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Eternity, God of Cosmic Beings (Necessity, Adam Kadmon, the Living Sentience of the Universe, the Seventh/Eighth Cosmos)

    The Sleeper 
The Ancestor: "Witness the wondrous fury of the stars!"

The Sleeper, Unholy Representative of Devastating Comets (The Fracture, The Comet, The Color of Madness)
As The Fracture 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Farmstead’s floating windmill. Alternatively, its eye.
  • Theme Songs: Blasted Heath. Other theme songs depend on its manipulation on the Farmstead, such as:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Colors Out of Space materialized, Came from the Cosmos, Magic Meteor, A merge between a Comet and an Eldritch Monster, The Comet is actually a cage for the monster inside, Turns anything within its reach into crystal, Reality Warper, Fated to fight the Heart of Darkness and leave nothing in its wake but crystal and rock, It is apparently an infant, Mighty Glacier (even as the Fracture)
  • Domains: Space, Time, Aliens, Celestials, Crystals, Corruption
  • Heralds: The corrupted inhabitants of the Farmstead, the Miller, and The Thing From The Stars.
  • Allies: None. Well, possibly it's Eldritch brethren, such as those hailing from the Cthulhu Mythos like The Colour Out of Space
  • Respects: H.P. Lovecraft, Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
  • Opposed by: The Farmer, Billy and Mandy, The ascended members of Funeral Parlor, but especially Mana Ouma
  • Worshipped by/Abhorrent Admirer: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • Rival: Black Doom
  • Source of Interest: The Corpus
  • Feared by: Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Enemies:
  • The Ancestor: "Blight had struck the harvest again that year, and the Miller was desperate. He came to me, hat clutched tightly in filthy fingers, stinking of sweat and manure. Seated comfortably in my observatory, surrounded by telescopes and other delicate apparatus, I recognized his misfortune as an opportunity, and I agreed to lend him my... expertise."
    • "Slabs etched with certain celestial designs were erected around the perimeter of the Farmstead. The Miller, lamentably eager for some early sign of improvement, fixed his watery eyes intently upon the wilted fields and listless mill. My gaze, however, was cast skyward and I marvelled at the limitless profanity of the stars, wondering what harvest might come.."
      • "The poor Miller - Thrice a victim. The seasons took his livelihood. I took his land. And, uncountable years later, the comet has taken his humanity. My only regret is that I did not live to see that shoddy mill smashed to pieces by the miraculous bounty I reaped from beyond the void."
  • It was a normal day in the Pantheon, hummingbirds, good-aligned deities meeting their friends (and evil ones too), and even the Guardians for every House having breaks. Suddenly, as in a swift bright flash, something tore apart from the heavens and slammed within the Pantheon grounds. Those who saw the trajectory of the crashing object found it within the temple of The Farmer, who grabbed as many belongings as he can. When the Pantheon’s cleanup arrived to fix the Farmer’s temple, odd growths starting appearing within the temple, from different rock structures to seemingly obtuse crystalline formations. There were also sightings of a rather blue-ish cyan color appearing from the crash, indicating that something sinister has arrived.
    • On that very same day, another impact was felt, this time on the House of Time and Space. When the crash was reported by Doc Brown, who saw a massive tear within space, the Pantheonic Time Police immediately observed Brown's observations and wanted to see the confirmed crash. They noticed a large gaping tear in one of the empty spaces of space. Weirded out by the sight, they would later call the Observers of Time to identify what exactly happened, only to be met with more fear that someone or something may have pierced its way from the very fabric of Time And Space.
    • Later, as the cleanup crew were about to finish, strange events started appearing around the Pantheon, many deities have started noticing massive presences of cyan blue color around the Farmer’s temple. This would later spread to other unusual places, among those being the House of Time and Space where the effects have tripled to even massive phenomena. Determined to stop this unknown string of events, The Hunter participated, alongside a group formed by Guts, Doctor Strange and Mercy. They would enter the Farmer’s temple where the crystallization has reached its peak. To their horror, this thing also brought with it infected inhabitants of a Farmstead it managed to induce its corruption with, forcing them to fight their way through the center.
    • As if things didn’t go bad enough, when they reached the center of the impact, they saw a shaped Fracture, spawning as many Crystalline Aberrations as it can. With combined teamwork from the four, they managed to bring it almost down, until said Fracture transformed into an unimaginable monstrous form, transporting it alongside the team into the House of Time and Space. There, the monster’s effects have increased and with its devastating powers against the party, it nearly wiped them out, until divine intervention by Future Trunks and Chronormu saved the entire party and drove the abomination into the far reaches of the entire House. Such experience left the party, and even the two guardians dazed at its presence, but nonetheless, they escaped. Now, the thing wonders in a corner of the House, sealed away from the common Pantheonic grounds and with it its own dimension.
  • This unholy cosmic being is a magnificent reminder of the Ancestor’s relentless search of the unknown. As he countlessly searched for knowledge within his world, he also sought knowledge from the cosmos, seeing it as having infinite possibilities on what can be unleashed, formed, and brought into for studying. At the same time, however, a Miller, desperate for a cure to his own harvest contacted him, asking should there anything be of use to aid in his losing Farmstead. The Ancestor, cunning and also desperate for.... something else, saw his Farmstead to be a perfect tool... a tool for trials unknown.
    • There, he constructed slabs of sketches, in each side of the Farmstead’s perimeter, watching as he would use the Miller’s own land, and his own life for a harvest that he may claim in his unconquerable thirst for knowledge. He succeeded and a comet landed within the lands, turning whatever it encountered into something maddening to the human mind. Whatever became of the Farmstead and its inhabitants are no longer in his possession, but as for the Comet that landed in the vicinity? Well, this... thing is what spawned from it.
  • As soon as it landed within the Farmer’s reach, it soon became clear that the same old man was responsible for ascending it within the Pantheon grounds. Yet the Farmer’s temple had no celestial slabs around it, nor any signs of the Ancestor’s attempts of creating it into a celestial array. Nevertheless, upon its ascension, he spoke with great belief that his attempts at ascending it are now with great success.
    The Ancestor: "Behold! The unquenchable fire of the stars!"
  • Ever since it ascended with majestic fury, the Pantheonic Time Police and alongside the Overseers of Time see this abomination as one of its greatest threats to ever reach within the House. This is because the reality warping capabilities of this monster allows it to warp different versions of itself and its controlled husks within different continuities into its reach. All the while, the corruption has seeped from the Farmstead also spreads into a slow descent of crystal and rock in the Pantheon. To make sure it doesn’t get out of hand, Future Trunk’s idea of separating the being away from the common lands of the Pantheon by sending it to the farthest corner of the House, alongside its “dominion”, were agreed upon its containment especially since it can separate its influence towards the more vulnerable deities. However, that doesn’t stop the Sleeper from sending armies of husks within any temple’s doorstep, intending to spread its corruption into the furthest lands.
    • Unfortunately, if the Ancestor’s words are true, then the Sleeper’s intention of fighting the Heart of Darkness in an attempt to control the world into a crystalline planet sounds horrifying enough since anyone within the crossfire, Humanity as a whole, would not survive against the war. When asked by Nozdormu about the fate of the Pantheon with its arrival, the Bronze Dragonflight responded that its eventual containment will break and that those without the strongest of willpower will succumb to its Miasma, all while preparing to duel against its Eldritch counterpart. Not even the Overseers expected a result of such brevity.
    • Upon hearing that this thing was the very harvest the Ancestor sacrificed the Farmstead for, the House of Nature decided to ban this thing and The Ancestor as proof of his atrocities with Mother Nature. The sacrifice of the Farmstead was the final nail in the coffin for amicable relationship between the House of Nature and the Ancestor, and this creature is a testament to his mistakes.
  • Due to being what is essentially The Color Out of Space but in a more material form, H.P Lovecraft considers this being the absolute final straw to him and the Ancestor. It's bad enough that he wrote the stories, sure they are harmless, unless they are treated as rituals or sources to such realms, but he did not ask for something he himself cannot control at all. The original Color is already bad as a nightmare, but giving it an actual living form? Absolutely no. Yet for some reason, the Sleeper refuses to attack him and actually respects him, much to Lovecraft's chagrin.
    • Is apparently fond of this other member of the cosmos, who goes by the name of Ebrietas. After all, the name "Daughter of the Cosmos" is what gives it the need to spare it.
  • With its presence around the House, many deities are unnerved by its corruptions, especially since these are linked to what the Sleeper does to any living thing it interacts with, not to mention its ability to contact other realities and spawn them in the reality the Sleeper exists in, meaning it can theoretically have an infinite army in its disposal. The Dahaka, one of the biggest threats to anyone who disturbs the flow of time, even find this monstrosity to be a bigger threat, so much that they consider its existence to be “unexpected, even by beyond other continuities.”
    • Among others, Dio Brando and Randall Ross attempted to use their manipulations of time to defeat it. It did not end well for the two with two surprising outcomes. Dio was forced to fight a copy of himself but with husk-like features, which the Sleeper summoned from another reality, while on Ross’ side, the Timenado’s effects wore it off as it summoned more of its husk zombies. Both forcefully retreated but not until the Sleeper backed away from Randall’s temple. It turns out his temple, which is the full might of the Timenado, can stop time indefinitely which means a heavy loss should the Sleeper attempt to attack him in his home. This intrigued him, as he realizes that if he releases the full strength of the Timenado, it can cripple the Sleeper’s ability to control other realities. The good-aligned deities are wondering if they can try to use it to its advantages.
    • The Vex finds its existence to be really puzzling, after taking a look at its origins. It also finds it as a big threat it the Vex’s objective of making everything into The Pattern due to its ability to warp another version of itself should it be defeated. This even applies furthermore to anything it managed to corrupt, such as the Farmstead’s inhabitants. Another thing that worries even the Axis Minds is what happens should the Farmstead’s Miasma corrupt the Radiolarian fluid and technology the Vex utilizes.
    • Speaking of corruptions, The Farmer is still opposed to it due to almost turning his temple into the same fate as the Farmstead. Understandably so, considering how much damage it managed to do towards his temple as it arrived. On the other hand, the Hunter is quite immune towards its eye based attacks, thanks to his Insight. That doesn’t stop it from giving the Hunter tons of frenzy to deal with.
    • Majority of the members of Funeral Parlor have avoided this thing at all costs, considering their experiences with a meteor that crashed that was revealed to be holding the Apocalypse Virus. Mana Ouma, however, dreads this thing, considering she was the first one who encountered said meteor and became a maiden of destruction.
  • The crystals formed around the Farmstead and within the Sleeper’s reach have been told to cause stress if interacted with. This gave the Corpus a try at making it into a viable source of weaponry. The results were... actually successful, allowing the Corpus to create a new resource called “Refreshing Shard Dust”. Needless to say, no one wants to try it out upon fearing for its unusual side effects.
  • Billy and Mandy aren’t exactly sure how to feel about the Sleeper. Billy is sad hearing that it is not his “friend” (a brain-eating meteor). Mandy on the hand is quite unsure how to permanently defeat this thing, considering that the same meteor that Billy helped was defeated by Mandy herself (she possessed the meteor as soon as it got her brains).
  • Has been praised with extreme glorification thanks to Micolash, out of all people. His chants towards it are creepy, with him shouting and proclaiming that a newborn has arrived. Micolash also knows that it is an infant, further creeping many out on the revelation.
    Micolash: "This magnificent being! Thank the cosmos, thank Ebrietas! Tonight we shall bring this... newborn into the stars once more! Hahahahahaha"
  • So why does this thing have no evil-aligned deities on its side? Well, this is because it wants to conquer the entire world and reshape it to a world barren with crystal and rock. And to accomplish that, it must destroy its very enemy, the Heart of Darkness. This made it a threat to even the evil-aligned, world-destroying deities as they now know that should it mature, it will fight all the other horrors and replace them with its own brand of horrors, except all of it being cosmic in nature.
    • This is why it is at massive odds against Black Doom. Black Doom sees the inhabitants of the world to be sacrifces, wheres the Sleeper intends to corrupt everything into a world of husks, rocks and crystals. You can easily tell that both causes are at one against the other. Then there is also another fact that he and the Black Arms invade the world via a meteor, much like the Sleeper, though it is more of a comet than a meteor.
    • It is also at odds against Fuse, especially on how their armies are made. Fuse copies the original hosts and turns them into Fusions, his own copies but not too strong to the original. The Sleeper, on the other hand, turns them to husks, with no personality, trait or anything whatsoever. Fuse is also scared shitless of this thing thanks to its corruptions being potentially world-ending towards his planet, Planet Fusion. Not only that but because of its ability to warp another version of itself, he may never even defeat this thing.
    Fuse: "No, I will not fight this thing! Why don’t you give that goal to someone else."
  • The Lich saw potential with the sentient Comet, seeing it as a reminder of how he managed to come to Ooo as the comet that made the dinosaurs extinct. When it attempted to coerce it into his side, the Sleeper saw its trickery and decided to directly attack it using its tentacles and its eye. While the effect did not work with the Lich, the latter did not attack the comet back, seeing it as an immature time to engage it. He wishes to engage the Sleeper once it has matured and has the capability to continue its war against the other evils of the world.
    • Finn, on the other hand, was dead scared upon realizing that another comet, one which was destructive as the Lich, was present in Pantheon proper. However, his fear would be short-lived as he soon conquered his fear over the Lich and would do the same thing to the Sleeper. This is also the fact due to Finn being more or less the incarnation of the Blue Cosmic Comet, representing hope, with the very opposite of the Lich's Green Cosmic Comet, representing death. As soon as Finn met the Sleeper face-to-face, he even recognized the color of the comet being associated with madness, indicating that Finn knows all to well the nature of comets.
    Finn: "It is true! The colors, its literally madness incarnate! The Colors of Madness!"
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind absolutely hates this damned abomination, citing it as an example for the horrors the Imperium has to fight as well as its ability to manipulate time and space. He originally thought this thing was Tzeentch’s attempt at rooting the Imperium out, but when asked about its links to the Chaos God, he said this:
    Tzeentch: "Weeeeeell, I never sent anything to the Anathema, or maybe I did! Yet this thing, I never had a pet as contrived as this! Since this landed on the Anathema’s side, you take it! You find it, you keep it!"
  • Apparently, several deities have attempted to "talk" to it in the hopes of understanding what it wants. Unsuccessfully, only two deities have tried and almost cost their sanity: Louise Banks, and Nyarko.
    • Louise attempted to directly go through the Farmstead in the hopes of communicating with it the same way she did with the Heptapods. Unfortunately, what she received was a flurry of Eye Beams courtesy of its attack, "The Sleeper Awakens", forcing her to retreat before losing her sanity. Few days after the attempt, the Heptapods later relayed to Louise that an unknown silence has been attempting to commune with the aliens. There are rumors that the Sleeper might have extracted information on Louise and the Heptapods, further antagonizing them both.
    • Nyarko was an even more different story. While Nyarko’s nature as an Eldritch being helped it resist the Sleeper’s attacks, her attempts on communicating with it was fruitless. However, after that attempt, she would later preach in front of the other Nyarlathotep that those “eldritch beings” are from space and are aliens, which surprisingly gave the cosmic comet a stare upon hearing that (though this could be due to Nyarko’s observations being true that the Sleeper is alien in nature).
    Nyarko: "See, I told you OTHER Nyarlothotep, we aren’t some mystical beings, we are aliens all this time."
  • When word spread that a dangerous comet has landed a spot within the Pantheon, Mitsuha was immediately petrified upon hearing that a dangerous comet has joined into the Pantheon. Upon hearing its abilities, strengths and warnings regarding the power of the Sleeper, she was filled with absolute dread hearing that this thing is an abomination she cannot even comprehend, leading her to isolate herself from all the other gods, including her loved one Taki. When asked why, she couldn't answer, but Taki later pointed out that she was a victim to Comet Tiamat, or a portion of it when it furiously landed within her hometown, killing her in the process. Considering that the Sleeper is sentient and has control over time and space, it makes sense why she would fear it among all things.
    • It did not help when the Sleeper saw this and decided to spawn an alternate version of Mitsuha but with the cyan-based color and husk-like properties. This lead to her avoiding it at all costs, so much that she wanted to leave the Pantheon just to get her memories out. While she did get better, the Sleeper is interested in her, especially after summoning that alternate version of herself.
  • While the Sleeper is truly powerful in its own right, many have pointed out that its powers only manifest through the corruption that has spread, meaning that any area without the Farmstead’s Miasma will not be affected under its influence. However, that doesn’t mean that the corruption can be stopped but instead can be halted before its inevitable release. Many gods are attempting to find other people who can help battle it should it ever come under contact once more.
    • Many deities point to Oryx, the Taken King as another deity who can potentially stop the Sleeper in its tracks. Considering that Oryx managed to scare the living shit out of everyone including the Vex and can break the powers of time and space into his control, the Sleeper finds him the ultimate threat to its existence. No, not even the continuous realities can stop Oryx that easily.
  • The Ancestor: "It will live again in another time, another place.."

