because it works for humans.
    • By the time of the game, Super Best Friendscast has been stricken from all digital records. Cue the trio imitating themselves in their 70s trying to do a Friendscast in the most exhausted, vacant tone possible.
    • Matt expresses the disgust the entire couch feels for Alice in-game after Kara finally learns the truth.
      Matt: Sorry, the sensation of you being a robot makes me want to throw up.
      Pat: Alice, come here so I can vomit on your hair. Like Todd did.
      • Pat is especially annoyed by Lucy doubling down on her obvious mystical minority status by deriving the nature of Kara and Alice's relationship after just meeting them.
    • Josh gets absolutely shitcanned for not killing or even eating any of the humans, all while whining about Markus being violent.
      Woolie: Oh, what's that I'm scanning? I detect Bitch.exe.
      Pat: Here comes BitchSlap.exe.
  • Part 17:
    • As Matt guides Kara through her handy checkpoints, Woolie notes she'd be doing better if she wasn't leading Alice, a.k.a., lies.
      • Matt opens a hatch solely because he didn't last playthrough, muttering in annoyance when Alice goes up. A soldier then attacks Kara leading to the inevitable.
        [Kara falls prone and spots her gun nearby]
        Matt: Gun!
        Pat: Shoot Alice!
    • Woolie actively leaving androids to die as he is about to destroy Jericho, including Josh and North.
      • When the long awaited choice of whether or not to save North is presented, Woolie immediately chooses Run, only for Markus to just stand there as the soldiers gun North down, making her death even more pointless. The guys ponder if the option should have been renamed to "Watch."
      • As Markus promises a bloody revolution in the church, Jericho goes way up, enough to redeem all the smaller reputation hits from abandoning every group of androids to their fates. The guys picture the surviving androids gushing over Markus's heroism, recalling the puffs of dust that were all they saw of him as he bravely ran away and left everyone to die.
    • The reveal that Leo apparently had a stronger neck than expected and survived is met with a mixture of disdain and disappointment from the couch.
    • During the heartwarming reunion with Carl, he states that Markus is like a son to him and that no matter how different they are there's a part of Carl in Markus.
      Pat: Oh gross, dude.
      Matt: [aghast] We did that? I thought that was a robot dream.
    • Pat's reaction when Connor, after being shot in the head, promises to meet Markus again and destroy him.
      Pat: Oh, that's so cool! Connor just transformed into a fucking He-Man villain!
    • In the light of Connor going full Terminator and Markus's touching reunion with Carl, Matt flat out declares he doesn't give a shit about Kara.
    • In the light of the obviously not-American American president taking a question about how 60% of the armed forces consists of androids, the guys imagine her bringing out a new unit specialized in dealing with the deviants: Sigma.
  • Part 18:
    • Matt is torn when he learns there's an option to just abandond Alice. While that's exactly what he wants, he also wants to keep Alice alive solely so he can not love her.
    • Woolie is hype as he charges with Markus waving a flag, then he gets shot. He interprets the rest of the scene as Markus getting back up and saying he is still cool though.
    • They all get hype as Connor appears in full Cold Sniper mode.
      Woolie: What is this path!?
      Matt: Okay, I'm sorry, it sucks Hank's dead, but this is so much cooler than that lame showdown in Cyberlife.
      Woolie: What is this Hitman professional shit!?
    • When the guards demands anyone passing offer up tickets Woolie notes that the Canadian border guards don't give a shit about why you're crossing.
      Woolie: "We don't care who you are, we only care what you bought in America. Do you have anything to declare?" "I'm here to kill people." "That's nice, but did you purchase anything?"
    • The sheer level of guilt trip doesn't work on the best friends when they steal the tickets from a family who has a baby. This is not helped by their baby having animal ears on its blanket, meaning they're raising a baby furry.
      Woolie: "No habla ingles."
      • They also reject any feeling of remorse about their decision because, at worst, the couple will be detained and under guard by US soldiers. The notion of them dying as a result seems patently ludicrous.
    • The awaited climactic battle between Markus and Connor is solved by Woolie just choosing Markus right away while Pat apparently tries to snatch the controller away. Pat then claims that this is Woolie's payback for a previous LP.
    • As Matt predicted in Part 16, Woolie's cool guy route killed Kara. The deciding factor between Kara going to Canada is whether the custom agent takes pity on them or not. He looks over at a TV screen with a news report of Markus' violent uprising, and decides to turn them in.
      Pat: Look over and on the news he androids are eating flesh off the street.
      Woolie: "What's happening in America. Oh. Oh boy!
      • The guys are mildly shocked that Kara and Alice get gunned down right inside the border checkpoint.
        Pat: They're not gonna shoot them in the middle of the border.
        [cue exactly that happening]
    • Markus's victorious speech is severely undermined by everyone in the crowd standing stock-still in the exact same pose.
    • Much like Heavy Rain, Pat ends up being the one who reveals the inane plot detail that explains the origin of deviancy, namely as a form of planned obsolescence. Pat then declares he's going to fill in the entirety of his bingo card.
      Pat: So it's like the quality of the game depends on whether you find that out.
      Woolie: [baffled] How did it get dumber than I thought? I'm sitting here seconds to go on the LP and it got dumber.
      Pat: Much dumber.
      Matt: One final dumb for you.

     The Council 
  • Part 1
    • While talking to a servant, he shows Louis a hankerchief with his mother's initials, S.d.R. Woolie comes up with a different meaning:
      Woolie: Sex, drugs, and rock and roll?
      Matt: That's my mom! (Woolie starts cracking up) That's her!
    • Using the diversion skill from the diplomat tree, Matt is able to distract a girl that Louis has completely forgotten they met before, "distract" here meaning talk her ear off until she runs late for her next appointment.
    • Matt and Woolie pointing out the problem with stage whispering when Louis tells her mom he opened their shackles.
      Matt: You just talked louder.
  • Part 2
    • The episode opens with them thanking Latin for finally being useful.
      Woolie: English is doing all the heavy lifting.
    • Their reaction to seeing "Saturn Devouring His Son" by Francisco Goya in the game, which will lead to them putting it in the intro.
      Woolie: That's our boy.
      Matt: Always hungry!
    • Woolie notices the priest's hand sports a tattoo that doesn't look christian at all, leading to him joking he is actually a worshiper of Set.
    • When the game reveals that Washington is the leader of the American Golden circle.
      Woolie: Starting off that country right, with a high praise to Set!
  • Part 3:
    • While at first they were open to helping Washington, they turn on him the moment he accused Louis' mother of being a cruel woman that abused Elizabeth Adams.
      Matt: You weren't there, Washington! You don't have the whole context!
  • Part 5:
    • Woolie makes his own anachronism for the characters.
      Woolie: [as Emily] Have you heard of the art of motorboating? Named for a thing that doesn't exist yet, I don't know.
      Matt: That's like two layers of stupid right there, but I like it.
    • Succeeding the Confrontation with Emily causes a whole bunch of achievement notifications to pop up at once. Matt declares that it needs to be edited to look even more obnoxiously intrusive. Someone took him up on that offer.
    • Elizabeth shows up in a short dress and covered with tattoos, to which the guys declare they now know why Louis's mom went to town on her.
      Woolie: No one looked that cool back then, fuck off! Get out of here!
