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fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Jun 12th 2019 at 11:29:05 AM

We are but it's going to take time.

Death Is a Loser was launched. Ya think this could fit Grim better?

Chillin' rat.
Jun 12th 2019 at 11:29:58 AM

@Patrickthekid They would be friends with Samantha and Darrin Stephens. Also, I've uploaded a better version of their image, although it's not perfect.

@mariovsonic999 You can add an interaction with King. Other than that, looks good [tup]

@nightelf37 [tup] for Rational!Harry Potter.

@Crownless Mimic [tup] for Hermaeus Mora.

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Bazzardreturns The Marked Prince from Canada Relationship Status: In love with love
The Marked Prince
Jun 12th 2019 at 11:42:35 AM

On another note, as I'm working on updating his profile, is Optimus Prime still fine to have Transforming Mecha and Martial Pacifist? He is the basic poster boy for the Transformers and, while a nice guy to be around, is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

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Time to explore the world!
Donnietu from Stockton, CA Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jun 12th 2019 at 12:08:56 PM

Is there anything else for him?

Arnold Phillip Shortman, God of Those Raised by Grandparents (Football Head, Arnoldo, Hair Boy, Short man, Arnie)
  • Adopted from: Whirl RX
  • House: Family Dynamics
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His blue baseball cap
  • Theme Song: “Hey Arnold!” Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Blue Is Heroic, Cheerful Child, Determinator, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Hairstyle Inertia. The Heart, Kid Hero, Nice Guy, Wears a baseball hat that was given to him by his parents, lives with his paternal grandparents, Oblivious to Helga’s crush on him but ultimately ends up with her
  • Domains: Children, Friendship, Kindness
  • Heralds: Gerald Johanssen (his best friend), Grandpa Phil and Grandma Pookie (his grandparents)
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Pollyanna Whittier, Harriet Welsch, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Heidi, Applejack and Applebloom, Fluttershy, Gentaro Kisaragi, Yugi Muto, Charlie Brown, Phineas Flynn
  • On good terms with: Flash Thompson
  • Enemies: Bullies in general, Commander Rourke
  • Pities: Asuka Langley Soryu
  • Arnold Shortman is a 4th-grade student with a head that’s shaped like a football. He lives with his grandparents in a boarding house in Hillwood. Most of the time, he would spend his time navigating big city life while dealing with problems that he and his friends have encountered. He has a desire of doing the right thing and wanting everyone to get along. His grandparents looking after him is what led him to ascend with the trope Raised by Grandparents.
  • His temple is pretty much a recreation of the Sunset Arms boarding house he lived in back in the mortal world. His grandparents also reside in the temple as heralds.
  • One of Arnold’s admired traits is his tendency to help anybody. Because of this, many other children deities look up to him as a role model. One such child that he gets along with is Steven Universe since he also likes helping out. Is also good friends with Pollyanna Whittier, who likes his optimism in spite of his hardships. Gets along with Phineas Flynn given that both of them are kids with weird;y-shaped heads.
  • One time, Arnold came across a young girl named Harriet who’s carrying her notebook and pencil. The two proceeded to discuss about their adventures as well as the eccentric people in their respective neighborhoods. They ended up getting along well as they are both kids living in big cities, although Arnold is concerned about Harriet’s spying actions.
  • In addition to his kindness, he was also known to drift off to his own imagination, if these three instances suggest anything. For some reason, however, this hasn’t been brought up that often.
  • Befriended Heidi after hearing about how she was brought to live with her paternal grandfather, which reminds him of living with her paternal grandparents. The Apple sisters also have a similar upbringing with their grandmother. He appreciates Applejack for being a helpful pony and Applebloom for being a Crusader who helps others find their true calling. He also connects with Yugi Muto given that he was also raised by a grandfather who happens to be an archaeologist.
    • Gentaro Kisaragi seems to have a soft spot for Arnold given that he also lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather. He would also befriend anyone and help people out. Arnold appreciates this as well as the fact that he serves as one of the Avatars of Friendship.
  • Sympathizes with Charlie Brown as his bad luck reminds Arnold of his friend Eugene, and he would sometimes offers to join Charlie on baseball games, especially given that Arnold tends to be good at baseball while Charlie Brown isn’t. Charlie, for his part, appreciates Arnold’s help and since then, the two would hang out every now and then.
  • Is pretty fond of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft given that they both remind him of his parents in that they were both adventurers. On occasion, Arnold would tag along with either of them on one of their adventures.
  • While he’s usually a kind-hearted person, he isn’t fond of bullies, particularly Biff Tannen. Although he can make an exception with Flash Thompson, a former bully and a Spider-Man fanboy whose job in the army changes him so much so that he became one of Peter Parker's closest friends. He’s also against those who tried to rob a lost ancient civilization, such as what Commander Rourke did with Atlantis.
  • Arnold is also shown to be pretty compassionate to animals. Notably, he has a pet pig, he got attached to a parrot, and he became close to a racing donkey. Fluttershy is pleased with this and sometimes allows him to visit her temple to take care of several animals who reside there.
  • He was surprised to see what he calls “a lot of Helga types” in the Pantheon, such as Asuka Langley and Rin Tohsaka. He does feel sorry for the former since like Helga, her behavior is stemmed from family neglect and abuse, not to mention her also liking a boy but being unable to express it in a healthy way.

Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey. Hello, my ragtime gal.
JRads47 Waiting for the end of Zero Twosday from my point of view, the Jedi are evil!
Waiting for the end of Zero Twosday
TPPR10 Empress of Thunk from Suomus Relationship Status: Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Empress of Thunk
Jun 12th 2019 at 12:30:22 PM

So here's a suggestion: Okina Matara for The Lonely Door. Her realm is a Portal Crossroad World where the portals are giant doors which lead to wherever she wants to. More specifically, it is tied to her main power to place back doors on any objects, like placing them on person's back.

I really don't know how to really introduce her.

Noel Vermillion, Goddess of Short-Range Guns (Mu-12, The Eye of the Azure, Successor of the Azure, The Sword of the Godslayer, Kusanagi, Lacking Lady, Noellers, Saya)
Mu- 12 
  • Intermediate Goddess (bordering onto Greater Goddess)
  • Symbol: Her Nox Nyctores Bolverk crossed her emblem (Noel); Her Nox Nyctores, Lux Sanctus: Murakumo on her emblem (Mu-12).
  • Theme Song: Bullet Dance normally, becomes Sword of Doom II when she transforms into Mu-12.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (both), Chaotic Evil when brainwashed by Hazama (Mu-12 only).
  • Portfolio: Girls with Guns, Gun Kata, Sexy Backless Outfit, Small Breasts For Someone Her Physical Age (And Is Ashamed About It), Moe, The Woobie, Artificial Human, Clones Are People, Too, Living MacGuffin, Nice Girl, Incredibly Bad Cook
  • Domain: Appearance, Law, Guns
  • Allies:
  • Not So Different from: Miku Kohinata
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jin Kisaragi (Her OTHER brother) (He hates her guts), Kaguya Nanbu (thinks she's being too "insensitive" about Noel's figures)
  • Commonality Connection with: Etna,
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Revy (opposes her rough methods of how to use guns), Vergil Sparda (scares her shitless), Justice, Cell (they make her think of Nu-13), Jinx, Nu-13 (her younger sister), Monaca Towa, Ninethe Phantom
  • Originally the Goddess of Small Breasts, she requested her trope to be changed to be less… insulting. She eventually got her request.
  • Noel's weapons are Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk a pair of giant handguns which can attack any desired locations regardless of obstacles, as well as transform into other ranged weapons. However, Noel mainly uses a Gun Kata-like fighting style, mainly using muzzle blasts for extra impact and sparingly uses her weapons at long range.
  • For some reason, at her ascension, Jin did not really take it well and just left off with mutters and curses. Luckily for him, she has new friends, so they have very little reason to be together.
  • Is very happy due to the efforts of GUAG to rescue Litchi. Which means, she can freely cuddle with her Panda again... The rescue of Tsubaki also made her feel better, especially when compounded with the arrival of Makoto Nanaya.
  • Quite often, she trains in gun-fighting with Rushuna Tendou. They're good friends despite Noel being rather insecure about her figure when compared to Rushuna... especially when Rushuna gives her a Cooldown Hug in her Marshmallow Hell, in case Noel performs poorly in training. Which is often. The class was later joined by Mami Tomoe, whose mammies make Noel jealous too. Then again, whose breasts don't make Noel jealous?
    • At one point, the amount of boobage got the best of her, forcing Noel to take a break, and after hearing someone who sounded like Ragna (but with an Angry Black Man accent), Noel investigated and ended up bumping into Lucian, just shooting some damned undeads. Noel was impressed at his gunplay and asked if she could learn something, but it turns out, Lucian was extremely harsh in the training, not even relenting even as much as Noel cried and being reminded that her meekness is going to doom her. However, she eventually admitted that Lucian has a point, and thus she started to improve, finally changing Lucian's opinion to her, and both now have mutual respect for each other. With that much gun training, Noel felt... rather confident, more than usual.
  • She was once caught on camera in the House of Commerce, picking out new threads with her best bud Makoto. While the new outfit is certainly bolder than the old one, the paparazzi responsible wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution.