Greater Gods

Alcor, God of Stellar Names (Al Saiduq, The Anguished One, Angy, The Eighth Septentrione)
  • Greater God; Overdeity if given access to the Akashic Record
  • Symbol: The Nicaea logo
  • Theme Song: Septentrione, the Devil Survivor 2 opening, or The Anguished One
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Orange
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Anti-Villain, Gravity Master, The Lucifer of the Star Race, Inhuman Morality, Mystical White Hair, Power Floats, Older than Mankind, E.T. Gave Us Summoning Spells, It's All My Fault, Sinister Geometry, Rage Against the Heavens, The Starscream, Dragon Ascendant, Well-Intentioned Manipulative Bastard, Skill Crack, Even Chaos Has Standards
  • Domains: Enigmas, stars, freedom
  • Followers: Benevolent Eldritch Abominations, Miyako Hotsuin, Bifrons, Botis
  • Allies: Yamato Hotsuin, The SCP Foundation, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, the Chaos Brigade, Greed the Avaricious, The Men in Black, The Machine, Samael, Kaworu Nagisa
  • Enemies: The Administrators, Azathoth, Cthulhu, the Eldrazi, Father and all Homunculi loyal to him, the Grand United Alliance of Law, Airy, HAL 9000, Samaritan, Loki's Brood, Lord Chaos
  • Opposes: Any Top God, like Arceus
  • Opposed by: Cosmos, Palutena, Pit, Zeus
  • Complicated Relationship with: H.P. Lovecraft, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • The first sign of Alcor's appearance in the Pantheon was when the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation each found new technology in their bases, complete with instruction manuals and [REDACTED]. He was given an SCP classification and works actively with both organizations, although neither is given full knowledge of his plans and nature. He is also responsible for the acquisition of [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • Arcturus, once feared by many for its invulnerability, is now much more vulnerable due to the presence of Yamato and now Alcor, both of whom can destroy it, resulting in something very much like hatred from the usually emotionless Administrator.
  • Polaris, after one more request for Alcor to return to her side, sent every Septentrione after him at once. Using the Four Prime Factors (Space, Time, Gravity, and Heat) he was capable of destroying all of them in only a short time. When finishing off Mizar, it is rumored that, under his breath, he said, "I'm sorry, my brother..."
  • Many Lawful deities have teamed together to protect Polaris from Alcor, as they see him with the power to reshape reality with the Akashic Record as a greater threat than the Administrators.
  • Alliance with him is very desirable, as his Nicaea app allows for the summoning of demons and the learning of one ability used by an enemy in every battle. However, no one seems to be able to find him unless he wants them to.
  • Gets along splendidly with Lucifer, since they have a lot in common. However, he is somewhat put off by the idea of Natural Selection unchecked, and refuses to join the GUAC because of that. He still works with the Chaos Brigade, though.
  • He and Kaworu Nagisa are remarkably similar, and Alcor sometimes regrets that Lucifer is in charge of the GUAC (other than the fact that anyone at all is "in charge") rather than Kaworu, who leans more towards Good than any of the Satanic Archetypes.
  • His long business relationship with Yamato has allowed them to work well together against the Administrators, as well as the Grand United Alliance of Law.
  • Despises YHVH for being so much like Polaris, despite it actually being the other way around
  • Alcor distrusts and dislikes any deities of the Top God variety, due to experience with Polaris and Canopus, as well as being opposed to authority of any kind. He is particularly skeptical of Arceus.
  • Good friends with Greed, since they both rebelled against and ultimately destroyed their evil masters. Also, they find it amusing that each of them is the rebellious one out of a group of eight (although Greed was two of them).
    • Due to this, Alcor has proven to be one of Father's most dangerous enemies, once almost defeating him before being fended off by Pride, giving Father time to escape. Alcor beat Pride, and wrote a message to that effect in the sky... with shadowy tendrils that he had skillcracked from Pride.
  • Since he is a good AI, Alcor gets along with The Machine and hates the many evil computers in the Pantheon such as HAL 9000 and Samaritan who encourage technophobia.
  • He actually gets along better with Samael than Lucifer due to Samael not being a Social Darwinist.
  • Alcor has a strange relationship with H.P. Lovecraft, since he would very probably not exist without the concept of Eldritch Abominations, but Lovecraft portrayed the Great Old Ones as uncaring and malicious, whereas Alcor argues that Blue-and-Orange Morality can just as easily go the other way, and since Azathoth, Cthulhu, and the other Lovecraftian horrors are categorized as Blue, Alcor publicly identifies as Orange, despite arguments to the effect that assigning a duality to Blue-and-Orange Morality merely creates a third alignment axis.
  • He claims to be Good, but most divinely associated deities, notably Cosmos and Palutena, get an uneasy feeling when around him, possibly due to his role in his own world.
  • Feels absolute disgust and contempt for Airy because she chose to side with her eldritch master against her travelling companions, whereas he resisted Polaris in favor of humans and the world.
  • Admires Lelouch for doing what was necessary to defeat Britannia and ultimately sacrificing himself to save the world from tyranny. Lelouch dislikes Alcor, though, because he never thought through what would happen after defeating Polaris, and in his ending to the original story dooms what is left of the world to starvation because of how little is left.
  • Seeks to defy the future by allowing people to see videos via Nicaea of those close to them dying in order to prevent it. This caused an enmity with Loki's Children, who would foretell the end of existence themselves, and do not want for it to be prevented.
  • Despises Lord Chaos for giving his namesake alignment a bad name. Alcor firmly believes that Chaos is a force for freedom, not destruction.
  • Pit doesn't like him. Other loyal angels also dislike Alcor in general, but Pit for whatever reason is very concerned about the number of Satanic Archetypes showing up, and thinks he may be able to take the Anguished One on using the Great Sacred Treasure.
  • Zeus compares Alcor to Prometheus since he gave humanity technology to deal with demons. Other deities fear the destruction that would ensue if they came to blows, as although Alcor is not very aware of Greek mythology, he wouldn't be very fond of the Lord of the Sky.
  • Alcor was essential to showing Canopus that Earth was more than just an Insignificant Blue Planet (despite the negative consequences this brought), before defeating him. He believes that he can similarly force the Great Old Ones and possibly even the Outer Gods from the Cthulhu Mythos to respect humanity, and is confident that Azathoth could be handled just like Canopus. The ones that have taken notice of him dislike this, and intend to teach him the true meaning of a Cosmic Horror Story.

    Aurelion Sol 
Aurelion Sol, God of Star Power (The Star Forger)
  • Greater God, Overdeity without his Restraining Bolt
  • Symbol: The stars he uses in combat
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: True Neutral with a good attitude towards the cosmos itself
  • Portfolio: Dragons From Space, Crafter And Manipulator Of The Stars, Time Abyss, Dark Is Not Evil, Unimpressed By Mortals, Informed Planet Size, Playing with Fire, Made a Slave, Deadpan Snarker, Badass Dragon Gods (And He Loves To Remind You), Being A Benevolent Star God, Smug Super, The Dreaded to the Rakkoran, Came from the Sky
  • Domains: Stars, Creation, Space, Dragons, (Unwilling) Servitude, Power, Pride
  • Followers: Starman, Varda, Star Man
  • Respects: Eru Ilúvatar, Io
  • Allies: The Creation Trio (especially Palkia), Rosalina, The King of All Cosmos, Roboking, Utsuho Reiuji (fellow star gods), Cael Cynder, Ra, Neith, Bro'dee Walker, Nox, Mogo, Robert Capa, Ysera, Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Spock
  • On good terms with: The Admins
  • Enemies: THE C'TAN, PANTHEON, Nekron, Apophis and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Cyrus, Chakravartin, Aerys Targaryen, the Dovahkiin, Acnologia, the Grox, slavers and those who'd abuse his power, Merged Zamasu, Sargeras, Doc Scratch, Lord English
  • Opposes: Koba, The Emperor of Mankind
  • Annoyed by: Beerus, Mard Geer Tartaros
  • Unclear Opinion on: Daenerys Targaryen, Samael
  • Aurelion Sol was born with the first breath of the cosmos. For eons, he would travel the cosmos and forge the stars themselves, however, the people of Mount Targon tricked and enslaved him. For thousands of years, they used him to create their star-spanning empire. However the magic is weakening, and he is biding his time for it to break and he to be free to return to the universe, getting revenge on those who enslaved him.
    • Utterly despises Pantheon. The last time he went to Runeterra, he got tricked by Pantheon(while inhabiting a female) to build up the Targon forces(admittedly to build up their forces against the Void). Didn't like being enslaved and ruined his plans. Safe to say of the Targon aspects, he's on the top of his shit list.
  • Jellal Fernandes once held Star Power along with Cartesian Karma, however, Aurelian Sol saw him unworthy of the power. He argued he was fine with Cartesian Karma, for he created stars and had the power to throw them at his enemy along with nurturing it. Jellal agreed he was more worthy of it. Though the size of a mountain, even planet-sized and beyond in-game he doesn't come across it. This is probably because of the chains binding him.
  • Finds a lot in common with the Creation Trio, as they are cosmic dragons like him. Particularly Palkia for being the deity of the space he sets alight with the stars. Aurelion doesn't understand why they'd ever submit to a trainer, though the Creation Trio explained they only do so, like all other Pokémon, out of a respect for a trainer who beats them. They despise Cyrus for trying to force them to recreate the cosmos. The leader of Team Galactic is interested in making the Star Forger a Captured Super-Entity to help create his ideal world. Hareta's influence might make him reconsider, but Aurelion still doesn't trust Cyrus.
  • Aurelion Sol possesses exactly the kind of pride you'd expect a celestial dragon to have. He regards humans, or any mortal as beneath his notice. No hard feelings, but they are pretty mediocore in is eyes. The Emperor of Mankind finds this behavior outrageous, believing that Humanity Is Superior and it is their destiny to rule the galaxy. Aurelion believes he and all the races of the 41st millennium to be smug, mouthy beings who make a mess of the stars he creates. It's not actively antagonistic, though, since it's "not worth my time".
  • Though dismissive to mortal beings, he is not contemptuous. He's not a Misanthrope Supreme, and isn't impressed by higher beings who waste their time hating on mortals. As such, he considers Mard Geer Tartaros annoying. And he looks down on Merged Zamasu for many reasons; his destructive nature is hypocritical for someone meant to create, his ego doesn't permit mortals or gods, and sullied himself for taking mortal form then adding it into the fusion.
  • He looks down upon Koba as well. While completely understanding what it's like to be tortured by others as he was slave to the people of Mount Targon, he condemns only them. Koba would hate all humanity for what a select group did, showing him to be a selfish, depraved mortal in the Star Forger's eyes. On the other hand, he seems to be fond of Cael Cynder for being a reasonable dragon who was exploited for his Unobtanium, of which the Star Forger is sympathetic towards.
  • For all his arrogance, he is willing to respect those on his level or greater if they have an agreeable personality. He has an ego for a reason. In the presence of Eru Ilúvatar, Aurelion Sol has nothing but respect for the lights and worlds He created. And even he has come to terms with Io being the greater, wiser dragon. However, he has no respect for the superior being of Chakravartin, for his callousness to his creation and exploitation of other gods.
  • He is also on good terms with Neith and Ra. Neith because she is the Egyptian goddess of weaving and thus a cosmic crafter, Ra as he is the guardian of the sun(a type of star). Nox he respects as being a guardian of space since she's the primordial goddess of the night, along with Utsuho Reiuji and Rosalina for being fellow star deities. When it comes to the Fallen Angel Lucifer, however, he isn't quite sure what to think. Yes, Lucifer Morningstar helped create light and stars, but is an arrogant sociopath (though has clear-cut standards) that's difficult to read, and this reads as a danger in his eyes.
  • To mortals, Aurelion Sol is True Neutral if not outright Above Good and Evil. He does follow a good-evil morality, it's just he applies it to the cosmos. He puts a lot of love in the stars he creates. There are a few mortals he's fond of though and admits they do have admirable traits. He puts mortals who defend and help out stars to be worthy of his kindness, such as Robert Capa. He's less sure what to think of the Administrators since there's an Admin and Sword for each star in the sky, leading to some kinship between them, but has no interest in their concerns about Order. He doesn't care about YHVH and Lucifer's Order Versus Chaos conflict either, so long as they don't try to piss him off.
  • At one point Saint Walker approached him and showed how with the blue light of hope he can restore a star using the hope of the mortal population. This was a demonstration to show to him the kind of value mortal beings have, and while the Star Forger remains dismissive of most it has improved his impression of them. Mogo impressed the Star Forger as well since Mogo is a celestial object that also happens to wield the green light of will, and protects the universe.
  • While Mario, Luigi and Kirby aren't too impressive in his eyes, the Star Forger is fond of them for appreciating the gift of stars through their star-related power-ups. And the first two are good friends with the Lumas. Spock is interested in learning more about Aurelion Sol due to his position as science officer.
  • Aurelion Sol will gladly give his life to protect the universe and the trillions of suns he loves and will slay any force who seeks to make the universe forever dark such as Apophis. Or the GUAD in general. Nekron despises the Star Forger as by continuing to add stars, he prevents the darkness from reclaiming the universe and allows life to continue to pop up. However, it is the C'Tan that Aurelion Sol despises more than any other, for being gluttonous stellar parasites that poison and ruin his creations. On a lighter side, while he doesn't hate Beerus since the destroyer is a necessary part of Universe 7, he's petty and tends to destroy planets and stars for lousy reasons.
  • As a space dragon, he'll sometimes rest in the House of Dragons. He was annoyed by the Dovakhiin trying to slay him. He was especially annoyed at Acnologia trying to kill him, his massive hypocrisy and detestable personality. Daenerys Targaryen proved much more agreeable for being the Mother of Dragons, however, would like to remain her that he doesn't follow anyone's orders. Especially those of her insane father, who covets Aurelion's power.
  • Ysera became a constellation on her death. Being both a dragon and now a celestial, she seems to get along with Aurelion Sol, and he reminds her of one of the Titans who created life in the Warcraft universe. He has learned about her dragon aspects and has been rather horrified to learn that one of the Titans, Sargeras, defected and is trying to destroy the universe, something he opposes on principle.
  • He considered the Green Sun to be a marvellous thing, being a sun composed of two universes. He would congratulate Doc Scratch, however, he proved himself incorrigibly evil and tricked kids into a suicide mission so as to blow it up and destroy those universes. Plus he serves Lord English, who seeks the destruction of everything ever. Naturally, he's repulsed by both of them.