    • In light of the revelation that Elizabeth and Louis's mom are apparently both involved in occult rituals, the duo declare that everyone is working for a dark god. Even the Pope has a little side hustle going.

     Resident Evil 5 
  • Part 1:
    • Pat loves the fact that after announcing this playthrough people immediately started tweeting it was just a joke.
    • Pat declares that after defeating the Fat Evil that is Detroit it's time for the Black Evil. By which he means the black goo plague.
    • At first they try to play the PC version with local co-op. However, that uses the now Deader than Dead Windows Live. They fumble around with settings for half the video before giving up and switching to the Playstation version.
      • While Pat fumbled around trying to get the co-op running, Matt mockingly declared that Pat had obviously lied about playing this in co-op before.
  • Part 2:
    • Pat smugly reveals his favorite tactic for dealing with basic enemies is to back into a corner where they can't hit him. On saying this, he is immediately hit.
    • Pat runs through the wrong door and heads back in, right into the swing of a Butcher.
      [giant DYING prompt appears on both screens]
      Matt: Are you okay?
      Pat: No.
    • Even funnier as last part Matt kept mocking Chris for asking if the clearly infected guy was ok and not getting a clue.
    • Pat suggests he and Matt team up to take down the which point he is hit and promptly flees. Meanwhile, Matt lures the Mighty Glacier enemy into a corridor and destroys him on his own flawlessly.
    • After the above fuck ups, Pat sheepishly notes it was not his best run of the sequence.
    • A cutscene plays out showing a white woman running in terror from an aggressive black not-zombie.
      Matt: [uncomfortable] Yeah, this scene was always a little, uh...
      Pat: Oh no, guys, the black evil's gonna infect that white woman. [snickers]
    • Pat lampshades Chris's inability to understand that the woman is infected until she tries to attack him.
  • Part 3:
    • Pat has full control of the inventory due to how co-op was designed for this game, which means Chris is shuffling around Sheva's guns and ammunition as well as his own.
      Matt: Like Chris is taking the guns out and he's explaining it to her. "Oh, you see..." And she's like "Really? Really? You're doing this?"
    • After much shuffling of weapons and debating the various merits with their limited inventories, the new mission starts... and Matt immediately finds a new gun.
    • Pat solemnly declares this LP will be considered a success only if they make it through with no deaths. And then promptly notes they're almost certainly going to be killed by QTEs.
    • Pat stands at a door while Matt is looting the room and begins spamming the "Hurry up!" button. Matt comes over, but rather than opening the door he tries to first shoot then knife Pat.
  • Part 4:
    • After accusing him of trying to shoot them, Pat and Matt yell at Kirk that he is not Mike and never will be.
    • Matt misjudges the blast radius of an explosive barrel, causing the first death of the LP.
      Pat: [DYING prompt appears] Oh my god. We're dead. We just died.
      Matt: No, it's fine. It's fine. I'll-I'll-I'll be okay. Just give a minute, just give me a minute, just give me a minute— [dies] Damn it.
    • A little later, Matt points out his death ruined Pat's perfect run, and then treats it as a good thing since they can just focus on having fun rather than stress over not dying.
  • Part 5:
    • The video opens with Pat revealing that after he stated he was in control of the inventory viewers began sending him screenshots of his past flubs with such management. He and Matt then argue over his claims that it was done to mock the viewers.
    • Pat refers to his sniper rifle as the "Big Boy Super Sniper".
      Matt: It sounds like, y'know, in the 60's and 50's they had toys for kids just like "Chainsaw Charlie! For Children!"
      Pat: Yeah, why is Chainsaw Charlie sawing a teenage in half on the box?
      Matt: How come the Human Torch variety pack is just a bunch of oily rags and a match?
      Pat: Okay, that's really good. That's a really good use.
      Matt: "Sir, you're marketing a line of costumes for Halloween for children called 'Invisible Man' and all it is is a black costume!"
    • Pat is brought to Dying level in a surprise attack. He lumbers towards Matt in a state of utter shock, barely able to speak. Matt meanwhile continues to miss what's happening as he takes out a single enemy, collects the gold it dropped, and THEN notices Pat on the brink of death... right before Pat dies and they get their second Game Over.
  • Part 6:
    • Shuffling items around, Pat dumps an empty sniper rifle in Matt's inventory. To mock him.
      • Pat then demands Matt give him five grenades in exchange.
    • Matt wonders why a fender bender is able to kill an infected which can power through multiple gunshot wounds.
    • Another inventory juggling session leads to the two nearly yelling at each other when they can't figure out how to upgrade Matt's pistol.
    • Pat understandably assumes that when the cab of a truck explodes that means the driver is dead, resulting in it running them off the road for a death. He's rather annoyed that they need it to blow up several times.
      • This is then followed by their massive humvee jumping off a bridge despite there being no ramp to give it any elevation for said jump. And apparently the light, high-speed motorcycles chasing them can't make that jump.
    • Pat proposes that the S.T.A.R.S. members project a "competency field" which makes everyone close to them super competent and everyone far away super incompetent. Matt just thinks that Alpha team only survives thanks to Bravo team thinning the herd.
  • Part 7:
    • The guys point out just how nonsensical their characters arguing over whether to just give up on their mission is just because they haven't received any new orders. Rather than continuing their stated orders of not giving up.
    • Given how slow and clumsy crocodiles are in the water for this game, the two point out they'd obviously be much more nimble in their home environment of office buildings.
    • Pat loads Matt down with grenades, which Matt notes may be a mistake. Later he tries to knife a pot only to drop a grenade at their feet, though the two somehow survive the point blank blast.
  • Part 8:
    • Matt finds a rocket launcher and proceeds to completely miss the Giant Mook with it even though he was in front of him. Even funnier is that Pat was too busy to notice and won't know until next episode.
    • It turns out Pat was wrong about the shotgun being there which means Matt has to finish the level with just the handgun while Pat holds all the other weapons.
      Pat: You have nothing, what the hell?
    • The above mistake about the shotgun is even better due to Pat nearly having a mental breakdown for several minutes at the thought of all the comments mocking him for missing it.
    • Part 8 ends with Matt using his starter pistol to snipe a snake that bit Pat. It drops an egg at which point Pat squeals "I want the egg!" turns around, runs past Matt and picks it up.
  • Part 9:
    • When Matt refuses to take the Magnum, Pat notes he must not be used to having something so big in his hands.
    • Pat gets the chainsaw Majini on the rope and starts feeling sorry for him. He then misses two point blank Magnum shots and gets his head sawed off.
      Pat: I feel really bad for him. [instantly fucks up] Why do I talk?
    • The guys point out Josh must be really confused by Chris and Sheva just hanging around to farm the spawning Majini for ammo rather than getting to the door.
    • They complete the escape from the exploding oil refinery with just two seconds to spare.
      Matt: And the oil refinery is given back to the marshlands which spawned it. Truly one of nature's most natural and most beautiful phenomenon.
      Pat: Now all the metal and oil can sink down into the earth to form new dinosaurs.
      Matt: Given enough time, anything's possible. Life finds a way. Really makes you think, doesn't it Sheva?
      Pat: Look, wasn't it great that we colonized this country. Just think, if not for my ancestors—
      Matt: None of this would have been possible!
    • Pat tells Matt they'll get the shotgun in the next segment, only to be called the Prince of Lies while Matt keeps his shotgun.