    • Along the way, news has it that she has purged her former Superpowered Evil Side Mu-12... and made it a part of her.
    • However, she's NOT allowed anywhere near the House of Food since her cooking was so extremely lethal that unless you're Pac-Man or Tabane Shinonono, eating it will cause you to die faster than her bullets could make you, even if you're an Eldritch Abomination or an Uber God like Asura. This doesn't please Noel, of course.
  • Likes to hear music produced by the 765 Pro Idols, especially by Chihaya Kisaragi, because she reminds her so much of Tsubaki. Not to mention, when they meet, Noel and Chihaya are able to bond together over the flatness of their chests.
    • In fact, both of them have formed the League of Flat Chests. Despite all of this, some of the big-breasted women either poke fun or don't care about them at all. Jinx is excluded for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, despite her title, Noel had her leadership position usurped by force by Etna. At the very least, she didn't seem to mind that one very much. She recently just invited her new friend, Lux, to the group.
  • Had an unfortunate encounter with Vergil upon his ascension. Thinking that he was up to no good, Noel tried putting him down. But not only did he utterly curb-stomp Noel, he bemeaned her usage of guns, combined with her weakness and derided her as a weak and unworthy addition of the Pantheon. Noel couldn't stop crying after that encounter, locking herself in her house for days. It took a large amount of comfort from both Makoto and Tsubaki to get her back to her normal self.
    • Recently found an ally in Raiden after Vergil's beatdown. The two find similarities in the fact that they're weapons of war and have sworn to protect each other if needed.
  • The event about her defeat at Vergil's hands cements the fact that Noel is one of Pantheon's biggest cuties (even if Chiyo-chan held the throne), mess with her and you will have several other deities gunning you down. Unfortunately, that stuff was used by Jinx to insult Noel about the flatness of her breasts, causing Noel to do massive property casualties trying to shoot down Jinx to no avail. Only a matter of time until the likes of Raiden or Makoto would put Jinx into their shit lists for harming Noel...
  • Has recently, at the suggestion of Mami, formed a friendship with Coyote Starrk, who has taken upon himself, at Mami's request, to take Noel's Gun Kata to the next level. Something about her Mu-12 form and her own version of Cero Metralleta...
  • Cell scares the crap out of her with his fluctuating personality, due to the semblance to Nu, and he also once attempted to absorb her in order to ascend to a level beyond even perfection. He was only stopped when she went Mu-12 on him, and when Rushuna, Mami, Stark, Makoto, Tsubaki, and Raiden all got together with her to beat the shit out of him.
  • Has recently reformed The 3 Stooges of Torifune, a comedy troupe Noel, Tsubaki and Makoto formed during their school days.
  • Has also spent some time around the newly ascended Lambda, attempting to bond with her. Although they started on a very rocky start, not helped by Lambda's usual attitude, Makoto's help always ensured their time together is... interesting, to say the least.
  • Has met the recently ascended Miku Kohinata. Saddened to learn that Miku went through a similar situation she did with Terumi. Because of this, Noel has offered Miku to practice on their power as a means to master the latter's power and her own. She's also surprised to learn that the fighting style of her Symphogear is similar to that of the Murakumo Units (herself included).
    • This greatly worries Hibiki as she doesn't want Miku to fight anybody or get hurt anymore.
  • One of Noel’s adventures in the mortal plane revealed that her soul was actually half of the soul of Saya, Ragna and Jin's long-lost sister; the other half belonged to the Goddess of Death, Hades: Izanami. After absorbing Izanami’s soul, Noel regained Saya's memories and personality and became Saya in all but name. Still, this is all very confusing for her and she doesn’t like being called Saya, so it’s recommended to just call her "Noel".
    • As you can expect, this has strengthened her bond with Ragna, but whether or not this will mend bridges between her and Jin remains to be seen.
  • After she crossed fate, she got along with the likes of Naoto Shirogane, Hyde Kido, and Yang Xiao Long as she fought alongside them during battles with them interacting each other.