    The C'Tan 
The C'Tan, Divine Race of Star Killing (Star Gods, the Ynigr (as a group). Notable members are Aza'Gorod the Nightbringer, Mephet'ran the Deceiver, Mag'ladroth the Void Dragon, Tsara'noga the Outsider, lesser known are Llandu'gor the Flayer, Nyadra'zatha the Burning One and Yggra'nya the World Maker)
  • Greater Deities (their shards), Overdeities (the original C'Tan)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Mag'ladroth), Neutral Evil (Aza'Gorod, Llandu'gor and Mephet'ran), Chaotic Evil (Nyadra'zatha and Tsara'noga)
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Horrors That Feed and Poison Stars, Jerkass Gods, Sufficiently Advanced Alien, Possibly the Oldest Beings in the Galaxy, The Reason the Necrons are the Way They Are, Reality Warper, Pieces of God, Touch of Death, Eating Souls as Well as Stars, Gluttony as a Fatal Flaw, Also Eats Terror And Life Force, Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
  • Domains: Terror, Consumption, Stars, Corruption (all of them), Thanatophobia, Death, Scythes (Aza'Gorod), Trickery, Manipulation, Cruelty (Mephet'ran), Technology, Dragons, Mars (Mag'ladroth), Isolation, Insanity (Tsara'noga), Curses (Llandu'gor), Fire (Nyadra'zatha), Creation (Yggra'nya)
  • Interests: H.P Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos (all of them), Medusa Gorgon (Tsara'noga), the House of Flesh Eaters (Llandu'gor)
  • Allies (as a whole): The Old Gods, The Gravemind, The Dementors, Ungoliant, Pennywise, Pinbacker
  • Headbutting Villains with: Apophis, The Grox, Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction (all of them)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Divine Powers
  • Rivals: Galactus, Unicron
  • Enemies (as a whole): The Necrons, The Chaos Gods (really any living thing in the Warhammer 40000 universe), The Emotions, Lord Death (especially Aza'Gorod), anyone who made a Deal with the Devil and lost, Mata Nui, Ra, Shin, Bro'dee Walker, Rosalina (really any star-based deity), The Life Entity, Utsuho Reiuji, The Chozo, The Admins, Mogo, Robert Capa, Eru Ilúvatar, Aslan, The Love That Moves The Stars, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Jean-Luc Picard, Q, The Doctor, James T. Kirk, every other soul, star and sun-related god, period.
  • Before the Imperium of Man, before the Eldar, before even the Necrons were the C'Tan. Entities born of swirling gases and energies at least as old as the galaxy, they feast on the radiation of stars and slowly poison them. Eventually coming across the Necrontyr, they found mass consumption of souls even tastier and tricked them into surrendering their souls for metallic bodies and to make war on the Old Ones, in turn gaining more physical forms. However, their new incarnation, the Necrons, shattered these star gods into pieces. Though these pieces still possess power and consciousness and hope to one day gain back their power.
  • Applies to the C'Tan as a whole
    • These stellar predators may no longer be as mighty as they used to be but are still rightfully feared for their reality warping powers, feasting on stars and consuming souls by the population. The Grand United Alliance of Destruction recognized their destructive potential and were behind their summoning in the Pantheon. While they help out Nekron's desire to destroy all life, they have issues in working with the GUAD since if all stars and souls are destroyed, they'll starve. For now, they work together.
    • Their desire to extinguish and consume the stars, unfortunately, has a fair number of supporters. Pinbacker has become a deranged supporter and claims that they are "God's angels" who usher in the end times. Robert Capa wonders if they were responsible for his own Sun dying off. The Grox thrive in the radiated, poisoned stars the C'Tan leave behind, though know from what happened to the Necrons to be very cautious about these beings. On the other hand, they know to be cautious about Apophis because while the snake can help take out opposing stellar gods, it won't stop until everything, likely including them, is gone.
    • Said desire gives them a lot of enemies as well, as you'd expect. In their own universe, they have a special hatred for the Warp and its psychic energies. As the Sun's guardian, Ra despises them, as do Rosalina and Utsuho Reiuji given their guardian role towards stars. Bro'dee Walker is diligently working to heal the stars they poison, and this has led them to want to kidnap him for eternally renewing their energy source.
    • Naturally eat away at stars, but prefer souls. And given their power, they want it by the population. And they eat at emotions, primarily gibbering terror. This makes them enemies with the Emotions, and they hunger for Lord Death's soul as well due to how large it is. The Dementors agree with their feeding habits, and Pennywise is deeply intrigued due to his habit of eating people and finding fear a form of "salting the meat". They're competing in the "cosmic consumption" field with Galactus and Unicron. H.P Lovecraft notes they are similar to the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos, and the Old Gods recognize a lot of similarities between them.
    • The Divine Powers, their plan appeals to them due to the following chart; The cycle of life and death = Krishna's Great Singularity = Inexhaustible supply of reincarnating souls to eat = Returns to the Singularity = Redistributed back for the C'Tan = Rinse and Repeat. Though this alliance is tenuous as their gluttony makes it tempting to simply betray them then and there...and they're the best divinity the C'Tan has gotten along with besides the Old Gods. Eru Ilúvatar, Aslan and the Love That Moves The Stars are massively disappointed at them for being depraved representations of gluttony that don't even try to improve themselves and fail to realize the value in sentient beings. Especially Aslan, given star are sentient where he comes from.
    • The Gravemind gravitated towards the C'Tan as well, since it is a malevolent precursor who wants to get back at the universe for its well-deserved downfall by those it abused. On the other hand, another highly evolved cosmic being, Q, considers them disgusting for only caring about eating on a cosmic scale. James T Kirk and the Doctor consider them pretty inferior as far as "superior beings" go, and the Heroic Protectors of Family equate them to the cosmic equivalent of Abusive Parents who want to continue being abusive assholes.
  • Specific to Aza'Gorod
    • Aza'Gorod the Nightbringer is the most blatantly terrifying of the C'Tan. It delights in bringing pain and suffering to life, which is easy to do thanks to resembling The Grim Reaper. In fact it is why sentient beings fear death in the first place, due to mind raping their ancestors. Other grim reapers detest him for this and being a highly sadistic death god, and the Destroyer Deity Beerus considers him to be an unpleasant disgrace to destroyers everywhere. The Death of Final Destination, however, thinks what he does is hilarious.
    • Feels a kinship with Diabolo for their love of inflicting the most primal of fears, as it does Freddy Krueger for spreading both terror and death through nightmares. SCP-106 is happy to join in the fun, as is Deathwing the Destroyer. Voldemort and Ra's Al Ghul consider the Nightbringer to be the premiere reason why death is to be feared and abhorred. It's also believed that the Nightbringer may be one of the three deaths causing trouble for SCP-1440
  • Specific to Mephet'ran
    • Mephet'ran the Deceiver is the trickster of the C'Tan, and it is he who offered the Necrontyr the means to transform themselves into the Necrons. It loves messing with literally everyone it can, even its own C'Tan like getting the Nightbringer to eat other C'Tan. It loves trolling with Yuuki Terumi and least when they're not trolling each other. Sometimes both at the same time.
    • Victims of Mind Rape despise the Deceiver. The Deceiver isn't a fan of whenever "lesser" beings manage to outsmart it. It knows how Doctor Doom has taken power from cosmic beings multiple times, and wants nothing of him less he try to hijack his shards and power. Teridax is interested in hijacking the Deceiver's powers as well.
  • Specific to Mag'ladroth
    • Maga'ladroth the Void Dragon is arguably the strongest C'Tan. It wrecked havoc across the universe, until it was confronted by the God Emperor of Mankind, and the monster was sealed in Mars. It may be the Omnissiah, but most conflate it with the Emperor. The House of Technology is trying to dissuade people from accidentally worshiping this thing, though SKYNET is fond of it as a possible means of destroying all organic life. And AM admires the cruelty of the C'Tan, and wants to work with the Void Dragon to spread misery beyond the Earth.
    • Benevolent dragons aren't a fan of the Void Dragon either. Despite being the mother of dragons, even Daenerys considers it to be an abomination that doesn't deserve to be considered a dragon. The Dovakhiin sees Mag'ladroth as a dragon, but being a dragonslayer that makes the C'Tan a big challenge instead. No-one from Mars likes it either, with J'onn J'onnz always at the ready to stop it from endangering his homeworld or the rest of the universe.
  • Applies to other C'Tan
    • Tsara'noga the Outsider is perhaps the most mysterious of the C'Tan. It was tricked into self-induced exile within a Dyson Sphere, and the experience has driven it gibberingly insane. And it brings madness to all within its vicinity. This makes it an enemy to all deities from Soul Eater, except for two. First is Medusa Gorgon, who wishes to exploit the madness it brings. The other is Kishin Asura, who as a being of madness feels a certain kinship with the Outsider.
    • Of the C'Tan, Llandu'gor the Flayer is the only one to be killed by shattering. In its death, it cursed the Necrons with a Flayer Virus. This led to the Flayed Ones, who have an unquenchable hunger for warm flesh and the blood of the living. It claims influence in the House of Flesh Eaters, and they in turn are interested in its curse and how it brings people to cannibalism. The Flayer is most interested in Piggsy's specific madness. It seems impressed by Demise managed to curse the land of Hylia so his hatred forever troubles the land.
    • Nyadra'zatha the Burning One has long sought to burn down the Webway and beyond. The Necrons used its shards to allow the FTL travel they need. A complete pyromaniac, he tends towards fellow pyros such as Ragnaros, Brand and Surtr. The more benevolent deities of fire look down on the Burning One.