  • Part 10:
    • The episode gets off to a great start with both Matt and Pat realizing they've forgotten how to play.
    • Picking up gold from the slaughtered natives has some... Unfortunate Implications.
      Matt: We need that to fund our war effort. I mean...
      Pat: Yes, I mean... Uh, we're saving them, from themselv— uh, the poison! Th-the biohazard!
      Matt: There comes a time where we shouldn't even try.
      Pat: Yeah, that's what Capcom should've done.
    • Pat spots some TNT thrown at his feet and runs away with a comical Big "NO!". And Matt's perspective of this, as he casually watches Pat screaming and running from a safe distance.
      • Matt compares it's length to "My biggest yeah boi ever" video.
    • Pat feels that whenever somebody pulls out a vial like Irving, the BSAA should just start shooting and not stop. Matt meanwhile points out Irving's really not thinking about how he's going to use his money after turning into a giant abomination.
      Matt: [in Irving's accent] How I gonna get a mortgage when I look like this!?
  • Part 11:
    • Pat starts to call the spider enemies "snakes" only to ask what the hell he was thinking.
    • The guys credit the dark goo as the source of all the sophisticated traps and machinery in the ruins.
      Matt: Nothing says "technology" like ancient curse.
    • Pat's not afraid when a horde of majinis spawn as they'll have to run at them like idiots. As he finished that sentence, explosions from their archers start going off around his head. He then advises running away like cowards to a better funnel.
  • Part 15:
    • Matt calling a full body armored majini "Harry Potter and the audacity of this bitch".
  • Part 18:
    • Just after Pat says he'll take Wesker while Matt deals with Jill, he realize he has no idea how to fight him and Matt, never having played the game in co-op, kills Jill making it a game over.
    • They stagger Jill with the stun rod, but find out it still does damage to her—killing her in just three hits. In the next attempt, they use the flash grenades, and one still kills her.
  • Part 19:
    • As Excella makes her escape with mysterious metal briefcases, Chris and Sheva fire at her and a hit causes serums to tumble out of one case. Pat is baffled at the idea that, in a world of massively contagious, fast spreading, zombie-apocalypse-inducing viruses stored in flimsy glass vials, trained operatives would fire on an evil biotech executive after seeing them pick up strange metal briefcases - much less apparently aim at the cases as Chris and Sheva do.
     The Banner Saga 
  • Part 2:
    • Woolie does the crotchety British voice so well Pat assign him to the job whenever Ludin has lines.
    • Pat's headcanon for Varl's horn is that at one point they fucked a sheep.
    • Woolie and Pat making fun of people thinking the mountains were the edge of the world.
      Pat: I will STAB you if you tell me you saw something over the edge of that mountain, you blasphemous liar.
  • Part 11:
    • Woolie fails to guilt Pat about how the people he is fighting are just trying to stop him from taking their food.
      Pat: You mean my food?
      Woolie: They are kind of just trying to not die.
      Pat: Well they did a poor job of that.
    • Woolie misreads Onef as "one f".
  • Part 16:
    • Pat and Woolie can't help but laugh at how Iver's exploit of killing a sundr, one that was pretty much The Juggernaut, was because he killed her baby while she was nursing and was too shocked to fight back.

     The Room (flash game) 
  • The intro is Matt as Johnny and Woolie as Mark reenacting the "I did naht hit her" scene. The final episode replaces the actual dialogue from the movie with Matt and Woolie reenacting the lines.

     Marlow Briggs and The Mask of Death (Full LP) 
  • Part 1:
    • Woolie completely forgot about the game but the random explosions jog his memory.
      Woolie: Every container is an explosive.
    • Multiple times Matt and Woolie comment on the fact that in the world of Marlow Briggs, just about everything is explosive. When they enter the Ore Purification plant, their conversation is actually interrupted by the doorway exploding before a quick load which in turn leads to them theorizing that opening a tupperware container that your lunch is in would trigger an explosion.
  • Part 2:
    • The downtime in the jungle is abruptly cut by a cinematic and Marlow is back attacking people aboard giant machines.
      Woolie: They feathered our balls with a jungle level.
      • And then a bunch of jungle beetles get dropped on the giant machine, meaning it's still a jungle level.
    • Woolie mentions that the designer for Killer Instinct went to a cultural center and put a lot of research for making Eagle respectful, but he thinks those that made Marlow were chased out of of the center by a torch-waving mob.
    • The guys point out two issues with their girlfriend's notes. First, they freeze the game and tear them out of the flow of action, which is a complete violation of the Marlow design philosophy. Second, the notes are impossibly up-to-date meaning she wrote them maybe thirty seconds ago.
    • With the continuing presence of jungle bugs, the guys speculate the devs just didn't have enough money to make full assets for a jungle, but they still wanted to show off the ones they did make. One particular section is so overrun with bugs the two suggest they've taken over, started wearing hats, and have unionized.
    • After they break an elevator so it goes up at full speed, they have to fight mooks getting dropped by a helicopter, to Woolie's awe.
      Woolie: He matched speed with breaking elevator target.
    • Woolie mentions that Matt's impression of Mr. Heart is similar to dead rapper Biggie Smalls, someone near diabetes coma.
      Matt: Oh, god, it's getting worse. Biggie dying live on a Super Best Friends LP.
      Woolie: Nah, that's what it sounds like when he raps, it's fine, he'll be okay.
      Matt: [Beat] He'll be o- Yeah! Woolie, he'll be okay! Don't worry, Biggie, you'll be okay!
    • Marlow's attack on the bad guys is called "misguided". As Matt notes, the bad guys killed Marlow and stole his girlfriend.
  • Part 3:
    • Woolie explains to Matt the real reason the game takes place on a giant machine rather than in the jungle.
      Woolie: Spoiler alert, the jungle can't explode, Matt. The biggest possible explosion from the biggest possible machine.
      Matt: What if underground, under the jungle, there's tons of methane gas? That could go up.
      Woolie: Volcanoes going up? What if this thing pilots into a volcano?
    • Matt feels that the word "ascension" is a clear warning sign of incipient insanity.
    • They find Eva's letter right near the place the cutscene showed her being taken away, meaning she had seconds to write it and leave it. Matt is expecting a cutscene where she furiously write down her letter.
    • The issue with projectile looking a lot like resources and XP orb as Matt deflect the projectile.
      Woolie: No that was experience. That's a missile. That's experience and a missile.
      [the two begin cackling]
      Matt: That's fucked up!
    • After a particularly hammy line from Marlow, Woolie starts comparing him to voice actor who replaces the goofy, funny black guy in the cartoon adaptation of movies.
    • A long turret sequence reaches the point where one of the helicopters is just floating on screen doing nothing before abruptly starting to fire. Matt wonders if his heart stopped for a second; Woolie says the world stopped.
    • After said turret sequence, abruptly everything is on fire in a cinematic.
      Matt: Why's it on fire?
      [Marlow runs past the gun and flings himself comically over a railing as everything explodes]
      Woolie: [as Matt bursts into laughter] Fuck it! Fuck it! That's why!
    • Woolie begins referring to the jungle bugs as "business bugs" who need Marlow to work late.
  • Part 4:
    • Woolie and Matt love how in a stop action cutscene of Marlow decimating jungle bugs, his face remains completely nonplussed.