Just biting my time.
M1gamiTensei 2edgy4me from THE SINS NEVER DIE Relationship Status: Hoping Senpai notices me
Jun 12th 2019 at 12:50:24 PM

Anyone got any [tup] for our favorite movie character?

Gordon Brody, God of Terrible Works Not Aiming To Be Received Positively (Gord, Harry)

kingvideogames ...Not your style? from Over Yonder Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
...Not your style?
Jun 12th 2019 at 1:10:35 PM

@Arnold, [tup]

I would tip my hat off to you, but...
Jun 12th 2019 at 1:50:19 PM

I wonder if it should be mentioned that Sephiroth is Superman. Again.

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Crossover-Enthusiast Vibrating "Nyas" from somewhere doing something Relationship Status: Chocolate!
Vibrating "Nyas"
Jun 12th 2019 at 1:52:16 PM

[up] ??

[down] Ahh, should have figured.

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A short Pokébreak for some Peridot.
fasoman1996 Sup from Argentina (A.K.A. Naziland) Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
Jun 12th 2019 at 1:55:54 PM

[up] Voice actor trivia, which is useless

Chillin' rat.
Jun 12th 2019 at 2:03:02 PM

You might want to add the King's interaction later. So, Skull Kid has 1 [tup].

Skull Kid, God of Forgotten Friends Turned Evil
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His flute
  • Theme Song: Lost Woods/Saria's Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Old Friend of Link and the Giants, Possessed by the Mask, Creepy Child, The Imp of the Woods, Lonely Person who wants friends, Immortal Immaturity, Trickster, Pawn to Majora, From Nobody to Nightmare
  • Domains: Friend, Evil, Corruption, Music, Loneliness
  • Heralds: Talt and Tael
  • Allies: Link, Navi, Zelda, Saria, Midna, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Toothiana, Klefki, Cosmo & Wanda, The Spring Sprite, Carl Clover, Alice Margatroid, Evangeline McDowell, King
  • Enemies: Majora's Mask, Ganondorf, Zant, SCP-035, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Denzel Crocker, Head Pixie, Galeem and Dharkon, Relius Clover, The Other Mother
  • Opposes: The Fairy Godmother, The Firebird
  • The Skull Kid, a strange imp-like creature found deep in the Lost Woods, was a lone creature. In the strange alternate world of Termina, Skull Kid was friends with the Four Giants, guardians of the land, until they lay dormant as part of their duties. The Skull Kid grew sorrowful of them leaving him, pent his frustration to the people of Termina until the Giants intervened and threatened him until he leaves. He found himself in Hyrule where he sang song, learning a song from a boy in green. He soon comes back to Termina where he befriended two fairies, Tatl and Tael, until they ambushed a man holding a strange mask... Majora's Mask.
  • Upon arrival, the Skull Kid is happy to see the fairy boy again (at least, one of the incarnation of him, anyways). The same, however, cannot be said of Majora's Mask, who used his loneliness to make him its pawn and caused suffering in Termina. The Skull Kid made a mistake of putting on the malevolent mask, and pledged never to make the same mistake again.
  • He is shown to be friendly to fairies due to his friendship with Tatl and Tael as well as calling Link "fairy boy." The Skull Kid wanted more fairy friends to play with him, except for the Fairy Godmother, who is not a good fairy friend.
    • He nearly confuse Navi for one of his fairy friends since they are a ball of light with wings from his eyes.
  • He sneers at SCP-035 when he heard that it is a Murderous Mask much like Majora's Mask. As the mask can deteriorate the wearer, the Skull Kid avoids this mask with extreme prejudice.
  • He dislikes adults as he can be seen shooting darts and playing pranks on them, preferring the company of children due to his impish nature. He made a special case for Link, and only Link, like a game of "hide-and-seek" for one adult incarnation of Link.
  • He often seen playing music in the middle of the House of Nature is it reminded him of the Lost Woods. He likes to play Saria's Song because it was the song that he learned from Link and has continue to play it as a token of his friendship.
  • He get along well with Peter Pan, since they are youthful pranksters who doesn't enjoy the company of adults, with Tinker Bell, Tatl and Tael all interacting with one another and sharing their own stories of their homeworlds. All five have been seen menacing Captain Hook, with the pirate captain becoming even more infuriated that there's another fairy kid in the Pantheon.
  • Like so many other gods, Skull Kid got caught up in the World of Light event, transformed into a Spirit by Galeem before being captured by Dharkon. He took possession of a Mii Brawler before Link, and several other survivors, defeated him and set his spirit freed once more. Once everything was cleared up, Skull Kid simply stays away from the two beings of light and darkness, not wanting to get entangled in their war once more.
    • He has made appearances in the fourth and fifth Smash tournaments though, turning opponents invisible just to mess them up.
  • Skull Kid find the sentient masks, Aku Aku and Uka Uka, to be funny looking but are very suspicious of the two due to bad experience with Majora's Mask. He seems a bit less suspicious of Aku Aku since he's a good mask while Uka Uka is a bad mask. Though both do not enjoy the existence of Majora's Mask.
  • Legend tells that children that are lost in the Lost Woods will become Skull Kids. None knows if this is true or if it is just tales to scare children to not venture into the dangerous forests, especially since this Skull Kid is a resident in Termina.
  • Some time in the future, the Skull Kid grew interested in puppetmaking and puppetry so that he is never truly alone. He even used them to test Link and fight alongside him. It was this that gravitated him to meeting Carl Clover and Alice Margatroid, while wanting to pull a terrible prank against Relius and the Other Mother.

Fire Emblem Heroes Code: 4547311645
RJ-19-CLOVIS-93 from New Zealand
Jun 12th 2019 at 2:30:00 PM

@ fasoman: Figured that would happen. You can change Grim to Death Is a Loser if you want

Representing New Zealand, TV Tropes addict
RonnieR15 Ronnie from Earth
Jun 12th 2019 at 3:01:11 PM

Added a little to Adara's profile to hopefully make her bio better. I also remembered that someone wanted me to add Link and Zelda as allies and Ganondorf as a enemy though I forget their argument for it.