Cthulhu, Old One of Encounters With Eldritch Beings and He Who Waits For The Stars To Be Right (The Great Dreamer, The Sleeper of R'lyeh, Khlul'hloo, Kulullu, Icthulhu)

    The Grox 
The Grox, Divine Race Of Galactic Core Threats

Mogo, Divine Sentient Planet (The Living Planet, Sector 2261.142.M)
  • Greater God (potentially an Overdeity in the proximity of a Blue Lantern)
  • Symbol: A giant Green Lantern Corp symbol composed in foliage
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beautiful Scenery, Living Planet, Having the Souls of a Man and Woman, Not Very Sociable, Mogo-Shattering Kaboom, Pleasure Planet
  • Domains: Power, Plants, Mountains, Rivers, Power, Willpower
  • Herald: His current partner in guarding Sector 2261, Mother Mercy
  • High Priest: Ego, the Living Planet
  • Followers: Solaris, Gaia, Torkulon
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Krona, Parallax, Unicron, Galactus, Nekron, Black Hand, and the Black Lanterns, Sinestro, The Grox, Hexxus, The Harvesters, Chairman Drek, Evolto, Tyranids, Mongul, Hank Henshaw
  • Of Interest to: The House of Love
  • Interested in: All Good-aligned Determinators (notably Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Undyne the Undying, Goku, Link)
  • Good Counterpart to: SCP-1548
  • Opposes: The Incubators, High Councilor Kal-El,
  • Wary of: Dragon Ball Villains, Tuska
  • Conflicting Opinion: Samus Aran
  • Mogo the Living Planet is the Green Lantern of Sector 2261, and the most powerful Green Lantern in the entire corp. In one of the few cases in which a Deity is its own domain, Mogo is a planet, and so does not have a proper place in the actual Pantheon. If he did, his gravitational pull would destroy the Pantheon, which is why Mogo doesn't socialize much.
    • When he has to, Mogo can use much smaller holograms to interact with beings in other parts of the Pantheon under assumed names. Those Deities who have met these holograms rarely realize who it actually is they're talking to. Although he does make appearances in "person" in very special and dire circumstances.
    • He, like all Green Lanterns, has a lot of animosity towards Krona, Parallax, and Nekron, especially after the former two corrupted and took control of him to take over the rest of the corp.
  • When a Green Lantern dies, Mogo is the one responsible for choosing their ring's successor and guides the ring to them. Without him, the rings are directionless. As such, he considers all the Green Lanterns in the Pantheon to be worthy allies, as he's the one that picked them to be Green Lanterns in the first place. This has put him at odds with the Incubators, who also choose to give powers to people who have certain qualities in order to get them to join a group that's purpose is to fight evil. However, unlike the Incubators, Mogo doesn't make deals or withhold information from those he picks (at least, not intentionally) to trick them into joining the Green Lanterns.
    • As the one who chooses new Green Lanterns, Mogo has observed a number of deities in the Pantheon who show remarkable ability to overcome great fear and as such could make worthy Green Lanterns should a ring become available. Apart from Luke Skywalker, whose impression on Mogo is detailed below, such notable candidates include Naruto Uzumaki, Pegasus Seiya, Undyne, Goku and Link.
    • In the 31st Century, Mogo will have died, and lacking another way to distribute rings to new owners to recruit new members, the Green Lantern Corps will eventually die with him. When Rosalina heard about this from her Lumas, she enlisted the House of Time and Space to try to avert this fate, but only time will tell if they are successful.
  • Sometimes likes to assist Team Lightyear and the Guardians of the Galaxy on a consultant basis, likening Star Command and the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Green Lanterns, as they're both groups of Space Cops and people focused on protecting their galaxy, respectively.
  • Because of his serene and kind nature, many Deities have visited Mogo to train or find a moment of peace. One of his most well-known attributes is his ability to conjure up the images of anybody's deceased loved ones so that they may be able to move on. He has also been known to help anybody with problems they may have, acting as a sort of therapist. Even Rosalina allows him to babysit her Lumas on occasion. On the other hand, this makes him greatly opposed to his antithesis, SCP-1548, the Hateful Star. Mogo has often taken it upon himself to help protect Earth by preventing the star from crashing into it.
    • It's even been reported that certain Gods and Goddesses, such as John Carter, have gone to him as a sort of "romantic getaway". Since Mogo is actually composed of the consciousnesses of a mated male and female, he's surprisingly good at romance. His unique romantic situation has made him a welcome subject of interest of the House of Love. Which is ironic, since he doesn't socialize.
    • Wander and Sylvia were taken aback when they landed on Mogo and discovered he could talk to them. Sylvia was slightly unnerved of him due to having met another living planet named Janet who... was a little crazy for Wander, but after Wander gave him a chance, she ended up warming up to him after he clarified that he wasn't in any way looking for romance, nor did he know any "Janet"... not all living celestial bodies know each other, after all.
  • Doesn't like Mongul very much. Not only did his son, Mongul II, kill his previous partner, the insect-sized Bzzd, but the original is well-known for his corrupt use of the Black Mercy, which was created by his current partner Mother Mercy, against Superman.
  • Mogo is happy to harbor other alien species on him, changing his biosphere to accomodate their needs and developing symbiotic relationships with them if possible. In the unfortunate circumstance that the actual Houses of Extraterrestrials or Beasts should become unserviceable for whatever reason, many have suggested that Mogo could take their place. Because of this, Mogo has had to fight off numerous attempts by the Grox to hunt him down and eliminate him and the species that take refuge upon him.
    • One of the more notable of these relationships he has is with some space dolphins that live on his planet, as they eat yellow space debris that Mogo is unable to deal with effectively due to their color. What makes this relationship interesting is where Mogo got the dolphins from. After purchasing them from the intergalactic broker Manga Khan, Lobo attempted to retrieve them as it turned out they had actually belonged to him (Lobo cares a surprising amount for his space dolphins...). However, after seeing how happy they were living on Mogo and how good Mogo was to them, he reluctantly let them stay. Fortunately, Mogo allows him to visit them whenever he wants, so all parties are pretty happy with the deal.
    • When Hal Jordan was having a difficult time figuring out how he should deal with some Xenomorphs and didn't want to just kill them due to seeing them as just animals, he brought them to Mogo to live on. Although Kyle ended up destroying them years later, Mogo has allowed the Xenomorphs and Facehuggers in the Pantheon to live on him again, as he's best suited for keeping them from hurting others.
    • The Blorg Commonality loves living on Mogo, as not only is Mogo extremely friendly to them, but it gives them the opportunity to meet and befriend all the other alien species that inhabit Mogo as well.
    • In addition, he enjoys having small animals like Chip and Dale visit his surface, and even leaves his Green Lantern ring hanging on a tree branch for them to play with.
  • Many beings have attempted to destroy Mogo before. Some have succeeded, while others have failed. No matter the outcome, Mogo never takes such attempts kindly. Even though Mogo can pull himself back together, it's a very long process. For this reason, he tries to avoid villains from Dragon Ball, as they have a habit of destroying planets, although he will fight them if necessary.
    • Mogo was the first to discover the Harvesters when they attacked him after entering the Pantheon, and even with the help of the Green Lantern Corps, Mogo would have likely been killed in the assault had it not been for the timely arrival of Luke Skywalker, who managed to fly into the heart of the Mothership and destroy it. Mogo is considering returning the favor by making Luke a new Green Lantern, but as of yet no rings have been made available.
    • Chairman Drek once had a Deplanetizer built on Mogo's surface, but found that progress for it was advancing slowly for it for seemingly no understandable reason... until Drek realized the planet was actually alive and subtly messing with the machine. When he opted to team up with the Emperor to build it in space instead, Mogo simply blew it up with a beam of green energy. Since then, Drek and Mogo have been at war with each other, with Drek repeatedly trying to destroy him, while Mogo has taken it upon himself to enforce Drek's ban from the House of Nature.
    • Once they learned of the Living Planet's existence, both Unicron and Galactus raced to consume him first. Unfortunately, the two underestimated Mogo's power (not to mention the fact that they were fighting each other for it at the same time) and were injured in their battle. What none of them had realized was that Evolto, curious to know what would happen if a sentient planet connected to the Green Lantern energy were destroyed, had been the one to inform the two planet eaters of Mogo in the first place in a bid to weaken Mogo so he could finish him off. Their subsequent fight still lasted for hours before Superman, Wonder Woman, and Primus arrived to assist Mogo.
    • On a separate occasion, the Tyranids tried to raze him to the ground. Mogo once again managed to repel them, this time with the help of Optimus Prime and the Avatars Aang and Korra.
    • Although Tuska was of a lesser Rank then the Living Planet, she possessed a quality that gave her an edge against Mogo that none of the previous would-be destroyers could boast: a barrier made up of a special substance known as Anima Mundi, which shielded her from the energy-based attacks of the Green Lanterns. With this decisive advantage, Tuska managed to be the first in the Pantheon to succeed in destroying and devouring Mogo. Although with some help Mogo (and, more importantly to him, the souls that live on him) was able to be rescued, the experience has left him with an almost crippling fear of the entity. Although, as a Green Lantern, he will never fail to fight her if necessary, he does a lot to try to avoid it being necessary...
    • In High Councilor Kal-El's alternate universe, the alternate version of Mogo was involved in an attempt by the alternate Green Lanterns to stop Kal-El's take-over of Earth, but was demolished after the High Councilor-to-be became a Yellow Lantern for a time. When the regular Mogo heard about this little piece of history, he was understandably displeased with the High Councilor, though they have yet to meet officially. Y'know, since he doesn't socialize.
    • Despite the fact that he hasn't met her in "person" (he's met her as a hologram, but she never realized it) either, Samus Aran is forbidden from ever setting foot on Mogo because of her well-known tendency to blow up planets.
  • Was targeted by Hexxus, who attacked his core and caused the entire ecosystem of the planet to become polluted. Reminded of a time when another species had polluted his environment while he was unconscious, Mogo was enraged and countered this with the help of Captain Planet, driving Hexxus out of his core. He then trapped Hexxus in a tree... again. While Hexxus eventually escaped, he's learned he's going to have to come up with a better plan if he intends to try something like that again.
  • After the demise of the Guardians of the Universe and Oa, Mogo became the new home base of the Green Lantern Corp. However, after Hank Henshaw corrupted him by hacking the Green Lantern main Power Battery, Mogo was left weakened, so the corp is working on restoring Oa to return to it to allow Mogo to recover.
  • Mogo is also a member of the Nature Preservers in the House of Nature. Many animal and plant species at risk of being endangered, both in the Pantheon and out of it, have been transported to him to keep them safe. As a result, some animals and plants that once originated on other planets can now only be found on Mogo. This, of course, just adds to the reasons for why some Deities like to visit him.
  • Did we mention that Mogo doesn't socialize much?

SCP-1548, Deity of Strange Celestial Bodies (The Hateful Star, Crab Pulsar, PSR B0531+21)
A shot of SCP-1548 in space
  • Rank: Keter. Roughly around Greater God status.
  • Symbol: Itself.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Omnicidal Maniac, Seeks to drop itself on Earth, The Omniscient, Weird Sun, Disappearing from canon, Having a pitiable end
  • Domains: Stars, Space, Destruction, Space Bodies
  • Allies: Pinbacker , The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Malal, The Unbidden, Majora
  • Rivals: SCP-682
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, all day and night related deities, Mogo, Andromeda, Rosalina, The Men in Black, Clark Kent/Superman, Maui
  • Opposes The C'Tan, Thanos, Sirius
  • Annoyed by: The King of all Cosmos
  • Opposed by: The House of Nature Preservers
  • SCP-1548 can be described as an orbital pulsar from the Crab Nebula which actually is a sentient being in a way, since it can communicate in Morse code and possibly other languages. The star seemingly wants to hurl itself into planet Earth simply because it felt like to. It's one of the few beings that the SCP Foundation is unable to contain, because of it being a space body.
    • However, they considered asking the aid of the Court of Gods and the GUAG to relocate it in the Pantheon, where it's less likely to destroy the earth. The star ascended after that, given the bizarre and strange abilities that it possesses. Its presence in the Pantheon is a more subdued one. While it can still destroy a planet, it can't possibly destroy the Pantheon in its entirety.
  • One day, its appearance caused the Pantheon to experience Déjà Vu. The Metafictional deities revealed it was banished to the Retconnian due to its author pulling it from canon and replaced, only to suddenly reappear. The SCP Foundation immediately investigated how it was able to escape, they found it was due to this document explaining its disappearance in-universe. It attempted to reverse its course, but this negated what was stopping it from collapsing in on itself. It last message dropped its misanthropy for the only time and was surprisingly somber.
  • As a living star actively trying to destroy and contemptuous of life, Pinbacker has declared it the embodiment and proof of his ideals and is practically worshiping it. In fact, he's the one, with GUAD assistance, who leaked the document enabling SCP-1548 to return to the Pantheon and is actively trying to sabotage any efforts to contain or neutralize it. If the star is grateful or even acknowledges Pinbacker, it's too busy ranting about the destruction it will bring to show it.
  • The star is very aware of almost anything that is going on in the Pantheon, even things that are well-kept secrets. Considering that it rarely leaves its temple, it has alarmed quite a few deities. The reason the GUAD went out of the way to return it to the Pantheon and recruit it is to use it as an informant, being too far away to be of any more immediate use.
  • Being a space threat, SCP-1548 has been targeted by groups that are more capable of handling it than the Foundation itself. The Men in Black and the Guardians of the Galaxy are its primary foes in this regard and both organizations seek to stop the star from destroying planet Earth.
  • Superman was also tasked in stopping the Hateful Star from destroying Earth. Apparently, the SCP seems to have a special effect on him. Being a pulsar, Superman seems to be actually stronger when near, probably much stronger than when near a blue star. Surprisingly, SCP-1548 tries to stay far away from Superman, since it fears he may be able to destroy it.
  • The King of Cosmos seems to be one of the few deities who aren't afraid of the Hateful Star, since he creates stars all the time and one small pulsar is nothing for him. However, he has never met a sentient one, so he sometimes likes to bother the SCP for the lulz, even if the SCP doesn't find him funny at all.
  • The Unbidden seems to be one of the few deities that are actually friendly to the SCP since it doesn't fit anything that they might consider worth consuming. Other theories suggest that they might actually be afraid that the Star may be able to wipe them out of existence and so they keep it civil with it.
  • Some deities confused the star to be from Russian origin since its original message sends to earth was in Russian. In reality, it's because said message was directed to a Russian base.
  • Seems to share some kind of partnership with Majora, given they are both Omnicidal Maniacs who seek to destroy a place by dropping themselves towards them.
  • Due to its newfound vulnerability to collapsing into a black hole, SCP-1548 opposes Sirius as one of the few who can threaten it. It ever more strongly opposes the C'Tan for obvious reasons despite also being members of the GUAD, who's leadership is barely keeping them working together which won't last.
  • Apparently had a rap battle in morse code with SCP-682 one time after the latter broke containment. It apparently wants a rematch with the lizard.
  • Believe it or not, the star actually exist in the real world. Fortunately, it's neither sentient nor coming to earth to destroy it.
  • Because of his deed of lassoing the sun to keep it still in order to extend the day, Maui was called upon when the SCP-1548 gets out of hand and tried to destroy the Earth. Because of his strength and his magic hook, he is capable of snaring the keter and beat it into submission when it resisted. The Hateful Star will not forget about its clash with Maui and will stay away from the Earth for the time being.
  • ”I wake. I see all. And find it lacking.”