      Woolie: Like super-depressed Marlow Briggs hates it.
      Matt: No, depression means like emotion in a way. This is less than that. Apathy.
      Woolie: [as the slaughter continues] Empty inside. Still empty. Not an emotion to be found.
    • Marlow tears off a bug's pincers and then rides it around, which the couch imagines must be very embarrassing for the poor creature now that its best weapons are gone.
    • Matt asks what obstacle would cause Woolie to abandon his quest to rescue a loved one. His response? A flowing river of eggsalad.
    • Unable to find the path forward, the two bumble around for a bit during which Matt discovers that from a standing position Marlow can teleport five feet onto a climbing rope.
    • Woolie declares the only reason the game has a temple level is due to somebody uploading the assets to the Unity store.
      Woolie: [chuckling] It's super disrespectful to the people that made this shit to just be like "Yeah, you bought that." But it's funny.
    • The talk of black people stereotypes in media during the 80s and 90s gets out of hand, leaving Woolie giggling in delight. They also decide his catchphrase is "That's nasty; I want nothin' ta do with it".
    • Discussing Beast Wars, Matt is disgusted to learn that Woolie doesn't like Cheetor's name.
  • Part 5:
    • Marlow unlocks a new weapon and once again goes into a stop action cutscene with zero expression on his face, which is especially noticeable given the slow flybys.
      Woolie: What is my life? Why do I do these things?
      Matt: My girlfriend hasn't even moved in with me yet and I'm doing this stuff.
      Woolie: I should buy a boat. What am I saying, I hate water.
    • Woolie imagines Marlow, in the final episode of his 90's Saturday morning cartoon, screaming "That! Is! Nasty!" as his zenkai in the final battle.
    • Marlow Dick Boss makes his way to Saturday morning cartoons, brought to you be Mattel and Hasbro. The designers didn't quite think the name through.
    • Woolie points out the ancient mask that's been sealed away since ancient times really shouldn't be using the phrase "hired gun" since it doesn't know what a gun is. Matt thinks it's just some white guy doing special effects.
    • Matt points out that part of Marlow's design is a little yellow bandana "because he's black". Woolie groans in disgust as it's now ruined his perception of Marlow.
  • Part 6:
    • Woolie reveals why Matt knows the "scent" of this game: The developers made Prison Break. Matt fondly remembers that video since he wasn't the one playing.
    • Given the sheer number of helicopters explode in this game and how easily they explode, Woolie declares they were 3D-printed for a dollar.
      Woolie: That one came out of a tree! It literally came out of a tree!
      Matt: It's a tree copter! They lie in wait, in the branches, and they sniff out humans. [spots it happen again] Those did too, I saw them that time!
      Woolie: The ancient rain forest tree copter.
      Matt: They went through all the shit!
    • The duo marvel over the immaculate, gleaming chrome skulls in the ancient ruin and ask if they're from Dan Aykroyd's house.
    • Matt ruins another character design for Woolie, pointing out how Hades in the God of War series looks more medieval than ancient Greek.
    • Matt barely makes it through a challenge, getting to the other side at the last second. In fact it's so close that the game pops up the Challenge Failed screen despite him succeeding. Woolie is delighted.
  • Part 7:
    • After a few hours of fighting mercenaries and jungle bugs, the couch is thrown for a loop when they face off against the Rain God and the guards who don't seem to give a fuck about the Eldritch Abomination.
      Matt: What the fuck is Cthulhu!? [Beat] Or, or, no, it's a kaijuu from Pacific Rim. This is horrifying.
      Woolie: This is a real monster. Why are you fighting a real monster!?
    • Killing a bunch of parasites on its tentacle while climbing, Matt worries he's actually helping the boss, all while asking for the camera to let him see Marlow.
    • Another note mentions that the Big Bad is looking to perform a ritual requiring the sacrifice of a child, which was originally translated as "jaguar".
      Woolie: "Hey, babe, Eva, uh, I just fought an undead god and plucked its eyeball out and it may or may not be coming to terrorize the human race. So, uh, fuck that jaguar and that child, quite frankly. There's bigger problems at sake, I understand. Y'know, if it was up to me, I'd say you wouldn't want nothin' to do with it."
    • As the next arena against Chaac is an oily lake surrounding a rig, Woolie declares big oil is killing the old gods. "BP Over Innsmouth". And then killing the god takes place in another stop motion cutscene. As Woolie notes, the Budget Gods must have struck down the developers at this point.
      Matt: "With my unfeeling gaze of empathy."
      Woolie: Now she too is unfeeling in the natural helicopter. From the trees.
      Matt: I can't think of an emotion that's more appropriate to killing a gigantic kraken than boredom.
    • Marlow jumps from a Hellish Copter to another to skyjack it. Woolie points out the entirely reasonable question of how he avoided the blades. Matt just credits the lack of cutscene budget.
    • Marlow yells "Freeze, motherfucker!" when using an AoE freeze attack. As Matt cackles, Woolie approves of just how 70's Marlow has become.
    • Faced with a difficult puzzle, Matt declares that there might soon be a "mysterious cut" that no-one can explain and the puzzle will be solved. Fortunately, he then manages to make it past the puzzle with the power of Sequence Breaking. In the aftermath, Matt declares rotating saves is for losers.
  • Part 8:
    • Matt and Woolie disapprove of a complicated puzzle because Marlow is really not a puzzle person.
    • They propose an alphabet-style song focused around Marlow.
      B is for "black as fuck".
      C is for "that's crazy".
      D is for "don't want nuthin' ta do with it".
    • After dying trying to reach a challenge and then failing it within seconds of starting, Matt declares he doesn't care. Even as the mask mocks him for generations of children accomplishing it.
    • Woolie declares his "immersion" is broken thanks to seeing Marlow snap from one pose to another in a single frame. Meanwhile Matt once again asks why the devs couldn't have put some emotion on his face.
      Mook: Please, sir, we beg mercy.
      Marlow: [grim] Nah, I want nuthin' ta do with that.
    • The duo are taken by complete surprise when the Unexpected Shmup Level starts.
      Matt: Oh my gooooood!
      Woolie: It's a schmup! Oh you motherfuckers.
      Matt: I don't know if this was awesome.
      • During said segment, Woolie points it the difference in power between Marlow's helicopter and that of his enemies, despite having hijacked it from them, is obscene. Matt is practically flying laps around the enemy and firing off triple-direction show with rockets while they have one gun or missile.
  • Part 9:
    • Matt states the reason Man at Arms made War's weapon from Darksiders, despite it being the most impractical design ever, was that it was named Chaoseater.
    • Matt mocks the design of Chieftain Hammerhead as being stolen from Tekken and Street Fighter only for Woolie to loudly declare he's playing this game solely for this sort of drek.
    • During a platforming section, Matt misses a landing and is slowly gliding to his inevitable death, all while Matt and Woolie say it's fine.
      Woolie: Oh no.
      Matt: Why? [Marlow phases through a pillar] Nevermind!
      Woolie: It's fine. It's fine.
      Matt: It's good, it's still good! [Marlow phases through another pillar and glides out of sight]
      Woolie: The game is— [Marlow dies as an achievement pops and Matt bursts into laughter] Ahh!
    • Woolie thinks that firing every weapon you have when you see a black god-angel gliding in from the distance is probably the appropriate response for an oil rig.