Potential House(s): Light & Brightness, Body Images

Votes: 0

Adara, Goddess of Spark Sprites (Adara The Sprite, The Sultry Little Sprite)
Adara in Cutscenes. 
  • Rank: Quasideity
  • Symbol: A spark of light with wings.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Absolute Cleavage, Damsel in Distress, Fairy Companion, Fairy Sexy, The Heart, Leotard of Power, Most Common Super Power, Mystical White Hair, Pretend Prejudice, Super Gullible, Unobtainium
  • Domains: Sprites, Zeenium, Freedom, Rebellion, Teamwork
  • Herald: Other Sprites
  • Followers: Fireflies, Pyreflies, many fairies in Hyrule
  • Allies: Cael Cyndar, Thrall, the entire House of Fairies, Head Pixie, Jorgen Von Strangle, Wanda, many in the House of Dragons, Smaug, Optimus Prime, Link, Princess Zelda
  • Enemies: Miraak, Denzel Crocker, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Ganondorf
  • Headbutting Heroes: Timmy Turner, Cosmo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Navi
  • Distrusts: The Dovahkiin, Frankenstein's Monster
  • Possible Alternate Company Equivalent: Sparx
  • Respected by: Paarthurnax
  • Respects: Paarthurnax
  • Opposes: Smaug
  • Originally entered the Pantheon as the Herald of her friend Cael Cyndar, a fact she finds ironic since she saved him and largely orchestrated Dragon Revolution. While in the Pantheon she mostly worked under Cael collecting information and then using it to help them in their goals. In fact it was during one of her information gathering ventures it was discovered by those in the Main House that she was a kind of Spark Fairy, often appearing as little more than a ball of light or sparks with wings from a distance. It was with that fact they she would become the Goddess of Spark Fairies.
  • Presumably; like most of the sprites in her world, she was a slave to the Orc Bureaucracy, however she has neither confirmed or denied this though. It is known though at some point she met the orc monk Galthran Etruk and worked together to free a dragon, in this case a dragon named Cael Cyndar.
    • This was done by Adara giving Zeeniumnote  to a unconscious Cael in Desmurian Ty. Doing this caused Cael to regain his powers and allowed him to escape.
      • Ironically shortly after Cael's escape from Desmurian Ty she was captured and then saved by the dragon. She then managed to recruit him to her cause by revealing how he achieved his own freedom and through this alliance the two became fast friends.
  • While working with Cael against the Orc Bureaucracy Adara's main job was to collect information and provide Cael with missions.
    • She also occasionally help in transporting various items such as dragon eggs and gold.
  • Is actually capable of carrying a dragon egg, despite being about 1/3 the size of one.
  • Though she was Gullible enough to believe that Galthran Etruk was a orc ally she no long believes that this is possible, at least with the orcs from her own universe. Thankfully she knows that not all orcs are bad and actually gets along with some of the good orcs in the Pantheon like Thrall and tries to keep Cael from trying to kill them.
    • Though only sometimes a orc Adara doesn't trust the Dovahkiin due to having multiple different counterparts. Through the Dovahkiin she also learned about Miraak and quickly became he's enemy due to the ancient alliance sprites have with dragons.
  • Is on good terms with the entirety of the House of Fairies, even The Fairy Godmother. This is due to her work in her world with the Sprite Emancipation. She also has a good relationship with various other fairies outside of that House for much of the same reasons.
    • She does find Navi annoying though.
  • Due to her work in the Dragon Revolution and due to the sprites from her world being ancient allies to dragon kind she quickly became friends with the non-evil aligned members of the House of Dragons.
  • Finds herself comparing Spyro and Sparx to Cael and herself for some reason.
  • Is greatly disturbed with Frankenstein's Monster, having seen something similar in the form of one of Galthran Etruk's unfinished experiments and as such finds herself incapable of trusting him.
  • Has a lot of respect for the old dragon Paarthurnax who sided with the ancient Nords instead of his own largely malevolent race. This respect is even returned by Paarthurnax for all the work she's done in the Dragon Revolution and Sprite Emancipation.
  • Though she knows that it is sometimes necessary she hates working with Timmy Turner and Cosmo, the two are normally just to chaotic and even stupid to work with and sometimes even be near. The same can not be said for Wanda though who's at least sane and is someone she can enjoy the company of.
    • Through them she also made enemies with Denzel Crocker, who she sees as a enemy of fairies everywhere.
  • When Optimus Prime heard of the crimes caused by the Orc Bureaucracy he offered Adara his assistance on the grounds that, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings". A statement she agrees with fully.
  • Though Adara is very much against the various thefts Smaug has done against the good and neutral beings in the Pantheon, she is not above using his greed to her own advantage by revealing to him which of her enemies have treasure and where it might be. She is; however, out of fear not bold enough to lie to him though.
  • Finds the actions of Gul'dan and Garrosh Hellscream horrifying, even compared to the actions of the orcs of the Orc Bureaucracy.

Donnietu from Stockton, CA Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Jun 12th 2019 at 5:41:06 PM

Is anyone still here?