Sekhmet, Goddess of Malevolent Suns (Sachmis, Sakhmet, Sekhet, Sahket, Hathor)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The solar disc and uraes (Sekhmet), cow horns with the sun disc between them (Hathor)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral on a good day (Sekhmet), Chaotic Good (Hathor)
  • Portfolio: Cat Folk, Jekyll & Hyde
  • Domains: War, The Sun, Bloodlust, Poisons and Plagues, Lionesses (Sekhmet), Drunkenness, Fertility, Music, Motherhood, Joy, Cows (Hathor)
  • High Priest: The Angry Sun
  • Followers: Prometheus, Solaris the Tyrant Sun, Akhaten, Mr Bright
  • Varying relationship with: Other solar deities, Robert Capa, (enemies or opposing as Sekhmet, neutral or positive as Hathor), Zamasu, Lysandre (Teeth-Clenched Teamwork as Sekhmet, enemies as Hathor)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Aurelion Sol
  • Rivals: SCP-1548 (as Sekhmet
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Beerus, Samael (both versions)
  • On speaking terms with: The House of Light & Brightness (notably Necrozma)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The rest of the Egyptian pantheon, the ascended pharaohs
  • Enemies: Apophis, YHVH, Mr. Burns, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), Hajun, the C'Tan, Pinbacker
    • As Sekhmet: All night deities, Eliphas, the House of Vampires, potentially everyone if she gets too bloodthirsty.
    • As Hathor: Walder Frey
  • Commonality Connection with: Sheogorath
  • The sun is often seen as a source of warmth, joy, and goodness. Light Is Good is a popular opinion. But it has a dark side, like droughts and heat stroke. Sekhmet is the violent side of the sun, a war goddess with a lust for blood who's wrath would've destroyed humanity had Ra not got her drunk on red alcohol that resembled blood.
  • Applies to both
    • Sekhmet has a Jekyll and Hyde situation, with her alternate form being the benevolent goddess Hathor. Liquor helps here keep on her Hathor side. Much like Sheogorqth is a chaotic deity with a lawful god imprisoned in him, Sekhmet and Hathor are two opposing sides of the same entity. Though it is far more natural and they are in better graces than the Daedric Prince.
    • Because of her behavior, pretty much every solar or lunar deity steps on eggshells when it comes to Sekhmet/Hathor. While Hathor is much more welcoming to other solar deities, and Sekhmet has respect for most of them, they don't like her malevolent actions as the sun. However some of the light and sun have accepted her, and she has behaved herself in the House of Light and Brightness. Necrozma relates due to its past wrath towards humans and light, mainly wanting her to be calmer and act more like Hathor.
    • Both Sekhmet and Hathor are on good terms with Aurelion Sol since his True Neutral nature means he has no comment on the former's violent tendencies and guardianship of stars means he looks after them. Both share a number of enemies. There's YHVH who cannot abide by rival pantheons, Mr. Burns due to his ambition to block out the sun, the C'Tan for feeding off stars and Pinbacker for wanting to shut down the sun. On a more neutral note, as a stellar being also wanting to destroy humanity(in its case, a Colony Drop), SCP-1548 sees her as a rival.
    • Can be seen hanging out with Beerus. Asides from being cat folk and deities(the former not so much as Hathor), they are both destroyers with a good side. She is also peaceful at Lucifer Morningstar's bar since he created stars and light. On her bad days, Mephiles seems fond of Sekhmet due to the fact he also has a misanthropic hatred of mankind and is one half of a sun god.
  • Applies to Sekhmet
    • In her wrath, she seeks to destroy humanity for sin. It's a mindset similar to Zamasu, and like Robot Santa Claus she is exceptionally judgmental. Zamasu believes she is a useful ally to achieve his Zero Mortal Plan, however, she knows he's not to be trusted as she won't kill her fellow gods to do so. While Sekhmet can be calmed with booze, it is highly advised to not give Zamasu liquor to lessen his misanthropy. It's not even known if Kaioshin can get drunk.
    • Lysandre and Shinbou Sensui are one of the few human beings who side and encourage Sekhmet's violent behavior, wanting her to bring her wrath on ungrateful humans. Of course, given her attitude, she is likely to take them out as well, but they're willing to take the risk. Robot Santa Claus likes her judgement of humanity, due to believing almost everyone is guilty.
    • A goddess of war, she loves conflict and blood. As mentioned, Ra got her drunk on beer by disguising it as blood. Her literal bloodthirst meant that she absolutely loved the House of Blood and Gore, and totally agreed with Khorne's war beliefs. Same with Bellona. Unfortunately, this led her on a rampage for blood in the House of Vampires, who immediately burned due to being the goddess of the sun.
    • Despite her violent nature, Sekhmet will still guard the pharaohs. She is not as omnicidal as Apophis. Even she was shocked at the sheer homicidal insanity that was Hajun and despises Nyarlathotep for appropriating Egyptian lore into him. On the flip side, Eliphas thinks she's way too much of a Knight Templar when it comes to humanity.
  • Applies to Hathor:
    • Far friendlier than her alter-ego, Hathor is the goddess of general fun and partying. She is also the goddess of love, having been paired with almost every god in different versions of the mythology. She gets along with Aphrodite, for being a goddess of love and beauty like her. As a goddess of parties, she gets along with Pinkie Pie, and naturally has nothing good to say about Walder Frey's Red Wedding.
    • Appears to be fond of Sakura Matou. She's the human vessel of Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of Love who took the lighter aspects of Sakura. And also Kama, who is also the Hindu God(dess) of Love who took the darker aspects of Sakura who is also Beast III/L. She can personally relate to Sakura having an Ax-Crazy Superpowered Evil Side, given Sekhmet.
    • Is the goddess of cows, usually appearing as a cow or woman with cow horns. She is guardian to all bovine deities in the pantheon for this reason. She is also the goddess of alcohol and a Hard-Drinking Party Girl, who was overjoyed at the existence of the House of Alcohol and spends much of her time there. It's a good way to prevent her more homicidal alter ego from showing up.

Unicron, God of Planet Eaters (The Chaos Bringer, The Lord of Chaos, The Destroyer, Dark God, Death God, Planet Eater, The Demon, Ginormous Weird-looking Planet, The Monster)
His Planet mode 
Aligned Unicron 
IDW Unicron 
  • Greater God with aspects of Eldritch Abomination
  • Symbol: His alternate mode; an immense, horned planetoid with a massive ring surrounding it.
  • Theme Music: Unicron's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Antithesis of Primus, Physical God, God of Evil, Transforms into a planetoid, either a primordial being or created by a mad scientist, A threat to the entire universe, Often empowers other beings to carry out his tasks, capable of devouring whole planets in mere minutes, Incomprehensible Uber-Beings, Unconquerable Hunger, Actors Slumming It, Omnicidal Mania, Unwitting Pawn to Starscream, Succeeded in destroying Cybertron
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Consumption, Planets, Robots
  • Heralds: The Fallen, Nemesis Prime, Razorclaw, Ramjet, The Blendtrons note 
  • Followers: Demon King Neo, Jenova
  • Allies: SCP-682, Nekron, Dharkon, The Shadow Monster, Gigyas, AM, Darth Nihilus
  • Rival: Galactus, The C'Tan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Megatron/Galvatron, Starscream, Merged Zamasu
  • Enemies: Primus (his brother and eternal enemy), Optimus Prime, Every other Transformer in existence, Mata Nui, The Rebellion and Empire, G.I. Joe and Cobra, The Guardians of The Galaxy, Silver Surfer, Mogo, The Tyranids, the Grand United Alliance of Good, the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Galeem, The King of All Cosmos, SCP-1548, The Sleeper
  • Opposed by: The Grand United Alliance of Law, The House of Time and Space, Thanos, The Unbidden, Gandalf
  • Demon, Monster, Planet Eater, Destroyer, Lord of Chaos. These are but a few titles used to describe one of the most dangerous beings in the entire Multiverse. Unicron. The Chaos-Bringer. Much is known about what this Transformer is capable of, but his origins are the subject of great debate. Some may claim he was constructed by the scientist Primacron, others say he was created by the last Antillan, who wanted revenge on all Cybertron for the death of his people and daughter. But most tend to lean towards Unicron being a living being, existing long before the creation of the Transformers and being the brother and sworn enemy of their creator, Primus. It was their conflict that forged the aspects of good and evil in the Transformers universe; from the creation of The Fallen, to ultimately becoming one of the stepping stones in the Autobot-Decepticon war.
    • Unicron sees all living beings as a personal insult to him, and has made it his goal to completely destroy all existence, consuming everything in his wake. Planets, stars, moons, you name it. So far, he has devoured 22.56% of all universes and after much travelling, he came upon the Pantheon, orbiting high above it in his planetary alternate mode. Luckily for its inhabitants, his brother Primus protects it. To be truthful, the only reason Unicron hasn't destroyed the Pantheon yet is because of his competition with Galactus and the interference of the Imperial Death Star, both of which have been keeping the Chaos Bringer at by with some subtle assistance from Primus himself. They, along with the arrival of the Autobots, Decepticons, and Rebel Alliance, exhausted Unicron's power and forced him back into his planet form, entering a state of hibernation and resulting in cheers of joy throughout the Pantheon...
  • But not everything ended in sunshine and rainbows. While Unicron remains in hibernation... his Heralds took the time to invade the Pantheon. There are seven Heralds altogether; Nemesis Prime, Razorclaw, Ramjet, the trio of Fuzors called Blentrons, and the infamous thirteenth Prime known simply as The Fallen. All have been working to sew chaos and dissent in the Pantheon, all while gathering up large supplies of Dark Energon and Angolmois Energy to reenergize their master. They're also ridiculously powerful, and even the most skilled Gods have a difficult time fighting them.
  • From time to time, Unicron will regain enough energy to transform. When that happens, he and Galactus will compete once a week, every week, for the position of God of Planet Eaters. The winner takes the title, the loser gets eaten. They only stopped long enough to bitchslap the Beast Planet for being a pretentious wannabe. In case you're all wondering, Unicron cuts and Galactus serves.
    • It's been rumored that the two of them are due for a Death Battle, though Wiz and Boomstick have kept quiet about when it will occur. Whenever it happens, nobody will be safe, though Silver Surfer has been trying to keep the pair in line, having been a former Herald to Galactus before realizing the error of his ways and switching sides.
  • Though he has mostly been inactive, when Unicron does get enough energy to attack the Pantheon, everyone becomes involved. Grudges are put aside, enemies turn into allies, and even Cosmos and Melkor will put aside their differences to take down the Chaos-Bringer with their allies. Unfortunately, Nekron caught on, and brought Unicron in as one of his Ring Overlords. The alliance has been a bit tedious, especially with Zamasu wanting the honour to wipe out the multiverse to himself. He's still found fellow deities who share his interests to wipe out all existence, such as Dharkon, Gigyas, and the Shadow Monster.
  • Should anyone make it inside Unicron, they will be greeted by a truly horrifying sight. Hidden within the Chaos-Bringer's body are his anitbodies, hideous creatures comprised of the mashed up remains of Unicron's devoured victims and worlds. They act as his "immune system", protecting their master from any outside threats. This has given AM plenty of subjects to experiment on, and has even installed a portion of himself into Unicron's body to torture new victims that have been consumed.
  • Although the original Galvatron was created from a reformatted Megatron by Unicron, the Decepticon leader has renounced ever being associated by the Planet Eater... except when he does become Galvatron, and is forced to become his Herald once more.
    • Interestingly, it was Starscream of all Decepticons who tricked Unicron when the pair worked together to get revenge on Galvatron and the Autobots. The Chaos Bringer has not forgotten what the Seeker did, nor has he forgiven.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Star-Lord, have become enemies of Unicron, whose planet form reminded them too much of Star-Lord's father Ego, and even teamed up with Thanos himself to curb the efforts of the Heralds. Thanos may not like it, but what good would his perfect universe be if everyone was killed off?
  • Unicron is locked in an eternal stalemate with the Death Star, with the Planet Eater trying to devour the battle station and it fighting back with its super-laser. They draw apart for brief periods to create the tides, cause eclipses, and fool around with other gods. Looking to find a way to drain Unicron of his energy, the Imperials re-engineered the Death Star, coverting it into a Transforming Mecha bearing a striking resemblance to Darth Vader. The two duked it out for a time before both were so drained of energy they reverted back to their alt modes... where they continued their old duel once more.
    • From time to time, the Jedi and Rebel Alliance will make a truce with their Imperial enemies to sabotage the efforts of the Heralds trying to restore Unicron to his full power, though that has been met with minimal success.
  • Thanks to his habit of devouring whole planets, Unicron has gained an enemy in the form of Mogo, a powerful Green Lantern and member of the Pantheon's Nature Preservers. Anytime the Chaos Bringer tries to take a bite of him, Mogo simply blasts back using his Lantern powers, turning the skies above the Pantheon a brilliant emerald. Unicron has also gained the ire of SCP-1548 after trying to eat it. The evil sun didn't appreciate the attempt. On that topic, the C-Tan's habit of poisoning and eating stars certainly caught Unicron's attention, and has since declared them to be rivals in his conquest of destruction.
  • Massively disappointed in his IDW incarnation for being nothing more than a mindless Weapon of Mass Destruction controlled by the spirit of a dead scientist. Despite that incarnation's power and success in destroying Cybertron, Unicron does not take it kindly to being reduced to a supporting character to prop up someone else's story. He vastly prefers his animated incarnations because they actually live up to his reputation as a malevolent cosmic god.
  • The Unbidden don't like him one bit. Being energy-based organisms who seek to devour sapient life they, like with the rest of the GUAD, can summarize their plans as tossing all the buffet food into the dumpster. Still, they don't view the Chaos-Bringer as an enemy. That honour belongs to The Sleeper. Being a comet which in truth had a eldritch abomination living within it, The Sleeper sees Unicron as a threat to its very existence. As a result, it stays as far away as possible but one day, when it breaks free of its rocky prison, it will encounter beings such as Unicron and do battle with it.
    • The King Of All Cosmos became an enemy to Unicron after discovering the Chaos-Bringer eating the planets he, his son, and his son's cousin have made. As a result, he plans to one day creating a big enough Katamari to roll Unicron into and turn him into a harmless planet... progress has been slow though.
  • Unfortunately, the Pantheon's deities came across a truly horrible realization; Unicron cannot be destroyed permanently. They can blow up his physical body yes, reduce him to a head orbiting the planet, it doesn't matter. He will survive in another part of the multiverse, ready to continue his quest to end all of existence, even going so far as becoming a black hole.
  • Can also be found in Consumption.
  • "Destiny... you cannot destroy my... Destiny!"