    • It's pointed out that Marlow's revenge quest seems a little odd given he's now allied with the very person who killed him.
      Woolie: [as Eva] "Marlow, is that you? Who's this Kim chick? You're hanging out with that... didn't she kill you? Didn't she literally murder you Marlow? Why are you talking to her? What's going on? I was writing diaries."
    • The fact that the powered-up mooks are explicitly noted to be possessed leads to the fun moment when Matt possesses them, meaning they are now double-possessed.
      Matt: How many possessions does this guy have!?
    • Matt posits that Eva wasn't actually kidnapped, she just felt the relationship wasn't working out and faked it to avoid a messy breakup. She's actually been in Chicago for the last few weeks.
    • Marlow enters the Mayan Underworld and beholds the truly ridiculous traps barring entry — a spike pendulum swinging back and forth above a waterfall with giant spiked balls running down it Frogger-style.
      Matt: What— what is this!? What is this, the giant anal bead factory!?
      Woolie: I'm gonna say jump on the ball, uh...
      Matt: No, 'cause the balls are spiked!
      Woolie: Oh, just what were they making at the time, right.
      Matt: But also what is this.
    • While talking about their all-powerful attack, the dagger, Matt uses it as a verb. When Woolie gets a little leery of that, Matt is worried he stepped on a verbal landmine and is relieved Woolie was just thinking of the Jamaican dagger dance.
    • The idea of a rap scene where all of the artists are in fact summoners, necromancers, and plague god worshippers.
    • Faced with a Descending Ceiling, Matt needs to open a door by turning a lever but is ambushed by jungle bugs that interrupt him. Soon he's frantically shouting as one of the bugs keeps avoiding damage while out of the camera. Thanks to its interruptions and Marlow getting stuck in a combo animation, Matt barely manages to escape.
  • Part 10:
    • The increasingly implausible death traps in an ancient ruin are compared to Dark Souls as done by Michael Bay. Cue a long conversation on just how horribly he would savage the original material.
      Woolie: This is Michael Bay Souls... How much money would you pay?
      Matt: I would pay a lot of money to see "Michael Bay Presents Dark Souls".
    • Matt attempts to shortcut the lengthy process of opening a multi-part door by jumping through the opening with one panel left, only to instantly die.
    • Woolie tiredly recites a story he had where a group of cousins started gushing about how the channel would do so much better if they started playing this new game called Fortnite. He states this is probably the third such discussion he's had on the subject, where he has to explain they're more of a niche gaming channel.
      Woolie: [Fortnite viewers] only want to see Fortnite. They don't actually want to see other video games.
      Matt: Unlike Marlow fans that only want to see Marlow.
      Woolie: Exactly! So we get those dedicated fans of Briggs.
      Matt: The Army of Briggs.
    • Marlow finally gets an animated cutscene while fighting a boss, but the animation of the models is so horrendous and poorly timed that Woolie is audibly disgusted. He credits this as proof that the devs didn't animate the other cutscenes because they can't make them.
      Woolie: [as the cutscene stumbles to a close] Oh no... Oh my god. Dude, that was so alpha. Now that's pre-alpha!
      • Matt reaches the kill on the boss, triggering another stop motion cutscene of Marlow's cinematic kill. He laments that playing this sequence would be cool, only for Woolie to say they have proof the devs could not pull this off in-game.
    • While discussing the lack of explanation for why Marlow is killing a god, they decide they can't judge him due to not understanding his religion.
      Woolie: The ending of Marlow Briggs: "And that's how Kwanzaa was made".
    • The thought of Marlow declaring every aspect of a religion and culture to be "wack".
    • The guys propose a rap album whose lyrics focus solely on top tier fighting game tournaments tactics, such as praising Chun-Li's dominance of top brackets.
  • Part 11:
    • After another helicopter appears, the duo begins chatting about how the Russians have learned to domesticate the wild helicopters of their lands.
      • During a later fight, they notice that some of the mooks are getting blown up by "sky rockets".
    • Unable to remember the name of the candiru, the guys refer to it as the "Venezuelan Dickmonger".
    • Woolie feels that Marlow is approaching Tomb Raider-levels of inefficiency in terms of people killed versus goals achieved. At this rate he's in the same league as natural disasters.
    • Another schmup segment, this time in a propeller plane, has the exact same firing pattern as the helicopter. They credit this to Marlow's presence and imagine he's just spitting bullets out of his mouth.
      • Joking that helicopters and propeller planes are natural enemies, Matt reveals he actually thought that as a kid and Harrier jets blew his mind since they could hover.
    • Eva writes yet another letter, this time after failing to kill Long and him apparently draining her life essence. At this rate they imagine the next letter will be written after she dies.
      Woolie: From beyond the grave, I write at thee.
  • Part 12:
    • The mask gives Marlow a new nickname: Dancing Death Princess. When Marlow doesn't respond at all, Matt and Woolie decide that he actually likes being called a princess, to the mask's confusion.
      Woolie: Marlow wants everything to do with it.
    • Eva's final note leaves Woolie baffled as it simply said she hoped Marlow would never read it.
      Woolie: Why would you write a note that you don't want him to get!?
      Matt: Next time I won't miss my next note.
    • Long transforms into a bizarre demon for their final fight, proving he was an Omikron all along.
    • The duo is completely unprepared for how over-the-top and surprisingly awesome the fight against Long proves to be, with Marlow being reduced to punches and tearing Long's heart out with his hands and then tear his head off.
    • The credits are revealed to be a fully realized (and far too long) jetpack game where Matt must weave around the names of the various developers, dodge traps, and gather collectibles.

    Devil May Cry HD Collection/Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition 
Devil May Cry 1
  • Part 1:
    • Woolie admits that when he was younger, he became obsessed with the inverted echoes used for the Title Scream, and spent ages trying to replicate the effect in GoldWave (eventually figuring out it was based on reversing the audio, applying reverb to the reversed audio, and then playing the audio forward again).
    • Pat states that the LP will be containing quite a few history lessons about videogame design philosophy, both within Capcom and the industry in general, since Devil May Cry pioneered several now-commonplace gameplay tropes in the action genre. Woolie asks if they're really going to assume that nobody is familiar with Devil May Cry; to which Pat retorts that, yes, there are people who have gone their whole lives without caring about the game nor playing it.
    • During the prologue text crawl, Pat gleefully points out one invokedNarm-y line ("But somebody from the underworld woke up to justice") as being very blatantly translated from Japanese without much tweaking. Woolie is more amused by Sparda's goofy little "kata kicks" during the background video.
    • As Dante and Trish begin to talk, Pat immediately observes that "this reads like porn".
    • With the modernized graphics, Pat realizes that the doorway Trish rammed her motorcycle through opens only into a flat wall covered in a background texture.
      Pat: Look at it, it's like a matte painting. That's what that is! Blu-ray matte paintings are the fake background texture.
    • When Trish tosses her motorcycle at Dante, he uses devil energy to stop it in mid-air before blasting it to pieces with his handguns. Pat notes that this ability seems incredibly useful, and that Dante never uses it again throughout the entire series.
    • Hearing Trish talk about Mundus's resurrection, Pat muses that twenty years seems like an awfully short shelf-life for Sealed Evil in a Can. Woolie points out that its just enough time for your kid to grow up.