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Jun 12th 2019 at 5:44:57 PM A short Pokébreak for some Peridot.
CrownlessMimic from 80% Rain and Clouds, 20% Sun Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Jun 12th 2019 at 5:50:12 PM

Life, Return to Life

@ Donnie, MVS: [tup]

Well I suppose I'm finished then, so here's Hermaeus Mora on a slow day. 3 [tup] so far.

I am the Guardian of the Unseen, and Knower of the Unknown. I have been watching you, Troper.

Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Keeping Forbidden Knowledge (Herma-Mora, Mora, Hoermius Mora, Hormaius Mora, the Prince of Fate, the Demon of Knowledge, Woodland Man, Gardener of Men, the Golden Eye, Old Antecedent, Lord of Secrets, Abyssal Cephaliarch, Scryer, Inevitable Knower, Wretched Abyss)
  • [tups]: 3 (Wikia Editor, Faso, r-lock) June 19
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: His emblem, his realm Apocrypha, the Black Books, the Oghma Infinium, and his various statues and shrines
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Personification of Knowledge, Born from "thrown-away ideas", Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge, Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome, Apocrypha, Trading knowledge with mortals, I Gave My Word, Affably Evil, Averting A Form You Are Comfortable With, Don't cross him, Supposedly The Older Immortal, Greater-Scope Villain in Dragonborn through Xanatos Gambit
  • Domains: Knowledge, Hoarding, Fate, Destiny, Memory, Past, Future, Manipulation
  • Followers: Seekers, Lurkers, all seekers of knowledge
  • Allies: Yog-Sothoth, Cthluhu, Shub-Niggurath, Azathoth
  • Unwitting Pawn: The Dovahkiin
  • On speaking terms with: Hircine, Sheogorath, Molag Bal
  • Rivals: Every Omniscient being, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), The Old Gods
  • Annoyed by: ZONE, Howard "Buckshot" Holmes
  • Enemies: MIRAAK, Alduin, Vaermina, the Dragonborn's enemies, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Futaba Sakura), Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Deckard Cain, The Nephalems, Meteora Österreich, Adam Conover, Unown, Arceus
  • Supposedly the oldest of the Daedric Princes, born from ideas not meant to be during the time of creation, Hermaeus Mora is both a keeper and seeker of all forms of knowledge ranging from the grand to the mundane. He's mostly synonymous with forbidden knowledge and befitting that he's easily the most Eldritch out of all the Daedric Princes in appearance and presence. Though Affable, he is still very ruthless when it comes to collecting knowledge and is not above tossing aside his followers once they have exhausted their use to him. The Prince of Fate is also quite manipulative as well, having nearly seduced the Nords into becoming Aldmer in the past and orchestrating the events behind Dragonborn not only gaining the Skaal's knowledge that they hid from him, but also getting rid of his champion Miraak (who plotted against him) and getting a new one in the form of the Dragonborn whether they like it or not. The Dragonborn does admit the benefits of serving Mora is absolute freedom should they not try to turn on him and free unlimited Skill Point Resets.
  • The Daedra Lord's arrival was noticed when a hidden path in the House of Knowledge was revealed one day. A tunnel, seemingly spiraling down into what many would assume is the House of Knowledge's very core. Books upon books who's origins traced back to Tamriel were stacked large enough to become bookcases of their own, and the very end of it all lead to a shrine in his grotesque image. The person/people who reached it, whoever they were, found themselves meeting a "Wretched Abyss" explaining who he was and how he would soon take root in the Pantheon as one of the Three Seekers of Knowledge. Perhaps in part to the Dragonborn's ascension, Hermaeus Mora is the first of the Daedra Lords to have made his stay and rooted himself into the Pantheon. Soon following him were Hircine, Sheogorath, Molag Bal, and even his enemy Vaermina, but they came only long after him.
    • He is said to be a "sibling" to the unascended Daedric Prince Mephala who's quite obsessed with interfering with the affairs of mortals purely for his/her own amusement. By association with them Mora is vaguely connected to the Morag Tong and has some connections to the House of Killers & Assassins, even if he doesn't really interact with them all that much. Some suspect Hermaeus Mora is responsible for bringing the Ebony Blade, Mephala's Daedric Artifact infamous for its ability to sow strife, into the Pantheon.
  • Hermaeus Mora's realm is the one and only Apocrypha: A place where towers and walls of books go as far as the eye could see and beyond, where pages upon pages fly in the wind, forever haunted by ghosts doomed to search for knowledge, and is surrounded a sea of writhing masses of acidic tentacles. Its "librarians" shall we say are the faithful Cthulhumanoid Seekers, who don't take kindly to any outsiders skulking around the shelves. Accompanying them in guarding Apocrypha depths are the Lurkers, titanic brutes with the strength to match that contrast the more magical Seekers.
    • The most famous item attributed to the Prince of Fate is the Oghma Infinium. Written by Xarxes and wrapped in the skins of various elven races to account for his favorite accomplishment in times past it is able to grant the reader great power before disappearing from their possession. Presumably, this to prevent them from learning too much. Lesser known are the Black Books which accomplishes a similar purpose. Though it isn't quite as straightforward for the reader is taken to Apocrypha and brave its dangers to get what they want. Dying there isn't a danger, but becoming mad is.
  • Despite having in the Pantheon for quite some time, having been here long enough before the subsequent fall of Madoka, Mora seemed to have layed in the midst of all that has happened in the Pantheon. And besides a larger influx of deities, by the time the reformation of the GUAL came around some people have actually forgotten Hermaeus Mora's presence despite his role as one of the Three Seekers of Knowledge. His silence was broken when he had one unfortunate god impaled by his tentacles for supposedly trying to usurp his position as a Pantheon God and right after that Mora appeared to a recently recovered and ascended Miraak to taunt him for his failures. Enraged, Miraak proceeded to take his anger out on the House of Knowledge before Histoire kicked him out and banned the First Dragonborn.