Intermediate Gods

    David Zappa 
David Zappa, God of Ominous Colored Moons (The Moon King, The Man That Stole The Moon, The Man Chosen By The Moon)
  • Theme Song: Lotus Power (Regularly), Never Mind (Stronger Form), Chosen By The Moon (Final Form)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Purple/Red Moon
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Appalling Fashion Sense, Badass Longcoat, Dual Wielding, Former Executioner, Acts causal out of arrogance, On par with, if not exceeding Mondo's, Able to easily block machinegun fire, Pretty much everything about him is over the top, Wields two gold encrusted Scimitars
  • Domains: The Moon, Dark Matter, Arrogance, Gold, Chess
  • Allies: Nightmare Moon, Kun Lan, Yami, Azel, Mr. Scratch, Randall Flagg, Xehanort, Angus Bumby, The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Enemies: Mondo Zappa (His Brother), Travis Touchdown, Princess Luna, Amaterasu, Usagi "Serena" Tsukino
  • His influence on Dark Matter has affected The Moon that he rules, going from being outlined in purple, being purple with black energy around it and eventually Red in his final battle with Mondo.
  • He is a former Executioner of monstrous beings corrupted by Dark Matter know as "Wires", though now the very corruption that he fought has now turned him into a megalomaniac wanting to spread Dark Matter through out the world.
  • He is also The King of The Dark side of The Moon as he needs it for its true purpose even though he constantly claims that The Earth is actually his and the Moon actually belongs to Mondo.
  • Unknown to many even some other Members from The Moon does not realize that the moon is actually a Large Container for all the Evil Energies of every evil being in the Pantheon called Dark Matter, David wishes to crack into that power and let it flood the earth turning everyone into Wires.
  • He is often hanging around his palace on the moon and he often greets his enemies in a very casual manner, more often then not he will try to strike up conversation and tries to see if there is an alternative to fighting, though many already feel that it is about how arrogant he is.
  • He also seems unfased by their attempts at stopping him as he claims that he knew it would happen as he claims that his eyes can see everything. "Past, Present, and Future".
  • He is often fond of wearing an outfit that many claim to be "Eye gouging Bad", thus he is often forced to wear a suit that is similar to Mondo's except that it is White and Gold.
  • He takes getting hurt surprisingly well like the time getting his throat slashed by Mondo he simply staggers a tad and sarcastically chastises his would be assassin for the act.
  • He is often working with Kun Lan trying to make Dark Matter infested Heaven Smile, a combination that worries other members of the house.
  • Some are claiming that he is the reason Nightmare Moon is in the house, He merely scoffs at how boring that sounds.
  • He often seemingly bored and flat out dismissive of other members that are not Mondo as he only wants Mondo to be the one to inherit the moon from him.
  • He also claims that if The Earth or Moon are not enough then they can take The Sun, they would have to kill Mika for that though
  • What gets a good chuckle out of him is whenever he has to battle Gaara or Kain Highwind due to the fact that they sound similar
  • He has taken a liking to an aggressive Dark Matter being known as Miracle Matter. Though they have yet to conversed with one another yet David Zappa has increasing based his plans around Miracle Matter's movements and the creature does not seem to mind this.
  • Loves to use the fact that he sounds like Satan, Ragna, and Joseph Joestar. He believes he could use this to his advantage to draw in friends and foes alike to infect them with Dark Matter.

    King Kai 
King Kai, God of Tiny Planets (North Kai, Lord of the Worlds, Kaio-Sama, Mahlord)
  • Intermediate God (has Greater God authority)
  • Symbol: His gi
  • Theme Song: King Kai, King Kai's Planet, Pleasant Friends From Pluto (shared with Grand Zen'o and Zuno)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good, Lives in a Micro-World, Death Is Cheap even by Dragon Ball standards, Eccentric and Renowned Selective Mentor, Pungeon Master, Cool Shades, Voices of Reason, Otherworld Help, The Chessmaster, Plump Goodness
  • Domains: Martial Arts, Teachers, Divinity, The Heavens
  • Heralds: Gregory, Bubbles and Bojack (sealed in his planet), and to a certain extent the other Kais of Universe 7 (Grand Kai, South Kai, East Kai and West Kai)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Whis
  • Enemies: Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu, Broly, The Ginyu Force, Black Hand, Dhuum, Ridley, Sideshow Bob, The Joker, Needles Kane
  • Fears: Beerus, presumably Present and Future Zen'o
  • In the hierarchy of the Dragon Ball Universe, the Core People supervise it all; divided in power between the Kais and Supreme Kais. North Kai, better known as King Kai to most, is in charge of watching over the universe's North Quadrant. When Son Goku died, he would train under him, returning with the power to defeat the Saiyan invaders. Ever since then, King Kai has watched over Goku, the Earth and the Z-Fighters, helping them against grave cosmic threats. With the knowledge that his protege had entered the Trope Pantheon, King Kai wished to follow him. Now, King Kai watches from the Planetary and Celestial sub-house as the God of Tiny Planets.
  • His planet is incredibly tiny, only 63 meters in diameter; despite this, it's gravity is ten times that of Earth (nobody's quite sure how that works, asides from some sort of wizard Kai being responsible). It used to be a hundred times bigger, but he had the misfortune of Beerus visiting. The God of Destruction was defeated in a racing video game, and destroyed it in his rage. As such, King Kai steers clear of the House of Gaming in case of another incident. Thanks to the other Kais' helping hand, he was able to seal the Space Pirate Bojack in his planet. While it blew up and freed his crew, the Z-Fighters managed to stop them. Bojack doesn't seem to mind, seeing Kai as a companion.
  • Is a highly renowned (though selective) mentor, who to train others needs them to have a sense of humor. As such, he approves of those who are really funny, such as Rubella and Tom and Jerry. He got on the Joker's shit-list for calling him a Black Comedy hack and isn't much of fan of the Monster Clown Needles Kane. He found Sideshow Bob's old acts to be hilarious, something which seriously irks him. He doesn't seem to find Krusty the Clown funny, though.
  • Despite his goofiness, King Kai is a voice of reason in a universe dominated by Smug Supers and Arrogant Kung Fu Guys galore. Though he does care for Goku, he wishes he'd stop being so lenient on his enemies and still counts him very lucky Frieza was as arrogant as he was, given what little chance he stood against the galactic tyrant. He gets along with Whis due to being both responsible and one of the most powerful entities in the Dragon Ball Multiverse.
  • Was found laughing uncontrollably after watching "The Room", believing it to be "the funniest joke of cinema in 10,000 years." Through this, he ended up getting a fondness for Tommy Wiseau of all people, who sometimes hangs out with him in Otherworld whenever he fed up with this pantheon.
  • May be one of the very few gods in the Pantheon who is actually dead; when Cell was about to self-destruct, Goku was forced to Instant Transmission himself with Cell to King Kai's planet. Kai declined coming back to life to guide him, but it doesn't really matter as he lives in the afterlife anyway (he does still complain about it since the other Kais make fun of his deadness). Many deities have seen him in the House of Life and Death. Being already dead, if King Kai dies again he'll no longer exist. The Court of the Gods have given him a "1-Up", so as to prevent this from happening. Though Cell blew up his planet, it has since been restored by a wish from the Namekian Dragon Balls and allowing King Kai to keep his position as the god of tiny planets.
  • His antenna can be used for long-distance telepathy from Otherworld, though communicating with particularly disturbed or other deranged minds shorts him out.
  • Dwelling in Otherworld, He has trained many a temporarily dead fighter. Whenever a member of the House of Combat undergoes a case of death, they'll usually try to get onto King Kai's planet for training purposes. One constant visitor is Kenny McCormick, who is using as much time as possible between his respawn points to prepare for a rematch against Cthulhu. Spends most of his time in the House of Life and Death, mainly the Afterlife Entities sub-house where he's already an unofficial member. He's friendly with the Discworld Death, being caring cosmic beings. The Death of Regular Show likes to compete with the Kai, though because of his experience with Beerus he's cautious of this. Virtuous has been help as well.
  • Dhuum hates him for letting the dead get stronger, considering it as a travesty against the natural order; the only good thing Dhuum has to say about the Kai is that he's accepted his own demise. Black Hand considers his Backup from Otherworld to be a Spanner in the Works, and is trying to convert him into a Black Lantern.
  • As a short, alien mentor, He's good friends with Yoda. Whenever fellow mentor Master Roshi gets a case of death, the three like to hang out on Kai's planet; Kai in particularly likes Roshi's dirty jokes, though this embarrasses Yoda.
  • Due to his position, most of the villains in his universe aren't of much concern. That being said, there are a few he's worried about; asides from Cell for getting him killed, Majin Buu's ability to enter the Other World and having slaughtered many Supreme Kais makes him a dire threat. The Ginyu Force also once landed on his planet after their death and tried to take it over, which was less of a concern as Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien and Chiaotzu were there to kick them back into Hell. King Kai insists he beat them, though lets Yamcha take some credit to Throw the Dog a Bone.
  • Frieza was enraged to learn that he was the one who helped out the Z-Fighters, claiming that he had no right to interfere with his actions as he ran a perfectly Lawful Evil business; an argument no-one else buys, and Frieza likely wouldn't follow anyway. King Kai has also aided Goku against Broly due to devastating the South Galaxy. The South Kai's thankful for North Kai's help, but it doesn't stop him ribbing on the guy for being dead. Ridley has been causing some trouble for him as of late, as unlike fellow space pirate Bojack his Joker Immunity and power has allowed numerous raids in the Otherworld.
  • He has a fondness for Yang Xiao Long's puns. He has offered to train her, but so far, she hasn't replied.

    Team Lightyear 
Team Lightyear, Gods Of Superheroes in Space (Buzz, Mira Nova, Booster: Booster Sinclair Munchapper, XR: eXperimental Ranger)
From left to right; Booster, XR, Buzz Lightyear, Mira Nova