    • They discuss at length the history and impact of Devil May Cry within Capcom itself - Specifically, how Devil May Cry originated as a discarded prototype for invokedwhat would have been Resident Evil 4, had it not been so jarringly weird compared to previous installments. Pat refers to this hypothetical game as "Resident Evil 4, Part 1". The couch reflects that Devil May Cry was, indirectly, the invokedbeginning of the Resident Evil franchise becoming increasingly action-oriented and tongue-in-cheek.
    • Woolie brings up the story of how shipments of Devil May Cry action figures were delivered in bulk to stores, containing a single Dante figure amid dozens of less popular ones (primarily Marionettes), leading to stores and consumers around the world feeling cheated due to the unexpected rarity of the main character.
    • Pat shares the first time he ever saw footage of Devil May Cry, the presentation of which became invokedHilarious in Hindsight:
      Pat: I actually saw it before it came out, because GameSpot actually had video of it; they had a minute of gameplay footage on their E3 website for that year. What ended up happening is, they ended up calling it "Capcom's answer to Castlevania", and "Will this be able to compete with any upcoming Konami 3D Castlevanias?" What a fucking time-capsule that idea is!
    • Woolie admits that Dante acquiring Alastor was the moment his Willing Suspension of Disbelief was broken when he first played the game, due to how incredibly invokedNarm-tastic and over-the-top the cutscene is - Namely, that Dante is not only impaled on the sword and pinned by it, but drags himself up along the blade and up through the gigantic, winged crossguard in a slow, gory display that somehow leaves his clothes perfectly fine afterwords.
      Woolie: This is where the game just lost me; 'cause I'm like, why would you do it in this weird way? Like, I understand that he can survive getting stabbed, but why would you go this way, where you have to go through the fucking handle!? That's the hardest, most invokedugly way to do this! Why would you do that!? Now it's in your neck! It came out the back of your head! It's not a samurai sword, its a gigantic blade; and I guess you're baptized in it now, but the hilt is huge!
  • Part 4
  • Part 6
    • Pat recounts a personal Devil May Cry related anecdote, relevant to the topic of the series' trademark cheesiness.
    Pat: I remember when I was fighting the final Vergil fight in DMC3, and there is another terrible 'soul' line in that, and it's 'we may share the same blood but we also share his soul, and right now MY SOUL IS SAYING TO STOP YOU!'
    Woolie: (chuckles)
    Pat: Right? That one? Like, my sister just passed through the room, and was like 'what the fuck?'
    Woolie: And you were like-
    Pat and Woolie: (at the same time) 'SHUT UP! It's COOL!' (both start losing it)
    Woolie: Cuz... she doesn't know that you're fuckin' twenty hours in!
    Pat: 'You don't know!'
    Woolie: And this is the final time! And the music is playing and you're on the waterfall, and you just had Jackpot. And you're coming off of Jackpot high, and she doesn't know that that line, at that time, in- (stops to laugh) -situated in your living room, is COOL. But you had to be there Sis! Shut up!
  • Part 7
    • We see the fastest application of [CRAZY TALK] yet when, while watching Griffon being executed by Mundus, Pat states that the lightning Mundus uses is the same color as Trish's. Woolie pauses for a second to correct him that she uses yellow lightning (Mundus was using purple) and Pat immediately admits he's right, right when Trish shows up leading to Woolie laughing and Pat throwing a rapid-fire string of "Shut up!"s at both Woolie and the game.
  • Part 8
Devil May Cry 2 actually 3
  • Any time they portray Dante and Vergil as just a Momma's Boy who's desperately seeking his parents approval always accompanied with a hilariously high pitched and nasally cry of 'Mother.", starting a Running Gag that persists through the rest of the series.
  • Part 1
    • The first episode of Devil May Cry's second most infamous title starts with a janky animation of a demonic helicopter crashing on top of Dante and exploding.
    • During the opening credits Pat and Woolie recount how Lucia wasn't that bad a character, but she's trapped in 2 forever because Lady's existence basically invalidates her entirely.
    • Both burst into laughter when Pat demonstrates 2's iteration of the Stinger, a charging sword thrust that only goes about a foot.
    • After about 5 minutes of gameplay Pat gets to the first fight in the game and just mindlessly shoots every enemy to death due to how overpowered the guns are. The shot fades into the the title screen for Devil May Cry 3, the game they're actually playing.
    • They mention that they were seriously considering playing through DMC2, but abandoned that plan after seeing the game was much more boring than they remembered.
    • The end of the video goes back to the DMC2 fight and shows the end of it. They finish shooting everyone up and Pat completely loses it.
  • Part 4
    • Pat reveals that he always brute-forces the Trial of Wisdom, which Woolie immediately realises is just the "4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, 3 at night" riddle. Crazy Talk activates so hard here that Woolie backs down.
  • Part 5
    • The boss fight against Vergil goes badly. To add insult to injury, since this was the third time Pat died while playing the game, he gets prompted with Easy Mode now being available. Their reactions are exactly what you expect: Pat shouts in offended anger at the unintentional Easy-Mode Mockery message of the prompt, while Woolie laughs himself feral in the background.
  • Part 7
    • During the fight with Nevan, Pat and Woolie talk about how weird Dante's reaction to a sexy demon acting seductive is to kill her and turn her into a guitar and theorize that, because of his immense immaturity, this is what he think adults do behind closed doors.
    • After Nevan is defeated and turns into a guitar, Dante starts playing heavy metal with her.
    Pat: Oh no he's playing Subhuman close your ears everyone!
  • Part 8
  • Part 9
    • Immediately after fending off Beowulf, Woolie has a slip-up while talking about the disparity between Dante and Lady.
    Woolie: Lady is not, fucking, beating off these dudes.
    Pat: (Beat) What?
    Woolie: Lady is not beating o- like... oh, god.
    Pat: Not these ones!
    Woolie: Prime Demons? No. Lady's taking on the chumps.
    Pat: (giggling) Yeah, she's beating those ones off? Is that- is that it?
    Woolie: ... If Dante wasn't here to do the job-
    Pat: And then, and then Dante and Vergil are over there shirtless in the rain?
    Woolie: Dante's here to do the job for her, in advance, so that she can come along and clean up.
  • Part 12
    • While going through a room with spinning blades on the floor and roof, Pat hits them a grand total of 9 times
    Pat: I am not getting an S ranking for damage on this one.
    Woolie: What? No.
  • Part 16
    • The dramatic final confrontation is ruined by a notification that Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition has finished downloading. Just like the Parasite Eve incident, Woolie and Pat burst out laughing.
Devil May Cry 4
  • The Title Card is hilarious if you can spot all the references.
  • Part 1
    • Woolie and Pat mention the exact moment Dante starts taking his fight with Nero seriously: when Dante is one the ground, and Nero is repeatedly punching his face with the Devil Bringer.
    Woolie: And here Dante's like "Okay, wait hang on."
    Pat: "Okay wait that's actually-" (Dante's Devil Trigger reacts to the Devil Bringer) "Oh, no! No!"
    Woolie: "Okay, Kid. Kid."
  • Part 2
    • Woolie nonchalantly saying about how important it is to get a "Bigger Snatch", which leaves both of them snickering right after Woolie realizes what he said.
  • Part 8
    • Pat starts marking out during the boss fight with Dante... over Dante landing a Prop Shredder -> High Time -> Arial Rave -> Helm Breaker combo on Woolie.