    • Right after that Histoire called the Daedric Prince out for a) Flaking out on them for a long time and b) Causing some widespread damage to the House for no reason other than to spite the First Dragonborn. He responded by saying he was merely using his godhood to seek out more knowledge beyond his realm than what the Pantheon had to offer. Plus, the fact that he's mocking of Miraak was justified considering the sheer arrogance in that he could successfully conspire against him in his own realm.
  • In spite of the evidence to the contrary, most notable being his fierce rivalry with any genuine omniscient being, Mora still puts up the all-knowing facade in the Pantheon when dealing with seekers of knowledge. Then again, even if he isn't omniscient it's still very likely he knows much, much more than the average Pantheon goer. As stated earlier Mora has been utilizing his Pantheonic godhood for the purpose of extensively looking into the many different worlds to further his vast library realm. He's willing to deal with such findings, but those wise enough ought to know restraint and not take their chances lest ones weak mind snaps in two. However, to the more steeled and stalwart of adventurers the knowledge gained and braved would prove invaluable.
    • In her quest to know more about the Pantheon itself Meteora has landed in the unfortunate hands (tentacles? claws?) of the Golden Eye and though details on the incident were sparse, the bottom line is that she doesn't want anything to do with him ever again. Deckard Cain would of been yet another victim to the Daedric Prince if it were not for the efforts of the Nephalems coming just on time. Mora cursed the adventurers' names but has not made another move on them or the Last Horadrim since then.
    • Though the attempted thefts Ice King's Ninjas of the Ice caused quite the stir with one attempt after another, it is said that the Daedric Prince had already long since peered into its contents. Likely, he plans to use these as gifts to manipulate those with enough greed for it for future use in the Pantheon. There're apparently enough ninjas left wanting whatever is written in said pages for Hermaeus Mora to utilize.
  • By principle, Hermaeus Mora is in direct opposition to Adam Conover and the reasoning is actually pretty plain as day. Hermaeus Mora, while willing to deal with his knowledge, ultimately wants to horde it to become omniscient whereas Adam Conover is willing to give it all away to better people through pointing out the various lies and misconceptions common throughout everyday life that is also often taken for granted. Adam refers to what he does as "ruining" but he does what he does under the idea that it is "always better to know".
  • If the shapeless form, tentacles, and madness-inducing books somehow didn't get the message across, Hermaeus Mora's concept and design takes great inspiration from the Cthulhu Mythos and as such he has quite the relationships with its deities. He regards Azathoth in a friendly manner, and has been known to commune with Shub-Niggurath, Cthulhu, and especially Yog-Sothoth due to the various similarities they share with each other. Meanwhile, the Daedric Prince is instead seen as a rival to Nyarlathotep.
    • And speaking of rivalries, the Daedra Lord has a fierce one regarding all four members of the Old Gods. Originally, it started with N'Zoth simply for the fact that he was known to have some partnership with Vaermina but overtime this came to include the group as a whole. The reasoning for this could be traced back to similarities, namely the knowledge that drives people mad which they have been known to be involved with, but the more bigger issue arises in their goals. That being, their drive to corrupt anything and everything, which is very much capable of standing in the way of Mora's very own plots in the future. Molag Bal was much in the same once, though at least the Planemeld was one incident.
  • The young Futaba Sakura has nothing but contempt for the Daedric Prince considering her own mother was killed for her research whereupon it was covered up as a suicide and that she was to blame for it. Even if traumatizing someone like that is more up Mephala's or Molag Bal's alley, she wouldn't find it out of the question for him to do the same as Shido did and as such warned her fellow Phantom Thieves of the threat he poses considering the Prince's interests in Mementos. Hermaeus Mora bluntly agreed that he would of offed her for daring to hide such secrets but he also stated that all their attempts to bar him from the cognitive world is only delaying the inevitable. As far as he's concerned, he doesn't need to get to them if he dare so wants a piece of the cognitive world. Remember one of his titles: The Inevitable Knower.
  • It was found that in another time and place Hermaeus Mora was, in his desire to obtain the vast knowledge of Hyrule, directly responsible for the complete destruction of the entire kingdom. Although he has yet to do so here, he has earned the ire of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf because, with his obsession of obtaining and hoarding knowledge, burning Hyrule to the ground was something Hermaeus Mora was very capable of doing. Because of this, he is the only deity that Link and Ganondorf will align against should they feel that he poses enough of a threat to Hyrule, as Ganondorf simply desires to rule Hyrule rather than completely destroy it.
  • He's constantly pestered by the perversion potential in his use of tentacles ever since the way he disposed of Storn Crag-Strider and Miraak was made known to the public. And we really do mean constantly. Spearheading this annoyance are Howard "Buckshot" Holmes and ZONE.
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I think that Death Battle can be a simulation inspired when Wiz and Boomstick overhear Ruby and Akihiko, over tales of their involvement in a certain crossover adventure and over milk and protein drinks, make bets on who would win between Weiss and Mitsuru.