    Tyrande Whisperwind 
Tyrande Whisperwind, Goddess of Lunar Powers ( High Priestess of Elune, Co-ruler of the Night Elves, Leader of the Kaldorei, Night Elven Princess, Chosen of the Moon, Priestess of the Moon)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Sentinel Owl.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Night Elves, Archery And Calmness, Drawing Power From The Moon, Nature Protectors, Happily Married, Being Drawn To Good Morality Than Bad Boys, Summoning All-Knowing Owls, Badass Priestess, Nightsaber Mount
  • Domain: Moon, Nature, Elves, War
  • Allies: Malfurion Stormrage (Her Husband), Alexstrasza, Ysera, Nozdormu, Brightwing, Varian Wrynn, Harth Stonebrew, Jaina Proudmoore, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Mirana, Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight, Tassadar, Jonathan Joestar, Princess Luna, Amaterasu, The Nephalems, Artemis, Sapphire Rhodonite, Ventari
  • Follower: Luna (Moonfang) the Moon Rider
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Illidan Stormrage, Thrall, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Jim Raynor, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Saitama
  • Rivals: Diana
  • Enemies: Deathwing, Grommash Hellscream, Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Diablo, Arthas Menethil, Sylvanas Windrunner, Dio Brando, Majora, Mr. Burns, Shadow Moon, Terrorblade.
  • Respected by: Fenrich
  • Tyrande is Malfurion's ever-faithful wife and took care of the Night Elf Sentinels at Azeroth in his absence, be it the Emerald Dream, or getting ascended to the Pantheon. That is, until a certain star fell right onto her head and the next thing she realized, she already ascended to the Pantheon. Turns out, the lost Moon powers of Amaterasu recognized Tyrande as its new mistress due to her massive dedication to the Moon and caused her to ascend. She's not very sure if she's allowed to lead in the stead of Elune, but she promised to do her best.
  • Everything that is about the moon, Tyrande can handle it well. Keep you safe under its light veil? Yes she can. Send out creatures of the night to illuminate your path? That's what her owls do. Make the moon summon stars that fall on you? If you need some punishment, she'll do that all right...
  • The first thing she does is to relocate her husband Malfurion and then a most joyful reunion commenced. Though she does her best to avoid the subject of his brother Illidan. It's complicated.
  • While she's aligned with the Alliance and has respects on Varian Wrynn, it's best that you avoid mentioning 'A Little Patience' within her earshot, if you don't want Tyrande to rain down moon blasts or arrows at you. She noticed that with her husband's absence, she became a bit too hotheaded and not using her brain, something that she really really regrets. This is why when she enters the Nexus Battlefield with her husband, she makes sure she keeps her wits and calm with her and never going too tempestuous. She did that during Mt. Hyjal, she can do that again.
    • That being said, her wary of the Horde stays, because regardless of how you look at it, they still violate the forests. This is why she kept her eyes at Thrall, and still continued the antagonism between her and some Horde orcs like the Hellscreams. While she would also consider the good of some people in the Korprulu Sector such as Jim Raynor, Tyrande is also rather wary about how they might not have respects on nature, though her allies dismissed it as just having a culture shock.
  • Apparently before her ascension, someone brought a TV to her quarters and after watching a certain 'Sailor Moon', Tyrande quickly became a fan and tends to emulate her during lighthearted times.
  • She used to have a fellow Priestess named Mirana who would end up becoming her own Princess after years of service with Elune. Tyrande still kept contact with her, and for the moment, did her best to keep her rival Luna in line as her follower.
  • She also didn't take fellow moon worshipper Diana, considering her too 'savage' in her crusades. Tyrande herself chose not to get involved with the whole 'Sun vs Moon' rivalry, though she did give her a warning: Regardless of how severe one's persecution is, one must always have a line they shouldn't cross, or they'll be no better than what they fought against, as it happened to a certain Warden she was familiar with.
  • Tyrande was once considered for the chosen Priest Hero by the Inkeeper, but at the time she wasn't able to attend and was replaced by Anduin Wrynn. However, she later joined the crew as the second Priestess and reunited with her husband who also frequented the Tavern. Other cringe on how sometimes both Malfurion and Tyrande behave like Sickeningly Sweethearts, even when they are battling each other.
  • Many people had poked fun of her "stylish" choice for hair. When she asked why her hair was so funny, she was told she had leaves all over it which promped a hilarious reaction from her:
    "What the…? How long have these leaves been in my hair? Why does no one tell me these things?"
  • She developed a good friendship with fellow archer and Goddess of the Hunt Artemis for her care and protection for the wild. Their bond got stronger when she learned that she also had connections with the moon.
    • She also gets along really well with Sapphire Rhodonite, another woman who chose her husband for his nice personality. She also occassionally delves into archery too and has taken classes from tyrande a few times. Once in particularly, she used Sapphire as a test dummy.
    "Here, hold this apple for a moment...All right, now put it on your head. Perfect... It’s been quite a while since I used this bow."
  • When it comes to tastes about men, Tyrande made it clear that the kindness of heart and virtuous values are big plus points, moreso than raw strength, this is why she chose Malfurion over Illidan. This is also why she's quite fond on Jonathan Joestar for exemplifying such qualities in men and says that anyone who becomes his wife is absolutely blessed and lucky to find such man. And that's another reason she stands opposed to Dio Brando, not just on his poor treatment to women, but also on how she abhors how he thinks that he can get away with doing everything as long as he has power. Something 'similar Illidan, but without any of the sympathetic things that made him a tortured soul.'
  • Even though she is one of the most faithful women in the entire pantheon, she has stated that she misses having a millennia or two of girl time, which raised a few eyebrows in the House of Love.
  • As you would have imagined, she holds the moon in High reward since that is the source of her powers and is also Elune's creation. As such any evil people that has tried to use them in evil ways has earned her ire, such as Majora, Mr. Burns and Shadow Moon (just for using the moon as a namesake)
    • She also isn't very fond of Master Roshi and Piccolo because they destroyed they homeworld's moon on separate occasions, which she considers an insult to Elune. Altough she later was told that they had to destroy it or else a Giant Monkey would've gone on a rampage, which later relieved her. She still hasn't forgived them entirely.
    • She also learned that the hero known as Saitama left a terrible mess on his moon, which almost left her really angry. Thankfully, she has slowly started to forgive him after hearing why he was there in the first place.
    • She has also earned the respect of Fenrich, especially because the moon is a really important thing for him and he is glad there is someone capable of taking care of it.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Power.

Lesser Gods

    John Carter 
John Carter, God of Planetary Romances (John Carter of Mars, Prince of Helium, Warlord of Mars, Captain Jack Carter of Virginia, Dotar Sojat, Jeddak of Jeddaks)

    The Lumas 
The Lumas, Divine Sentient Stars (Chiko)
Left to Right: Yelow Luma, Polari, Apricot Luma, Co-Star Luma and Green Luma
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Star Bits
  • Theme Song: Luma
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eater, Comes in different colors, Happily Adopted, Sacrifice themselves in order to save the Galaxy but came back afterwards, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Voluntary Shapeshifting
  • Domains: Stars, Galaxies, Planets, Families, Children, Space
  • Notable Members: Co-Star Luma, Comet Tico, Polari, Lumalee, Baby Luma/Apricot Luma
  • Heralds: Twink and the Star Kids
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Bowser, Bowser Jr., The Koopalings, Sirius, SCP-1548, C-Tan, anyone that would hurt Mama
  • The Lumas are star-like beings that reside in the Cosmet Observatory under the care of Rosalina. Lumas are destined to transform into various space related objects, raging from comets, planets and even entire Galaxies but usually they can reform after doing so.
  • In the past, most Lumas resided in Rosalina's temple but they grew increasingly curious about the Pantheon and after a bit "persuation", Rosalina accepted to make them proper deities. Given that they are a race of Sentient Stars, the Court of Gods saw fit to make them the holders of said title but considering that mentally the Lumas are children, they took extra caution when building their temple and decided to create a playground so Lumas would feel much more welcome.
  • The Apricot Luma was an ancient companion of Rosalina, knowing her when she was just a mortal girl, and an assistant to Mario. It was this Luma that taught Mario how to do the spin jump. He got along well with Cappy, both of whom are companions of Mario in his journey, providing him with useful techniques to reach difficult gaps.
  • With the arrival of the Lumas, the night skies begin raining down pieces of goodies called Star Bits, which are favorite snacks for the Lumas. The cooks of House of Foods decide to make treat that resembles them, which are based on japanese sugar candy, which the star children appreciates. According to Rosalina, the Star Bits are suppose to taste like honey.
  • The Lumas never truly die, as they are capable of rebirth after they threw themselves into a black hole to neutralize it.
  • The Lumas are essential for creating planetoids and even galaxies in the House of Time and Space, because of their ability to transform, provided that they are fed the Star Bits. There has been a project of Lumas creating planets destroyed by disasters or evil.
  • Sirius despises these little stars because they managed to neutralize a black hole by throwing themselves into the horizon and are reborn as a result. He doesn't bother trying to take some of them for his "collection," because they would cause a mess in them.
  • In space, there are strange phenomenon known as Prankster Comets, which cause strange effects to a neighboring galaxy. At first, they thought a Sleeper would cause some "fun" for the Pantheon. They were sorely mistaken... and ran back home to Mama.
  • Aurelion Sol is blessed by the prospect of living baby stars and is thankful that Rosalina has taken good care of them.
    • Aslan is also blessed to seeing the young stars in his presence as star in Narnia are sentient beings that come to the surface in an humanoid form. In fact, it is said that he created the stars when singing in the dawn of time so that he could have a choir together. He reprised the songs for the little stars as they hum and dance in harmony.
  • The Lumas view SCP-1548 as a big bully because it wants to crash into the planet and destroy their friends. The Lumas are willing to stand against the giant Kevar by transforming into any obstacles to prevent its plan.
  • The Lumas were friendly with Saint Walker when they learn that he could use his ring to heal stars. That way, if the Lumas get hurt playing, he could help provide for the injured stars.
    • With that said, Luma somehow managed to learn medical procedures to assist with Mario in doctoring.
  • In accordance to the Admins, the Lumas are a symbolic representation of a new Star God and or their Sword born into the world. For each one has a star in the sky.
  • How much they love their mama? Well, they often join her whenever she participates in the Super Smash Bros. tournament and they are willing to take hits from others to protect her. However, only one Luma at a time can participate in order to give the opponent a fair chance and once a Luma goes down, another one will replace it after a while.

    Lunatone and Solrock 
Lunatone and Solrock, Dual Deities of Celestial Faces (The Meteorite Pokemon)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A Moon and Sun Stone respectively
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Moveset:
    • Lunatone: Moonblast, Stone Edge, Light Screen, Psychic
    • Solrock: Solar Beam, Stone Edge, Sunny Day, Psychic
  • Portfolio: Solar and Lunar, Psychic Powers, Sentient Meteorites, Many Type Weaknesses, Mighty Glacier, Leviate (both of them), Lunar Faces, Lunacy, Can Know Ice Beam (specific to Lunatone), Solar Faces, The Power of the Sun, Can Learn Fire Moves (specific to Solrock)
  • Domains: Rocks, Meteorites, Space, Psychics
  • High Priest: Mr Shine and Mr Bright
  • Followers: Mac Tonight, Craterface (Lunatone), Mr Sun, Sunbeard (Solrock)
  • Allies: Deoxys, Beheeyem, Xatu, The Fantastic Four, Android 17 and 18, Mogo, Rayquaza, Galaxy Man (both of them), Princess Luna, Diana, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Tyrande (Lunatone only), Princess Celestia, Volcarona, Amaterasu, Leona, Solaire of Astora (Solrock only)
  • Enemies: Davey Jones, Cyrus (both of them), Dr Eggman, Piccolo (Lunatone only), The Grand Duke Of Owls, Nightmare Moon (Solrock only)
  • Opposes: Water users, Heatran (both of them)
  • During a travel to a meteorite site, people discovered two new Pokemon; Lunatone and Solrock. Known as the Meteroite Pokemon, these sentient rocks greatly resemble a sun and and crescent moon respectively. When Tate and Liza learned that these tropes were open, they helped the two to get ascended.
  • It's believed by many Pokemon researchers that they come from space, being living meteorites. Second hand sources from Deoxys and Beheeyem have confirmed they're extraterrestrial. They're good friends, as alien Pokemon stick together. Unlike many of the scientists at Mossdeep Space Center, they believed Deoxys meant no harm however were glad Rayquaza interfered to prevent any nasty incident.
  • The two got into some trouble with Kirby, due to briefly mistaking them for Mr Shine and Mr Brine, but Kirby quickly realized they were not the same. The two Dream Land figures serve as high priests in case they aren't available, being they can also fuction as a proper moon and sun respectively.
  • Despite being based off the moon and sun, they can not naturally learn Moonlight or Morning Sun unless found in the Dream World. Yes, even though they can also learn other moon and sun-related attacks. Mentioning this annoys them greatly. Lunatone's shiny form also happens to have a blue eye, which may be a Stealth Pun on the rarity of shiny Pokemon
  • They were very interested to learn that Pokemon Sun and Moon was a thing, and are hopeful that they will get a Mega Evolution or Alolan Form there-though they half-suspect they won't get anything just to be contrary. The Meteorite Pokemon also hope to meet the new Pokemon Minior, due to it being the Meteor Pokemon and kind of looks like them.
  • They have great synergy with their partners Tate and Liza, being twins of a sort themselves. They help out with research in Mossdeep Space Center, and later on the space research in the pantheon. Many deities see them, along their trainers, with Galaxy Man in order to determine rocket paths.
  • The two of them proved to be fanboys of the Fantastic Four for their exploration into space, and happily sought out employment with them. They ended up discovering the Green Lantern planet Mogo, who as a colossal yet friendly celestial object they saw it as a possible friend. During these adventures they test out the limits of their psychic abilities and Levitate ability.
  • The two Pokemon may not have the same composition as the celestial bodies they resemble, but they do have an association with them; Solrock is solar powered, while Lunatone gets stronger in the full moon. The two seem to get stronger when closer to solar and lunar deities respectively, particularly the princesses of Equestria, Diana and Leona. Were they not spoken for with Tate and Liza, Lunatone and Solrock would have considered partnering with one of them each.
  • They occasionally hold Stardust, or a Sun and Moon Stone respectively. Though there are few ascended Pokemon whom these items would affect, they're still relatively valuable. They've managed to make some bucks off selling these precious stones in the House of Commerce. In addition, Solrock has an odd alliance with Volcarona since they're both the sun Pokemon, in spite of Volcarona being really weak to Rock-type moves.
  • Lunatone does't like Dr Eggman or Piccolo, due to the same crime; their devastation on the Moon, which deeply hurt him. Piccolo has tried to justify this, as he did it revert Gohan to normal and calm him down. Likewise, Solrock dislikes the Grand Duke of Owls and Nightmare Moon for trying to put out the sun. Both agree that Cyrus is a threat that needs to be stopped; Team Galactic's interests in meteorites and other phenomena from outer space has led Cyrus to try and capture them for his purposes.
  • At one point, prior to their ascension, Solaire of Astora had been studying about Solrock and attempted to capture it. After 7 hours, Solaire came back preaching everyone of what he saw, but would not elaborate. Now that it is here, Solaire has been thinking of appealing to it, though the fact that both of them already have partners means the best he could hope is to be allies, which is easy.
  • Can also be found within the Weather subhouse.