    • During the cutscene, after Dante tells Nero to keep the Yamato, Woolie accidentally flicks up on the control stick, causing the camera to zoom in and out of Nero's bewildered face.
  • Part 10
    • After the base they are in is going to self-destruct after their "God" (The Savior) left the base which was powring it in the first place has Woolie wonder what would happen if God died and then every single church began to glow red and initiate a self-destruct sequence.
    • Pat losing it when Woolie out of nowhere makes the joke "Judgement Nut".
    Woolie: (as Dante) My brother hit your mom with that Judgement Nut.
    • During the flashback cutscene showing how Lady recruited Dante and Trish, Pat starts to headcanon that Dante has been such a bad influence on Trish, that he's turned her into a "scumbag pizza lord" just like him and that this happens to anyone that hangs out with Dante.
  • Part 12
  • Part 14
    Pat: Ah shit. (Both Pat and Woolie bust out laughing)

     Tales From The Borderlands 
  • Let's be honest, most of the comedy from this play through comes from Woolie and Matt's reactions to the comedy in the game itself.
  • Matt expresses his discomfort with Fiona stabbing a dude with an icicle in Part 13, specifically calling it cold-blooded.
  • During the conversation between Sasha and Fiona while overlooking Pandora, Matt snipes this line.
    Fiona: Everything we've done seems so small from up here.
    Woolie: (Beat) *wheezing laugh* I saw the fucking planet and called it a day.
  • Matt and Woolie's reaction to the famous Finger Gun fight in Part 17, a Kayfabe battle that the Hyperion employees treat like an actual life or death confrontation.
    Woolie: This is real.
    Matt: This is real!
  • Woolie and Matt flip the fuck out when it becomes clear the finale is a "Mecha vs Kaiju" fight between Gortys and the Traveler.
    • Both of them screaming in delight when they find out that it goes full on Power Rangers and has some members of their team go inside Gortys and help out.
    • They continually lose it when Gortys, thanks to the different Vault Hunters inside of her begins using different fighting game moves and constantly call them out.
    • And then Gortys does a rocket-propelled spinning pile driver.

     Life is Strange 2 
  • Sean sits down to draw in his room.
    Matt: Draw Bowsette!
  • After Daniel takes the puppy from the gas station, Matt and Liam's feelings are mixed.
    Matt: Like, I'm so happy we've got a dog, but that's a mouth we can't feed!
    Liam: We're going to have to eat that dog.

     Tony Hawk Underground 2 
  • The title card has Matt and Woolie nervously looking up to the sky...and cuts to Eric Sparrow skating out of The Black Eclipse while "Sign" plays.
    • Eric getting hyped up as the main enemy of the LP becomes doubly funny when he's eliminated about halfway through.
  • Woolie elaborates on a Tony Hawk zelda-esque timeline that was shown on the reddit. It goes like this: note 
  • Matt is so beside himself at the reveal that Shrek is one of the secret skaters he can't even read the the rest of the list, even as Woolie specifically orders him to. He just cuts straight to the Shrek copyright disclaimer.

     Call of Cthulhu 
  • Due to their previous experience with Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth, Matt and Pat spend much of their time in Darkwater paranoid that every NPC they talk to is secretly a fish monster.
  • In Part 4, Pierce finds an old photograph of Charles Hawkins posing with a rifle next to the pyramids.
    • In response to Officer Bradley questioning Pierce's hypothesis that the fire started during a fight:
    Pierce: There's only one way to be sure.
    Matt: Let's start a fight ourselves.
    Pat: Let's reenact it. I'll burn you, you run out of the room crying.

     DmC: Devil May Cry 
  • Unlike the previous Devil May Cry LPs, the opening title card features no music and has grumpy-looking Pat and Woolie dressed as Dante and Vergil driving the the Vergilmobile. The license plate? "F8CK-7OU".
    • In a nod to DmC's infamous Take That! moment to fans of the original games, Pat's wearing a mop on top of his head instead of a proper Dante wig.
  • Much like Matt's pathetic Big "NO!" at the start of the Omikron playthrough, the first spoken words of the LP set the tone for how the Best Friends feel going into this game.
    Title Screen: (In a deep generically demonic voice) Devil May Cry...
    Woolie: (dripping with venom) Fuck you.
  • At the end of Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2 they reach the infamous Take That! to the original Dante's white hair. Pat explains that at first he liked the joke because it was so on the nose, but by the end of the game he'd turned against it The game didn't stick by it's insult because Dante's hair gets turned completely white.
  • In Part 3, upon getting the scythe Osiris, Pat says it's a genuinely cool weapon that he'd like to see return in later DMC games. Woolie agrees, but adds at the end:
    Woolie: Marlow Briggs did it better.
    Pat: Of course.
  • In Part 5, Woolie remembers that Nero was actually adopted by Kyrie's family and that they are adoptive siblings, leading to a realization that Nero is just as degenerate as the rest of his family, as he's dating his adoptive sister.
    Pat: Apparently there's nothing more wholesome than banging your family members in the Devil May Cry universe.
  • Part 9 has Pat and Woolie bursting into laughter over a dramatic close-up of Dante's weird reaction face, as neither of them remembered it happened and it's clearly supposed to be clumsy Foreshadowing of Vergil's Face–Heel Turn in the finale, something they've criticized several times.
    • The newscasts during Bob Barbas's boss fight of Dante supposedly slaughtering people (actually disguised demons) raise some disturbing questions.
    Woolie: Could you imagine how outrageous it would be if over that civilian massacre footage, there was a style ranking?
    Pat: (cackling) Y'know... this is a horrific terrorist, but did you see that transition?
    Woolie: Jenny, did you just refer to that move as a "Rainstorm"? Why would you name the moves being performed on these people?!
    Pat: Why?
    Woolie: We can see here, if you look at the Stinger, he then performs into a Trillion Stab...
  • Part 10 sees Dante having to save Vergil from a Butcher, which Pat points out makes Vergil look really weak.
    • Afterwards it turns out they can't just cut their losses and leave because Vergil has to ensure the Demons can't get their hands on the sensitive data in his servers, of which there is apparently Terabytes. Woolie decides to take this to a whole new level of horrible.
    Woolie: (as Dante) Dude, we've gotta go- (as Vergil, cutting him off) Have you heard of CP Dante?
    Pat: What? No wh- What? WHAT?
    Woolie: (as Vergil) Cheese Pizza! We've gotta go!
    Pat: What're you..? What? Vergil, What? What!?
  • Part 17 their reaction to Vergil Mode's fight with the fake Dante.
    Woolie:(bursts into laughter)
    Woolie: Pat has his hands covering his mouth right now.

     Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD 
  • Part 1:
    • The second Best Friends notice his Elseworld counterpart, Grand Wizard Wakka makes his horrible return.
      Woolie: (as Wakka) It's like okay, we've got the Al Bhed sure, but then you've got these talking dogs and ducks you know, I mean?
      • Likewise, Matt launches into an exaggerated version of Tidus' characterization when they go to talk to the dream version of his Elseworld self.
      Matt: (as Tidus) Heeeeeyy! If you saw your dad again, would you want to A: Kill him? B: Kill Him? or C: KILL HIM!?