The two selected would later see the show in action and make their own judgments on the result. Weiss knows she still has a long way to go. And as much as she hates her father, Boomstick calling him Colonel Sanders would be infuriating to her, perhaps thinking it as an insult to KFC's mascot. And Mitsuru would think the hosts are not dignified enough to be wearing her kind of fur coat.

This is if the Death Battle can't just be a duel that goes too far. Even the final blow didn't seem too bloody.

And apparently, Boomstick's been in far rougher food fights than the one between Teams RWBY and JNPR.

Ugh. Wiz's pronunciations of Mitsuru and Naoto really bugged me. And Boomstick's pronunciation of Yukari. There have been consistent English-spoken pronunciations of their names. Why didn't these two use them?

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Haven't had the time to go here in a while, that's for sure. Anyways, back to business. Anything else I need to add for Vincennes Academy, or is this profile already good to go?

Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, The Holy One-Gender School (Vincennes)
Vincennes Academy Main Hall, with Cathedral in Center
  • Description: An exclusive, all-girls school located on top of a mountain called Mt. Amuro
  • Symbol: The Cathedral, but especially the old bell tower
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Many students here tend to align toward Lawful Good, while some of the higher-ups turn out to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: One-Gender School that some seek to subvert, partly due to sparing no expense on furniture or renovations, Boarding School, Elaborate University High, Town with a Dark Secret
  • Domains: Schools, Change, Settings
  • Sacred to: Tamie Nogi, Konomi Yanase
  • Vincennes Academy is an all-girls school located somewhere in a mountainous part of Central Japan. The school itself is located on top of a mountain called Mt. Amuro. Specifically, it occupies virtually the entire peak of the mountain, to the point that even the mountainside lake is effectively theirs.
  • Founded during the Meiji restoration, the school was established by French Catholic missionaries following the opening-up of the country. Their influence still reigns strong even to this day, with the use of French terms in everyday life there, as well as the old cathedral still standing strong.
  • Of special note is the school's prestigious position. So prestigious, in fact, that its administrators spared no expense on pretty much everything inside the school, ranging from furniture to entire renovations.
    • In fact, this is partly the reason why some seek to make the school co-ed. Due to the decreasing number of incoming students and piling up debt from the aforementioned renovations and unnecessary spending, some within the school's administration and student body have proposed going co-ed as a possible solution. Naturally, a number of the more conservative elements, both administration and student alike
  • The school overshadows a small city known for having Yakuza activity, especially in the suburban areas and around the train station at night. Because of this, the hooligans and criminals often target Vincennes students in the rare event that some of them venture out.
  • Depending on certain choices made by their first male student, the school can either subvert the status quo and become a co-ed school, or maintain the status quo. It all depends whether the guy in question ends up with someone related to the school's, and by extension, his and his hometown's past, or someone who isn't part of the "core" cast.
  • Unknown to most students, faculty, and even people living in the nearby town, the school is host to a Dark Secret. The secret in question? One of their most prominent alumni was responsible for an infamous incident involving arson and attempted murder during a summer festival. However, the full details of this aren't revealed to The Protagonist except on a certain route, where it's revealed that the arsonist in question was his own Love Interest's mother, and that she was the same person responsible for almost killing him that time as well.
  • Upon the school's ascension, both Tamie Nogi and Konomi Yanase are relieved to finally be back in a familiar place. Immediately, they make their home in their old dorm rooms located in the campus. With no strict faculty or admins, both of them freely invite other interested deities, particularly those from the House of School, over.
  • Among the deities that enjoy Vincennes the most are the students from Yamaku. They immediately note how Vincennes heavily resembles their own school, spacious dormitories, lavish facilities, and all.

First draft for the RMS Titanic:

RMS Titanic (The Ship of Dreams, Official number 131428, Radio callsign "MGY", Code Letters HVMP)
Colorized image of the RMS Titanic in port.
Titanic in her final moments 
Wreck - bow section 
Wreck - stern section 

And finally, a suggestion I've been contemplating for a while now:

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Add that the Titanic disaster heightened awareness of lifeboat regulations and many other safety rules.

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