    Star Twinkle Pretty Cures 
The Star Twinkle Pretty Cures, members , Goddesses of Cosmic Motifs (Hikaru: Cure Star; Lala: Cure Milky; Elena: Cure Soleil; Madoka: Cure Selene; Yuni: Cure Cosmo, Mao, Blue Cat, Bakenyan) Going clockwise: Cure Milky, Cure Selene, Fuwa, Cure Soleil, Prunce, Cure Cosmo and Cure Star.
  • Lesser Goddesses (Intermediate in Twinkle Form)
  • Symbol: Their pens
  • Theme Song: Sparkle☆彡Star☆Twinkle PreCure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Yuni is Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Motifs
  • Domain(s): Space, Zodiac, Pens, Imagination
  • Herald: Fuwa, AI, Prunce
  • Allies: All other Pretty Cures in the Pantheon, all good aligned Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon deities, Team Lightyear, the Lumas, Rosalina, the Wisps, Kirby, the Formics, Poland
  • Enemies: Emperor Sheev Palpatine, Black Doom, The Martians, the Harvester, the Daleks, Amon, Babidi, Star Dream, Frieza, King Cold, Sinistar,The Ginyu Force
  • The Star Twinkle Pretty Cure team was assembled after twelve magic pens containing the spirits of twelve Zodiac themed princesses were scattered around their universe. The team traveled from planet to planet, collecting the pens and unlocking their "Twinkle Imagination" afterwards. Finally, they defended the princesses from the group known as the Knotraiders and their leader, Darknest, who turned out to be a 13th princess. Though their mascot Fuwa was lost in the fight, the Cures gave up their powers to resurrect him.
  • Continuing their efforts to try to get as many of their fellow Cures into the Pantheon as possible, Nagisa and Honoka, discovered the Star Twinkle Cures with help from other Cure teams. After reuniting Yuni and Lala, two aliens in the group, with the humans Hikaru, Elena, and Madoka, and with approval from the Court, a ritual was performed by Merlin, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Fate, restoring their powers on the condition that they still be unusable in their own universe. With their powers restored and their team reunited, the Star Twinkle Team took the spot of Cosmic Motifs in the Pantheon. The team was also added to the roster of the Sisterhood at the request of the other Cures.
  • The team naturally made allies with other sci-fi genre heroes who fought for the safety of their universe, as well as the Saints on account that they also have Zodiac motifs and the Sailor Senshi for their planetary motif. Meanwhile, galactic tyrants like Palpatine and Frieza have them on high alert on account that they could potentially do huge damage to their armies. And the Ginyu Force have a particular grudge against them because they think they’re copying their style.
  • The group finds Poland to be very confusing, as he has frequently requested to be allowed to travel into space with them. They have turned him down every single time, but he just won’t take no for an answer.
  • Exclusive to Hikaru:
    • Hikaru is the leader of this group of cures- which you can tell because she’s the one who wears pink. After being summoning Fuwa visited by Lala, she joined her on her quest to save the universe from the Knotraiders.
    • Being a lover of the extraterrestrial, Hikaru makes frequent visits to the House of Extraterrestrials to the the aliens residing there. She was not disappointed in seeing the large viarety of aliens dwelling there, and became acquainted with the benevolent and friendly aliens there after gushing about them for a few minutes. However, she knows to avoid the more malicious and dangerous members of the House for her own safety.
  • Exclusive to Lala:
    • Lala hails from the planet Samaan, which is heavily reliant upon technology and AI, and is the one who started the affair by traveling in a rocket to Earth.
    • Lala found common ground with E.T. after learning that he befriended a human like she did, and can often be found helping him with his botany studies. She also became good friends with Mikuru, who also comes from a society dependent upon technology, and having come to the present where no such technology exists, is very, very clumsy.
  • Exclusive to Elena:
    • The first Pretty Cure to our knowledge who is also Hispanic, Elena comes from a large family and runs a flower shop.
    • Occasionally, Elena visits the House of Trees & Flowers to collect new flowers to sell. She was amazed to see the large variety of flowers growing there, so she enjoys examining the place and finding flowers that she has never seen before. Of the House, she enjoys being with Aki Izayoi, Lilligant, Treebeard, Shaymin, and Wirt and Greg, with her enjoying examining the more plant-based deities there. She avoids the more malicious deities of the house like Flowey, Exdeath, Durathor, and Cagney Carnation, as they are quick to attack.
  • Exclusive to Madoka:
    • Madoka is a rather accomplished girl who holds titles in both archery and piano. She also was the school council president at the school that Hikaru and Elena attended, until she lost that title to Hikaru in an election.
    • Madoka gets along well with fellow council Presidents Makoto Nijima (when she isn’t being a Phantom Thief) and Hinagiku Katsura and often advises them on what to do next. She can relate to Makoto for being stressed out by their duties as a council president and admits to feeling a bit jealous that Hinagiku lacks much of the stress and angst that plague her.
    • Madoka is very skilled in many aspects like archery, piano, flower arrangements, and tea ceremonies as well as getting perfect grades. Unfortunately, this causes her to get very stressed out, making her wish she wasn't so talented. She managed to find out that Cordelia and Izuru Kamukura suffered similar problems as her, with Cordelia not thinking her skills as anything special, disliking being called a genius as it reminds her of her fallen comrades, while Izuru became bored with everything as a result of becoming talented at everything. She feels relived that others can relate to her struggles, and occasionally holds groups with them about their struggles.
    • Despite the fact that she is also an archer and a magical girl, she should not be confused with her superior Madoka Kaname. She and the similarly named pink-haired girl get along fine, with the purple Madoka pitying her a little for seeing and experiencing so much traumatic moments in her lifetime. She's a bit nervous at the prospect of meeting Homura Akemi sometime in the future, knowing their similar names will cause a reaction in Homura.
  • Exclusive to Yuni:
    • Yuni’s tale is one of tragedy. Her race, a group of shapeshifters whose true form was of cat people, suffered from racism and traveled to a place called Planet Rainbow to avoid further ostracism. However, their peace was short lived. During their search for the pens, the Knotraider commander Aiwarn visited the planet. After Yuni’s race refused to give her information about the pens, she turned the entire population to stone. Yuni was able to escape in a rocket and took many roles after, including a pop singer named Mao, a Phantom Thief named Blue Cat, and even a mole in the Knotraiders known as Bakenyan. Eventually, during a trip to Planet Rainbow, Yuni’s identity was discovered, and after a fight, she would join the Cures as Cure Cosmo.
    • Being a Phantom Thief by nature, Yuni has been willing to help the Phantom Thieves by providing them intel on potential targets, as she has proven unwilling to travel to the Shadow World. She is more active, however, when helping Sly Cooper and his gang, as she feels at ease with other humanoid animals. On occasions, she even helps Kaito Kid in his heists as well as performing magic acts.
    • She gets along very well with fellow magical girl Ichigo Momomiya, even though she’s a human who was injected with cat DNA and not a full cat. She also likes Len for similar reasons, noting that she’s also very potent with magic.


Pinbacker, God of Space Madness
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The blinding light of the sun
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Man Is Dust In The Eye Of God And It Is Their Time To Die, Light Is Not Good, Space Madness, Satanic Allusions, Ax-Crazy, The Fatalist Burned From Head To Toe But Still Tough, Religious Bruiser, The Best Hope Mankind Had, Spanner in the Works
  • Domains: The Sun, Madness, Light, Dust, Space
  • High Priest: Doctor Weir
  • Followers: The children on Ryvius, Rock Hound, Saren Arterius
  • Allies: SCP-1548, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Lich, YHVH, Seymour Guado, Nekron, Kefka, Zs'skayr, The Night's King
  • Enemies: Saint Walker, Ra, Clark Kent (and any other Kryptonian), John Connor, Amaterasu, Leona, Volcarona (really, anyone related to the sun), The SCP Foundation, Lucifer, Titus and anyone who tries to save the world.
  • Opposed by: God (God, the Devil and Bob)
  • In the near-future, the sun was dying. Earth would send a team of scientists on-board "The Icarus" to give it new life, and when that failed a second Icarus was sent. That crew would come close to failure upon learning just why the first failed; Captain Pinbacker. Driven insane by his time in space, he would sabotage the mission and come close to preventing them from saving the world. Seemingly incinerated in the sun, to the horror of many an astronaut he found himself ascended to the Trope Pantheon.
    • Being bathed in light, it was difficult to get a good image of Pinbacker. This recording was the best found.
  • Initially sent to save the world, spending so much time near the sun seems to have driven him mad, along with given him third degree burns. He believes that God himself has decided humanity's time is up and intends to fulfill this "holy mission" by sabotaging any attempt to save the world. It makes him an easy pawn for YHVH to manipulate, as does Nekron whom Pinbacker believes is "the angel of death helping me out".
  • God refuses to associate with him due to his desire to end the world in His name. Pinbacker assumes said God is a demon trying to tempt him away from "what needs to be done".
  • Sees himself as an angel of light, having an odd reverence to the sun yet wishing its death. Naturally, he's an enemy against every single solar deity, with special contempt towards Volcarona due to her ability to function as a second sun. Of all solar deities, Ra hates him the most; he's spent eternity trying to prevent the end of the world, so seeing the sun drive him to omnicidal mania revolts him.
  • The Night's King has shown some interest in Pinbacker, since his goals of snuffing out the sun could help align with his own objectives; bringing forth an eternal winter and an army of the death. Zs'skayr also finds the idea of taking sun like he plans useful. Both are cautious about it though, given he's pretty unstable.
  • It's not clear how he's Made of Iron when he's burned from head to toe. He sees it as further proof that God is on his side.
  • Has tried to spend time in the House of Faith, however very few can stand being around him. Saint Walker in particular is mortified at his delusional religion; he faced the end of his world from its dying sun, lost his family in the process, but sought to stop it and when it seemed inevitable didn't try to accelerate the apocalypse. Seymour Guado, however, agreed with him that everyone should die and be at peace.
  • With how he came about, the Lich is in Pinbacker's eyes a definitive sign that the end is nigh. The Lich likes the help, but believes that he's "under-selling" by just trying to kill the Sun. Hopes to sail with him to a billion worlds, until all light is extinguished.
  • Somewhat of a Satanic Archetype; he's bathed in light, serves as an "Adversary" figure and in the same vein as YHVH's Satan is acting on "God's" behalf. He'll rip the throat out of anyone who says this in ear distance, claiming to be a holy man. None of the other Satans or Lucifers want to be compared with the lunatic either.
  • In his delusion, he believes that Superman and every other Kryptonian is a demon sent to prevent Revelations and humanity's ascent into Heaven. After all, they're powered by the sun so they must want to save it and defy God's will! Yeah, he's sort of loopy.
  • Opposes John Connor for trying to save the world over and over from SKYNET, who he believes is a sign of mankind's arrogance and destiny for self-destruction.
  • His voice is the same as Titus, which displeases him a lot. Pinbacker in turn took one look at the dying world of Holy Terra, and the galaxy of the 41st millennium, before declaring his antagonism to the Imperium of Mankind:
    Pinbacker: "Your "Holy Terra" is an abomination, as is your Imperium. A festering half-living cinder of an entire galaxy where the Devil is God. And yet you fight to protect mankind's worthless existence? I swear on the name of the one true God that I will kill the cancer that I once called home, and I won't stop until your fetid galaxy has found the one true peace it needs-the peace of the grave!
  • As he's merely a tough, but ordinary human, he was ignored by most of the Pantheon as an effective non-entity. This let him operate Beneath Notice as an agent of the GUAD, compromising the SCP Foundations to leak documents that re-canonized SCP-1548 enabling it to return to the Pantheon as a threat. As a Sentient Star that's actively contentious of life and trying to snuff it out, Pinbacker boasts to everyone, or just himself when alone, about the Hateful Star being the living proof and embodiment of his ideals. SCP-1548 has yet to acknowledge this likely since he's still a mere human, which he's fine with. As for everyone else, especially the Foundation, they are acknowledging him now, or in the 5,700 year it's predicted it will take the star to physically reach the Pantheon.
  • Agrees with Kefka on the futility of man, hope and ideals.
    Pinbacker: "I am Pinbacker, Commander of the Icarus One. We have abandoned our mission. Our star is dying. All our science. All our hopes, our... our dreams, are foolish! In the face of this, we are dust, nothing more. Unto this dust, we return. When he chooses for us to die, it is not our place to challenge God."


    Robert Capa 
Robert Capa, God of Healing the Sun
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The light of the Sun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Solar CPR, Science Hero, Sun Motive, Notably A Looker, Deadpan Snarker, Smart People Play Chess, Reserved But Still Emotional, Dies To Restore The Sun, Dying Moment of Awesome
  • Domains: Scientists, The Sun, Saving The World, Light, Sacrifices
  • Allies: Ra, Hal Jordan, Clark Kent, Bro'dee Walker, the Spring Sprite, Ezalor, Amaterasu, The Fantastic Four, Phoenix, Solaire, Kotal Kahn
  • Supported by: God (God, the Devil and Bob)
  • Enemies: Pinbacker, Apophis, Zs'skayr, Nightmare Moon, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Pities: Ren Hoek
  • In the mid 21st century, the Sun was dying. The first Icarus mission failed, and there was only one hope left. Robert Capa was one of the eight astronauts sent on the Icarus II to re-ignite the Sun. The tense and dangerous nature of the mission would force him to step up as the leader, making tough decisions to save humanity. Though it would come at the cost of his and the crew's life, he saw first-hand the rebirth of the Sun.
  • Has a fascination with the light and brilliance of the Sun, lowering the filters to see more of its splendor even when it comes close to blinding him. This is a contrast with Pinbacker, who's experience with the Sun brought him to madness and the belief God wants the world to end. God from God, The Devil and Bob sides with Capa, and is proud he managed to perform Solar CPR and save the world.
  • The loneliness of space and the sheer power of the star that the Earth revolves around is something that can lead to madness, which combined with the stress of the mission was something Capa had to be careful of. He pities Ren Hoek for being consumed by space madness on a years-long mission, only having Stimpy as a companion. While he can't Though there's nothing good he can say about Pinbacker, he does try to comfort Ren due to being on the knife's edge himself.
  • Because of him saving the Sun, Apophis seems him as a pest and plans to kill him, then de-ignite the Sun. Capa's naturally terrified at the monster, and the more superstitious side of him worries that Apophis may have been responsible for the Sun's dimming. Ra managed to rescue him, and has told the scientist that he's always welcome to his temple due to his actions in life. As a goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu totally agrees.
  • Zs'skayr opposes him due to his desire to cover the Earth in darkness, in hopes of being unopposed due to his weakness to light. Nightmare Moon also opposes him due to her desire for The Night That Never Ends, as do the GUAD due to him saving the world.
  • Not the only god to save the sun. During the Final Night, Hal Jordan as Parallax sacrificed himself to re-ignite his version of the Sun. Bro'dee Walker is capable of renewing stars with the Blue Lantern ring using the hope of the planet's population. Capa is really interested in this.
  • He had some interesting reactions with Captain America and Johnny Storm. Both of them remind him of Mace since they look just like him. He gets along with the Fantastic Four in general as he's also a Science Hero, and an astronaut. Sometimes gets weird looks from the Inception Crew since he reminds them of Robert Michael Fischer Jr.


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