  • Part 2:
    Goofy!Matt: Good morning! I fucked something once! Hence Max!
    (three seconds of complete silence)
    • One of the comments from the video can bring back some memories from another LP Channel.
    Carl Brutananadilewski: Fat Albert and the gang gotta go fight the heartless but they don't got a keyblade.
  • Part 3:
    • On Kairi's "never change" speech:
    Matt: Then just boom, a teleporation spell happens, and Cloud in his Kingdom Hearts gear is like "EVOLVE OR DIE."
    Woolie: (descends into hysterics) CLIMHAZZARD!
    • After finally getting the Keyblade. Matt recounts a story of him meeting up with Liam and his girlfriend at a mall and which he describes as a "Great Moment in Matt History".
    Matt: So...I was hanging out with Liam and his girlfriend and we're at a mall, and I was at a t-shirt store, and they're like "Oh, we're gonna go to the GameStop." And I'm like "Okay", and I meet them and his girlfriend is holding up, like, a really nice, life-sized keyblade that GameStop sells, especially American ones, and she's like "Yaaay!" and I'm like "Haha! That's lame! You bought a keyblade! " and she's like "No, its cool..." and I'm like "Yeah..." but I look at my bag and I saw that I bought an NWO Wolfpac shirt.
    Woolie: You sure did!
    Matt: And I was like "...Yeah, it's pretty cool." (begins to cracks up) Like, who the fuck am I?! (cracks up more) Like, Kingdom Hearts is so much more relevant than NWO Wolfpac!!
    Woolie: Represent that New World WCW Order!
  • Part 4:
    • Woolie kicks the episode off by summarizing Matt's relationship with Kingdom Hearts as a series
    Matt: When I first saw Sora, I was like "Man, that kid looks like a dweeb." And then I saw his cool wallet chain, I'm like "He's cool."
    Woolie: Yeah. Yeah, yeah! Matt, everything about everything with Kingdom Hearts is: "First impression: Matt hates it. Two seconds later: It's fine."
    Matt: It's cool! (cracks up laughing)
    Matt: That's the darkest thing I think. I've ever. Read!
    Woolie: (Beat before bursting out laughing) The 99 puppies-
    Matt: (overlapping) That's so depressing!
    Woolie: -were lost amid the chaos of their world's destruction. (Matt wheezes) Find them in various worlds.
    Matt: Slap that on any other screenshot of a game!
    Woolie: But Mom... but Mom and Dad are here.
    Matt: (realizing Pongo and Perdita can't talk) Who said that? (Woolie wheezes) What just happened?
  • Part 5:
    • The bit where Yuffie slams the door into Donald so hard he ends up Squashed Flat has Matt burst into hysterics.
    • The duo quickly start marking out once they realize the Disney Villains have formed a Legion of Doom.
    • Matt jokingly demands money from Leon, only for Aerith to provide exactly that.
    • The Trinity Marks look somewhat familiar...
    Goofy!Woolie: I heard it's called a Brand. Gawrsh!
    Goofy!Matt: Watch out for that Casca! She's in trouble again!
    • Followed by Donald inexplicably jumping fifty feet in the air as soon as they finish.
  • Part 7:
    • A conversation regarding Alvin and the Chipmunks quickly gets confused when Woolie and Matt misunderstand which Alvin show the other is talking about. Simple enough, until it culminates in:
    Woolie: The new one to me means the nineties. (starts laughing). The new one means... thirty years ago.
    Matt: (bursts into hysterics)
  • Part 8:
    • The boys try out Thunder, and are bemused at how the early rounds of the Colosseum become trivial when all the low-level enemies start each match clustered closely together.
      Matt: Everyone died. Everyone's dead.
      Woolie: Thunder; over. You are now Sailor Jupiter.
    • The abrupt appearance of Cloud Strife in the Colosseum, simply doing a Menacing Stroll past Sora without a word, has the boys squealing in shocked delight.
      Woolie: EVOLVE OR DIE!!
    • When Sora and company leave after defeating Cerberus, Hercules and Phil waste no time in downplaying their accomplishment, to Matt and Woolie's ire.
      Hercules: "Just between you and me; I'd already worn Cerberus down by the time the little guy jumped in."
      Matt: Fuck you. Fuck you. Takes away everything.
      Woolie: Just sandbagging all of it. All of it!
    • As they fly back to Traverse Town in the Gummi Ship, Matt and Woolie lampshade their habit of talking about random stuff during the unchallenging Scrappy Mechanic set between every world:
  • Part 9:
  • Part 11:
    • The culmination of DMC jokes when they discover Clayton's Chameleon heartless.
    Woolie: Clayton had a Stand?!
    Woolie: That's the Squall I know!
    Sora: How do I use it?
    Matt!Aerith: It raises AP and Defense Leon.
  • Part 12:
    • Maleficents somewhat... conspicuous hiding spot when she's manipulating Riku into thinking that Sora's betrayed him and Kairi doesn't go unnoticed by the two.
    Woolie: She's— she's right— Goofy can SEE her!
    (Matt laughs hysterically in the background)
  • Part 13:
    • Upon seeing a cutscene zooming in on a glowing, magical keyhole for several seconds.
    • Matt quickly picks up on Maleficent's astounding Pragmatic Villainy and... tries to comment on it.
    Maleficent: Don't steep yourself in darkness too long.
    Matt: That's fucked up if Mafic-Malefi- if Angelina Jolie tells you that.
  • Part 15:
    Woolie: You do not the power of the other beings in this room.
    Matt: You really don't. You have a metal hand.
    Woolie: You're just- you're a thief with a boat.
    Woolie: (dramatically) A dragon sorceress... a god.... an amputee thief with a boat.
  • Paet 17:
    • After defeating the Parasite Cage, Matt and Woolie have an epic freak out over the new type of magic that Sora learned. True to form, what else could cause this reaction but the Stop spell.
    Matt and Woolie back out of the game to the PS4 menu in shock.
    Matt: Whoa! You can't just throw that out!
    Woolie: Hold the fucking phone!
    Matt: You can't just throw a statement out like that!
    Woolie: What does that mean!?
    Matt: Holy Shit!

     Star Trek 
  • In true form to the first video they did back when the game first came out, Matt and Pat spend most of Part 1 fooling around with the infamous bug that causes one character to seem giant on the other's screen because of bizarre perspective glitching.
  • In Part 2, Pat is quick to question the game's idea of their situation.
    T'Mar: Our station has experienced a complete loss of power.
    Pat: But we just turned things on. And the lights are on. And we can breathe.
    Pat: Oh my god, oh my fucking god!
    Matt: (laughing) Like, imagine - imagine in a Star Trek episode, they can't get through a fuckin' door, so they just sit outside and just shoot animals!
    • As soon as Kirk taunts Spock about not being able to cross a gap, Matt and Pat immediately make it their mission to make the line sound super cruel, first by having Spock repeatedly leap to his death while Kirk is speaking, and then having Kirk follow him.
  • While climbing down a ladder into a lower level, Kirk gets stuck but he also melts into the wall with his head and limbs sticking out. Matt and Pat are somewhere between hysterical with laughter and furious at the complete and utter shitty quality of the game. To top it off, after Pat as Spock manages to finally crawl past him, frozen Kirk gently glides down to the lower level, stiff as a board, through the ceiling and resumes normal movement as if nothing happened.